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  • Starting Again...With Weekly Weigh-In Photos

    9/24/2016 8:28:30 PM, by GOODGETNBETR

    This worked years ago in helping me stay accountable by posting these like entering all, or at least most, of what I eat during the day. This guy intends to meet the Fall 5% Challenge! Good luck to everyone that's participating. 381 ... Read more

  • Winning Formula

    9/24/2016 9:59:04 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    I've had a rough week since coming back from my work trip. I've been getting up late, not having much energy, and been pretty lazy. One of my trouble spots in the past is that I do really well with a regular schedule of good eating and exercise, then I go on work travel or vacation, then don't get... Read more

  • Experimenting with some old hair extensions

    9/23/2016 5:34:28 PM, by SSMITH762

    Do I have a set of hair extensions that I never wear because the color never matched me after I started dying my hair. So I deciding to give them new life by bleaching them and removing the crappy clips, then dying them peacock blue and green and silver and applying them to my head as tape exten... Read more

  • Just Putting It Out There

    9/22/2016 9:50:21 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    I got a call from my naturopathic doctor yesterday with whom I've been working with since last December. I have been pretty happy with the results of all of our treatment plans, and I've lost about 17 pounds since the beginning. My blood sugar continues to be on the high side, and I have been usin... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge Prep

    9/21/2016 4:01:45 PM, by TAMIP62

    Saturday is the official start date of the Fall 5% Challenge where several teams within the main group compete each week to do the most exercise, lose the most weight and meet other healthy lifestyle goals. It's going to be a blast! If you are interested in joining, there are still a few spots ... Read more

  • Week 2 In Review

    9/21/2016 11:13:25 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Another week in, and I'm a little surprised to report that I am .8lb down! My week two was not the greatest, and I'm afraid I added very little to my team. I have been wondering why I didn't participate to the extent that I normally would, and why my motivation was so off. Well, I suppose t... Read more

  • Celebrating a Small Victory of My Own

    9/20/2016 5:32:50 PM, by TAMIP62

    A fellow Sparker (Beachtub) made a comment on my last post where I had celebrated my husband's great health victory at the doctor's office yesterday. She said that she had found that making healthier choices had helped her greatly too, and one of the things was that it had virtually eliminated her n... Read more

  • Working With Our Individual Needs

    9/20/2016 10:08:14 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This is the story of two very different people. One person doesn't gain weight easily, and can eat grains and starchy carbs without issue. The other person gains weight very easily when eating grains and starchy carbs, and has uncontrollable hunger issues with it. The first person is my frien... Read more

  • My bike hero of the week.

    9/20/2016 12:39:12 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    My bike hero of the week. I wish I could get my dog to sit this still on rides.... Read more

  • The Proof is in the ... No Not Pudding ... the Doctor's Visit

    9/19/2016 10:28:25 PM, by TAMIP62

    I am so happy today. Hubby is on this journey with me. He has never had as serious a weight issue as I have, although he is overweight. His big problem has been Type II diabetes and high blood pressure. Since we both decided to be serious about changing our bad eating habits and exercising several h... Read more

  • May not look delicious, but it is!

    9/19/2016 3:29:21 PM, by SSMITH762

    I reheated a left over chicken thigh and had it with mushroom cauliflower 'rice'.basically just riced the cauliflower, sauteed green onion and mushrooms, then sauteed the rice and other veggies together then added a tbsp of sour cream and a quarter cup of Italian cheese blend. Also adding d spice... Read more

  • Home For A Week

    9/19/2016 10:21:44 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This morning's weigh in confirms it: I successfully maintained my weight during my work trip! I left and came back at the same weight! 9 I actually lost half a pound (.6), but I'm not counting it since the major number is the same - lol. It was pretty terrifying since I had no weight s... Read more

  • I Survived!

    9/18/2016 7:28:38 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    It's a carb world, but I made it back intact! I checked my ketostix as a quick snapshot, and somehow I managed to stay fat burning the whole trip! The scale shows that I successfully maintained my weight! On Day 2 of the conference, they served pasta for lunch. No options at all for LC. I w... Read more

  • Spent a little more time on breakfast this morning :)

    9/18/2016 10:16:40 AM, by SSMITH762

    Such a yummy low carb breakfast. I had poached eggs with hollandaise sauce over sautéed bacon, mushrooms, and tomato. Hmm, a good way to start the day.... Read more

  • Mhhhmmm Strawberries and cream

    9/17/2016 7:23:22 PM, by SSMITH762

    I was really wanting something sweet, so I decided to make myself some strawberrjes and cream. I used Splenda in place of sugar and some vanilla, then I topped it with some cinnamon. Some yummy, low in carbs, and less than 250 calories . Totally worth it.... Read more

  • Fear: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    9/16/2016 3:02:34 PM, by TAMIP62

    Fear is pretty much a built in emotion that is hardwired into everyone's brain. How we perceive it, I suppose is different depending on the experiences we've had in our lives. For the most part, fear is a very important psychological element. Good fear keeps us from standing to close to the edge of ... Read more

  • 9/15/16

    9/15/2016 8:24:08 PM, by TONYARO

    Ugly day today, caught my husband's cold. We are taking turns. Oh tomorrow is a new day... Read more

  • Why I Need This NOW

    9/15/2016 1:27:11 PM, by TAMIP62

    This is a prompt from the 5% Fall Challenge Team: "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going". - Jim Ryun Today's assignment is to list 10 reasons you want to lose weight. What do you want to change? How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? What things wi... Read more

  • Carby Conference

    9/15/2016 10:16:08 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Today is day 2 of my conference. I would rate my success a 7 out of 10. Passing, but not great. The breakfast provided is a carb fest. Bagels, donuts, Danishes and cereal. There is low fat yogurt with 18g of sugar. There's no protein, fat or vegetables. If there were celery sticks, I coul... Read more

  • Pool

    9/15/2016 9:58:53 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I swam in the slow lane. I guess I needed to move to the medium lane yesterday because I had to pass 3 people frequently. I'm a slower swimmer so this was an ego boost for me and means I am getting faster again. that makes me happy I swam 2500 meters in an 66 mins which for me is great ... Read more

  • Pool

    9/15/2016 9:58:44 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I swam in the slow lane. I guess I needed to move to the medium lane yesterday because I had to pass 3 people frequently. I'm a slower swimmer so this was an ego boost for me and means I am getting faster again. that makes me happy I swam 2500 meters in an 66 mins which for me is great ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    9/15/2016 6:40:57 AM, by HSARMYWF

    So that's what it takes to be a triathlete gear galore when you train for multiple disciplines in a day. Yesterday started out with getting the kids to school. Then I drove to a military installation in Maryland for a Pilates class. The class was packed. It was a super hard class. I loved it. It... Read more

  • One Week In

    9/14/2016 10:34:10 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Today was the first weigh in for the fall Biggest Loser Challenge with The Beautiful Amethyst Butterflies. Admittedly, I did not work as hard as I could have, and despite a 1.7 pound loss, I know I could have done much better. With school back in session, my bike rides have been greatly reduced, ... Read more

  • Monday

    9/14/2016 6:55:53 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I rode for 3 hrs on my bike burning 1500 cals in downtown DC. I rode from navy yard, around the museums, monuments, tidal basin, over to Arlington national cemetery, over to rock creek trail and every in between. I talked with a vets group at the FDR memorial. I shook their hands and thanked them... Read more

  • Yesterday

    9/14/2016 6:37:37 AM, by HSARMYWF

    Started my day off with a smoothie. I had the guy come and fix my cable. The lawn people on base had run it over. It's a process at the visitors center getting a repairman on base. Then got the kids off to school. After that I rode up to yoga class on my bike she worked us pretty hard. I rode ar... Read more

  • Yummy stir fried cauliflower rice, beef, and veggies

    9/13/2016 2:56:03 PM, by SSMITH762

    I think u make some variation if stir fry for half of my lunches/dinners. It's crazy, but I love it and it's delicious, has plenty of veggies, and comes together so quickly. Basically I used left over pot roast, frozen green beans, frozen broccoli, frozen peppers and onions, and some green onion... Read more

  • I can't believe it!

    9/13/2016 10:37:49 AM, by YISHAY

    Wow i am shocked at the difference in the shape of my body since my 29lbs have come off. I still have more to go but its baffling at how just the shape change can make such a difference in how you look and how clothing fits you, in fact i think i have to shrink my leggings a little in the dryer to m... Read more

  • Surviving Out in the Urban Wild

    9/13/2016 10:14:17 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Just a super quick update on my progress. I am managing to survive the scary, carby world out there, but it hasn't been easy. Dodging sugars has been my biggest challenge. I ordered a mocha latte, then realized that the chocolate syrup was probably a sugar bomb. I drank half of it and threw the ... Read more

  • Great day for a bike ride

    9/12/2016 3:52:07 PM, by HEATHERSTHPW68

    The bike I have had for 30 years was recently stolen. I have always enjoyed riding my bike especially before i started driving- that's how i got around, to and from high school and college and have been using it along my favorite trails. I relied on it so much when I was younger because I have epi... Read more

  • How to Train Your Dragon

    9/12/2016 12:16:34 PM, by TAMIP62

    A new spark friend posted a comment on my home page about how she could identify with my being a food addict, and she also added a quote that she had read about it that so rang a bell with me I just had to do a post on it. The quote was: "alcoholics have to slay the dragon, while food addicts h... Read more

  • I like my mifit 2

    9/12/2016 10:11:27 AM, by SSMITH762

    So my mi fit 2 came in a few weeks ago and I like it, although it is a little bulkier than the mi fit 1s I had until my dog chewed it up. :( The step counter seems to be more reliable and it still works with all the apps the original worked with, including Google fit. Which means that it automati... Read more

  • Finally back

    9/12/2016 9:19:17 AM, by HSARMYWF

    So I went back to GA from No VA Nov- May. Then I came back in May then moved from renting a house to moving on to a military installation. It has been great. I really like it here. We are right on the river and it's beautiful. It's easy to get around on a bike which I love. I went on a vacation... Read more

  • Went camping this weekend

    9/11/2016 10:24:09 PM, by SSMITH762

    We had a fun weekend. I took my 16 year old nephew and his new best friend and my 9 year old nephew camping. They were a hoot and definitely went a bit Pyro. I also got to go shopping yesterday at Walmart and the thrift store. Picked up my new favorite skort off the Walmart clearance rack. ... Read more

  • Be Accountable for More Motivation

    9/11/2016 3:34:34 PM, by TAMIP62

    When I'm really into being healthy, I really don't usually have a problem with motivation. Even on days when I don't "feel" like exercising, I can make myself take that first step that turns into a full session of whatever I have decided to do. However, being healthy isn't a quick sprint, it is a ma... Read more

  • Fall 2016 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment

    9/10/2016 9:42:05 AM, by KKINNEA

    I've been carrying around extra weight from partying early in the year but now I am going to zap it! I'm rechecking my BMR and plan to walk 30 minutes most days to hold that rate. Running training, since my body is adapted to it, will be the "extra" that I will make up calories for only when I ... Read more

  • Day 10

    9/7/2016 9:10:29 PM, by MOGCHILD

    Back on track after the nice long weekend. Gym yesterday. Did a 10.4 mile trailer ride today despite the rain. Just did not want to hit the gym today. Also walked the dogs for 25 minutes. Just glad it's a short work week due to Labor Day. So looking forward to the weekend already. Three... Read more

  • It's easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why.

    9/6/2016 6:37:11 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    Clearly it's gotten easier and easier to gain weight, and harder and harder to avoid it. So what's going on here? There's an obvious answer - we eat more than we burn off. But increasingly public health experts agree that we are not consciously choosing to overeat. Full article here ... Read more

  • This is what the "fittest woman on earth" eats every day!

    9/6/2016 6:29:17 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "I've got to have my eggs, otherwise my day starts off wrong, "she told the publication. "In an effort to get more fat in my diet for fuel, I eat half of the avocado and then the cream in my coffee." Full article here -
    what-the... Read more

  • 60 Day Review

    9/5/2016 3:58:29 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    ----Note: I am changing my blog status from private back to public. Any posts that I find as less than supportive, backhanded, or rude I will remove. This is about me, and what is best for me. If you find it interesting, welcome along for the ride!---- As summer comes to an end, it's fitting ... Read more

  • September Sunrise post

    9/4/2016 11:40:39 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Well I did what I could in August to post about my clean eating and I did well for a little while... toward the end I think the stress of school starting began to cloud my mind and lead me astray. This is one thing that always happens. Work. BUT I endeavor to stay the course. I will say that this ... Read more

  • Day 7... Beer! Beer! Beer!

    9/4/2016 4:17:41 PM, by MOGCHILD

    Bikes, beers, and cigars this weekend! Probably not a good idea... aaahhhh f*ck it! LOLZ... Read more

  • Habits Trump Motivation

    9/4/2016 12:57:25 PM, by MBLIFE24

    This is my first official blog entry in a long, long, long while. I think I deleted all my old blog posts. I posted this in my "secrets of success" and thought I would use it to get myself started in blogging again. I am posting for ME, though I hope it is helpful to someone else as well. We are... Read more

  • Day 6

    9/3/2016 8:50:35 PM, by MOGCHILD

    Work got the better of me this week but still got in some exercise and weight training. Ate a little over my goals and that is okay. Going to keep tracking my food and fitness every day and keep moving. Even if it's a holiday weekend and I'm sucking down beer like blood to a starved vampire! LOL... Read more

  • The Month of August

    9/2/2016 6:00:46 PM, by BILL60

    Overall, August was an awesome month for me. First off, my cycling was pretty active and culminated with the "Hotter than Hell 100" bike ride. I did the latter at a 17.2 MPH avg. Considering the heat, that's a pretty darned good time for an old beat-up 71 year old. Secondly, my puppy continued to pr... Read more

  • Hovering

    9/2/2016 12:42:23 PM, by YISHAY

    I'm noticing that every time i lose weight my body goes into hovering mode what i mean is it stays at or just around that new particular weight for up to at least two weeks to get used to it then i can lose again. Its kinda strange, but on the positive side i don't seem to be gaining either the most... Read more

  • September - Where Does the Time Go?

    9/2/2016 10:56:23 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    Today is the first morning all three of my kids are back in school - I know, weird that they started on a Friday before a long weekend. I decided not to go into work today, and the house is so quiet, it's nice, but a little sad. My daughter, who is a freshman this year, is having a really difficult ... Read more

  • Happier since I gave up

    9/1/2016 10:45:51 AM, by SSMITH762

    I wrote a post a few months ago about how frustrated I was with my roomies(my brother and his son). They rarely clean anything, don't cook for themselves or buy their own food and my brother doesn't help with utilities. Well this mostly hasn't changed, but I've changed. I gave up :) it's like t... Read more

  • Day 3

    9/1/2016 1:25:29 AM, by MOGCHILD

    Did a mountain bike ride today and ankle felt good. Still not up to riding more difficult single track, but getting there. Ankle is going to take a long time to get back to 100%, but not going to ever use that as an excuse to not exercise. Hitting the gym tomorrow and hoping I get up early enough... Read more


    8/31/2016 4:17:48 PM, by KNORR44

    Trial and Error is how I learn to lose. By eating healthy, plenty of water, protein and running. Weight lifting moderate. Counting calories. Not eating past 8 pm. Laying off the SUGAR and occasionally rewarding myself... Read more

  • Just discovered free

    8/30/2016 10:58:33 PM, by SSMITH762

    Our family's plan now that it's cooling off a little is to camp in as many sites in Texas on as we can. This weekend, we're checking out lake Whitney. It's close enough that if all the free spots are taken, we can camp out in the backyard instead lol. Or we can just hike it ... Read more

  • Day 2

    8/30/2016 8:40:39 PM, by MOGCHILD

    Slept good today, but just could NOT wake up today. Took the dogs for a hike in the woods to get more flex in my left ankle (broke it in 2 places the first week of May). Still recouping and getting back to normal. Just could not get my sh*t together today. Got home and made dinner - grilled chic... Read more

  • Are your friends making you fat?

    8/30/2016 6:48:35 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "For women, food and friendship are intimately linked. To refuse food or to over or under eat compared to others could be viewed as rejection. The result is that while many of us are able to juggle career and family, making unpopular decisions in these arenas, somehow we can't do the same when ... Read more

  • Obesity: How your body uses fat to protect you.

    8/30/2016 6:43:33 AM, by JUSTEATREALFOOD

    "Now, adipocytes are specialized cells to store fat. Having more fat cells is not particularly dangerous. That's what it does. Other than taking up room, it doesn't really matter. The fat cell is designed to hold fat, so you don't get sick from it. Obesity itself is not the cause of the problem. ... Read more

  • Back at it... again

    8/29/2016 9:48:19 PM, by MOGCHILD

    It's been about 6 years (maybe) longer since I used SparkPeople. This was the only tool that has worked for me for weight management. Let the games begin... again... Read more

  • Week 4 of 6

    8/29/2016 12:41:42 PM, by DUCKYDIANA

    I skipped a week, because I was out of town for a week for a wedding. My goals for the week were to keep practicing the skills I already learned and to track everything I ate. I did really well, except for the last two days, when all the wedding festivities happened. But 5/7 good days is still great... Read more

  • Experimented with low carb baking

    8/27/2016 11:16:53 PM, by SSMITH762

    I haven't done any low carb baking, so today was an experience. I make this chocolate cake with alone flour, coconut flour and even some protein powder. It's a little heavy, but tastes great. The frosting contains butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, strawberries, and truvia. I may have stolen some b... Read more

  • Lovely brunch today, easy low carb eggs benedict

    8/27/2016 12:33:35 PM, by SSMITH762

    I'm not particularly fond of cooking, so I appreciate Pinterest and Facebook for giving me great food ideas. I saw something like this in my Pinterest feed this week and while i dont have time to make it during the week, I resolved to make it this weekend. This recipe is cauliflower hey, topped wi... Read more

  • Ready For Transformation

    8/27/2016 11:34:02 AM, by LIVIN4LISH

    I was going to make the title of this blog, Ready For Change, but that just didn't seem bold enough, I am ready to TRANSFORM! That quote about the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results has always been stuck in my mind. But you know what, I... Read more

  • Happy National Dog Day!

    8/26/2016 3:53:13 PM, by SSMITH762

    Hey all. Here are the dogs saying, let's all celebrate, of course, they say that every day. Dogs are such a joy to have around, most of the time! Also, weighed in at 204 this morning, that's 3 lbs down from last week and a total of 51 lbs gone since I started!... Read more

  • Hello Old Friend!

    8/25/2016 11:43:00 PM, by MBETTIS3

    Notice this blog entry does not follow the same pattern title as the others for this month... I have pretty much abandoned that Clean Eating program. So I will try again another time. I had a good few weeks in there and some good 2/3rds of days all over the place. I have learned a lot about myself a... Read more