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  • My health

    4/14/2017 2:16:57 PM, by RILEYHEARTS

    In the last 6 weeks I been diagnosed with mono, diverticulitis, and probable Lupus. My poor body. I don't think it can take anymore. I just want to be healthy again. #myhealth... Read more

  • Thinking

    4/7/2017 9:44:22 AM, by NOREGRET2010

    Lots of thoughts this morning about doing too much (um, FT job, 2 at home PT businesses, getting a mobile home fixed up and moved into in the next month, health efforts, etc). I'm busy. Like... kinda ridiculously busy. Yep, did it to myself. Some things are sliding to the back burner... way, w... Read more

  • It's a brand new day....and I'm on it!

    4/4/2017 10:17:55 AM, by NOREGRET2010

    A good night's sleep is like a miracle cure! :) Still pretty stiff and sore from my painting adventure all weekend, but I'm not dog tired and gloomy today either so - WIN! 20 min spin and a little bodyweight strength training to start the day. Looking to up my step count this week to 8K ... Read more

  • Tired and a little discouraged

    4/3/2017 11:17:57 AM, by NOREGRET2010

    Spent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday painting at my new place - closer, but still so. much. work. I've increased my activity (by a lot), I've cut my portions...and the scale is going the wrong way. What I know about this is...I need to stay off of it for awhile. I'm shaking things up, I'm c... Read more

  • Spring 5% challenge

    3/31/2017 12:09:48 PM, by NOREGRET2010

    Part of me thinks I have bitten off way more than I can chew with this - but I'm determined to try. 5% would be 12.5 pounds and would get me to 232. I haven't been under 240 for more than a day in YEARS and I don't know that I can even imagine that frankly. But I am kinda stubborn so there's t... Read more

  • Yep - I'm back, it's a blast from the past!

    3/30/2017 10:31:14 AM, by NOREGRET2010

    I haven't written here in two Well, gear up folks, that's about to change! Joined the 5% Spring Challenge (get on it, there's still time I think here's the link:
    ?gid=68315). Life is really good. I'm happy. I'm r... Read more