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  • Oh the wind the wind is blowing

    3/26/2017 9:17:55 PM, by TIZSLIM

    335 Through the graves the wind is blowing. Freedom soon will come. 339 Well. Spring at least. So they say. Last Monday [20th March] was the Spring Equinox. Saturday night [25th March] included 'Earth Hour' which of course I acknowledged as ever. Actually I go beyond just switching the l... Read more

  • 40 Things about me

    3/26/2017 5:54:59 PM, by TRESSWANN

    Courtesy MissDorkness Saw another Sparkfriend, MARCHAPRILEMAY, post this and thought it would be fun to share. Learn 40 things about your friends and let them learn 40 things about you. 1. Do you like blue cheese? Yes in moderation 2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes? When st... Read more

  • 3.25.17 Catching up

    3/25/2017 7:03:28 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Hi, remember me??? Seems like forever since I posted a blog.... 2 weeks.... it's been crazy around here, dealing with stuff. big stuff. And in the midst of all that stuff, SparkPeople changed things up again, then switched it around yet again. . . . and I'm still trying to find my way back t... Read more

  • 50 weeks until

    3/24/2017 8:39:26 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The Wedding of The Century. Well to be precise, it's fifty weeks until the Eve of The Wedding of The Century but I've decided to count down on Friday's because lets face it, I won't be 'counting down' on the actual day! I also decided I'm going to change my weigh in day from a Monday to a Fr... Read more

  • Conversations with myself

    3/23/2017 9:27:09 PM, by TIZSLIM

    And with inanimate objects. I've mentioned numerous times about the clutter [oh god the clutter!] and all the stuff that came back from storage. I had already been through a lot of the storage boxes but still there was what felt like an overwhelming amount to go through. Some days I'd think ... Read more

  • Where did the time go?

    3/21/2017 9:52:45 PM, by WINACHST

    Wow! just looked at my last blog date and did not realize so much time has passed since my last blog. Where does the time go? Here it is almost a month later. Things were not going well for me. After I was sick, I did not pay attention to what I was eating. I think most of it was due to frustra... Read more

  • The first week of the Countdown

    3/20/2017 9:57:37 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The first week of the countdown to The Wedding of The Century has passed. And not entirely successfully it has to be said. When I weighed in on Monday, I had gained nearly 1 and a half pounds. Possibly due to the impromptu Chinese on Friday and the fish and chips at the quiz night on Saturday. Ha... Read more

  • Just for fun

    3/18/2017 11:08:52 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    How being a parent is like being a rock star 1. Endless hours on the road with too many people in the vehicle 2. Your job is to entertain a room of loud, writhing maniacs. 3. You ask yourself daily "Am I tripping, or did I really just see that". 4. Your name is always shouted, never spok... Read more

  • Lets get quizzical

    3/18/2017 9:41:16 PM, by TIZSLIM

    A Saturday night out - there's a novelty! I was invited to a Quiz Night which was quite enjoyable. It was for a local residents group that some of my friends belong to. Not me as they don't live in quite the same area as me. The friend that had invited me didn't tell me that participants could t... Read more

  • Flexible is good

    3/17/2017 5:58:55 PM, by TIZSLIM

    My daughter and future son in law took me to visit my mother today. A sudden decision as daughter only 'phoned me about it yesterday but an opportunity to see my mum that I grabbed with both hands. I had to juggle a few other things around but sometimes you just have to be flexible to get the best... Read more

  • Giving up Coffee

    3/17/2017 8:45:18 AM, by RAINSAYRE

    Today is March 17, 2017. Giving up coffee. I don't need it. It is a relatively new habit in my life. And that new habit coincides with an increase in weight. I drink my tea with nothing, so if I want a warm drink, I can have tea.... Read more

  • A little bit of Irish

    3/16/2017 6:40:10 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Tomorrow is St Patrick's day as I'm sure you all know. So in honour of that I was going to make colcannon soup for my lunch and an Irish stew for dinner. However, my daughter rang earlier and offered me a lift to visit my mother. As I'm struggling financially at the moment and can't easily afford... Read more

  • looking for some diff meals, let me know if you like these

    3/14/2017 10:17:22 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    need something different.....try this. Follow this step-by-step guide to assemble your Vegetarian 21 Day Fix meal prep: 1. Preheat oven to 425°F. Line one large baking sheet with parchment paper. Prep the spaghetti squash by slicing it in half lengthwise and scraping out the seeds with a spoon. ... Read more

  • Cooking for Others

    3/13/2017 7:59:02 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I love to cook. I did most of the cooking at home from the age of about 14. Mum was delighted - she wasn't such a keen cook. She worked full time, had to feed the family on a pretty low budget, and provide for my dad's particular dietary needs for many years. When I was 16, mum and dad separate... Read more

  • One Year

    3/12/2017 7:07:07 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Until The Wedding of The Century. No, no, no - not me, my daughter! Actually, to be precise, it's 363 days but it was exactly one year when I started musing on the things I think I'm going to be blogging about. I say I think because you know how it is, you intend to write about the latest wonderf... Read more

  • Nine Foods Ruining Your Diet by Beachbody

    3/11/2017 11:44:25 AM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    If you have a cheat meal or eat unhealthily every so often, that isn’t so bad (we try and follow the rule of eating an 80% clean diet). But, what if you’re eating badly and don’t know it? Sure, you stay away from deep-fried Oreos, but is your favorite “health food” snack keeping you from reaching... Read more

  • UFO sighting!!!!!

    3/10/2017 5:48:23 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office has received multiple reports of an unidentified object hovering above the region. Our Investigations Unit immediately coordinated with outside agencies, some as far away as Florida and Arizona, and we have confirmed the identity of the anomaly. It's sunshine... Read more

  • Body Shaming part two and done.

    3/8/2017 10:47:26 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Body shaming can actually cause weight gain There’s no lack of people who claim that fat shaming is an effective incentive for weight loss, but there’s no reliable evidence to back that up — at all. In fact, shaming others can have the opposite effect, according to a recent study. Participants ... Read more

  • Body Shaming part one.

    3/8/2017 10:46:46 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Internal Body Shaming Some people body shame themselves, Instagramming pictures of decadent meals with the hashtag #thisiswhyimfat, telling themselves they don’t “deserve” dessert, or cursing body parts they think are too big or too small. Whether such internal body shaming is more light-h... Read more

  • Bursting Bubbles and Venting

    3/8/2017 9:42:23 PM, by TRESSWANN

    Well, I know there are some SP who will really relate and you know who you are. I started new job almost 4 weeks ago and it's been wonderful. Yesterday, I had a meeting with someone in the Learning Management area. I realized speaking with her that I know lots more than I give myself credit f... Read more

  • how to calculate your calories

    3/6/2017 9:27:37 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    1. Calculate Your Calorie Level and Daily Container Count Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight, calculating your proper daily calorie goal is essential to reaching your goals. Here’s how: 1. Multiply your current weight in pounds x 11. This number is your Cal... Read more


    3/6/2017 3:51:27 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I've mentioned the clothes sorting. I put items that belonged to the boys into a crate. When I started this process I suggested they check it daily but of course they didn't so last night I invited them to check it one final time. Naturally they were inclined to answer "I'll do it later". I che... Read more

  • Growing Through Pain

    3/6/2017 12:17:13 PM, by ICANINSIGHT

    I have been in pain in my back. I have had back pain off and on for years and years. I have tried many different chiropractors, to no avail. Like I said it comes and goes. A month ago I started having pain again. This time it did not go away, but kept getting worse. The last time I went ... Read more

  • Snowy Sunday

    3/5/2017 2:44:02 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Woke up to snow. 2 or 3 inches so far, and it's expected to snow all day. Well it is Winter. It's been a couple crazy weeks. Need to get my focus back on my goals. ... Read more

  • The Law of Sod

    3/5/2017 9:38:00 AM, by TIZSLIM

    I wrote last weekend that maybe things were improving. The Dawn was coming as it were. Tempt fate in that way and the Law of Sod is invariably invoked - what can go wrong WILL go wrong. One evening this week, my youngest son was cooking his meal. He was using the hob which is set into the work co... Read more

  • Who'd of thunk it?

    3/4/2017 5:18:58 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Any of you reading who have seen some of my previous blogs, will be only too aware of my ongoing battle with clutter. Quite some time ago FlyLady was recommended to me. I looked. I signed up. I sort of tried it but you know, it just didn't gel for me. Around the same time, a lot of people were ... Read more

  • Why you should modify

    3/4/2017 12:51:10 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    The CORE DE FORCE modifier, Jessica Talbi, shares how the program helped her get thinner, stronger, and unleash her inner badass. What do you love most about CORE DE FORCE? I love the theme of fighting for something. The message is: “Fight for it!” Before doing the program, I was losing th... Read more

  • Sugar Companions

    3/4/2017 9:45:44 AM, by NEWKID54

    Sugar, can't live with it, can't live without it...ugh. I can't imagine a day without a sugary "treat". I can smell it in my sleep and hear it calling my name. Hear it,,,,there it is calling H....l...y....Yep sugar got's my name. Seriously though, it is most definitely my worst obsession. ... Read more

  • craziness of my habitual behavior

    3/2/2017 3:41:37 PM, by NEWKID54

    I go up. I go down. And yet, things do change....the weather, the world and my health. I sometimes forget that while I am meandering through life without focus, not thinking about consequences and commitment, I continue to age and waste my life. Yes, waste!! I keep using the excuse that I ca... Read more

  • Spring Time is Here and Also Spring Cleaning!

    3/1/2017 2:45:01 PM, by BECCABOO127

    They say your physical surroundings affect you. I believe it. I know when things are tidier and more organized, then I am more likely to succeed in doing positive things for myself. I found a blog on the topic which is below:
    -around-the-house-can-hel... Read more

  • Best time to eat Carbs By Denis Faye

    2/28/2017 8:40:13 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    The key to any successful diet is balance, balance, balance. Carbohydrates, along with fat and protein, are macronutrients that play their own roles in the body. Carbs, in particular, are an important fuel source and serve to transport all kinds of nutrients into your system. As such, there’s no “be... Read more