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  • 14120 step count.

    9/2/2014 2:12:15 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    14120 was my Fitbit step count for last night. On track for the 10 K Steps a Day program listed on my profile. Plus I am down five pounds, which takes my loss to 30 pounds total since my high weight in November of last year.... Read more

  • Still Basking...

    9/1/2014 11:21:51 PM, by DDOORN

    Too late to tweak & share my pics, but some of the others who shared our absolutely AWESOME Labor Day weekend @ Tibbett's Point, Cape Vincent, NY on the shores of Lake Ontario near the beginning of the 1,000 Islands have already posted some of their pics. So I'll share THEIR links and hope the... Read more

  • New Hope...

    9/1/2014 10:30:24 PM, by MSANITAL

    It has taken all of the day to get going on this blog.. I told my self this morning I needed to write it out about how August went and how I would like September to turn out.. and I just do not know why it has taken me all day to do so.. I guess I just did not want to face the truth and the truth is... Read more

  • Hit a wall

    9/1/2014 10:22:37 PM, by _MOBII_

    I hit a wall today. I tried to do a video today...I figured out how to work the camera on my new phone and upload directly to facebook and had been having so much fun doing them and thought that I could pull a silver lining out of it today. I am desperately wanting to do a vlog here and that was ... Read more

  • Monday's Quote

    9/1/2014 6:31:31 PM, by PMAY0313

    I believe that summer is our time, a time for the people, and that no politician should be allowed to speak to us during the summer. They can start talking again after Labor Day. Lewis Black (Too bad this doesn't happen. We should make it a law!) Read more

  • 14340 step count.

    9/1/2014 6:12:12 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    14340 was my step count for last night. On track for the 10 k Steps a Day program listed on my profile. Down by 30 pounts, from my biggest weight listed on Sparkpeople last November.... Read more

  • A Day at the Races

    9/1/2014 11:13:34 AM, by CHARITYAK

    My eldest son and my beloved daughter-in-law are still out for the holiday weekend. Yesterday we spent the day at the local drag strip watching her father race his self-built '69 mustang race car. it is currently considered the fastest car in Alaska. When it is running! LOL! I guess the faster these... Read more

  • the hubs has a bike now aka be careful what you wish for

    9/1/2014 8:26:59 AM, by APONI_KB

    I managed to accomplish my goal of getting the hubs out there on a road bike. I wanted this, yes I did. Heck I even paid for the bike. He has taken to it like a duck to the water. This is both good and bad for me. The good news is that I hit 100 miles in August. That's an accomplishment for me, the ... Read more

  • Drug Dealers for Bike Junkies - Santa Cruz Bronson Fix

    9/1/2014 1:47:47 AM, by SPEEDYDOG

    Part 1: One Percent Not so long ago, I was thinking a Pivot Mach 6 could be a good addition to my stable. The Pivot Mach 6 is a bonafide mountain ripper. The Pivot Mach 6 is made for fast descents on technical terrain. The bike climbs well enough to get a gonzo crazy rider to the top... Read more

  • Sunday's Quote

    9/1/2014 12:20:31 AM, by PMAY0313

    “College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?” ¯ David Wood (My niece seems to be trying this out with this being her first semester in college. My little sis i... Read more

  • Back Pack Equipment

    8/31/2014 3:21:10 PM, by JUNEPA

    Comments welcome on what kind of tents, stoves, water purifiers, sleeping bags, backpacks etc you use. My pack pack is a Gregory Contour 70 and I love it. I have had it for about a year. I chose it because it fit me the best, it feels light even when it is heavy, lifting it from the ground ta... Read more

  • September SMART Goals

    8/31/2014 1:23:14 PM, by CHARITYAK

    I have had one of the best summers I can remember. I have done many new hikes. I've made great progress in both weight loss and fitness. I've had fun with family and friends. I've got to invest in the lives of many youth. I've won some important grants. It's just been a delightful couple of months. ... Read more

  • Ladies Back Pack - Manning Park - July 25 - 27

    8/31/2014 12:08:11 PM, by JUNEPA

    This summer's highlights were the Ladies Back Pack July 25-27, the Hudson Bay Company Trail Back Pack Aug 8-10 and the Thetis Island Cycle and Sea Kayak Aug 11-14. The Ladies Back Pack was to give us over-night back packer wannabes some skills and equipment information. At the end, and before ... Read more

  • I'm writing a cookbook

    8/31/2014 11:11:06 AM, by APONI_KB

    Well sort of, what I'm doing is amassing recipes in a neat little notebook that I wrote "Cabin Cooking with Kathryn" on the cover of. I would have spelled cabin and cooking with a K for alliteration purposes but that does not make for a very nice acronym. The story is that I have a cabin in the... Read more

  • 14081 step count.

    8/31/2014 3:28:15 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    14081 was my step count for last night. On track for the Ten K Steps a Day fitness plan listed on my profile.... Read more

  • Hiking Government Peak

    8/31/2014 1:40:08 AM, by CHARITYAK

    The kids are visiting today and Brittany wanted to do a hike. First, I fixed us a big "British" breakfast of Yorkshire Pudding and Irish Potatoes and Eggs and Fried buttons and Chamomile tea with milk! It was yummy!! Good thing today was my once-every-two-weeks no counting calories day!!! We ra... Read more

  • Saturday's Quote

    8/30/2014 6:07:14 PM, by PMAY0313

    ... Read more

  • Back From a Month of Travel - Now Time to Get Serious

    8/30/2014 8:02:13 AM, by ANNEMARGAR

    August was a busy month for me - one weekend in Alexandria, VA, five days in Nashville, TN, one weekend in Charleston, SC and then a weekend in Savannah, GA. Some of the travel was work, some family and some vacation. By the end of the month I was "enjoying" two IPA beers each night with dinner an... Read more

  • Mountain Biking Kincaid Park

    8/30/2014 4:47:53 AM, by CHARITYAK

    We are having such a beautiful August here in Alaska. Usually that is our rainy month but I was grocery shopping today in shorts, flip-flops and a tee shirt! Fabulous! In the late afternoon, I went mountain biking at Kincaid Park (in Anchorage) with my daughter-in-law. They recently installed ... Read more

  • 16405 step count.

    8/30/2014 1:41:21 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    16405 was my step count for last night. 45 min at the Planet Fitness Gym, treadmill 15 on the stationary bike. On track for the 10 k steps a day fitness plan listed on my profile.... Read more

  • OFF I GO! #13, 2014 Trip

    8/29/2014 5:30:47 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    With my soul sister Adelaida on my 71st birthday in Ecuador, Feb 23, 2013. Adelaida and her daughter, my beloved goddaughter Amrita, with dear friends Micaela and... Read more

  • Friday's Quote

    8/29/2014 5:08:19 PM, by PMAY0313

    “Honesty is always good, except when it's better to lie. ” ¯ James Patterson ... Read more

  • Changing Default

    8/29/2014 4:07:27 PM, by CHARITYAK

    Yesterday was a train wreck of a day. I was hurt by the betrayal of a dear friend. My default mode when life hits this hard has been to make very unhealthy choices regarding food and exercise. Usually leaning more towards not eati... Read more

  • Workout #3 - HIIT Lower Body

    8/29/2014 1:08:29 PM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    30 seconds on / 10 seconds off 3 sets Jump Rope x/x/x One Leg Squats - right 7/7/7 One Leg Squats - left 7/7/7 Jump Rope x/x/x Turkish Get Up (8kg) - right 4/4/4 Turkish Get Up (8kg) - left 4/4/4 Jump Rope x/x/x One Leg Deadlift (16kg) - right 7/7/7 One Leg Deadlift (16kg) ... Read more

  • The Naysayer

    8/29/2014 12:06:38 PM, by LIZABET13

    Lately I've had family members who second guess my decisions to workout. They look at me like I'm crazy for wanting to bike 20 miles. Tell me I'm going to get struck by lightening, when I went for a 5 mile run with a storm on the horizon. I've been called selfish for wanting to get in a longer worko... Read more

  • Success Quote - 8/29/14

    8/29/2014 11:36:19 AM, by ICE9CA

    Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active. - Edith Hamilton... Read more

  • One Thing I Learned By Sitting Around With a Broken Ankle

    8/29/2014 8:37:17 AM, by GLADGAD

    First let me say that I am healing up, and am now weaning myself off of the boot. Next week I will start with some additional exercises per the doctor as well as get on a stationary bike at the gym. I don't have a date to start running yet, but will play that by ear (and pain level). So that’s all... Read more

  • Thursday's Quote

    8/28/2014 10:25:05 PM, by PMAY0313

    “My tendency to make up stories and lie compulsively for the sake of my own amusement takes up a good portion of my day and provides me with a peace of mind not easily attainable in this economic climate.” ¯ Chelsea Handler <... Read more

  • Things that make you go Hmmmm

    8/28/2014 10:00:10 PM, by MAVERICKDR

    Today was recycling day. I put my extra large, jumbo can FULL of mixed recyclables out at the curb, along with a few flattened cardboard boxes beside them. The sanitation engineers took ALMOST everything. They usually leave a few things in the can (kind of like a sourdough bread star... Read more

  • Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts

    8/28/2014 3:32:39 PM, by RAINEMARIE214

    I really just cant seem to stick around here much lately, and for that I apologize to my spark friends for not being around much in the past few months. I usually check in while at work, but with my impending separation and move, I have been really busy and I rarely ever check in when at home. I t... Read more

  • Success Quote - 8/28/14

    8/28/2014 12:27:17 PM, by ICE9CA

    Success each day should be judged by the seeds sown, not the harvest reaped. - John C. Maxwell... Read more

  • Workout #2 - HIIT Core

    8/28/2014 12:19:41 PM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    30 seconds on / 10 seconds off 4 sets Jump Rope x/x/x/x BOSU Mountain Climbers 8/8/8/8 Jump Squats 17/19/19/19 Reverse Curls 9/8/9/9 Jump Rope x/x/x/x Sit Ups on BOSU 9/9/9/10 Jumping Lunges 28/29/30/32 Back Extensions 10/10/12/12 21 minutes 20 seconds Stretch 6 ... Read more

  • 14 weeks

    8/28/2014 10:10:54 AM, by LOSINGFORBABY

    Hello second trimester! I could not be more excited that we actually made it to this point! Honestly (and you might have caught on to this), I anticipated this pregnancy to be like the last two. I was ready to give up on my ability to carry a child and begin (or rather continue) looking into foster/... Read more

  • 14591 step count.

    8/28/2014 2:31:43 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    14591 was my step count for last night. On track for the 10k steps a day fitness plan listed on my profile. Good to see 10 k steps is still working well with increased night school college classes this year.... Read more

  • Wednesday's Quote

    8/28/2014 12:41:40 AM, by PMAY0313

    “There is one other reason for dressing well, namely that dogs respect it, and will not attack you in good clothes.” ¯ Ralph Waldo Emerson ... Read more

  • I SOLD THE CAMPER. #12, 2014 Trip

    8/28/2014 12:04:30 AM, by VALERIEMAHA

    Essentially, I own nothing. THE MOMENT The moment when, after many years of hard work and a long voyage you stand in the centre of your room, house, half-acre, square mile, island, country, knowing at last how you got there, and say, I own this, is the same moment when the t... Read more

  • The Dangers of Dumpster Diving

    8/27/2014 2:25:49 PM, by KAYZAKCX

    A few weeks back, I was on a roll. Every day I was getting out on Baby Stewie. For 3 weeks. I even managed to crash a couple times and one of them left a mark. Right Bicep. Felt like I broke the collar bone, again. Life wa... Read more

  • Day Sixteen Week Three - My Twelve Week Challenge

    8/27/2014 1:07:41 PM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    So day sixteen was a productive day, got in mostly what I wanted to, would have like to have gotten a walk in but it didnt happen. Oh well, not the end of the world! I did a grocery list and some meal planning for the next week, so now this evening I am going to clean, bake, cook, portion and freeze... Read more

  • Success Quote(s) - 8/27/14

    8/27/2014 11:08:15 AM, by ICE9CA

    I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison ----------------------------
    --- A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. - Charles Darwin... Read more

  • Blah

    8/27/2014 10:07:00 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    My son had his Dr. appointment yesterday, and we left feeling pretty confident that his aches were due to a lot of growth in a little time. The Dr. took some X-rays to rule out stress fractures, but nothing unusual was found. As I was making dinner, however, the Dr. called to inform me that after ... Read more

  • Nutritionists Pan ASN Processed Foods Statement

    8/27/2014 9:25:32 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "The statement, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), used a definition of processing that encompassed everything from washing, packaging, and freezing foods like fruits and vegetables all the way up to adding sugars and preservatives for foods like cake mixes and frozen pi... Read more

  • A Low-Carb Diet Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer

    8/27/2014 8:26:27 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that gut bacteria drive a common form of colon cancer, and that a low-carbohydrate diet can prevent the disease. The researchers found that microbes in the intestine convert carbohydrates into metabolites that spur cancer growth. A low-carboh... Read more

  • Housework Counts?

    8/27/2014 12:43:03 AM, by CHARITYAK

    I really wanted to train today, but my husband gets home tomorrow. He works on what we in Alaska call "The Slope" which is code for the oil fields. He manages a small field that sits on a manmade island three miles out into the Arctic Ocean. He works two weeks away at this remote site and then come... Read more

  • Yay! I Almost Bonked!

    8/26/2014 10:49:37 PM, by HILLSLUG98239

    About nine miles into my ride home, I was suddenly HUNGRY. As in /bold font HUNGRY\. Not the usual I-can-smell-what-people-are-co
    g-nearly-1000-calories-on-this-ride hungry, but a deep, gnawing hunger. I carry a couple of energy gel pack... Read more

  • When A Day Off of Work Is Not A Good Thing

    8/26/2014 8:55:17 PM, by GHK1962

    Another blog in the ‘To Make A Short Story Long’ series. And warning, this one is rather long. So today has been a rather unusual day. Actually, it’d be more correct to say it’s been a rather unusual day and a half really. You see, wifey and I have been dealing with a sort of sick dog... Read more

  • Whidbey Island Triathlon Photo

    8/26/2014 2:20:05 PM, by HILLSLUG98239

    So, here it is. No edits. Not photo-shopping out my flabby upper arms. I'm pretty happy with this one, because it was a "grit-your-teeth-and-never-say
    -die" race. I'm proud of myself for not quitting when I wanted to, for pushing through the suckiness. I cannot express how grateful I am tha... Read more

  • Tuesday's Quote

    8/26/2014 1:18:41 PM, by PMAY0313

    “What Hamlet suffers from is a lack of zombies. Let us say Rosencrantz and Guildenstern show up—Ho-HO! Now you’ve got something that stirs the, um, something that stirs things that are stirrable. BOOM! A pack of ravenous flesh-eaters breaks open their heads and sucks out their eyeballs. No need for ... Read more

  • Day Fifteen Week Three - My Twelve Week Challenge

    8/26/2014 11:44:05 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    So after being up all night with DH indigestion and then later snoring, I was not in the mood to go to the gym, I was cranky (cant use the word i want to there...but stronger than cranky) and exhausted. I wanted badly to start the week off well, and so decided to go to the gym. This was the first... Read more

  • Success Quote(s) - 8/26/14

    8/26/2014 11:33:51 AM, by ICE9CA

    When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story. - Neil Patrick Harris ----------------------------
    ------ Everything is awesome! - Emmet Brickowoski... Read more

  • Days Ten- Eleven-Twelve-Thirteen-Fo
    urteen Week Two - My Twelve Week Challenge

    8/26/2014 11:30:35 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Oh My..some catching up is indeed in order... Day Ten's Cardio...good little woggle :) Day Ten's Strength Training..mostly maintained ... Read more

  • Your Brain On Ketones - How a high-fat diet can help the brain work better

    8/26/2014 10:49:11 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "The opposite of a low fat, snacking lifestyle would be the lifestyle our ancestors lived for tens of thousands of generations, the lifestyle for which our brains are primarily evolved. It seems reasonable that we would have had extended periods without food, either because there was none available,... Read more

  • Where Are The Nutrition Police??

    8/26/2014 10:40:41 AM, by LIZABET13

    I'm happy with my training schedule, but very unhappy with my scale. I've decided that it's time to get serious about my nutrition. For awhile I've been good about tracking and I'm getting better at planning my meals. Now, I need to take what I've learned to the next level. I have disconnected... Read more

  • Hiking with the Daughter-in-Law

    8/26/2014 10:07:19 AM, by CHARITYAK

    I have the absolute best daughter-in-law in the whole world. She is funny and bright and caring and beautiful. We have so many interests in common. We are both social workers. We love outdoor adventure. We love people. We love cooking and quilting and boots! And we both happen to love the same man t... Read more

  • Bicycle Commute: Change in Plans

    8/26/2014 10:01:36 AM, by DDOORN

    One of the losses I've had with my ongoing use of blood thinners has been my bicycle commute to work. I've struggled with this and finally I think I have a solution that will "work" least on occasion. The reason I gave up my commute is that there is a stretch of road near my house where the sho... Read more

  • Workout #1 - HIIT Upper Body

    8/26/2014 8:30:30 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    HIIT WORKOUT 30 seconds on/10 seconds off 2 sets of each exercise Jump Rope x/x Handstand x/x Box Jumps 10/11 Push Ups 8/8 Jump Rope x/x TRX Rows. 12/12 Jumping Lunges 30/32 Pull Ups/Lowers 5/4+2 lowers... Read more

  • 21755

    8/26/2014 2:03:44 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    21755 step count for last night. I don't really owe time management for the high steps, I got lost in the parking lot of my new night school college for a really sad long time. They have a surreal numbering system on the classrooms, and I was lost a bunch. Oh well, burns calories for sure. I eve... Read more

  • What an amazing day!

    8/25/2014 9:44:44 PM, by SSHANTI

    Didn't think I was in the mood for a work out, let alone what the day turned into. I weighed today and for the first time since I was 18, I weigh just under 200 pounds at 199.6!!! That thrilled me. Then I decided I'd go for a nice slow, easy ten mile ride. Yeah, right. I don't think my body ... Read more

  • I Wanna Be a Badass When I Grow Up

    8/25/2014 5:08:11 PM, by CHARITYAK

    Had a most interesting experience while working out in the pool today. I was just wrapping up a mile swim and in walks a beast of a man. He looked like something out of the movies and i couldn't believe that he was here in Alaska ... Read more

  • The Write Stuff

    8/25/2014 4:50:19 PM, by GHK1962

    National Novel Writing Month. Or NaNoWriMo to those in the know. Or NaNo for short ... for those in the NaKnow ... hahaha, ok ... that was a bad pun. Anyway, NaNoWriMo, for those that have not heard of it, is an exercise in writing that occurs during the month of November. All around... Read more

  • Life-Span Exposure to Low Doses of Aspartame Beginning during Prenatal Life Increases Cancer Effects

    8/25/2014 3:47:44 PM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    Discussion In our first mega-experiment (Belpoggi et al. 2006; Soffritti et al. 2005, 2006), we demonstrated for the first time that APM (aspartame) is a multi-potential carcinogenic agent inducing, among other cancers, a dose-related, significant increase in lymphomas/leukemias in females. ... Read more

  • Monday's Quote

    8/25/2014 1:28:12 PM, by PMAY0313

    “Every fairy tale, it seems, concludes with the bland phrase "happily ever after." Yet every couple I have ever known would agree that nothing about marriage is forever happy. There are moments of bliss, to be sure, and lengthy spans of satisfied companionship. Yet these come at no small effort, and... Read more

  • Success Quote(s) - 8/25/14

    8/25/2014 11:42:52 AM, by ICE9CA

    Not all those who wander are lost. - J.R.R. Tolkien ----------------------------
    ---------- Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they're yours. - Richard Bach ... Read more

  • Rejoined My Running Group Today!

    8/25/2014 10:58:34 AM, by IMSMILEY88

    I haven't run with my group in over a year and a half because of an injury & then homeschooling my daughter last year. Well, today she started back to school! A new school since we moved... & it's her first year of high school! How did that happen? I've been running well for about 6... Read more

  • 10k Training Program for the Week of 8/25

    8/25/2014 9:25:50 AM, by LIZABET13

    Last week went great. I'm a little sore, but ready to do it again! Monday - Strength & Stretch 45 min fitness class (Ripped) & 10 mile bike ride Tuesday - 3 mile run Ran 5 miles in 60 min + 11 min warm-up Wednesday - 40 min Cross Thursd... Read more

  • It's About TIME!!

    8/25/2014 8:51:34 AM, by DDOORN

    I heard a piece on NPR this morning that both made me want to scream in frustration and WOO-HOO that someone has FINALLY caught on: Grocers Lead Kids To Produce Aisle With Junk Food-Style Marketing
    cers-lead-kids-to-produce-... Read more

  • 14603 step count.

    8/25/2014 4:59:11 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    14603 step count for last night. On track for Ten K Steps a Day the Fitness Plan listed on my Sparkpeople profile. I start college classes Monday, so I got my workout in late night.... Read more

  • Moving Beyond The Scale

    8/24/2014 10:34:53 PM, by CHARITYAK

    Hi, my name is Charity and I am a Scale Addict. It has been only 11 hours since my last scale check. While I was on my stationary bike today, I realized that I kept bumping up the difficulty level again and again. I got to re... Read more

  • Sunday's Quote

    8/24/2014 8:03:34 PM, by PMAY0313

    “Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.” ¯ Ellen Goodman <... Read more

  • group ride Sunday - yea I got lost

    8/24/2014 6:29:05 PM, by APONI_KB

    The hubs picked up his new bike yesterday and even though we had gone for a ride yesterday morning, he just had to try it out so we went on a second ride yesterday afternoon. This morning we went in for the group ride the bike shop puts on. Doesn't he look happy. Read more

  • It was all so exciting

    8/24/2014 4:39:06 PM, by MSANITAL

    I just went back and re read my blogs when I first joined Spark.. they where so full of hope and inspiration and motivation by my self.. and the responses from members some still here some not.. where so inspiring .. I was on top of my game or at least I thought I was.. maybe I was.. So your asking ... Read more

  • 11920 Step count.

    8/24/2014 3:07:26 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    11920 was my step count for last night. On track for the Ten K Steps a Day program listed on my profile. One of the better books on 10,000 Steps is the Isaacs book based on UK government Pedometer studies.... Read more

  • Thought of the day 8.23.14

    8/24/2014 10:16:45 AM, by ACTIVE_AT_60

    So, I went for a bike ride yesterday. Not unusual - but what is a little more unusual I haven't been on my bike for a while and BAM I went out and did 50.12 miles. Nice - but here is what is nicer - with the exception of my shoulders (a little tense from hunching over) I feel fabulous today. Lo... Read more

  • Dropping like flies

    8/24/2014 6:48:06 AM, by FANGFACEKITTY

    Literally! This is what I spent last weekend doing, swatting (no exaggeration) hundreds of flies. I wonder how many calories are burned using a fly swatter ? Fortunately the invasion seems to be over now, with only the windows... Read more

  • Are You Gonna Stop Losing Weight Now???

    8/24/2014 12:19:04 AM, by CHARITYAK

    Played piano and sang at a funeral today. The service was for a friend's husband and was held at my home church. I arrived early to run through the music with the guitarist who I had asked to join me. Also there early was the team of ladies who were putting together the meal to be served to the... Read more

  • Saturday's Quote

    8/23/2014 9:13:50 PM, by PMAY0313

    “Some things are best left a blur. Births and Visa Bills.” ¯ Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic & Baby ... Read more

  • How Good Is Your Soil???

    8/23/2014 8:37:05 PM, by LUVS2BIKE101

    Is it “good enough” to produce healthy vegetables (results)? Do you tend to it on a daily basis by hoeing, removing weeds and rocks, watering, adding organic nutrients and/or soil compost free of chemicals? My love of gardening began with soil that was “untouched” for many years. Except for w... Read more

  • Results

    8/23/2014 6:28:11 PM, by BILL60

    So, I did the Hotter"NHell 100 today and amazed myself at how well I did. While there wasn't that much climbing in the 100.65 miles (1,959), the wind was a real challenge and of course the heat topped out at106 degrees farenheit. I couldn't help but see the SAG wagons full of riders who didn't want ... Read more

  • A Choice Not Offered Freely Is Not A Choice

    8/23/2014 5:29:52 PM, by GHK1962

    I think I must be in a blechy mood or something lately. My blog post today is definitely not happy, happy. Definitely not Sparkalicous. I suspect some people may disagree with my words today, and that’s okay. People have differing opinions, and in general that’s a good thing. Anyway … ... Read more

  • pick your own

    8/23/2014 8:47:52 AM, by APONI_KB

    I spent a few days in the mountains last week. While we were there we went to one of those pick your own blueberry farms. Hey $10 for what ended up being a freezer full of blueberries plus however many of them didn't quite make it to the bucket. which got me thinking My great-grandfather w... Read more

  • 17659 step count.

    8/22/2014 10:10:21 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    17659 was my step count for last night. On track for the Ten K Steps a Day program listed on my profile. I only got 7 thousand steps last night because I had migraines and cramps. I hate to sound like a girlie girl, but PMS is... Read more

  • Riding for 65 Roses

    8/22/2014 6:42:36 PM, by HILLSLUG98239

    Tomorrow is the Tri-Cities Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life. This is the fourth year, and my fifth CFF Cycle for Life. I'm hoping to ride the 65-mile route. I've been slacking all week. No walks, no swims, no rides. There's no really good excuse other than I'm lazy. After last weekend... Read more

  • Low Energy Day Exposes Nutrition Issues

    8/22/2014 5:19:57 PM, by CHARITYAK

    Woke up today and had nooooo energy. I usually bounce out of bed and can't wait to get the day started but not happening today. I figured it would pass once I got to the gym. For me, exercise creates energy. I feel awesome af... Read more

  • Core Campaign

    8/22/2014 5:13:13 PM, by LIVIN4LISH

    I have a 13 year old son who has grown approximately 6 inches in the past year. He has been complaining about lower back pain, and while I'm sure his terrific growth spurt must be a contributor, I have noticed that his posture is not the greatest. I do have an appointment scheduled for him in a co... Read more

  • Hotter than Hell 100

    8/22/2014 11:00:22 AM, by BILL60

    Arrived at Wichita Falls, TX, yesterday in preparation for this year's HHH 100. It appears that tomorrow's ride will go along with its title since it's forecasted to be in the 100's.This will be my 8th time doing the ride. It is my favorite ride simply because of its magnitude and of course, the cha... Read more

  • Doctor's Report-Good Progress

    8/22/2014 8:14:54 AM, by GLADGAD

    I met with the orthopedic doctor yesterday. He said the bones are together and there is more bone growth, although you can still see the break. I can’t take the boot off yet, but he gave me clearance to do the following: 1. Walk as much as I want in the boot. I started doing daily ½ mile walk... Read more

  • Today's Work-Out

    8/22/2014 12:08:18 AM, by CHARITYAK

    Just a quick check-in. It's been a really busy day and I still have chores to wrap up. I am just going to post today's work-out real quick. I am focusing on my core today. Good news! When I got up this morning, I had lost another pound for a total of two pounds so far this week! The cross-trai... Read more

  • Thursday's Quote

    8/21/2014 11:32:56 PM, by PMAY0313

    “...the number one reason knitters knit is because they are so smart that they need knitting to make boring things interesting. Knitters are so compellingly clever that they simply can't tolerate boredom. It takes more to engage and entertain this kind of human, and they need an outlet or they get i... Read more

  • Day Nine Week Two - My Twelve Week Challenge

    8/21/2014 2:26:56 PM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Yesterday was another beautiful day! Got everything in and apart from creating a massive blister on my achillies tendon (which hurt like hell on my run today) My run...little bit faster than last time :) ... Read more

  • Success Quote - 8/21/14

    8/21/2014 1:58:38 PM, by ICE9CA

    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle... Read more

  • Fatigue is lifting....hooray!

    8/21/2014 12:27:19 PM, by SIMPLELIFE4REAL

    Last week, I wrote that I had been having very severe fatigue for about a month and a half. I haven't been able to determine the cause of it, but it seems to be lifting now. This week has been significantly better. I've been able to attend aerobics class three days already this week and I'm much ... Read more

  • A little down but not out!

    8/21/2014 12:12:40 PM, by MRSSUZSTAR

    So my hysterectomy has been scheduled for October 2, which is months after we had hoped it would be set for and completed. This means several things, but the biggest is that I will not, now, be able to participate in the 1/2 marathon I signed up for that takes place on December 7th. I'm quite disapp... Read more

  • 13 weeks

    8/21/2014 11:48:43 AM, by LOSINGFORBABY

    Just pretend this was posted yesterday =0) Saw the midwives on Monday. The midwife on call was offsite at a hospital attending a birth, While I was waiting on the midwife in the office, two different women called in labor. So I ended up waiting for about an hour to be seen. Luckily, the folks ther... Read more

  • Change of Season Ramble

    8/21/2014 10:18:23 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    The Summer 5% Challenge ended last Saturday, August 16th. I did lose 8.2 pounds during the challenge, not quite my 11 pound goal, but a loss all the same. Since Saturday, however, I haven't been doing very good with accountability, since I no longer have a board to check in with! Clearly, I am a ... Read more

  • Wow, has it really been a year?

    8/21/2014 10:11:56 AM, by DISCIPLEAD33

    Came to post and saw that my last post was a year ago. Where have I been? I did finish the arms challenge, need to find those records. I need to do it again. This will be short since I just wanted to check in basically. Weight is at goal, overall fitness level is good. Am heading out right... Read more

  • Wednesday's Quote

    8/21/2014 1:12:35 AM, by PMAY0313

    “I hate it when my leg falls asleep. I know that means it's going to be up all night.” ¯ Steven Wright ... Read more

  • 11,947 was my step count for last night.

    8/20/2014 11:06:02 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    11,947 was my step count for last night. On track with my Fitbit for the ten K steps a day fitness plan listed on my fitness profile. Not fully the 12 thousand I like per day, grrrr I am slipping. Oh well, went out with friends, and had to cut my workout short. You have to have a life you know.... Read more

  • What It Takes To Play This Game

    8/20/2014 7:35:10 PM, by CHARITYAK

    I wasted some mental energy yesterday. I was fretting over my abdomen. I have been able to detect my weight loss in my arms, legs, back and even my face. But every time I passed a mirror or a window, I was upset by how little progress that bit of space between my shoulders and hipbones was making. ... Read more

  • A much Better Day.

    8/20/2014 7:26:07 PM, by MSANITAL

    In the quest to keep up with my journaling and writing things down to get them off my chest I also need to write down when things go well, which was and is today.. went to the gym with my daughter today really worked out hard and then we went to a sauna session together which was so relaxing..... Read more

  • Success Quote - 8/20/14

    8/20/2014 10:48:38 AM, by ICE9CA

    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. - Lao Tzu... Read more

  • Day Eight Week Two - My Twelve Week Challenge

    8/20/2014 10:37:24 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    Day Eight was a great day, failed on my food but did meal prep all last night, so I am on track now!! :) The day started with a run, it was a decent run 3min run 2 min walk, trying to increase my speed a bit but carefully. This week I ip the running to 4min with a 2 min walk! Read more