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  • Tuesday

    11/30/2015 11:17:26 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and have a great day hugs... Read more

  • nearly at 100,000

    11/30/2015 9:27:14 AM, by SUNSHINE-GIRL

    What happens when I reach the big 100k. I know I get another trophy but I expect some streamers and fireworks to go off too. Maybe I will get thrown off the site for not losing weight, I lose the same 3 lbs over and over. However, I am about 12 lbs lower than when I first started. Hope you a... Read more

  • wonderful weekend - rested and ready to go

    11/30/2015 9:25:06 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good morning, I had a great weekend. Roaring to go. I got my Christmas letter and cards done. They are now ready to be mailed. I love this time of year. This morning I took my tea and just sat by the Christmas tree and looked out the window at the lights in the yard. I put on holiday music. I... Read more

  • Black Friday Bad Deal

    11/30/2015 5:28:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    Not every Black Friday Deal is true to what they promise. I spent an hour on the phone trying to get this one corrected. It is still not fixed, and here is my letter: Dear Bon Ton, My experience in your store yesterday (11/27/15) in Concord, NH was not good. I was not happy at all with the ca... Read more

  • At first I was afraid, I was petrified....

    11/29/2015 8:21:29 AM, by NANCY-

    335 At first I was afraid I was petrified.... Kept thinking I could never do Thanksgiving Thank heavens you were by my side But then I spent so many nights Thinking how it all could go wrong And you helped me grow strong And I learned how to get along And so now I'm back From o... Read more

  • The process of healing

    11/29/2015 5:58:09 AM, by JSTETSER

    Dear Friends, Thank you for all your help! Pain is part of the process of our body talking to us and telling us that we need to make changes. Here is how things are about to change for me to bring relief! 1. I will start with a better, more comprehensive health plan in January. This will allo... Read more

  • Going to be a busy day!

    11/28/2015 11:04:08 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; DH going back to WW. Yea!! I received a fruit cake from my BBF for a holiday gift. I hate fruit cake. So this is not a threat to my program, but DH ate about half of it and says he was so hung over from food. I told him last night to throw it out, but he opened it and consumed too... Read more

  • Looking for Solutions to Chronic Back Pain

    11/28/2015 5:12:47 AM, by JSTETSER

    When the weather gets cold and damp, old aches and pains in my back reappear. They are starting to affect my sleep. If you have a condition like this, I would love to know how you deal with it. Thanks! Today I have a fair in Washington, NH. I love sitting and talking with old and new friends at... Read more

  • Thanksgiving dinner went great

    11/27/2015 10:43:12 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; The dinner yesterday went great! DS came with his new bride. They looked happy and connected. They were smiling. My son loved seeing his niece and nephew. He was amazed how they have grown. My DD was very hospitable toward her brother. Grand kids were great!! I ate more than ... Read more

  • Remember the beautiful

    11/27/2015 4:52:18 AM, by JSTETSER

    Always think on the beautiful things of life, and you will always be smiling!... Read more

  • A Double-Dose of Patience!

    11/26/2015 5:28:07 AM, by JSTETSER

    Thanksgiving dinner and family. Keeping my 93 year old Mom on an even keel with 20 people in the house. This is my day. Today is a day when family members will celebrate and give thanks for all that God has given to us. Sometimes less than loving words are also expressed. Hopefully I will... Read more

  • just had wonderful talk with DS

    11/25/2015 2:00:38 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good afternoon; my DS had a huge wedding which MIL wanted & paid for. MIL is Korean and bride is 1/2 Korean. 80% of the guests were Korean. DS just told me that MIL had the Korean people write her name on the wedding checks and cashed them. MIL said that is tradition in Korea. My son says isn't... Read more

  • have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

    11/25/2015 10:10:34 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I am feeling much. I do not have any taste buds and eating chicken noodle soup. It has done the trick. DH is making healthy dishes for tomorrow. I am looking forward to joining my grand kids and having a wonderful dinner with my children. DS is coming with his new bride. I hav... Read more

  • Que sera, sera....

    11/25/2015 9:20:48 AM, by NANCY-

    335 "..... Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be." Thank heavens for the blogs here at SP. They definitely help me gain perspective. ONEKIDSMOM wrote of the forecast for her race: "When there's nothing much to be done about it....Th... Read more

  • Accepting Others

    11/25/2015 5:24:53 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I am going to accept my loved ones for who they are, faults and all. God grant me the serenity to accept the people that I cannot change.... Years ago I married a man who thought that I was his savior. I temporarily helped him to change into a better person. At least better for me. I... Read more

  • I love my grand kids but...

    11/24/2015 1:13:54 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good afternoon; I am coming down with something again. Last time, I got this stomach virus?? or cold or what?? my grand kids were over with running noses. Last weekend, my grand daughter said she did not feel good and had a huge amount of drainage from her nose. when she sneezed. My daughter doe... Read more

  • Stress is a call to action?

    11/24/2015 8:43:26 AM, by NANCY-

    ...perhaps. For me right now it is a call to panic. The perfectionist within has visions of the beautiful Thanksgiving table being set. I opted to order dinner, dinner for eight. It was a stretch... but doable. After I ordered, I was informed that my nephews plans fell through and they both would... Read more

  • Hiking Again!

    11/24/2015 5:39:14 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sunday was a great day for us! The weather was cold, raw and damp. People stayed away from Monadnock in droves. We had the Dublin Trail to ourselves. The peace and solitude was exactly what we needed. Many times in life, we do not know exactly what to do and which way to go. This was... Read more

  • Turkeys

    11/23/2015 5:29:59 AM, by JSTETSER

    We did it. We bought a big one. Much bigger than we need. What will we do with a 20 pound turkey? We will share with our family! I'll have some containers ready, and send off our loved ones with leftover turkey. I make an awesome turkey soup. I will make a turkey quinoa casserole. T... Read more

  • The Family Refugee

    11/22/2015 5:56:40 AM, by JSTETSER

    My ancestor left his home country while being persecuted for his faith. He didn’t have the money to pay for passage to the US, and became an indentured servant for 7 years in order to leave a country that did not want him. I have not thought much about the pilgrim journey with so much emotion a... Read more

  • Grand kids coming over sooner than we expected

    11/21/2015 11:24:38 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; DH wants to add more lights this morning so is buying more lights. DD just called and she wants to go Christmas shopping so we are watching kids this morning too instead of just dinner. I know I could of said no we can't watch them early but I know she works all week and has a hard ... Read more

  • I Thank God For YOU!

    11/21/2015 6:06:21 AM, by JSTETSER

    This year, I am thanking God for the people in my life. I have walked up to some of them and said, "I thank God for you!" Eyes get large, and they start to smile. They turn their heads, and want to know more. I proceed to let them know that their patience, love, concern, and hard work have he... Read more

  • I love this season of holidays

    11/20/2015 11:10:02 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good morning; I am truly enjoying the season. DH has lights up, I have shopping done and house decorated. I can just enjoy! I feel more centered this year and grateful!! I have prayers for the military for those who will not be with loved ones this year. I remember what my son told me when he was... Read more

  • A New Attitude!

    11/20/2015 5:24:41 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today it is time for a new attitude! An attitude of love, kindness and positivity! Our faith works by our love. Let's move forward and make someone's day GREAT! When I make someone else's day wonderful, my day will be just as wonderful too!... Read more

  • Ever heard such a thing

    11/19/2015 3:40:24 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good afternoon; DS's ex is harassing them again. She is jealous of his marriage, but someone they think her put their names on all sorts of wedding registry sites. Ones they never did. Then they are getting very vulgar messages signed anonymous. she is putting hatred things on all sorts of site... Read more

  • Better Tomorrow's

    11/19/2015 5:34:02 AM, by JSTETSER

    I'm living today to make a better tomorrow. Maybe I won't get to see my favorite little girl, but I will make today special for my students and for those that I work with. I'm also going to refuse temptation when it comes in the way of the food that is not great for my body.... Read more

  • I believe in Jokes

    11/18/2015 5:28:33 AM, by JSTETSER

    I believe in jokes What kind of key can open a banana? A monkey! Every day there is a light hearted moment in my class where a joke is shared. 15 year old Nick(not his real name) has Down's syndrome and speech difficulties. He needs help with social interactions. A daily joke gives him a... Read more

  • Just came back from gym - had a great workout!

    11/17/2015 9:10:17 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I slept so well last night. I am very positive and confident today. DH finished the lights outside and it looks great. He did not want to do it, but when we discussed an alternative schedule nothing worked due to commitments. Any ways, it got done and he is happy that the job is fin... Read more

  • Less Stress Morning

    11/17/2015 5:23:18 AM, by JSTETSER

    Having an easy, simple morning starts in the afternoon. I always try to have my clothes picked out, lunch made, and everything possible put in my car for the next day. When the stage is set for an early morning, I can handle any little problem that might arise. I also have 2-3 minutes to visit Sp... Read more

  • Decreasing the Drama ... make a plan

    11/16/2015 10:38:54 AM, by NANCY-

    This windy weekend was spent in a cabin. No TV, no computer. Hubby and I laid down plans for Thanksgiving and worked on our Christmas list. Getting dark early meant getting to bed early. However sleeping was another matter. My middle son had difficulties sleeping and keep me up most of ... Read more

  • DH putting out Christmas decorations- already

    11/16/2015 9:42:08 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; we both love Christmas. I got out my deep storage Christmas decoration out b/c of our grand kids. We told our GD that grandpa is going to put out lights for her to see when she comes over. Well that was suppose to be Thanksgiving weekend, but DH invited them over this weekend. We de... Read more

  • A Simpler, Less Hectic Christmas

    11/16/2015 5:28:28 AM, by JSTETSER

    I love my Christmas traditions, and I have to start before Thanksgiving to make it fun and workable. Here are a few of my ideas: 1. Send Thanksgiving cards and gifts. Thank your friends and people at work for all that they do for you! They will appreciate it! Only a few people send card... Read more

  • wedding went great!

    11/15/2015 10:26:10 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; Just got back from the gym. The wedding was a little unorganized. There was no assigned seats. But we figured it out. The bridal planner was busy with another wedding. Bride got so emotional putting on her wedding gown-the wedding was 30 minutes late. DS was so nervous. His battle... Read more

  • Insisting on a healthy meal

    11/15/2015 6:11:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    It's one meal at a time with me. That is how I am becoming a healthier eater. Yesterday I visited with my mother, and I took her out for lunch. Normally, she just tells me where we are going to eat, and I do not complain. After all, she doesn't get out much, and she is 93. This trip was d... Read more

  • Rehearsal dinner went great!!!

    11/14/2015 10:50:59 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; the rehearsal dinner was fabulous. It was simple, but what a success. DS was so grateful and happy. He was smiling. I have not seen that in quite some time. He has gained weight b/c his bride is cooking. I met his battle buddies- wonderful guys. Bride thanked me for such a wonde... Read more

  • Finger puppets- Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    11/14/2015 2:40:33 AM, by JSTETSER

    Last Saturday I sold my smittens at the Hancock Craft Fair. While I was there, I bought a set of finger puppets for my grandchild Lina. One day I will make them myself. This is a beautiful craft that takes a small amount of material. The varieties of finger puppet kids are endless. ... Read more

  • Big Day - tomorrow- Rehearsal dinner this evening

    11/13/2015 9:09:12 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; what a night- did not sleep much. Got call around 8:30 from neighbor. Her daughter is having some problems with pregnancy and she is about to deliver. Something about her placenta is old and her BP is rising. The daughter is 33 and has been having problems at her job so she quit her... Read more

  • A Sparking Gramma!

    11/13/2015 5:22:10 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I am feeling the love of little Lina. I found a way to SPARK her young imagination, and I am enjoying the warmth of love that she is returning to me. What did I do to make the 2 year old so happy? I found a set of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood finger puppets and sent it to her. ... Read more

  • Remember when???

    11/12/2015 8:57:45 PM, by ATOMIC_SUE

    ... Read more

  • Big day coming up

    11/12/2015 9:55:44 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; My mind is just going with lists to make sure my end gets done. it has gotten cold here. Wedding - weather says rain is in the forecast. I have said some prayers. I really am not nervous about the wedding. I do not know any of the aspects of it except it is expensive. The bride o... Read more

  • Thank you Spark Friends!!

    11/12/2015 5:25:30 AM, by JSTETSER

    Dear Spark Friends, Thank you for your help and support on my journey to better health. I started this journey with you a day after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. That was the wake-up call, and the start of something wonderful. I have grown and changed in my eating habits and in how I... Read more

  • Honor the Vets

    11/11/2015 8:04:54 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; My DH took a photo of our son to work where they are honoring "your favorite" vet. We sent a photo to our son and he was pleased. Later that afternoon, DS and his soon to be bride got into a big fight. MIL gave the bride money for things for the wedding and asked to be repaid with t... Read more

  • Appreciating Veterans

    11/11/2015 5:39:21 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I want to thank all veterans, and take a short trip down the Gray Memory Lane. My Grandfather Arthur Gray served with the Marines in Central America. I was never told much about his service, but I believe that it was during WWI. He sure was a handsome Marine! My Father, Arthur Wi... Read more

  • watch debt of honor PBS tonight

    11/10/2015 8:04:19 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I am the mother of a disable vet from Iraq. If you ask my son, do you regret going to Iraq, he would say no. He would still be in the Army now if he was not disabled. 652 So honor our Vets and all those that have given their lives and youth on the battlefield. PBS has a documentary... Read more

  • Talking Turkey

    11/10/2015 5:26:56 AM, by JSTETSER

    My Before School program decided to add a seasonal focal point to the multipurpose room. The staff and students love it! We have so much to be thankful for! Today the American Flag will be in the turkey's hand. ... Read more

  • Did not sleep well had too much on my mind

    11/9/2015 11:30:34 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I had too much on my mind with DS getting married this weekend. There might be rain. I am getting flowers tomorrow to start making little center pieces for the rehearsal dinner. I still do not have a head count. From what I gather wedding is little unorganized. I have taken this ... Read more

  • EYE update

    11/9/2015 5:33:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    In late August, my husband was diagnosed with a detached retina. The surgery took several tries. There were complications with some serious rips. His vision in the left eye was greatly diminished, and it has been a long, slow recovery. We have not hiked any mountains since that day because of th... Read more

  • just got back from gym - I sure do enjoy my exercise! - last night went great!

    11/8/2015 10:37:41 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I feel great after a hard work out. 224 I spent much time with GDlast night. I brought over games and we played. We hugged and kissed her. At dinner, mom fixed buffalo chili. GD was a little hesitant. DH and I kept engaging with her games to eat. She said she was a shark and at... Read more

  • I need your help!

    11/8/2015 6:00:12 AM, by JSTETSER

    Have you ever tried to talk with someone who keeps looking at their cell phone? Recently I found myself trying to have a nice visit with a couple who were texting their kids and family while I was talking about important things. I had driven for 2 hours to get to their home, only to find that o... Read more

  • DD invited us over for dinner tonight

    11/7/2015 9:24:42 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I love seeing my grand children. Some times, I need time alone with my spouse. Dh has been having a hard time at work. We did not plan for much this weekend, so when I asked Dh if you wanted to go to dinner or doing something together. He says lets go over to grand kids. My back ... Read more

  • Before School

    11/7/2015 5:42:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    Before School Care is NOT babysitting! It is a time of activity and social based learning with just enough structure to keep our program running smoothly. Between the hours of 6:30 and 8:45, children get to choose their own activities and work on them in a relaxed and protected environment. Regul... Read more

  • Getting my rugs cleaned today

    11/6/2015 9:35:48 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I have been up since 5 am moving furniture and getting ready for cleaners. It has been a long time since I have gotten them cleaned. The cleaners are late. I sure am getting my exercise in. I feel so much better today. 104 My lungs are clear. I get much energy when I have a t... Read more

  • Fond Family Memory

    11/6/2015 5:26:19 AM, by JSTETSER

    I thank God for my large family. My parents loved us and took care of us the best that they could. I wore lots of hand-me-downs from my cousins, but it did not matter. I knew that I was loved. ... Read more

  • The joke was on me.....

    11/5/2015 11:43:06 PM, by LITTLEWIND53

    Today was laundry day so I gathered all my laundry and was ready when BIL came to get me. First he dropped me off at the pharmacy so I could pick up my meds while he stopped in at his office. Then he drove me up to Sis's place. When I came in the door, I sat down with her for a couple of minu... Read more

  • Feeling so much better today

    11/5/2015 10:58:18 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I got a good night sleep. TG Chicken soup did the trick yesterday. I have much to do in the house - I have some one coming to clean my rugs tomorrow. I am putting away my "Day care" toys that I keep out for my grand kids. My DS is getting married next weekend. I want the house r... Read more

  • Listen to the Still, Small Voice

    11/5/2015 5:06:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    Deep inside each of us, our spirit, soul and body try to tell us what we really need in order to be healthy. Take time to listen. ... Read more

  • Just stopping in to say "hi"

    11/4/2015 8:33:05 PM, by GRATEFUL_DAWN

    It looks like I'm making it on here about once a month. Thank you to everyone who made a comment on my last blog. You have no idea how much your thoughts and comments mean to me. I am so grateful. This blog has nothing to do with weight loss. It's just an update on my life. Since fi... Read more

  • who killed Christmas ?

    11/4/2015 3:07:06 PM, by SUGARSMOM2

    as a young child this was my favorite Holiday season . My mom made it such a very good time for a child . I tried to do the same for my own children . Did not work . As a young girl i would wake up Christmas morning and the first sight was a tree . It was not there the night before . it was like a c... Read more

  • Going to have a SPA day

    11/4/2015 10:48:12 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I think I have a cold - I do not feel as good as I did yesterday. I am going to take care of myself. I am going to take a hot bath and just soak. I have been doing quite of bit to get ready for my son's groom rehearsal dinner. I am making table decorations, etc. I have not been sl... Read more

  • Drat, I'm hosting again.

    11/4/2015 9:06:46 AM, by NANCY-

    Talk about creating drama. Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinner have yet again fallen to me. I do not like hosting these festive feasts. I've only been hosting for about five years or so and managed to update the standard fare to yummy healthier alternatives. I do a low key Christmas D... Read more

  • Finding INSPIRATION!

    11/4/2015 5:28:32 AM, by JSTETSER

    “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become al... Read more

  • exercised this morning and I am so glad I did

    11/3/2015 8:46:36 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I have been fighting this gunk that is in my lungs from this weather. From exercising, it brings it up and I am able to get rid of it. I get this when there is up and down weather during this time of year. I am susceptible to low pressure fronts. My daughter had the same thing for y... Read more

  • What the World Needs Now is LOVE!

    11/3/2015 5:30:35 AM, by JSTETSER

    During this Thanksgiving season, I make a commitment to let people know that I care! I will look at people when they talk to me, and focus on that person and what they are really trying to say. I will not rush past people. What the World Needs Now Is Love By Burt Bacharach What... Read more

  • Very productive weekend!

    11/2/2015 9:19:23 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I am positive, healthy and confident. today I will do exercise as soon as I end this blog. I slept in this morning to 7 am. I needed the sleep, but I feel refreshed. I got through my second halloween without eating one piece of candy. It was not even a challenge this year. I just de... Read more

  • Back to the routine?

    11/2/2015 9:10:18 AM, by NANCY-

    After spending a wonderful week with my grands, I'm back to ... New 21 day meditation. November's 5 day clean eating and fitness challenge. Already got in 25 minutes with classical stretch this morning. Hmmm. Being away from home did change my eating habits... plus it helped that it wasn'... Read more

  • Thank God for little Girls!

    11/2/2015 5:31:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    Thank God for little girls For their sweetness and their giving hearts For the happy little giggles when I surprise her. For the peaceful sleep with the face of an angel. I would never want to disappoint the innocent trust of my two year old Lina. ... Read more

  • We'll I didn't...

    11/1/2015 11:49:18 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    387 I wrote "stepping up my game" in my status bar back on Oct 4th, and needless to say... I DIDN'T! 90 150 Most of you know I was doing really well, and then I took a preschool teaching position for 2-3 yr olds, of which I had done previously for many years. But since the last time I was... Read more

  • just got back from gym - I sure do enjoy my exercise!

    11/1/2015 9:55:08 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I am so grateful that I am willing to go early and get the exercise out of the way. I have decided long ago - exercise is so essential to me as breathing. I can no longer do without it. My body, mind and spirit needs the movement. My DH & I went to trick or treated with my grand... Read more

  • Thank God for Little Boys!

    11/1/2015 4:30:23 AM, by JSTETSER

    I thank God for little boys! For the love and the laughter, the pizza and toys. For the tumbling and taunting and running around, One minute an angel, the next minute a clown! Having fun outside in the park, With nephews Jayden and Carter. What a lark! ... Read more