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  • An apology

    3/23/2015 11:27:27 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    I feel like I owe my SP friends an apology for being so busy and neglecting you! I have not been available for well thought out replies to blogs or team/forum posts. I am sorry about that. Even more so, I owe myself an apology for neglecting ME. I have not been blogging, or tracking, or... Read more

  • Trying something new this week

    3/21/2015 7:40:48 PM, by SUNSHINE_FLOWER

    Have you ever felt like the rabbit in Alice in wonderland?? Some days I feel like I am always running and saying I'm late I'm late. Where does the time go??? Some days drag on it seems. I need to make some changes. I need to, to my schedule. I usually put my girls in their room f... Read more

  • HELP!!!

    3/20/2015 5:02:44 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    40 2 39 198 334 I really need some help. But I don't know what kind exactly. There are moments when I'm on track; I know what I need to do, and I'm prepared to do it. Sadly, those moments are few. Mostly, I'm exhausted, stressed out, and discouraged. But I am not giving ... Read more

  • St Patrick's day!

    3/17/2015 2:05:24 PM, by SUNSHINE_FLOWER

    438 I maybe 1/2 Irish from my biological dad's side but I never really celebrated St Paddy's day. However the luck of the Irish was on my side about 4 years ago. 441 Let me explain. I raised by my mom and step dad ( which I call dad) since I was about 5 years old. I saw my biological dad on... Read more

  • This time of year....

    3/16/2015 1:06:27 PM, by SUNSHINE_FLOWER

    I love this time of year. Not just for the warmer weather, all the birthdays we celebrate within our little family 2 down 4 more to go and everything blooming again. Its what is coming up for my family and I. 3 years this Passover , unleaven bread, first fruits and counting of the omer. ... Read more

  • Starting Over

    3/15/2015 1:09:29 PM, by SUNSHINE_FLOWER

    I have finally committed to making the change to a new healthier lifestyle for life. I do not like how I look and feel. I know this change has been needed to come for sometime now. I did lose over 30 lbs in the past with Spark people however gained it all back plus more on my final pregnancy.... Read more

  • Binge?

    3/11/2015 4:33:07 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    4 29 15 40 2 39 198 So far I'm resisting a binge, but there's a battle going on in my head! Why? I'm the maid of honor in my sister's wedding, she selected strapless dresses, and I'm really overweight! I went shopping for undergarments, and needed help from the sales clerk. ... Read more

  • Struggling

    3/10/2015 2:26:40 PM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    Struggling. Again. 4 29 15 40 2 39 198 334 I'm not sure what I want to say here, beyond a declaration of a new DAY ONE. Again. And maybe a little sigh. I'm not enthusiastic about it. But I do feel somewhat determined. And I'm praying the determination will last. Maybe t... Read more

  • Mushroom Walnut Pate

    3/9/2015 8:52:50 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    I made this recipe, and it was pretty good. But I didn't mash it. Maybe I'll do some, but I like the un-mashed texture.
    ushroom-walnut-pate/ Unmashed, I ate it on bread, or hot with rice. Yummy! The next time I pureed it. Yummy! ... Read more