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  • Dad update

    5/28/2015 9:37:47 AM, by PLMITCH

    A few weeks ago, things were looking up for my dad. He was out of the hospital, seemed in good spirits, and he was ready to take on his cancer. Then another fall occurred. On May 18, he was visiting with some friends and went to sit down for a meal, and from what the staff at his reti... Read more

  • The Secret Garden or Swans of the Sea

    5/23/2015 4:59:39 PM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    I'm working on a new painting. Hence, the new background. It isn't done, no where near, its just a big part of who I am and what I'm doing right now. I'm feeling grumpy, frustrated, irritated, and fat. I had my own personal pity party this morning, got it all down on paper, and I a... Read more

  • Quo Vadis? Where are you going?

    5/21/2015 7:11:11 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Some grandmotherly advice for all you young women out there. Since I’m 68, it’s likely that anyone reading this is younger than me. I’m working on a presentation to be given twice next week in cities 300 miles apart. One difficult point is balancing self-acceptance with the need f... Read more

  • Walking 80 pounds of velcro and a spazzpogo

    5/20/2015 9:42:40 PM, by SHIRAZSOLLY

    I have two mismatched dogs, a standard poodle, and a Dexter rat terrier. Guess which one is the velcro and which is the spazzpogo? First I tried two leashes, but this resulted in either or both shoulders feeling dangerously close to being ripped from their sockets as both dogs vied to be first... Read more

  • June Year Resolutions

    5/20/2015 11:17:36 AM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    Okay, so It's NOT New Year's Eve, persay, but as of June 1st we will be at the half way point folks. Half way. I've accomplished nothing. and I do mean nothing. and truth be told it's just pure, simple, shame on me excuses. Meanwhile I'm watching my friend kick A$$ and I don't... Read more

  • Road Trip and Sometimes I Just Don't Get It

    5/20/2015 6:40:16 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    My son's girlfriend sent me this picture. We went to visit him this past week-end. Also we took the grandkids to see their paternal grandparents. A twelve hour drive with three children two and under is not fun for anyone. (Plus two dogs!) On the way down there was vomiting within the first 20 mi... Read more

  • Change, Accomplishment, and Moving Forward

    5/19/2015 7:39:07 PM, by KONRAD695

    Before I start, let me acknowledge Sususuzzzie. Your status was the driving thoughts behind this. Hope you don't mind me borrowing from you. Many people out there do not run or even jog. They will say things like "how can you do that", "are you crazy", "I couldn't think of even running that ... Read more

  • Thoughts from a Treadmill Desk

    5/19/2015 1:47:32 PM, by HAYBURNER1969

    I'm typing this as I walk on a treadmill. My workplace is taking part in a health study, and each of us is supposed to use this treadmill for 30 minutes per workday. It's got a desk attachment, so if you want, you can work while you walk. You can do your 30 minutes all at once or in smaller incre... Read more

  • unwind from stress in a healthy way

    5/18/2015 9:45:36 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Don't stress yourself out by trying to change others. Learn that two people seldom respond to the same situation in the same manner, and the right approach is never confined to your own way. Don't fret over things that you can't change, learn to live with them. Life always includes some things th... Read more

  • “Until now I did not know why your husband chose you”

    5/18/2015 12:06:11 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    This is a sequel to my last blog where I wondered if my personal preferences give the wrong impression. Thinking about it more, I thought I’d share the above actual comment to me several years ago. I wasn’t offended because: The speaker was from a culture VERY different from mine and... Read more

  • Latest dad update

    5/16/2015 9:46:54 AM, by PLMITCH

    Let's get right to the good news -- dad was discharged yesterday (Friday) afternoon! The only issue with that was the length of time it took from when the doctor said "you're free to go" and the time the wheelchair came to bring dad down was over two hours! OK, so here's the rest of the news: ... Read more

  • Pics from my phone

    5/15/2015 2:53:35 PM, by KONRAD695

    One lucky aspect of life is that it's easy for me to get away. Less than a mile away is a small park with a 3/4 mile path around the outside. The outside of the path is mostly unkempt with trees, weeds, and grass growing naturally. Here are a few pictures I took along with a couple from my yard. ... Read more

  • I wear loose fitting clothes but I’m not hiding or hating my body

    5/15/2015 8:46:24 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I read a blog and a separate article recently about women who dress a certainly way because of their body image. I understood the intent, but now wonder if my preferences give the wrong impression. Loose fitting clothes: They are comfortable. I can move easily in them no matter what the acti... Read more

  • Dad update

    5/13/2015 9:09:35 AM, by PLMITCH

    Lots of updates after seeing my dad for the first time yesterday and speaking with the doctors. In addition to a stroke, which was caused by a blocked carotid artery, they have also found a mass above one of his lungs and one on the opposite side of his brain where the stroke occurred. Not a pa... Read more

  • HM Race Report: Biggest Loser Run/Walk Series Crown Point

    5/12/2015 12:52:57 PM, by MBTEPP

    First, the FIRSTS! This is my first HM for the season, my first nationally sponsored event, my first Biggest Loser Event! I finally have the coveted BL Medal earned on May 3rd, 2015. Next, the STATS! Hills and Heat. Finished 13 out of 25 in AG, chip time 2:41.39. I gave it ev... Read more

  • Farewell trip

    5/11/2015 7:23:42 AM, by PLMITCH

    Hitting the road later today to head to Tucson, but this will not be a happy trip. After not hearing from my dad yesterday morning (he calls me every Sunday morning), I called the front desk of his retirement village and was told that they had called 911 due to the fact he had not looked good when ... Read more

  • A 5 K and a Point 3 Miler

    5/10/2015 6:16:23 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    2 Yesterday I ran a 5 K (35:03) and we decided to have my granddaughter do the fun run of .3 miles. Today is her birthday. She is two. So on race day she was one. She came in dead last, but I'm sure she was first in her age group! I was third in mine and there were more than three. Here we at the... Read more

  • maintenance . life-changes . readjusting . prespective

    5/7/2015 9:05:41 PM, by BEHKHEKKHUN

    After returning from the US to Taiwan I found that I was slowly gaining weight again. In the states my wife and I trained for a marathon, had complete control over our food and our schedule was not as packed. Returning to Taiwan, not running as much, because we are so busy. And in a food cu... Read more

  • Woo Hoo! WRONG AGAIN!

    5/7/2015 11:44:11 AM, by SHIRAZSOLLY

    Ok, I know I am silly to be excited to be proving myself wrong. After all, most people want to be RIGHT all the time. I lost two pounds. Actually, since I gained two pounds at last weighing, I really lost four pounds. I started at 171, went up to 173 and am now 169. I am excited! ... Read more

  • Never good bye, just see you later

    5/7/2015 10:58:05 AM, by OFFWERUN

    It's time for me to step away from SparkPeople--SparkPeople gave me some incredible tools and more importantly some incredible friends to carry me through this journey we call life--but the time has come to move on. I wish you all the best in your journey. HAPPY RUNNING! Nancy... Read more

  • 1/2 relay this Saturday

    5/6/2015 9:29:40 PM, by MARGARITTM

    Maine Coast 1/2 I have the first leg 7.8 miles. Wish me luck - better yet wish me fun! UPDATE We came in 14th team overall out of 66 teams. We were the first female team in our age group - actually in the 40's too. Our average age was 56 (I am the old lady) What a beautiful co... Read more

  • Goodbye Fitbit

    5/6/2015 8:58:29 AM, by IFDEEVARUNS2

    Just a short rant! I've been very impressed in the past by Fitbit's customer service. When I had problems (repeatedly), they replaced their product promptly. Now anyone with a Fitbit is probably aware of the recent change in how they calculate active minutes. Where I used to rack up lots... Read more

  • Back on Track - Blog Update

    5/5/2015 8:46:25 AM, by OUBACHE

    So much has happened since I last blogged. I have a new job, I'm running again -- pain free, and sadly, I lost my dear dog, Toby. Also, my husband retired, and I started a new (small) business venture. On thing that hasn't changed, however, is that I am still struggling with my weight. In fact, ... Read more

  • Boston Recap

    5/5/2015 12:04:52 AM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    First - the intention behind all my blogs is to cultivate positive memories. As a Boston marathon recap, this blog comes late but the last two weeks were full… of positives memories (that I intend to share in blogs to come) Ok, backtrack ... We drove (actually I am very fortunate to have my ... Read more

  • Sabotage

    5/4/2015 12:55:43 PM, by NEVERMIND2010

    I haven't interacted much here in the last couple of years. It's been a rough time. My mother died. My son had surgery. One cat had 2 surgeries. Another cat died. My weight is up. I have been depressed. My thyroid has still not settled down after RAI about 1.5 years ago. I think it's coming back to ... Read more

  • This is NOT what I expected to eat our first day in France

    5/4/2015 8:05:50 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Lunch Dinner I don’t even eat this at home, so why in the land of quiche, amazing bread and pastries was I eating this? We left Prague on a Sunday morning flight to Paris and arrived just before noon. Not a fan of airport food and anxious to get on our way, we found our renta... Read more

  • Mountain blue birds

    5/3/2015 2:23:47 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    We seem to have some of these blue birds all over. It is a good walk to check all the boxes. I love the blue birds, they are like a piece of the sky flew down. ... Read more

  • Run in the Florida Sun

    5/3/2015 11:42:04 AM, by SPEEDYDOG

    Part 1: Trip to Florida I traveled to Florida in on March 16th to attend a professional symposium. I suspect conference organizers schedule winter events just to sucker people from attending that live cold and snowy places. This is a photo of the plane that took my to sunny Florida. T... Read more

  • Le Harve France and My Personal Walk Through History

    5/3/2015 8:06:57 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Although not a typical tourist destination, this city had special significance to me. It was about an hour’s drive east of the D-Day beaches. This is Le Harve in 1945. Located at the mouth of the Seine, a major port for centuries, it was heavily bombed during WWII. The war ca... Read more

  • They Gave Up Their Collective Future to Ensure Ours

    4/30/2015 8:49:39 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I live in Bedford, VA. It’s the site of the National D-Day Memorial, since this little town lost more men per capita than any other place on June 6, 1944. So the Normandy Beaches were our primary destination after leaving the Czech Republic. We paid our respects at the individual graves ... Read more

  • Fitness isn't a punishment

    4/29/2015 8:55:48 AM, by BA5454

    Sometimes I get my head down and slog through the day, including my fitness routines, and I can't see the forest from the spandex. I saw this on FB and it rang pretty true. Good reminder: ... Read more