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  • New week

    10/5/2015 2:54:26 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    So tired enjoy life just put my brother in hospital sad... Read more

  • Hello New Week of New Chances At Change

    10/5/2015 12:52:04 AM, by SHANTRA7

    Yes, I spent my day allowing my body to guide me and I liked it. I'm ready for this new week ahead of me , lots of challenges and new goals. I'm dedicated, determined and driven but not perfect. Forward progressing, yes. Only I can stop me, I have the power. 212 312 318 320 416 402 331 358... Read more

  • Running with the Fishes

    10/4/2015 11:31:35 PM, by BDTHOM

    Today was was an amazing day. The highlight wasn't even completing my third 5K of the year on a beautiful Autumn day. It wasn't the time of 33:21, beating my expectations by two and a half minutes. It was the support of my SparkFreinds. Over the 24 hours before the race I received goodies... Read more

  • Spoiled Today

    10/4/2015 10:41:19 PM, by BMCC488

    It's my birthday, and I can't stop singing that "It's my birthday and I'll do what I want to..." Like that song about the party lol. Not exactly the best song to be playing in my mind when I can't stop craving carbs... So my birthday has turned into a carb fest... Not totally, because I ate my ... Read more

  • Victories, but not THE victory.

    10/4/2015 9:09:15 AM, by MINATHERED

    I had a great day yesterday. I lost another two pounds at my weigh in and at my monthly measuring I lost an inch off each of my hips, thigh, and waist. This is working and I'm beyond tickled pink. I'm down a total of 45 pounds. Mind boggling and utterly thrilling. Then I think about how muc... Read more

  • Me, Again

    10/4/2015 8:07:04 AM, by ZELLAZM

    As I wrote yesterday, I'm leaving on Tuesday for a retreat in Switzerland. This is the view I'm looking forward to, posted on Facebook by a friend who is already there, setting up for the event: Today, I'm packing, but also doing some mental preparation for all the food and feasting that will b... Read more

  • Eventful Saturday

    10/4/2015 12:39:44 AM, by BMCC488

    This morning I felt inspired to type and post my wordpress blog, one I thought of yesterday but ran out of time and energy to do: www.journeytohealthyyou.wordpr
    s-like-fall/ I was excited about it! I didn't actually get many views on it but it felt good to post some... Read more

  • Goal Before 10:00 p.m. Usually It's By Noon or Midnight

    10/4/2015 12:35:31 AM, by SHANTRA7

    On a good day I can reach goal by 12:00 noon but my body is familiar with my tricks so I gotta work harder, faster & longer now. Today's morning session only yielded 7,100 steps which means that the remaining 8,000 were completed in-house & it was a challenge , so many variables and distractions as ... Read more

  • Threads

    10/3/2015 9:45:36 PM, by APRILRUSSELL3

    I feel pretty low. And heavy and slow. My weight is back up. My running pace is down. I am at a point where I either keep sliding back or I dig deep and push forward. I am trying to find that excitement that I had. I am trying to want to do the right things. Right now I don't. Denial w... Read more

  • The mysterious case of the missing blog

    10/3/2015 6:12:58 PM, by YOGADMA

    Since I stopped drinking, and sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, I have all these hours to fill! I guess that's good, right? Idle hands and all that... I am still working on the "8" week Couch to 5K. It's been about 4 months now, haha! I got sick twice in the past month and am a firm bel... Read more

  • Wrist activity trackers

    10/3/2015 5:25:56 PM, by LIMOM2TWINS

    Does anyone know of a wrist activity tracker that does not count arm movements as steps? I was lucky enough to be given a fitbit Charge HR and I tested it out - stood in place and swung my arm 5 times without moving - sure enough it registered as 5 steps. If that is the case on it then I am not ge... Read more

  • Enough! Now for some goals.

    10/3/2015 4:36:34 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    Cardio The magic goal that doctors and fitness professionals seem to agree on is 10,000 steps/day, which is roughly 5 miles. Without trying I can get in 3000 steps/day, so roughly a mile and a half. If I go for a "wog", I add 2.5-3 miles, which leaves a mile-ish that I'm short each day. If it's... Read more

  • Color Me Courageous 5K.. New PR!!!!

    10/3/2015 4:17:05 PM, by LDYHAZ

    Woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain. Yes we need the rain but I knew this would effect the 5K course. I think I groaned because DH patted me with his “It will be alright pat”. Morning and yes there was standing water and it was cool outside 47 that felt like 41. This cool... Read more

  • a nice day

    10/3/2015 12:50:52 PM, by MOMMY445

    a very cool, windy day here today. I'm taking it easy and so is my daughter. all of the birds say hi. have a wonderful day , everyone!... Read more

  • On Track

    10/3/2015 11:20:54 AM, by ZELLAZM

    I've been on a good trend, losing around .5 - 1.5 pounds a week for the past couple of months. Passed a landmark with today's weigh-in - the halfway mark on my Spark Ticker. 244 For the current BLC weekend challenge, we"re supposed to talk about how we track nutrition. I've always used the Sp... Read more

  • Energy Peaks, Mine was Low Yesterday

    10/3/2015 5:35:54 AM, by SHANTRA7

    Man, yesterday my energy levels were low , not sure why. The mornings are the best for me to do whatever needs to be done which is the main reason I exercise early in the morning. I had it going in the morning but it dipped in the afternoon and completely left me in the evening so my final stats for... Read more

  • The Balanced Life Challenge

    10/2/2015 11:13:41 PM, by BDTHOM

    I made it through 30 days of the balanced life challenge. Now I'm having trouble writing the last blog. Balanced Life Challenge, Day 30: Congrats! You've made it to the last day of the BalancedLife Challenge! This is my 30th blog in 30 days. I'm going to keep it short. There's no questio... Read more

  • Staying Busy is Exhausting

    10/2/2015 11:03:36 PM, by BMCC488

    It has been another full day. So cold this morning, I had to put on socks to walk around the house at first. I even asked the youngest to sit on my lap and help me get warm lol. Shortly after that, when he wouldn't stop elbowing me as he shifted himself or moved, I got up and got to work. I sta... Read more

  • The Why ??? & the after.....To be continued for life.....

    10/2/2015 5:21:26 PM, by LIMOM2TWINS

    When asked by several difference people the WHY, the reason or the final push to get me moving in the right direction - when I would tell them it was the quote of "A year from now you will wish you started today" & that when I started my Final Forever journey on June 25, 2014, I had over a year befo... Read more

  • Pride

    10/2/2015 10:29:26 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    One of the seven deadly sins. Now I’m not Christian, but I was raised as one. As a Christian and as a woman, I was told that pride was undesirable. A good woman (and a good Christian) is supposed to be mild and put others first. While I managed to escape the religion, I didn’t escape what it tau... Read more

  • Oct 2nd: Instant Headache & Fever

    10/2/2015 10:09:21 AM, by FATHINSN

    Maybe I should just let the tears flow. The reality of my grandma passed away when I heard the news last night felt more real when I dropped my parents to the airport. Then the terrible headache and sudden fever came this morning, making me felt so helpless alone at home. I still try hard not to cr... Read more

  • Oh Those Gray Moments

    10/2/2015 9:00:09 AM, by LDYHAZ

    I have had a few of them this week. First was when I sat down to sync my Garmin running watch with the computer. I looked at the date on the calendar and then looked at the watch. They were not the same. I figured that when we went to Kansas and crossed a time zone that something must have happen... Read more

  • Healthi-Tasking

    10/2/2015 12:13:22 AM, by BDTHOM

    My son is a multitasker. He texts his friends while ignoring me and what I have to say. He insists he can do both. I agree. Balanced Life Challenge, Day 29: Sneak in some fitness during one of your everyday tasks today: Stretch while working at your desk, pace while talking on the phone, or tu... Read more

  • Keeping Steady

    10/1/2015 11:24:47 PM, by BMCC488

    The BMV thing didn't happen. Yes, I still need to get a new learner's permit, BUT I wasn't sure what their rules were regarding residency or anything else especially since it expired yesterday. I left the house with the intention of just going and seeing what they said. I tried calling them and it w... Read more

  • it's thursday

    10/1/2015 12:45:21 PM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. my daughter and i will be out enjoying the weather once she is done school for the day. the birds say hi. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Hello October !!!

    10/1/2015 11:58:42 AM, by SHANTRA7

    I'm so excited for change and the possibilities . We can do whatever we set our minds to, only we can get in our own way and I refuse to do so. Today was grocery store trip #1 , as a direct result I had no time for my session too and I had to do 1 load of laundry in between time. Now don't get me wr... Read more

  • No, your legs won’t give out. Yes, you can breathe. Keep going.

    10/1/2015 10:48:26 AM, by ELLAGURU518

    Monday was a big run day for me. I did my first 10 minute run ever. I am super proud of myself, but I was SORE afterwards. My thighs ached Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday was another run day. To be honest, I was still so sore, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. However, I dragged myself to the gym a... Read more

  • Crazy Day of Cleaning Yesterday

    10/1/2015 10:19:51 AM, by BMCC488

    So I didn't get on last night like usual... Yesterday I spent literally the whole day doing SOMETHING active. The day started with the oldest knocking the shelves down on the bookshelf in the dining room/office AGAIN while I was outside talking to the guy who mowed our lawn for free. So instead of r... Read more

  • 26/700 going to start a new group..( thinking about it)

    10/1/2015 10:17:00 AM, by RONDADEBI

    So seriously thinking about starting a new group 1. Fat people can climb mountains too! 2. I ain't skinny but I can climb a mountain! 3. Facing my fear of heights and climbing a mountain! BUT I think I want to try something different then what most groups are doing...I need to think more ... Read more

  • Today is another day

    10/1/2015 10:07:30 AM, by MINATHERED

    Thank you for all the support and the ideas on my post yesterday. Remember how I said it wasn't quite a depression episode? Well, I figured out why I was just so down yesterday. I had a migraine! I get down or grumpy as part of my "aura", but it's not something I typically recognize as "gee, I'm... Read more

  • Oct 1st: Began New Month With Sadness

    10/1/2015 9:44:03 AM, by FATHINSN

    My grandma has passed away.... Read more

  • Thursday - strength-training anyone?

    10/1/2015 3:12:12 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Interesting place in the week - Thursday. It's not 'hump' day. It's nearly the end of the week, but it's not the end of the week. I had to look it up .... "The English word Thursday is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Thursday literally means “Thor’s day” in Old English. ... Read more

  • Healthy Habits

    10/1/2015 12:44:45 AM, by BDTHOM

    I enjoy yoga. It's relaxing and the gentle stretching is very good for my chronic heel pain. It's a mystery why I don't do more. Balanced Life Challenge, Day 28: Today, slow things down with a bit of yoga or stretching. Sometimes, all we need is a really good stretching workout to get us back... Read more

  • Today is my first step

    9/30/2015 11:54:48 PM, by DORAERICA

    The background: I've been away from SP for nearly 3 years. I'm not sure how much I weigh. I was eating so so and exercising very regularly when I got pregnant and dropped out of tracking everything for a while. After my baby was born, I lost the pregnancy weight right away and stayed at a ... Read more

  • The stuff no-one talks about

    9/30/2015 3:54:12 PM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I'm undoubtedly not the first person to see and read this article about loose skin after weight loss. But it affected me greatly to read it, and I have never seen photographs like this before, just always wondered........... it's about a young woman who lost 110lbs and about how the loose skin aff... Read more

  • Watch Out ! Get Out Your Own Way Wednesday

    9/30/2015 3:23:23 PM, by SHANTRA7

    Yes, always a mouth full . I'm a handful especially when I'm on fire & out of my own way. Obligations and waking up late have me waking up too late for my usual sessions, now the old me would settle for that and just do it the next day but " THE NEW ME " ain't having it. I set a time and a small goa... Read more

  • october goals & september success

    9/30/2015 2:25:25 PM, by EVRLNGFOO

    September was hugely successful as far as sugar free September goes! I'm very proud of myself. I haven't had soda since august 31st, I haven't had sugar since august 28th. I weaned myself off a couple days before September so I wouldn't totally detox. I still had a couple days of headaches, fuzzy he... Read more

  • Loving the Lovely Limes

    9/30/2015 11:57:27 AM, by TUPELO_HONEY

    One of the problems caused by dieting, especially the perpetual one that I’ve been on for most of my life, is that I become too self-focused. I even work out alone in the morning using dvds, so I don’t have a gym buddy or a class to help get me out of myself. Sparkpeople helps because there ar... Read more

  • Wonderful Weekend Away

    9/30/2015 10:56:58 AM, by LDYHAZ

    That trip to Kansas was just what this family needed. We left Saturday morning picked up DH mother father and great aunt. We all squeezed into a mini van and off we were. It was a long drive and DH did all the driving. The rest of us chatted up a storm. Made a couple stops and drive bys to s... Read more

  • a beautiful fall day

    9/30/2015 9:36:11 AM, by MOMMY445

    a nice cool fall day here today. my doctor's appointment went very well yesterday. i ended up having to have two blood tests before i left the building where my doctor is located.that is okay. i want to make sure i am healthy inside and out. my daughter is sooo excited about halloween this year. i h... Read more

  • Having a low day

    9/30/2015 9:20:48 AM, by MINATHERED

    Today is going to be one of those days. It's not quite a depression episode, but gods, I am blue. I was just thinking about Thanksgiving coming up. It's my very favorite holiday. I adore the Macy's Parade and turkey with crisp skin and pumpkin pie and sparkling apple cider and decorations of aut... Read more

  • Sep 30th: Rumbling Stomach Solution

    9/30/2015 8:12:18 AM, by FATHINSN

    After a long talk with a new doctor - I decided to try the new clinic quite close to my office - apparently my stomach rumbling problem was from my stress. Something about the stress triggered my body to cause more gastric acid that caused my stomach had "active" action and caused gassy problem. ... Read more

  • I Accomplished My Daily Step Goal

    9/30/2015 1:21:20 AM, by SHANTRA7

    Yes, yes yes I pushed me to reach my daily step goal instead of just not doing it. It feels good to do it so it's done. " Ain't nothing to it but to do it " . My current & final stats are : 15,027 steps/ 6.1 miles/ 1,183 calories burned . I'm going for more tomorrow. Yes. Forward progress. 198 ... Read more

  • Eating Meditation

    9/30/2015 12:13:29 AM, by BDTHOM

    I'm embracing today's theme and honoring the gorgeous Autumn day by taking my lunch outside. I received a card from a friend (see the comments for Day 21) that I opened after I was finished eating. Balanced Life Challenge, Day 27: Today is the day to break the bad habit of eating at your d... Read more

  • Surprise Day Off

    9/29/2015 11:54:53 PM, by BMCC488

    Today has gone well. The morning was chaotic... well, anytime the boys were home was chaotic today. They just do not want to listen and the youngest keeps playing in the dog's water and food bowls in the kitchen, where he's not even allowed to be unless one of us is in there or he's eating/getting a... Read more

  • Not What I Wanted But I'm Happy With What I Have

    9/29/2015 4:15:56 PM, by SHANTRA7

    Yes, I'm truly grateful to be where I am today . Yesterday I had someone comment " I was just telling him that I want your stomach and your legs " , " what are you wearing under your clothes ?" and I was flattered . I replied " I'm wearing nothing under my clothes, I'm all natural ", I also told her... Read more

  • Sep 29th: A Bloated, Gassy, Stomachache Human

    9/29/2015 10:42:01 AM, by FATHINSN

    Or simply put, food poison LOL I think I got a mild version but it still annoyed me. Good news is no heavy puking or diarrhea. Bad news, my stomach is swollen with unbreakable gas; no burp or fart that can help release the bloated feeling so either I use a giant pin to poke hole through my stomach o... Read more

  • a cloudy mild day

    9/29/2015 8:45:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    there is a chance of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm here this afternoon. i have a doctor's appointment this morning. just a follow up. it has been a while since i have been to see my doctor. there has been so much going on in my life that is positive that i have not had the chance to go to see my d... Read more

  • Day 1

    9/29/2015 1:59:23 AM, by 1HOTFUDGEMAMA

    Yesterday went well. 7miles. 14000 steps. 30 min elliptical workout that wasn't too hard. Ate a ton of protein. Don't know how I'll make it 145grams. But I got go 100. I cheated a little had a lot of creamer with my coffee. I can't wait to eat fruits in two weeks. I'm sticking to veggies this week. ... Read more

  • Another Day in the Business Books

    9/29/2015 1:54:44 AM, by BMCC488

    Another day in the books. I worked a tad this morning for an hour, or so. I don't remember what I did at this point haha. Mornings are hard for me because it takes me so long to wake up. I think I mostly just started following tags on Wordpress so I can read and comment on others' blogs while on my ... Read more

  • My Make It Matter Motivation Monday Is.....

    9/28/2015 11:41:48 PM, by SHANTRA7

    Going well for the most part considering I didn't go outside this morning for my regular session. Today has been a great day, warm, quiet and calm. I'll be working on the remainder of my steps to reach goal but my current not final stats are : 10,149 steps/ 4.1 miles/ 703 calories burned. I'm on it ... Read more

  • Adventure Time

    9/28/2015 9:45:20 PM, by BDTHOM

    Today was a glorious fall day with a clear blue sky, plenty of sunshine, and warm temperatures. I should be out having an adventure. Instead I'm stuck at work. It's going to be hard to meet today's challenge. Balanced Life Challenge, Day 26: Today, plan a fitness adventure for yourself and a f... Read more

  • Happy " Make It Matter Motivation Monday " !!!

    9/28/2015 1:57:32 PM, by SHANTRA7

    I didn't post a blog entry yesterday, I sorta went into myself. Today, I've been busy and I wasn't able to make it out for my session, I had to do laundry instead but I still made it matter because I exercised while the clothes washed. I'm not at goal just yet but I will be soon. Now I must head out... Read more

  • MMCI - 09/28/15

    9/28/2015 12:56:12 PM, by RUNNINGWILD

    This morning I weighed in at 137.5. That's DOWN TWO POUNDSfrom last week and completely unexpected. Yay me!! Last week, I had a few hiccups along the way. The goal was to not eat any chocolate, donuts, cookies or anything else baked at Tim Horton's. I also wanted to coffee intake to one per ... Read more

  • Back up

    9/28/2015 12:27:01 PM, by 1HOTFUDGEMAMA

    Yo yo. I get it. I eat out of bounds. I ate cookies. Could have bought one but instead I bought a dozen. How did I not expect a gain? Had 2 margaritas. 2 glasses of wine. Half a loaf of French bread. And 2tbs butter. Plus dessert. And rice. Sure I burned 300-400 calories a day. But u took in well o... Read more

  • Sep 28th: Being A Realistic In Love?

    9/28/2015 10:42:01 AM, by FATHINSN

    I had an interesting conversation over lunch with a friend. I shared my mock date experience on last Saturday. She was supportive if the mock date could lead to actual dates but she also warned me. How I need to be more realistic on the guy I will fall in love and spend my life with him. In our soc... Read more

  • Great day

    9/28/2015 7:48:55 AM, by NVRUNB4

    Yesterday was great. A touch over in calories, but lots of exercise. 4 mile run in under an hour!!! And then 5 miles of walking toget into town to watch the eclipse. I'm looking forward to starting some strength training tomorrow. Focusing on my lower back and anything that will help out my hips. Bo... Read more

  • The Red-Faced Moon

    9/28/2015 2:03:31 AM, by BDTHOM

    I try to live with the intention, life just seems to get in the way. I was successful today! Now my challenge is to explain how sitting on the mountain watching a lunar eclipse is living intentionally. Day 25: It can be easy to get caught up in the noise of everyday life and just go th... Read more

  • Not as Smooth as Hoped

    9/27/2015 11:19:12 PM, by BMCC488

    Church was touch and go with my mom but she text me before nine this morning saying she would be picking me up and we'd be going. We made it back just in time for my brother to leave for work at eleven thirty. I had the boys as soon as I came home, from eleven thirty till after nine tonight. I'... Read more

  • Turning Off the Noise

    9/27/2015 8:48:41 PM, by RUNNING2MYSELF

    There seems to be a lot of noise regarding size surrounding me at the moment. Set Points, Diets Don't Work, Starvation Mode, Sacrifice, No Pain No Gain, Fat and Fabulous, Fat-Shaming, Health at Any Size, Maintenance, The Statistics are Not in Your Favor, Acceptance, Bariatric Surgery, Lipo, Eat... Read more

  • Beck Diet Solution

    9/27/2015 12:41:04 PM, by WINACHST

    I seem to have fallen behind on the daily assignments. I am taking that as a cue that I need to take more time on some of the lessons. I have done the rate my hunger and skipping meals, but did the assignment in my head. So, I need to backtrack and get the results in writing. oops! company here... Read more

  • Starting all over again!

    9/27/2015 11:24:02 AM, by ASFUQUEA

    I'm not going to beat myself up over my failures or not meeting my expectations. So here to starting over at "Day 1"! Now time to prep 7 days of dinner to store in the freezer till ready to eat. ... Read more

  • Sep 27th: Happy Birthday, My Friend Sarah

    9/27/2015 10:40:56 AM, by FATHINSN

    Today is my friend's birthday. We had a small group celebrating her birthday tonight at an Indian restaurant :D Two friends helped coordinate a scrap book contained birthday wishes. I did crane origami pieces; one crane contained a personal letter to her :D Also a surprise: each of us who atten... Read more

  • East South East

    9/27/2015 3:48:14 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    It's a glorious late September morning - and I sat on my doorstep (with a blanket wrapped round me!) to enjoy the peace of a Sunday morning with my coffee and breakfast. I opened a little book of poems I'd borrowed from the library during the St Ives September Festival and found this one called 'Fi... Read more

  • Busy as Always

    9/27/2015 12:48:08 AM, by BMCC488

    I started the day by following people on Pinterest and Twitter through my Be the Best You pages, who looked to have similar goals/interests. To say it was easier on Pinterest is accurate. Searching Twitter for key words seems to pull up companies, high traffic pages, instead of individual people. I'... Read more

  • Me Time

    9/27/2015 12:37:14 AM, by BDTHOM

    Cloud watching was my choice for ME time today. I spend a lot of time with myself. It's hard to imagine that I need more "me" time. Balanced Life Challenge, Day 23: Spend at least 15 minutes doing something just for you: Take a long bath, go for a walk, or spend some time on a hobby you love-... Read more

  • I'm Almost To My Daily Step Goal ! Woop !!!

    9/26/2015 6:52:14 PM, by SHANTRA7

    I am so proud of me for not giving up or stopping then starting again. I've changed and I continue to change daily decision by decision. My current stats are : 14,705 steps/ 6.0 miles/ 1,146 calories burned. I feel so good about my life, I'm accountable. I hope all of you are having a spectacular Sa... Read more

  • The Sandcastle Competition

    9/26/2015 2:27:17 PM, by RAWCOOKIE

    This afternoon was the last day of a two week festival of art, music and literature - and there was an Architectural Sandcastle Competition on the beach. I went down to take a look with my friend. It was a lovely afternoon - one of those 'so glad I live here' sort of days. (apologies to Melissa ... Read more

  • Went Hard In The Paint & I'm Happy with Me

    9/26/2015 12:39:20 PM, by SHANTRA7

    Yesterday, I took an active rest day and it was worth it because today I feel great, my body is ready for what's ahead. Anybody familiar with the website ? I went into tunnel vision & saw nothing but the light, my Spark is on fire people, I need to fasten my seat belt. My current stats &... Read more

  • Sep 26th: A Mock Date

    9/26/2015 10:48:41 AM, by FATHINSN

    A friend who I haven't met yet in person came to my town for a short break this weekend (for his cousin's wedding and a festival). We always had conversation online and couple times on phone so I was curious about him in person. So we planned our meet up and it was sort of a practice date as la... Read more

  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

    9/26/2015 9:57:19 AM, by TIFFFIT

    I am about to make a huge change in my life. For the past nearly 25 years I've worked primarily as a nurse; first in a level III-IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (my smallest patient was just 13.75 ounces and 18 weeks/4.5 months premature) and then in pediatric cardiology. I've been a bedside nurse... Read more

  • Vertigo Again

    9/26/2015 9:50:52 AM, by JODROX

    Wednesday morning 4:00 a.m. I rolled over in bed, and that sickening spinning feeling crashed over me again. I looked at my alarm clock, and the numbers were dancing all over the place. As quickly as I could, I rolled back to my other side, and the spinning stopped. But I was left nauseated and afra... Read more

  • Motivation

    9/26/2015 7:41:55 AM, by NVRUNB4

    I can always get motivated to run, that almost seems "easy" but sometimes I can't get motivated to ride, and I do enjoy riding. Wish I could get both evenly. Either way, today I have things to do in town, so I'm going for a nice walk,m with the dog, maybe a run later on. Hoping to get back to the t... Read more

  • Action = happiness

    9/26/2015 3:51:23 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I wanted to let you know what effect doing that mind-map exercise has had so far - it's amazing how the action of writing things down (especially in that way) stimulates the brain to start activating the plans! I went out into my garden and set my timer for 10 mins (my minimum time) - and focus... Read more

  • My " Active " Rest Day

    9/26/2015 12:44:42 AM, by SHANTRA7

    Well, mother nature came for her visit upon waking this morning and then I didn't roll my hair before bed last night so I got up @ 4:ish a.m. to do that and then I slept in until almost 7:00 a.m.( for me that's good ) so I didn't go out for my session. Then I thought I'll just exercise inside whi... Read more

  • Out and About

    9/26/2015 12:05:56 AM, by BMCC488

    Just letting you know that this is pretty long, but I have a lot to share :) Last night I hadn't wanted to make plans for today for sure, since I was so tired and just felt blah regarding trying to be out all day. Well this morning I woke up feeling rested (or as rested as I ever feel with a fu... Read more

  • HIIT the Trail

    9/25/2015 11:29:47 PM, by BDTHOM

    I've done a lot of low intensity interval training since I started running last spring and doing C25K twice. Today's challenge is to turn those friendly, ease-into-it intervals into an intense workout. Balanced Life Challenge, Day 23: Up the ante with intervals! This training technique will he... Read more

  • it's friday

    9/25/2015 12:38:27 PM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! it has been a mostly busy week for me this week. my daughter is taking it easy this weekend. i do not have much planned,either. all of the birds say hi. have a great day,everyone and a terrific weekend!... Read more

  • Am I bothered?

    9/25/2015 11:28:50 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Some of you probably know that I've been a bit 'bothered' lately - and I decided to set it all out on a big sheet of paper - and ended up with a sort of mind-map. (I also did a video explaining it - but it's too big for Spark - I've put it on YouTube (can't work out how to make the link work so if y... Read more

  • The slog

    9/25/2015 9:02:27 AM, by MINATHERED

    It's fun to blog about the triumphs, the scale victories, the new clothing sizes, the races. (Heck, it's fun to experience those.) It's harder to blog about the lows, the binges, the injuries, the tough days, but it's at least still interesting. But what you don't hear about a lot is the daily gr... Read more

  • Rain Runnin'!

    9/25/2015 8:51:45 AM, by MIRAGE727

    I was inspired by DSCROW's blog today on her run in the rain dilemma. It reminded me of how I loved playing in the rain as a child and changing clothes three times during a golf round in the rain when I was at "maximum density!" 334 Just those thoughts brought me to who I am today. I was ne... Read more

  • Bad Tractor and Melt Down.......(long One)

    9/25/2015 8:24:02 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Yesterday started off rough. DH husband had some 24 bug and of course this time of year he is refusing to slow down. I did my 4 mile run and came back and spoke my mind. I told him I would rather take him away and live on my retirement check then see him work himself into the ground. This is the ... Read more

  • Sep 25th: The Hazy Friday

    9/25/2015 8:16:25 AM, by FATHINSN

    We had quite hazy day here at my place. Still visible enough to drive but once I out from my car, the air smelled like smoke and felt like I was walking in a cloudy dream state, haha. It was also the day after a public holiday so the mood was also quite hazy, haha. Even my computer wasn't working at... Read more

  • Unmotivated week

    9/25/2015 6:44:13 AM, by NVRUNB4

    I'm having a terribly unmotivated week. I can't get the momentum to get moving. I tried being good about preparing last weekend, but it wasn't enough. Hoping I can have everything prepared for a better week. 10 k on October 17th. Another 25 mile bike ride in the 18th. The scale is showing a numb... Read more

  • A short note

    9/25/2015 6:36:14 AM, by CATHRINE2010

    This is just a little note to let you all know that I am doing fine. I have switched my workouts up and am back to more weight lifting and less body weight exercises. I feel really good about them. I have also cut my mileage by half. Winter is coming and it is getting cooler outside so I have decide... Read more

  • Full-bodied with dark chocolate overtones................

    9/25/2015 4:52:07 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I usually drink decaff - but I also like to buy fair-trade - so when I bought coffee last time (in my local Oxfam shop) there was no de-caff, so I bought some Cafe Direct Machu Picchu coffee. I just brewed myself my first mug of it - and really tried to smell the aroma which is describe... Read more

  • Shantra Did It !!!!! Woo-Hoo !

    9/25/2015 2:17:53 AM, by SHANTRA7

    I came in from my morning session with 10,543 steps but was that good enough ? Umm, no ! So since I set out to get 11,000 steps or more per day, I figure why not set my daily goal @ 15,000. Instead of getting online, I got my butt up to hit them last steps for goal. My current & final stats are : 15... Read more

  • Finding a Balance!

    9/24/2015 10:40:29 PM, by BMCC488

    So over the past few days I have been searching for "schedules" of people who work at home, last night I actually looked for work at home MOMs because I am struggling a bit with this juggling kids + business thing and losing my mind a bit. I'm handling it okay but wanted to handle it better. Well, l... Read more

  • Opposite Day

    9/24/2015 9:02:45 PM, by BDTHOM

    Whew . . . I could really use an easy day of blogging. The last two days where tough. Both where kind of philosophical / heavy introspection sorts of blog. Today is very easy. I don't very often watch television and I certainly won't tonight because I have a meeting to go to. Done. Balanced Li... Read more

  • September update

    9/24/2015 11:23:34 AM, by DREAMSFRGTTN

    I regained 40 pounds. I got so stuck in my own head that I could see what was happening, I just didn't care. There have been many things going on in my life that have had me very stressed out and there's not really a perfect place to start an explanation. There have been some new developments in my ... Read more

  • 19/700 selfie stick

    9/24/2015 9:58:23 AM, by RONDADEBI

    So yesterday it was like christmas early around here....I ordered a lot of stuff on line because we just don't have the shopp facilities around here, small town stuff... so I had ordered the glow and tell set from MK and had this weird thing in it.... NOW I'm the one whose usually up on the t... Read more

  • Home Sweet Home

    9/24/2015 9:17:54 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Well, it's nice to be home - but not as sweet as I'd hoped. I have the blues (again) - and it's all my own fault really - for letting things slip for a couple of weeks. If you have a tendency to get overwhelmed with life, you just have to have systems in place to stay on top of things. I share thi... Read more

  • a cooler day

    9/24/2015 9:16:27 AM, by MOMMY445

    a great day to get outdoors. my daughter has cross country practice this morning, before she started school. she enjoys being active and encourages me to do the same. all of the birds say hi. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • a cooler day

    9/24/2015 9:16:27 AM, by MOMMY445

    a great day to get outdoors. my daughter has cross country practice this morning, before she started school. she enjoys being active and encourages me to do the same. all of the birds say hi. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Beck Diet Solution Day Whatever

    9/24/2015 9:02:15 AM, by WINACHST

    I have had a major set-back ~ OMG! what junk I ate! Time to regroup and refocus... Read more

  • Sep 24th: Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

    9/24/2015 7:37:19 AM, by FATHINSN

    Today is Eid Adha, one of events in Islam. Early morning, Muslims will gather at mosques and perform Eid Adha prayer together. On the previous day, we are recommended to do a voluntary fast but I didn't do it because I still on my period (having period means can't do fasting in Islam). On today and ... Read more

  • Who . . . Me?

    9/24/2015 12:03:34 AM, by BDTHOM

    I don't really understand today's challenge. It's titled "Treat Yourself." What's that supposed to mean? I know how to treat my family to a vacation. How to treat people with kindness. Treat my in-laws with compassion. Treat my coworkers with respect. Treat my friends with love. How to treat the com... Read more

  • Doing My Best

    9/24/2015 12:01:41 AM, by BMCC488

    Not exactly what I planned, but I did get some things done today. I woke up with sinus pressure issues so decided not to spend the whole day out. I went to the gym while my brother ran errands and spent 25 minutes on the weights floor and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Last night when my brother... Read more

  • Fitness Tracking / Goals for 9/24 - 9/30

    9/23/2015 4:40:46 PM, by TUPELO_HONEY

    Thursday: Chalene Johnson, Turbo Jam - Cardio Party. Cardio, 40 minutes 465 Friday: Ellen Barrett, Stretch & Sculpt. Strength (light weights), 30 minutes 465 Saturday: Leslie Sansone, Walk to the HIITS, Cardio, 50 minutes 465 Sunday: off 465 Monday: Kelly Coffey-Meyer... Read more

  • Sep 23rd: Crying and Felt Hopeless

    9/23/2015 11:14:05 AM, by FATHINSN

    After just 3 hours of sleep, I suddenly woke up then I started to cry. I remembered my past heartaches then I cried more because I think my heart is getting more pains because of Mr Puzzle. I cried back to sleep. I cried when I ate my breakfast. I cried at my work desk. I cried while texting. I cri... Read more