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  • Thursday

    10/7/2015 11:46:42 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and have some fun still waiting on my brother hugs... Read more

  • checking in - october 2015

    10/7/2015 9:41:30 PM, by PJH2028

    i love october best weather, light, smells, new notebooks pumpkins.... I haven't turned into one...yet. My intentions and efforts to step-it-up with more time on the elliptical is being successful. I'm getting more activity time. And a higher step count. I'm still not hitting 10k ... Read more

  • September Self-Report

    9/30/2015 10:46:20 PM, by ELEPHANTSOUL

    30 September Accomplishments 1. I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!! 2. I changed the brakes and the rotors in my car. Myself. (Well, with intensive supervision. Lol.) 3. I made a few calls and found an alternative car insurance premium that will save me $720.00 annually. 4. I haven’t go... Read more

  • Beck Day 32 Travel

    9/28/2015 9:45:05 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 32 – Travel Like Eating Out, I do not over eat when traveling and almost always am more active. I always lose weight when traveling or eating out. This is not an issue for me. ... Read more

  • Beck Day 31 – Drinking

    9/28/2015 9:43:07 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 31 – Drinking No doubt about it. For me, and more as I age, alcohol makes it harder to lose weight. When my thyroid quit working, my metabolism slowed down, I exercised less (age & retirement), I found it much harder to lose weight. So, for me, I need to limit alcohol to occasiona... Read more

  • Beck Day 30 - Eating Out

    9/27/2015 9:46:19 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 30 - Eating Out Eating out is not normally a problem for me. I’m too busy enjoying the company and talking with friends. I over eat more at home from boredom and loss. ... Read more

  • Beck Day 29 - Overcoming Challenges

    9/27/2015 9:45:20 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 29 – Overcoming Challenges There will always be challenges. The sooner we learn to accept and deal with them the better, and happier, we will be in the life. It is only our impression that our refusal of food will hurt other’s feelings. Are they not imposing their desires u... Read more

  • Beck Days 26, 27 & 28!

    9/25/2015 4:10:50 PM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 26 – Recognizing Thinking Mistakes Again, I don’t fool myself, but I don’t always do the right thing either. It’s a choice. I often make the mistake of thinking that I will eat healthier and less if I eat at home. My life is a very social and active one and the truth is that I... Read more

  • Beck Day 25 - Sabotaging Thoughts

    9/21/2015 12:33:46 PM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 25 - Sabotaging Thoughts I'm going to be traveling on Tuesday & Wednesday with a friend and it will be interesting to take this time to study my sabotaging thoughts. I will be out shopping for clothes and with a friend who has different food likes, etc. Should be interesting. This w... Read more

  • A(In)spiring Up

    9/21/2015 11:16:15 AM, by PJH2028

    Sometimes a spark friend here really inspires me. I am so grateful for those moments. I've been reading a great book called "The War of Art" which is all about "Resistance" - in its so many forms and faces Pushing Through... Doing My Work.... whether it's creative expression or diet... Read more

  • Beck Day 24 - Discouragement

    9/19/2015 2:43:59 PM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 24 - Discouragement So apt today. At some point the high of newness wears off. The promise that if you just do A, B, & C, you will be slim and healthy. And, I would have, except. Except that I did A, slacked on B, and didn't really try C. I'm 24 days down the line and not where I ... Read more

  • Food For Thought & Reviewing Patterns

    9/19/2015 1:58:10 PM, by MAUITN

    Here is a blog that I ran across and I believe it fits in with what Beck is teaching us. Check out ON2VICTORY ‘s blog.
    ?blog_id=5998632 ... Read more

  • Beck Day 23 - Unfairness

    9/19/2015 11:29:32 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 23 - Unfairness Where did we get the idea that life had to be fair? It isn’t. I don’t mean to imply that life is not good. I have been so very blessed in my life. Yes, things have happened that were unfortunate, bad even, but none of us, not one, will escape this life without s... Read more

  • Beck Day 22

    9/19/2015 11:17:44 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 22 - Oh Well! Why do we compare and judge ourselves to/against others? I have friends who are born organizers, decorators, artists and thin! We envy their talents, but we never watch them closely to see how they accomplish all that they do. I'm sure they have to work at their end re... Read more

  • Beck Day 21

    9/19/2015 11:10:24 AM, by MAUITN

    Day 21 – Get Ready I weigh every morning and I try not to allow it to influence my plans or emotions. That doesn’t always work, but I do my best. Somehow the thought of only weighing once a week and finding the scale up as much as five pounds would freak me out. I can more easily accept ... Read more

  • Beck Day 20

    9/18/2015 12:30:13 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 20 – Get Back On Track Starting over. Start again Changing. Whatever you want to call it. Okay, I did it. That was stupid. Let’s try this again. Today I overate. Some was low fat vegan. Some was not. It’s over. Move on. All these comments work. We just have to... Read more

  • Resilience - see spot stay ;-)

    9/17/2015 9:18:29 AM, by PJH2028

    This is the word. The one that keeps being the answer to What do I need? What do I need more of? Where is blank to be filled...etc. So... How glad am I to find a Spark article on the subject this morning? Terrifically. I will write more about my own relationship to Resilience .... in futu... Read more

  • Beck Day 19 & Eat To Live food

    9/15/2015 9:26:38 PM, by MAUITN

    I don't believe we ever fool ourselves. Yes, we make all sorts of excuses. Those are for the public. But deep down ( and for me, even on the surface), we know exactly what we are doing. The trick is combat those lies and deal openly with our excuses.... Read more

  • Beck Day 18

    9/15/2015 11:31:14 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 18 - Change Definition of Full Like yesterday, today’s lesson deals with over-eating and changing that pattern. I agree with SLENDERELLA that most of us who weigh more than is healthy for us eat to prolong the pleasurable experience. ... Read more

  • Beck Day 17

    9/13/2015 9:16:48 PM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 17 – End Overeating This is one that used to/could be if I don’t watch it, a problem for me. When eating a low fat vegan diet, the push among other things was for a pound of raw vegetables and a pound of cooked green vegetables. It offered lots of food. But I also found for me t... Read more

  • NSVs WGs Goals Balance Wins

    9/13/2015 1:20:23 PM, by PJH2028

    Yes. I want to WIN. (That's an uncommon thing for me to say). What? What do I want to win? Well... I think that this weight body game story is number one... the longest narrative running and all headway pays off in SO many other areas of my life. I'd like to win the Scale Numbers I'd li... Read more

  • Beck Day 16

    9/13/2015 9:53:30 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 16 Prevent Unplanned Eating This lesson was about ways not to deviate from your plan. Not to eat something that is not healthy or helpful for your diet or eating when you don’t need to. I do understand that. It is not in my opinion changing an apple for an orange. Both are health... Read more

  • Beck Day 15

    9/11/2015 10:00:33 PM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 15 Monitor Your Eating I planned my meals ahead of time. Breakfast went well, but by lunch the terrible two-year old tantrum came out and instead of eating my planned meal, I chose another. The meal was equally as healthy and within my calorie range. I had bought a Subway veggie ... Read more

  • Beck Day 14

    9/11/2015 10:46:29 AM, by MAUITN

    Beck Day 14 Plan for Tomorrow (and the day after that and the day after that) I don’t know where to start with the meal planning. I have always just decided what I felt like eating at the time of any ne meal. I always had good fresh food in the house, so had much to choose from at any one ... Read more

  • More progress photos, same woman, same dress, two years and about thirty pounds later

    9/10/2015 7:16:02 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    about 165 133... Read more

  • The difference 44 pounds makes.

    9/10/2015 6:50:15 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    - 177 - 133... Read more

  • Beck Day 13

    9/9/2015 7:28:45 PM, by MAUITN

    Overcoming Cravings Yesterday I worried about smashing the two days (11 & 12) together. I was afraid it would be too much and throw me off. It turned out very well. I was proud that I did not over eat and even skipped a meal. But today, when I read the topic, I was excited. I tho... Read more

  • Switch, Beck Day 11 & Maybe 12

    9/8/2015 10:08:38 PM, by MAUITN

    A Switch Flip This is the second time in the last week that a switch has flipped in my way of thinking and in my actions. That’s a good thing. Last night when I wrote my blog about the few times I had ever experienced hunger I experienced a change in my thinking and could view my actions, o... Read more