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  • Am I Ancient?

    10/20/2014 10:50:53 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    Yes, according to this, I am! ... Read more

  • Back to Day 1

    10/19/2014 11:33:27 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    Yes, again! I went to NYC for a day this weekend with a friend and her kids. While it wasn't a feeding frenzy, I did make less than ideal choices. And the scale has reprimanded me suitably. It appears I've undone all the work of this month. ... Read more

  • Why is it so hard?

    10/12/2014 9:50:01 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    I want to be back on track. I really do. Why is it so hard to get back into that mindset? It's like I'm searching for reasons and excuses to have a "treat" !!! This too shall pass. I know the cravings will subside. Like, just in time for Thanksgiving! ... Read more

  • Day 1. Again.

    10/10/2014 1:06:25 PM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    Ok, I'm back from vacation, and the weight has bee creeping back up. I'm fairly disgusted with myself. Yes, I know that beating myself up won't help much. But at least I'm not giving up. ... Read more

  • Home Again

    10/9/2014 11:07:05 PM, by MM11113

    I had a wonderful visit with friends in LA, but it was good to get home again and see how the remodel progressed while I was gone. I don't do so good when eating out a lot, but I can control what happens when I am home! Back on track!... Read more

  • Thursday Night Football?

    10/2/2014 11:11:11 PM, by MM11113

    What in the world is going on? I want to watch the 11:00 news because I am getting ready for a trip, and it is football? I wouldn't mind, but there has been more commercial time than game. I had another 'goal' type eating week, only thing is, I'm not that close to goal. So, I need some s... Read more

  • Two days to go

    10/1/2014 7:23:24 PM, by MM11113

    Tylenol helped me through the night and day today, so I could approach work better rested. The transition to my replacement is going very well. He will be a little lost, but I think he will do fine. I'm looking forward to the little vacation to California.... Read more

  • Conquering Pain

    9/30/2014 8:25:09 PM, by MM11113

    For the Labor Day weekend, I added Friday, and worked physically hard, on emptying the laundry room, master bathroom, and closet. I carried many tubs and suitcases to the second floor. And the whole bed is covered in tubs, draped with plastic. The remodel is progressing well. I, on the o... Read more

  • The Count Down

    9/29/2014 7:51:32 PM, by MM11113

    Today my replacement project manager arrived. It is nice to have a bit of time for turn over of all the work. But, there is no way for him to absorb it all. So, this was the last full time Monday. I had trouble getting up, like I could have slept for 4 more hours! Still have a positive ... Read more

  • Lazy Saturday

    9/27/2014 11:22:26 PM, by MM11113

    It is almost 11:30 pm, and I am still cooking. Got a really late start! Why do potatoes not cook if you put tomato in the pot? That means I have to cook all the parts and then add the tomato at the end. And, sometimes, I forget! Didn't get much accomplished, but I had lunch with the X a... Read more

  • We're home

    9/26/2014 11:58:52 PM, by MM11113

    Back from OU and we can settle in for the weekend!... Read more

  • Surprised by the government!

    9/25/2014 9:43:47 PM, by MM11113

    I successfully launched my online application Monday for starting Social Security draw when I turn 66 in November. Lucky my job lasted this long! Anyway, today, I got a phone call from Social Security. The lady was very nice, and she says I will get my first payment in December. I am shocked... Read more

  • Close Encounters

    9/24/2014 10:32:17 PM, by MM11113

    Just read a feature blog and was cruelly reminded that the Halloween Candy if out. The store will definitely be close encounters of the sweet kind. I agree, candy corn is a trigger. And I'd love to meet the evil person that invented bite sized candy bars. Seems like one isn't so bad, until you r... Read more

  • No Sweets Revenge

    9/23/2014 6:15:58 PM, by MM11113

    I have had a couple of weeks of no real progress, but I believe I am on track. Most of my success hinges on some simple things, and it is all 'preparation'. My batch of turkey chili is delicious, I used 2 Vidalia onions and something called Two Step chili sauce. I'll definitely make it again.... Read more

  • Toward the end

    9/22/2014 7:12:02 PM, by MM11113

    I am now inside the last 10 days of full time employment. I am not crazy at this point. Today, I launched the social security side of things. Seems my employer is denying reality. He asked me to set up two more projects before next Friday. I hope I can them to launch point by then, besides ... Read more