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  • Injuries and waiting on diagnosis

    4/21/2017 8:25:05 AM, by NURSEMEL404

    I hurt my knee Tues. I have 2 weeks until my half marathon. It feels tons better but I am wanting to run. I promised myself I wouldn't run until Sunday. I am going to hit the weights this morning. I am also being tested for lupus. I have a full marathon on my bucket list. I want to be able to do thi... Read more

  • Exercising Again and...

    4/13/2017 1:06:06 PM, by MSNAPE28

    I started working out this week for the first time regularly in months. I feel good but I am so sore. You forget what the startup is really like when you are out of shape. I feel good though! 521... Read more

  • Stopped Smoking!!!

    4/11/2017 6:01:04 PM, by MSNAPE28

    After years of this horrible habit I can say that I have kicked cigarettes. It has been 4 months and counting. I have stopped for long stretches before, but now I am truly ready. Again, my head is in the game!... Read more

  • Getting my head in the game!

    4/11/2017 12:05:35 PM, by MSNAPE28

    I have had the realization that if my head is not in the game, I cannot be successful. I am focused on my mental and emotional wellness and finding it is key to my success!... Read more

  • Strength Training Outweigh Benefits Vs Cardio ???

    4/1/2017 7:35:57 PM, by GINGYCAT40

    Strength Training is something that I have not incorporated into my Spark Program as of yet (not consistently) With only a bit over 2 weeks in and for long term this is something I HAVE to focus on and bring into my lifestyle. I did strength training as part of my exercise routine a few years ... Read more