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  • Still at it!

    12/2/2016 12:01:34 PM, by KATIBUG49

    It was a little eye opening yesterday with how much sodium was in the food I was eating, did ok with calories was under in protein & fiber. I will continue with recording today while focusing on getting in at least 10 minutes of exercise & drinking my 8 glasses of water. Small baby steps, I'm real... Read more

  • My day!

    12/1/2016 10:14:57 AM, by KATIBUG49

    As I read over the wonderful comments from my last blog & they had some great ideas, so thank you to everyone for taking the time to post on my blog. Everyone morning I get up saying today I will make changes & yet once again nothing! Last night I got on the scales & I weighed more than I every have... Read more

  • A few days

    11/29/2016 1:54:12 PM, by KATIBUG49

    I'm still not making the changes I need to be making, somehow I have to find the energy to get it together. I know I'm the only one that can do this, it just doesn't seem to come to me. I know if I don't make the changes, my health with get worse and as I age I won't have the energy or strength to ... Read more

  • heading to the airport

    11/29/2016 1:47:33 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Well I am heading to the Airport to go visit my mom and my twin brother who just got out of the hospital last night. It will be a nice break... Read more

  • Packing to leave for my moms

    11/28/2016 3:05:40 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Lots to do today. I need to finish packing to go to my mom's I need to find some crock pot recipes and then make them and freeze them so all my husband or son need to do is put it in the crock pot and go to school and come home and have a nice meal waiting for them. If I do not do this they will e... Read more

  • Dragging today

    11/26/2016 3:41:16 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I woke up this morning feeling like someone hit me with a Mac Truck. I went back to sleep for a little while got up and felt a little better but had to push myself to do my work out. It has been a long weekend and I am so ready for it to be over. Or at least for my game to come on tomorrow night.... Read more

  • Black Friday

    11/25/2016 8:34:28 PM, by HAS2BEME

    I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope you survived Black Friday if you went out. I did not go out but I only have two sons and they are adults so I did not have to go out in that the mess.... Read more

  • Again!

    11/25/2016 4:32:54 PM, by KATIBUG49

    I'm not sure I have in me to start over yet again! How many times have I told myself that this will be the time, that I can do it? How do I get the real motivation to stay with it, now just for a few days or weeks but for my life time? If I don't do something, then my health will go downhill & then ... Read more

  • Temptation

    11/24/2016 12:42:35 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Temptation is a desire to engage in short-term urges for enjoyment, that threatens long-term goals. Remember that temptation will try and break you this holiday season. Just say NO. Push through it and stay motivated... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    11/23/2016 7:44:26 PM, by HAS2BEME

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay strong and motivated this holiday... Read more

  • Good Day

    11/11/2016 9:47:36 PM, by MISSCRIT

    60 minutes with personal trainer, things are getting a little easier but he still pushes me to do more reps 13,000 steps today!! Nutrition is still a challenge, but at least I ate 1,007 calories today.... Read more

  • Personal Trainer

    11/9/2016 12:18:32 PM, by MISSCRIT

    Great workout with my personal trainer! Love it when he tells me that I am much stronger and my endurance has greatly improved! Very good workout and I actually feel stronger and am so very proud of myself!... Read more

  • Finally Will Be Back Online Tomorrow

    11/8/2016 12:31:24 AM, by TAMMYD45

    Oh my everyone. I am so sorry for the long delay in posting. Anywho, I am on tonight to let you know that I will have full internet tomorrow :) I would have had it today but they had to locate the signal and by the time they got to the pole it was real dark and not very safe to be i... Read more

  • Down 3lbs

    11/5/2016 11:12:54 AM, by MISSCRIT

    Finally the scale has moved! Very excited after gaining 6 lbs then 4 weeks of no changes on the scale. I have been working out daily and getting closer every day to actually hitting 10,000 steps. Daily walking is a major focus for me now and I am proud of that accomplishment.... Read more

  • Feeling Frustrated

    11/4/2016 7:57:40 AM, by MISSCRIT

    This is my first blog entry. Time to add something new to try and help myself get "un-stuck". I was going steady and strong, losing on average 1 lb a week. Started dating a guy, strict eat ( due to health issues) went out the window. Hired a personal trainer to get me working out in the right wa... Read more