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  • Recipe for Home made Candy Corns

    10/3/2015 5:00:33 AM, by MSFIGGY

    / Full recipe and DIY. Ingredients 1/4 cup honey 1/2 tsp vanilla 1 tbsp melted butter 1/4 cup powdered sugar or maple sugar (if using maple sugar, be sure to give it a whirl in a small food processor or c... Read more

  • Back to the gym...

    10/2/2015 9:41:16 PM, by HUYANA_PHOENIX

    Yesterday, I made it back to the gym for the first time since breaking my ankle exactly one year ago. Because of the extent of the damage to ligaments and intrinsic muscles in my ankle and foot, I am STILL recovering from and limited by the injury. In order to get myself to actually enter th... Read more

  • Analyze the Week

    10/2/2015 1:52:04 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Pluses = What I did right the first week: Made a variety of salads Ate at home Tracked my food Was accountable with blogs Increased water and veggies Minuses: What I did wrong: Too dependent on scale and when it rose, I lost focus and motivation Let stress of taking mil shoppin... Read more

  • Leukemia &Lymphoma Society Light the Night walk at Washington Park in Denver

    10/2/2015 12:32:51 AM, by AMYROSEC

    I had the most awesome time tonight volunteering my time with Registration/Check In and getting together with my fellow survivors at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night walk in Washington Park! me with my lanterns, the red lanterns are in honor of a few friends that have lymphom... Read more

  • OOps, gotta get back into this habit

    9/30/2015 9:56:59 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Had on off day yesterday and felt discouraged this am, but did bag up my veggie bags. Made a pot of homemade soup. Supper was the Cabbage Roll Casserole I made yesterday. Spent 2 hr. picking blueberries yesterday and almost that again today... imagine October tomorrow, and we can still pick blue... Read more

  • Today

    9/30/2015 8:00:11 PM, by NEWWALK

    I found out I have a pinpoint cataract beginning in my right eye, runs in the family on both sides throughout. Easy to take care of, since it was discovered so soon. At least I don't have gray hair on top of it! Lol... Read more

  • Poem: My Last Waffle

    9/30/2015 12:01:19 AM, by FORMYFUTUREME

    Addicts hit rock bottom, and food addicts must be no different. I was crying as I wrote this and I realized just how painful, and how lethal this weight I carry is, emotionally and physically. Time for change. My Last Waffle 300LBS Pain whenever I walk anywhere. Feeling afraid of peopl... Read more

  • Oops, forgot to post yesterday & yet another delicious salad

    9/29/2015 10:21:12 AM, by SLIMLILA

    Well for Day 6, not bad again. Made cabbage roll casserole and shared one with a single man whose been painting the trim on my house and one for our supper tonite after dh's doc appt. Hope that goes well... B Italian omelette.=, 1/2 English muffin L artichoke bean salad, cucumber, OJ D C... Read more

  • Susan G. Komen Denver Race For The Cure

    9/28/2015 12:20:30 AM, by AMYROSEC

    I just realized that I was calling the race the Susan B. Komen race when it is the Susan G. Komen race. I am always calling it Susan B., maybe my brain is thinking along the lines of Susan B. Anthony who knows :) When I went to register they asked if I was a survivor and my mom said yes I was.... Read more

  • Day 5 - Shopping and more shopping & another great salad recipe

    9/27/2015 7:47:17 PM, by SLIMLILA

    So who passes up on an invite to go shopping... not me! After breakfast, we went into town and went to a few stores. Took mil out shopping after I got home... different day from yesterday. B - coconut bread, margarine, Greek yogurt, apple - ice cream cone w/ friend L - crab meat, rice cake... Read more

  • how I have been doing since Ladies Retreat

    9/27/2015 2:14:36 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    just what it says... Read more

  • Notes from my 37th Birthday...

    9/27/2015 9:55:00 AM, by MSFIGGY

    Day by day.. From the experience and with God's guidance I'm becoming a better Me... Stronger and better... Learning to live, to grow, to be the right person for myself. I am wishing patience and understanding to me and to everyone else who is committing the same journey... I love me and I want the... Read more

  • Day 4 - down .2 lb today

    9/26/2015 11:46:29 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Ok, busy day but I made it through... Went to the old "homestead" to pick blackberries, but someone beat us to them. We did have quite the hike and got to pick handfuls of raspberries, blackberries and apples of the trees. I think we were there about 1.5 hr. then we went to the beach and walked t... Read more

  • Day 3 successful and an awesome Kale recipe

    9/25/2015 11:05:40 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Weird day, haven't been to 2 funerals in 2 years and today I had to go to 2. Both so very similar. So despite time constraints and rushing around, I did it... I stayed on track. Even went for a walk at the dam, either 2 or 3 laps, was busy talking so I didn't keep track. I made Kale and Cous... Read more

  • OMG I am so sorry...

    9/25/2015 4:53:36 PM, by NICICHARLTON

    For the spelling and grammar of my last post. I write children's books as one of my jobs and if my editor (Daughter Jess) has seen my last post on here she will kill me! I am not apologizing for the content, however. Every thing happened as I related. You see I am grateful to anyone who answers... Read more

  • Ms.Figgy- Didn't want to delete

    9/25/2015 1:35:19 PM, by MSFIGGY

    My first about me text on My Spark page when i first joined on 24 May. Just didn't want to delete because in the future i'd like to come back and check how i felt the first day i joined: 37 y.o. From Turkey. Was a Taekwon-do fighter until i was 20 y.o. Given blood pills, hormone pills and migraine ... Read more

  • Back Again take 3!

    9/25/2015 9:19:54 AM, by NICICHARLTON

    Hi there. Been away a long time, it's been a bit of a dodgy couple of years in my life. I have decided on total transparency because losing weight and getting my life on track has become a matter of life or death, so here goes; So Christmas 2013 whilst carefully bending at the knees to get some... Read more

  • Persevered

    9/24/2015 8:21:31 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Ok, only Day 2 and of course, life can't be boring, I had to be flexible. Had to take mil to eye doc apt, so I walked to library and did a few other errands, good thing I was walking, I could easily have been hit by a car twice! Last of the lumber was delivered before I left around 11am, and w... Read more

  • I'm back... again.

    9/23/2015 10:00:26 PM, by SLIMLILA

    OMG, have I ever been busy this summer... the goal to take at least one road trip a week was met... and then some... We hiked, we went to parks, museums, beaches, had fun.... This was my best summer ever, ever, ever!!! I even climbed that mountain I climbed 2 yrs. ago...I am NOT walking regul... Read more

  • Diet Slam: Pneumonia and Prednisone (Steroid)

    9/21/2015 11:04:43 PM, by FORMYFUTUREME

    Right when it was going well I got slammed in ALL of August and sliding into most of September. I got pneumonia and whooping cough AND an asthma response from it all. I was put on an oral steroid, prednisone for weeks - starting at a 60mg for a few weeks, then 40, then tapering down to ten and ... Read more

  • Long but Satisfying Week

    9/20/2015 8:52:51 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Sherry had to spend long hours at work this week. Which,in turn, means that Grandma and Helena are buddies longer. I slept with her two nights in a row because Sherry had to work late. I didn't have to last night and kept waking up missing her. We all went to an Oktoberfest on Redstone Arse... Read more

  • New Venture.....New Diagnosis

    9/19/2015 6:36:39 PM, by BEEKAHBUG

    Well, we have almost completed our move to the new location. We should be turning in our keys t the old apartment later this week. The move has gone OK, we got a Uhaul and moved over Labor Day Weekend. My mom helped us move as well as a few of hubby's friends. It took us 2 days, but we have almost e... Read more

  • Another health update for you on how I am doing right now

    9/16/2015 12:57:53 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    Hi everyone I thought I would update you on how I am doing now. On Monday I had my epidural with my favorite pain doctor Dr. Araujo. He once again made my day with his smiling face and a hug! I miss that about him when I don't see him for treatment but I can't see him all the time though! But back t... Read more

  • 9/15/15 Week in Review

    9/15/2015 10:32:32 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    My baby niece and old Goddaughter turned 20 today. I told her we wouldn't talk about age. I felt that I had to act grown-up when I turned that age - I wasn't a teenager anymore. I know now that it's good to act like a kid at times; it keeps me young. When I was 18, the legal drinking age in... Read more

  • Difficult Time Lately

    9/13/2015 5:22:27 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I know the last month has been very stressful. My routine (or what little I had) has gone out of the window. I am afraid my health may be suffering but am not sure what is going on. I wonder if anyone else has run into this problem. I do take medication for ADD. I know that if I get interru... Read more

  • Life is Looking Rather Grim Now

    9/13/2015 2:15:53 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    It seems I have prayed and prayed for my circumstances to change. They changed but not for the better. I still have no job and now cannot work until I have full mobility in my arm. Now almost all of my CD's are gone. I had to take out 2000 dollars out of savings just to live on. Yet the stupid burea... Read more

  • denied the bariatric surgery on Tuesday

    9/12/2015 8:46:54 AM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I might as well tell you what I personally know as of now. As the blog title says I was denied surgery. I was told that I am not a good candidate for the surgery. A month ago they reviewed my file and denied me. I was told over the phone and that scarred me enough to make me hurt so bad that I crie... Read more

  • No DIET.. lesson learned

    9/9/2015 12:30:24 PM, by SHAMROCKY2K

    I guess I have always known this but for me I cannot deprive or even limit some type of food. I got down to my goal weight and had lost my appetite for ice cream. Well, I rediscovered ice cream and the scale was going up. I have a suspicion that the low fat variety makes you crave it more. SO I ... Read more

  • 9/7/2015 Week in Review

    9/7/2015 2:46:48 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Somehow my Tracker got signals mixed up with the site. It's showing 0 for the week before last. I know my numbers are down because I spent the week chasing after Helena and helping Sherry get the house ready for friends coming in town. The breezed in Saturday morning, slept most of the time, and ... Read more

  • 9/7/2015 Week in Review

    9/7/2015 2:46:45 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Somehow my Tracker got signals mixed up with the site. It's showing 0 for the week before last. I know my numbers are down because I spent the week chasing after Helena and helping Sherry get the house ready for friends coming in town. The breezed in Saturday morning, slept most of the time, and ... Read more

  • Small Steps

    9/6/2015 5:41:44 PM, by MUSICALMOM1125

    This weekend I've made several small steps towards healthier living. Both yesterday and today I've done 25 minutes on Walk It Out on the Wii. It's a silly game that I really love AND it gets me moving. Yesterday we bought a Nutri Ninja and protein powder to make meal replacement shakes. I prefer... Read more

  • Finally a nice boring Saturday!

    9/5/2015 5:26:45 PM, by NEWWALK

    Neighborhood drama on a pause this weekend. Our closest neighbors seem to come to us and ask whose side are we on when they have issues with each other. Why? We care, but not that much- we want to be left alone. :) We like most of our neighbors and are good friends with the nice couple across the st... Read more