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  • Cracked Grain

    10/29/2014 7:39:03 PM, by LINDAM.1

    I have been putting cracked oats in things for decades. apples are free this month so apple are in oats. Oats are so good for cholesterol. the closer you can get to the natural way food came out of the field the better for you.... Read more

  • Three things that I accomplished and I feel good about it.

    10/22/2014 12:55:05 PM, by GYORGYB

    1. Each day I motivate my self make sure I look after my health and my well being. 2. Keeping touch with my old friends, near or far. 3. I am getting better not giving up when things are just not going right. There are some more but I leave it to on other time. . . ... Read more

  • friends

    10/21/2014 9:45:09 PM, by LINDAM.1

    Joy for Me a friend will be moving from Colorado back to Portland area. HAZZAHA... Read more

  • Sun

    10/19/2014 9:50:30 PM, by LINDAM.1

    Sun was shining today. Did a little yard work. Free Apples and oatmeal for cholesterol. Beans and cracked wheat with a smidge of rice. Eating better. ABOUT 2 oz prime rib. Doing better. ... Read more

  • Earth quake drill

    10/16/2014 11:44:50 PM, by LINDAM.1

    Any one else remember the missal scare ? I was in grade school. The thing to do was squat hands over head. Earth quake precuts like bomb precuts in grad school head covered in a squat against a brick wall. Dose that not make me sound old, My husband was just about to be born.... Read more

  • I seeped through the Eclipse

    10/8/2014 7:17:22 PM, by LINDAM.1

    apple for breakfast, broccoli is part of lunch, salad for dinner, Free Home made Tamale some time today . Life is good! Must get water to take on a long drive thursday... Read more

  • Watching the sky

    10/7/2014 6:27:47 PM, by LINDAM.1

    Did you see the Eclipse?... Read more

  • Let me be more uplifting

    10/5/2014 10:11:29 PM, by LINDAM.1

    Joy of living may very well come back tomorrow. let us pretend and ... Read more

  • Happy Sunday

    10/5/2014 6:53:10 PM, by LINDAM.1

    Sun not my day. I hope it is good for you. At least lost 2 pounds ... Read more

  • A weak can make a difference

    10/2/2014 2:31:15 AM, by LINDAM.1

    Went too the farmers market today. I missed last week . Had friends miss me and had good food, and a good time.... Read more