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  • Mind games and shoe games in a 5k

    12/3/2016 2:16:46 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    My streak is intact. I have won some age group award every year that I've run in our town's annual Christmas Classic 5k including 10 straight since retiring in 2007 . It's been my good fortune to share the course and my age group with some very competitive women from a nearby city. Years ago I... Read more

  • Update on "Create Your Perfect Days" Spark Team

    12/2/2016 8:19:05 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Last November 14th, I decided to change the focus of my group from building healthy relationships to "Create your 'Perfect' Days" (don't mean as perfect as perfect can be, but a day in which you can be satisfied and happy that you are in the process of fulfilling a vision of living a life of stren... Read more

  • Enjoying the Small Things

    11/29/2016 5:51:23 PM, by KANSASROSE67

    Thanks for all your helpful support on my last blog about my husband's mom and her cancer situation. She has been in the hospital for most of the past two weeks but was home for 2 days. During that time, my husband talked with her and his dad and they decided they were ready to involve hospice. S... Read more

  • Settling in to my new reality

    11/28/2016 6:26:39 PM, by AMANDANCES

    So it's almost the end of 2016 and I'm halfway through graduate school now. The Little Bear is FIVE YEARS OLD (!!!!!) and is as silly as ever. He's crazy smart and VERY active, so he keeps me on my toes. When I lost my job in 2015, I made the decision to go back to school full-time and it was p... Read more

  • TaiChiDancer checks in

    11/28/2016 11:43:55 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Dear SparkFriends, I know I have not been a presence on SparkPeople for a little over two months now. Life has been very busy. But I'm still sparking away and I hope you are too. This blog is just to update you on how life is going and to let you know that I'm still thinking of you all. ... Read more

  • Anime and Me - Finding Inspiration in the Strangest Places

    11/25/2016 8:55:21 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    "Remaining individual and unique is the true way to achieve your dream" (Miki - Anime character in "Universal Lady Justice, Vol 1) I know that I'm not the target demographic audience for Anime, but every time I expand my horizons I'm surprised to see, hear, read or experience something that ... Read more

  • Venting

    11/23/2016 3:35:07 PM, by KANSASROSE67

    Last week we learned that the chemo didn't work and my MIL's pancreatic cancer has spread to her liver. She has been in the hospital for about 10 days and is weak and in some pain, although meds are controlling it much of the time. My husband, his sister, and his brother are doing everything they ... Read more

  • A Surprise in Walmart

    11/23/2016 7:19:15 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    After my run yesterday, I stopped at Walmart to buy Christmas presents for a local charity drive. As I was pondering the many varieties of Barbie Dolls, I heard "Eileen?" The woman looked vaguely familiar. She continued "you don't remember me, do you?" I had to admit that I did not. When... Read more

  • Beware the "feel good" treadmill

    11/19/2016 11:10:04 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    My data driven mind knew it was wrong - very wrong. Still, I wanted to believe it. DH & I are in Tennessee visiting his mother in the nursing home. Although I'm thankful he was finally given permission to travel (10 weeks after brain surgery), this was our most depressing visit yet. While... Read more

  • hipsterpotomus

    11/18/2016 1:49:45 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    Just a quick glance at my page and I see I've only done five blogs since last Christmas?! dang, so not like me. Talk about being in a funk for a while huh? Speaking of, was talking with my oldest today. We talk every morning while she drives to work. It takes her 2 hours to get to and from ... Read more

  • Rosaryville 50K

    11/18/2016 1:35:52 AM, by PASTAFARIAN

    Did the Rosaryville 50K this past Saturday. Entirely on trails in a beautiful state park in lovely Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The temp started out at a brisk 34F but gradually warmed up to about 50F by the end. My training strategy? I had none. A friend had only convinced me to sign up for... Read more

  • Vegas Rock and Roll The Half part two

    11/17/2016 11:11:29 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Sunday morning felt great and we ventured back to Denny's for a breakfast I could count on. Dale and daughter left from there to continue with their tourist activities. Half of the strip was already blocked and setting up for the race. I felt pretty special being a part of this. I returned to the ... Read more

  • It's Been One Year and 3 days ago...

    11/17/2016 10:44:01 AM, by MIRAGE727

    ... since I did my last SparkPeople Blog! (I've only missed ONE day logging into SparkPeople in the last 2211 days! That was a PC issue.) Why did I stop? I took a sabbatical from blogging as I felt my race blogs were me, me, me. I so appreciated all the love from my SparkFriends as I recounted my ra... Read more

  • Rock and Roll Vegas part One 5K

    11/16/2016 2:13:06 PM, by LDYHAZ

    The good Bad and wonderful. Harvest is over and we were off to Vegas. The dog quilted me big time as I drove him to the vet. He sat there looking out the back window and shaking the whole way into town. Once there wouldn't you know it was time for a yearly shot. Woke up to discover that ou... Read more

  • The Fabulous Blogs I Haven't Written

    11/14/2016 3:28:50 PM, by KANSASROSE67

    I haven't blogged since I don't know when...maybe August? I keep wanting to do these great blogs with photos and beautifully articulated thoughts...and I don't have time so I just do nothing. Well, I'm going to ditch the perfectionism and just do some quick blogs that aren't beautiful, are not... Read more

  • On creating your 'perfect' days

    11/14/2016 10:03:34 AM, by OLDEROWL

    I got Craig Ballantyne's book and program titled "The Perfect Day Formula -- How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. It's about giving your life more structure to free yourself from confusion and chaos, to set boundaries and rules for living to make healthy decisions easier, and to get an early ... Read more

  • Trivia Question - Maybe I have a Dirty House?

    11/12/2016 7:19:15 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I play Spark trivia every day. I've learned a lot. Today I missed the question about how many calories are burned yearly through house cleaning. "A 2005 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that Brits burn more than 50,000 calories a year - nearly 15 pounds of fat--just ... Read more

  • Marine Corps Marathon (Forward) race report

    11/7/2016 7:47:14 AM, by PMRUNNER

    On 28 Oct, I successfully completed the Marine Corps Marathon (forward) in Kabul. I have completed three marathons now, after running in Lincoln, NE in 2008, I thought I was done with them (but I guess I wasn’t!). I learned that we were having a marathon about 3 months before. I had a solid b... Read more

  • Sunday Funnies for my Spark Friends. (Warning politically UN-correct)

    11/6/2016 9:37:48 AM, by 1DAY-ATA-TIME

    20... Read more

  • Harvest Completed, One week until Race!

    11/5/2016 3:01:43 PM, by LDYHAZ

    It has been a hectic past couple of weeks. I have continued to log my food and activity but that has been all I have been able to do. We have woken up before the sun comes up and return home after the sun has gone down. Long days. DH has been pushed to the limits once again. Harvest time is alw... Read more

  • RESOLVED! What a beautiful word!

    11/5/2016 11:35:31 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    8 weeks past DH's brain surgery for 2 huge subdural hematomas and the latest CT report is that the scan is "unremarkable." The problem (residual blood and swelling) has RESOLVED! He has been discharged from PT and given the OK by the neurologist to drive, travel, swim and even mow the lawn. I... Read more

  • Well fudge and pancakes

    11/4/2016 12:40:23 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    I know better than to skip a day...can you believe it's been a week? (or has it been more) oh fudge and pancakes. I'm all discombooberated again. But, I have been working out sporadically. Really. Now to mush the workouts into daily. and run daily...I miss running. But you should s... Read more