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    9/17/2014 1:26:21 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    Over the next 12 weeks... I Will Track every BLT (bite, lick, taste) Many of us have tried over and over to lose weight, and I know for myself I have gained and lost the same few pounds over and overů So for the next 12 weeks this is the new ME... I am going to devote my time and ener... Read more

  • What Would Our Pets Write In Their Diary?

    9/17/2014 2:08:36 AM, by LITTLEWIND53

    Dog vs. Cat: The Diaries We all know there are major differences between dogs and cats, but it was only after we found their secret diaries that we really understood how deep a difference it is... The Dog's Diary 8:00 am: Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am: A car ride! My favorite... Read more

  • Progress, Not Perfection, Right?

    9/14/2014 1:44:53 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    So, Phillip is my Weight Watchers Active Link. I encourage any of you who have experience with the WW Active Link to write in to me! I'm not motivated by Phillip, in fact I am getting discouraged. I tried to learn more about it yesterday when I had time, but the web site was down so I was just re... Read more

  • Thoughts

    9/11/2014 11:58:39 PM, by LITTLEWIND53

    ... Read more

  • I'm Ready To Divorce Phillip Already!

    9/9/2014 4:22:13 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    OK, yes, I'm an 80s teen which means I am part of the microwave generation and what I want, I want it now! Last night when I plugged Phillip in for my daily report I found that not only did I not earn any activity point, but I didn't even meet my baseline! What? I got up and did some kind of shor... Read more

  • Phillip

    9/8/2014 5:20:30 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    I joined Weight Watchers in May. I still have not met my 5% goal. When I get close, I gain. I'm not sure what I do or why I do it, but I do it. This will have to take some consideration and thought as to why I sabotage my weight loss success! I've been thinking about it, but with no good reason... Read more

  • Today...

    9/6/2014 7:39:24 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    Today should've, would've been my brother and sister's 46th birthday! They were twins and they died within 4 months of each other. I miss them every day, but birthdays and holidays and death anniversaries are always a little bit tougher. I miss them every day. I am a lucky person because I was c... Read more

  • Thank You Spark Friends!!!!

    9/5/2014 6:17:07 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    Thank you all for the kind, encouraging words regarding my husband's health! I know I should not borrow trouble and wait and see, but since I've had so much tragedy in my life I tend to jump to catastrophic conclusions immediately! I am lifted by your kind words and advice not to worry. My ... Read more

  • Happy Sept 2014

    9/5/2014 3:11:30 PM, by SUSIEQQ62

    Hey Spark Friends,I hope that so far Sept is going well for you--with many blessings..If you got off track this summer thats ok--Just set your mind on your weightloss journey and move On. Forget about any mistakes that you have made--Lets keep the Past in the past and learn to Forgive ourselves and ... Read more

  • Prayer, Good Vibe, Positive Wish Request!

    9/4/2014 12:48:52 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    As many of you know, I am still struggling with asking God for anything. I'm fearful to ask him for anything. I know he is in control, but I can't figure out why some people or families or groups must endure so much heartache in a single lifetime. So, I am also a bit angry with God. Thus, this ... Read more

  • Love

    9/3/2014 8:34:02 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    I say I love you easily! I mean it too. I love people. I love their stories. The other day I was listening to Billy currington's "People Are Crazy" and I thought.... Hmmm, maybe my interest in everyone's story will lead me to riches one day?
    watch?v=PK... Read more

  • Health Update

    8/31/2014 5:17:30 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    As many of my Spark Buddies know I've been having some issues with my heart rate. At first my thyroid numbers were high. So, medication was reduced and the HR issues remained. More blood was drawn and this time it is not the thyroid levels. So, I was sent to a cardiologist. I do not like the c... Read more

  • I Feel So Guilty!! Why?

    8/29/2014 11:40:16 AM, by JAXMOMMY

    Is fitness an addiction for me? I didn't do any exercise on Wednesday. I got up, went and weighed in at WW, did some quick shopping and came home. I only got 6000 and some odd steps in for the entire day! I gave a friend her birthday gifts and she absolutely loved them and we laughed and talked ... Read more

  • If I fits, I sits, and I sits even if I don't fits.....

    8/28/2014 4:30:07 PM, by LITTLEWIND53

    The determination of cats and dogs to sit in places too small for them is just amazing.... This video is so funny. Take a look.....
    rid=871665#.U_-MZjJdW2E ... Read more

  • Last Week or Why I Love....

    8/26/2014 1:17:21 PM, by JAXMOMMY

    Why I love my nephew: He stayed with me for the past 2 weeks and we had such fun! He is 14 and honestly, I've been concerned all of his life that I may not like him when he turned 13..... But, I do like him and I love him! I don't like his taste in music, but I listen to it with him and talk abo... Read more

  • Have you met the family of Vincent Van Gogh?

    8/19/2014 11:00:45 PM, by LITTLEWIND53

    This is so funny, I am still laughing....
    rid=871665#.U_QOaPldW2E Sorry, no disrespect intended to the Van Gogh family or anyone else....... Read more