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  • Tennessee Fun

    4/27/2015 9:45:20 PM, by RUNSWITHDEER

    So, some fellow sparkers inspired me to venture out of my normal routine and what I discovered is a lot of fun in Tennessee. There was formerly a a rough Indian trail also used by the settlers several hundred years back. The settlers from the Ohio valley would take their wares over to St... Read more

  • DIY bling holder

    4/27/2015 4:48:50 PM, by BA5454

    I decided to find a place for my running medals--not that I have a tremendous amount of them, just that I want them out of my drawer. It's basically a piece of wood, some spray paint, a whole lot of running mags (I've been a subscriber to Runner's World maybe forever), hooks and Mod Podge. Her... Read more

  • Did I miss the memo?

    4/26/2015 1:43:23 PM, by BA5454

    I did a little experiment this last week on diet pop (soda). For the most part, I have one can of Diet Coke day. It's a habit, good or bad. Here's the thing though, this last week I cut it out completely, then had one yesterday. My appetite was normal maybe even a little more subdued than norm... Read more

  • Gotta Love Races in Europe - a shirt, a medal AND a bottle of wine!

    4/25/2015 5:46:44 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    DH and I packed a lot of variety into this trip to Europe. He was presenting a paper at a conference in the Czech Republic. This just happened to coincide with the Czech National Championship Half Marathon. I couldn’t just be a spectator as the field ran by, could I? Or could I? ... Read more

  • Dog tip for a rainy day

    4/25/2015 1:29:41 PM, by BA5454

    Sophie's tip for what to do on a rainy day: ... Read more

  • Airing my dirty Laundry

    4/25/2015 11:49:16 AM, by MBTEPP

    I am 10 lbs over my goal weight, which I have ignored until now. I was so worried about the holidays this year, that I "turned off" the holiday celebrating, went on vacation and only gained 1 lbs. What a success, so I thought. So since the end of January I have proceeded to gain, little by little... Read more

  • Awesome Friday

    4/24/2015 4:22:50 AM, by BA5454

    ... Read more

  • Sticks and stones

    4/23/2015 5:28:29 PM, by PMRUNNER

    Kids all know the rhyme that "sticks and stones may break my bones bones, but words can never hurt me." They may say that, but as INXS sang in their song Devil Inside, "words are weapons, sharper than knives..." I recently heard that a distant niece (my wife's brother's wife's niece) who is ... Read more

  • Welcome New Baby!

    4/23/2015 1:54:05 PM, by TERI-RIFIC

    For the first time in over one and a half years, I skipped breakfast. My daughter started having contractions this morning. So I took a shower and was going to eat breakfast and then dry my hair and take her in to the hospital. We only live 5 minutes away. So I took a shower and then she said we ... Read more

  • 2015 Inaugural Dunedin Highland Games Trail Run!

    4/23/2015 8:38:53 AM, by MIRAGE727

    I've attended Highland Games in Alexandria, VA before I came to Paradise six years ago. I always enjoyed it. Moving to Dunedin, Fl, I realized the strong Scottish heritage, and was amazed at the participation from all over the US! I always wished I could compete in a small way. Then, this year, ... Read more

  • Semi annual fitness test

    4/22/2015 7:14:49 PM, by PMRUNNER

    I had my semi annual fitness test today. It consists of 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups and a 2 mile run. I did 66 push-ups and 72 sit ups, enough to get maximum points for my age group. For the run, it has been a long winter and I have been working on building up distance, but have n... Read more

  • Happy Earth Day!

    4/22/2015 7:41:21 AM, by BA5454

    I did not know: The 43rd Annual Earth Day will be celebrated this April 22nd. It began in 1970 with US Senator Gaylord Nelson who began a teach-in about environmental concerns, which has now grown to a movement with 193 participating countries. In 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 as In... Read more


    4/21/2015 5:25:46 PM, by HILLRUNNER

    GET SERIOUS, REALLY!!! I mean it!!! We don't take breaks from our health. We make healthy choices EVERY DAY!! Getting serious means to throw the excuse list out the window of a fast traveling car and loose it for good!! This is our health, our lives, our today AND our tomorrows! ... Read more

  • So Much To Say, So Little Time!

    4/21/2015 11:42:18 AM, by KANSASROSE67

    Some of my Spark friends write beautifully-crafted, insightful and/or humorous blogs that are a delight to read. Unfortunately, this won't be one of those! I'm in a hurry and my thoughts are skittering around like droplets of water on a hot griddle. Here in our little corner of the world, it'... Read more

  • New workout plan

    4/21/2015 11:35:28 AM, by SHIRAZSOLLY

    Neither hubby and I were honestly doing much working out. He got himself a spiffy new bike and I got a spiffy new treadmill, which were supposed to motivate us to work out at home because we are renovating our home and working 6 days a week. I am also attempting to keep up in six credits of colleg... Read more

  • Trust the Process

    4/21/2015 7:05:55 AM, by BA5454

    My mantra for the day! ... Read more

  • Recovered

    4/20/2015 12:09:50 PM, by BA5454

    On Saturday I did a long training run and it wasn't the best. But I wondered why I felt that way because physically, my legs felt fine. The new route had tons of hills and I semi-conquered my fear of running through town to get to the park for the majority of it. Running through town, btw, is perfec... Read more

  • The Clueless, Lucky Husband

    4/20/2015 8:29:50 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    This morning I went to feed the dogs. Me: (calling up the stairs) where did you put the dog food? Hubs: ( from bed-lucky already) oh, I left it in the car. I'll go get it. Me: that's OK, I'll get it. I just didn't know where you put it. Hubs: I'll have to get it- it's a 40 POUND!! Bag! Me:... Read more

  • BP MS 150 and the ER

    4/20/2015 8:13:06 AM, by ACORALSEA

    The BP MS150 is one of the major charity cycling events in the country, and Texas hosts one of the largest. It's roughly 170 miles from Houston to Austin in 2 days, and, this year, there were some 14K riders scheduled. The vast majority camp overnight somewhere around the Houston area near the star... Read more

  • 11 mile run--blargh

    4/18/2015 7:21:17 PM, by BA5454

    Horrible 11 mile run on a new route I made late last night. I should really be more awake for those type things. Took a Black Raspberry GU at mile 7, mistake #2--quite medicinal and not in a good way. Two weeks until the Capitol City Half! ... Read more

  • Friday Rambles and stuuuuuuff

    4/17/2015 1:48:22 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    this past week I've been hecka busy. In between working, band meetings, and tending to hubs and the kids (an always full time job there right?) I thought about last week's blog. and what I was doing to make it better. Well, I do agree with some of the other Sparkies out there. Mojo is a nogo ... Read more

  • Gearing up for BLC/CAMO28

    4/16/2015 7:02:22 PM, by HILLRUNNER

    We on CAMO have our packs 256 They are not empty packs! They are filled with what I need to survive! I am not only filling my pack with essential items to get me through each day, but I am filling my mind with positive input!!! This whole process is not just numbers, scales, measurements, ... Read more


    4/16/2015 8:00:37 AM, by MIRAGE727

    I love strong women. I am blessed to be surrounded by strong positive women in my life. My number one is my wife, DSSECRETS! She is the source of my strength! She inspires me every single day of my life. If I hadn't followed her lead, I would never be where I am today! I love you, D! 129 ... Read more

  • 100 days of running-

    4/14/2015 3:37:16 PM, by KONRAD695

    I usually don't just post a "look how great I'm doing" entry as it seems too much like bragging. This time I'm going to do it. Mainly for the purpose so I can look at it. Sorry about the What I Did concept here, it's a make me feel good kind of thing. This year has been a lot of cold and a... Read more

  • My ChiRunning Journey (for all those interested in ChiRunning)

    4/14/2015 2:52:14 PM, by MBTEPP

    When I started running three years ago, I was very interested in mechanics. How can I run more efficiently? This was a question I asked myself before I realized efficiency is an important part of the sport. I was a former athlete, so expending less energy to do more. I had never run before, and a... Read more

  • Google Monday

    4/13/2015 8:30:26 AM, by BA5454

    I remember card catalogs! Mostly I remember the time I pulled it out and it fell on the floor. 198... Read more

  • Camping in the Mountains

    4/12/2015 6:16:25 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    This past weekend DH and I spent it at King's Hill Cabin in the Little Belt Mountains. The cabin is just across the road (State Highway 89) from the place we ski at. The ski season ended last Saturday so we went up anyway. DH skinned up and I snowshoed up A great get-away w... Read more

  • What if its all a lie?

    4/12/2015 1:17:46 PM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    Here is my food for thought... thanks to a blog post by On2Victory... What is your definition of "normal" when it comes to food? Is it what you were able to eat as a kid with a growing body and a furnace for metabolism? Is it what we see in commercials on TV, and the inner aisles of the groce... Read more

  • Met goals (all 2 of them)

    4/12/2015 9:52:10 AM, by BA5454

    It's a beautiful day here! Got in 4 miles like planned, just on the treadmill instead of the park. Next weekend is my big run of 11 miles and for sure that will on the road. 248 Ate breakfast both days! And if one of them happened to be comprised of a stellar peanut butter sandwich, who's to ... Read more

  • Spring into Spring 5 K

    4/11/2015 11:03:01 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    I'm updating blog with a pic. I'm in the group photo at the start next to 120. That huge pic of the smiling woman in the upper right- is the one who just beat me!! A great race! It wasn't snowing! It was 46 balmy degrees. The most important thing is that the race benefitted the Live Stron... Read more

  • Fresh hyacinths

    4/10/2015 1:40:11 PM, by BA5454

    Hyacinths from outside the front door. Best perfume evah! My goals this weekend: 1. Do my 4 mile training run with a minimum of fuss 2. Eat breakfast each day--I've started a bad habit of delaying breakfast or not eating it at all Hope your weekend is awesome!... Read more

  • Telling a slim woman to eat a sandwich is just as rude as telling an overweight woman to eat a salad

    4/10/2015 8:20:13 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    (posted again since the first title was truncated. It seems that you can't edit a title.) I read the text of Candace Bergen’s interview on the Today Show. I’ve always liked her and I was happy to hear that she was no longer trying to emulate some Hollywood standard of beauty. She was no... Read more

  • Telling a slender woman to eat a sandwich is just as rude as telling an overweight woman to eat a sa

    4/10/2015 7:57:26 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I read the text of Candace Bergen’s interview on the Today Show. I’ve always liked her and I was happy to hear that she was no longer trying to emulate some Hollywood standard of beauty. She was now comfortable with herself and had developed a healthy self-image. I applauded that UNTIL s... Read more

  • New Fitness Tracker Vivofit 2

    4/10/2015 6:59:08 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    This will be my third fitness tracker. First was the Spark Tracker which I loved, but when I gave up my laptop, I couldn't use it anymore. It doesn't have Bluetooth capability. (I keep saying this -but- Spark is completely dropping the ball on keeping up with technology. The interface wit... Read more

  • Spaceballs Dark Helmet 10K

    4/9/2015 2:30:35 PM, by BA5454

    Ran a virtual 10K + a few more miles to make it an even 10 miles for my training run. The run was for Calla, a lady who was in an accident and experienced a TBI (traumatic brain injury). She's doing better (much) and is able to run again. She still has residual effects and will have for the rest of ... Read more

  • I'm too lazy to type this right now...

    4/8/2015 11:14:08 AM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    We've all been there. I'm sure this is why most of us are here. You'd think after five years of Spark, I'd have the answers. Alas. I'm just out of it this month. Well, and last month, and well, maybe the month before that too... I know I just need to move. Whether it be running or C... Read more

  • C.A.M.O.27 RECAP!

    4/8/2015 10:42:21 AM, by HILLRUNNER

    Another BLC round has finished....another CAMO round is complete! I can't believe I started way back in round 13 (I think?) That is a long road, but that is what this whole thing is about....a JOURNEY. There is no end line, no job done, I'm finished and outta here medal! No gold watch to s... Read more

  • Who are you and what have you done with my husband?

    4/7/2015 6:22:50 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    It’s 6 am and DH is packing his swim bag for the gym. I’m sitting in my recliner in my PJs drinking coffee and checking in on Spark. That’s my morning routine. He’s getting ready to leave. That is NOT his morning routine. What has caused this sudden motivation? He has joined a ch... Read more

  • The Resilient Squirrel

    4/6/2015 12:39:05 PM, by RUNSWITHDEER

    It was bound to happen and it finally did. Enter the Runner: I've been running through a local park for years, past the soccer fields and through the wooded back-portion, which could be called Squirrel Hollow. The large oaks among the smaller cherry and dogwood trees, provide what would... Read more

  • New Sole F85 and virtual Jog and Bike Ride video

    4/5/2015 10:16:59 PM, by SHIRAZSOLLY

    The new Sole F85 is *** FINALLY*** in the house and assembled. We should have bought it from Treadmill Doctor and paid for set up. We thought, gee, it's a folding treadmill, must be folded up in the box, so how hard can it be? Right? WRONG. 400 pounds, lots of beer and ibuprofen later. ... Read more

  • Mudderella-Super Excited!

    4/5/2015 6:41:09 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    I just signed my middle daughter and me up for this race in October. The charity is "Futures Without Violence" which works to prevent domestic violence. Since my daughter has been a victim of domestic abuse, this makes the race doubly meaningful for us. She is due to have her third child in a few... Read more

  • You don't want anyone to think our team cheats, do you?

    4/4/2015 9:16:44 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    This was directed at DH – an honest man who, like many of us, can sometimes underestimate the amount he eats and overestimate his exercise. If portion distortion causes me to incorrectly enter the amount of spaghetti or cheesecake into the nutrition tracker, my calorie count will be off. I... Read more

  • 25 Job Applications and No Word

    4/3/2015 9:44:51 AM, by KANSASROSE67

    James is fighting discouragement and worry about his future. He has applied for 25 jobs at universities all over the U.S. and hasn't heard back from one of them yet. He had one phone interview at Notre Dame which went well, but they needed someone who could start in April so he wasn't able to go a... Read more

  • There is no accounting for the taste of people who make women's exercise underwear.

    4/1/2015 8:10:42 PM, by SHIRAZSOLLY

    I suddenly decided to pinch pennies after spending $2000 on a treadmill and mat and $174 on a scythe. So I bought cheap sports underwear. Good quality fabric, but in the UGLIEST colors imaginable... matte neon-ey yellow-green with SHINEY magenta wide lace. WHO designed this stuff but some man who... Read more

  • My week 12 GOALS and PLANS

    4/1/2015 5:28:13 PM, by HILLRUNNER

    I believe that quote! Being strong is good but HAVING strength to endure, to progress, to journey, to stand and BE, is blinding and binding! I pray that my journey continues to make me strong enough to do what awaits me today and every day! May you have that strength as well! 34Here is my p... Read more

  • I would be laughing this morning except for an inconvenient truth.

    4/1/2015 7:27:44 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I log into Spark every morning for my dose of motivation. Today’s headline in the daily email: “Government Adjusts Weight System to Help Country Lose Pounds”
    &utm_cam... Read more

  • 2015 Dunedin Leprechaun Challenge

    3/31/2015 4:02:41 PM, by MIRAGE727

    Ok, I'm not giving excuses! I slacked off and am trying to catch up on race reports. This one has to preview my race I just did! 2 Last year, I did the complete 10K/5K/1 Mile Challenge. This year, I decided to enjoy the party experience and just do the 5K! So D & I came early to photo the... Read more

  • Race Report - West Point NY half marathon

    3/30/2015 2:34:04 PM, by PMRUNNER

    On Sunday, I ran in the West Point, NY half marathon, which is my first half marathon in about 10 years. I probably have done about 6 or so, I think my PR is about 1:42. This one comes up at the end of March, which is a tough time here (Winter in the NE was fairly harsh with persistent snow and sn... Read more

  • Scythe and systema

    3/29/2015 10:03:51 PM, by SHIRAZSOLLY

    I am chucking my weed whackers and selling my two small mowers. A long time ago I used a scythe. Remember the Grim Reaper pictures? Well, one time 3100 miles away I was surprised by something, sliced open my leg and had to sew myself up because I was the only one around it was a better idea than ... Read more