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  • Lots of updates (1/17/2018)

    1/17/2018 10:44:22 AM, by NEOMATTLAC

    Been a while since I've really done an update. Ugh. Been struggling lately to get back on the horse. My food is actually excellent. I've been craving simple carbs like a ******, but I've been staying away. I did realize that the vegetable blend is NOT Whole30 friendly, but I'm not too worried abou... Read more

  • Day 11

    1/16/2018 3:38:50 PM, by BERGEN127

    Still on track! Yay! Weighed in yesterday because I missed last Friday. Down 5.2lbs in 10 Days not too shabby. This is much easier when the people around you are on the same plan as you. Well at work anyway, my kids eat ice cream after yoga most nights. At least the sugar is out of my syst... Read more

  • My quiet place do you have one?

    1/16/2018 4:07:12 AM, by JUDYAMK

    I long to go to my quiet place after this long winter.I take my morning coffee here at times over looking the lake. I have never encountered any one here. A place to just sit & listen to the morning birds A place to rethink my goals of those I met & of those to work on & new ones to add ... Read more

  • A splash of Spring Mom is 88 loves flowers

    1/14/2018 1:36:32 PM, by JUDYAMK

    We always bring Mom fresh flowers & plants to brighten her day !... Read more

  • Day 8

    1/13/2018 8:14:41 PM, by BERGEN127

    So it snowed. 3 inches and the whole town is shut down. I didn’t work yesterday so I missed a weigh in. It can wait til Monday. We’ve curled up watched tv and played games for two days. That has so put a kink in my usual activity level. But it’s also affected my appetite. I’ve been seriously sho... Read more

  • Disconnect

    1/13/2018 5:36:56 AM, by JUDYAMK

    Right before the New Year I had to DISCONNECT from everything . My husband builds computers & many times he would say to me DISCONNECT from the computer reboot it. Oh how much better it would work !! So I thought that is what I must do DISCONNECT. Our weather here in North Eastern Pa. has been tr... Read more

  • Treat exercise as an appointment !!

    1/12/2018 3:47:39 PM, by JUDYAMK

    There’s an old Spanish saying: “A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.” I like this how true. My awesome Mother in law was an expert seamstress, if she let the needles in her machine turn dull without changing them or neglecting oiling he... Read more

  • Day 6

    1/11/2018 9:58:57 PM, by BERGEN127

    So where to start? I am on plan for food choices today. I rediscovered an old favorite food of mine, cabbage, my Grandmother used to cook it for me growing up. My family hates it so I haven’t cooked it in years. Until today and it was amazing!!! Yoga is easier with a mat. Go figure! N... Read more

  • Food diary

    1/11/2018 3:01:00 PM, by KATIEWILL5

    When you write down every thing you eat It opens up your eyes you may think you are eating healthy but then you find I don't eat the fiber I need I don't have a lot of vitamins Third day writing down what I eat and I am finding out the calorie amount I eat varies quite a bit... Read more

  • R/Fatlogic

    1/11/2018 1:16:59 PM, by ALLRONIX

    While Reddit's "Fatlogic" board cannot and should not be mistaken for one of those safe spaces with soft lighting, puppy videos, blankets, and tissues to mop up the tears, I'll admit it's therapeutic in its own way. Think a daily listing of the BS, excuses, nutritionally crazy celebrity "diets... Read more

  • Day 5

    1/10/2018 10:20:31 PM, by BERGEN127

    Candy In our break room at work today. I was not even disappointed that I didn’t get to eat it. I drank my water and didn’t feel deprived at all. All of my girls did the yoga video with me tonight. Yay bonding!! Weigh in is two days away. I’m nervous and excited. ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/10/2018 3:13:57 PM, by MOMMY445

    i feel good today. my daughter says hi. i am all set to start my job on friday. it has been a really long time since i worked. i am actually looking forward to it. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Day 4

    1/9/2018 11:27:55 PM, by BERGEN127

    I have had a good diet day today. Cooked a meal for my family I could actually eat. They didn’t complain. (Win) Even tried some yoga. Yep.... not as easy as I thought it would be. I kinda enjoyed it though. (Win again).... that is all... Read more

  • motivation

    1/9/2018 2:23:31 PM, by KATIEWILL5

    Think about a sunny day, the birds singing, butterflies every where, dragonflies of all different colors whishing by. You have to look fast be fast to keep up with all the things you can see and experience. Seems like forever till those days come but they will and you want to be able to do all th... Read more

  • Trying Something Different

    1/9/2018 12:03:35 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I'm not one for fad diets, but I decided to give Whole30 a chance so I could support my girlfriend. I'm not doing it strictly, and I'm more just changing out the foods I eat to hit my macros (mainly sweet/regular potatoes in exchange for my usual rice/oats). First off, it's initiated the first maj... Read more

  • Me again....

    1/9/2018 7:09:27 AM, by SALLIE5HAW

    Have gradually allowed my weight to creep up again so have returned to Spark. I will make it work like I have done before. My plan is to go slowly slowly this week to get back in the groove and find the right mind set.... then kick start it with a vengeance next week. ... Read more


    1/8/2018 9:04:46 PM, by JUDYAMK

    We have a lot of distractions in our lives every single day.We need to keep our focus on what we want rather than having distractions interrupt those goals. Yes even people can be a distraction.Stay focused & the SUCCESS will be the byproduct ! ... Read more

  • Day 3

    1/8/2018 8:17:45 PM, by BERGEN127

    Today has been good! Been on track despite eating out yesterday. Downing enough water has been a bit of a trial today I barely got in my eight cups. I literally had to force it down all day. Usually water is not a problem for me at all. I prefer it usually. Not sure what that’s about! I’m reall... Read more

  • Today I ordered an Omron Fatloss Monitor!!

    1/8/2018 1:53:30 PM, by --MAY--

    I have always wanted one, but was not gonna pay like 80.00 for one, it was 36.80 and I got a 5.00 coupon and free shipping!! WooHoo!! So it was 33.71. And I used an Amazon GC, I received for Christmas!! Can not wait to use it!! I am hoping this is what I needed, when I was working a... Read more

  • Day 1.

    1/6/2018 7:24:12 PM, by BERGEN127

    Today was easy. Too easy. I stayed within my plans. Even have enough calories left for a light snack. Two things I noticed I need to work on. My step count on the weekend is sadly slacking, and I have to work in more veggies. I will blame the veggie situation on my lack of planning. Easy to r... Read more

  • PART 2 a special place where I like to walk thru the gardens ,read & write in season

    1/6/2018 1:30:01 AM, by JUDYAMK

    I thought I would post some warming photos, so many of us are going thru this deep freeze weather . We have something to look forward to during the long deep freeze. I love this last photo, in the back ground is the bridge a beautiful place t... Read more

  • Begin again....

    1/5/2018 8:04:36 PM, by BERGEN127

    Last year was a roller coaster. I did really good on my weight loss journey about the middle of the year. Then I lost my dear Grandmother to a sudden illness, one that they never explained. Please understand my Grandmother was not only my only Grandmother but effectively my mom. She raised me and... Read more

  • it's friday

    1/5/2018 12:54:48 PM, by MOMMY445

    i heard today about the one week contract job, it starts next friday and goes for at least a week. that news made my day even better! my daughter's so happy for me. she knows how much and how long i have been looking for a job. it is a really,really cold day here today. my daughter and i are keeping... Read more

  • Part 1 Of a special place I like to walk thru the gardens, read & write in the seasons

    1/5/2018 10:10:19 AM, by JUDYAMK

    I will be posting the rest tomorrow This is just one of my favorite places at Long Wood Garden Kennet Square Pa.every time I go there is newness ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    1/4/2018 7:23:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    i'm just taking it easy. it is going to be really cold here the next few days. my daughter and i are prepared for it. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Sad for my little girl.

    1/4/2018 10:44:15 AM, by MDIENER

    Six and 1/2 years ago, we adopted a beautiful baby girl. She has been such a joy and blessing to us. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a little overweight. She has been on the high end of the charts for both height and weight since her first appointment. I know that she comfort eats a lot... Read more

  • New Year New Start

    1/3/2018 6:16:06 PM, by CAROL22355

    Weighed in today and after several months of my head not being in the right place I am ashamed to say I have gained back all the weight I lost this year and am exactly the same weight as I was on 2 January 2017. I have a short holiday to France coming up in March to visit my cousin and her partner i... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/3/2018 3:13:26 PM, by MOMMY445

    a new year is now underway. so far, i have heard from a few different places regarding job opportunities. i am looking into taking a few online courses that start next month in a few different areas, including geography. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,ever... Read more

  • January 3rd

    1/3/2018 4:38:02 AM, by KATIEWILL5

    We all can do what ever we put our minds to Sometimes our minds wonder and a fog comes in and gets in the way. A new year is like a light guiding you out of the fog and giving you clarity again The mind refocused We can do anything :) just a reminder... Read more

  • Think SPRING on this cold blustery day !! I think I shall have a cup of tea & a small sweet !!

    1/2/2018 6:00:27 PM, by JUDYAMK

    Another 17 degree weather with wind making it feel in the minus area. My African violets always bloom in the winter season perhaps to give us hope that spring will arrive again. I set my small table I usually take out doors & made a piping hot cup of English Breakfast tea, & had a small p... Read more

  • The Core Attributes (for Fighting Depression and Losing Weight)

    1/2/2018 4:22:06 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I was thinking recently about the ties between my depression and my weight loss. Over the past few weeks, it's become apparent that the same steps that led me out of depression are the same as the ones that helped me with weight loss. With the therapist, a few years ago, I figured out my triggers fo... Read more

  • New Year, Many changes.

    1/2/2018 1:21:02 PM, by MDIENER

    So the past 3 years have been rough to say the least. In April 2014, My daughter and I were in a car accident. After six months of constant pain on my right side, it was discovered that I had a bulging disc in my neck and in October of that year I had surgery to put in a plate. While I was off fo... Read more

  • Here's to you and your News Years Resolution

    1/1/2018 6:00:29 PM, by WINTERRAIN

    I just got back from the YMCA, and it was packed. Not surprising because it is after all January 1st, and people are jumping into to their resolutions to improve themselves. I don't mind a packed YMCA and I don't mind a half-empty YMCA. However, while I was putting my purse and coat in a ha... Read more

  • Word of the Year

    1/1/2018 3:57:49 PM, by DEEKELLYE

    Happy New Year everybody! I belong to several bullet journal groups on Facebook. In the one group word of the year is really popular. This year I have decided to give it a try. For some reason the word clean has been stuck in my mind. I was a clean body, mind and spirit. I want to clean and de... Read more

  • happy new year!

    1/1/2018 3:54:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    Hope that everyone has a wonderful year filled with blessings,joy, peace. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • New Year, New Me!

    1/1/2018 10:47:38 AM, by ANNMCMILLIN

    Been thinking a lot about Resolutions, and how to make them stick. The top contenders this year are repeats from previous years, sadly. So this year, the focus is on accomplishing the goals, rather than simply making them. Have written and rewritten this several times yesterday and today... Aaargggg... Read more

  • Happy New Year!

    1/1/2018 10:41:07 AM, by ACTIVEGODDESS

    This time last year I was 276 lbs. Now I'm just under 232 lbs. I feel different and I don't. I'm on antibiotics right now while last year I was in the hospital with a loved one. Watching family health problems that knocked me off my feet went a long way to galvanize me to eat less junk (no juice, no... Read more

  • Like nails on a chalk board for some I love New Year Resolutions here is mine !!

    1/1/2018 5:53:07 AM, by JUDYAMK

    I will never get what I want if I do not know what I want!! My # 1 & only resolution for my New Year is being SUCCESSFUL at what I do there will NOT be any more harbouring thoughts of MAYBE I will or I HOPE I will It is going to be I WILL be SUCCESSFUL at what I do. My success will be SPECIFIC,... Read more

  • happy new year!

    12/31/2017 8:13:59 PM, by MOMMY445

    happy new year to everyone! may 2018 bring you all joy,good health, happiness. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a fantastic day,everyone!... Read more

  • This is where I walk right behind my home Beautiful !!

    12/30/2017 1:52:09 PM, by JUDYAMK

    I love this photo I took early one morning after an overnight snowfall .In the summer all the way down it is a canopy of green to shade you from the afternoon sun. In the winter it is so cold it is all you hear at times is the creaking of the barren tree branches ,or the pecking of Woody wo... Read more

  • Do not allow any one to enslave you to their thoughts !! Not even a tv commercial !!

    12/29/2017 7:12:45 AM, by JUDYAMK

    I was watching a documentary on young girls going into prostitution,to be enslaved like this makes us want to cringe .This would be terrible to be enslaved like this ,but did you know every day we are enslaved to someone elses thoughts to their minds,not our own. Tv commercials we are enslaved to t... Read more

  • a lovely day

    12/28/2017 6:58:34 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just found out today that i did not get the part time job i wanted. that is okay with me. i will have a temporary job for a week in january 2018. that is a good start. i will keep on looking for steady work. i know it is out there. i just have to find the job that is right for me and that is stead... Read more

  • Stage Two, Begin!

    12/28/2017 12:39:10 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    Aside from my previous entry
    ual.asp?blog_id=6442394>, I wanted to redevelop some goals. Over this weekend, I'm going to mull over this and probably ultimately change some of these. I made amazing progress in the first half of the yea... Read more

  • The French painter Philippe de Champaigne what he left us in a painting !!

    12/28/2017 11:45:42 AM, by JUDYAMK

    The painting "Still Life with a Skull," which showed the three essentials of existence - the tulip (life), the skull (death), and the hourglass (time). It is a a form of 17th century artwork featuring symbols of mortality which encourage reflection on the meaning and fleetingness of life. This i... Read more

  • Hello and Goodbye

    12/27/2017 9:40:46 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    In a few days we will be saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018. Am I going to be awake at midnight on New Year's Eve? Probably not. I have 2 kids. One of which gets up at the butt crack of dawn and the other is hit and miss on when he gets up. So there's a very good chance I'll be asleep wa... Read more

  • (Ignore. For records)

    12/26/2017 11:58:50 AM, by NEOMATTLAC

    This was my old page description. I have updated it for 2018. My Mission Statement for 2017: I want to get so comfortable with being uncomfortable that comfortable becomes uncomfortable. Thresholds (T) and Objectives (O): 250 pounds (T) / 240 pounds (O) by June 15th, 2... Read more

  • My Spark Story (So Far)

    12/26/2017 11:53:31 AM, by NEOMATTLAC

    1. What brought you to SparkPeople? Like all the best things in life, my brother actually got me into SparkPeople. I was a member for a long while, but didn't do much until about 3 years ago. At that point, I was reaching what I considered to be "critical mass" (290 lbs.). I decided to track my f... Read more

  • merry christmas

    12/25/2017 1:01:20 PM, by MOMMY445

    hope that everyone is having a terrific day! my daughter says hi to all of mommy's friends. she is having a wonderful day and so am i. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have an amazing day,everyone!... Read more

  • merry christmas

    12/24/2017 6:37:14 PM, by MOMMY445

    to all who celebrate christmas, merry christmas! my daughter is so excited about christmas! she told me that she will be getting up really early tomorrow morning. i will be up early, too, so i can see the look on her face when she opens her presents. she pretty much got what she was asking for this ... Read more

  • When others think you should do it THEIR way!!

    12/24/2017 8:59:57 AM, by JUDYAMK

    I am not here to fit into your world I am here to make my own !! That is what it was like last year & the year before at Christmas time. I always did Christmas,but because of an accident & a death I did not have it in me pain wise & mentally,but still others think you should push forward & still... Read more

  • it's friday

    12/22/2017 7:48:29 PM, by MOMMY445

    for sure, i have the 1 week job that starts the first full week of january 2018. i know i will hear from the others i either spoke with over the phone or met in person by the first week of january or sooner. my daughter is finished school for 2017 and she is really looking forward to the christmas b... Read more

  • Moving Again, and Focusing on 2018

    12/22/2017 9:56:16 AM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I think I'm starting to do better. I'm certainly off my game, getting frustrated easily, and my body is very tight. My appetite is really high, allergies have been hitting me hard, and I've been getting REALLY drowsy at work after I eat. My memory is also failing a lot. I've lost my keys, laptop cha... Read more

  • it's thursday

    12/21/2017 10:38:54 AM, by MOMMY445

    i heard from a different place for a temporary work assignment the first week of january 2018. it will only go for a week and that is okay with me. it will give me a chance to get some more recent work experience and to try something different. my daughter says hi. she is almost finished school for ... Read more

  • It is all about TIME !! What are you doing with your TIME?

    12/21/2017 10:20:37 AM, by JUDYAMK

    “There is a limit to the time assigned you, and if you don't use it to free yourself, it will be gone and never return.” Life is not a video game. You don’t have unlimited lives. You have one. You are mortal. You cannot start over at the beginning. Get that through your head. The only thin... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    12/19/2017 1:12:00 PM, by MOMMY445

    i have a phone interview tomorrow for a full time job. i have started to research the company, so i know what the company does and other information. tonight is the christmas concert at my daughter's school. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more