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  • Thanks to SOTEIRA75 - FOR THE aha MOMENT!

    11/22/2017 12:09:08 PM, by STARSUB99

    Today I was scanning the community feed and saw SOTEIRA75's entry --- a pic of her scale at 220 - and a comment - " 21 pounds to Onederland" .... my first reaction was WOW ! Good for her - on her way to wonderland.... And then I kept scrolling and did a hard STOP ! a few posts later..... OMG!... Read more

  • About last weeks Dr's appointment . . . . (Countdown report)

    11/21/2017 12:58:00 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Well, my scales were wrong after all! My lowest-weight-yet recorded & maintained for about 3 weeks, held strong on the Dr's scales!!!! The "Welcome to Medicare" appointment went well . . . and Dr encourages me to keep on doing what I've been doing. And sent me on my way until next... Read more

  • Still moving forward

    11/21/2017 10:46:04 AM, by WINACHST

    I surprised myself yesterday when I thought I really had to have some potato chips and a candy bar. I told myself, "No, I don't need to have them," and waited until I got home. I actually went to town and did absolutely no snacking. Yeah me! 43... Read more

  • Buster Brown’s workout

    11/20/2017 1:04:41 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Buster Brown loves to run, chase squirrels, flush birds out of bushes, and dig for moles. Since it’s been raining for the past few days, he hasn’t had what he considers “fun time” outdoors. So this morning, during a break in the storm, he went out in the back yard and made up for lost time. ... Read more

  • My Pants are falling off!!!!!!!!!!!!`

    11/20/2017 9:47:10 AM, by STARSUB99

    It's a good thing. It's a clear non scale victory. My pants are too big in the waist now. 12 lbs down and to my surprise some has come off my jelly belly. Time to go shopping for pants with belt loops. I plan to keep going and lose more of my 100 lb to lose goal. Now I feel accomplished. ... Read more


    11/18/2017 1:23:29 PM, by SMIDGON

    We have a for cast of rain / thunderstorms / high winds / and very possibly SNOW! Warnings were put out for weaving semis. Also to take down loose decorations. Hubby took down the wreath from the front door, and the flags. We could have gusts up to 50 mile an hour, here in town! ... Read more

  • Countdown - 16 weeks until

    11/17/2017 3:44:12 PM, by TIZSLIM

    THE Wedding of The Century Weigh in today. There is now 4 pounds more of The Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Humankind [to be] than there was last week! The Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Humankind [to be] is NOT best pleased. ... Read more


    11/17/2017 8:23:59 AM, by SMIDGON

    I just had to share. I had my appointment with the cardologist yesterday afternoon. Pertaining to the results from the Chemical Stress Test. NO BLOCKAGES,! PTL! I don't need to go back unless there is a problem., for a year. At that time , who knows, there may be reason for ... Read more

  • Countdown: Tomorrow is the big day

    11/16/2017 10:47:09 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    I have been SOOOO happy to have been holding the line on my forward progress weight loss for 2 weeks!!! This morning I stepped on the scale and apparently I gained 6 pounds yesterday because it says I am 2 pounds ABOVE where I started!!! I don't believe it for a second. ... Read more

  • Five minutes

    11/16/2017 5:49:03 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The trials and tribulations have been coming thick and fast the last year or two. I'm constantly trouble shooting, fire fighting, finding work around's, making do. In short - struggling. I've always been A] mostly optimistic and B] stoic when times are difficult. But lately I've felt quite despa... Read more

  • I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 229 lbs

    11/15/2017 2:34:26 PM, by STARSUB99

    Wow. I'm so happy with myself today. I am down a total of 11 lbs. Made it out of the stubborn 230's and I did a double take when I saw the 229 on the scale this morning. I am motivated to stick with the plan now. I am finding that when I eat smaller meals throughout the day - I don't crave ... Read more


    11/15/2017 7:12:22 AM, by SMIDGON

    I am including a picture of something that I bought recently at a Church bazaar. I have no idea what the purpose for it is. I liked the muslin material and the Vintage look of it. It is hanging on a know of a cabinet. I keep looking at it, trying to decide what it's for. Maybe you ca... Read more

  • Still here and not doing too bad

    11/14/2017 9:57:17 AM, by WINACHST

    I am trying to cut down on my computer time. I am always amazed at how much of a time zapper being online can be. I look at the clock one minute and then all of a sudden, I realize an hour has gone by. This reminds me of when I was going to school and I'd be online for homework before school an... Read more

  • Countdown: 4 days to go!!!!

    11/13/2017 1:34:12 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Scale hasn't moved . . . and, after a stressful, busy, fun weekend . . . that's a good thing! I had a fun time at the Holiday Bazaar and sold a lot of jewelry . . . especially the Bigfoot keychains and earrings.. . . but the bats were a hit as well. Not much of my handcrafted jewelry sold th... Read more

  • I don't know what it was

    11/12/2017 5:22:05 PM, by TIZSLIM

    But it must have been bad. Really, really, really bad. Mega bad. We're talking off the scale bad here. Something I did or said? Or didn't do or say? Approximately two years ago. So off the scale awful bad, that The Universe itself is conspiring against me. Well the malign aspects of it are. ... Read more

  • I gotta get going...again

    11/12/2017 9:05:23 AM, by STARSUB99

    Struggling along. Saw my friend niki this week after 3 months. Total transformation. Shes been doing crossfit 5 x week. I was happy for her and sad for me. But it reminded me how i used to look when I was fit and looking after myself. I needed tjat visual. Things I can do... eat my scrambled egg... Read more

  • Next Generation

    11/11/2017 5:42:07 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I've been kind of dipping in and out of the 'NextGen' tournament in Milan. Partly because I've had too much other stuff to deal with. Partly because it seems a bit of a nonsense [especially as Zverev chose not to play - understandably], and partly because I really, really, really, don't like the f... Read more


    11/11/2017 11:58:53 AM, by SMIDGON

    A big thank you to all veterans. From the oldest to the youngest. Including my eldest, Celeste. Now 55yrs. ... Read more

  • Inspired and Tracking

    11/11/2017 7:16:05 AM, by HEALTHYLU1

    Inspired by another Sparker who tracks every day no matter what, I started tracking on Monday. In less than a week's time, I have lost almost 3 pounds. What tracking does is 1. keeps you aware and 2. provides feedback. Therefore, I am thankful for Sparkpeople. It's connected me to support in a... Read more

  • Countdown - 17 weeks until

    11/10/2017 5:26:49 PM, by TIZSLIM

    THE Wedding of The Century Weigh in today and would you believe, the misplaced pound has turned up again? It's hiding somewhere on The Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Humankind [to be]'s body. The Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of ... Read more


    11/9/2017 3:44:57 PM, by SMIDGON

    This is my latest endeavor. Really quite simple. Now on to the next project. BLESSINGS, JANET... Read more


    11/8/2017 6:30:12 PM, by SMIDGON

    The pleasures of my back yard. I went out this late afternoon and snapped this picture. ENJOY! BLESSINGS, JANET... Read more

  • Jiggling and Juggling

    11/8/2017 5:32:35 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I've been a jiggling and a juggling trying to use up fresh food, clear some space in the freezer, have a variety of dishes, and stay within my dietary plans. Don't fear the take over by the Robots just yet - the Human Brain is capable of so many individual calculations. Included in mine are use by... Read more

  • Mourning Clothes

    11/8/2017 3:49:41 PM, by TRESSWANN

    I know it sounds trivial but I am mourning my clothes. The weather has snapped and I need heavier clothes. The way my house is structured there is only one real closet. We do have armoires upstairs, keyword - upstairs. I have enormous problems going up and downstairs without having anything in... Read more

  • Rest between work outs

    11/8/2017 2:24:03 PM, by BOOKLOVER17

    I have cerebral palsy. That is a fact I have lived with all my life. So I have a love hate relationship with exercises. Not only does exercises help me get and keep my girlish figure, it also helps keep my muscles flexable and bones strong. Which is a great thing when winter and the cold weather hit... Read more

  • Lets go Andy lets go...........

    11/7/2017 5:54:30 PM, by TIZSLIM

    This evening I've been watching 'Andy Murray Live' - the charity event in Scotland. Andy Murray is one of my all time favourite players. Not because he's a Brit, but because of his tenacity, his skill, his determination to keep improving, his humour, and his overall attitude - including his humani... Read more

  • New System

    11/6/2017 5:17:36 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Prior to The Worker Friend's sudden visit, I'd been to Tesco a number of times for 'yellow sticker shops'. Actually lets face it, yellow sticker shopping is 99% of my shopping these days. I was eating almost 100% vegetarian and had quite a bit in so didn't plan on going shopping for some time. Bu... Read more

  • Let's do this again....

    11/6/2017 12:35:34 PM, by STARSUB99

    So end of August we found out we were under a total reorganization at work. Total stress out. I didn't get either of the new options I applied for and was very sad and angry. The good of this all is I am staying at the same location which is good for me - close to home and in a community I love.... Read more

  • Bleurgh!

    11/5/2017 5:00:23 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I need to make some freezer space so, last night I got out a pair of kipper fillets and put them in the fridge to defrost. This morning I steamed them with some chopped up cherry tomatoes. After taking the picture, I felt there was too much oil/butter so I removed it, gave them a quick... Read more


    11/4/2017 9:18:16 PM, by SMIDGON

    I've had some 'down ' time. When my bod says 'time to take it easy, then that is what I have to do. I'm ready to start on my next project. All the supplies are gathered, directions availabile. Hopefully tomorrow after worship assembly and brunch, I'll be ready to start. It shouldn't tak... Read more

  • Countdown - 18 weeks until

    11/4/2017 7:36:01 PM, by TIZSLIM

    THE Wedding of The Century The Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Humankind [to be], lost half a pound this week. The Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Humankind [to be], aint too bad at basic maths and so has calculated that at the p... Read more

  • Long time no see

    11/3/2017 11:55:30 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    That’s the first thing I thought of when I stepped on the scale this morning. The number that looked. back at me is one I have not seen in a very very long time!! Granted it’s only 1 pound less than the plateau I have been on for the last two weeks, but the scale is going in the right direction.... Read more

  • Round and round and round I go

    11/2/2017 7:57:21 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Yesterday I had yet another appointment at the Citizens Advice Bureau regarding the situation with my house. The woman I saw was actually pretty helpful. She suggested a number of things for me to try including going on line and seeing if I was entitled to Legal Aid. Naturally I tried that and co... Read more


    11/2/2017 10:15:36 AM, by SMIDGON

    This is my youngest g.d. as dressed for Oct 31st. Looks like she is back in my 1950's teen-age years. She went a little heavy on the eyebrows.... Read more

  • He's gone

    11/1/2017 7:54:36 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The Worker Friend left lunch time today. It was a short 'n' sweet visit. We [that's the 'Royal We' btw] achieved quite a bit. As I mentioned in my previous blog, he surprised me with a washing machine and plumbed it in. He also fiddled about with the dishwasher. Not sure it's working perfectly ... Read more

  • A Halloween shock - He lied to me

    10/31/2017 6:59:32 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Like me, my 'Worker Friend' is very environmentally aware. In fact, his PhD was basically grounded in environmental politics. Hence he has a small van but only uses it when he really has to. Therefore, when he messaged me last week to say that he was getting the itch to take the van for a drive a... Read more


    10/29/2017 5:52:27 AM, by SMIDGON

    I really like taking an item and turning it to look different. Which brings me to this. Do you know what the pumpkins are on my last blog? They started out as the cheapo Styrofoam pumpkins you can get in the fall for less than $1.00 each. I got those at Wal-Mart in the fall decor. Ar... Read more

  • Here comes the pumpkins

    10/28/2017 3:53:02 PM, by SMIDGON

    NOTE:I DID NOT handcraft either Pilgrim. I found them a couple of years ago at a garage sale. However, I did finish the pumpkins yesterday. As you know, I have been arrangements for a couple months. This is the first real craft I have done since John was diagnosed in August 2015 So, her... Read more

  • Countdown - 19 weeks until

    10/27/2017 7:00:14 PM, by TIZSLIM

    THE Wedding of The Century The Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Humankind [to be], is a little concerned at the lack of progress. So, lets just focus on The Tree for this evening........ Bright blessings.... Read more

  • Countdown Day 21: update

    10/27/2017 6:24:23 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Three weeks to go, and the scale is standing still . . . however, I am thankful I haven't regained the 3 pounds I have lost. I know my problem is not enough exercise.... although I am doing my daily routine and usually exceeding my step goal, I need to kick it up a notch. Thank you for ch... Read more

  • Where theres a will theres a WAY

    10/25/2017 10:53:35 PM, by SUECHRIS50

    I started my live-it again! I cut out sugary drinks, desserts,most breads,rice pasta and have lost 4 lbs! Im walking 4+ miles per day,getting my cardio and drinking my water! I know I can I know I can.....hugs! Susan... Read more

  • Jeans are not just Jeans (and the Memory Motel)

    10/25/2017 8:29:03 PM, by TRESSWANN

    Just about 20 years ago, I was living with a man, may he rest in peace, and it was not good. We reached a point where he took everything out of me. I have never real been a jeans person. I was brought up in a household where ladies didn't wear trousers, let alone jeans. I always had the odd pai... Read more


    10/25/2017 12:15:25 PM, by SMIDGON

    Last eve. around dark, we were watching TV at the back of the house. Hubby was napping. I heard something fall! I asked him if he had made a noise. He said he thought it was coming from his right. Either in the kitchen or out in the garage. I said it sounded like it was on the front porch. ... Read more

  • Just a rant, and venting

    10/24/2017 9:00:27 PM, by WINACHST

    How do I not be critical? I am so frustrated with my hubby. He is a bit passive aggressive. Yesterday, he had a hankering for a chili dog and expected me to use my cash for it. No Way! I am not spending my grocery money on chili dog for him. I don't eat hot dogs. He got mad because he did not want t... Read more


    10/24/2017 4:26:35 PM, by SMIDGON

    I wanted to show you some more fall. I must admit fall is my least favorite season. The colors are beautiful, so I try to make the most of it. Johns year-round tree for autumn . It's 4ft. Our 6ft. Year-round fall tree In time, I'll have at least another photo. ... Read more