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  • “You have nice legs” said the nursing home resident.

    9/16/2014 7:09:00 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Several times a month my status reads “Brooklyn_Born is singing at a nursing home this morning.” A Spark Friend blogged today that she was beginning to volunteer at an old folks home. So I thought I would share this story. A few members of our church visit 3 different homes a few times du... Read more

  • I'll Rest

    9/16/2014 6:11:19 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    I'm not going to run today due to a productive cough. I really hate getting off my training schedule. If I don't run my group on Saturday it will be hard for me to get back on schedule for my upcoming half marathon. I don't feel bad. I really feel like running, but from what I've read running with ... Read more

  • Julia in 24 Lessons...

    9/16/2014 1:44:30 AM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    In the military, we like to complete the circle by doing an AAR - After Action Report and LL and Lesson Learned! So here is my short version (only 24) of what I learned about me (and that I can share with you!)... 1. My first love - Read more

  • And the winner is.........

    9/15/2014 9:09:30 PM, by CHANGINGHORSES

    Me! Woohoo! I have to say that today started out as just another day, get up, have some coffee and go to work. Nothing special, or so I thought. I had to drive a slightly different route this morning and it was quite foggy. I was puttering along when suddenly as I approached the crest of a... Read more

  • Got Away with It

    9/15/2014 9:19:10 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    The Brooks Adrenaline running shoes I bought a few weeks ago did great on short runs. I had switched back to Brooks because they seemed to last longer and not wear down on the outer edge as fast. I ran about 5 training runs and 2 races in them with no problem. But the 9 mile group run resulted in a ... Read more

  • One week removed.

    9/14/2014 6:49:26 PM, by KONRAD695

    This will be low on words and high on pictures. This is my trip away with 6 of my high school friends. It is an annual outing to a cabin, and a relaxing weekend. The only requirement- everyone gets to be themselves. Here's my trip. My first new friend. Mister Snappy was waiting for me on ... Read more

  • Mainiac Triathalon

    9/14/2014 6:07:55 PM, by MARGARITTM

    I participated as the swim leg of the relay team Play Hard Tri Hard........ not my best swim; the air temp was the same as the air 61 degrees and an ocean swim. We did as a team still manage to win the female relay award! Woohoo us.... Read more

  • Planning ahead

    9/14/2014 1:18:37 PM, by BA5454

    The week ahead is looking sort of busy, so I'm planning ahead: -- Navy bean soup w/ cumin is simmering -- Lettuce has been spun -- Peppers, carrots, cauliflower and celery have been cut up and put into bags -- Chicken is marinating for the grill, w/enough for leftovers -- Pizza dough w... Read more

  • Focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T – great blog from a Sparker living this advice

    9/14/2014 8:29:18 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I’d like to direct your attention to a great blog by LindaKay228 whose experience and motivation put this common slogan into action. “Why I Do What I Do”
    al.asp?blog_id=5779053 I believe it deserves a wider audienc... Read more

  • You May Admire My Trophy

    9/14/2014 5:18:11 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    No suspense here. I took first place in my age group in this 4-race series. And I'm not too proud to accept the trophy even when I was the only one in my age group. When I got to race 4 the results to date were posted. I foun... Read more

  • I finished my first 5K race

    9/13/2014 8:34:18 PM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    Hello Again, I finished the race today. I didn't run the whole thing, there was quite a bit of walking done, and that's okay. This was in Kona, Hawaii, and I didn't get out of the starting gate until almost 9 am. It was already in the 90s at that point, and there was no shade to be had anywh... Read more

  • He Beat Me! Hooray!!

    9/13/2014 11:23:16 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    My nephew, Martin, who has lost 71 pounds and brought his 5K times down from 49 minutes to 32 minutes beat me for the first time today, twice!! WooHoo!!! He is 29 years old and he is suppose to beat his 65 year old aunt. I am so proud of him. He has worked very, very hard for this. He ran the o... Read more

  • Can you guess what happens when the unexpected does?

    9/13/2014 8:06:17 AM, by CATHIMOMMY

    This week was another in the country I call home outside my home culture. Have you ever had one of those moments in a mall parking lot where you've lost your car and spent more time that you should finding it? Well, this time I was parked outside a friend's home where I had gone to watch their oldes... Read more

  • Why, other than weight gain, would I go back to tracking my food?

    9/13/2014 7:05:42 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I must admit that I don’t track my food anymore UNLESS there is an upward trend in my weight. Weighing myself every day is especially important for me personally since avoiding the scale is how I gained the weight in the first place. Now I want to stay exactly where I am right now. So if ther... Read more

  • Major Mojo Madness

    9/12/2014 1:31:04 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    We all do it. (no, not that...) We all say we're going to get going, but something holds us back. Whether it be our newest excuse, life, time, or just simple lack of motivation we get ourselves in our own way. I'm big on it. and I'm just big. I have been struggling for months n... Read more

  • Are We Ready for the Aching Quad?

    9/12/2014 10:15:02 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Just couldn't blog yesterday. Appreciate those of you (ONEKIDSMOM comes to mind immediately) who hit a thoughtful, sensitive and positive tone. Good job! I really enjoyed reading blogs yesterday for some perspective. This eve at 7:30pm I'll be running a 5k with my nephew. That's the start of th... Read more

  • Friday loading

    9/12/2014 7:11:57 AM, by BA5454

    Awesome week, here's a few highlights: 1. Tried out 3 new exercises: spin class, water aerobics, aqua jogging. And they didn't kill me. (Although the spin class really tried.) ... Read more

  • My new way of remembering...

    9/11/2014 3:41:04 PM, by PLMITCH

    On the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it's odd just how searing that event still is to me. It's almost hard to imagine 13 years has gone by that quickly, and yet just how fresh it seems. A year ago, I found out my blood bank was doing a 9/11 blood drive (they may have been doing it in... Read more

  • 5 nights in a row of not eating after 9PM

    9/11/2014 10:32:21 AM, by ABBY_G

    Eating less dinner and having a 200 calorie high protein w/some healthy fat snack between 8-9 worked last night, too. It was much less of a struggle to not eat at 11PM or in the middle of the night. Hope your plans are going well, too!... Read more

  • time flies

    9/10/2014 9:14:19 PM, by ACORALSEA

    June: quit my job, but, hubby won't let me retire July: my 4yo grandson spent the month - he learned to swim, ride a bike, how to color, play with clay; started a wellness program Aug: went on Fed gov't contract, lower pay, longer commute, no benefits, but pays the bills, they want me long... Read more

  • Two More Comments About Gym Bags

    9/10/2014 1:23:26 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    1. I never feel cleaner than after a good sweaty workout and then a great shower. To magnify that feeling, I love to brush and floss my teeth afterwards, too. My dentist gives out sealing plastic bags that hold toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and a couple more items you might want like an emery board... Read more

  • Losing one’s identity as a runner

    9/10/2014 8:11:42 AM, by BA5454

    I’m a runner. Or rather, I was a runner. Maybe I still am. But mostly not. At least for now. I blame the movie ‘Rocky’ first in 1976, because sheesh, who else exhibited the sheer can-do attitude of Rocky Balboa? Then a little flick called ‘Running’ (1979) came along which starred Michael Dougla... Read more

  • adjusting the not eating 7PM-7AM plan to 9PM-7AM

    9/10/2014 7:37:35 AM, by ABBY_G

    My plan usually is to not eat 7PM-7AM. I've been struggling around 11PM, though, so am going to tweak the plan a bit to see if it helps: - Not eating 9PM-7AM instead of 7PM-7AM. - Having a smaller dinner (subtract 200 calories). - Having a snack (about 200 calories of protein and fat, such ... Read more


    9/10/2014 7:21:56 AM, by MIRAGE727

    I found that when I get up in the morning, I'm excited by the fact that I have the opportunity to make myself better. I try to carry that with me throughout the day. Dr Seuss provides a great daily thought! ... Read more

  • New Definition of "Rise and Shine"!

    9/10/2014 5:11:48 AM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    A few months ago, or maybe it was last year, time goes so fast! , I did a 30 day streak of "Rise and Shine - One healthy habit every morning". With the fast and demanding pace that is taking place at the unit right now and my share of workload, I realize that it is time to get back to ... Rise ... Read more

  • Current Life

    9/9/2014 4:27:36 PM, by KONRAD695

    I could start off with all my difficulties in life, but does anyone really want to hear it. No?- that's what I thought. But a few said yes; so here is a list. Wife, kids, car, job, pets, job again, weight, sore feet, I'm tired, food, and those annoying phone calls. There's my list.... Read more

  • Bike Shorts Work and Other Fitness Issues

    9/9/2014 12:55:52 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Proud to report no soreness from spin class yesterday. The instructor kept saying to cement your bottom to the seat, but I found that difficult. I bounced some. I doubted the padded bike shorts would be sufficient, but they did great! Will definitely do it again. I need to work on learning the geari... Read more

  • S'up

    9/9/2014 12:20:55 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    After texting back and forth, hubs and I did talk. I explained why I was so hurt by him. He said I was complaining about job, life etc for a week and it was too much. I explained I listened to it for over six years with support and expect the same. He actually listened and replied with "I was ki... Read more

  • Age Quod Agis – not exactly Carpe Diem – but complementary advice

    9/9/2014 10:05:28 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    What most people don’t know about me is that I studied Latin for 5 years. I’ve got big medals to prove it. I would have been a Classics major in college if I thought I could make a living at it, but I’m very practical too. As a math/computer science teacher, “Age Quod Agis” was posted on the... Read more

  • 3 nights in a row of not eating between 7PM-7AM

    9/9/2014 9:30:43 AM, by ABBY_G

    I've had to take these steps to stop myself from eating between 7PM and 7AM: 1. not keeping anything tempting in the house 2. taking problem foods to the car and leaving them in a cooler in the trunk overnight 3. parking the car far enough away from the house so that it's less tem... Read more

  • 1st spin class

    9/9/2014 6:34:38 AM, by BA5454

    Erm, yeah. I'm not sure if it was the early hour 0515 or the effort, but at one point I saw a bright light--and tried hard not to pedal towards it. Sheesh, what a workout! (I'll do it again.) ... Read more

  • Chicago HM Race Report

    9/8/2014 4:57:29 PM, by MBTEPP

    The Chicago HM did not disappoint in any way. It was a fabulous race for me, since it is my largest one yet. I ran the 26.2 Challenge when I entered two of the three race series, the other race was in May. Both races were run ... Read more

  • Week One Healthy September

    9/8/2014 12:30:19 PM, by KANSASROSE67

    Healthy Goals for September Week One Results: Burn 3000 calories every week through exercise. 2,700 Eat under 1400 calories every day. 5 of 7 days Keep up my 8-a-day water and 5-a-day freggie streaks. 7 of 7 days for both. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. 7 of 7 ... Read more

  • Appreciate Life!

    9/8/2014 8:41:20 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Turn about is fair play. I have encouraged the niece and nephew to run and now they are both involving me in additional fitness pursuits. Yesterday I wrote about the Aching Quad events coming up this weekend that I promised Martin I would run. And then my niece challenged me to a spinning class. We... Read more

  • 15K and being back on the wagon

    9/8/2014 8:25:43 AM, by AMANDANCES

    I actually missed my Spark friends during the time when I was gone, but I got used to using the phone app rather than the website, and there isn't a lot of interaction on that app. I hope you all are doing well and staying positive. There are so many things I want to say to everyone, but since ... Read more

  • Water aerobics ain't for sissies

    9/8/2014 7:36:21 AM, by BA5454

    In the ongoing effort to rehab my knee, the doctor said the best thing would be to get in the water. Little did he know I haven't been near a swimmable body of water in over 8 years. Then I found a gym one town over that has an Olympic size pool and water aerobics classes. Woo-hoo! Let me tell ... Read more

  • Autumn-Triggers

    9/8/2014 6:39:59 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    Very quickly after I wrote my previous blog about overcoming my love of Dairy Queen blizzards, a commercial for the new apple pie and pumpkin pie blizzards for fall came on the TV and I wanted them!! If I hadn't seen that commercial I would have never thought about any kind of blizzard. Also, Dun... Read more

  • Annual Hike in the Snowy Mountains

    9/7/2014 10:08:48 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    Every fall we try to hike in the snowies. There has been snow and a lot of rain up here so the creek that runs through was high and we ended up wading quite a bit. (cold wet feet) But we did about 15 1/2 miles! A beautiful day cool in the morning but up in the 70s when we got to the top for lu... Read more

  • Saddened September.....

    9/7/2014 9:53:32 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    I ran today. I was slow. Was the slowest run I've done in a long time. But I did it. I got out and I was like not thinking....I think that's what I was after. Just the golden, dead and brown views contrasted next to the blue sky and nothing in my brain but the tunes that I tried ... Read more

  • Kids say the funniest things...

    9/7/2014 5:20:32 PM, by PMRUNNER

    My daughter, age 3 and 1/2, was in the car singing away. My DW and I paused to listen to what she was singing and this is her song: Jesus is so strong Jesus is so powerful Jesus can step in the poisin ivy And not get all itchy Hmmm, I have to check into what they are teaching her at... Read more

  • Is it a getting older thing?

    9/7/2014 11:15:51 AM, by BA5454

    I've gone up a half size in hiking and running shoes. I now officially wear these: So is it a fact your shoe size goes up when you get older? Because mine have gone up a whole size since turning 50. Just wondering because my f... Read more

  • Correcting Yesterday's Blog

    9/7/2014 8:18:45 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Most everything I wrote in yesterday's blog was accurate, with one glaring exception. My next scheduled race is not November 8th, but September 12th, and oh yea, and September 13th. Martin talked me into running the Aching Quad, four races in 24 hours. There is a 5K on Friday evening late, a Saturda... Read more

  • Back to School!

    9/6/2014 11:13:38 PM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    First week "back to school" is over! Ouf!!! Let's go back to the weekend prior to it - a LONG weekend! Since we moved to Barrie and our posting to Borden, we have been attending FanExpo in Toronto - by we I mean Maggie, Jeff and I! Here is a quick recap of our p... Read more

  • Chokecherry 2014

    9/6/2014 8:54:53 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    Got up early to help Kiwanis to set up for their annual pancake breakfast. It was only 35 degrees when I left the house. After that was done, went to the park and it was up to 43 degrees. No wind, plenty of sunshine. Buy the time the race started it was upper 40s and when we were finished it was... Read more

  • My Brain caught up with my stupidity

    9/6/2014 1:26:47 PM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    I realized this morning that when I did my last run I doubled my distance, from 1.5 miles to 3. I'm guessing that's why I didn't feel very well yesterday trying to do it again. Apparently I still think I'm 20-something. Isn't it Galloway that suggests that you improve your distance 10% at a t... Read more

  • I'm a Winner, but You Already Knew That!!

    9/6/2014 1:05:26 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    It was great! Although I have run over 20 5Ks in the past 3 and a half years, today was the first time I used Galloway's run-walk-run method. I took a total of 17 eight second walk breaks during my 29:14:04 race. I used a run:walk ratio of 90 seconds: 8 seconds. intervals. My time of 29:14:04 was b... Read more

  • Run By the Sea Santa Cruz, CA 12K Race Report

    9/6/2014 12:18:50 PM, by RUNNERKDB

    I have been trying to do races if possible when I travel these days. When I found out I was going to be going to CA late August I started to look for a possible race to do right away. I was rather hoping for a half-marathon since I need the mileage at this stage of my marathon training... Read more

  • 18.12 Challenge Complete! Woohoo 18.12 miles! Part 2

    9/6/2014 11:49:17 AM, by CHANGINGHORSES

    So I went to bed nice and early the night before the race. I heard the news before going to bed though, thunderstorms on the way, may delay race, may cancel race. What???!!! I just kept thinking it'll be alright, just some rain. Race will go on. I put my ear plugs in just in case and happily went to... Read more

  • 18.12 Challenge Complete! Woohoo 18.12 miles! Part 1

    9/6/2014 10:54:23 AM, by CHANGINGHORSES

    Yes! I did it! This was week #17 of training and it ended with the run. The weeks runs looked like this: Run #1 - 3.5 miles Run #2 - 2.23 miles Run #3 - 2.25 miles Big Day! - 18.12 miles! It was a rather enjoyable week with the shorter runs and swimming afterwards. The race was in... Read more

  • 18.12 Challenge - Training weeks 15 and 16

    9/6/2014 10:23:17 AM, by CHANGINGHORSES

    This blog is a lot late (the race was on 8/31) but I wanted to complete them all, so it will just be the basics. I began the two taper weeks as well as went away on vacation. It worked out great! During the taper I walked more with family members and enjoyed the vacation in the New England states. W... Read more

  • Break my stride (not gonna)

    9/5/2014 3:25:18 PM, by BA5454

    Had an awesome day with my mom, who is this much north of 90 years, but still clacks around with her cane and gets places (just not very fast). The drive to her place is about a 100 miles from my house, so I go armed with my iPod because there isn't a lot of choice for radio stations. Ever have... Read more

  • The truth about a heathy obesity

    9/5/2014 2:57:39 PM, by OLDEROWL

    For those who are obese, there is a interesting article on Dr Sears site about unhealthy vs healthy obesity. "One of great paradoxes of our obesity epidemic is that many obese individuals appear to be quite healthy. This makes the true believers in the Holy Grail of BMI as the standard for good heal... Read more

  • Packet Pick-Up and Prep

    9/5/2014 10:22:30 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Today is race packet pick-up for the Faster with FitNiche 5K I'll run tomorrow. I already know my number, 151. It is predicted to be 74 degrees, 100% humidity, with no chance of rain, although I take the prediction with a grain of salt as I've gotten soaked in 0% chance of rain before! The race cour... Read more

  • Sparkpeople advertising – not a complaint

    9/5/2014 8:37:29 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    Recently I decided that I have gained so much from Sparkpeople that I would like to give something back. I would buy a T-Shirt. Unfortunately, my decision coincided with the redesign of the website and I could no longer find the link to the Spark Store. So I went to the message board Site/Tec... Read more

  • I don't know where the time went

    9/5/2014 12:57:41 AM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    I realized yesterday that I only had 4 runs left before the race, and that I'm not going to be running the whole thing. I finished Week 8 Day 1 today, with a bit of a change. First, I warmed up with a 15 minute walk instead of just a 5 minute walk. Then, I added another 20 minute walk onto th... Read more

  • Just Another Day

    9/4/2014 2:56:43 PM, by KONRAD695

    My Day Running The Mackinaw Bridge. If you don't about the Mackinaw Bridge, In Michigan, IT'S A BIG DEAL!! So my labor Day weekend started with me being in charge of the hotel, checking into a room, and not being able to leave. Mix that with two restaurant mgr shifts, my r... Read more

  • Exercise Flexibility

    9/4/2014 8:04:40 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Flexibility is an important factor when it comes to living an active life, at least it has been for me. There is something to be said for habits and routines. Some people can schedule their workouts and stick to that schedule with very little deviation. Good for them! But that doesn't work for me. ... Read more

  • It’s not a plateau, it’s “mini-maintenance”

    9/4/2014 6:52:41 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I know that plateaus are depressing to many people. There are plenty of blogs and articles written about the negative effect they have on our motivation. Since plateaus never bothered me very much, I thought I would share my perspective. Every individual journey to permanent, sustainab... Read more

  • Missed some August goals, made some others

    9/3/2014 12:45:44 PM, by PMRUNNER

    I think most folks know about SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely). Well, even if they are attainable, we don't always hit them. I had four goals for August and was 50% on successfully meeting them. Goal 1: Get back into maintenance range of 180-185lb. Sta... Read more

  • Now About that Gym Bag

    9/3/2014 12:32:49 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    When I first started packing a bag of clothing and items to take to the gym I was always coming from work. So I'd bring the clothes I was going to workout in. When I was working out at Curves they didn't have showers, so I'd go home in my workout clothes and shower. At first I just used plastic groc... Read more

  • That look you get

    9/3/2014 12:22:05 PM, by BA5454

    Funny, I had the same look when the guy at the repair shop said I needed to replace all four tires instead of just the low one. Gah. Made me wish I had a cookie, or fourteen. I went for a second opinion instead. The low one i... Read more

  • Run cut short by a SNAKE - EEK!

    9/2/2014 1:12:37 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    It takes something really unusual for me to blog in the middle of the day. A copperhead will do it. It very hot and humid here in VA so my plan was to get up early, drive to a city with a shaded trail and run there. On the outskirts of town traffic was at a standstill – road constructio... Read more

  • In The News- Can You Train Your Brain To Like Healthy Foods?

    9/2/2014 10:51:12 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    The answer is yes and they had a news feature on the study this morning on TV. When I first started the "diet" that has been working for me I had just read "the Skinny on Losing Weight" . A couple of things really stood out to me. One is that Dr. Aronne explained how there is a physiological reaso... Read more


    9/2/2014 10:07:10 AM, by MIRAGE727

    You've committed. You pressed the button. You're feeling good! AND you walk away, thinking, "Can't wait to start tomorrow!" ... Read more

  • Another Installment of How I Got Active

    9/2/2014 8:30:33 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Another tactic I used to get active was to find little ways to sneak more activity into my day. At Weight Watchers I heard park on the far side of the parking lot. OK. When I had to wait in line for the copy machine, I could do kick backs and calf raises. While waiting for the machine to run it was ... Read more

  • Ready for September

    9/1/2014 10:18:11 PM, by KANSASROSE67

    What a beautiful weekend! My sister and BIL were here with my new little nephew and spent 2 days and nights at our house. Sunday was little David's baptism...Rick and I were honored to be his sponsors. We had a special (and delicious) brunch at a favorite restaurant and all three of my dad's sist... Read more

  • First day of MANY!

    9/1/2014 7:27:34 PM, by AMANDANCES

    It was an interesting summer, to say the least. Little Bear and I planted tomatoes and green beans, and it took a while but we're seeing the "fruits" of our labors now. Daddy learned how to make roasted tomato appetizers, and we grilled squash a few times. Bear now eats corn on the cob, although I h... Read more

  • August Food Edition - Part 2//Expedition!

    9/1/2014 12:13:19 PM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    This month I did not track... and I indulged! (it shows - I put on 10 pounds...) As my previous blog, I am about to describe the best (and the bad) side of my travel discoveries with food pictures! And because I like it all, there is not much restriction there... At the beginning of Augu... Read more

  • TV Time CAN Contribute to Fitness

    9/1/2014 11:52:22 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Yesterday was our first football game of the season. My husband is a University of Tennessee graduate and football fanatic. He loves anything Tennessee. He is a big fan of basketball, both mens and womens, and baseball, softball, anything Tennessee. I do suspect, though, that football is his favorit... Read more

  • Drug Dealers for Bike Junkies - Santa Cruz Bronson Fix

    9/1/2014 1:47:47 AM, by SPEEDYDOG

    Part 1: One Percent Not so long ago, I was thinking a Pivot Mach 6 could be a good addition to my stable. The Pivot Mach 6 is a bonafide mountain ripper. The Pivot Mach 6 is made for fast descents on technical terrain. T... Read more

  • Report on Two New Fitness Classes

    8/31/2014 5:06:19 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    My niece invited me to join her at the Y today for the two one-hour classes that are offered on Sunday: Les Mills' Body Pump and Les Mills' Body Flow. So I decided I should be adventurous and try a session of each. The Body Pump class uses barbells and hand weights to add challenge to squats, l... Read more


    8/31/2014 4:23:56 PM, by DAISYBELL6

    I started the WHOLE30 on Saturday Jul 19th and today Sun Aug 31st I am on my own—Training Wheels Off! I had a great experience with Whole 30. After being stuck in the same 10 pound range which is 10 to 20 pounds over my goal weight for over a year, I was ready to try something new. So the progr... Read more

  • Weight is increasing and I’m happy about it

    8/31/2014 6:51:32 AM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    No, the weight isn’t on my body. It’s right here. I have a complete set of dumbbells ranging from 1 to 12 pounds. I keep them in the living room directly in the line of sight with the TV. I have a variety of upper body exerc... Read more


    8/30/2014 10:12:47 PM, by MIRAGE727

    No matter where you are in the journey, STOP for 60 SECONDS, and recommit to become better than you ever have before! ... Read more

  • Success Feeds Success: Running with Relatives

    8/30/2014 12:54:05 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Great run this morning with my Galloway group. We broke my group, the Dream Chasers, into 2 groups, and I went with the slower part of the fastest group. However, about half way through my niece and I were feeling perky, so we took off and headed out to catch up to the group in front of us. On flat ... Read more

  • What the dog hears

    8/30/2014 12:22:44 PM, by BA5454

    Hubs is going on one of those trips that he honestly doesn’t want to go on, but feels compelled to go anyway. I was checking e-mail in another room when I heard this muttered very softly from the hallway: “Sophie, I am so stressed.” He was talking to our dog. I’m glad I heard it, I k... Read more

  • Today WAS a Bad Hair Day!

    8/29/2014 1:59:15 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    This morning when I woke up my hair was sticking up and out and over and bent in between and did not improve with brushing. I'm not kidding. What a mess! And no wonder. Yesterday I ran and walked in my neighborhood until sunset around 8pm. Beautiful! After I showered I was tired and fell asleep befo... Read more

  • Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big? - Be Honest!

    8/29/2014 1:14:04 PM, by TERI-RIFIC

    After contemplating the pros and cons of playing hockey this year I decided to go ahead and do it. Cons: too old, too fat , crummy skater, might break a leg. Pros: have fun, do something different, meet new people, get to be ... Read more

  • One Thing I Learned By Sitting Around With a Broken Ankle

    8/29/2014 8:37:17 AM, by GLADGAD

    First let me say that I am healing up, and am now weaning myself off of the boot. Next week I will start with some additional exercises per the doctor as well as get on a stationary bike at the gym. I don't have a date to start running yet, but will play that by ear (and pain level). So that’s all... Read more


    8/29/2014 7:30:21 AM, by MIRAGE727

    I'm tired of reading, "I'm taking the weekend off!" "I'm going to take a break!" I wouldn't say it if I didn't care! Stay Focused! You want to realize your goals! ... Read more

  • Fantasy Football and a Challenge

    8/28/2014 10:44:02 PM, by NINETOZE

    So I love Professional football. Monday Night, Thursday night and sometimes alllllll ddddaaayyyy Sunday! That's a lot of sitting on your butt! I came across these last year for a GOYB! Depending how the games goes, it's an awesome workout for as long as you can last! Give one a try next ... Read more

  • Upcoming Lessons

    8/28/2014 6:11:47 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Hubby and I enjoyed the Senior Dance this morning and learned about some dance lessons. So, we went and committed to 14 weekly dance classes starting September 9th. Several people told us that the teacher is excellent, although we were warned not to miss a lesson, that each one builds on the previou... Read more

  • Runner's Food Pyramid

    8/28/2014 6:34:11 AM, by BA5454

    Bananas and bagels: Constitutionally mandated post race Tree Bark: Readily available and chock full of fibery goodness Goo: We don't want to know why Spaghetti: Must be carb loaded at all times Stuff we can't pronounce: Arugu... Read more

  • Crazy elevations in the Annapolis 10M

    8/27/2014 6:47:54 PM, by PASTAFARIAN

    Ran the Annapolis 10M on Sunday. A nice race for hill lovers. Check this "interesting" elevation chart. (I'm just showing an excerpt since SP squeezes photos down too much otherwise. The horizontal lines were 20' apart.) It was... Read more

  • Chin up bar: complete

    8/27/2014 1:26:36 PM, by BA5454

    Here's the new handy-dandy chin up bar, recently installed in the barn using a pipe and a few pieces of plywood: Number of actual chin-ups completed: 0. Like DH says--it's a place to start, LOL. Did get out on my bike today,... Read more

  • Attitude Adjustment

    8/27/2014 8:05:24 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    There were years I tried so hard to never get sweaty. Sweat was the enemy. It made me feel dirty, uncomfortable, and gross. Somewhere along the line while becoming more active my attitude changed. I realized that when you first start sweating it does feel yucky. Light exercise in high humidity ... Read more

  • August Food Edition - Part 1

    8/27/2014 12:41:36 AM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    Caution: Keep reading only if ... - You have a full stomach; or - You can say NO to food; or - Food blogs won't make you go to the kitchen to get more food (or perhaps I should include a disclaimer - I don't want to be responsible!!!); or - You want to feel better about cheating ... Read more

  • Today's Little Smile

    8/26/2014 2:03:34 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    I'm in the frame of mind where I celebrate the good things I see on the scale, but I don't let the number throw me any more. I will never let the number on the scale ruin my day again and I'll never again give up trying to be healthy and fit because of scale discouragement. I know that my weigh... Read more

  • Courage to Tri Report AND Reality Check!

    8/26/2014 9:44:41 AM, by MIRAGE727

    When I crossed the Finish Line, I realized how fitting this Triathlon name truly was! Once again, DSSECRETS created a fantastic photographic story of this race and I am so thankful for her effort! We arrived around 5:30am with more than enough time for me to get situated & rel... Read more

  • Your argument is valid

    8/26/2014 7:48:56 AM, by BA5454

    ...but this bunny is wearing a pancake beret. Have a fabulous Tuesday! ... Read more

  • Snow in August?

    8/25/2014 5:15:24 PM, by DEBBYFROMMT

    August is suppose to be the hottest, driest month, but it has been raining here for 4 days. The creek is flooded in places and it is very cool. I don't know if it will even make it up to 60 today. Well, ok, it really hasn't snow here, but the mountains behind us got quite a bit! Read more

  • Getting More Active

    8/25/2014 5:05:50 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    First I started bringing several pair of shoes to rotate at work and looking for comfortable, acceptable ones that I could be more active in. Then I started bringing my athletic shoes to change into for lunch and break walks and occasionally to do some work-related walking like to the bank or post o... Read more

  • Rave Run at Sabino Canyon

    8/25/2014 4:55:05 PM, by MBTEPP

    1:36:12 7.5 Miles 635 Ft Elevation climb I did this run 8 months ago for the first time. Last week, I did it for a second time. I was fortunate that the weather was cool (70 degree... Read more

  • P.T.

    8/25/2014 1:16:12 PM, by BA5454

    Physical therapy was . I didn't know what to expect--evil machines, pain, nonchalance--but it rocked. Here's why: the therapist took the time to sit down and explain the x-ray results (a bit of arthritis under the knee cap, but otherwise structurally sound knee), do her diagnostics (an... Read more

  • Storm King 10k run report

    8/25/2014 9:06:59 AM, by PMRUNNER

    It was a great morning for a 10k, not too hot or muggy, but comfortable. I brought most of the family today, except for DD1 who had a sleepover at a friends house. Last year she and DS1 ran the kids 1 miler before the bigger race and they both had done well. This year, the kids race was smaller, ... Read more

  • I BLOG therefore I AM…NOT eating the ice cream (apologies to Descartes for the paraphrase)

    8/24/2014 4:13:56 PM, by BROOKLYN_BORN

    I never blog in the middle of the day. That’s an early morning thing for me. This is a special case. Today is supposed to be a rest day. I’m working on a big project. I want to finish updating my website to include the recent concert tour of my choral society before our “welcome to a ne... Read more

  • Too Much STUFF

    8/24/2014 9:08:51 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    First, I thank my Spark Friends who commiserated with me on the flooding of my basement. When we sold our house of 20 years about 3 years ago we had a big garage sale and then we filled 2 big roll-off dumpsters with junk. I was really convicted that I just had too much stuff. At the end of th... Read more

  • Undergarments for Activity

    8/24/2014 8:32:03 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    SparkFriends make the good times even better! Thanks to all 23 Sparkers who shared in my victory yesterday! Back to my reliving of how I got active which will lead up to a blog on how I pack a gym bag. I wrote about keeping athletic shoes and socks in my trunk and getting out of the office, usu... Read more

  • WooHoo!!

    8/23/2014 12:21:00 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Here's me this morning with my award, a colorful tile that says, "2nd Place Age Group Award, 19th Annual Sunrise Watermelon 5K Series." WooHoo!... Read more

  • Sadly, no redemption for AF half-marathon

    8/23/2014 11:31:39 AM, by BA5454

    Saw the doctor yesterday about my knee and he seems to think it's either the classic 'runner's knee' (patellofemoral syndrome) or a torn meniscus. X-rays were done and a course of physical therapy prescribed. If the PT doesn't work then an MRI. The bad news: he recommended *not* doing the half. The ... Read more