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  • Happy National Dog Day!

    8/26/2016 3:53:13 PM, by SSMITH762

    Hey all. Here are the dogs saying, let's all celebrate, of course, they say that every day. Dogs are such a joy to have around, most of the time! Also, weighed in at 204 this morning, that's 3 lbs down from last week and a total of 51 lbs gone since I started!... Read more

  • Hello Old Friend!

    8/25/2016 11:43:00 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Notice this blog entry does not follow the same pattern title as the others for this month... I have pretty much abandoned that Clean Eating program. So I will try again another time. I had a good few weeks in there and some good 2/3rds of days all over the place. I have learned a lot about myself a... Read more

  • Less Sparking

    8/25/2016 7:57:39 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    As I'm getting close to my work trip, I'm going to be Sparking less. Have to wrap up at work and get my things in order. Also not having much inspiration on finding things to write about. Since I've been back to Spark, I haven't really found my groove. Spark served a purpose for me in a di... Read more

  • POEDAUGHTER7 is sleepy after my bike ride on my fixed bike.

    8/25/2016 1:07:24 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    POEDAUGHTER7 is sleepy after my bike ride on my fixed bike. I fixed the flat tires on the broken bike, and took a good ride. I need a new bike the speeds are busted on my mountain bike now. In Europe folding bikes are all the rage. Youtube search folding bikes Europe to see many funny videos. I... Read more

  • In the stars

    8/24/2016 3:31:43 PM, by YISHAY

    Finally i can see differences both of my body but now in my clothes and noticed i had gone from a size 20 into clothes that say they are a 14 and surprisingly i can get them over my hips and closed without having to lie on my bed zipping up skin tight jeans. 2 and i have my curves back (YAY) i did... Read more

  • What is Whole 30?

    8/24/2016 12:27:01 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    What is Whole 30? I was asked this question on yesterday's blog when I described my 45 day results and how I achieved it. I wrote that my diet framework is based on the Whole 30 plan. In summary, Whole 30 is a real food eating plan. It is eating veggies, fruit and protein - the raw basic... Read more

  • July/August slump...and righting the ship!

    8/23/2016 2:52:39 PM, by BILLBILLBILL

    We sent our oldest back to school today which kind of makes it feel like summer is over. What a blast we had! I spent time camping in the mountains, doing a 7 mile backpacking trip, staying with family at a cabin, and best of all a week playing at the beach in San Diego. Tons of memories made and I... Read more

  • 45 Day Progress (with Pics)

    8/23/2016 9:37:36 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Today marks 45 Days since my diet/fitness reboot. Since everyone loves before/after photos, here is mine. At the beginning of July, I had a noticeable bulge in my gut. My belly extended past my boobs - embarrassing! Despite having normal blood pressure and cholesterol (no sign of inte... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 22

    8/23/2016 12:15:43 AM, by MBETTIS3

    I am noticing a trend here. My blog posts are getting further and further apart.... all indicative of me gearing back up for school and my summer solstice coming to an end. BUT this year I want to do things differently. I need to stop compartmentalizing my life and let everything coexist. This new ... Read more

  • Lifestyle Wellness: Hobbies

    8/22/2016 4:39:03 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    One of the areas that I feel I need to be more well rounded on is my hobbies. Browsing PInterest and playing games is making me rather bored. When I get bored, I go on Facebook and get into political arguments with my friends. So, instead of getting mad at all the world's problems, I decided ... Read more

  • It's been awhile

    8/22/2016 2:55:24 PM, by HSARMYWF

    So my vacation pretty much sucked. I will get into that more tomorrow. I stopped tracking for a few weeks. Not good gained 5lbs. So anyhow I started tracking yesterday again. Kids started a new school in the big city of D.C. They are very excited about it. I'm very happy with it so far. Today I ... Read more

  • A Rejection, is that the same as Release

    8/22/2016 1:20:26 PM, by REBCCA

    What I wanted to post was a lovely Sanskrit poem about how each day is a new beginning. It is. It was rejected and not allowed to be posted. I do not know why. So I am posting a poem a former husband wrote for me. ... Read more

  • Guess who's off insulin???

    8/22/2016 11:42:14 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Hi fellow Sparkers, I've been away; did you miss me? Spent three weeks in Russia introducing little Sasha to that side of the family. Then a week in Maine visiting an old college friend and hiking the trails of Acadia National Park. Now it's back to work, BUT FIRST: I had a three month ... Read more

  • Tough Love Edition

    8/22/2016 9:36:56 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    I'm not your best friend. Sorry, but I'm not. I'm not going to tell you that you can eat whatever and still lose weight. I am your mean mom. You need to eat your veggies and healthy proteins. This is an intervention. Are you struggling? Are you at your wits end? Are you in tears ... Read more

  • I Can See Clearly Now

    8/21/2016 3:23:16 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    A song I've always loved, and Johnny Nash is my favorite singer of it:
    DJFXg Music is a powerful therapy for me. As is sunshine. As is taking off on a bike ride.They have been converging recently and help me navigate through the rocky terrain. ... Read more

  • Super Sunday

    8/21/2016 12:27:04 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    Last week went very well. I had to take a break from my routines due to feeling fatigue, but this was exactly the right thing I needed. My body responded. I'm 1 pound down and 1 inch less on my waist! So what did I do? My cycling and HIIT activities were too stressful. I wasn't sleepin... Read more

  • 2.5 Day Prayer Retreat

    8/20/2016 9:33:13 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    During our vacation this year, the Lord did some good things in our lives, one of which was helping me to see that I need to make sure and give prayer--long periods of a prayer--a high priority in my life. One of the ways I plan to do that is taking a 24-30 hour prayer retreat once per month, but fo... Read more

  • Using a toddler plate lol

    8/20/2016 9:07:44 PM, by SSMITH762

    So maybe it's time to do dishes when dinner is eaten off a toddler plate. Hmmmm, I will say that it's nice eating off small plates. Dinner tonight was spicy low carb tuna cakes, fell apart skittle bit, guacamole, and broccoli- jalapeno casserole. Delicious and plenty of leftovers for lunch over th... Read more

  • Mexican style shakshuka for brunch

    8/20/2016 12:18:33 PM, by SSMITH762

    This is the always delicious eggs cooked on a bed of rotel tomatoes with green chili's. With a side of guacamole and chopped bacon. This is a great way to start the day.... Read more

  • Chicken and avocado salad, aka guacamole

    8/19/2016 10:59:49 PM, by SSMITH762

    I wasn't hungry tonight until 9, so I ran out to the grocery store to pick up some essential, still didn't wasn't in a cooking mood at 10, so I made up some guacamole and left over chicken. Seriously delicious, plus avocados are 2 for a dollar this week at Kroger so I have 4 more to play with, plus... Read more

  • Today's Fitness Plan

    8/19/2016 10:51:17 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    August is a month of recovery and transition for me. July is a huge cycling month with our big 300-mile bike ride taking place near to the end of it, and over the years I've struggled after that to keep on keeping on. The issue is that I get tired and burned out on exercise, and then tend to make an... Read more

  • Just Right Diet and Exercise

    8/19/2016 10:23:49 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Things are going great this morning. I got an excellent night's sleep, my numbers are moving down this morning, and I am full of energy. I took a 3 mile, 1 hour walk and watered my garden. I have another pair of shorts that I have to pull up when I put my keys in my pocket, which is a tell-tale s... Read more

  • Stir fried pepper steak over cauliflower rice

    8/18/2016 10:16:05 PM, by SSMITH762

    I switched it up for dinner tonight and made the fried cauliflower rice and topped it with the stir fried leftover fajitas meat, peppers, onions, and broccoli. It was delicious. I'll have to make this again.... Read more

  • Starting Again - August 2016

    8/18/2016 12:39:01 PM, by JUDIES

    I need to start over. I had surgery on my ankle end of June - this week I can start putting partial weight back on the ankle. Originally I planned to do other exercises while I healed, things that didn't involve legs. Didn't happen. I have been using my kneeling walker to go for walks most days.... Read more

  • Clean eating August - Day 18 reflection

    8/18/2016 11:15:59 AM, by MBETTIS3

    I skipped some days in there somewhere but I felt I needed to create a Reflection blog. What I have come to realize is that I am real good at MAINTAINING... As I look at my weight graphic here. I have been in the same spot for quite some time. I will +/-3 or 4 pounds each week depending on what... Read more

  • Good Food and Rest Were the Answer

    8/18/2016 9:23:25 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Taking a couple of rest days and eating more calories worked great. My weight and bodyfat are falling, and my lean mass is staying within the range of about 92-94lbs, which is great. That means I'm preserving my muscles while losing bodyfat. This past weekend, my husband and I hit it pretty h... Read more

  • Getting Ready for a 5k

    8/18/2016 8:14:21 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    My main sport, and fitness love, is cycling. But over the fall and winter, I've decided to add jogging to the mix again. The last two times I did this, I advanced quite a bit in aerobic endurance which is very important in cycling. So, I'm doing the CP25K program again, starting the first or s... Read more

  • Mid Week Status - Taking it Easy

    8/17/2016 12:29:15 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    It's hard to say how things are going this week. I'm still experiencing backlash from last week's stress, so I'm not seeing a lot of movement in my numbers. It feels very much like a stall. I have ruled out diet, so stress is a likely factor. Therefore, I have backed off on my exercise goals for... Read more

  • Talking the Talk, But My Walk Has a Severe Limp!

    8/17/2016 11:08:54 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Each morning when I wake up I tell myself, today is going to be a good day! I have come to recognize that by, good day, I am thinking almost exclusively about my diet. I struggle greatly with what I decide to put into my mouth, and often end up eating either too much food in general, or foods I kn... Read more

  • Nice Short Bike Ride Today

    8/16/2016 9:44:21 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    Took a quick 11.1 mile bike ride today and averaged 15.8 mph without pushing much at all. In years past, i was riding at 18.5 - 20.0 mph on a regular basis but given how bad a shape I let myself get in last year, I feel very good about this. My speed goals for the fall are (1) to make 17.0 mph norma... Read more

  • Who makes these changes?

    8/16/2016 1:36:01 PM, by GOODGETNBETR

    I was watching "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" and one of the characters said something that I had to look up. It's from a poem by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi and it struck me deeply. The gap between what we want and what we get. Here it is: I shoot an arrow right. It lands left. I ride after a deer... Read more

  • Dealing with exhaustion

    8/16/2016 1:34:25 PM, by KELSIESMOM42

    So it's been nearly a month since my doctors appts and figure out my diagnoses. I've been walking as often as I can despite the busy school life and things like that. Today I decided that a morning walk is something that I need to start doing. I've been doing about two miles in the evening since ... Read more

  • Weekend edition addendum

    8/14/2016 11:25:09 PM, by MBETTIS3

    I forgot to mention, but maybe it doesn't matter... but after the 364 race (way later) my heel spur started acting the fool!!! 40 198 39 46 331 But I claim healing... too bad I didn't have my custom insoles before the race.... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 12-14; WEEKEND edition

    8/14/2016 10:15:38 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Wow. I haven't blogged since day 11!!! Man do I have lots to tell you. I don't want this to turn into the novel (I am writing one) so I will try to only focus on the high and low points of the past few days... Friday: I don't really remember much about Friday. I didn't exercise at all. I meant ... Read more

  • Thinking of going for a quick bike ride after church

    8/14/2016 2:29:57 PM, by SSMITH762

    I walked the dogs this morning and saw a lot of people biking. My goal was to wait until I got down to 200 to take up cycling, but my bike is calling to me. I suppose I'm only 8 pounds away. I may keep it to 10 minutes though. I always feel guilty doing anything in the neighborhood without the do... Read more

  • Accountability, Part 3

    8/14/2016 12:27:42 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    I'm down two pounds since I started looking at accountability. I have been going for hour-long or more energetic bike rides every day (today is the first day I've relented, since the rain hasn't let up since it started last night!). I realize that a low-grade chronic depression must "weigh... Read more

  • The Week Ahead

    8/14/2016 10:49:58 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This morning my husband and I took a 10 mile bike ride around the neighborhood. Leisurely, nothing too strenuous. We made notes of plants and landscaping in neighbor's yards that we like. My cycling performance has improved, though I haven't actively been working on it. My husband used to tease ... Read more

  • Yummy burger and mashed cauliflower

    8/13/2016 3:28:29 PM, by SSMITH762

    I saw photos of this on Facebook and realized I had most of the ingredients! It's a burger with tomato's on top of bacon topped with half an avocado and some Mayo. I love keto!... Read more

  • Body Fat Measurements #2: Trends

    8/13/2016 11:41:03 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This is a continuation of my post on Body Fat measurements. Assuming you have at least a week's worth of bodyweight, body fat and lean mass measurements, it can be difficult to interpret. Bodyweight fluctuates, we've all seen that, and body fat can fluctuate even more due to hydration levels. It ... Read more

  • Hello, Weekend!

    8/12/2016 9:23:17 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    I've had a rough week for a number of reasons. A couple of well-loved and essential team members are leaving us right before a major product release. One of my managers leaving, and I always dread changes in management the most. The risk is "new guy" who has something to prove and ends up driving... Read more

  • Back Home

    8/12/2016 8:09:20 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Yesterday was such a long ordeal. We arrived at the hospital at 8:30am, and didn't leave until after 5pm. I did not prepare, and had no food along. I really didn't think we'd be there quite that long, but Ava had a lot of nausea as she was coming out of the anesthesia, not a good thing to have vo... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 11

    8/11/2016 9:53:03 PM, by MBETTIS3

    104 Victory... I have been working hard to regain control and praise God I made it today. I ate some more Mexican 670 left overs but I logged it all and stayed within calorie range. 224 I did water aerobics this afternoon. 237 I polished the day off with an arm workout after dinner. 3... Read more

  • Relationships are like my diets

    8/11/2016 3:00:31 PM, by G.I.JANE

    Well at least I'm getting the nutritional part of my diet down, or was. Bad break up! Same man different face just he kept it hidden longer. I'm forced to go back to Ohio. My ex husband is trying to intimidate me into going back to him. Not happening. I need to be alone awhile to deal with why ... Read more

  • Mid Week Stress, But Still On Track

    8/11/2016 9:56:02 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Almost end of the week, and things are going well. Food and exercise are on track. I am officially able to retire a pair of shorts that are too loose. Putting keys and a phone in my pocket would lead to disaster! 9 2 I have performed HIIT twice this week for my 30 day experiment: Doe... Read more

  • NOT Clean Eating August - Day 10

    8/11/2016 12:11:03 AM, by MBETTIS3

    I changed the name today because it happened again. I was good ALL day.... I had breakfast. I drank my shake as a snack between meals... 274 I went to water aerobics, 237 and worked hard. 85 I came home and ate a delicious pre-made meal of baked chicken breast, spinach, mushrooms and peppers... Read more

  • New Running Shoes

    8/10/2016 11:39:42 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    Now that the heart of the 2016 cycling season is behind me, I'm in the initial phases of my fall/winter training plan which includes working back up to jogging a 5k and then a 10k. So I got some new shoes today (my old running shoes are two or three years old), and wow can I run faster! Not really, ... Read more

  • Pilgrimage to Rivendell

    8/10/2016 10:00:34 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    I'm almost at the halfway point on my "Walk/Cycle to Rivendell" challenge. Using information from Nerd Fitness, I made a spreadsheet where I track my exercise miles against the path Frodo and Sam took to Rivendell.
    2/07/23/walking/ It is 458 miles from Hob... Read more

  • Before the Day Begins

    8/10/2016 9:21:37 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    I'm going to do my recap now, before I even eat, how's that for planning. Tomorrow my daughter is getting her tonsils and adenoids removed, along with a repair for a deviated septum. I'm hoping I'll be able to get on here and there, but I have a feeling it's going to be a long couple of weeks ahea... Read more

  • Week 3 of 6

    8/10/2016 1:09:49 AM, by DUCKYDIANA

    This week I: Tracked everything I ate on SP -the Mobile app has made this really easy! Told myself NO CHOICE, when I was tempted to eat outside my plan -I was surprised at how effective this was, it has stopped me from eating this week probably 20+ times. Practiced not eating everything on my plat... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 9 - 8/9

    8/9/2016 10:52:41 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Clean eating... NOT Today! It was pretty Dirty!!! *****Disclaimer: This post is about lady stuff. 361 One thing I will have to do is learn to manage #TOM. I am not in terrible pain, nothing that a little advil won't fix and even that will be over tomorrow. What I can't shake is the run... Read more

  • Back to Work Today

    8/9/2016 10:32:29 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    After three weeks of vacation, I had to go back to work today. I say "had to" because I was just beginning to truly relax and yet it was time to jump back into the fast-flowing river that is daily life. This morning I tried not to think about it too much, and within 2-3 hours I was back in the groov... Read more

  • Okay!

    8/9/2016 10:23:21 PM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Today was challenging because I am extremely tired. The humidity is rising again in my neck of the woods, and that just takes it right out of me. I did wake up early enough to get a 20 mile ride in before it got too hot, and that was fun! Food was good today, but after logging, I noticed my c... Read more

  • Easy low carb broccoli casserole with cauliflower rice

    8/9/2016 10:09:37 PM, by SSMITH762

    1.5 cup (1" pieces) Cauliflower, cooked 2.0 medium (4-1/8" long) Scallions, raw 1 cup, shredded Cheddar Cheese 1.0 large Egg, fresh, whole, raw 0.3 cup Mayonnaise, regular 1.0 package (10 oz) choppped Broccoli, I used a medium sized casserole dish. First nuke the package if cauliflower for 5 minu... Read more

  • Great Apps

    8/9/2016 2:17:43 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    A great app for use with Pokemon Go is Map My Ride. One does not block the other, and the Ride app shows you walk time, miles walked, and calories. Also Macy's is giving away a $300 gift card to log runs on the Map my Ride app challenges right now!... Read more

  • August Goals

    8/9/2016 9:30:19 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    August is my do-or-die month. In September I have a work trip, then my husband and I are are taking a short vacation to Canada. This is the last month where I can actively work on losing weight/bodyfat and body recomposition. September will be about maintaining anything I lose. I have my me... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 8 - 8/8

    8/8/2016 11:37:03 PM, by MBETTIS3

    So it is Monday and I am one whole week into this thing. I am feeling good about my choices. I missed water aerobics, but I went to open pool to get a little workout in. I also made it to dance class this evening. 355 237 Where I feel a little out of whack was in my eating... but then I f... Read more

  • How Was Your Weekend?

    8/8/2016 11:21:20 PM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Remember Friday when I posted that awesome day of eating, and revealed my intention of having a plan and posting daily for accountability? Well, as it happens, I did not have an emergency plan. You see, we had a party at our house on Sunday for my daughter, and I had to work all day Saturday. I h... Read more

  • Yummy shrimp fried cauliflower rice for dinner

    8/8/2016 7:33:26 PM, by SSMITH762

    I'm sitting here watching cupcake champions while eating shrimp cauliflower fried rice. I don't watnt to eat cupcakes, didn't like then even before giving up sugar, but I love cupcake wars/champions. Sometimes reality TV is just fun. I added more cayenne pepper to the fried 'rice' and its delic... Read more

  • Body Fat Measurements

    8/8/2016 3:16:58 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    I got asked a question on how I calculate my body fat percentage on one of my blogs. I will explain my methodology. This will require some maths, but nothing too scary! First, let's talk about body fat measurements. There's basically 3 different types. Calipers, bio-impedance, and hi te... Read more

  • I am sad for my home life.

    8/8/2016 9:48:41 AM, by MRSGOFARR

    So I am feeling really down and i know all the reasons why but I am truly at a loss to fix some of them. 1. My family life is really sucking right now. I have 4.5 year old and two 15 month old girls. My son is a brat. He acts like an ahole. He has two sides. When he is given a task and getting... Read more

  • Sprint Once in a While

    8/8/2016 9:22:20 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This morning I got up and completed a 30 minute HIIT workout on the elliptical. I have had good success using the Beatburns Elliptical Trainer app in the past, so I fired that up. As I tend towards laziness, the app is almost as good as a personal trainer. It makes me work harder than I would lef... Read more

  • 2 pounds down and no need to transfer jobs

    8/8/2016 8:47:26 AM, by SSMITH762

    Woohoo. So I weighed myself last week, but it was a stressful week and I didn't feel like cooking, so my weight flatlined at 210. Now that I know I don't need to transfer to a new office and give up my flexible schedule and working from home in order to get the promotion, I am a lot more zen. :) it... Read more

  • An Eight-Pound Northern Pike!

    8/8/2016 8:44:15 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    Last Saturday my wife and I went for a 7-mile canoe trip down the Saint Croix River, and near the end of out time there she landed a big one! It was quite a fight getting it into the canoe and on the stringer but she did it. Today it's time eat! ... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 6&7 - 8/6-7 - WEEKEND edition

    8/7/2016 10:59:01 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Well it has been a glorious weekend. The weather has been great, although I hear this week is going to be steamy and stormy 24 Praise report: I weighed in at 264.6. That is down from where I have been teetering for the past year. As I look back at my weight graphic I have been lingering betwee... Read more

  • 2006 Gulf Shores Adventure

    8/7/2016 10:56:45 PM, by BEVPRESLEY

    Last week was the last full week before school starts, and our traditional beach trip. DD and the boys decided to go in her car instead of squeezing into the truck with us. So Monday I took the fur babies to their hotel, then we hooked up the camper, gathered DD and her boys and off we went. Abou... Read more

  • Back from Vacation

    8/7/2016 8:44:50 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    My wife and I had a wonderful time at the Wild River State Park near the Saint Croix River and just north of Taylors Falls, Minnesota. Three of the seven days were brutally hot and humid so that we had to hibernate, but the other four days were as close to perfect as you can get! During the week we.... Read more

  • Whole 30 Style

    8/7/2016 7:54:19 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    My clean eating style is closest to Whole 30: meats, veggies and fruits as close to their natural form as possible. The main deviation I take from Whole 30 is I eat cottage cheese and yogurt. Since I need 90-100g of protein with my activity level, cottage cheese and yogurt are the cheapest and mos... Read more

  • Accountability, Part 2

    8/6/2016 9:59:00 AM, by VALERIEMAHA

    "Sure, weight is lost in the kitchen," says Dr. Yoni Freedhoff. "But health is gained in the gyms." I'm not ready to track yet. I'm eliminating foods (read my lips: ICE CREAM, etc.), and eating consciously with awareness of portions. I've been consistent in my early morning bicycle ... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 5 - 8/5 - WEEKEND edition

    8/5/2016 11:22:51 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Ok, this blog is going to be one of those TBH blogs.... I had to call this Blog (and the next two) the "Weekend edition" because these weekend days are never status quo... With summer school being over, no water aerobics and sometimes no real agenda these weekend days can become a setback. My... Read more

  • Friday In Review

    8/5/2016 10:50:50 PM, by LIVIN4LISH

    As promised, my first day of recapping my plan and nutrition. My plan was not as concrete as I would have hoped, but it wasn't as scattered as my typical day. Breakfast - 3 small homemade paleo breakfast sausages a spiralized zuchinni, tomatoes, and onion with balsamic vinegar and olive ... Read more

  • One more time

    8/5/2016 8:29:30 PM, by DEE845

    I am it is time to work on getting healthy on full time basis... Read more

  • Fitness Reboot 30 Day Review

    8/5/2016 10:09:58 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Today is Day 30 of my fitness reboot program. To recap, due to life changes, I became sedentary and gained weight. In July, I restarted my fitness program to resume my active lifestyle and lose weight. My objective is to take lessons learned so I can be more successful in maintenance when tho... Read more

  • Inspiration

    8/5/2016 9:48:54 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    In the past few days, I have read several blogs that have given me some inspiration to change things up a bit. I always seem to get stuck in the same old ruts, and need to get out, and make lasting changes. I am (self-diagnosed) ADD. Since I have a son with ADHD, I am pretty familiar with it, and... Read more

  • Hello, it's me again.

    8/5/2016 8:55:26 AM, by BLULINER55

    I came back to SparkPeople almost two weeks ago. One of my biggest issues has been logging my food and staying committed to exercise. I'm happy to say that, while my exercise is still sporadic at best, I have been fairly consistent with logging my food which has left me with a 6.4lb loss. Every ... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 4 - 8/4

    8/4/2016 11:04:34 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Welp, summer school is over. I now have to focus my attentions on the regular school year.... Will someone tell August to slow it up please. 39 I am enjoying my time in the pool doing water aerobics but today, after the fourth day in a row I am feeling beat 237 198 . Someone made the commen... Read more

  • A Night Out and A Practice Run

    8/4/2016 9:54:38 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Last night my husband went out to eat. We don't like big crowds on the weekend, so we have 'date night' earlier in the week when it's quieter. I got a flyer from one of our local restaurants for a 3 course meal special, so we decided to go. We haven't been out to eat in quite some time. I o... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 3 - 8/3

    8/3/2016 10:53:05 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Hooray I had a HIGH protein breakfast after being motivated by #TRexPBS show a picture of an olympic breakfast plate of yogurt, berries, 3 boiled eggs, sausage, and ham... I thought WOW! How can I be down? I did manage to make a super protein drink with VEGA and powdered peanut butter... it actu... Read more

  • Accountability for me to me

    8/3/2016 7:41:45 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    I had a rude awakening, stopping by my doc's office to use the scales today after yoga class. I weighed in at 152. No words.... I've been going on 1-hr. bike rides several days per week. And I've been eating like I've been going on 8-hr. bike rides several days per week. I've calenda... Read more

  • Rest Day

    8/3/2016 6:27:56 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    I thought I skimped on my strength training workout a couple of days ago, but my muscles are still sore, so I did better than I thought. As expected, I got a slight rise in my body weight - BUT - my bodyfat reading is down. This is what I wanted to see. I've lost about 2% bodyfat since I started ... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 2 - 8/2

    8/2/2016 8:31:35 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Today I was beat... After getting to water aerobics late (thanks kids!) I tried to amp up my workout and it was a good one. I went home afterward and read a few chapters of my latest #SummerReading novel and I promptly went to sleep. My daughter kept trying to revive me with announcements of... Read more

  • Thirty Days of Logging In

    8/2/2016 10:30:41 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Today I noticed that I have a 30 day Spark Streak for logging in and spinning the wheel. In 30 days, I would expect greater progress of myself, but I really feel stuck, or not unstuck, as I'd hoped. I have met some new, positive and motivating spark friends, but somehow I can never get past three ... Read more

  • Lifting Heavy Things Day 1

    8/2/2016 6:55:57 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Yesterday I woke up a little tired, but later in the day I felt more energetic, so I decided to start my "Lift Heavy Things" program after all. I imagine it went something like this: I put together a program following the "New Rules of Lifting for Women" book, but as my very astute S... Read more

  • Update

    8/2/2016 6:00:40 AM, by BILL60

    Boy it's been a while since I wrote a blog. Life has been hectic, but exciting. Have maintained my cycling, in spite of the high South Texas temperatures. Have been able to orchestrate the training of two dogs in both obedience and agility. As a matter of fact, my older dog (going on 4 years) will b... Read more

  • Clean Eating August - Day 1 - 8/1

    8/2/2016 12:04:10 AM, by MBETTIS3

    SO I decided to eat cleaner for August to help jump start my weight loss... Today was good. I managed to get in 80g of protein and I successfully worked through some cravings.... dounghnuts and other sweets were the main culprits calling my name but I held strong! I went to water aerobics... Read more

  • July Recap & August Goals

    8/1/2016 11:15:14 AM, by BILLBILLBILL

    July Results- Starting Weight: 295.6 End Weight: 293.0 Total Lost: 2.6 lbs Hmmmm.....just looking at the raw numbers, July doesn't look like a very impressive month for my weight loss journey. I could get frustrated by this but I have decided to view it completely differently. Here are a... Read more

  • Back to Primal

    8/1/2016 8:06:01 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Yesterday my husband and I spent all day planting shrubs and flowers in our yard, so I got in some squats, bends, and lifting heavy pots. I'm taking today as a rest day. I feel fatigued, so it's time to take a rest. I went back to the basics and reread "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson. ... Read more

  • Pre-August... 7/31 Blog

    7/31/2016 11:47:29 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Well today was a glorious day. Church was good. The temp was not too hot 259 , and it was sunny 67 . After a pizza 480 dinner (no one wanted to cook) we took a walk downtown. I should have worn the pedometer but I didn't. It was nice. The kids put their feet in the lake and me and hubby watched an... Read more

  • Week 2 of 6

    7/31/2016 10:09:13 PM, by DUCKYDIANA

    This week I: Made time in my schedule to diet -this includes grocery shopping and food prep (esp. lunches) -I will be flexible and make this schedule every two weeks Planned exercise -I am actually putting this goal on hold to focus on eating Made a realistic goal to lose 5 lbs ... Read more

  • Weight loss is like cleaning up a mess

    7/31/2016 7:46:28 PM, by G.I.JANE

    Phew! There is still a lot to deal with. It's ok. It's worth it! It's all the crap we've pushed to the side, not dealt with, or turned a blind eye to. Flipping through the files of life and the clutter. I've got a lot to do. A lot of "fixer upping." I have a pretty good support system. Friends... Read more

  • Seven Days on the Saint Croix River!

    7/31/2016 10:00:17 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    Today my wife and I have the privilege of heading out to the Saint Croix River where we'll be camping in a travel trailer, fishing, cycling, swimming, relaxing, reading, and enjoying one another. We plan to leave in about three hours and I can't wait to go!... Read more

  • Lifting Heavy Things

    7/31/2016 9:08:58 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Everyone has a health/fitness vice. Something that we know we should do, but don't do. For some people, the Friday donuts are too tempting to resist. Others just can't say stop at one slice of pizza. Many don't get enough regular exercise. For me, it's weight training. I love exerc... Read more

  • Whole30 Day 5 (3.1) SUGAR DETOX DAY

    7/30/2016 7:23:35 PM, by AUBRETTE

    It came late for me. Word on the street is, the worse you treat yourself pre-Whole30 the longer it takes for the crash to come and the harder it is when it arrives. I abused myself pretty heavily to handle the month of July which was my first (voluntary) month of unemployment, 4 weeks of travel, a w... Read more

  • 42.6 Mile Bike Ride in Minneapolis Yesterday

    7/30/2016 12:03:02 PM, by MNCYCLIST

    It's been several days now since we returned from our 300 mile bike ride. Since I'm still on vacation and yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, I decided to drive to a town called Hopkins where there's a very cool coffee shop and easy access to the Minneapolis bike trail system. I had no specifi... Read more

  • End of Week Recap #3

    7/30/2016 11:23:01 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Week 3 down! It's weird. About 4 weeks ago before I buckled up and got to work on myself, I was plagued with self-doubt. "Maybe I screwed myself up for good this time." "Maybe I can't lose weight again." Pfft. Now I'm like, "I should have started sooner!" 104 Here is the gra... Read more

  • 7/29 Blog

    7/29/2016 10:56:42 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Today was a prime example of why I probably need to go to work or stay busy everyday... It started off really well. I got up (after having a dream that I had given birth to twins) and I made breakfast. That was the first challenge of the day. I made hashbrown potatoes with peppers and onions, s... Read more

  • Down to One

    7/29/2016 10:33:53 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    My two oldest kids are off on a canoe / camping adventure this weekend, so it's just my husband, our youngest and me! We dropped them off at 5:30am this morning, and I am already exhausted. First, I don't usually wake up at 4:30am, and second, I didn't have a great night's sleep. Maybe I will be ... Read more

  • Can A Low-Carb Diet Be Restarted? Yes!

    7/29/2016 10:29:09 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    As I'm heading into the weekend, I'm feeling great! I'm on week 3 of my low-carb reboot, and things are looking fine. I have read that some people find restarting a low-carb diet to be harder and/or slower than the first time. The original question I posed was, "Can a Low-Carb Diet Be Restart... Read more

  • Savoring my Food Today

    7/29/2016 9:26:28 AM, by MNCYCLIST

    Today is Day 4 of the "Fit Food Challenge" and the assignment for the day is to savor our food. The idea, as most of you know, is that it takes about 20 minutes for the brain and the stomach to agree that the stomach is full. So, the assignment is to take a full 20 minutes to eat at least one meal t... Read more

  • Jounaling

    7/29/2016 9:21:33 AM, by YISHAY

    Hi everyone this post is what journaling and tracking my weight from start to finish. journaling has really help me so far i am able to put pen to paper everytime i i either gain or lose and reasons for it at times this month was a very special birthday for my son (he turned 20) and i actually los... Read more

  • 7/28 Blog

    7/28/2016 11:55:37 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Do you ever have those days that are just L-O-N-G... Today was that day. It started with teaching summer school. Thank God we only have one more week of that. Afterward I immediately had to drive 30 minutes to Holland to take the BOY to the orthodontist. Next in order to kill some time, ... Read more