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  • Why I Want To Lose Weight

    2/4/2016 12:26:18 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    My husband and I both have a heart for mission work. Being healthy will open doors to more opportunities to serve others and to enjoy my wonderful husband together on the mission field. I won't be as limited in what I can do.... Read more

  • next 7 days

    2/3/2016 3:57:42 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    I know it doesn't sound like a higher thing, but other than sticking with my plan for the next week, I want to get one more Christmas tree taken down...... Read more

  • Grateful

    2/2/2016 10:08:27 AM, by LORI4CHRIST

    I am grateful for my husband who loves me, no matter what.... Read more

  • My Motivation

    1/28/2016 6:56:40 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    ... Read more

  • Where Are The Veggies?

    1/27/2016 3:11:46 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    I got my dehydrator out a couple of days ago, thanks to the encouragement of a new sparkfriend. Now, when I go to the store, I have started looking for fruits and veggies on sale, or on the "clearance" markdown section. It is almost like a scavenger hunt...and I actually enjoy it!! I am findi... Read more

  • Here's to Health

    1/25/2016 1:47:58 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    I awoke in the night, and had something on my mind: I am getting healthy! My focus is not reaching a "dream weight." Right now, my focus is being healthy. Today ends my 3rd week back on Spark. I have lost 5 lbs. My doctor is happy with 1 lb a week, so I figure I am ahead of the game. My scale ... Read more

  • Sunday!

    1/24/2016 8:08:45 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    What an awesome day today has been. I have worshipped with my family and my New Life Family, went to the store to replenish fresh produce, and chased a few chickens. I hope everyone else had a great day!... Read more

  • Sausage Rice Scramble with a Spin-ach.

    1/22/2016 9:44:58 AM, by LORI4CHRIST

    Today is a snow day for us. Hubby trekked his way through the snow to work and our homeschool co-op was cancelled today. I was thinking I would get up and have a bowl of cereal, and then decided to look at my meal plan for this morning. It called for sausage rice, being the foodie I a... Read more

  • Week Three

    1/21/2016 9:18:12 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    Week 3 is starting off with a bang!! Great Dr. appt yesterday and 5 lbs in 2 weeks gone.. So excited with my new teams and getting to know more people.... Read more

  • Awesome Spark Teams Motivate!

    1/19/2016 4:41:06 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    Spark Teams can be a great asset, but when a team can inspire your creative side, by offering challenges that also get you moving, is absolutely awesome! I am so much enjoying my first full day in the Shutterbug Spark Team. I have been in so many teams that go dormant, and have unjoined a fe... Read more

  • Oh, What a Beautiful Morning...Brrrr!

    1/18/2016 10:02:51 AM, by LORI4CHRIST

    What a beautiful morning in Tennessee! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the hens are laying, and it is a balmy 19 degrees. Pete (my 16 yr old dog) had me up from 3:30-4:30 and was so restless. I was so sleepy when 5:30 came around this morning. My usual routine is to get up at 5:30 and ... Read more

  • Jan. 17

    1/17/2016 10:29:33 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    Today has been a blessed one. I did a weigh in this morning and I have lost a total of 4 lbs in 2 weeks. My glucose levels have been great, and my blood pressure is actually low... how is that for a stroke patient? Awesome day relaxing with my amazing husband!!... Read more

  • What Is Your Temptation?

    1/13/2016 12:25:08 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    I seem to be noticing a lot of that "T-word" lately....temptation... And it is not "Just My Imagination," the temptation is real and it gets me into a "Ball of Confusion." Now that I am a week into my healthy lifestyle rejuvenation, I am finding that my real temptation is not is exercise.... Read more

  • Get Up and Get To It!!

    1/11/2016 9:22:22 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    Have you ever been knee deep in a "complaint fest" and realize midst complaint, that if you just got up and took action, you would have nothing to complain about?? Today, it happened to me. I was updating my Sparkpeople status while feeling a bit frustrated. This was my status: "Ugh!! Trying to fin... Read more

  • Small Successes Can Encourage

    1/10/2016 6:01:17 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    I had a stroke last March, and since then, a therapeutic workout I enjoy has been a challenge, considering my left arm was effected by the stroke. Then, my arm developed tendinitis so lifting my arm over my head, and pulling it behind my back has been a challenge. I started back on my SparkPeople th... Read more

  • Are Your Friends A Motivation?

    1/9/2016 10:51:14 AM, by LORI4CHRIST

    Are your friends a positive or negative influence in your life? Do they encourage you to be healthy, or to go have dessert at your favorite place? Do they encourage you to do the right thing, or help you make excuses or justifications for the sin in your life? It has been proven in studies,... Read more


    1/8/2016 5:05:34 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    OH.MY.GOODNESS... I had no idea how quickly a habit has formed for me. I had to run errands today after our homeschool co-op, so I knew I would have a late lunch. As I headed to town, I thought, "A Frappe' would be good to hold me over until I get back home. I wonder how many calories that would be... Read more

  • What is health?

    1/8/2016 1:15:04 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    To me, health is having freedom from illness and injury. All areas of our lives need to be healthy: mental health, spiritual health, and physical health. You can think of it like a three legged stool. If any leg of that stool is broken the still doesn't stand. We have to make sure that all areas of ... Read more