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  • A new approach...that starts completely with me

    7/23/2016 1:58:45 PM, by SILVER_WOLF1221

    I saw this and I realized that when it comes to keeping up with eating correctly and exercising, this has been my major downfall. I have finally realized that I have become obsessed with seeing results and ignoring how much I feel better when I make the right decisions. The first time I ... Read more

  • Another scorcher

    7/23/2016 1:13:36 PM, by MLIEN913

    I tried to workout today but the heat is killer. Being asthmatic doesn't help either. Well I'll just have to ride it out. I can't wait for the show tonight. It promises to be a great line up. Praise should be flowing high. ... Read more

  • Yay for an easier shark week

    7/23/2016 11:43:53 AM, by SSMITH762

    So shark week began yesterday and it's another one without feeling as tired as I used to, plus no cramps so far or headaches. This is definitely one of the benefits of low carb that I didn't expect. I'm still a little tired, but it's not like I want to sleep all day like before. I used to take of... Read more

  • Happy Friday

    7/22/2016 4:37:19 PM, by MLIEN913

    Things look great today. It's hot but I'm getting used to it. The pre-install inspection was done on the back roof. They'll drop of materials Tuesday, install the roof on Wednesday and replace the gutters on Thursday. Once done I won't have to worry about rain or snowcagain for at least 10yrs. Tomo... Read more

  • Blackened chicken and cauliflower grits again

    7/22/2016 2:56:52 PM, by SSMITH762

    Yummy and quick lunch. I made the chicken on the george foreman with the chicken rub. The cauliflower grits are riced cauliflower with greens onions and mushrooms sauteed and added to it. Then I add heavy cream and cheddar cheese, garlic powder, salt, and cayenne for that kick. It's done in less... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/22/2016 10:51:08 AM, by MOMMY445

    another hot,hazy and humid day here today. i'm getting caught up with my online courses and working on some extra math practice,too. i did a math test last week and i did not do as well as i know i can do. so i am putting in some extra practice over the weekend. my daughter is also practicing her ma... Read more

  • Cheap and easy vegetarian keto lunch

    7/21/2016 4:25:44 PM, by SSMITH762

    So I'm on a budget and meat is expensive, so lunch today was vegetarian. This is one of my fav meal whether or not I include meat. To make it: Nuke a bag of cauliflower for 5 min then rice it. Add an egg to the rice. Start cooking peppers and onions in butter on a medium heat After cooking awhil... Read more

  • Another hot day

    7/21/2016 2:46:39 PM, by MLIEN913

    This weather has been so crazy lately. Today starts another heatwave. I wouldn't mind so much if I had decent air conditioning in my home office. Poor dog doesn't want to be outside too long either. Her black coat really attracts heat. Oh well. I can't change the weather do I'm working out the b... Read more

  • a warm,sunny and humid day

    7/21/2016 1:13:08 PM, by MOMMY445

    if the company that has the full time job is satisfied with my test results and my resume,i will be meeting with them in the next few days. in the meantime, i heard from another place i applied to for a job. it has been a long time since i have been in demand work wise. so any downtime i have i like... Read more

  • Scared but hopeful

    7/21/2016 8:31:00 AM, by JENSTRESS

    Well, I'm starting to feel better. My joins that were achy are less achy. My neck is less stiff. Well, less painful. Trying to describe this kind of stiff neck is the weirdest thing I've experienced because it is uncomfortable and painful, but not the worst thing. I think the antibiotics ... Read more

  • Failure versus success

    7/20/2016 2:06:42 PM, by JENSTRESS

    Want to know the reason you fail? You. The reason I fail, it has ALWAYS been me. Why? Is it because failure feels more comfortable than success? Hear me out here. Failure, we know what it is like, because we feel like we are starting from failure. When we start at our heavie... Read more

  • Nothing of importance today

    7/20/2016 12:53:46 PM, by MLIEN913

    There is nothing special happening today and I want to keep it that way. I'm just doing my best to work the weight off. Breakfast was a little heavier than I would have liked but not the end of the world. I hope today is smooth sailing for all of us Sparkers.... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    7/20/2016 12:30:55 PM, by MOMMY445

    i had a phone interview this morning for a job. if all goes well, i well do a phone interview with the actual company. this job will be for three months starting in august. i also touched base with another place that had contacted me about another job. this second one is full time. plus, i have an i... Read more

  • Life and other things

    7/20/2016 9:48:16 AM, by JENSTRESS

    Well, after the most stressful Monday, I kept figuring things out. 1) I'm very close to my goal weight, and because of that, I've been getting a little too lax. 2) I have an illness that I have to fight. 3) Nutrition will help BOTH of these. I have realized that once I get close ... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    7/19/2016 1:34:39 PM, by MOMMY445

    i managed to get my housework done this morning so i can get outdoors and have fun with my daughter. all the bird say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Tuesday and all is well

    7/19/2016 12:12:56 PM, by MLIEN913

    The heat wave has temporarily broken. That means I can get in my full workout today. Good thing too since I feel flabbier than normal. With all the equipment I have it's harder to do floor routines. I have to give it a try somehow. Without crunches and planks my belly isn't shrinking anymore.... Read more

  • Stresss stress and monday... Can I have a do over please?

    7/19/2016 9:20:53 AM, by JENSTRESS

    Ugh. Yesterday was one of the worst days. Just period. So I have Lyme disease. There is some pain and some symptoms that aren't enjoyable, but it isn't that bad and I'm on antibiotics, so I'm praying that I can quickly heal. It could have been worse. My 5 year old could have it. So I'm re... Read more

  • Psyched for workouts

    7/18/2016 2:59:47 PM, by MLIEN913

    I am so ready to work up a sweat today. Sadly, it's been a busy day on the phone so I haven't been able to squeeze out any workouts yet. I may have to do them after work. It will be very hot still but I can skip a day today since I was comatose yesterday. ... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    7/18/2016 11:31:42 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week is well underway. i have started a different online course called health for life and i am really enjoying it. it just goes for one month, so it can get pretty intense at times. i do not mind. when i am really enjoying something, i do whatever is needed and then some. the course is also h... Read more

  • Lazy Sunday

    7/17/2016 7:45:57 PM, by MLIEN913

    Today turned into a lazy Sunday. I had planned to do some yard work and extra walking but I woke up with pretty bad chest congestion. Just walking the dog was tough, especially with the heat and humidity. After washing my hair I sat down to dry it and promptly fell asleep. Each time I woke up I seem... Read more

  • it's sunday

    7/17/2016 12:52:45 PM, by MOMMY445

    a warm and sunny day here today. my daughter and i are going outside in a while to have fun! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • In search of professional shoes

    7/16/2016 7:49:05 PM, by SSMITH762

    So with the new in office job, I went shopping this weekend. I also went shopping because I mentioned my weight loss to a friend at work and she said she'd noticed that my pants kept falling down the last time I was in the office. It was a sign. So I spent $100 at good will and picked up these 3... Read more

  • Walk for the sake of walking.

    7/16/2016 4:29:19 PM, by MLIEN913

    As hot as it was today I decided to walk as I had planned. It was almost too easy to work up a sweat. I started by walking the dog. She wasn't thrilled with the heat so we cut it short. Then I went back out alone to walk off tension headache. Later my hubby and I went to look at the site for our nex... Read more

  • Unpretty

    7/15/2016 12:42:10 PM, by JENSTRESS

    Since I've started to realize where some of my binges seem to come from (thinking I'm fat) I've really started to delve into my feelings. WHEN did I start REALLY feeling fat. Not the skinny girl in high school who would say it and wonder, but not be sure if she was fat or not. In High School I wa... Read more

  • Getting back on track

    7/15/2016 12:30:06 PM, by MLIEN913

    After a week of pain and wobbly walking I feel well enough to get back on track with workouts. I'll still take it a little slower and lighter than I really want to do but I'm upping the ante. I've increased the tension on the bike to level 6 again. Walking is a little easier too but I don't want to ... Read more

  • Typical breakfast

    7/15/2016 10:44:13 AM, by SSMITH762

    My typical breakfast is so delicious. It's spiced hot cocoa and poached eggs with a cup of spinach mixed with a tbsp of butter and lots of spices. Oh yeah, and a couple of slices of bacon! Yum!!!... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/15/2016 10:31:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm taking it easy today. i heard from two more places yesterday regarding jobs. i will see what the companies have to offer and go from there. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone and a terrific weekend!... Read more

  • Picked up a new bracelet on aliexpress and thinking about hunger

    7/14/2016 7:44:42 PM, by SSMITH762

    I was thinking about hunger today. Mostly because yesterday I was so hungry that i ate almost all my calorie allotment. 1453. Typically I eat a lot closer to 1100. And it was because I was hungry all day. I try to listen to my body and easy when I'm actually hungry, but yesterday I was eating con... Read more

  • Slow and creaky

    7/14/2016 1:54:46 PM, by MLIEN913

    Still having difficulty with mobility today. I've done some bike time and some walking. I'll be walking again with th he dog and I'll do more time on the bike. Today I'll add a little punching bag work too to ease the boredom. I'm not doing great but still not too bad on food. Breakfast and lunch c... Read more

  • it's thursday

    7/14/2016 1:19:57 PM, by MOMMY445

    another warm day here today. figuring out whether or not i can take a much needed vacation next month. i have heard about some more job opportunities,one of which will start later next month. i will be sitting down later and figuring out what i can realistically afford. there is a family reunion nex... Read more

  • Hunger... games

    7/14/2016 9:27:06 AM, by JENSTRESS

    So, I have a fitbit. I've talked about it. The calorie estimation on the fit bit and the SP estimator don't entirely mesh. I don't sync it, because I feel like by tracking on spark and following the fit, I do a good job of finding a healthy balance. However, sometimes I get hungry. Like WAY... Read more

  • I got this

    7/13/2016 9:26:43 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    So far it's been a great week food wise and exercise wise... Read more

  • Working through

    7/13/2016 1:02:21 PM, by JENSTRESS

    It really was a shock to me. Here I am, healthy, strong, really enjoying how I look most of the time, and honestly, pleased with my hard work, when BAM! I felt fat. If you read my last few blogs you can figure out why, but I'm still working through it all. I felt fat because my s... Read more

  • Challenging day

    7/13/2016 11:01:55 AM, by MLIEN913

    Today is going to be a bumpy ride. I'm having a flare up with my legs and walking, sitting, standing, everything hurts. I refuse to let that stop me completely though. I'll ride the bike as much as I can and lift lighter weights to maintain upper body strength. Sadly the meds that help with the pai... Read more

  • a very warm and humid day here today

    7/13/2016 9:46:58 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter and i are keeping cool again today. we have plenty of water in the fridge, ready to drink. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Bleh

    7/12/2016 3:40:02 PM, by MLIEN913

    Today I'm just not feeling it. My body is sore from moving furniture and cleaning up after the windows went in. My headaches have been nagging me again too. I don't have the oomph to do anything more than walk. I've tried to hop on the bike at least to break the monotony. ... Read more

  • Motivation

    7/12/2016 1:51:46 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    Last night a couple friends and I went walking I told myself it would be OK to walk just two miles. We did the two miles and I was like lets go for one more. Then one friend left and we decided just one more and we would be done. My friend checked her Fitbit after the 4mile and she had 600 steps to ... Read more

  • a very warm and sunny day

    7/12/2016 11:39:54 AM, by MOMMY445

    there is a heat alert here for the next few days. my daughter and i are keeping cool as much as possible today. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i heard about a few more job opportunities today. i will deal with them in a while. i have some computer work to catch up on first, then i will deal with ... Read more

  • Weekly Goals

    7/11/2016 1:27:10 PM, by STACYDICK1981

    - walk every night this week - meet water goal daily - record all my food - attempt to run a little three times... Read more

  • Window and plumbing day

    7/11/2016 10:00:49 AM, by MLIEN913

    I started off with my morning walk with the dog. When I got back I had to finish clearing around the windows being replaced. It turned out nearly as bad as clearing out for a move. I'm amazed by the crap my husband had piled into corners. I always thought I was the hoarder in the family. Once the... Read more

  • Feeling less than

    7/11/2016 8:55:54 AM, by JENSTRESS

    I believe I figured out what hit me for my back slide. I was pretty stoked at how I rebounded, but I need to get to the root of things so that I can hopefully stop them from happening. I was feeling awesome about myself, and then we went on vacation. My family is thin. And it sucks. ... Read more

  • Streak blown

    7/10/2016 7:27:39 PM, by MLIEN913

    Somehow I never logged on yesterday. That wrecked my log in streak, water streak and food streak. I can't believe that I forgot to log in. Today I'm trying to make up for lost initiative. I've also not eaten as I had planned. I gave in and ate a sandwich from Jersey Mike's sub shop. Delicious but ... Read more

  • It happened.

    7/10/2016 1:50:31 PM, by JENSTRESS

    And I'm kind of relieved. I really screwed up. I was on point at the start of my vacation. I worked out, ate right, did great. The last day however, I broke all of my rules. I bought junk food at every gas station to snack on in the car, which led to eating more and more junk all week. I just ... Read more

  • it's sunday

    7/10/2016 1:01:10 PM, by MOMMY445

    a not as humid day here as it was last week. very windy and sunny here today. i am catching up on some computer work, then i am going to enjoy the day with my daughter. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Just discovered photo collage apps lol

    7/8/2016 2:42:47 PM, by SSMITH762

    Hey all, I just discovered a photo collage app, so here's my before and after. The first pic is from March and I started changing my eating in the middle of April. So far I'm down 36 pounds and counting. :)... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/8/2016 12:16:33 PM, by MOMMY445

    the weather here has been mostly hot and humid, with some rain inbetween. my daughter and i went to a kids event in the big city here and we had so much fun! The rain that came down did not deter us from enjoying the day. now i am figuring out the next outing we can go on together. all of the birds ... Read more

  • Finally Friday

    7/8/2016 11:03:13 AM, by MLIEN913

    I look forward to eating better and exercising this weekend. Instead of my normal meals I want to try clean raw foods and nothing but water for the weekend. It won't be easy avoiding the "fun" foods but I'll do my best. Monday will be crazy too. I'm having window replacements and plumbing fixed. T... Read more

  • Thursday

    7/7/2016 12:42:46 PM, by MLIEN913

    A Happy Birthday shout out to Ringo Starr. For his age and all he's been through he looks really good. Funny, on Sunday a friend told me I looked like I was reverse aging. I told him it's all in the genes, which is true. My grandmother had few wrinkles and salt-and-pepper hair when she died in her ... Read more

  • Yummy pepper chicken for dinner

    7/6/2016 9:42:54 PM, by SSMITH762

    I was feeling inspired to try to make one of my favorite Chinese restaurant meals, but since I'm lazy and do not enjoy cooking, this is a quick and easy recipe. It came together really fast and tasted delicious. Its just spicy enough and the pepper give it a nice tanginess. 3.0 tbsp Butter, unsa... Read more

  • I gave up my fitbit

    7/6/2016 5:24:17 PM, by FLOWERLILLY_777

    I have been working on my lifestyle change for about 4 weeks. I had a fitbit (the original ) I was using it to track my steps. I loved my tracker, I would obsess over getting my 10000 steps a day so it was definitely helping my activity level. Then i decided I was ready to add in more exercise and I... Read more

  • Hot, humid and puffy

    7/6/2016 12:10:51 PM, by MLIEN913

    This heatwave is really annoying me. Whenever it's humid I puff up from edema. Excerise can make it better with cardio or worse with strength training. Mostly I have to massage my legs, hands and feet to keep the swelling low. Some cardio can make the swelling worse so I'm trying to find the balance... Read more

  • Made cauliflower grits and blackened style chicken for dinner

    7/5/2016 10:08:41 PM, by SSMITH762

    I had a fun day at work, or at least a reasonably productive one. I had leftover shrimp salad for dinner, buy felt like something warmer for dinner. The office always keeps the AC supper cold. I was freezing most of the day. So I wanted blacked shrimp and grits for dinner, but didn't feel like d... Read more

  • Back to work and back to working out

    7/5/2016 12:28:30 PM, by MLIEN913

    I did very well yesterday. No 4th of July cookouts/pig-outs for me. I ate sensibly and did a lot of walking as well as house and yard work. Sometimes it pays to be a hermit. Today I'm back at my desk job. Luckily, I've been able to get some workouts in between calls. I just have to keep this up for... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    7/5/2016 8:26:37 AM, by MOMMY445

    i still have not heard about that job i went for an interview last week. i will check in with the agency and see what is happening. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Happy Fourth of July

    7/4/2016 6:39:27 PM, by MLIEN913

    It's been a busy day today. My dog has been very needy today. I've taken her for 2 long walks so far. In between I've been busy cleaning still. Now I need to fix something for dinner. I'm thinking of making pasta. I need to be done before the fireworks in case they upset my dog. Happy, healthy and... Read more

  • it's monday

    7/4/2016 8:10:35 AM, by MOMMY445

    i find out today whether or not i get that job i went for an interview last week for. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it will be a very warm day here today. the next few days will be very warm,too. my daughter and i are prepared. tomorrow, we are going on an outing and there w... Read more

  • Sunday, Sunday

    7/3/2016 10:20:57 PM, by MLIEN913

    My head is congested but I still got out there and walked. I attended the Heros and Villans Fan Fest which was fun but tiring. With few seats to be had I was up walking most of the 6hrs we were there. My feet and back are not happy but the exercise should have done me good.... Read more

  • Yummy Brunch for Dinner

    7/3/2016 7:11:43 PM, by SSMITH762

    I had leftovers for dinner tonight. Unfortunately couldn't find my grilled chicken :( So dinner is low carb broccoli quiche, spring mix salad with cheese, spicy ranch dressing, and cherry tomatoes. That was good, but the berry parfait is crazy delicious. I described the recipe yesterday, but froz... Read more

  • Wore my new dress to church today

    7/3/2016 6:05:22 PM, by SSMITH762

    So I'm really happy to get the chance to wear it, but it was also awesome when I ordered it. It came from aliexpress and I was just happy to be able to buy a dress from Asia that fit. :) It's the 4x size, but I could have bought the 3x and it would have fit. I actually live the dress. It's not s... Read more

  • Had a fun day with family and a delicious dessert.

    7/3/2016 1:26:38 AM, by SSMITH762

    It was a fun day. I watched a friend's kids and joined my sister, cousin, parents, and assorted children at the aquarium and then at Grandma's house for lunch, then the parents home for dinner, than fireworks at the park. Whew, a long day, but I stayed pretty well on plan. Wasn't hungry at break... Read more

  • Cleaning

    7/2/2016 5:42:46 PM, by MLIEN913

    I have 1 week to completely clear the first floor of the house. It's frightening how much can accumulate when you're not looking. Once that is done I'll tackle the 2nd floor. More than likely I'll need a week off before I clear the 3rd floor. It's time for me to get my life back. When we first boug... Read more

  • Back Again (and Again)

    7/2/2016 2:48:12 PM, by MKLOMBARD333

    I'm back for the gazillionth time. Like so many of us in the 50+ age group, it's difficult to lose weight. It's also easy to get discouraged. I know I will never get back to the weight I was when we got married (in 1999). I only weighed 95 pounds, but I wasn't healthy. I just want to look and feel h... Read more

  • Sadness nearby

    7/1/2016 11:00:31 AM, by MLIEN913

    Today is the funeral for a little boy tragically/accidentally killed by his brother. It's taking place at the church very close to my home and I see all the people, and press gathered outside. The sadness of the situation is zapping my mood to workout. I am still trying to get on some strength work... Read more

  • woo hoo!

    6/30/2016 12:15:33 PM, by MOMMY445

    i feel great today! the sun is shining brightly here and i feel i did really well at my job interview this morning. i have a few errands to run, then i will be enjoying the rest of the day with my beautiful daughter. we have a few places in mind to go to tomorrow, for canada day. for all canadian sp... Read more

  • Get and get moving

    6/30/2016 12:05:07 PM, by MLIEN913

    I'm going today count for something. I've done much of my exercise already but I want to keep the momentum. I'll do some yard work after work. In the meantime I'll keep riding my stationary bike, lifting weights and jumping rope.... Read more

  • Happy Hump day

    6/29/2016 12:36:35 PM, by MLIEN913

    It's hump day and I'm climbing over the top. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to work so that I could go out and walk more. Today I'm feeling great and I want to walk at least 5 miles. Sadly, I'm stuck at my desk most of the day. Luckily I can squeeze in some workouts between calls but not like I want... Read more

  • Losing, maintaining, and living

    6/29/2016 11:55:07 AM, by JENSTRESS

    I've never done this well. I've never made it this far. I've been this weight before, but not this fit with it. Life has been unexpected. (isn't it always?) Here are some things that have changed about me. I gave up on trying to be the size of the clothes I had in my closet,... Read more

  • Man, I miss my computer

    6/28/2016 12:50:23 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    So. I've been Sparking via phone and today I'm on my hubby's laptop. Which on the the island has slow internet. But I thought I'd take a moment to say "hi" and write out some of the thoughts in my scattered brain. I've been trying to ponder what the heck I'm doing wrong and I think the answ... Read more

  • Back on track today

    6/28/2016 11:53:58 AM, by MLIEN913

    My stomach is better today so I'm back on track. Fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch and pasta for dinner. Starting with lighter foods after not being abke to eat yesterday. I'm also feeling well enough to workout properly. Today I should concentrate on strength training. Off to do some kettlebell... Read more

  • It's not easy being green around the gills

    6/27/2016 3:02:58 PM, by MLIEN913

    Yuck! I'm still sick today. Seems like I did have food poisoning but not sure what caused it. This sick day ruined my perfect attendance and I lose out on the $50 bonus but it couldn't be avoided. Trying to sip bone broth and ginger tea to build me tolerance back. I wonder if I lost any weight? L... Read more

  • Plan for the week!!!

    6/27/2016 8:04:25 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    This week is beginning with surgery for my son, then the rest of the week is appointment packed, also with the holiday coming up we have a few parties. So my plan is to get exercise in every day. At least a half hour daily. Keep on track with my food and water. I am going to pick out healthy dishes ... Read more

  • So sick today

    6/26/2016 8:42:44 PM, by MLIEN913

    My stomach has gone haywire. I was able to eat this morning but I've been so nauseated since. It almost feels like food poisoning but much milder. At least I'm getting fluids in. I also did a lot of walking today so exercise is done. Hope tomorrow is better.... Read more

  • Yummy Shakshuka for breakfast

    6/26/2016 11:27:34 AM, by SSMITH762

    So I added a recipe to spark recipes because I made shakshuka for breakfast and its delicious. Here's a pic of the leftover tomatoes since the portion with the eggs in it went really fast. Shakshuka is basically eggs cooked in tomatoes. I like things that are easy since cooking is not something ... Read more

  • Walk for naught

    6/25/2016 10:56:16 PM, by MLIEN913

    According to my crappie pedometer I've only walked about 7k steps even though I walked for 4hrs straight. Oh well. At least I had fun at Celtic Fling. All I ate was a scotch egg until after the faire. On the way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel where I ate grilled trout, steamed broccoli and corn... Read more

  • Baby steps toward moderation

    6/25/2016 9:27:51 PM, by JENSTRESS

    A few days ago I posted about enjoying less that a serving of chocolate and then going about my day. I'm still kind of stunned I was able to do that. However, I'm doing more! Yesterday and today, I did it again! I had a serving size of my choice of treat, and haven't had more. Today, well, I... Read more

  • This week

    6/25/2016 8:02:33 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    I am so excited this week I have logged 20 active miles of walking!!!! This makes me so proud of myself. And today is a much needed rest day. I am so thankful for my support system that come out and walk with me!!!!... Read more

  • Crazy day

    6/24/2016 11:04:51 PM, by GAS_SAG

    Ever have one of those days where you know ahead of time that going in it is going to be crazy! Today was one of them. I got a call from work yesterday stating that I would not only do my normal team but split the late office team. My normal team today is the helper for the late office person and th... Read more

  • When I need a good talking to

    6/24/2016 12:13:55 PM, by MLIEN913

    I find myself reading other bloggers and thinking,"gee that sounds like me" or giving a pep talk in reply. What I've come to realize is that I am talking to myself as much as I am talking to them. That's the beauty of Spark People. We learn to care about ourselves the same way we care about others.... Read more

  • it's friday

    6/24/2016 10:07:51 AM, by MOMMY445

    i heard about another upcoming job that will go for a few months. i am still waiting to hear back on the two others i applied to. the day school part of my schedule finishes today. then i will just have math and english at night school. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a g... Read more