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  • Sometimes I just want to give up.

    4/25/2016 10:58:55 AM, by MELODYSCRAPS

    I really don't like myself very much this morning. I'm tired. I feel like crap, and I have people coming to 'inspect' my apartment this morning. Last week was rough. I am 50, so my body is beginning to change again, and it likes to let me know it periodically. Anyone who has had a rough menstru... Read more

  • Water, water everywhere!

    4/11/2016 12:37:17 PM, by MELODYSCRAPS

    I realized a while after yesterday's entry, when I went to put my shoes on, that I am retaining a LOT of water! My feet were terribly swollen yesterday. I have been pushing myself to drink. I have been trying to consume 8 cups of liquid every day. I think for me that may be a mistake. On averag... Read more

  • Thoughts about the first week.

    4/10/2016 10:45:36 AM, by MELODYSCRAPS

    It is the first week. I am excited, but not. I did find out how to get some exercise I can do without injuring myself, and ordered a swimsuit. I'm consuming smaller portions, and trying to eat healthier food. I can do this...370 lbs just isn't acceptable! That is the starting ... Read more

  • Recipe Reduction Rehab: Upside Down Pizza

    3/29/2016 10:43:35 PM, by LORI4CHRIST

    I love watching a show called "Recipe Rehab." I love all of the new recipes I see there. I do have one problem with the show. When I take a family favorite and make it healthier, I want it to be as close to the original as possible, not change it into a completely different dish. Today's recipe ... Read more