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  • Tuesday

    7/22/2014 3:52:35 PM, by KATIBUG49

    Somehow I left Monday off for my blog - I guess that was because I was too tired. I went back to the community center & worked out on all the machine Monday evening. I'm trying really hard to get back in a routine but I can't seem to keep with it. I looked at this week's schedule & realized that it... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/20/2014 7:11:36 PM, by KATIBUG49

    My day started with being busy - this is my first time to just sit down! ... Read more

  • Wonderful Day - Is Yours?

    7/19/2014 11:38:49 AM, by KATIBUG49

    What a wonderful day today will be! I can do anything with God's strength with in me! I feel energetic, strong & ready to hit the floor with both feet going & a smile on my face! I have decided to start the day off with positive thoughts & keep them there all day! I can do this! No one will be able ... Read more

  • Today

    7/18/2014 6:51:09 PM, by KATIBUG49

    Did good today on everything except my Sodium - it really sneaks up on me in food. Took the childcare kids swimming today, it was a little cool but they didn't seem to mind. At least it kept us all busy & wore them out. Have lots of plans for the weekend, cleaning, cleaning, & ... Read more

  • Thank you God!

    7/17/2014 9:54:50 AM, by KATIBUG49

    I had my first session of the new program that I'm doing last night & it went wonderful. This program called "The Daniel Plan" works on five essentials & last nights was on Faith, we had so many great discussion with it. We left more motivated & ready to go last night than I have left any other pr... Read more

  • What is your choice?

    7/16/2014 9:37:46 AM, by KATIBUG49

    I'm feeling very motivate this week, I really hope it last! I have six weeks with the study group then I take the plan to my Church to try to get them to do it. I found this picture & it really dawned on me what it meant. I have been making the wrong choices for a long time in several areas ... Read more

  • I can do this!

    7/15/2014 11:26:19 PM, by KATIBUG49

    Tomorrow is the start of a new journey, looking forward to it. I'm excited at the changes I'm about to make to start on this journey. I can do this, I will do this! ... Read more

  • Stress

    7/14/2014 8:51:01 PM, by KATIBUG49

    It's been a long couple of weeks, I went to Texas to lay my father to rest then to Iowa to see my nephew that was home from the Air Force. It was a very stressful time & I'm really trying to get it back together. He wanted his ashes spread out in the ocean, so we did as he wanted. At times I just wa... Read more

  • Sharing Spark Guy's Latest Blog Because...

    7/14/2014 11:26:32 AM, by LEXIE63

    ... he makes an excellent point.
    al.asp?blog_id=5738162 He has been going through a tough time with his poor Mum being so ill, but his ten-minute exercise streaks have kept him going, even though he has had to start ... Read more

  • Writing about your fears can be cathartic, so I'm told.

    7/6/2014 10:11:24 AM, by LEXIE63

    Writing about your fears can be cathartic, so I'm told. So here goes... Dental Phobics may want to skip this blog. Well, I still feel rather like Joe Bugner landed an uppercut on my lower right jawline. My mouth aches - is throbbing, actually - and I still have a doozy of a headac... Read more

  • Dreams - Do You Have Yours?

    6/30/2014 11:02:02 AM, by KATIBUG49

    I will continue to dream everyday -someday they will come true! Never give up on your dreams! Have you written down your dreams today! ... Read more

  • My New Plan

    6/28/2014 3:27:39 PM, by KATIBUG49

    Ok so I lost my last blog thanks to the weather & no way can I remember what I typed. I guess I should have saved it first . I've decided to start a new plan on getting healthy, I've tried everything else I figure what do I have to lose, but weight! This plan come... Read more

  • Well, that was... um... irritating! LOL

    6/27/2014 1:26:59 PM, by LEXIE63

    That's better! Do love taking my medicine *happy sigh* The little things are sent to try us, it would seem. You see, I'd been waiting for weeks for these little discs designed to hold canes in place for runner beans, and... Read more

  • I won't give up

    6/27/2014 10:04:16 AM, by KATIBUG49

    Well it's been a while again since I last wrote my blogs. I can't seem to find enough time for anything lately. But I will not give up! My sister & I have decided to set a daily goal, that we know we can make to see how this will work, to take one day at a time. Read more