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  • Not eating enough??

    6/28/2016 11:34:41 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Rode my bike 10.1 avg. 8 mph in 72 min. VERY seldom, in the past...was I ever guilty of NOT eating enough, but lately I have been messing with my crazy schedule & have not been eating my meals at the same time every day. It seems to disrupt my food choices, as I tell myself oh it's OK to eat that, b... Read more

  • Taking The Time!

    6/28/2016 7:50:26 PM, by TROUTPOUT

    I have many times, taken the time. My problem is continuing to find the time. Im tired of making excuses, im ready to give this the time that it will take to achieve my goals!... Read more

  • Back at it on Monday...

    6/27/2016 5:53:30 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    10.4 miles in 72 minutes with average 8 mph. I have decided to add my activity for the day, because I still haven't figured out how to track my mileage & be able to go back to a previous date to see what my mileage was that day. I have been going to my fitness tracker page. I click on the mileage ta... Read more

  • Fear.

    6/27/2016 10:54:31 AM, by TROUTPOUT

    When we gain confidence in the things we do, we lose fear, and we succeed.... Read more

  • Sunday...just checking in...

    6/26/2016 10:19:05 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Rode 8.7 miles...went to a stage show (Grease) ate too much but had a good day with friends. Take care... JANEY 41... Read more

  • Stay Active Gardening

    6/26/2016 9:38:44 PM, by TROUTPOUT

    Worked in the garden and on my deck for several hours today. Fun to stay active doing things that make our home look beautiful. One of my goals is to become more fit, doing hard work here at home as part of my workouts ,doing things that I seem to never have enough time for.... Read more

  • Blogging earlier in the Day...

    6/25/2016 9:32:16 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I did not have breakfast this morning...rode my bike 11.4 miles, had a 500+ calories for lunch & then went to a picnic with my husband & ate way too much junk...I will need to ride about 15 miles tomorrow. Took my meds & plan to be IN bed by 11:00. Take care... JANEY 24... Read more

  • challenges

    6/25/2016 10:17:53 AM, by TRESSWANN

    I am starting a 5% challenge. Here's the challenge - I have finally reached a point where 5% may be too much for me. I have been so used to always being overweight. I reached my original goal last year and realized I was still carrying too much weight so I kept on going. What works for everyone ... Read more

  • Today 20,012 SparkPoints!!

    6/25/2016 10:16:21 AM, by TIGERSPEECH

    Today I met a big goal for myself by passing 20k SparkPoints.... Read more

  • I have a question...

    6/24/2016 10:52:02 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I started back on SP on April 4th but didn't start exercising (riding my recumbent bike) on June 9th. I have been tracking the amt. of time, the number of miles & the type of activity but I can't find the figure that says how many TOTAL miles I have ridden since June 9th. Any suggestions? It is almo... Read more

  • Oooops...missed another day...

    6/23/2016 11:04:55 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Not sure how I did it but I did not blog yesterday. The good news is I am back riding my bike as of Mon. Tues. Wed. & today. The temps have been hot, but I have been riding early in the morning. OK, it is 11:04, so I need to get off my laptop & onto my bed...Sweet Dreams... JANEY 102... Read more

  • Starting Over Is Not A Bummer

    6/23/2016 9:52:19 AM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Today is day 2 of my streak! Having a streak going is one of my favorite ways to motivate myself to stay on track. I love seeing all those "on track" days in a row add up! I had a pretty decent streak going...almost three weeks! But then I had an off track day, so I had to start my streak over.... Read more

  • My sort of kind of Sparkversary

    6/22/2016 6:12:16 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Last week I celebrated a sparkversary. Well, kind of. I kind of celebrated and it was sort of my Sparkversary but not really. I actually joined in February 2009 *gulp*. Over the years I've lost some weight, then for one reason or another, lost focus somewhat. Only to come back months or years l... Read more

  • Skipped a day...

    6/21/2016 10:02:41 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Not sure why, but I missed blogging yesterday, but at least I did get in 10.2 miles on my bike. I went to bed way too late last night & woke up AFTER 1:00 P.M. pretty much lost half of my day. I have BIG plans to get to bed by 11:00 & be ON my bike by 8. That;s the plan. I need to get off this lapto... Read more

  • 6.39 miles on treadmill with no walking

    6/21/2016 6:34:27 PM, by WINACHST

    Wheeeeee! I cannot believe I did it, (I did stop for a brief few seconds to pull the curtain on the window because the sun was hitting something that caused a glare. But I got right back to running. I cannot believe I did it. I used the Ifit program on my treadmill with the trail route I did ... Read more

  • Did I say I was restarting BECK DIET SOLUTION?

    6/21/2016 10:34:58 AM, by WINACHST

    I am sure I did and I made it to day 3. Then I had to be away and my routine was disrupted and I ate junk, junk and more junk. I also came to the conclusion that I am overly critical of my hubby's eating choices even though mine are no better. That needs to stop. No good comes out of negative ... Read more

  • Sun. night...losing my mind...

    6/19/2016 10:09:31 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Short & Sweet...I've had a good day, but I am watching THE game...Go Cavs!!! 104 JANEY... Read more

  • A Busy Saturday...

    6/18/2016 10:38:12 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Did not get enough sleep last night & got up early this morning. I ate a healthy breakfast but went to a Memorial service out of town & my lunch was a bunch of stuff that was served at the reception... somewhat hard to track. I was gone almost 12 hrs. today, had a milkshake on the way home, but just... Read more

  • Sticks and Stones

    6/18/2016 9:27:16 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I have been meaning to blog about an entirely different thing the last few days, but somehow it doesn't feel comfortable following the murder of Jo Cox. No doubt I'll come back to it another day. Jo Cox was not my MP. Her constituency was nowhere near where I live and I didn't know her perso... Read more

  • Darn, Missed a Day...

    6/17/2016 8:56:56 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I missed blogging yesterday & I did not ride my bike on Thur. or today. I have decided that I need to blog EARLIER in the sometimes in the eve. I forget to blog about my day...I guess that I usually like to wait until I have completed my meals for the day before checking in...Something else... Read more

  • A Hot Wednesday...

    6/15/2016 11:51:14 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I was already to take my bike ride this morning, but instead the hard rain storm deterred me...but only for about 30 min. I actually considered heading for the local Sr. Ctr. to work out on the bikes there & then the rain stopped. I was glad, but OMG was it hot & humid. I had hoped that the rain had... Read more

  • It's still Monday to me...

    6/14/2016 12:56:51 AM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Even though it is after midnight...I am still awake & feel like it is still Monday. The weather was gorgeous & I took off on my bike & managed to get in 10 miles before the heat hit me. I did pretty well with my food choices but maybe didn't eat enough...I am tired so I am going to head for bed & ge... Read more

  • JOHN

    6/13/2016 8:49:53 PM, by SMIDGON

    John had his blood work this morning. Tomorrow morning he goes for Chemo #2.. The day after his first one he was getting tired. He has 15 more cycles to go! That takes him to the 28th of December of this year. He says he doesn't have pain. But when he walks at xs he will hold his s... Read more

  • It's not fair... (BDS)

    6/13/2016 10:49:25 AM, by WINACHST

    I have owned the book The Beck Diet Solution for many years. I have yet to make it through all 6 weeks and have started and restarted many times and the phrase, "It's not fair..." irritates me to the maximum. To think that it is not fair that some one else can eat whatever they want and not gain we... Read more

  • Pizza

    6/13/2016 2:59:15 AM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza Total Time: 23 min. Prep Time: 15 min. Cooking Time: 8 hrs. Yield: 4 servings, ½ flatbread each Ingredients: 2 whole wheat flatbreads (or 6½-inch whole wheat pitas) ½ cup barbecue sauce, reduced-sugar 1½ cups shredded cooked chicken breast ½ cup ca... Read more

  • Another Good but Busy Day...

    6/12/2016 11:49:36 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Got up early this morning & rode my bike 8.1 miles, tacked my food & weighed in. It is almost midnight, so I must hurry & sign off...Take care... JANEY 41... Read more

  • Restarting Beck Diet Solution

    6/12/2016 11:14:58 AM, by WINACHST

    Well, I finally got my books out again and I am going to restart the Beck Diet Solution. I am getting tired of letting my cravings for junk have the power over me. Plus, I see my husband gaining weight because of the cookies, chips and other fattty foods and I think of how selfish it is not to take ... Read more

  • Half of a Half Race Results

    6/12/2016 10:29:03 AM, by WINACHST

    6.55 miles -- trail run with lots of hills 1:19:04 (12:04 minute per mile) I was hoping to come in under 80 minutes and wishfully wanting a 75 minute. But I think I overtrained and did not have as much in me as I hoped. Lesson learned. Plus, I was not eating as well as I should have... Read more

  • Typing as afast as I can...

    6/11/2016 11:51:14 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    It is about 10 till midnight, so I better get going. I have had a good day & rode my bike 6.8 mi. ate fairly healthy, except for some birthday party junk. Anyway...take care... JANEY... Read more

  • Manhattan, Moons and Misses

    6/11/2016 11:08:54 AM, by TRESSWANN

    We took our 12 year old niece to Manhattan for her 13th birthday to see “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”. Moi, of course, had to wear the appropriate outfit so Talbot toile pants, black tank and cardi with the requisite pearls and then floral sneakers for the spectral leg. Matronly, with a twis... Read more

  • Great intentions...

    6/10/2016 11:27:25 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I got up early this morning with plans to ride my bike, but it was pouring rain & I told myself that I would ride "later on" but it didn't happen. I played euchre at the local Sr. Ctr. & ate way too much junk food. My girlfriend & I went out to dinner & to the early show & again, I made some pretty ... Read more

  • My BEFORE Pictures

    6/10/2016 9:44:19 AM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Today is day 9 of my streak! Yesterday evening, I had my husband take some front and side pictures of me, and what an eye opener that was! Honestly, I knew I'd gained a lot of weight, because I was back into my size 3X clothes, and I was really filling them out. But somehow I'd convinced mysel... Read more

  • FINALLY...Exercise...

    6/9/2016 9:02:46 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Not sure WHY, but this morning I decided that I would get my recumbent bike out & take a ride. The weather was beautiful & I really enjoyed getting out. I have to admit...the first time I pressed down on the pedal, I thought that my right knee would pop, but by the end of my 5.5 mile ride, my knees ... Read more

  • Wed. a Weird Day...

    6/8/2016 10:40:49 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Got up early...took my husband for his colonoscopy...all good news. The weird/funny part of my day...I cut my finger opening a bottle of Benadryl...then I cut my elbow on the toilet roll dispenser at the doctor's office & then as I "strolled" through the lobby of the office, I noticed a tag on my ne... Read more

  • Brand new

    6/8/2016 11:52:12 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Took a walk last night and noticed this just outside ourback fence. Brand new!! ... Read more

  • I'm not doing great, but I'm not giving up

    6/8/2016 8:30:03 AM, by TIGERSPEECH

    I am focusing on eating less carbs and getting about 400 more spark points to make it to 20,000 points because the scale is driving me insane. Basically I'm in the 160s and want to be in the 150s, then 140s. I've bounced all around the 160s and blame it on emotional eating and tendonitis. Ok, so now... Read more

  • Just checking in...

    6/7/2016 9:27:15 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I don't have much to report today...Things are going well, but once again, I am WAY under my nutrition ways. My husband is having a colonoscopy tomorrow & I found myself not eating too much either...I might grab something quick before I go to bed so that I will be able to sleep without getting up be... Read more

  • OOPS! I (almost) did it again!

    6/7/2016 12:15:01 PM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Today is day 6 of my streak! My last blog was about how I almost went off my streak by impulsively buying a pack of cookies at the country market.(I didn't eat them, though. I took them back inside and got a refund.) Well, I almost did it again today, although not with cookies. I was at ... Read more

  • Monday, Monday...a good day...

    6/6/2016 10:35:55 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I did not sleep well last night, as I was up 3X a night to the bathroom to pee. Because I was meeting some friends for an early lunch, I did not eat breakfast. Had a good solid meal & enjoyed my girlfriends. The scale smiled at me this morning which was good news too. I started out at 260 lbs. on Ap... Read more

  • Monday update

    6/6/2016 12:29:32 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Looks like it's going to be September before we get Internet installed. We're going with a small local company -- because that's just about our only option -- and they only have one guy that can climb trees to install the receiver dish. I guess that's the trade-off for living in the woods but tha... Read more

  • My Sunday Evening NSV!

    6/6/2016 8:58:08 AM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Today is day 5 of my streak! I had a non scale victory (NSV) yesterday. It was in the evening, close to dinner time, when hubby said "Let's go for a drive." This is something he often likes to do on Sunday evenings. We just get in the car and drive along the back roads for a little bit. Usually... Read more

  • Back up & Running...

    6/5/2016 9:48:10 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I like that of my dear SP friends said that to me, to encourage me to get back in the groove. I feel good this evening...haven't probably had enough calories today. That's OK...I had plenty yesterday. Had lots of water today & stayed busy. It wasn't until about 5:00, I could hear/feel ... Read more

  • One Day shot to H...

    6/4/2016 10:11:18 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Not even going to even track my food today or make excuses...Had a great time with my son & visiting my sister & her family in Indy, but it was a food fest & I did NOT do well...Period JANEY 29... Read more

  • Surviving the Shower

    6/4/2016 8:39:35 PM, by TRESSWANN

    I HATE bridal showers. I don't go. i refused to have one for my first one. The last one I went to was literally about 35 years ago. I do go to and plan showers at work. For the others I send great gifts. My youngest SS is getting married in August. It will be challenging. Another thing my fa... Read more

  • 10 Most Contaminated Foods

    6/4/2016 12:57:57 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    You’ve listened to the hype about organic foods. But if you’re like 45 percent of Americans polled in a recent Gallup survey, you’re still unsure whether they’re worth the extra money or not. After all, your parents ate non-organic foods for most of their lives — probably still do — and they turned ... Read more

  • Where did the day go?

    6/3/2016 10:48:36 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I got to bed late, but got up earlier than I planned. I hit the ground running...skipped past breakfast & ended up eating my first meal of the day, closer to noon. Showered, went to the Kroger & finally ate my dinner meal at about 5:00 but I barely have had 600 calories. Hope that hunger does not ke... Read more

  • Never Grocery Shop On An Empty Stomach

    6/3/2016 1:03:28 PM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    This morning I drove my husband to work so that I could have the car to go grocery shopping. I made the mistake of not having breakfast before I went. I'm sure you know that its not a good idea to go grocery shopping when you're hungry! I've known this rule for decades, but I still broke it today. ... Read more

  • UPDATE ON John

    6/3/2016 11:26:52 AM, by SMIDGON

    So far, so good with John. He went back this morning to have the pump removed. On the pile of papers they gave us, when they said the Chemo may be indefinitely, do any of you know if that means straight through without a two week break from running tests? I can't believe it mean... Read more

  • Lose weight, not muscle

    6/3/2016 3:49:12 AM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Skip the Long Runs If you want to lose fat, don’t go the aerobic route, say researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, in Louisiana. Their study comparing the weight-loss results of people who did aerobic workouts while dieting with those who only dieted found that steady state cardio (... Read more

  • OK, Today actually Thursday...

    6/2/2016 9:49:07 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I feel like I am well on my way to getting back in the groove...I weighed in, I tracked my food, I stayed within my nutrition ranges & here I am blogging long before midnight. Still no exercise in my journal...but I am getting there...Take care... JANEY 104... Read more

  • Enjoy The Ride

    6/2/2016 10:48:29 AM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Its been a few months since my last blog, and that can only mean one thing...that I'm way off track. When I avoid blogging, you can usually bet that I'm not doing well at all. So here's the truth; I have gained back a lot of weight, and not only am I back in my size 3X clothes, I'm finding tha... Read more

  • Not a good day

    6/2/2016 12:10:39 AM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I guess that every so often you have "one of those days" & today was a day like that. I am typing as fast as I can, but it is already past midnight, but I still think of it as Wed. I went to a BFD retirement ceremony/reception this afternoon & ate way too much food, some junk food. This eve. I went ... Read more

  • A Pretty Good Day...

    5/31/2016 10:16:52 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I went to bed last night at 11:30 & slept till almost 10:00...howEVER...I was up 4-5X to pee. It seems like it was almost every hour, so needless to say...I was tired all day. As a favor, I went to an elementary school to do a reading to a Kindergarten friend's son was in the class, but s... Read more

  • today's workout would be...

    5/31/2016 5:16:23 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Stander Push up - 15 Wide Front Pull Up- 5 - 15 band Military Push ups - 16 Reverse Grip chin ups - 5 - 10 band Wide Fly Push up 15 Closed Grip overhand Pull up 4 - 15 band Plank 1 min Heavy Pants - 15 15# Diamond Push ups 4 15 knees Lawnmowers 20 15# Dive Bommers push ups ... Read more

  • guessing game

    5/31/2016 3:07:09 PM, by SMIDGON

    Today's blog will be a 2 - part series! Someone came to the door, hubby was outside for a good amount of x. He came back in announcing someone was coming to trim our big beautiful trees. AND, they are doing it for a terrific price. I have seen how some of these yahoo's trim your trees! ... Read more

  • Memorial Day Monday 2016

    5/30/2016 8:14:16 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I have had a pretty quiet cookouts...which right now, has been a big help. No need to try & figure out the calories, because someone else prepared it. I ran around today doing errands & stayed busy...didn't mean to, but missed lunch. I basically stripped the shelves & coolers at the Kro... Read more

  • Rain Stopped Play

    5/30/2016 6:49:02 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Poor Guy Forget is having a torrid time I imagine. This is his first French Open as Tournament Director having taken the job on in February, and the weather in Paris has been awful for a lot of the time over the last week or so. There was a particularly bad storm on Saturday that wiped out a lot o... Read more