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  • Countdown - 42 weeks until

    5/26/2017 6:07:45 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The Wedding of The Century. It has long been my intention to grapple with my addiction to cigarettes once I reached my target weight. Sadly, I'm not there yet, nor indeed even near my target. However, over recent weeks I've decided the time to deal with this addiction is now. There are a num... Read more

  • Tuesday's funny .... a nun walks into a bar......

    5/23/2017 11:58:29 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    A nun, badly needing to use the restroom, walked into a local Hooters. . The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once in a while 'the lights would turn off.'Each time the lights would go out, the place would erupt into cheers. However, when the revelers saw the nun, the r... Read more

  • Am i compulsive obsessive?

    5/23/2017 11:05:20 PM, by WINACHST

    Today was a good eating day, if and only if, you do not count the s'mores. I take one Hershey's chocolate bar and break it into 4 pieces. Place each 1/4 on half a graham cracker sheet, top with a marshmallow. Pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Place another 1/2 graham cracker on each. Then i ea... Read more

  • My Dear Boy, Larry

    5/20/2017 1:35:39 PM, by BECCABOO127

    This is a tribute to my poodle mix, Larry, who was my first dog, not counting our family dog we had when I was a child. Larry came to me when I needed him the most. He had a rough start on life but was such a well behaved, sweet dog, that I knew that somewhere down the line, he must have had ... Read more

  • Why I have been MIA

    5/20/2017 10:56:12 AM, by TRESSWANN

    I miss you guys. Work has not been going well. My manager and I are having a major disconnect. And she doesn't like my product. I see my time there as limited. The last time I didn't exceed expectations was 1982/83. Seriously! So, this is a very disturbing position to be in. When I am let ... Read more

  • Buster Browns first burr season

    5/19/2017 11:14:04 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Seems that it is one burr season or another..... rather than the brrrrrrr from the cold it's now burrs from weeds. So it's time to have Buster Brown and Leroy Brown clipped in their summer "Country boy" cut which means most of their beautiful hair has to come off. Buster is 6 1/2 months old n... Read more

  • Why not?

    5/15/2017 12:40:47 PM, by SCANARY927651

    I've been thinking a lot about writing in a journal, but have yet to begin. I feel like I have a lot to "say" this time in my life. It feels like a good idea to start writing some of it down - to review it later, to look for (and discover) patterns, etc. So, here I am, starting a blog. I've ... Read more

  • Countdown - 43 weeks until

    5/12/2017 3:27:54 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The Wedding of The Century. It would seem I have managed to reset the clocks in Tizzyland and Sunday is no longer the new Friday. With the help of a marvelous plunger/pumper [see pic below], lent to me by a friend, THE Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Huma... Read more

  • Zombies, Run

    5/10/2017 9:07:51 PM, by WINACHST

    Man, I love this app. I find myself wanting to go for a run just so I can hear what's next in the story. So Fun!... Read more

  • Tuesday's chuckle

    5/9/2017 10:08:57 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Ready to hit the trail. Got to go back to the city .... time to pick out a new mattress And today is the eighth anniversary of our wedding day. Wow... Read more

  • Countdown - 44 weeks until

    5/7/2017 5:51:57 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The Wedding of The Century. Sunday is the new Friday here in Tizzyland. Perhaps I need to put the clocks back. Or forward. Who knows? Maybe I just need to take some vague notice of them. I forgot to mention in my last blog, the landline wasn't working. Over a week without it thanks to ... Read more

  • A Souper long weekend

    5/4/2017 6:50:36 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I did actually remember to weigh myself last Friday. Basically no change. Better than gaining I guess. Monday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK so I figured I'd give myself a kick start and have a soup weekend. I had some satsumas that needed to be used so breakfast each day was weetabix [well s... Read more

  • Countdown - 45 Weeks Until

    4/30/2017 5:18:41 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The Wedding of The Century. I'm late posting again this week. If I carry on like this I could land up being late for The Wedding of The Century, which wouldn't do at all. Just imagine if THE Hottest Most Stylish Mother of The Bride ever in the History of Humankind, doesn't turn up on the righ... Read more

  • Roots, stems or leaves

    4/30/2017 11:04:16 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Roots stay and give suport and nourishment. .. Stems/ branches are there as long as they get something from you, ... Leaves leave when the wind blows. If we figure our "friends" it becomes easier to know who is meant to stay and who will leave. ... We should live life with no expectations and then... Read more

  • My race results

    4/30/2017 10:05:22 AM, by WINACHST

    My time was not my best, I think this was the slowest I ran this particular race. But i am older and slower. The best thing is that I ran it well and finished strong. My time could have been a bit better, but I started messing with my ipod nano for a particular song to carry me across the fini... Read more

  • Day 194

    4/30/2017 8:23:17 AM, by TIGERSPEECH

    1. Log in to SparkPeople every day. 2. Track water every day. I've done this for 194 days. I want to add more exercise (than walking) and build a positive image of myself. Happy Sunday to all.... Read more

  • Homecoming - still reflecting

    4/29/2017 7:48:24 PM, by TRESSWANN

    First off, I came home and weigh less. Not unusual actually. Meals are structured - no snacking. What is remarkable is how I felt about it. This morning I am at goal weight and need to go a little more. However, if you see the pictures from yesterday, I see myself as larger. Here's what I ... Read more

  • Inspiration, Not illness

    4/28/2017 11:10:54 PM, by TRESSWANN

    Still working on homecming blog. However,today held some surprises. At my new job, everyone is actively involved in safety. It''s a requirement that you check on something once a month. Nothing like waiting till the last day of the month. It can be a range of things from posture to the physica... Read more

  • Taking Care of Ourselves

    4/28/2017 1:52:58 PM, by ANASONIC

    ... Read more

  • Race Day Tomorrow!

    4/28/2017 9:46:09 AM, by WINACHST

    Tomorrow is race day for me - 10K. I have a goal of finishing around the 70 minute mark. I think my past time was 68 minutes.... Read more