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  • Healthy doesn't always equal skinny

    7/1/2015 1:32:03 PM, by JENSTRESS

    Last night, I was watching a DVR of Extreme Weight Loss. It was interesting, the 2 people doing the weight loss were overweight, but didn't look THAT overweight. He was 6'5" and she was 6'. They were both former athletes. After they had the initial loss in the 3 month period, they had their ... Read more

  • Working on Consistency

    7/1/2015 10:01:10 AM, by WATCHMEGO!

    I was looking back on my goal tracking charts and I see a HUGE need for consistency. I am allowing way too many off plan days into my life. If this is to be a lifestyle change, and I really really want it to be that, I must work on making following my food plan, Trim Healthy Mama (don't care for the... Read more

  • blog blog blogaroooo

    6/30/2015 12:36:16 PM, by JENSTRESS

    I've been trying to blog daily (I often skip the weekends because of the busy life) but yesterday, I was so busy and didn't have time. The weird part, even today I can't think of things to say. I'm doing really well, giving up sugar again, focused on my nutrition, making excellent changes ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    6/30/2015 8:57:53 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm having a great day so far! i got caught up on my course work yesterday. today, i am getting just a bit ahead,so i can enjoy the rest of the week and whatever the week will bring. my daughter is enjoying being off school. i got her some workbooks for the next grade and she has already started on ... Read more

  • it's monday

    6/29/2015 8:29:19 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to catch up and get ahead on my course work. my daughter and i had a great time yesterday! woo hoo! looking forward to spending even more time with her now that she has finished school until september. all of the birds are doing well and say hi. i have a few errands to run today. i will do the... Read more

  • GLOWS!

    6/28/2015 8:24:24 PM, by KATIEASP

    Today was the 11th annual Green Lake Open Water Swim. I have worked it the past 9 years. It's such a fun open water swimming event on the little lake that I work at! The weather started out at 70 degrees at 6am and was predicted to keep getting warmer from there, however, halfway through the event i... Read more

  • it's saturday

    6/27/2015 1:18:12 PM, by MOMMY445

    a windy and cloudy day here today. my daughter says hi to all of mommy's friends! all of the birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep! not much planned for today. just taking it easy. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • A smile in my heart - and a plan for my brain

    6/26/2015 11:50:22 AM, by JENSTRESS

    What a great day. For this first time in a long time, I can FEEL the funk draining away. I can feel the positivity coming back. It is AMAZING to feel. I'm so happy to finally be getting back to me! Some other thing have me smiling too, but I don't feel like creating a debate on my blog. ... Read more

  • it's friday

    6/26/2015 8:43:29 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! even though it is bringing rain with it,that is okay. there are plenty of indoor activities that can be done,including dancing. my daughter also likes to dance. she enjoys being active. i asked her the other day which fun activity she would like to do the most this summe... Read more

  • First big obstacle since I've been back...

    6/25/2015 10:25:45 AM, by JENSTRESS

    Yesterday I was feeling awesome, confident, happy with my workouts, my life, my healthy choices... ...then all of a sudden the sugar monster hit. I wanted sugar and I wanted all of it. I wanted to go to the grocery store, get a pint of ice cream, some chocolate, and eat my way through everyth... Read more

  • it's thursday

    6/25/2015 9:16:12 AM, by MOMMY445

    it's my daughter's last day of school today until september. soon, i am off to see her get her award and spend some time with her. i can run my errands from that end instead of at this end, here in the big city. my daughter already has plans for canada day. every year, we go to a big park where cana... Read more

  • so much sunshine

    6/24/2015 11:14:59 AM, by MOMMY445

    another sunny day here today! woo hoo! my daughter has just one more day of school left and she is done until september. i found out yesterday that she is getting an award at the school assembly tomorrow afternoon. of course mommy will be there. i was planning to be there,anyways. now i have a reall... Read more

  • How to learn... because I'm STILL doing it.

    6/24/2015 9:02:08 AM, by JENSTRESS

    It really isn't easy to learn how to be in this. This fight of weight loss. It takes the same learning curve that anything else does. There will be successes and failures. I'm getting there. Because I had such a hard time recently, I keep going back on what I've learned and what I'm learnin... Read more

  • Off and On

    6/24/2015 12:42:32 AM, by SILVER_WOLF1221

    It seems like I am in a rhythm. I do really well and then I fall off the wagon, then I do really well and then I fall off the wagon. There really is some sort of pattern here. I do know when I fall off it is because there is not a lot of food to eat in the apartment at the time, but I know somewhere... Read more

  • Tackling Tuesday - One Step at a Time!

    6/23/2015 10:44:52 AM, by DCWILLIAMS831

    Having a terrific Tuesday. I've decided to make this my "tackling" day. I will tackle procrastination. I will tackle doubt. I will tackle inactivity. I will tackle better more consistent tracking of nutrition and fitness. I will tackle "Spring Cleaning" of my bedroom - okay so I'm a ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    6/23/2015 9:31:57 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful summer day here today! woo hoo! I will get outdoors in a while and enjoy it. i am getting more caught up with my online courses today. i keep well hydrated every day,especially on very warm days. i'm wearing more of my nice clothes these days. i am still looking for work,too. my daughter... Read more

  • huh, two days in a row! WAHOO!

    6/23/2015 8:38:03 AM, by JENSTRESS

    I've got two days in a row of workouts completed, 4 days in a row (not including today yet) of my at least 10k in steps, and 5 days (including today) of healthy eating! Plus, I'm here. That always makes things work. I'm not completely out of this funk, but I'm definitely getting there, as my a... Read more

  • First Day of Swim Team

    6/23/2015 12:08:33 AM, by KATIEASP

    Total Success!! And it was so much fun! We are totally full, it was awesome to see all the kids from last summer! I got over 16,000 steps for the day! Overall, an AWESOME day!! :)... Read more

  • There's no such thing as fat and happy

    6/22/2015 4:11:37 PM, by CELESTE3203

    So, as you can see from the photo, after 12 long years of being single, I finally married my best friend! It's a long, sort of funny story....but I'll save that for later. As you can also see, I've put on 40 lbs. Not entirely my fault...I suffer from a bit of self inflicted psychosis lol, and m... Read more

  • Here's to

    6/22/2015 10:42:08 AM, by DCWILLIAMS831

    I often wonder why I can't stay motivated? Or how can I turn off that voice of doubt that limits my taking the initial step? I often find myself stuck in a rut of "I'll only be able to do..." This one thought is so stifling and energy consuming. It not only limits my activities, but also my ... Read more

  • Day by day...

    6/22/2015 10:23:08 AM, by JENSTRESS

    Well, my near completed blog got erased... so I guess I'm starting over! HA. The weekend started Friday... so did my healthy eating. I decided to just start rather than wait "Until Monday" because nothing good comes from putting it off. So, Friday, I got a pretty good workout in. My k... Read more

  • it's monday

    6/22/2015 8:26:43 AM, by MOMMY445

    a lovely,warm day here today. my dad had a great father's day, i am catching up on some of my course work,house work and in getting some groceries. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Summer Swim Team!!

    6/21/2015 11:07:52 PM, by KATIEASP

    Tomorrow is the start of the Summer Swim Team that I coach and I am super excited!! It's also the start of my early summer mornings... working at 6 am everyday. Whoo! Gotta love summertime!! :)... Read more

  • it's saturday

    6/20/2015 1:13:12 PM, by MOMMY445

    a day to relax and take it easy. i haven't made any specific plans for the day. it is more relaxing this way. this is the first day this week where i have not had to go somewhere or had to be somewhere at a certain time. all of the birds say hi. my daughter is also relaxing today. she has signed up ... Read more

  • Talked to the Boss

    6/20/2015 11:38:54 AM, by KATIEASP

    I talked to the boss about teaching too many private swimming lessons, and she agreed. I teach more than anyone in the entire city! I work for a City Parks Department. I told her it was bad for my health to unplug my insulin pump that many times in a day and she agreed. So, it's all good now :)... Read more

  • I think I can... I think I can...

    6/19/2015 2:00:10 PM, by JENSTRESS

    Life had given me too much recently. Just too much. I haven't been ANYWHERE really. I've been single parenting when my husband is working more at work and also on his dad's house (longer story there, but home improvements need to be done and ONE of us has to parent!!!) My knee injury w... Read more

  • it's friday

    6/19/2015 8:52:08 AM, by MOMMY445

    i found out today that there some other online courses i can take,along with the main two i am currently in, math and document use. i am still working on my french and computer keyboarding courses,too. today i am getting some assignments for the last two done and then i am going to go and enjoy the ... Read more

  • Restarting MF

    6/19/2015 1:27:35 AM, by BARGAINSHPR

    Tomorrow is Day 1 with MF... Read more

  • a very warm day

    6/18/2015 9:14:03 AM, by MOMMY445

    it is going to be a very warm and humid day here today, with a chance of some thunderstorms later this afternoon. i am prepared for the rain and so is my daughter. a week from today, my daughter will be finished school until september. today, if it is not raining, she has soccer practice. all the bi... Read more

  • Walking Time

    6/17/2015 2:10:47 PM, by KATIEASP

    Is there a time that really matters when walking? I mean, I know that a minimum of 10 minutes is ideal, but is there a maximum? I have been walking with my dog everyday - we average about 45 minutes a day. It seems that there would be a time limit where no matter how far you walk, you will not lose ... Read more

  • it's a wonderful,sunny spring day

    6/17/2015 8:26:41 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm having a good day! my daughter and her soccer team won their game yesterday with a score of 8 to 2! woo hoo! i am soo glad i got to see it! yay! all of the birds say hi! one of my favourite exercise dvds is by leslie sansone, the mega miles one. my daughter has just one more week left of school ... Read more

  • a beautiful spring day

    6/16/2015 10:42:05 AM, by MOMMY445

    the sun is shining brightly here today and i feel great! my daughter has a soccer game tonight and i can finally get to see her play in a game. with my previous work schedule, i was not able to see her play in a game. now i can, until my schedule changes again. i am ready to start looking for more w... Read more

  • a nice day

    6/15/2015 8:37:42 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am feeling a bit better this morning. not sure what came over me the other day. i have some errands to run, some course work to do and some housework to do. all of the birds say hi! My daughter sends hugs and says hello! have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • it's sunday

    6/14/2015 12:09:19 PM, by MOMMY445

    a day of rest for me today. helped my good friend do some errands the other day. so i am taking it easy today. my daughter says hi. nothing is planned for the day. i will just take it one part at a time and go from there. feeling a bit off. hope that i am not coming down with something. all the bird... Read more

  • Have you ever?

    6/12/2015 11:03:59 AM, by DCWILLIAMS831

    Seriously! Have you ever tried to explain to someone how you feel about your weight only to have them dismiss your statements (or think that you're crazy)? I tried having a discussion with my husband yesterday about what I thought. You see, I was watching the series "My 600 lb Life" and reali... Read more

  • it's friday

    6/12/2015 8:31:11 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mostly cloudy day here today. my daughter and her team mates all had fun at soccer practice yesterday. i enjoy seeing her having fun and happy. there is a chance of a thunder storm and rain here this afternoon. so i will go out and get a few things done before the rain starts. in the afternoon, i ... Read more

  • This week

    6/11/2015 11:47:24 PM, by KATIEASP

    Things are going great this week. I seem to keep "lucking out" on stuff. Funny how that happens. I was planning for the worst, but somehow it's been the best! :) Happy Sparking!!... Read more

  • Junk Free June - Cleaning out the Email

    6/11/2015 8:36:18 PM, by SADIEMAE32

    I am working on my pledge from last night to use my time more wisely. After checking in with my teams, friends, and bloggers, I find I don't have much time left of that which I set aside as Spark Time. That's okay though. Short blog it is. Today, I have also set aside time to clean out the junk... Read more

  • it's thursday

    6/11/2015 8:33:25 AM, by MOMMY445

    woo hoo! my daughter had a great time at the zoo yesterday and so did i! she wants to go again with just me and not her school. so she can see parts that she did not get to see. it rained heavily a few times, so her class and other school folks did not get to see as much as they wanted to see. today... Read more

  • Junk Free June - Getting Rid of Time Junk

    6/10/2015 8:21:51 PM, by SADIEMAE32

    I had great plans for what all I would do this summer. Plans I made during the busy semester believing that summer would slow down. Yet, now that summer is here, it seems to be flying by so fast. I am as busy as I was when classes were in session! I have decided I need to reevaluate how i spend... Read more

  • zoo day!

    6/10/2015 8:39:51 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter and i are sooo excited! it's zoo day today! woo hoo! i am no longer at that job. now i can spend the whole school day at the zoo, no problem. i will be taking the rest of the week off from anything job related and just have fun! i will get all caught up on my course work in all four onl... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    6/9/2015 12:13:52 PM, by MOMMY445

    i decided to stick with what i have academically for now. there is another place i will check out later this week. my daughter is really looking forward to the zoo trip tomorrow. all the birds say hi! have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • 4 days until the wedding

    6/9/2015 9:02:55 AM, by STODD251

    So, my plan for the week before this wedding is to just make a point to eat as many vegetables as possible, and keep up with my water intake. I thought it was a reasonable goal. I know when I focus on eating vegetables, I eat less crap. In fact, I've removed most of the bad stuff I'd want to eat fro... Read more

  • it's monday

    6/8/2015 11:13:15 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week has begun. let's see what this week brings,besides a trip to the zoo this wednesday for both me and my daughter. we are just arriving separately,that is all. she is going with her school and i am coming from the big city. i have a few ways to get there. i will figure out the best one befo... Read more

  • One Step at a time

    6/7/2015 5:16:53 PM, by SILVER_WOLF1221

    Well I went shopping yesterday and got some stuff to make some homemade Mexican cuisine. I have been craving some Mexican lasagna and I looked up some healthier recipes for different things you can put in it. While some of the stuff I got was canned, I know I do not have to use all of it and I can p... Read more

  • Still climbing and getting tired of it

    6/7/2015 2:02:29 PM, by DOINGNOTTRYING

    I spent the last week really doing what I said I would. Ate well, not perfect but well. Did my exercise as planned. Net weight change for the week nothing. and topped it off this morning with a gain of a pound on the scale. Yesterday I gardened hard and i imagine that is water retention and wil... Read more

  • I'm a runner--I really am!!

    6/7/2015 10:22:01 AM, by MSKIZ69

    I freely and fully admit that the thought of running outside terrified me. I thought it meant going at a 7-10 mph pace the whole time, and I knew I could never do that. Walking-sure I could do that! Walking for miles was just fine with me and I loved to do it- but running outside was just out of t... Read more

  • Zumba 3xwk

    6/7/2015 9:03:15 AM, by HHARTNELL7

    Ok so I amgetting back on the wagon!! I am going back to joining Gold's GYm and my goal is zumba x 3 a week. so would be 3 hrs of zumba a week. this summer i alos plan to ride my bike etc. The motivating facotr for me is I hate when my underwear rolls down and pants because of my stomach fat...I am ... Read more

  • Vacation

    6/6/2015 1:52:28 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Going to London today for 10 days with my two daughters.... Read more

  • it's friday

    6/5/2015 9:35:11 AM, by MOMMY445

    i finally am feeling better enough to go back to work today. i am still not over my cold, yet i am willing to try and to go work today. i only have to work today and tomorrow and then i have sunday off to rest and recuperate. my good friend sounds like he is coming down with a cold. so i will be hel... Read more

  • Junk Free June - Ridding Myself of the Guilt

    6/4/2015 8:23:04 PM, by SADIEMAE32

    Yesterday was a bad day both dietary and physical activity wise. A really bad day. Yet, I knew it was going to be, and even made the conscious choice to allow it to be. My brothers and I took our annual sibling road trip over a few states to pick up a load of fireworks for the 4th of July. The... Read more

  • it's thursday

    6/4/2015 1:12:55 PM, by MOMMY445

    i'm feeling a lot better. i'm off to spend some time with my daughter in a while. all the birds say hi. my daughter's soccer team tied their game on tuesday night. have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Elimination diet - day three

    6/3/2015 7:17:50 PM, by CSTRUB

    Well I am getting use to very plain and very bland food. I spiced it up today with black bean dip homemade at lunch and yam at dinner. That helped. I feel like I crunch on almonds quite a bit. Lots and lots of veggies. I am surprised how well I am handling no caffeine. I did have my first ... Read more

  • feeling much better

    6/3/2015 5:48:57 PM, by MOMMY445

    turns out, i just have a slight cold. still, i decided to have a rest day today. i now know what my current weight actually is and what i can do to bring it to my goal weight in a reasonable amount of time. i was not getting enough exercise, according to my doctor, there were days when i would get p... Read more

  • Private Swimming Lesson Overload

    6/3/2015 2:48:39 PM, by KATIEASP

    I am a lifeguard and teach swimming lessons. I also have type 1 diabetes and wear an insulin pump. Unfortunately, my insulin pump is not waterproof and at the pool that I work at, I am the most requested swim instructor. As a result, my pool wants to make more and more (and more!) money, so they kee... Read more

  • Okay, busy life needs to slow down...

    6/2/2015 10:43:39 AM, by JENSTRESS

    Last week was insane. Between a wedding, 2 family cookouts, my daughter's birthday and subsequent parties, and a very painful knee injury, I was exhausted, hurting and then the hammer really fell. I first met my old friend when I was in 7th grade. We were pretty much as instant friends as boy... Read more

  • feeling a bit under the weather

    6/2/2015 9:43:44 AM, by MOMMY445

    since yesterday, i have not been feeling well. my head and nose felt stuffy, my throat was sore, i was sneezing and had a runny nose. then it was just sneezing and a runny nose, along with what feels like an actual headache. not sure if it is my allergies or if i have an actual cold. i will see how ... Read more

  • Cartiledge Issues

    6/2/2015 4:32:10 AM, by SHARIPAM

    I had been doing very well, getting out and moving more. Guess I overdid it -- seems I have some cartilage issues in my right leg. Though it felt pretty good this morning, but when I tried to put my shoes on, I was reminded rather quickly that I was injured! Now I am going to have to figure out... Read more

  • Junk Free June

    6/1/2015 9:25:03 PM, by SADIEMAE32

    I truly feel that focusing on being more mindful in life last month was a major success for me. It helped me stayed motivated. It helped me stay positive. It helped me stay focused. In keeping with the month long goal, I have decided to make this month Junk Free June. It is not just my diet I a... Read more