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  • A Meditative Monadnock Climb!

    2/20/2017 6:03:49 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday was a perfect winter's day to hike a mountain in New Hampshire! The temps were in the high 40's with lots of sunshine. Who could ask for anything more? My friend Lee Ann asked to join us on the hike. We hiked Mt. Mount Monadnock via the White Arrow Trail. The trail was fairly... Read more

  • New week

    2/20/2017 12:28:25 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Stressed days ahead with tons of paperwork enjoy your day hugs... Read more

  • Hanging in there

    2/19/2017 7:02:07 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    February is one of my busiest months. I teach at a public magnet school which means that students must apply, interview and then be accepted into our program. Guess who does the interviewing? We do! We do all that interviewing in February. However, I have managed to at least get in my steps m... Read more

  • Reliving History!

    2/19/2017 5:47:21 AM, by JSTETSER

    Saturday was a special day at the Fuller Library in Hillsboro. We had an open house with all 4 floors of the old Smith mansion open with tours. Because the top 2 floors have been closed for about 10 years, this was a major event. My husband John and I were dressed up as The Governor John Butler S... Read more

  • No Fear!!

    2/18/2017 5:19:11 AM, by JSTETSER

    The scripture that I stand on with my grandchild Gabby facing brain surgery is "Do not be afraid, only believe." (Mark 5:36) Attitude makes a big difference in how we face a situation, and what we receive from that test or trial. I am faced with a choice of what I will focus on: 1. I can fo... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/17/2017 11:41:13 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a blessed day and enjoy life... Read more

  • Talked to my neighbor today for a couple hours

    2/17/2017 3:54:48 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good afternoon; Neighbor called me her DH is deteriorating greatly in the past six months. Her Dh now has tumors which are coming out like mumps. One is really big now. They are going to operate to remove it. His face is really stiffing. He has dementia and also hallucinates. She still has not... Read more

  • More than diet and exercise

    2/17/2017 7:18:29 AM, by MARION-S

    ... Read more

  • Pray for Baby Gabby!

    2/17/2017 5:16:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    My 5 month old grandchild Gabby is going to have an Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) with Choroid Plexus Cauterization for Hydrocephalus to treat congenital obstructive hydrocephalus. You may have to Google all of that to figure out what will take place. I had to. The surgery takes p... Read more

  • having the entire family over this weekend

    2/16/2017 3:40:32 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good afternoon; My GD facetime with me- She says, "Nana are you going to have the kitchen up this weekend." We have much stuff which we store in the garage which were toys from my own DD & DS. The play kitchen is something I bought b/c the previous one we gave to a charity play yard when we moved... Read more

  • Finding my Focus

    2/16/2017 5:19:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    There are so many things that I can focus my attention on every day! Some are worthwhile, and some are not. I can focus on the positive, or the negative. I can focus on my friends or my enemies. What we focus on take us our mental energy and we move in that direction. Be careful ... Read more

  • A Laugh For Today

    2/15/2017 7:06:19 AM, by MARION-S

    ... Read more

  • Teaching the Baby to Read

    2/15/2017 5:17:56 AM, by JSTETSER

    The best way to teach a child to read is to first help them to love book. Send them books and cards often. Let kids know that you love to read too. Children learn what children live.... Read more

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    2/14/2017 9:57:47 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I woke up great. My DH was already up 4:30am. I knew something was up. He was leaving for the gym which we had said we were both going. He looked upset. He left and I began wondering what was going on. He came back and said nothing. Last night he got on this kick to retire again... Read more

  • Snow shoeing

    2/14/2017 5:11:27 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday was the perfect afternoon to head into the woods and enjoy the beauty around me. The fresh snow brought a sense of quietness and calm. We had to break trail through over a foot of snow. It was both a great workout and a delight. As you can imagine, I slept good last... Read more

  • just spoke to my neighbor - what a change

    2/13/2017 2:56:35 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good afternoon; this weekend we babysat which we actually look forward to it. My GS is talking so much and very opinionated now. My GD is like an old soul. She is so insightful for not even 5 yet. We really love them. We had raked up 10 bags of leaves and worked on a puzzle and finished it thi... Read more

  • Early morning Snow!

    2/13/2017 5:16:33 AM, by JSTETSER

    Beautiful snow all over the place Lots of shoveling is what I face. There will be no school New Hampshire day, I'll work outside and home I'll stay So much work I will not do This change of pace till the day is through. ... Read more

  • The balance between Strict and Silly

    2/12/2017 5:26:38 AM, by JSTETSER

    There are times when girls just want to have fun. I found my fun and edit with gusto! Last month was my birthday, and friends helped me to seek out the silly treats that I've always enjoyed. I lick my lips and thank God that I know how to enjoy myself. Today is a day to get serious,... Read more

  • What a week!

    2/11/2017 7:25:42 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    We started this week with a Super Bowl party. I have to say that I was very good. I ate a snack before it started, so I didn't eat too much at the party and I didn't imbibe too much either. Even with a week that started with a party, I will be within my alcohol goal this week. Then, I learned ... Read more

  • Motivated!

    2/11/2017 5:18:06 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every once in a while I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I glimmer of hope that my efforts are being rewarded. Real progress is being made. I feel just a little bit better than I did before. I'm just a little bit stronger. My attitude is improving. I'm reaching my goals. ... Read more

  • Nevertheless, She Persisted!

    2/10/2017 5:14:13 AM, by JSTETSER

    “Nevertheless, She Persisted!” “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted!” These are the words that Mitch McConnell said of Senator Elizabeth Warren before the Republican Party voted to silence her on the Senate floor. He was a fool to try to put down this... Read more

  • Back

    2/9/2017 4:09:26 PM, by IRISROSE25

    I'm back once again to work on my weight goals! 521... Read more

  • Having a good morning - went to gym this morning!

    2/9/2017 10:19:40 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I had a good txting session with DS yesterday. He is going to his group VA sessions on PTSD. It took courage. I tell him he had another successful day. He does not know what success is. I tell him. I told him you need to get use to going to your sessions like muscle memory. You ... Read more

  • It's all aboout The Spark!

    2/9/2017 5:05:09 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every once in a while, I take the time to return to The Spark. I look at where I started six years ago, and the change that I've experienced from being a daily part of the Spark community. I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, but I needed to understand Type II Diabetes and change my eating habit... Read more

  • Drinking the Water!

    2/8/2017 5:09:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    Drinking water is adiscipline. Yesterday I got busy ith other things, and this morning I feel the results. Today I rink. I get in 8-9 glasses of water and herbal tea a day. How do you wo with getting in your water? ... Read more

  • The Crusaders

    2/7/2017 5:18:13 AM, by JSTETSER

    Within my family, there's a group of people that I lovingly call The Crusaders. They are people who rush to justice, and don’t care who they run down in the process. These wonderful conservative people are so focused on righteousness and justice, that they will kick the infidel, the dirty dog... Read more

  • Had a great weekend but this morning

    2/6/2017 12:44:56 PM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I had a great weekend - exercised, eat right, watched grand kids. But this morning, I have been getting phone calls from my DS phone. I answer and the person hangs up. this is usually a sign that his wife and he are having problems. I try very hard to let go, but it worries me when... Read more

  • Waking up to the Win!

    2/6/2017 5:20:46 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I wake up to another Patriots Super Bowl win. I also wake up to having enjoyed the right amount of good food the night before. Here was my winning game plan: 1. Small plates. I served my meal on my small plates. I enjoyed chips and salsa in small portions. Chips are often my downfall. ... Read more

  • Back on the Wagon

    2/5/2017 7:36:49 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    Now that my special project is over and that I am mostly over my cold, I have to get back on the saddle. I had a 1.4 pound gain last week - even after two days of not being able to chew! (Dental work) I had way too much comfort food and not enough movement. Today is a new day. I know it is Sup... Read more

  • Quietness

    2/5/2017 5:26:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today is my quiet day. I've turned off the noise a d now I listen to the peacefulness around me. Restoration and healing come to my soul. Clarity of thought returns to my mid. It's so easy to keep the tv off and avoid my phone. I should do this more often! ... Read more

  • Two Little Boys

    2/4/2017 5:05:53 AM, by JSTETSER

    Two little boys playing on the bed, Listening to what their Mama said. Lots of trucks, and bikes and toys, Just two happy boisterous boys! You turned into two very fine men and the cycle begins again. You both are married, and so grown with cute little girls of ... Read more

  • Knowing when to be silent

    2/3/2017 5:17:04 AM, by JSTETSER

    Speaking up is important, but so is being silent. There are times when I just need to clear my mind and heart, and keep quiet. I am committed to speaking up, but I also am committed to my own peace of mind. I have to love myself enough to take care of my own mental health. Hearing people verball... Read more

  • got a HB invitation from my GD

    2/2/2017 11:41:31 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; the invitation states that my GD requests photos or cards for her party, but no gifts. She will be 5 on her birthday. I love that! I send her cards in the mail with stickers or photos in the card. I did this for her mother. My GD has a scrapbook and put them in her book. What a ... Read more

  • Calling For Change!

    2/2/2017 5:17:48 AM, by JSTETSER

    This is a time where I feel uneasy about what is going on in our country. It is time for me to get involved, and make sure that my voice is heard. I started making phone calls to my elected officials. I have been shy in the past about such action. My speaking up has been upsetting for some... Read more

  • Puzzles

    2/1/2017 8:50:06 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; what a week. Been doing puzzles and reading a good book. DH & I love doing puzzles. For whatever reason, we just forgot to get one out and put on our dining room table. Much had to do with the holidays b/c we needed the table for dining. Puzzles are something I have been doing sin... Read more

  • My February Change

    2/1/2017 5:14:19 AM, by JSTETSER

    I'm changing one small thing that needs to be changed: less time sitting on the couch, and more time lifting the weights. I've moved my weights into the living room next to the TV. If I want to watch tv, I need to lift some weights for at least the first few minutes of the program. Are yo... Read more

  • just got back from the gym

    1/31/2017 8:51:55 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    good morning; Had a good week so far. DH has come to terms that he is not going to convention. The company has cut the budget. Too much traveling last year so this year they are cutting the travel budget. He knows it is not personal. I am going to rake leaves today like I did yesterday. DD call... Read more

  • Winter Thaw

    1/31/2017 5:15:02 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sometimes I find myself frozen in the past. I remember the thrilling victories and the agonizing defeats of my life. As spring is heading to me and new life is about to spring forth. It is time for me to forget about both the good and bad of the past, and prepare for a new season in my lif... Read more

  • New Week

    1/30/2017 6:02:31 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    I finished my project on Saturday morning. A couple of hours afterwards, that is when the irritating tickle in my throat became a full blown cold. There is a nasty one going around, so I am afraid that I caught it. I spent Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday resting. I read a book just for f... Read more

  • 61, and feeling GREAT!

    1/30/2017 5:05:41 AM, by JSTETSER

    I'm 61 and feeling great Because of all the greens I ate, I walked in the woods for a couple of miles, My heart pumps hard, and makes me smile. I'm getting older, I confess, But I thank God, I know I'm blessed!... Read more

  • The last couple of year had been tough yet forgiving

    1/29/2017 1:56:07 PM, by LOVINGLORIN

    Now that I feel I am at peace with myself and forgiving of others and myself I am ready to complete this journey I have started. I am into week 5 of 60 to obtain my goal. I am not afraid of having loose baggy skin at the end of this weight loss, which I was before. I am looking forward to feeli... Read more

  • My Birthday Present to ME!

    1/29/2017 5:49:12 AM, by JSTETSER

    I turn 61 today, and I'm happy to be where I am in life! I have a wonderful husband who hikes with me. A large part of my healthy life has to do with his commitment to health! I have four children who love me, and are doing well in life. Two are my natural born, and two are step kids. Wh... Read more

  • Feasting my Eyes

    1/28/2017 5:12:16 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I'm taking the time to fill my heart with beauty from nature. I'm filling my heart with beautiful moments of awe as I look at the wonderful world around me. There are so many ways to satisfy my soul with loveliness. When I hunger for something and my first response is to reach ... Read more

  • Why I will re-commit to myself every day!

    1/27/2017 2:57:34 PM, by SHINING_ON

    Beginning yesterday, I’m back on crutches. Before that, I was walking with a walking stick for several days to keep weight off the left foot. Dec 2014, I broke my fibula and completely destroyed my ankle. By the grace of a good surgeon, I was sort-of reassembled. High and even medium impact ... Read more

  • Some thoughts

    1/27/2017 5:57:07 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    Just in case you are wondering where in the heck I've been, I am working on a special project after school. It's a little bit of extra cash and the work isn't too difficult. But, it is totally time consuming. It is all done online. I have about 1 more week to go until I am finished. Anyway, my... Read more

  • TIME

    1/27/2017 5:22:21 AM, by JSTETSER

    There are so many important things to get done in a day. I have to accept the fact that I cannot do them all. I must choose wisely how to spend my precious time. Some time for God, some time for work, some time for others, and some time for me. When I live a life of balance, all is good, a... Read more

  • having a calm day and so is DH

    1/26/2017 10:59:22 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; I have been eating well, actually cooking all week, and exercising. I am letting go of my DH's stress at work. We talked and I said he needs to learn to handle the stress. He has been going to the gym every morning. It has helped him greatly. He is not so moody. There is a conve... Read more

  • Just say NO!

    1/26/2017 5:09:50 AM, by JSTETSER

    My most thoughtful giving is of my time. I know that before service is over and I head home, I will be presented with between five and ten different giving opportunities of my time and of my money. I try to have my offering check prepared ahead of time, knowing that I can always give more by ... Read more

  • And the stress pours on..

    1/25/2017 11:02:03 PM, by ALOHATST

    Trying not to complain or be drama queen but at same time .. ugg I found out that my work is on a hiring freeze and really they need to hire more staff not reduce staff at least in my department. Trying to find things to keep self busy and keep from snacking. Hopefully the tides will turn for us,... Read more

  • Taking Time for kindness towards me.

    1/25/2017 5:21:20 AM, by JSTETSER

    An Act of Kindness Loving others as I love myself is a strong concept. The very first person that I need to show kindness to is myself. I must respect myself, and be bold at times. This does not come easy, but it is important for me. I need to savor some time to regroup and gain strength. ... Read more

  • The last two days -

    1/24/2017 7:55:07 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; DH is back into this moodiness due to his job. yesterday I got him to start back to exercise. He was not in a great mood. Left his phone at the gym. I found it when I went to the gym afterward. He cut his finger in the morning - long story. He was banging around the house when h... Read more

  • Let the simple things bring satisfaction and joy.

    1/24/2017 5:07:50 AM, by JSTETSER

    Let the simple things bring satisfaction and joy. Let life be fun, and not toil Let your light shine today, and be happy with the light that you walk in. Let faith triumph over fear. This is a good day! ... Read more

  • Way Stressed!!!

    1/23/2017 8:57:41 PM, by ALOHATST

    Feeling very stressed. We found out that my husband's retina detached again in his left eye. We were informed that he would have to have extensive surgery on it and scheduled for surgery in about a week. They will be addressing both the retina detachment and cataracts in his eye. This will have him ... Read more

  • A lot to Learn!

    1/23/2017 5:06:45 AM, by JSTETSER

    So much to Learn in the areas of health, education and now with my new embroidery machine! Nothing that brings big rewards will come easily. Today I feel as though I’m back in kindergarten. I have so much to learn! I remember the day that I was told that I needed to change the way that I ea... Read more

  • 2 months progress

    1/22/2017 10:39:36 AM, by VANILLAMAMA

    I know this is a little late but I was sick this last week. Here is two month progress after my sleeve .... Read more

  • Gabby Update

    1/22/2017 5:18:59 AM, by JSTETSER

    Little Gabby is 5 months old now, and she is growing into a fine little girl. Unfortunately, the ultrasound last week shows that the ventricles in her brain are not removing enough of the fluid in Gabby's brain. On February 14th, she will have an MRI for a different look at the brain. If th... Read more