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  • What a Day!

    10/22/2014 11:03:58 AM, by TRUCKERSMRS

    We are off work this week and have workmen in - ripping out and rebuilding the en-suite and also doing work in the main bathroom (re-tiling and making more functional). Today is day 3 of them working here. We are still washing out of a sink and washing my hair in the kitchen sink. Teeth are als... Read more

  • The Good the bad and the Ugly

    10/22/2014 7:50:36 AM, by MSANITAL

    You almost think I should start out with the good.. but I am starting out with the bad.. which is I have been so off track or at least I feel that way.. last week I did not go to th gym at all to be honest I don't like the new gym I joined and thank God it was a pay as you go gym because I am not p... Read more

  • My First Meditation!

    10/18/2014 3:27:24 AM, by TRUCKERSMRS

    At the suggestion of a very good Spark friend (you know who you are xx) I downloaded a free version of a meditation app "Relax Lite". I've never meditated before. The closest I have been is tuning into to the mood music when having a massage. Thursday night I gave it it's first go. I got into ... Read more

  • Getting somewhat on track pre-vacation

    10/8/2014 2:09:16 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    I know next week is going to be nuts because we're staycationing all week so trying to be serious about my SP journey this week. I have 3 of my weekly 10 miles done and will get in the other 7 before Sunday. I am also FINALLY tracking food again. I'll try not to gain on my week off and all the walki... Read more

  • Starting soon

    10/6/2014 2:31:41 AM, by BANDMAMAPC

    Our 24th Anniversary is today. Hubby and I did a dinner out at Outback and it was so yummy. My only problem is that I felt sick later. Let's just say after eating it, I ended up eliminating majority of it. I feel awful, but not having a gall bladder messes up my digestion. I got hungry and ended up ... Read more

  • I've seen this a few places and it looked like fun

    10/2/2014 12:04:13 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    1. What's your name? Kelly 2. What's your favorite sport? To watch would be hockey. To do? I guess swimming is a sport, right? 3. Have a crush? My hubby 4. What's your eye color? Blue 5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? To not suffer ... Read more

  • Hello October! (A day late I know)

    10/2/2014 10:51:06 AM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    After tomorrow the weather's supposed to get a lot better (dropping from the 70s to something more seasonally appropriate, hello 50s and low 60s) so I'm considering a walking goal for October (haven't had leg issues recently either, having a cold forced me to rest long enough it looks like). Maybe ... Read more

  • Improve Your Life in 100 Days

    10/2/2014 10:14:43 AM, by THELORELAI
    fe-in-the-next-100-days/ 60 SMALL WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE IN THE NEXT 100 DAYS Improve-your-life-in-100-day
    sContrary to popular belief, you donít have to make drastic changes in order to notice an improvement ... Read more

  • A New Month

    10/1/2014 4:01:06 AM, by TRUCKERSMRS

    I am my own worst enemy on many fronts and this I acknowledge. I am not Super Woman - although I have tried many times and failed! I cannot be out of the house for work 11-12hrs per day and then be a complete Domestic Goddess! ... Read more

  • Musings

    9/30/2014 8:00:25 AM, by THELORELAI

    ... Read more

  • Update on fall 5% challenge

    9/29/2014 12:48:44 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    The end of September has found me with a chest cold so I haven't been quite as on the ball with my challenge as I had hoped. Still made weight goal plus some ( weekly goal is only -0.9) but I want to be active in my challenge. I am getting better but not there yet. The weather randomly w... Read more


    9/29/2014 1:44:46 AM, by SETTIMIA

    Hello wonderful people, thank you for all your support, I know that I have been off the SP radar for a while, but back regardless of the devastating times ahead. This is such fun! The forest and hooping the perfect combination for me. Who will join me with my ten minutes challenge, sti... Read more


    9/27/2014 6:03:31 AM, by SETTIMIA

    Hello wonderful spark friends, as always I must start my blog with a shower of appreciation to each and everyone of you who has not forgotten me, and inquired where I have been I have been here in the background, just a little low key, as trying to process all my feelings of the prospect o... Read more

  • will be back soon

    9/25/2014 11:20:01 PM, by BECKY1960

    My Husband and i are going on a cruise for 8 days tomorrow. I will be back on in 9 or 10 days when we get home... Read more

  • xidnt do it. :-/

    9/25/2014 2:42:06 PM, by GOLDFISHME

    Well I didn't walk yesterday and today is a rainy day here in PA. What will I do? I have toddler duty today,so think,think.... Read more

  • Day 1 of Being 51!

    9/24/2014 4:49:47 PM, by TRUCKERSMRS

    So, today has been my Birthday! I have been spoilt with kind words and thoughtful gifts. I had to go to work so took a large amount of cup cakes with me. I'm sure the till lady thought I had a "problem "!!!! Work had its issues as normal but my colleagues helped keep the mood light. ... Read more