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  • New counselor for the last time

    10/21/2017 6:15:08 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    I saw a new counselor on this Thursday. Her name is Christine Nicklaus. I connected with her on this visit and felt very comfortable with her. I believe that I have found someone I will stay with. I am to see her weekly.... Read more

  • 10/21 ~ Day 21 ~ Doctor

    10/21/2017 1:27:57 PM, by YLWRSS-PRPLHRTS

    21 days and I'm still plodding along in making changes to improve my life. 521 Sometimes I just have to shake my head and move on... The other day I had an appointment with a new neurologist. Never met the man prior to this. Didn't even consider looking him up to learn anything about ... Read more

  • So...

    10/20/2017 2:18:24 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    We got heavy rain last night. Great news, because it will help knock down the last of the fires. I wanted to get up today, but absolutely NONE of the regular staff are here and none of the replacements are trained on the Hoyer lift so I'm stuck until at least tomorrow. Not nearly enough s... Read more

  • Valleys and peaks

    10/19/2017 8:03:31 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I've found myself jittery this week. I donated a lot of money (by my standards) to various appeals that matter to me. I also broke down and bought myself an early Christmas present: two shawls' worth of hand-painted silk yarn. (The dark red and dark blue on the top left): I feel guilty f... Read more

  • Double your funnies (since I didn't post last week)

    10/18/2017 10:09:09 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    ... Read more

  • Class and Greasy Food

    10/17/2017 11:48:26 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    I finished my last class and found out that it is harder to write about an innovation plan for a company when you are not working with 2 other people. I struggled to finish the last assignment. I failed to check the assignments ahead and then when I saw what she wanted I knew I had my work cut out ... Read more

  • My Exercise Elephant

    10/16/2017 8:29:31 AM, by MSLOUIE3

    I had surgery in 2012 but did not embrace exercise until 2017. Part was due to bad knees which have both beenbeen replaced, but most was due to viewing exercise as a fate worse than death. A 19 pound regain changed my perspective. I have learned to find and embrace the jock in me. Exercise of choice... Read more

  • Starting Over

    10/15/2017 6:16:38 PM, by TWEETY2015

    So much has happened since I was last on here. Sparkpeople is such a great tool, yet my motivation is tied to my emotional state, which hasn't been good. I lost my job after 13 years of being there, which was devastating. It took quite awhile (6 months) to get a new job, putting our finances in a... Read more

  • More fun and games

    10/14/2017 1:10:44 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I knew it would happen someday. The kitchen here ran out of coffee! Luckily I have enough Starbucks Via to last about four days if necessary, but I'm waiting for the riot from the residents who weren't prepared. This place keeps running out of basics like milk and butter, but how on Earth do you le... Read more

  • Overload (TMI alert)

    10/13/2017 3:32:39 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I just couldn't muster enough to post funnies this week. I've lived in Sonoma County for over twenty years and I know Napa very well. I love all the areas that have burned. And still over five hundred missing! Meantime all I can do is send money. With all the tragedy of the last few months I have a ... Read more

  • 10/12 ~ Day 12 ~ Apology

    10/12/2017 11:38:26 AM, by YLWRSS-PRPLHRTS

    Apology - to you, to me. I **WANT** so much to stick to ANYTHING! I'm so sorry I don't! I feel bad! I want to kick myself! I can't shake that feeling of failing...again. I told myself that I need to do my T-Tapp exercises at least every other day - 3 out of 5 if possible. May... Read more

  • What the heck is going on?

    10/11/2017 10:39:09 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    I am completely confused about my insurance now. One minute they say I am not covered now I am! I am unsure what to think at this point. It shows up when providers check but not me.... Read more

  • It's Only Been 24 Hours...

    10/10/2017 3:04:23 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Yesterday morning, my right big toe was operated on. Arthritis set in and made it very difficult to not only walk but to sleep. The block that the anestheologist gave me can still be felt. I was sent home with crutches and a foot scooter. No weight on the foot for 6 weeks. And I hated the scale... Read more

  • read two books on writing

    10/10/2017 1:26:12 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    I now have read 2 books on writing in one day. I have chosen to copy the stuff that will help my novel become what it needs to be. I read 2 books by James Scott Bell. I have chosen to copy what is needed in order to improve the book and make it better than what it is. I have one chapter in particula... Read more

  • Making mom a cross stitch project

    10/9/2017 8:13:33 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    I've decided to repay mom's kindness with a gift. I have chosen to make her a cross stitch project I have already told her about it. I hope she will like it because it is going to take many hours to make. The black alone has over 22,000 stitches to do. The project is a multicolored butterfly called ... Read more

  • Who is who

    10/9/2017 5:49:30 PM, by SMIDGON

    Here is a picture of a grandma and granddaughter. She is my first grandchild Can you guess how old she is?... Read more

  • reading a book on running

    10/8/2017 10:47:22 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    I have found a book that would be helpful for me to start running again. It is called Running for beginners. I got it for free on amazon and added it to the kindle. I have a site I check out for freebies. It is called I noticed that this book I am reading was a freebie. So you can f... Read more

  • It's official I have my insurance back plus other things

    10/7/2017 8:16:42 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Today I got a notice from the state of Wisconsin that I had my insurance for next month. Now all I have to do is reschedule all the appointments that I cancelled excluding one. In other news, I found out that my primary is leaving practice. I now have to find another primary. I have chosen to go to... Read more


    10/7/2017 2:22:33 PM, by SMIDGON

    3mo this afternoon, our fur-baby Lexie left us to enter the RAINBOW BRIDGE. Just one day before her 14th b.d. 9mos and 2 days after Johns passing. With both of them leaving so close together, it has left a big hole in my heart! I am a care giver by nature. Now I have no one to care ... Read more

  • Long and rambling

    10/6/2017 12:21:49 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    What was it Simon and Garfunkel said? "Time it was and what a time it was..." Last Friday night I was asleep. About a quarter to eleven something bumped my bed and woke me up. It was one of the guys from across the hall! He had wheeled himself into my room and was looking under and around my be... Read more


    10/6/2017 8:32:30 AM, by SMIDGON

    YESTERDAY WAS a very hard day. It was Johns first birthday in Heaven. This pic is of John and his Dad, Larry. It was taken late summer, 2016. He was showing the effects of advancing cancer. He was such a handsome man before cancer , God chose to take him home to shelter him from t... Read more

  • Good News and Learning New Things

    10/5/2017 11:41:40 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    Well we got good news this week my daughter has her insurance back. I sure was praying for her. Although she will not get it until next month and this month she has to have her IUD out. So I have to pay a 100 dollar down payment for that and she applied to Aurora's Helping Hands for financial assist... Read more

  • We need to laugh

    10/4/2017 10:23:35 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    ... Read more

  • 10/02 ~ Day 2 - Adjust

    10/3/2017 12:57:01 AM, by YLWRSS-PRPLHRTS

    Be yourself... Well, first you must know yourself, right? The world will adjust... One can only hope! In my new this month quest for improving I feel much like this pic! Like I'm standing out, looking so very different than you'd expect me to look. Like everyone is staring a... Read more

  • 10/01 ~ Day 1 AGAIN

    10/2/2017 12:03:29 AM, by YLWRSS-PRPLHRTS

    Yes, DAY 1 "AGAIN" - will it be my last? Probably not. Will I last longer this time? I hope so! 211 I am making progress again. That's a good thing! Today I pulled out my T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge notebook. The last time I did that was back in January. I lasted 2 weeks then. So I updated my n... Read more

  • Moving Again

    10/1/2017 11:29:50 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I've had so many moves in my life that I don't remember the exact number. Right now, I am living with my youngest and my granddaughter in a house owned by my oldest. My furniture is in storage in Michigan, and I am in Alabama. My youngest and her significant other have found a house on the ne... Read more

  • Very Upset and Hurting Now and New Computer

    9/30/2017 11:53:33 PM, by POETLKNG2LOSE

    My daughter has only pills for a few days now. I am praying to God every day to fix this. I am scared to death she will die. It is easy to say trust in God when everything is rosy. It is much harder when the only person you have left is threatened. I think that I will lose it if she dies I cannot be... Read more

  • Two more appointments down the drain

    9/29/2017 1:06:53 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    Today my Pain Management Facility called and ask for verification of my insurance which I can't give them so I have to cancel my appointments for next month. I'm not very happy about this that makes four appointments in period of two months that I have cancelled. When will this end? When will I have... Read more

  • Some people just don't get it

    9/28/2017 1:41:30 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    I say this because I recently put a post on the community feed and people assume that I am beating myself up with what I say. They don't know the half of it. I have many health issues that working out harder than normal. I am actually frustrated right now since I am not able to make it through an en... Read more

  • Re a Caring, Benevolent, Peaceful World

    9/28/2017 9:11:01 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Only 5 Sparkpeople members agreed with my blog "A Caring, Benevolent, Peaceful World." I wrote that God favors no specific race or religion, and peoples of the world will eventually live side by side in peaceful harmony, and God would be pleased. I believe that there is only one change needed to cu... Read more

  • Laugh time

    9/27/2017 1:00:02 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    ... Read more

  • A caring, benevolent and peaceful world

    9/26/2017 9:35:12 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Thank you for reading the following message. It is meant to spark goodwill and caring for others. PS I initially wrote this in response to a 9/12/17 blog of a fellow Spark member. I decided to share it with the whole Spark community. It was partly inspired by Johnathan Lockwood Huie's 8 Self-Af... Read more


    9/25/2017 1:03:52 PM, by SMIDGON

    This is the fall arrangement I put together for our kitchen table I li,e to make seasonal decorrect throughout the house and outdoors It's a hobby of mine. I am sitting here in front of my fan to help with my breathing. You all take care of yourselfs. BLESSINGS, JANET... Read more

  • Weary

    9/25/2017 12:28:47 PM, by MSLOUIE3

    I feel like I have lost my Spark. I amI am tired of exercising, tired of eating right and tired of all the challenges. I amso cught up in getting points, I have lost track of the purpose. Right here, right now I am committing to breaking this downward spiral and going back to basics. Here i... Read more

  • Just When I Thought My Routine Would Get More ... Routine

    9/24/2017 7:42:45 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    My routine started to change September 20, 2016. That was the day I had my left thumb operated on. The cartilage decided to leave me after years of abuse as a waitress and a house cleaner. No doing anything with the hand for over a month. I had the other thumb operated on, I goofed up my back, m... Read more

  • Think positive, let happiness follow

    9/24/2017 9:24:41 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Don't focus on being happy, just try always to become more positive. If you're in a bad situation, think "I can manage this," "This will change for the better" or "This will make me stronger." Researchers have found that those who try always to be happy usually are those who end up depressed; thos... Read more

  • Green Light Therapy Treats Chronic Pain

    9/24/2017 6:44:31 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Researchers are finding that green light therapy reduces pain. Clinics are using other wavelengths of light to treat skin disorders. See
    2017/02/170228185325.htm and
    ight+therapy Also google light th... Read more

  • Blah...

    9/23/2017 7:32:36 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm cranky and miserable today. The kitchen crew here can't read a menu (or don't bother to) and mess up the breakfast request every day. When I filled out today's menu yesterday, I asked for a piece of the coffee cake listed, along with toast and bacon. I got the toast and bacon, but instead of the... Read more

  • Well, where have you been?!!

    9/23/2017 10:10:19 AM, by EMBRACEINSPIRE

    I haven't been around much-- I stayed on eating plan for several months-- right around the last time I posted-- I found out... We're EXPECTING. I guess the eating plan not only helped me feel better, lose weight, but balanced my crazy hormones and I got pregnant FAST. I'm now 7 months pregnant and... Read more