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  • Gave up sweets

    8/27/2015 7:39:00 PM, by MUSICALMOM1125

    I gave up sweets 2 weeks ago and am loosing about 1/2 pound a day. It hasn't been nearly as hard as I expected, but we'll see how long I can keep it up.... Read more

  • 8/25/2015 Last week's review

    8/25/2015 9:49:34 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Disappointed in myself is all I can say. It was a different sort of week. Helena's schedule seems to be changing almost as much as her mouth is right now. She's getting so many teeth that we don't know if she's coming or going. Her sleep pattern is off. She is in need of a little more attention... Read more

  • Facing up instead of down

    8/25/2015 11:46:47 AM, by NEWWALK

    I won't be able to wear any make up until October, my last eye doctor is Sept. 29. Since May and I am getting anxious. I took a selfie of me today and zoomed in. OMG. My face is OK but my neck since I have been getting rid of that small double chin ...extra weight on my face drives me crazy than ext... Read more

  • Win

    8/23/2015 6:32:20 AM, by MSFIGGY

    You've lost me for the rest of your life but i will WIN this struggle! You LOST by your own choice and ignorance which all reflected to me like wisdom and i followed... Game...! I learned all you told me but you lost ur own wisdom... Remember you were telling me we all live the results of our choice... Read more

  • Another health update for you

    8/22/2015 6:07:15 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I seen Rita on Tuesday and she told me that my neck had some abnormalities with some bulging between the vertebrae. I guess my primary didn't tell me everything and misled me to believe everything was fine when it wasn't. I already know why there is bulging. It is because of arthritis in my neck. I ... Read more

  • Facebook vs Sparkpeople

    8/21/2015 9:56:38 PM, by NEWWALK

    Always wondered why...several people I have known or met throughout the years have added me on their friend list. But those people never ask me anything about my life or even respond on messenger . What is the point of this app taking up room on my sd card when they just brag about themselves and no... Read more

  • It's Great to Have a Good Doctor

    8/21/2015 4:13:43 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Now that I'm in Alabama again, I get to go back to doctors that I believe are great. Two of the doctors that did surgery on my back are here. My gynecologist that did my surgeries is here. The doctor that diagnosed my hypothyroidism is here. He's the one I just went to for my check-up. My... Read more

  • Lost at sea

    8/18/2015 11:21:45 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I lost my apartment on Sunday. Nobody was able to help me get the amount of money they demanded, so I left on Sunday so I wouldn't have an eviction on my record. My friend Sacha got me a motel room for Sunday and Monday, and today the shelter had a bed for me. And best of all, they gave me a hospita... Read more

  • I hit my mini goal

    8/18/2015 4:57:05 PM, by BLUEEYEDCOUNTRY

    i made it to my goal 5 days early!! I weighed 165 on the 15th. That is 5 days before my goal date. Woohoo. I'm going to set a new goal to hit by next month. I want to push myself but not make an impossible goal. Every pound lost is a success and it's not coming back. Yay. Things are crazy busy bu... Read more

  • 8/17/2015 Week in Review

    8/17/2015 7:34:43 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    My numbers were a little down from the week before. But I was very tired one day and didn't get many steps in. But, I had an off day one day and I got to keep Helena busy while the girls painted. steps: 113296 / 122144 minutes: 1762 / 1844 calories: 4473 / 4674 miles: 4834 / ... Read more

  • Preparing for the insanity

    8/17/2015 12:01:05 AM, by TIFFANIEFAITH

    So here's another hit and run entry. I have been doing pretty well as far as eating and weight loss goes. I dread this time of year, though. The beginning of the school year is always hectic and usually throws my eating schedule completely off. It will not throw my eating plan off this y... Read more

  • Ms.Figgy - Impact! Why I Started? Now, What Am I Doing?

    8/16/2015 7:44:51 AM, by MSFIGGY

    In 2012 when i was about 243 lbs, (my heaviest and i wasn't even getting on the scale that often 'cause losing weight wasn't even in my focus, i was thinking it became part of my life because of those pills... I was not even doing anything to change cause I wasn't sure what to do, from where to star... Read more

  • Unorganized and Unproductive but Loving It

    8/15/2015 10:57:21 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I am unorganized lately: the house, the paperwork, what I need to do, etc. Many times I feel unproductive. But...I have a beautiful reason: one that makes me laugh and smile each day, enjoy new things, find the beauty in little things. I play more again. I laugh a lot. I get sweet little hugs an... Read more

  • another health update

    8/13/2015 8:39:13 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    my health and other things... Read more

  • 8/11/15 Week in Review and on a Soap Box for Awhile

    8/11/2015 9:58:42 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I felt that I did better last week. I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago and again last week: 4 pounds down. When a person is only 5' 1/2", 4 pounds make a huge difference. I can tell it in my clothes. I got my physical last week and pap smear. Blood pressure is down. Pap came back good. I ... Read more

  • Made in the USA

    8/9/2015 8:33:25 PM, by IMAVISION

    232 189 232 189 232 189 232 189 232 189 The following was sent to me through e-mail. It gives one lots of "food for thought". Many years back, my beloved MrV's aunt used to be very careful to buy only products/goods produced in the United States. At the time, I saw no sen... Read more

  • Running to lose 100 pounds? No fear!

    8/8/2015 11:30:50 AM, by QWESTING

    I'll confess, I didn't read this article. Nor any of the other 'x lost 100s of pounds' stories that are frequently featured. I am glad to say that I have never been tempted. Maybe it's the difference between US and UK encouragement. That is, I find titles like this both same-y, but more impo... Read more

  • 166

    8/7/2015 4:55:50 AM, by BLUEEYEDCOUNTRY

    ive reached 166. I am feeling good. I can start to notice the changes in how I look and my clothes. My pants r so big!! I've worked out hard this week. For the last two days I have been drained tired so I've listened to my body and I'm trying to get more sleep. Easier said than done with 4 kids. ... Read more

  • Trying to Stay Positive

    8/6/2015 9:36:23 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    It's been hard for me to stay positive. I find myself taking things too personally. I know it's because I am short on "me" time and down time. I have to put my foot down and do for me I have to get thicker skin. Enjoy one moment at a time. Refuel. I know ewhat to do, just can't seem to do... Read more

  • 8/5/2015: Week in Review

    8/5/2015 3:43:35 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    It was a strange report. I got lots of steps in, etc., but it said my calories total was lower. I am not sure what I did. Helena's getting her 1-year molars in and she's not been quite herself. But that still doesn't explain my totals. I will have to take the time to study it a little more. s... Read more

  • More developments

    8/4/2015 5:38:12 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Tomorrow my social worker is coming over, and she said her office is paying for some groceries for me. On Thursday I'm meeting with a case worker for the organization that may help me with my rent, getting Meals On Wheels and other services. And there's an organization that owns and manages affordab... Read more

  • dropping Another lb

    8/3/2015 2:56:06 PM, by BLUEEYEDCOUNTRY

    Another one bites the dust. Yay. Good bye one more pound. Got to 168. This week a couple things have hit me. First, a reply to a moble chat talked about how when you eat right before bed the body doesn't have time to use the energy before you fall asleep. It was an ah ha moment. I don't know why s... Read more

  • Motivate Me

    8/2/2015 10:39:19 AM, by JHENNINGTON65

    This brings me hope. Sometimes as I struggle for change it is so easy to want to give up. But when I "let go and let God" is those times I see the most growth. I always want to try to fix everything.. Thinking that I can somehow make everything right..and accomplish everything in my own s... Read more

  • Plodding along

    8/1/2015 7:41:45 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Trying to keep moving when I feel totally inert. Today I got the pots and mixing bowls washed and the dishwasher emptied. Right now I'm trying to get the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. The batch of meatballs I intended to make became a huge meatloaf, half of which is in the freezer. In a lit... Read more

  • Motivate Me

    8/1/2015 7:08:18 PM, by JHENNINGTON65

    ... Read more

  • Ms.Figgy - Focus

    8/1/2015 4:22:04 PM, by MSFIGGY

    As the PMS is over which some months those dark clouds visits me before period some months after, i never understood why neither i'll use those stupid pills, on my previous blog i shared all i searched and read about it, and all the roads end with CLEAN EATING and EXERCISING... All my health problem... Read more

  • Survived July!

    8/1/2015 12:27:24 AM, by TIFFANIEFAITH

    I either need to find several extra hours every day or reduce the number of things I am doing. This is likely a very short entry ... kind of just saying that I'm still here, but I've said that several times before. This is usually the craziest time of the year for me with the new school ye... Read more

  • Motivate Me

    7/31/2015 12:28:06 PM, by JHENNINGTON65

    ... Read more

  • One more pound gone

    7/30/2015 3:25:48 PM, by BLUEEYEDCOUNTRY

    i am finally in the 160's!! Yay! I am so happy. Today I am 169. It's been too long since I have been in the 160's but to be honest this weight isn't healthy for me. I have a thin frame and a ton of medical issues in my family that weight will only compound. I am so happy to be this far though. ... Read more