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  • Knocked down but back up

    2/11/2016 11:05:40 AM, by KATIBUG49

    I keep trying however I just can't seem to get it together for good. However, I will do it! ... Read more

  • Heart Awareness

    2/3/2016 10:47:18 AM, by KATIBUG49

    No words needed for this one, we all really need to pay attention to this topic, esp. us women. ... Read more

  • 6000 steps forward, and not nearly so many backwards

    1/31/2016 3:20:57 PM, by LEXIE63

    I was stunned to step on the scale and see the numbers 14 stone 5 lbs staring at me today! It would seem that losing my appetite because of the anxiety and depression has had a positive result. LOL I started the New Year at 14 stone 9, so an overall drop of 4 pounds in 4 weeks, which is... Read more

  • 7 Steps to Happiness

    1/29/2016 10:42:54 AM, by KATIBUG49

    As I was looking for a picture to post I came upon this one & it really struck me how many of us do not live this way. It sounds really simple & after all it takes only "7 Steps to Happiness". I printed these off, laminated it & put it by my work space, so I can see them every day. Just think maybe ... Read more

  • Today will be great!

    1/28/2016 10:14:14 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Got up this morning, stepped on the scales & another 2 pounds gone, so for me "Today started out Great"! I really feel working out & seeing some changes have motivated me to keep at it. I have plans to go to workout tonight again with my granddaughter, she is keeping me going. Now plans are to keep ... Read more

  • Keep ON

    1/27/2016 6:37:27 PM, by KATIBUG49

    Tired today - worked out last night & today! ... Read more

  • Just Do It - My Hope to Getting it Done!

    1/26/2016 10:36:19 AM, by KATIBUG49

    I keep posting pictures about "Never Giving Up" but what I should be saying it "Just Do It - Start No No Tomorrow" . I read an article today called "Interested or Committed? Discover the Difference " on spark people that got me to thinking about my goals. I keep thinking I have it together yet my sc... Read more

  • Never Give Up

    1/25/2016 11:09:31 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Ok, it's been real hard over the weekend, today I'm really tired & can't seem to get it together. So posting this image for never giving up, I really need to read over & over today! I will not give up! I will tell myself I can do it! ... Read more

  • Never Give Up 5

    1/22/2016 8:28:19 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Scales not changing, diet & exercise has changed! I said I wasn't go to step on those nasty scales, yet I can't seem to get away from them! I have got to get it together! ... Read more

  • I climbed my mountain

    1/21/2016 7:34:02 PM, by TEAGIRL49

    Twelve years ago I lost all my weight by eating 1200 calories and walking about 4 miles a day with lots of hills. Since then I gained it all back plus some. Since that time, especially the last five years, I've had so many health problems that I just couldn't walk routinely and had no stamina. ... Read more

  • Never Give Up4

    1/21/2016 9:49:11 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Ok I'm up to the 4th post on never giving up, yesterday was hard for me to follow my plan on eating more protein & eating 5-6 meals a day. However, I did not give up on myself, I'm right back at it today. ... Read more

  • Dodging bullets...

    1/21/2016 1:31:52 AM, by TEAGIRL49

    I started my new way of eating on December 8th, so it's been 6 weeks now. I had to go through the Christmas holiday on a 1200 calorie diet. I gave myself one single day to eat what I wanted which was Christmas eve because all relatives came to my house and we always have a special meal, but other th... Read more

  • Never Give Up 3

    1/20/2016 11:35:05 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Each time I read some of these blogs, it makes me want to keep going. I have decided to print them out & put them where I can see them daily! ... Read more

  • Feel like I've moved forward a bit today

    1/19/2016 5:03:12 PM, by LEXIE63

    A lovely lady from the Doctor surgery came to my house today and helped me sort out the big nightmare that is Universal Credit, and what to do with the sick note I have, and the council tax confusion I'm embroiled in. Been so stressed and dizzy that words just swim around on the page sometimes, whic... Read more

  • fresh produce, kid surgery & art

    1/19/2016 12:50:41 PM, by CYNTHIUSS

    I have a 12 yr old daughter with lung disease & heart disease. Her birth mom was a drug addict. We have adopted her and she's been with us since birth so it's been an ongoing journey of joy and struggles, as parenting any child is. Its just the swings are pretty intense with this one at times. We ad... Read more

  • Never Give Up 2

    1/19/2016 12:50:12 PM, by KATIBUG49

    Maybe if I keep posting this, it will sink in! ... Read more

  • Never Give Up

    1/18/2016 2:54:35 PM, by KATIBUG49

    ... Read more

  • Joy in Movement...

    1/17/2016 6:43:09 AM, by LEXIE63

    This thought was inspired by a fellow sparker's blog:
    sp?blog_id=6067820 Joy is always there. It is just hard to spot sometimes, when health issues overwhelm, or create sudden blockades. I know. I struggle with this a lot. ... Read more

  • Me? A Motivator?

    1/15/2016 3:47:08 AM, by LEXIE63

    Opened my inbox this morning and found this: 55 The SparkPeople Community thinks you are a motivation to others! SparkPeople Members can vote for SparkPages that are motivational, based on Community involvement, personal accomplishments and more. You have received enough votes to become a "... Read more