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  • Saturday, August 30th

    8/31/2014 1:41:24 AM, by AMYC0128

    My surgery to remove my kidney stone has been delayed to September 17th now because the anesthesiologists will not touch me because of swelling of my optic nerve and my Intracranial Hypertension until I get the results of my MRI's that are scheduled for September 9th. Depending on the results it may... Read more

  • lost more fat %

    8/30/2014 11:17:30 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    This is gonna be a quick one. I went from 26.29% to 25.7 Which is pretty cool, im still trying to get that scale to move though lol... Read more

  • day 106

    8/30/2014 7:53:21 PM, by MELNJAY3

    I haven't blogged for awhile. I have had some things going on around here. I haven't worked out and haven't done well with nutrition. im not giving up though. I have reached out to a friend and asked her to "play" dietician. she is a body by vi consultant. so she know a lot of what she is talking ab... Read more

  • I "Just Did It"

    8/30/2014 12:23:45 PM, by FATCAT216

    No excuses - that is my new motto. I am the queen of excuses - Too hot, too cold, raining, busy, etc, This morning I woke up early, got my walking clothes on and stepped outside. It was sprinkling. First thought was well I tried and retreat back to the couch. Nope! Walked myself right to the gar... Read more

  • Next Week Will Be So Much Better!

    8/30/2014 10:05:07 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Everyone must take his/her own turn at having "one of those weeks". It was my turn this week. In addition to my usual work days, I had to fit in a few doctor appointments for both Mom and me and a meeting that I had to move from next week to this week. In getting ready for next week, there w... Read more

  • Reasons to Feel Good about Your Body...

    8/30/2014 3:00:47 AM, by BABECAVE

    ''What is one body part you can feel grateful for, love and appreciate, no matter what size and shape it is right now, and why?'' ''I love my hands because they let me hold the hands of someone else who needs my support.'' ''I love the relaxing feeling of my toes sinking into the sand when... Read more

  • How to Deal with Your Fiance's Unhealthy Habits...

    8/30/2014 12:30:49 AM, by BABECAVE

    1. Have a frank conversation. Your fiancé is—and will soon legally be—your life partner. If your fiancé's unhealthy habits are throwing a wrench into your plans of looking radiantly healthy on your wedding day, speak up. It may be that your fiancé is completely unaware that you're trying to lose wei... Read more

  • The Before-During-After Journal...

    8/30/2014 12:29:01 AM, by BABECAVE

    Experts who study motivation have long recognized two basic types of motivation: 1. Extrinsic (external) motivation, when you are motivated primarily by external rewards and consequences, either positive or negative. When you pull yourself out of your nice, warm bed in the morning to go to wor... Read more

  • Where Does Your Motivation Go When You Lose it?

    8/30/2014 12:27:45 AM, by BABECAVE

    "I've lost my motivation." "I just can't seem to find the motivation I need to stick to this." "I do fine for a couple days, but then I just can't seem to stay motivated." How many times have you said something like this to yourself? Probably more than a few times, if you're like m... Read more

  • Be Your Own Cheerleader

    8/30/2014 12:25:28 AM, by BABECAVE

    12 Ways to Stay Motivated On Your Own 1. Give yourself a pep talk. Remember Jessica, the self-affirming Internet sensation? Sure, her self-pep talk is silly and cute, but she's wise beyond her years and that positivity is infectious. Channel your inner Jessica and set aside a minute every day... Read more

  • is dating making you fat...

    8/30/2014 12:22:30 AM, by BABECAVE

    Dating isn’t easy. In the beginning stages, deciding what to wear, where to go, and whether you should or shouldn't kiss can be stressful. Then, once you start to get more serious, you have big decisions to make, such as whether to be exclusive, to live together, or to get married. With so much to t... Read more

  • Workout Ideas for Couples...

    8/30/2014 12:19:11 AM, by BABECAVE

    The Benefits of Exercising with Your Partner... The two of you may be at different fitness levels and have different goals, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise together. There are plenty of reasons to give it a try: • Safety. With someone else watching your form and being there to sp... Read more

  • What you can and can't do to help motivate someone...

    8/30/2014 12:15:13 AM, by BABECAVE

    Conventional wisdom says that you can’t motivate someone else. Maybe you can, however, inspire her with your own good example, give her the information she needs to solve problems, or support her when the going gets tough. But like the proverbial light bulb, that person is not going to change her be... Read more

  • Put Yourself First...

    8/30/2014 12:11:53 AM, by BABECAVE

    Preserve your physical health with adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrition. • Value your emotional health as much as the physical, with a support system of friends and a willingness to laugh—especially at yourself. • Schedule fun activities on a regular basis—it’s just as important to plan... Read more

  • hit a weight loss platou

    8/30/2014 12:09:56 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Im wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to start losing the weight again after hitting a platou. Ive heard of carb cycling, and eating a lot for 3 days then going back to your regular cal intake. Im really not sure what to do. Please give me some ideas if you can think of anything. Thanks :)... Read more

  • Become Your Own Best Motivator

    8/29/2014 11:14:43 PM, by BABECAVE

    True or False: My motivation seems to depend on what the scale (or tape measure, fit of my clothes, etc.) says. I feel motivated when I see results, but unmotivated when I don’t. SCORE (1-10): _____ 2. True or False: I feel like I am in a constant battle with myself. In my “normal” state, I... Read more

  • Over 100 Super Foods for a Super You...

    8/29/2014 11:12:45 PM, by BABECAVE

    Vegetables: Asparagus Avocados Beets Bell peppers Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Collard greens Crimini mushrooms Cucumbers Eggplant Garlic Green beans Kale Mustard greens Onions Peas Portobello mushrooms Potatoe... Read more

  • Writing Your Weight Loss Vision Statement

    8/29/2014 11:08:56 PM, by BABECAVE

    What do I want my life to look like in (1, 5 or 10) years? Explain what you want to be doing, the roles you want to take on, how you want to see yourself, etc. 2. What would my ideal days look like? Explain why you'd look forward to getting up in the morning, the first thing you'd do every ... Read more

  • Been MIA for awhile

    8/29/2014 10:02:58 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I haven't had ANY Spark of late. Not just low, none. All this week work was sheer H**l, and I've been so depressed I couldn't do anything. Well, I survived the week (which I wasn't at all sure I would). Now I'm on vacation and I don't have to see the office for NINE. WHOLE. DAYS. I'm celebratin... Read more

  • Finally!

    8/29/2014 11:59:51 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    After my knee being swollen for about two months and and my back hurting, I finally got into a doctor yesterday. I have to go to another doctor for my back, but I did get a cortisone shot in my knee. It feels a little better. I'm not sure how long it will last. He talked about getting an ultraso... Read more

  • Where are your favorite vacation spots and why?

    8/29/2014 9:59:45 AM, by 4CONNIESHEALTH

    I am a big Disney Cruise fan and I will go any where that they go. So far my favorite place has been Europe.... Read more

  • Day 705: September Goals

    8/29/2014 9:10:00 AM, by RUNNING-TURTLE

    The reason why the air show was cancelled in Chicago. But we had fun. ... Read more

  • How my new job went

    8/29/2014 8:05:16 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Well i loved it, all the people liked me, and i liked the work. Im working with softlines (clothing) i get them from the back in the wearhouse part, i walk out with the clothing on a thing called a z rack its long and shaped like a z lol after i get it out, i walk from one department to the next try... Read more

  • go to advanced pain management on the 19th of Sept.

    8/28/2014 4:19:00 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    On the 19th of Sept. I see a pain specialist for my foot at 3:00 I have to be there. This will end my 6 month battle with plantar fasciitis. I will finally have relieft after waiting for something to be done.... Read more

  • September is National Obesity Awareness month...

    8/28/2014 3:10:17 PM, by BABECAVE

    More than 23 million children and teenagers in the U.S. are obese or overweight, a statistic that health and medical experts consider an epidemic. While obesity rates have soared among all age groups in this country, obesity is a particularly grave concern for children. Childhood obesity puts n... Read more


    8/28/2014 8:19:44 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Friends I am home...and I am pathetically sad. I mean I have always felt heartache when I came home from a wonderful vacation, but with me being overwhelming un satisfied in my life/weight /health... and surrounding here anyway, it is much worth coming back. I feel sad, I feel lonely...the only thin... Read more


    8/28/2014 8:03:33 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I've been struggling the last few days. But something happened yesterday that brought me back to reality, Life in general. As someone was talking about their life & how bad things were, then about that time my program kicked in. ***I am the only one responsible for me. With the help of my HP - GO... Read more

  • Stopping Cold Turkey Method...

    8/28/2014 12:00:30 AM, by BABECAVE

    Error unknown... (Will Post more information soon)... Read more

  • starting a new job

    8/27/2014 6:53:31 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Im excited. I am starting my new job tomorrow at Dick's sporting goods. I know working at this place will defiantly help me to keep going in the healthy direction. Theyeven have me wearing workout clothing, and tennis/running shoes. This is going to be fun and awesome. I cant wait to meet everyone, ... Read more

  • Day 703: Vow Renewal & Vacation

    8/27/2014 8:59:25 AM, by RUNNING-TURTLE

    I may have been back since Saturday, but have been extremely busy. So here goes. Vow Renewal went overall pretty well, there was one person that was trying to rush us because we didn't pay someone to do it for us, he got frustrated because he didn't want to be there forever waiting on when we decide... Read more

  • Would I Really Want a Do-over?

    8/27/2014 4:54:33 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Everybody has those days on occasion where a day doesn't end up at all like they wanted. Yesterday was one of those days. I tried to get a handle on my mound of paperwork. I swear it grew as I sat at the table. Mom's basement flooded a couple weeks ago. When someone with short-term me... Read more

  • I want to be a preschooler!

    8/26/2014 11:58:28 PM, by SALAM4545

    They get naps and they get to play with playdough and nice people read to them and tell them stories! I want to lie on a mat and hear a story! They laugh with their whole bodies. They cry when they feel like it. They don't worry about their feelings being appropriate. If someone my age does th... Read more

  • Finally relief!

    8/26/2014 7:43:58 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I seen the podiatrist and he listened and referred me to a pain management place in Green Bay for a partial release of the plantar fascia ligament. He explained why a full release won't work and made me feel like someone he genuinely cared for. What a difference between Scharer and DeNamur.... Read more

  • Reasons your not losing weight...

    8/26/2014 2:54:27 PM, by BABECAVE

    Don't just rely on the scale to measure your weight loss. That number won't really tell you everything you need to know. Exercise can help you lose when you're really using it to burn extra calories, not as a reason to eat more. The best way to lose weight is to cut back on what you eat an... Read more

  • It's About Time!

    8/26/2014 9:21:23 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I'm starting to really get excited about going to Nova Scotia to see Sherry and Helena. I guess that before this, it just seemed like too far away. So, my spirits are lifting. My lists are being made. My errands must be started. As it's a day off for me, it's time to put the pedal to the metal... Read more

  • Tuesday, August 26th

    8/26/2014 4:43:54 AM, by AMYC0128

    I have been having a lot going on lately. I have been to the ER quite a bit for myself and also my dad and my youngest son. I have a huge kidney stone on my right side that may require 2 surgeries to get rid of it. I have surgery set for Thursday, September 4th with an overnight stay in the ho... Read more

  • Get Fit Without Leaving the House...

    8/26/2014 12:45:57 AM, by BABECAVE

    The Basics Remember, you want to build a gym based on your own personal needs and fitness level. As you progress, you can add on equipment, so don’t feel that you need to buy everything at one time. Your gym can be as simple or complex as you want. 1. Dumbbells (Free weights): A good ... Read more

  • Depression & Research shows that exercise...

    8/26/2014 12:42:49 AM, by BABECAVE

    Research shows that exercise: • Releases tension in muscles that contributes to depression-related soreness and insomnia • Reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, relieving feelings of anxiety and agitation • Raises body temperature, which appears to have calming effects... • Pos... Read more

  • 50 Ways to Burn 100 Calories

    8/26/2014 12:31:28 AM, by BABECAVE

    (Workouts) 1. Biking: 23 minutes of casual cycling 2. Cardio dance class: 15 minutes 3. Elliptical: 8 minutes 4. Jumping rope: 9 minutes at a moderate intensity 5. Lifting weights, vigorously: 15 minutes 6. Pilates: 24 minutes 7. Rowing machine: 13 minutes 8. Running stairs: 6 minute... Read more

  • 50 ways to reward yourself...

    8/26/2014 12:29:43 AM, by BABECAVE

    1. Give yourself permission to take a nap. 2. Visit the library or bookstore all by yourself. 3. Have a guilt-free home spa afternoon. 4. Sleep in! 5. Take a selfie to celebrate your progress. 6. Spend an hour away from your phone or computer. 7. Eat lunch outside or at least away from y... Read more

  • Healthy Choices Reward System... oxox

    8/26/2014 12:22:49 AM, by BABECAVE

    Healthy Choices Reward System 1 star for going to the gym 1 star for going to the gym three times in one week 1 star for walking at least 30 minutes 1 star for walking outside in temperatures below 20 or above 80 1 star for drinking at least six cups of water per day 2 stars for dr... Read more

  • Let 'em fly!

    8/26/2014 12:04:37 AM, by HUYANA_PHOENIX

    How I feel when I attempt running (even with an incredibly good sports bra on)... ... Read more

  • rockin out

    8/25/2014 9:35:36 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Man i just remembered a song i liked as a teenager. I listened to it religiously before class started on my discman xD ministry in the 90s Jesus built my hotrod."Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true Jerry Lee Lewis was the Devil Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a proph... Read more

  • motivational kick in the butt

    8/25/2014 1:25:37 PM, by MELNJAY3

    well today I couldn't find a pair of shorts to wear so I thought well I will try these and see if I can wear my husbands smaller shorts. I tried them on and OMG I zipped them up and the were comfy. they didn't feel tight or uncomfortable. and they are 42. I had been wearing his 44 and they didn't fi... Read more

  • 8.25.14 Update

    8/25/2014 8:57:07 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I had such grand intentions last Monday. I really wanted to get in more activities that the week before and to eat better. I got a 50/50 result. Granted, my knee has been sore and swollen all week. But it's done that before. I worked at getting it down, but it just didn't work. I have an appoi... Read more

  • Being A Team Leader

    8/25/2014 1:17:56 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Hi everyone, I just recently became the main team leader for the 30 somethings to lose 25 to 49 pounds. I love every sec of it. I love helping and motivating people. It also keeps me in check to make sure i am a good example to those that i am helping and doing the things i suggest to them. I a... Read more

  • day 100 day 15 walk it off in 30 days

    8/24/2014 6:52:23 PM, by MELNJAY3

    i have taken a couple day break. tomorrow I will be getting back to it. until then I wanted to share some motivation that I found. these are not mine. enjoy. ... Read more

  • Goal Dangling in Front of Me

    8/24/2014 8:54:14 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I ended up yesterday a little on the down side. I pulled out my calendar to take a look at what the next few weeks bring. I wanted to think about what I can do to motivate and cheer myself up. I realize that in 10 days I will ... Read more

  • Yesterdays Demons~

    8/24/2014 3:53:22 AM, by CYBERCITYSHELL

    The dungeon of my past~ Demons,and trolls~ Controlling my existance~ Biting and spitting~ Clawing,punching~ Yelling-bellowing~ Haunting,OMG they're taunting~ I don't need them, I know~ They've ruled me so far~ Hunted,yes dam right~ They've stunted me for sure~ Letting them go~ ... Read more

  • My opinions about Facebook

    8/24/2014 12:00:08 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Ok, Heres the thing. I do enjoy an occasional chat with my friends every once and awhile on there, but when i go through my newsfeed on there all it is is a bunch of mostly negative crap that i dont need to see or hear about. There are people on there talking about musicians i enjoy listening to t... Read more

  • Just a little bit deeeep and maybe a bit negitive, my life...

    8/23/2014 11:40:08 PM, by CYBERCITYSHELL

    Hey there Sparkies, it has been a while since I put virtual pen to paper. And did a blog, and I have almost done so a few times. It has been a very changing year in so many ways. With ups and downs, new job that came with so many emotions. Which I told you's about the bullying, there's been the goss... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/23/2014 1:14:57 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    (For those who asked, crab stars are a gorgeous Chinese or Chinese-American appetizer. They're won ton skins stuffed with a mix of crab, cream cheese and scallions. They're then folded into four-pointed stars and deep-fried). Company picnic yesterday, and today I'm sunburned to a bright red. Th... Read more

  • "Mommy Mode"

    8/23/2014 9:28:43 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    My granddaughter will be 2 months old on the 27th. My daughter went yesterday to get her long hair cut. She said she had been wearing it up in a bun. Helena's "death grip" is getting stronger every day. So...she said she wanted to get out of "Mommy Mode". Whoa! I've been in "Mommy Mode" for 34... Read more

  • yay

    8/23/2014 3:10:55 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Ok 2 awesome things Im glad i found jessica smith she has awesome workouts im on the 3rd day of the workout for your body type. I like the way she motivates you while youre exercising. 2nd thing by the end of this month i will reach over 2500 mins it will officially be 2583mins and i am very... Read more

  • Friday Truths

    8/22/2014 9:07:29 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Apparently I trashed my youngest dd on the internet.... guess it's not safe to blog on SP and expect that only your friends will see it. Spent couple days with my oldest dd and kept very busy. Went swimming today, met a lady whose had 29 surgeries for arthritis. At the pool, she claims swimmi... Read more

  • New goal

    8/22/2014 7:57:42 AM, by FATCAT216

    As you see from my status, I am down another pound. Rethought my food choices and I this is paying off. Now on to the next goal. I try to walk 4x a week. Sometimes I manage to fit this in, sometimes not. Walking is great and I enjoy it, but I can see I need to add more cardio. I am doing... Read more

  • What a day...

    8/21/2014 11:42:16 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I am totally exhausted. Today has been BRUTAL. They finally told me I could go ahead and post the state Medicaid. That's about $200,000 posting from a detail in VERY tiny print. I got half of it posted while the boss kept coming to my desk: This is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong. Meantime... Read more

  • Going for a 2nd opinion on Tue. Morning

    8/21/2014 10:36:14 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    After bugging DeNamur twice. His nurse called me back and told me He will not do surgery on me since he feels uncomfortable doing it to begin with. So I am going to another podiatrist in the same network for surgery on Next Tue. morning. My foot is not getting any better and I need to do something ... Read more

  • new workout routine

    8/21/2014 10:30:38 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    I started the jessica smith tv workout today. She is doing workouts specified for your body type. Mine is hourglass so what she is doing for me and tge hourglass figures is worout the whole body but specifically on the triceps to tone them up, and the belly pooch. Other parts include the thigh and h... Read more

  • Wonderful Beginning of Day

    8/21/2014 11:02:51 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    After grabbing my coffee and morning pills, I sat at the computer and looked at my email. This was the first one I looked at. Seeing this beautiful smile started my day off beautifully. In 13 days, I will see her. I haven't se... Read more

  • starting a new workout rutine

    8/20/2014 10:49:37 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Gonna start working out with Jessica smith tomorrow. Training for your body type. For me it will be hourglass. I dont know what im in for but im sure it will be awesome. Jessica Smith Fitness Coach http://www.jessicasmithtv.c... Read more

  • people who inspire me

    8/20/2014 9:03:03 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Jesus and God because they love me for me. Loved that movie btw St. Paul, because he has the same ideas and theories about life that i do Billie Joe Armstro... Read more

  • 8/20/14 Finally Have Some Good News to Share

    8/20/2014 9:29:45 AM, by WINDSONG26

    Alright, I'm just gonna cut to the chase and share my good news. I got a phone call yesterday from the HR manager lady that I interviewed with last week at the company my husband works for. She had already recommended me for hire but it was up in the air if I was actually going to get it because of ... Read more

  • Great Point!

    8/20/2014 8:44:47 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I was reading some blogs this morning and one hit home with me. It was comparing ourselves to a car. It was stated to "keep your paint job pretty, it makes you feel better while you're driving around". (Indygirl) It made so much sense to me. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I of... Read more

  • Selfie "self appreciation"

    8/19/2014 11:54:35 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    I guess ill be the first one to do this. I got all pretty earlier and wanted to put up a couple of pics. I also wanted to share a couple of things i like about myself. First the pics. ... Read more

  • The object lesson and other stories

    8/19/2014 10:09:55 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Further to my recent blog about my cookbooks: I recently got the Culinary Institute of America's home baking book. There was a recipe for rye rolls with cheddar and onions. Amazingly, the book made it all the way to print without giving the oven temperature! I emailed them and almost immediately go... Read more

  • Whew!

    8/19/2014 7:10:09 PM, by SALAM4545

    I love working in preschool, I really really do. But the first few weeks...they are enough to make you wonder why you love it, and if maybe it's because you are not quite sane? Right now we have 10 students. 2 are willing to get on their napping mats without crying. One of those doesn't cry bec... Read more

  • Tracker Problems

    8/19/2014 3:21:22 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Sure - just because I said yesterday that I was going to pay more attention to my tracker report, my tracker went on the fritz. It updated a little after 9 am. Then, at about 6 pm, it would light up, but it was lighting up red. I posted on the technical message board, but never got a response. S... Read more

  • woohoo moment

    8/19/2014 12:31:25 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Just passed 1500 fitness mins, goin for 2000 now, and if i pass that ill go for the final 2500. I feel great. I also noticed that my pants are getting looser. Yay me!! Keep calm and dont give up... Read more

  • still waiting for DeNamur to call back

    8/18/2014 7:08:59 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I am still praying and waiting to hear from Dr. DeNamur. I know some of you are concerned about surgery for me. I have tried everything from physical therapy to wearing a surgical boot and my foot has not improved. I can not stay like this forever. I have dealt with my latest bout of pain from plant... Read more

  • having difficulties

    8/18/2014 12:39:04 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    I find myself not being able to eat all of the calories that are alloted to me after i workout, i can only eat about 1300 and i get full. Is that normal? Does anyone else have that issue? And how can i get over it? If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or ideas on how to get over it, please let me ... Read more

  • Review of Last Week 8.18.14

    8/18/2014 9:36:04 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I was reminded again that I can't do hard, physical work for very long. After spending 5 straight hours on Mom's flooded basement, I couldn't move. My knee is still reminding me. I learned that I really should stay out of casinos. I don't have good luck and I can find many other things to ... Read more

  • Sunday slump

    8/17/2014 10:29:46 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    It's Sunday evening, and it's HOT here. Dreading tomorrow morning. The boss is back from vacation, and she'll find something to be ticked off at me for. I've also applied to take all of Labor Day week as a vacation, and past history tells me she'll refuse even though I have the time on the books. Sh... Read more

  • mmmmeeeee :DDDD

    8/17/2014 10:24:44 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    ... Read more

  • Suggestions Needed

    8/17/2014 10:45:40 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    How do I quit spending so much money on someone like this? Sherry was talking to Helena and she gave mom this expression: Like I really believe you, Mom!... Read more

  • Other Blogs' Lessons

    8/17/2014 10:30:53 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I've been reading more blogs lately. You all sure have helped me as I see myself in a bit that I've read. I got reminders this week on setting goals, ranging from cleaning the house to reminding me to do more for me and stepping away from people that I just don't get along with. It dawned on... Read more

  • i love video games

    8/17/2014 1:28:54 AM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    I think for a treat for myself today for doing a great job with my sparkpoints and exercise mins im going to give myself 90mins of video games gta5 or some dragonball z. Playstation 3 you are the shizz ... Read more

  • before and after

    8/16/2014 6:44:57 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    this is me before and after 15lbs down and at 27.56% body fat... Read more

  • fat %

    8/16/2014 2:21:36 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    Hey Ive been staying at 150lbs for awhile, but my fat % went down and im not winded as easy anymore. I went from 30.05% body fat to 27.56% body fat so i must be doing something right. Lol im pretty happy about it. Im trying to reach 18% so im slowly but surly making it to my ultimate fat loss goa... Read more

  • Respecting my Body

    8/16/2014 1:31:34 PM, by SALAM4545

    Sometimes I forget what an amazing thing my body is. Too often I am busy seeing what I don't like about it. I forget sometimes how miraculous it is that, at my age, my body still does everything I want it to with very little pain involved. I came across this blog entry that reminded me that w... Read more

  • Reaching Out in times of need

    8/16/2014 1:48:34 AM, by SALAM4545

    I wasn't going to blog tonight, just read other peoples blogs, and try to get motivated to work my program a little better. But after reading a few, I started to see a common thread; People quit writing at the times when they need the most help. My levels of activity are fooling no one, least o... Read more

  • Update on me

    8/15/2014 11:26:49 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    After a month and a half of water therapy and a month with the boot and insert in shoe. There was no improvement in my foot. I am waiting on a call from the podiatrist to see whether he will do surgery or not on me. I am praying for God to work on him while I wait for the answer. I can't keep living... Read more

  • dealing with physical issues anxiety and bipolor

    8/15/2014 9:19:05 PM, by PUNKGIRL5003

    I dont really like talking about this in the open, but thought i would because i want to help and be an inspiration to others. I suffer from a few different things. I have arthritis in most of my joints and take medication for it plus psoriasis on my face and arms. I have anxiety which a lot of... Read more

  • Day 691: Successful or not? 60+ lbs Gone

    8/15/2014 8:32:26 AM, by RUNNING-TURTLE

    Next month will be 2 years with Sparkpeople. To be exact September 23rd. This is the longest I have ever stuck with a program without giving up 100%. And every day even on my bad days where I am wondering why I am still going, I keep going because that's what I really want, and I can get past those ... Read more

  • #backontrack Day 15

    8/15/2014 7:51:55 AM, by HUYANA_PHOENIX

    I'm making peace with the fact that this month hasn't been so much about sticking to BEING back on track as is about GETTING back on track. I got so far off track for so long, that it's not reasonable to expect myself to jump back into all the good habits I exhibit when I'm totally on track. Howev... Read more

  • Reflections

    8/15/2014 6:42:50 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I'm in a reflective mood lately. Summer is almost over. My Helena is out of town for a few months. My Sarah and my Sherry are in different locations. Mom is struggling and the short-term memory seems to get shorter and shorter with each passing day. Another crossroad seems to be looming in fron... Read more

  • Thursday thingamajigs

    8/14/2014 9:30:41 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    For one brief, glorious nanosecond this afternoon I thought it was Friday. Then I remembered. Ooof. I saw a cute item on Facebook last night: Your life is the last movie you saw. What's happening? Well, the last movie I saw was The Hundred Foot Journey. That means that either I'm going to be a... Read more

  • Shop & drop

    8/14/2014 8:23:18 PM, by SLIMLILA

    WE shopped and got some more school supplies, and dropped them off and told them we need an update on further donations they have gotten in before we spend the rest of the money, in case we are duplicate buying. \my foot and ankle were very swollen last nite. I've iced it several times today... Read more

  • Laughter

    8/14/2014 10:35:59 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    With the passing of Robin Williams, I am reminded of the healing powers of laughter. As television showed clips of Robin in various interviews, I was again amazed how he had the ability to talk about anything and make it funny. I had to laugh again at what he said. Oh, how I wish I had that abili... Read more

  • Wednesday night

    8/13/2014 10:10:38 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    My computer finally got upgraded today. Funny, my co-workers all said the IT guy is an ogre to work with. I had no trouble with him. The upgrade went very smoothly. There's only one thing that bothers me. Instead of an hourglass for a timer, I used to have a little running dinosaur. My dinosaur is g... Read more

  • Ouch!

    8/13/2014 10:42:47 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Many times I start doing something without thinking about how long it will take or how I will feel afterwards. I did it again yesterday. When I headed to Mom's yesterday to start cleaning the flooded basement, I knew a few things. I wore old clothes. I stopped at the Dollar Tree store and bought... Read more

  • First half of August - i vote No!

    8/13/2014 8:51:39 AM, by FROMNSIDE

    08.01.14 - After two days of eating fried taters and belching as if I had eaten an entire tub of lactase filled ice cream due to being hired one day to do a job only to find out the next day that there is a conflict of interest... hopefully tomorrow 08.02.14, i will get back on track. Walk @ least... Read more

  • And the beat goes on

    8/12/2014 10:42:29 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    As if I didn't have enough fun yesterday, I woke up this morning with a huge pimple right on the tip of my nose! I think Somebody upstairs doesn't like me very much right now. So I got home and firmly squelched the urge to either make another sandwich or phone out for dinner. I told myself, "th... Read more

  • Weather-Related Work

    8/12/2014 9:15:23 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    It rained like crazy yesterday. I had trouble driving to babysit. I had even more trouble driving home - the roads were flooded in many spots. I got a call from my brother. His basement was flooding. Never having experience with that, he had no clue what to do. Guess he was hoping that I had a... Read more

  • catchup

    8/12/2014 8:54:06 AM, by SLIMLILA

    A week from today and my dd will be here on her honeymoon...and tomorrow I WILL be getting my cast off.....gotta think positive... I expect to get out and pick blueberries before that, so what if I have to take the walker with me, safety first....and I will sit down on either a milk crate or th... Read more

  • Monday night rant

    8/11/2014 9:31:16 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I've had a maddening, frustrating and generally upsetting day. Friday afternoon my computer at work was supposed to be upgraded. The technician never called me. I notified the Big Boss, who told me she'd email him. I waited all day at my desk today for him to call (shades of my love life). I di... Read more

  • Moved to the Desert from a big is so different

    8/11/2014 5:26:20 PM, by HUITLACOCHE

    So after my father passed away, I moved to the desert. I have never lived in a rural area and I feel like my street smarts don't work here. There is very little activity going on here. There are only a few stores and everything is... Read more

  • Reports - Starting to Pay More Attention

    8/11/2014 8:40:19 AM, by PATTYKLAVER

    I have a Spark Tracker and love it. I do get a weekly summary report. Up until now, I did skim over them and keep them. I got thinking this morning. Am I getting the most I can get out of this report and the others available to me on SP? I don't think so. Today, I am making a promise to myself... Read more

  • Day 687: Updates

    8/11/2014 8:36:22 AM, by RUNNING-TURTLE

    Been quite the week and week end. I can't even begin to write or let alone want to think about it, but here is some of it. As for the blog follow up I apologize for not doing so. Last Tuesday my son fell off his bike and then couldn't bend his arm or move it whatsoever without being in pain, we... Read more

  • Good Deed Gave me Thoughts on a Purpose

    8/10/2014 6:23:58 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    People that know me, know that when someone mentions that something needs/should be done, that I tend to be the one to do it. It seems that my family especially knows this. A few days back, I started getting emails about Mom possibly wanting another cat. Some suggested places to go. I just so ha... Read more