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  • Still Sparking!

    12/4/2016 3:43:59 PM, by DDOORN

    Where to begin? How about a quick overview of this past year: last year around this time I weighed 212. This year? 214! Woo hoo! What a success!! My all-time low is 207, so this is really not bad at all...SO HAPPY! Why is that? This has been a most challenging year for changes in my life which ... Read more

  • Grateful for Spark community

    12/4/2016 11:30:58 AM, by JUST_DEBORAH

    It is comforting to share ups and downs as well as know others share in the trials and tribulations. This time as I work towards a healthy weight, body and mind I want to accept the needed changes to maintain a healthy life. My ups and downs are like many others. Many Sparkers have learned mainta... Read more

  • Already missing visiting my sister

    12/3/2016 11:34:35 AM, by SSMITH762

    I got back home last night after spending the week visiting with my sister and her babies. It was a lovely week and they were so nice about trying to modify their meals for me. I kept insisting that I would eat mostly what they ate, just with veggies in place of the rice and pasta. It did snow... Read more

  • My first cold ride

    12/3/2016 9:48:12 AM, by LORENVER

    So one of my goals this winter is to figure out how to ride my bike in the cold. I want to do this for 2 main reasons. 1. it gives me another exercise option in winter (I already jog) 2. I've taken to the idea of riding my bike for errands (like grocery shopping). I want to get going on this, ... Read more

  • Feeling sorry for myself

    12/2/2016 5:55:03 AM, by HAPPYTOBEME79

    I read one of my blogs from three years ago. :( I was worried about not getting being able to push from 155 to 146, I was really stressing about it, made med role my eyes about myself because here I am back up to 185. I had a year of depression, and when I am depressed I eat, then I am depressed b... Read more

  • Miss me?

    12/1/2016 7:17:36 PM, by DRAGONCHILDE

    Naturally, my time away has reversed most of my progress, putting me back almost exactly where I started. Pregnant-looking, miserable, and fat, But I'm not discouraged. I already know what I need to do. And I'm HERE. And I have a new fitbit that's going to help get me motivated.They sync w... Read more

  • 3 days in a row

    12/1/2016 5:27:29 AM, by HAPPYTOBEME79

    Back on track to loose some of that Turkey and stuffing :) Be back to myself in no time... Read more

  • Is there a band-aid in the office?

    11/30/2016 9:48:07 PM, by IRONBESS

    I had a pacemaker-defibrillator change this week. Because we live 60 miles away, because of the recent LVAD surgery I had to stay on aspirin and blood thinner so there's increased bleeding risk. I was asked to come back the morning after for a wound check. Everything looked good. The pressure dressi... Read more

  • My Pants Barely Fit!

    11/29/2016 5:32:22 PM, by TAMIP62

    One of my favorite old pants barely fit... but there's more to it! These are a pair of pants that I had forgotten all about. They were stuffed way down in a pile of "don't fit anymore" clothes in the back of the closet. In my recent "closet shopping" trips, I had forgotten all about those clothes. T... Read more

  • Paleo Diet....moderation?

    11/28/2016 8:21:00 PM, by JUST_DEBORAH

    Read a bit and have heard a lot about the Paleo diet. Hard to argue with eating non-processed food consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and fish. What about dairy? Is eliminating it moderation? What about grains like bread and rice? Are they bad? Is this moderation? In my quest to los... Read more

  • Supportive Hubby and Cyber Monday

    11/28/2016 4:36:33 PM, by TAMIP62

    What a great combination. All on his own, my husband has been a HUGE part of my success so far and on-going. Even today, his support was brought into sharp focus when I met a woman at the gym/pool who I'd seen before, she reminded me of me when I first started, mostly because she needed a walker to ... Read more

  • TaiChiDancer checks in

    11/28/2016 11:43:55 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Dear SparkFriends, I know I have not been a presence on SparkPeople for a little over two months now. Life has been very busy. But I'm still sparking away and I hope you are too. This blog is just to update you on how life is going and to let you know that I'm still thinking of you all. ... Read more

  • 3500 calories in a pound of fat....

    11/28/2016 12:40:04 AM, by JUST_DEBORAH

    Ever just think about it, especially when you want to lose weight fast. If you burn about 2200 a day and eat 1200 you can lose up to 2 pounds a week. How do people manage 10 pounds? Exercise non stop? ... Read more

  • The honest truth

    11/27/2016 10:34:26 AM, by HSARMYWF

    So I have had to get real with myself. I went through a family tragedy in 2013. Since then my spending has been higher. I have finally realized after looking through my quicken categories etc it's time to get real. Stop spending on stuff that's meaningless. Our grocery bill is a little over a 1k a ... Read more

  • OMG!

    11/26/2016 3:02:35 PM, by YISHAY

    ok so today i got the shock of my life i weighed in this morning at 151.4lbs on my last blog post i can't even remember how much i weighed but not this for sure i am doing pretty well if you asked me i'm pretty happy with myself but still have a ways to go but now i am getting other people (ok one) ... Read more

  • Unexpected Improvements

    11/26/2016 12:07:30 PM, by TAMIP62

    Had a couple of unexpected surprises today at the gym. Most days I just swim, and I've been thrilled with the progress there already, but today, scheduling situations created a kind of weird timing where I had to get to the gym earlier than I normally go. Usually I wait until after 10 am so that I a... Read more

  • Got one of these on Friday

    11/26/2016 11:51:45 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I got my ass up at 4 am mind you I went to bed at 1 am. I got a bunch of good deals at the BX on base here. This was $159 on sale. I wear the crap out of activity bands. I seem to go through one a yr. I started out with a fit bit that thing was junk imo. Then moved to Microsoft band some what bette... Read more

  • What I have been up to

    11/26/2016 11:33:59 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I'm coming up on my 4th week in crossfit on Monday. Loving it so far the first two weeks were brutal. I'm organizing and setting up shelving units and bins on them. There is no storage in this military housing and it's tiny. There is no housing for our rank and so it's all rank tiny housing. The pl... Read more

  • Talking about eating with others

    11/23/2016 12:24:24 PM, by SSMITH762

    I posted this in the chat, but I'm still thinking about if there's an ethnic component in what sort of food works best for you. See, a friend told me she couldn't lose weight like I have because she's African American. I tried to explain that I'm lucky enough to have discovered a way of eatin... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    11/22/2016 5:42:01 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    Hiya, Sparkfriends! Long time no see! How is everyone doing? Last I wrote, we were preparing to move to Colorado. Well, we're here! It was an interesting adventure getting our house packed up, cleaned up for sale, then traveling for 4 days cross country with the cat as my co-pilot. We all ... Read more

  • Looking forward to my vacation

    11/22/2016 11:50:55 AM, by SSMITH762

    I did go on a cruise with my parents and back in January, but that was mostly to keep them company. I'm going to take another week off after Thanksgiving to visit the sister who just had a baby and it's going to be a road trip. I love road trip, but the last 3 I planned out didn't happen, fi... Read more

  • Yes, Sonny and Cher, "The Beat Goes On"

    11/21/2016 5:34:46 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    I KNOW the truth of the meme above (Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The trick is to sit at the feet of your own life and let yourself be taught by it). The other *truth* is that I've been on a downward spiral and with a couple of wake up calls recently, last night I decided to ... Read more

  • Going from Binge to Sparkpeople

    11/20/2016 10:55:13 PM, by AUBRETTE

    Tonight I wondered if I would have time and the wherewithal to eat ice cream at 4 AM before I have to catch a plane. Not because I might be hungry at 4 AM. Not because we are having a special 4 AM ice cream party. But to fit it in before I go. Because I am trying this SparkPeople and this New Li... Read more

  • Setbacks of the holidays.

    11/20/2016 2:37:31 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    The scale says I am more heavily sized than I thought. Setbacks you have to deal with them on the holidays.... Read more

  • To move or not to move

    11/19/2016 1:41:29 PM, by SSMITH762

    So I put in notice on my rental house a few weeks ago because my roommate quit his job and the rent is unsustainable on my income alone. We had to give 60 days notice. We also have issues because he never paid his part of bills and rarely cleans up after himself. His son is better and he does ... Read more

  • What they don't want to tell you about weight loss

    11/18/2016 1:23:02 PM, by AUBRETTE

    The truth is, you are going to be uncomfortable. I've been looking (for years) for a way to lose weight without feeling hungry. Hypercaloric diets with massive strength training (too much protein, couldn't do it). Volumetrics where you fill your belly with salads, popcorn and water (more on tha... Read more

  • Non-scale victory for today (11/18)

    11/18/2016 12:58:09 PM, by AUBRETTE

    Yesterday I ate and drank, and drank and ate. I blew through my budgets, felt depressed and bloated and helpless. I've been worse, but this was a familiar stop on the long way down. I'm not good today. I'm still depressed, still feel helpless, still feel bloated and like I'll just keep making b... Read more

  • Dyed my hair again last night plus down 7 pounds

    11/18/2016 10:18:29 AM, by SSMITH762

    So I know being down 7 pounds is probably just within the realm of the bodies natural weight fluctuations, but I'll take it. Hello 170s :) I can't belive that when this year started, I was 255. So around the time in April that I started my healthy eating, I started bleaching my hair and ton... Read more

  • Till we meet again!

    11/17/2016 11:55:53 PM, by MARMA55

    The Fall Challenge is coming to a close. The last 8 weeks have flown by. I won't make my weight loss goal. I'll be just shy I think. But it's ok! I know it's going to happen. Why this time and not the dozens of previous attempts? Several reasons! I have a found a community that I hadn't in the past.... Read more

  • Alli loss

    11/17/2016 4:53:17 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    I have been on the Alli diet plan for a few weeks now, and I already lost 5 pounds! I was battling a very bad weight loss stand still, where I could not lose weight. Yet Alli turns out to be atomic weapons for weight loss. Yes it does cause stomach cramping. Yet it also gets real results.... Read more

  • Blessed

    11/16/2016 9:47:31 PM, by MARMA55

    I had a great day today. My daughter, 4 year old granddaughter and I went to lunch and to the store. I did great at lunch, so I'm pretty happy with that! My grandson came over after school, then the son-in-law after work. We had dinner together and after they left I did my exercises, got my walk in... Read more

  • Left ventricular assist device: A bionic woman

    11/15/2016 11:32:54 PM, by IRONBESS

    Crazy, man! I'm bionic, battery-powered. Three months ago, I'd heard of LVAD, left ventricular assist device, but knew nothing about it. Now I have one. As my son says, "Mom, you're turbo-charged." It's been, excuse me, a helluva summer. After worsening in May and June, I unexpectedly ended up... Read more

  • Holidays

    11/15/2016 11:00:08 PM, by MARMA55

    I am a crazy lady when it comes to the holidays. I start watching Christmas movies like last week:P My Thanksgiving is planned, decorated, I'm ready. Thanksgiving day I will splurge, enjoy it and be done. I used to start the eating part of the holidays at Halloween. Thanks to this challenge, that h... Read more

  • Slow Slog

    11/15/2016 3:45:49 PM, by KKINNEA

    I keep hitting walls. It's frustrating and exhausting. I've got to keep going the best I can.... Read more

  • Family

    11/14/2016 11:57:07 PM, by MARMA55

    My daughter was sick today. A stomach bug is going around. I spent the day shopping for her and taking care of my granddaughter, getting my grandson from school and watching them today. Was busy all day but didn't get my walks in. Some days are just not as we planned, but they are necessary. And sp... Read more

  • Some Good Some Bad

    11/14/2016 11:12:23 PM, by KKINNEA

    I started the day with a dead phone and the need to replace it with unemployment money. With a slow start to the day, and dragging slower all the time, it took me until late evening to realize my toe, which had been hurting for a number of days, had started to feel better. It's nice to end... Read more

  • 2016 has been hard on all of us

    11/14/2016 9:45:21 PM, by AUBRETTE

    But it is also a symbol of hope. I went to a costume party where someone was dressed as this year 2016, but they were on fire. It has been rough for all of us on this little island called Earth. We wonder whether next year might see less stress, war, violence or senseless death. We pray and hope it ... Read more

  • Chance enounter on this Super Full moon Monday

    11/14/2016 4:52:07 PM, by REBCCA

    My female dog and I were returning from beautiful walk to local Art Center, When passed through High School grounds two students asked if they could pet my dog. She loves good people and was enchanted by these young men. They were best friends and our brief meeting included histories, facts, in... Read more

  • What I took away

    11/13/2016 10:27:35 PM, by MARMA55

    Thinking back on the Fall 5% Challenge. We're on our last week, week 8. Aside from the exercise minutes and weekly weigh ins, all the weekly challenges were a surprise. Some were easy, like drinking water. I have bottles, 24 ounces each, numbered 1-4. Every night I refill and they go in the fridge f... Read more

  • Excuses or Mental Victory

    11/13/2016 3:52:54 PM, by TAMIP62

    I woke up today, second day of a head cold. I also had a sore back that's been bothering me for several days. Yesterday the cold was just starting so it wasn't enough to really give me excuses to not workout, and my back hurt about the same, but backaches are pretty regular for me still. Today ... Read more

  • I love my seahorse dress

    11/13/2016 2:43:17 PM, by SSMITH762

    It's a target dress in the size xl. I picked it up from the thrift store and was really excited by all the little seahorses on it. Im also excited to fit into non-plus size clothes. I had some retail therapy yesterday and picked up junior size xl yoga pants and they fit fine and are really comf... Read more

  • Saturday

    11/13/2016 11:30:10 AM, by HSARMYWF

    Saturday it started out dropping my son off at his youth bike mechanic program and ride. Then my 12 yr old daughter and I went swimming. I gave her a lesson for her technique in a 20 yd practice pool for about 45 mins. Then she played with the kids while I swam a mile in the 50 meter pool. Then a... Read more

  • Begin - The Rest is Easy, and Challenges Make it Easier

    11/13/2016 12:24:30 AM, by TAMIP62

    If you haven't tried joining a challenge team yet... you're missing out. Yes, they do require some commitment, but really not much more than what is good practice for a healthy lifestyle anyway. The only real 'extra' commitment is to actually go into the threads regularly and report the exercis... Read more

  • Another new thing

    11/12/2016 8:43:57 PM, by MARMA55

    I've never wrote a blog post before. Or joined a challenge! I joined this challenge after I saw it listed somewhere on the teams to join page. From a past experience and the result when I stopped, I know I always go back to bad habits, gain back weight, stop exercising. I'm going to be 61 in a few w... Read more

  • Busy Saturday

    11/12/2016 5:30:26 PM, by KKINNEA

    I'm glad to finally taking a break today! I got most of my fitness completed this morning, and have only my 30 minute walk on the treadmill. I attended a class and had some beauty appointments, then renewed my library card. I felt like I was driving all over town. Now I'm off to total up m... Read more

  • Caverns and mountains

    11/11/2016 10:44:03 PM, by HSARMYWF

    Spent the day at Luray caverns and Shenandoah national park it was an amazing day with my kids. My husband presented 20 awards to Vietnam vets in Minnesota today at his VFW. They said they have never been awarded anything or been thanked for their service since they came home. My husband got to ... Read more

  • I really want to eat my frustrations

    11/11/2016 10:27:57 PM, by SSMITH762

    :( this is definitely a day in which I sort of wish I drank alcohol. I've never had it, but I imagine I'd feel better if I had some. I've posted before and my difficulties with my adopted dog. Todsy I took her camping with a group of friends. Her leash got all tangled around the table and I w... Read more

  • Final report on the accident.

    11/11/2016 1:58:03 AM, by 45AQUA-MAN

    I should have written this a long time ago. I'm a lot better now, pretty much normal except for my lungs, my neck and losing 15 to 20 lbs. of muscle. I found out that I cracked or broke all of my ribs except for my 2 floaters. They puncherd my lungs causing scar tissue which really affects the ... Read more

  • New glasses but

    11/10/2016 8:47:00 PM, by HSARMYWF

    Sadly they made my prescription wrong so I couldn't see and had to take them back. Went shopping at Costco after. I let my legs rest since still sore from crossfit this week. Tomorrow heading to some caverns and Shenandoah national park. Parking is free in the national park on vets day otherwis... Read more

  • Back to work and trying to get control again.

    11/10/2016 3:44:51 PM, by SAABSTORY

    Well here I am again. Trying to reclaim my life again. I had done so well a few years ago and had lost over 100 pounds. I have now gained that back and then some. I am slowly making the changes I need to again. The biggest thing is I know these changes have to be permanent. It is so hard to ch... Read more

  • Today

    11/9/2016 10:56:11 PM, by HSARMYWF

    I stayed up and watched the election coverage. Was tired this morning. Then I got the kids off to school then got ready to get my teeth cleaned. I got there and they said I had 3 cavities so I came back later and had them filled with no novacaine. The dentist thought I was hardcore. I said I hate my... Read more

  • Wednesday

    11/9/2016 8:51:07 PM, by CANDIE607

    Another great day off work! Got some much needed house cleaning done, laundry, and errands. Rode my indoor trainer for 1.5 hours. My legs are dead. Ready for early bed!... Read more

  • Boing! Boing!!

    11/9/2016 12:24:46 PM, by JUST_DEBORAH

    Found the scale......yoyo weight loss-gain........again. Defin
    ition of insanity: do what you have always done snd expect different results. Eat right, exercise and create new habits. Not a week, month, or a year. It has to be a lifetime change.... Read more

  • House hunting is fun!

    11/9/2016 8:54:28 AM, by SSMITH762

    Maybe it's the shopping thing, but I've spent the past few days looking at the properties available locally for rent. I was going to do a mobile home, but they didn't seem eager to rent to me and honestly, I can live in a stick built place with a real yard for the same amount of money. I love ... Read more

  • Ouch

    11/8/2016 8:56:02 PM, by HSARMYWF

    My legs are toast from all the squating at crossfit on Monday. I went to yoga today. Thank God it was yin yoga where you hold poses for 5 mins. I did some cleaning. Then my daughter had to stay after school. So I took a shuttle to a metro station then switched lines. I was running up those huge esca... Read more

  • Tuesday

    11/8/2016 4:38:49 PM, by CANDIE607

    Great day so far today. I rode my indoor bicycle trainer for an hour while watching Netflix. Multitasking lol. Trying to keep my mind off sweets. Finished up my daughters-in-law Christmas stockings and getting lists made for Thanksgiving dinner. Hope everyone has has a great day. I have a couple mor... Read more

  • First day of crossfit

    11/7/2016 8:00:34 PM, by HSARMYWF

    It went so well. I got there early. Two ladies helped me get started before the instructor got there. They were very nice and helpful. There were lots of guys who just kept to themselves and weren't there for the team effort. Of course another lady shows up and she was rude, a Debbie downer and l... Read more

  • Monday

    11/7/2016 7:37:29 PM, by CANDIE607

    3 # down first week! I am really loving this accountability! Did an intense ride on indoor trainer bicycle for 60 min today to earn my Halo Top ice cream treat tonight.... Read more

  • ROAR I'm a Black Panther! (and a butterfly--lol--swimming)

    11/7/2016 1:37:59 PM, by TAMIP62

    Anyone who has read my blogs knows I am having a blast being a leader and a part of the 5% Fall Challenge Team, and am looking forward to being the Rookie Team Challenge Leader for the Winter team as well. I learned about the Biggest Loser Challenge (also a seasonal challenge team) from a fellow 5% ... Read more

  • Building muscle

    11/7/2016 11:20:43 AM, by LUNALOCA

    Now that I'm down to my goal weight, I'm thinking about my muscle. We recently got a new scale--the old one died--and this new one tells me how much lean body mass I have. My lean body mass is only 90 pounds! This seems terribly low to me. So I want to build muscle without gaining (much) wei... Read more

  • So

    11/7/2016 10:39:32 AM, by HSARMYWF

    One of my friends I have known for 12 yrs is also having gastric sleeve surgery. She started her program first we both didn't know we were going to do it. Mine will be scheduled before hers. I told her the program I go through. She got all pissed when I told her I had to go to support group meetings... Read more

  • The Perpetual Cycle

    11/7/2016 9:55:38 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    I am tired of beginning my blogs confessing my failures, and how lousy I feel about myself for not being able to get a handle on my eating habits. But guess what? I'm in that predicament yet again! The weight that I've worked so hard to lose since July, and it hasn't been much, only about ten pou... Read more

  • Meal prep for the week

    11/6/2016 9:51:09 PM, by SSMITH762

    I stuck a frozen hunk of meat in the crackpot this morning with some seasoning and thankfully, he the time I got home this evening, it was ready to go. Lunch this week is pot roast, steamed Brussels sprouts, and cheesy cauliflower. Breakfast is broccoli muffins. All things I like to eat a... Read more

  • Organized freezer

    11/6/2016 6:52:12 PM, by HSARMYWF

    ... Read more

  • Another pic of organized fridge

    11/6/2016 6:51:23 PM, by HSARMYWF

    ... Read more

  • Organized the refrigerator

    11/6/2016 6:50:21 PM, by HSARMYWF

    ... Read more

  • Updating myself

    11/6/2016 6:42:28 PM, by HSARMYWF

    Got a new haircut 2 wks ago. 8 inches off and got bangs. I got new makeup. I usually don't wear it often. When I do I just do eyes and lips and nothing else. I went back onto base healthcare since I moved on I thought it might be easier. I haven't been on a military treatment facility since the de... Read more

  • I Walked "On Purpose"

    11/6/2016 4:36:37 PM, by TAMIP62

    One of the questions in my Rookie Team forum is what exercise did you do today. A better question for me today could be, What didn't I do today? I swam for 2 hours, I walked 20 minutes, road the stationary bike in the fitness center at the hotel and did some free weight strength training. One o... Read more

  • Nsv alert, fitting shirt for the first time in 5 years

    11/6/2016 1:39:14 PM, by SSMITH762

    Yes I know you shouldn't hold on to clothes that don't fit, but I love this shirt, I love the color, fit, style. So yeah, it's been in a box. I washed it and today, I pulled it out and wore it to church. Also, my wide calf boots are actually too wide. This never happens, even without the weight, my... Read more

  • Sunday

    11/6/2016 8:28:30 AM, by CANDIE607

    Excited to have great temps for the afternoon! Planning on a greenway bicycle ride to the downtown area!... Read more

  • Outdoor activity

    11/5/2016 8:43:46 AM, by CANDIE607

    It is perfect fall weather here! I plan to work in the yard this morning doing leaves and getting ready for mulching. This afternoon hubby and me are going on a nice bicycle ride. I love fall weather!... Read more