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  • Stopping repeated negative thoughts

    10/30/2014 8:59:13 AM, by OLDEROWL

    The Power Of Positivity If your struggling to fight off negative thoughts that keep occurring then remember the five S’s: 1. Sense the negative thought creeping in. Watch your emotions come and go. If some emotion of feeling anxious, hurt, ashamed, angry or depressed lingers, then you are in ... Read more

  • Turn negative thoughts into positive action

    10/29/2014 8:47:54 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Experiencing setbacks and having stressful situations is a fact of life. In order to avoid feelings of being over whelmed by stress and to make positive gains, we first need to learn to look for the positive side of everything. The following is an exercise I got from the St... Read more

  • Thinking Like a Fat Girl

    10/29/2014 5:51:28 PM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    Thank you to Juniorssister for reminding me about this! Every once in a while I stumble upon a hugely important concept that requires a blog entry the size of a novel to get across. This is one of them, and I don't have the time to give it real justice. This is something that every one of u... Read more

  • Negotiating My Food Plan with Myself

    10/29/2014 5:03:09 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Beck (Dr. Judith Beck, The Beck Diet Solution) has taught me to listen to myself (inner dialog) and be alert for sabotaging thoughts in order to refute them. I have found this cognitive therapy practice to be very helpful in making real changes in my thinking that lead to healthier living and goal a... Read more

  • 2014 Longleaf Triathlon

    10/29/2014 3:12:56 PM, by MIRAGE727

    Whoa! I'm behind in my race reports! Well, I'm finally going to catch up! I had several reasons to do this Tri. Others gave me reasons NOT to do it! A Race Director, also a fellow run & swim training mate, said to keep an open mind and form my opinion. Of course, the challenge was t... Read more

  • Only 9 weeks left of 2014!

    10/29/2014 12:14:29 PM, by SIOBHANKNITS

    Oh dear! Where has 2014 gone? I resumed eating to comfort myself this spring and now need to get back on track. I'm sharing these details in a blog rather than privately so I have more of a feeling of accountability. First, I need to review my goals for 2014: A. Nutrition: 2014 Goal... Read more

  • Is this a Halloween decoration? No, just me cleaning out closets.

    10/29/2014 7:43:46 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    It’s getting colder and my hands are the first part of my body to freeze. I always need to have gloves with me when running or walking or just running errands. About this time of year, I go through my closets and jacket pock... Read more

  • Just another update

    10/28/2014 12:02:41 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Ran this morning, 3.5 miles. I wasn't bursting with energy, but it wasn't a struggle either. I expect to do fine on my half marathon November 8th. I don't expect a PR or an impressive time, but I do expect to make it. I would love to stay with my nephew who is running his first HM, but I don't want ... Read more

  • Witchy chili (*not* a recipe)

    10/27/2014 3:09:42 PM, by BA5454

    ... Read more

  • Gorgeous Weather

    10/27/2014 1:38:10 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Honestly, I don't feel terribly impatient today. The weather is gorgeous. This morning was a touch cool and had Gwen wanted to play outside first thing I would have gotten my jacket out for the first time this season. But we waited until 10 am and then started enjoying the beautiful sunny blue sky a... Read more

  • Houston Half Marathon Comparison

    10/27/2014 10:58:27 AM, by RUN4FOOD

    Comparing this run in 2013 to 2014 2014: Time: 2:41:23 13.1 Miles 1640 cal. Avg. HR 121 Avg. Pace: 12:13 2013: Time: 2:59:41 13.1 miles 1459 cal. Avg. HR: 117 Avg. Pace: 13:43... Read more

  • Fall Potpourri

    10/26/2014 10:46:02 PM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    No, I did not DIY a homemade potpourri to bring the best of the autumn smell alive! This blog is a potpourri of the positive energy that is keeping me moving ...and it is a way to catch on because I realize I did not post a blog in more than one month! What about a review of my goals to begin... Read more

  • Logical Training Run

    10/26/2014 4:34:41 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    I'm proud that yesterday I did a logical long run in preparation for my half marathon on November 8th. I made it 14.76 miles when my Garmin lost its charge and went totally blank. It still recorded the run as my longest ever with that equipment. I estimate I ran at least 15.2 and it was my longest r... Read more

  • Day 2 ETL 6WP plus PGX

    10/25/2014 5:00:26 PM, by OONAOWL

    A very windy warm day here in Cascadia. I feel excited about my plan & goals. After about 2 months of low carb/keto diet, I am back on Eat to Live 6 week plan & already feeling a bit more energetic. I am also drinking Satisfast vegan protein powder in chocolate in my breakfast shake the past two ... Read more

  • I’m the mother of a 5k Masters Champ. 1st place trophy for me too (65-69)

    10/25/2014 12:00:57 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Here we are after the “I am Woman 5k” in Lynchburg, VA this morning. What a wonderful atmosphere! 600 women of all ages, shapes and sizes, running and walking for a good cause (Childrens’ Miracle Network). It’s sponsored by... Read more

  • You can be organized now

    10/24/2014 7:37:49 PM, by OLDEROWL

    You can be organized in no time. Decide now what is important in your life and what can be let go of to make room for what is important. As my tickler states: "Being organized is not about living according to other's expectations, rather it is about setting up a system that allows you to do more of ... Read more

  • Running Easy

    10/24/2014 6:11:47 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Good news is I hardly coughed at all today and am feeling my energy begin to return. Not so good news is the results of the second reading of the CT scan means I now have to see a neurologist and will be having an MRI as well. For now I still plan to run, in daylight, on smooth surfaces, a... Read more

  • Semi-annual fitness test success

    10/24/2014 3:31:24 PM, by PMRUNNER

    It is that time of year again, time for the semi-annual army physical fitness test. We have been having some cold, windy, wet weather lately. Today wasn't too bad: cool and windy, but no rain. We opted to take the test in the indoor field house track because of the wind. After a brief warm u... Read more

  • New Moon in Scorpio/Lunar Samhain

    10/24/2014 2:49:50 PM, by OONAOWL

    I am here to rededicate myself to reclaiming a healthy size and shape now. I have been working towards weight loss for over 2 years with no progress. I am here to start a plan that did work for me 2 1/2 years ago plus going to be logging all calories in and expended in exercise on myfitnesspal. I... Read more

  • Message to my FB Buddies

    10/24/2014 2:43:43 PM, by MARGARITTM

    Please do not invite me to participate in any chain messages, Candycrush games, farmville or any such .....I have a new game for us: Hazel the Housekeeper!......If you have that much free time....come on over and clean my house!... Read more

  • Everyone deserves a new beginning

    10/24/2014 1:10:41 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    I haven't been inactive lately, I just haven't been able to blog. Which is a good thing, I suppose. I just re-read my last blog and it made ME smile...what can I say? I crack myself up. I haven't been consistent at exercising, but I haven't been sedentary as much either. My eating is hi... Read more

  • Do restaurants take advantage of “healthy eaters?”

    10/24/2014 8:46:04 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Because of a sudden unexpected trip, my last 6 meals were on the road. This included take-out food since no one was cooking given the circumstances of our visit. The further south you go, the fewer healthy choices I found. This is the story of one meal. DH and my in-laws ordered burger... Read more

  • A Milestone and Some Progress Pics

    10/24/2014 8:14:24 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    I've been looking forward to this for awhile. Back in April 2014 as a response to a Spark Coach visualization challenge, I blogged about losing the first 30 pounds and realizing that it was equal to the bags of dog food I buy for my... Read more

  • If You Want To See Some Cuteness...

    10/24/2014 12:03:26 AM, by KANSASROSE67

    I keep thinking about blogging and then never taking the time to do it. But I hate feeling so out of touch with my Sparkies, so I decided to stay up a little later and just do it. I'm doing so-so on the food front...leftovers of Juliana's super-rich Peanut Butter Cup birthday cake have not b... Read more

  • Stop Wasting Your Time...

    10/23/2014 7:27:44 AM, by MIRAGE727

    ...on what was! You can even turn THAT into an excuse! Nobody wants to hear negative! FOCUS! AND always look for ways to improve! Every day will get bette... Read more

  • Swimming lessons

    10/22/2014 7:42:28 PM, by BA5454

    I signed up for swimming lessons, LOL. My goal is to learn enough to do lap swimming and I'm laughing because I think it'll be me and ten 8 year olds out in the pool every Tuesday and Thursday. Don't get me wrong, I can float for hours, tread water and dog paddle with the best. But actually swim? No... Read more

  • I'm Moving, But Still a Mess

    10/22/2014 11:34:13 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Enjoyed Zumba at the Y this morning. Even though I'm not totally well, it felt good to dance to the music. There's a new instructor with lots of new moves. Hope to incorporate some of those in my TV watching exercise routines that I often do on non-running days. Did some strength training today, to... Read more

  • Run cut short by smoke and grass

    10/22/2014 7:39:50 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Those are 2 separate things in case a quick misreading led you to think I was smoking grass. Come to think of it, isn’t “grass” an antiquated term now? I’m showing my age. Anyway, I went out for a run specifically seeking a hilly route. The weather was beautiful yesterday. At about 2 mi... Read more

  • My First Post-Injury Race

    10/21/2014 5:38:33 PM, by GLADGAD

    Last Sunday I did my first race 15 weeks after breaking my ankle - a 5K. I wanted to finish in less than 33:00 minutes, but finished around 33:08. The race didn't have a starting mat, and since I was towards the back of the starting pack, that attributed to a few extra seconds (that's what I'm tel... Read more

  • First Full Marathon Completed

    10/21/2014 11:50:35 AM, by ANNWOGGER

    A tremendous experience is how I would describe my first full marathon. I am not sure I will ever do another one and I figured I would always remember my first. I decided my attitude at the start would be one of enjoyment and make a memory. It was a crisp, sunny day and truly I enjoyed all 5 hours a... Read more

  • One week and counting...

    10/21/2014 10:37:26 AM, by PLMITCH

    If all goes according to plan, my wife and I will be jetting our way to Jamaica one week from now. Short vacation, but a joyous trip -- my son and soon to be new daughter-in-law will be getting married at Sandals Whitehouse on October 30! We had originally planned to stay longer and transfer to ou... Read more

  • Fighting the urge to break a healthy habit

    10/21/2014 9:15:04 AM, by OLDEROWL

    The main reason we break a habit (especially if its a new habit) is that it can be easy to switch to a different task (or contrary old habit) and then not be able to return to doing the habit. This is because of lack of focusing on the positive aspects of following the habit such as having a wonder... Read more

  • Note and Birds and More Mackerel Highlight My Day

    10/20/2014 8:52:50 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Here's a note 7 year old Natalie wrote for me a couple weeks ago, but just gave to me today. For those who need a translation: "Dear, Old Ma, I hope you don't fall. I hope you don't fall in the nesx [next] race. I hope you are ... Read more

  • Ch-ch-changes

    10/20/2014 8:20:35 AM, by BA5454

    Quote from my husband the other day: "I don't like change...unless it's quarters." It was prompted after a 4 mile hike when we decided to try the newest BBQ sandwiches from Arby's and Wendy's. The truth is I started it all because I wanted to try the Wendy's one, being a lover of anything BBQ and he... Read more

  • Exactly 57 years ago in 1957 – a weird anniversary to remember

    10/20/2014 8:12:27 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    When I noticed the date this morning, I had an odd feeling that it was significant. October 20th? What was special about that? Then I remembered. It was a Sunday morning and I was spending the weekend with my parents in a small town in PA, visiting my grandmother. I woke up with a horrible ... Read more

  • Good Efforts and Good Photos

    10/19/2014 8:08:13 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    I'm feeling pretty good about my eating and activity efforts. I've had challenges of health, visitors, extra child care duties, and blues, yet I've eaten pretty smart most of the time. And I've done as much activity as I thought I should given health issues. This morning I weigh 132.2, just .2 over ... Read more

  • Multi-level vs. 1 floor living

    10/19/2014 7:01:07 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    When we were looking for a retirement home, realtors directed us mostly to ranch style houses for “one floor living.” Conventional wisdom advises that as we get older, climbing stairs will be difficult or impossible. That made sense except the house we liked, right on the lake, has 3+ levels... Read more

  • Perspective and the Results of Perseverance

    10/19/2014 12:34:36 AM, by KONRAD695

    Some days you wake up to nothing having gone right in the past 12 hours. My day was supposed to be two great races with a half-marathon in the morning and a 5k for dinner. It was scheduled for me to be out of work by 10:30 PM (Friday night), so I could get some rest for my big day. Just didn't wo... Read more

  • Three Runners

    10/18/2014 1:09:18 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    I went this morning to see my niece and nephew receive their Galloway half marathon training medals. They both finished 15 miles last Saturday. Our Program Director took this picture of the group: That's me third from the right at ... Read more

  • Run today

    10/18/2014 10:49:13 AM, by BA5454

    I went out for a run/walk this morning, only the second time I've run outside since the knee issue. I've been using a rehab program given to me by my PT, but decided to go with Jeff Galloway's conditioning program (although I'm already at the top edge of it) today. Maybe I'll do a mixture of both in... Read more

  • The Best Place to Look for Answers

    10/18/2014 4:04:57 AM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    I have been researching, studying, tracking numbers, body fat, carbs, protein, fat, measurements, steps, miles, everything and anything that can be measured. None of that has made a difference for me. The more I read, the more everyone is right, and everyone is wrong about the 'right' way to lose ... Read more

  • Pugkin latte

    10/17/2014 11:11:29 AM, by BA5454

    Normally I don't go in for frou-frou drinks, but in this case I'll make an exception: ... Read more

  • My 4th SparkVersary!

    10/17/2014 10:15:29 AM, by MIRAGE727

    After 57 pounds, 53 5Ks, 3 10Ks, 1 10Miler, 8 Half Marathons, 2 Duathlons & 7 Triathlons, I AM A WINNER ON THIS AMAZING RACE! Yeah, I stole that from CBS's Amazing Race! I love when Phil says that to the winners every season. ... Read more

  • Just a Routine Update

    10/17/2014 9:13:03 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Guests have left and time to get back to routine around here. The routine is about to change anyway. My son-in-law is expecting to enter the Sheriff's law enforcement academy the first week in December and he will have 5 am physical training before a full day of classroom activities for 6 months. H... Read more

  • My new Spark fashion accessory – unintended consequences

    10/17/2014 7:28:51 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Since Sunday I’ve been testing and posting about my new Spark Activity Tracker. Yesterday we were going out to a dinner held by one of DH’s organizations. We were ready to go when DH asked “Aren’t you going to wear that new button thing?” So here I am. Read more

  • Busy Mostly Fun Day

    10/16/2014 11:52:32 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Yesterday mid-morning we took a great walk at the Circle Bar B Reserve with our guests. We saw hundreds of birds and butterflies, and over a dozen gators of various sizes, armadillos up close, and more. My stepdaughter took a lot of pictures, some spectacular ones of a heron taking flight and gators... Read more

  • Another beautiful Morning

    10/16/2014 10:14:28 AM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    Another beautiful morning. Alpenglow on the Belt Mountains. Have a wonderful day everyone!... Read more

  • Key to developing your talents

    10/16/2014 8:39:46 AM, by OLDEROWL

    I'm keeping on course by following a caloric 30% protein, 30% carbs, and 40% healthy fats diet and by exercising at the YMCA. I take care of my health and mind. Every day is a day to succeed at making right choices, and thus making improvements. I enjoy my victories, no matter how small. The ke... Read more

  • Speaking from the Heart!

    10/15/2014 10:41:06 PM, by MIRAGE727

    Tonight I did my Wednesday Night Run Club! At the after-run social, I spoke with a 24 year old young lady! I knew she had broken up with one of the premier runners in our area. In her own right, she was an age group podium athlete. We had done the Longleaf Triathlon together this past Sunday. I to... Read more

  • 3 scenes from a rainy fall day

    10/15/2014 4:09:17 PM, by BA5454

    "Mr. Maple"--planted last year ;-) "Fire Bush"--love these things with their brilliant color! ... Read more

  • Planning Ahead

    10/15/2014 9:57:00 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Weight Watcher friend of mine posted these healthy festive freggie creations for planning ahead for upcoming holidays. Great idea, so I wanted to share: The... Read more

  • 5+ years on SP and NOW I get an activity tracker?

    10/15/2014 6:35:34 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I’ve kept a fitness log for decades, way before online resources were available. Back in the dark ages before the Internet, I kept my results on a spreadsheet and before that in a paper diary. I love data and I can approximate my walking and running pace even without a device, although I use a... Read more

  • Sunrise

    10/14/2014 9:49:41 AM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    Good morning sparkers!! ... Read more

  • Good Weight, Good Smoking, and Good Running Future

    10/14/2014 9:13:53 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Just one good day of water and sensible eating and I'm back down to 131.0, 2.4 pounds under yesterday's weight. The deep-sea fishing guests got over 30 pounds of edible fillets, so we are smoking fish today. King mackerel is one of the varieties, but there are other kinds of mackerel and anoth... Read more

  • rearranging the house

    10/14/2014 7:01:24 AM, by PMRUNNER

    So, while I was gone for 5 days in Panama, my DW was home scheming on how to rearrange the house. We have a 4BR and had the girls doubled up in one small BR, the boys doubled up in another, and the 3rd BR was set up as a library with a couch for evening reading and quiet activity. Which I thought ... Read more

  • Meet my therapist, Mr. Salomon

    10/13/2014 10:33:26 PM, by KONRAD695

    In light of all my family difficulties- daughter into crisis again, son's ADHD medicine having another cascade failure, and my wife (not going into this). I've decided on my own therapist too. His name is Mr. Salomon, and here is his picture. Read more

  • Monday's job

    10/13/2014 11:08:40 AM, by BA5454

    --From 1921: "Testing helmets." How's your job today? LOL By the way: ... Read more

  • Some Good News and Some Griping

    10/13/2014 8:54:17 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Good news was that after my 13 mile walk-run on Saturday, I felt a little sore and thought I might be really sore on Sunday. But I took a gentle walk Saturday eve and woke up with no soreness on Sunday. Bad news is that this cold and cough I've had for almost 6 weeks now is still very annoying... Read more

  • Fun with Family

    10/12/2014 8:23:35 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Took my stepdaughter, her hubby and grandkids to see Mary Poppins musical today. It was excellent, although 3 hours was too long for the 4 year old. Natalie and Gwen waiting for the play to start: That's Old Dad in the bac... Read more

  • Zone Diet, An Anti-inflammation Diet

    10/11/2014 10:30:46 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I am going to use the Zone Diet meal planning web site I just subscribed to plan just my dinners for the first week. I am starting small until I get the hang of it. The web site allows for planning three regular meals as well as several snack meals all to meet your both the Zone specific Carbs, Prot... Read more

  • Thirteen Accomplished

    10/11/2014 4:33:23 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Today I ran-walk-ran 13.15 miles, in a combo effort with 3.5 miles outside and the rest on the treadmill. I had planned just to warm up walk outside, but it felt so good I decided to run. I was so glad to have those good running feelings back, because the only other time I ran since my fall 2 weeks ... Read more

  • The T-Shirt read “The football team will perform before and after the band”

    10/11/2014 2:36:35 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    As my status says today, I spent hours last night sitting in a cold drizzling rain on hard bleachers to attend a high school football game. We have 3 grandchildren in the school’s extremely successful marching band program (2 trumpets and 1 trombone). One grandson, a senior, was on the Homecoming ... Read more

  • AMTRAK, SparkPeople and Me

    10/10/2014 7:18:54 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Although we’ve ridden trains in Europe and spent much of our youth on the NYC subway system, a journey on AMTRAK was a new experience for DH and me. However, our plan to visit #1 grandson at college in Rhode Island required a day’s travel from southern Virginia no matter how we chose to do it. ... Read more

  • Can I count this?

    10/9/2014 6:41:11 PM, by BA5454

    According to my Fitness Tracker I spent 558 calories this morning with water aerobics and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Had a 300+ calorie breakfast of all reasonable things. Then came home after work to a lunch of 7 oreos (there was a wrap and chips in there somewhere, too). Read more

  • flu shot????

    10/9/2014 1:05:26 PM, by MARGARITTM

    Is it just me or ..... I got a flu shot last Tuesday and I am so tired! I feel like I could fall asleep sitting up!... Read more

  • Next Big Step Accomplished!

    10/8/2014 11:45:07 AM, by GLADGAD

    I started running again about 1.5 weeks ago. Since I don’t want to undo 12 weeks of healing, I heeded the doctor’s advice and started my comeback slowly. I listened to my body and pushed it when I felt I could, and scaled back when necessary. After three sessions of 2 to 3 miles of running/walking,... Read more

  • All I Should Do

    10/8/2014 8:54:29 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Yesterday, 10 days after my fall, I ran for the first time since the fall. I did a 5 minute slow walking warm up, then 5 minutes of fast walking, then ran 1 minute intervals of run-walk-run on the treadmill. I did a total of 10 one minute running intervals. So I ran less than a mile. Mostly I ran at... Read more

  • “Time hurries on and the leaves that are green turn to brown”

    10/8/2014 8:17:32 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I have a soundtrack in my head. On this crisp October morning it’s playing Simon and Garfunkel who created much of the soundtrack of my youth. It pops up in times of nostalgia. My status yesterday said that I had a nice visit with #1 Grandson at the University of Rhode Island. Read more

  • Web site complaint- Opinions wanted

    10/8/2014 7:06:30 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    A big change for me in using SP was getting a smartphone. I now can use it to access the site anywhere and any time and photos upload directly from my phone camera which is my main source of pics. I also have an iPad. A few days ago when I went to access my page I got some weird abbreviated form. ... Read more

  • Haunted French pancakes

    10/7/2014 7:24:42 PM, by BA5454

    Sorry, I never met a pun I didn't like: ... Read more

  • One BIG Positive

    10/6/2014 7:05:59 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Thanks, everyone. I am feeling more patient and accepting than I was yesterday and I credit the wise words of SparkFriends for the change. (Thanks, MIRAGE727, Frosty99, and many more!) That fall was pretty traumatic; I mean, most MMA fights don't have half that much gushing blood. Not being abl... Read more

  • Patience

    10/6/2014 3:59:17 PM, by MIRAGE727

    Lately, I'd "acquired" a few nicks and bruises. So, I've had to focus on everything I could to insure the healing process once again. We're always faced with the challenge of patience. I especially recognized it when I started this journey almost four years ago. I focused on how I would co... Read more

  • Running with a Friend.

    10/5/2014 8:57:01 PM, by KONRAD695

    As a bar/server employee you might think I have lots of friends. This could not be farther from the truth. I could have 1000 drinking buddies, but conversations are almost all limited to 2 minutes or less. When everyone is out with friends, or home with their families, I'm am work again. Then of... Read more

  • 2014 Hooters DBL Duathlon

    10/5/2014 7:47:46 PM, by MIRAGE727

    On MONDAY, Sep 22 I did the Hooters DBL (Du it Before Lunch) Duathlon! A local Race Director & close friend came up with an idea and went for it. Have a Duathlon on a Monday and see who shows up! Over 100 athletes showed up at 6:00am at Ft DeSoto, Fl. My Dear Friend, Race Director & Multisport ... Read more

  • Natalie's Fun Run and My Not So Much Fun

    10/5/2014 6:00:47 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Let's start with the positive. Yesterday Natalie ran a whole mile and earned her "Confetti Fun Run" Girl Scout badge. She's by the edge of the pavement, the second group back in this picture, in black shorts and light pink shirt... Read more

  • Diva Run

    10/4/2014 6:49:36 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    This morning, here in Missoula, was the Diva Run 5k. I haven't run in 3 weeks and was worried it would not be good. It was 35 degrees when we started, but the sun was out and warmed up just a bit. My time was much better than I had hoped! (just under an 11 min mile average, which is good for me.... Read more

  • Yet another "new" thing...

    10/3/2014 8:59:10 PM, by PLMITCH

    So a few weeks ago I learned about SSD's from a wonderfully smart guy at the Apple Genius Bar. I thought that was pretty cool. But earlier this week my wife told me that the toilet set in our bedroom bathroom was broken, which meant I needed to make a trip to Lowe's for a replacement. As you c... Read more

  • Healing

    10/3/2014 2:48:07 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    I'm looking forward to more healing and getting to feel better. I am trying to be patient and positive. At my primary doctor's recommendation, I'm getting a second reading of my inconclusive CT scan. It's been 6 days since my third fall while running, mild concussion, multiple wounds, a pulled pec m... Read more

  • Thurs. nonsense

    10/2/2014 3:40:08 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    I feel like I'm finally getting stuff done around here! Yesterday I found a black widow spider in the garage. I would have taken a picture but it was in a jar and I would have just gotten a picture of the jar. I took to the high school biology teacher. I figured that would be cool to have in... Read more

  • Compromise on eyewear

    10/2/2014 12:11:23 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Usually I don’t run wearing my glasses. They bounce around and with progressive lenses, that can get pretty weird. After my experience last month I decided I need to have them along so I can tell the difference between a stick and a copperhead on the path ahead. On Tuesday they bounced right... Read more

  • Here we go again.

    10/1/2014 11:55:25 PM, by HEALTHIERKEN

    So. My last blog was May 4th. Five--that's *FIVE* months ago. I'm now at my all-time heaviest. Coincident? I THINK NOT! To explain, after a lazy summer, we're just back from two weeks in England. Wonderful trip, awesome--and I mean AWE-some sense of history, visiting all those hundred-, ... Read more

  • Return to Running After Broken Ankle

    10/1/2014 7:57:42 PM, by GLADGAD

    I finally hit my 12 week mark last Monday since I broke my ankle in a slip and fall. This was the magic number, because the doctor said that at 12 weeks you are considered healed and there are no restrictions, other than not overdoing certain physical activity, one of them being running. For t... Read more

  • Never look back

    10/1/2014 8:26:32 AM, by BA5454

    The blogs I read this morning had a recurring theme: folks struggling with weight regain. I can sympathize for I've seen a few pounds more than once. Twice? I'm a big proponent of learning from past mistakes and to do that you have to look back and see what you've done, but not so much it take... Read more

  • Normally I don't cheer for October to come but...

    9/30/2014 4:47:04 PM, by PLMITCH

    Lots of fun stuff going on this October: - Greyhounds Reach the Beach - Brunch at our favorite winery - My wife's birthday (which usually turns into a week long celebration!) - A 5K race - And a trip to Jamaica to see my son and my soon to be daughter-in-law get married. Destination we... Read more