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  • Day 2 of recovery

    7/25/2014 8:41:06 PM, by MM11113

    Today the pressure bandages came off, and the swelling around the incisions is not to bad, but my right eye is a mess. I think the minor swelling has logged a tear duct. I'll see how it is tomorrow. Not much pain, but when I ... Read more

  • Take care of your skin!

    7/24/2014 10:30:01 PM, by MM11113

    Today, I had 2 tumor removed from my face. They team said everything was going well and that I did very well. When I was a child, I went to the pool every day in he summer, that lasted about 5 years until they hire me to work in the bath house. They didn't have to open on bad days if I worked the... Read more

  • Too much to deal with! And, it isn't FOOD!

    7/23/2014 10:47:36 PM, by MM11113

    Tomorrow I have basal cells removed from my face, and all I can think about is looking like Frankenstein. I know that is crazy, but all I want to do is eat. So far, so good. And, tonight, my X came to visit me and our grandson. I showed him some of the pictures from our trip to Rome, and he ... Read more

  • Loving my Body

    7/15/2014 8:33:41 PM, by WINDY01

    SparkPeople has some pretty great ideas about how we should think about our bodies. This is one of the best in my opinion! ... Read more

  • Rainy Monday

    7/14/2014 6:38:37 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    Ugh! There's something about a rainy Monday. Still, I caught up on sleep yesterday, I think. And I feel relatively ready to face the day. I have the day off from work, thank goodness, but I have a thousand other ... Read more

  • So tired!

    7/13/2014 8:29:37 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    As I said yesterday, I'm trying to get myself back on track. But it doesn't help that I'm exhausted. I have been getting almost 8 hours of sleep at night, but I don't wake up rested. And this weekend the Luna(tic) wakes me up at my regular time. I was h... Read more

  • Trying… Again...

    7/12/2014 2:03:11 PM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    Yes, I'm trying, again, to get back on track! I keep falling off the wagon. It must be slippery or unbalanced - no, that's me. Maybe it's just the wrong wagon? Well, at least I'm trying again. (Yeah, yeah, there is no try… shut up, Yoda.) Ok, I'll rephrase it. I'm not giving up, no m... Read more

  • Happy Birthday, Nana!

    7/11/2014 5:31:47 AM, by DRAGON-CHICK

    Today is my grandmother's birthday! Most people my age have lost their grandparents by now. Many have lost their parents, as I have. But I still have Nana! She is 106 years old today. And still going strong. She li... Read more

  • Athletic Greatness vs Failure

    7/7/2014 8:59:43 PM, by WINDY01

    I may never be a great athlete, but I will not give into the temptation to quit. Today I put off going to the gym in the morning, and thought, I'll just work out at lunch. Well, lunch came and I busied myself with errands, and a... Read more

  • Celebrate Independence

    7/4/2014 11:04:19 PM, by MM11113

    I have been walking the neighborhood a lot and feel that it is beautiful this time of year. Right now, it sounds like it may be noisy for a good while yet. The city fireworks finished up in the last hour, and now the neighbor... Read more

  • A New Month, A Fresh Start

    7/2/2014 8:59:25 PM, by WINDY01

    That's what I like about a new month. A chance to start fresh! My goal this month is to not eat any fast food for breakfast, and by fast food, I mean McDonalds. This is going to have to be a "one day at a time" thing for me, as I seem to be hooked on the sausage McMuffin. As a replacement, I can ... Read more