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  • Good News

    12/20/2014 10:06:19 AM, by MARGOH12

    We took Zelda back to the vet last night. He says she can stop her medication and start slowly to go short for walks again. She is only allowed 20 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening but it's better than nothing. She also has to stay on her lead as she isn't allowed to run yet. We took her ... Read more

  • My housework workout

    12/19/2014 4:39:32 PM, by SUECHRIS50

    I am suffering greatly from Shingles nerve damage but It wont get me down. I have too many things to do!!I baked so many goodies for friends and family, raked leaves, did laundry, mopped floors, Christmas shopped, Danced to a workout video(slow-motion)decked the halls and made dinner. Visited an ail... Read more

  • Nutrition Tips

    12/19/2014 2:16:17 PM, by COACHSANDRAAULT

    ear focus and a healthy mind towards life, is what we all need. There will be failures, that is just part of life. How you deal w/those failures is where you need to focus. Failures are just a way of learnin, don't let it derail or defeat you. Use those failures to increase your chances to succe... Read more

  • Packing for our summer holiday

    12/19/2014 12:36:21 PM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    The house is in disarray because we are packing for our trip and we are taking everything. In the meantime, everything is spread out in various places but by the end of the day it will be stowed in the car. I don't know what possessed me but we invited friends to join us for dinner tonight, it wil... Read more

  • Val's Birthday

    12/19/2014 10:23:23 AM, by MARGOH12

    Yesterday was my friend Val's birthday, her husband organised a surprise party for her. It was at someone's house. As it was being hosted by people we didn't know I felt unable to take food to eat. My worst fears were confirmed almost everything was high fat or high sugar and full of empty calories.... Read more

  • The Gout Experience

    12/19/2014 9:53:44 AM, by BOHEMIANCAT

    May you never have gout! It is painful and you cannot stand anything to touch your foot in the beginning stages. Plus you have trouble walking. I have had gout since November 13 and went to my doctor who referred me to a rheumatologist. Of course, as a new patient, I had to wait two weeks to... Read more

  • Another 12 days of Christmas

    12/18/2014 12:05:31 PM, by MARGOH12

    TOJOHO2005 posted a blog 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge on Friday, December 05, 2014 I thought this was a great idea and suggested to my daughter Ceri that we do it together. When I came to read it a second time I realised that it is a great workout but too high impact for me. So not one t... Read more

  • It is really Wed. now...

    12/17/2014 5:13:04 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    Yesterday's blog was after midnight, so I guess that it was posted as today...oh well. I slept well last night & the scale smiled at me...two lbs. lost...every little bit helps to keep me motivated. I am doing OK today, but I have to tell you. It is after 5 P.M. & I am still in my nightgown (I have ... Read more

  • a wonderful thing called a smile

    12/17/2014 1:40:08 PM, by SUECHRIS50

    I have been smiling since I was a baby no matter the circumstances. When I'm having a bad day I still smile. I was at a checkout asking about some shoes when I looked up to a frowning cashier(Ralph). I told him to put a smile on his face and fake it and eventually he will feel it. He Said I doubt it... Read more

  • Dipping down

    12/17/2014 9:04:45 AM, by MARGOH12

    You may remember my post on December 2 called stepping up about using the structure of my local park to help with my fitness goals. Today I worked out that I could use the benches for body dips so I did four sets of eight reps, this is in addition to the step ups. Next week I thought I might use the... Read more

  • Started out strong...

    12/17/2014 12:26:45 AM, by WVAWACKADOO

    I said started...Yesterday, Monday was not a great day...I DID walk for almost 30 min. & I DID weigh in & I DID drink lots of water, but I didn't do as well tracking... breakfast & lunch was good & dinner was pretty healthy. I get together with two girlfriends every Mon. eve. & it was my night to br... Read more

  • A spoonful of sugar

    12/16/2014 11:06:26 AM, by MARGOH12

    My housework rota is considered something of a joke in our house. My refusal not to be totally disorganised doesn't sit well with most of the family (Gareth is the only exception). It's not totally rigid, or I wouldn't do it - I hate doing housework but jobs have to be done. Most jobs only need doin... Read more

  • Viva La difference

    12/15/2014 1:25:05 PM, by MARGOH12

    For the last few days I have seen a pair of Aylesbury ducks on the river bank. I'm assuming that they are a pair as they are the only two in sight and ducks mate for life. I've managed to get really close to them and I can't help work out which is male and which one is female. After all one white du... Read more

  • And the band played on

    12/15/2014 3:34:02 AM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    Today was hot, Sparkies, hot and mostly still. Searing in the sun, where I sat with my niece eating a Mille Fieulle, her birthday treat for me. Still hot while I watered the wildflower meadow I have just sown. Hot when the brass band playing Christmas songs worked up and down the valley. Warm when... Read more

  • I Got Nothing...

    12/14/2014 11:03:49 PM, by WVAWACKADOO

    My last blog was Sept. 29th...not proud of's just a fact. It has been almost 3 months since I checked in. My daughter was engaged for almost 14 months & I had PLENTY of time to get my act together & to lose a substantial amt. of weight ...not sure what that number is. The make-up & hair pe... Read more

  • Great Coached Workout Mixes

    12/14/2014 12:32:41 PM, by WINACHST
    eriesfit/ G Series FIT Mixes Bootcamp #1 is my favorite mix. I just finished it. Yes, "FINISHED" I made it through the whole workout. I was not able to do that when I first downloaded these a few years ago. #feeling stronger... Read more

  • Quorn Wellington

    12/14/2014 8:25:54 AM, by MARGOH12

    If you are looking for something special for vegetarians during the festive season here's a recipe from Gareth's future father-in-law. you need; 1 packet of ready rolled pastry (it doesn't matter if it's puff or shortcrust) 4 Quorn fillets 1 packet of veggie sausage mix water beaten egg ... Read more

  • Ho ho Ho

    12/13/2014 6:02:53 PM, by MARGOH12

    today I have been a Santa widow. Yes Bill has spent the day being Santa at Gorse Hill City Farm. He is the chairman of the trustees so it sort of goes with the territory, that and his beard is out of control, some say it is evolving into a totally new life form. It seemed to go well he only made two... Read more

  • Fasting today...

    12/13/2014 1:08:15 AM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    I am doing the fast diet and after breakfast I decided to make today a fast day. So my fast day is 24 hours from 11 til 11 tomorrow morning. Not starving, just having 500 calories in those 24 hours. I find it fun to do this, at least when I have a big breakfast under my belt! I made a chicken sal... Read more

  • News Letters

    12/12/2014 4:14:04 PM, by MARGOH12

    Ever since the kids were little we have sent out a family news letter at Christmas. Once they could writer themselves every one has written their own paragraph to include. This makes it much simpler, all I have to do is write my own paragraph and edit the others before mail merging. this year for a ... Read more

  • Vacation, Before , After, Before Pics, and Day one Beck

    12/12/2014 12:53:57 PM, by TERI-RIFIC

    I flew to Nashville to meet my daughter and drive with her to Colorado. Nashville was fun. We saw a concert, of course went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and visited various Taylor Swift spots ( her fave coffee shop, fave park a... Read more

  • Closing out 2014

    12/12/2014 12:18:52 PM, by GINYAN

    Well after reading over my July entry, the good news is I’, down about 5 pounds, weighing in at 179. Not huge but at least it’s down and I will take it. Things are still very crazy in my life, dealing monthly court dates, 4 attorneys and DCS, that all seem to think I work for them…….. Not sur... Read more

  • Looking for the tooth fairy

    12/11/2014 9:11:34 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Beware. This is a rant. I've been complaining about a sore tooth for way too long . . . three years. My former dentist (Dr S, The Compassionate Dentist) always looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and had something 'compa... Read more

  • It's a date!

    12/11/2014 8:43:36 AM, by MARGOH12

    Tonight we've been invited to a Christmas food tasting at a local supermarket. I know there will be loads of unhealthy food to taste. So why go then? You may well ask, the answer is simple we went last year and it was fun to just chat with staff and we both got a "goody bag" to take home. It had loa... Read more

  • Ghost Status -- one more thought

    12/10/2014 10:33:07 PM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    Thanks to everyone who commented. I have given thought to all of the ideas. There was one more thought on the topic that I thought I would share.....something that occurred to me today. The organization that I work for provides fire protection and EMS services in my community. I type the... Read more

  • I love all my black brothers and sisters

    12/10/2014 3:54:49 PM, by SUECHRIS50

    I Love you all from the bottom of my I know a lot of crap is going on out there but just let it be known God has my heart!!So let Love shine through yours also!! SUSAN... Read more

  • Sing along

    12/10/2014 9:54:12 AM, by MARGOH12

    Four the last four years we have organised a Christmas singalong with our neighbours. We are very lucky in that our local radio station do a lot of the hard work for us. They broadcast a live concert so music supplied. They have a carol sheet that you can download so that's the words taken care of.... Read more

  • Hungry seagulls

    12/9/2014 3:30:45 PM, by MARGOH12

    Today we had some stale bread. so we took it to the park to feed the ducks. It seems the ducks had to go without, as we threw the bread over the bridge a flock of very agile seagulls were catching it as they flew past. This is the ... Read more

  • I've Got Goals To Reach

    12/9/2014 1:00:27 PM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Today is day 97 of my streak! Its been a couple of weeks since my last blog. Even though my streak has continued, I have to admit that my motivation has begun to fade lately. We got some bad news last month, which is impacti... Read more

  • Mindfulness and Company on the Journey

    12/9/2014 10:58:28 AM, by DOKEYOKEY

    I'm back. I've been away for months...and before that I wasn't really participating. My weight is now higher than it was the first time I started SparkPeople, and while it's not at an all time high, it's close. I'm two pounds away from the BMI "obese" category. That's a fact. So, while the ... Read more

  • fitbit tells me the truth

    12/8/2014 9:13:17 PM, by RAINBOWMF

    My fitbit told me I have gained 16.5 pounds since January 6th What's with that??? Something wrong with this picture. Too much relax time I would say. Being retired has turned me into a person who does not push herself enough. I feel, I... Read more

  • The Thompson Creek Trail

    12/8/2014 3:33:36 PM, by DIANESKATZ

    Now that my foot is better somewhat from the heel pain that I was having, I have increased my walking. One of my favorite spots to walk is a little trail in Claremont, CA that has lots of trees and even wildlife! It's quiet although there are people always walking here. I oftentimes go to the mall t... Read more

  • Hard Times?

    12/8/2014 8:47:00 AM, by MARGOH12

    I wonder if Christmas is so good if someone's grandma had got run over by a reindeer.
    h?v=xzV9DIL_vrM... Read more

  • UGH!

    12/8/2014 7:01:03 AM, by WINACHST

    Yesterday, I posted a link to a dessert blog and I am wanting to stop eating so many sweets. This time of year is not the holiday season but the temptation season. It wouldn't be so bad except that eating sweets is not an occasional event with me. I eat too many sweets and every time I log onto the ... Read more

  • 3 Happy Pit Bulls!

    12/7/2014 10:42:30 PM, by SUECHRIS50

    So we're out there taking a long walk feeling really good, Out of nowhere comes not one but 3 friendly pit bulls ready for some loving, we racked up a few hundred kisses in about 5 minutes.2 were blues and one was black. My Husband had them under control in minutes safely locked in our backyard. Ou... Read more

  • A Dessert Blog

    12/7/2014 10:04:49 PM, by WINACHST

    check out this blog:
    m/ all I can say is OMG! These are awesome recipes I just made the one minute chocolate mug cake ~ satisfied my craving and there was no leftovers so I was not tempted to eat and eat and eat. I adjusted the sugar Read more

  • A Christmas Hamper

    12/7/2014 2:41:41 PM, by MARGOH12

    Our church has a homeless project. We have regular guests who come for meals and get clothes. The organisers have asked us to make up hamper for the guests to be given out over Christmas. They have asked for very specific things. This is because if any one perceives that someone else has a better ha... Read more

  • My soda wagon

    12/6/2014 9:40:24 PM, by SUECHRIS50

    After 35 years of being a diehard diet soda drinker,I have undertaken the journey to quit soda completely! I am a total addict and I admit it. There is no in between or cutting back I went cold turkey 60 days ago today.I don't even think about it anymore! Yes I'm on the wagon and will most likely st... Read more

  • It was a cold dark night in ..............

    12/6/2014 4:58:45 PM, by MARGOH12

    Leicester to be precise. I didn't get to take Ginny for her walk until 4.50pm today, It was cold and dark out so rather than go to the park I thought we could walk down by the river. It is lit and paved so safer than the park. I set a timer for 30 minutes on my phone and off we went. We came up to t... Read more

  • Ghost Status Revisited -- warning ....long blog

    12/6/2014 7:23:23 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    This is a follow-up to my blog of yesterday. My sincere thanks to everyone who commented. They were very helpful and did shed some light on the topic. I also did a little googling and read blogs on similar topics. There are quite a few blogs/articles where women share how they feel invis... Read more

  • Am I a ghost?

    12/5/2014 9:19:14 AM, by MISSUSRIVERRAT

    First , let me say that I don't feel like a ghost on Spark. My Sparkfriends are quite interactive! But in my every day life, I feel like I am being stonewalled (except by people that want to sell me something) ! This has happened before to me and it is weird. Perhaps it is a coincidence, pe... Read more

  • Family fun

    12/5/2014 8:02:00 AM, by MARGOH12

    For a many years we have gone to the cinema on boxing day. It just seemed a nice relaxing thing to do after all the hard work of Christmas Day. Last year Bryn had no money so he offered to give us fun instead of presents. The fun was a treasure hunt on boxing day. We enjoyed it so much he's going to... Read more

  • Grand baby

    12/4/2014 6:53:58 PM, by NANALOVES2CAMP

    My grand baby is doing good! She still is going to require heart surgery in January, but she is doing good. That was my good news for the day! Drooped out of my running training today,. I guess I am getting too old, my knees can't take it. I guess I will just have to be content with walking. please ... Read more

  • In my dreams

    12/4/2014 5:20:30 PM, by MARUKI52

    First of all I must thank you all for your kind comments and best wishes on my last blog. I appreciate all your comments and intend getting back as soon after New Year as I can make it. In the meantime.......get this.......according to FitBit I climbed two flights of stairs early this morning.... Read more

  • Fast Exercise HIT

    12/4/2014 10:39:22 AM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    HIT is High Intensity Training. There are some good articles on it here on Sparkpeople, check them out. I got a session in yesterday morning before work. I did three sets of one minute running in the pool. It was harder than I expected, after the first session where the recovery took not too long,... Read more

  • Chills

    12/4/2014 9:05:46 AM, by MARGOH12

    For some reason today my entire family seem to think we need chills. How do I know? Because they all seem incapable of closing a door, any door. Thus ensuring that icy blasts and chills are resonating through the house. I know that Skegness trades on the tag line 'it's very bracing' but that's nearl... Read more

  • Taking a Spark Break

    12/3/2014 3:14:01 PM, by MARUKI52

    It's all been a bit hectic here of late. I am under pressure with appointments from now until New Year that have to be kept, both for myself and the DH. We are hoping that DH's health problems will be sorted out by New Year as he should have the results of multiple tests that have been done. ... Read more

  • Rain, rain, come again..and AGAIN!

    12/3/2014 1:29:26 PM, by DIANESKATZ

    FINALLY, Southern California is having two good days of pouring rain!! This amidst a severe 2-yr drought. Hopefully this winter will be a good one. We have it all..deserts, mountains, beaches and valleys. It's good to see winter after such a hot, dry summer too. As I type this it is starting to clea... Read more

  • Better Than Vegan Recipe Review

    12/3/2014 8:34:56 AM, by WINACHST

    A few weeks ago, I was the coordinator for the Share A Meal program, a nonprofit that has groups volunteer food and time and prepare a meal for the community, and the group that came in that week prepared scalloped potatoes. Oh, that used to be one of my favorite dishes. You know, that box of dehydr... Read more

  • colours

    12/3/2014 8:14:21 AM, by MARGOH12

    I love bright colours, they lift the spirit and help us to feel good. As an avid photographer I often take random pictures just because I like the colour or texture of something. So here's a few of my personal favourites. ... Read more

  • Soul Searcher Question Wednesday, December 3rd

    12/3/2014 6:48:27 AM, by SWEETYOUNGTHING

    ... Read more

  • Giving myself credit

    12/3/2014 3:49:26 AM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    Nightshift so I started late. Plan was to exercise at the beginning of the day but I ran out of time. Spent the whole day sitting down because the afternoon was spent at a conference. Interesting but by the time I finished the last thing I wanted to do was spend three more hours sitting down. Went... Read more

  • My Christmas Wish List

    12/2/2014 12:19:08 PM, by BOHEMIANCAT

    I have realized that the older I get what I really want for Christmas cannot be purchased with money. Good health is at the top of my list every year. Love between family members is another Christmas wish. For everyone to know the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. To be successfu... Read more

  • Maybe Beck Diet Solution is not for me

    12/2/2014 9:48:25 AM, by WINACHST

    Ok, this is my second time attempting to get through this book and I am thinking this is going to be the second time I will not make it to the end. I am having a hard time with some of the concepts the author is putting forth, such as the fat shaming. The constant reference to "a thin person thinks"... Read more

  • Stepping up!

    12/2/2014 9:20:06 AM, by MARGOH12

    I am naturally concerned about my fitness levels as it is looking as though it will be several months before I can go back to the gym. So as I was out walking today I got the bright idea of using the structure of the park to help out a little. there are 3 sets of steps around the back of the tenn... Read more

  • Soul Searcher Question Tuesday, 12/2

    12/2/2014 6:50:30 AM, by SWEETYOUNGTHING

    ... Read more

  • Reality has hit after Two thanks givings

    12/1/2014 7:32:19 PM, by MIDWESTLORRAINE

    One in Connecticut and one here in Minesota. Got off track. Now I am getting back on. the Number 40 is screaming at me. I have a 40 year High school reunion in 2015 in Connecticut. I have 40 lbs to loose. and I've been in the desert wandering for 40 years. Every year the cold severe weather packs... Read more

  • The best CHRISTmas present ever!

    12/1/2014 1:10:51 PM, by IMAVISION

    Just want to make it clear that the best CHRISTmas gift EVER was/is God's plan of salvation through His beloved Son, Christ Jesus, my Lord Savior. ... Read more

  • Pemphigus in Cats

    12/1/2014 12:59:26 PM, by DIANESKATZ

    Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease that cause blistering of the skin and mucous membranes. My kitty Ebony was diagnosed with this illness two years ago and has since been on medication for it. Lately it has re-asserted itself so I took him back to the doctor where they increased his meds and gave hi... Read more

  • Naughty but funny

    12/1/2014 11:37:05 AM, by MARGOH12

    I'm bored today as my mobility is so limited. So I started trawling faceboook Here's one I couldn't resisit. ... Read more

  • Soul Searcher Question Monday, 12/1st

    12/1/2014 6:26:02 AM, by SWEETYOUNGTHING

    ... Read more

  • Where are you?

    11/30/2014 4:05:29 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Where am I, today, in relationship to where I was last year and where I want to be next year??? I refuse to wait another day without putting this in writing. Some folks will wait until it's time for New Years Resolution . . . but not me. Read more

  • Orion's special day

    11/30/2014 1:28:36 PM, by MARGOH12

    Today saw my friend's grandson 'Orion' being Christened. the day was warm and bright- a good day for a Christening. We had a lovely time and it was great to catch up with her family, like ours they are grown up and have moved away. The service was nice, it made a change for us as the church is very ... Read more

  • Beck Diet Solution

    11/30/2014 12:16:55 PM, by WINACHST

    I started this several years ago but never made it through the 6 weeks because I got too lazy. It requires so much effort, but I am now thinking that there may be something to this solution. It is cognitive therapy and deals with how one thinks about food and why one eats. It also involves pla... Read more

  • Soul Searcher Question Sunday, 11/30th

    11/30/2014 8:17:21 AM, by SWEETYOUNGTHING

    ... Read more

  • It's About Life: L- I - F - E

    11/30/2014 7:56:21 AM, by TERI-RIFIC
    r/19656645/ As of today, I'm 15 pounds away from my goal for 2015. I've been struggling lately to find just the right motivation to keep me on track. I did not re- up for Spark Coach after my y... Read more

  • Food Prep

    11/29/2014 5:03:49 PM, by MARGOH12

    Today I decided to revert to my old Saturday pass time of prepping all the vegetables for the coming week. We now don't have to worry about meals if we are short of time. Broccoli and cauliflower are in florets. Green beans topped and tailed. Cabbage shredded and stalks pared and juliened for stir ... Read more

  • 11 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Stress

    11/29/2014 11:58:44 AM, by SWEETYOUNGTHING

    **This is a long read but worth it** taken from Hack Life We all have an idea in our heads about how things are, or how they’re supposed to be, and sadly this is what often messes us up and stresses us out the most. Realize this. Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you WANT because you NEED... Read more

  • Traditional Saturday

    11/29/2014 11:33:44 AM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    We had a guest coming for coffee and the house was a mess, so I skipped morning exercise to clean it up. Normally I do my housework on Mondays while DH is at work. So Saturday was a little like my childhood Saturdays when my sister, mother and I spent the morning cleaning house. Each of us girls h... Read more

  • Christmas Wreath

    11/28/2014 2:52:05 PM, by MARGOH12

    Today I went to a workshop in my local park to make a Christmas wreath. It cost £7 and all materials were provided (I couldn't buy one for that). We had a great time and they even provided refreshments. It's the first time I ever done this and feel really proud of myself, especially when the tutor s... Read more

  • Black Friday

    11/28/2014 10:26:54 AM, by NATNOEL

    My backyard with beautiful snow gently falling this morning while I pull out my Christmas decorations and start wrapping the gifts I have been picking up over the last few weeks. This is my tradition on Black Friday and you could ... Read more

  • My weight

    11/28/2014 7:48:06 AM, by SWEETYOUNGTHING

    I went to bed feeling sick last night due to a stomach filled with too much food; most of it unhealthy food. As I laid there, I saw my life flash before my eyes - literally. I was focusing on this past year in particular. A year ago, my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She passed awa... Read more

  • Be Thankful! today and every day

    11/27/2014 1:35:06 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    ... Read more

  • Talking turkey the aftermath

    11/27/2014 1:26:21 PM, by MARGOH12

    So went to see the nice people at Sainsbury's to explain that I'd ordered the wrong turkey for Christmas. It would seem that my mistake was rather fortuitous. The woman who processed the order had ordered a DVD instead of a turkey, not very appetising. ... Read more

  • Turkey Trot - A Great New Tradition

    11/27/2014 11:37:56 AM, by TERI-RIFIC

    It was an absolutely gorgeous New England morning to run. The trees were covered in snow and this picture does not do it justice. There was really beautiful scenery all along the route, but I didn't stop to take a pic because I was... Read more

  • How is that working for me?

    11/27/2014 9:55:05 AM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    It's a powerful question, isn't it? I sometimes ask it of others who tell me they are doing something they're not happy about. Well, Sparkies, i've been awake since just before 3am and it,s all my own fault. Yesterday was a big day at work, I worked from 8 am through til 6.15 with two brea... Read more

  • Oh Saddle Tree, Oh Saddle tree....

    11/26/2014 5:58:41 PM, by FRANCESCANAZ

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Spark friends active, & not so active. This is my first blog in many months, but I have not forgotten all the friends I have here on Spark people who are a daily encouragement...even if I do seem off... Read more

  • Talking Turkey

    11/26/2014 2:50:10 PM, by MARGOH12

    Today we went to order our Christmas turkey. While we were there we picked up a few bits. Fruit and nuts for the Christmas cake. Foil trays. Dani's Christmas present and general groceries. It wasn't until we got home that I realised we ordered the wrong turkey! ... Read more