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  • Cats ;-) 3/2

    3/2/2015 9:51:08 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • counting calories

    3/1/2015 2:07:25 PM, by MEMEOF3777

    Does anyone know of an app that will calculate calories snd nutrition for a recipe if you enter recipe ingredients.... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 3/1

    3/1/2015 1:20:09 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 2/28

    2/28/2015 1:05:46 PM, by PDSLIM

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  • Cats ;-) 2/27

    2/27/2015 4:12:52 PM, by PDSLIM

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  • Animals ;-) 2/26

    2/26/2015 2:45:37 PM, by PDSLIM

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  • thursday

    2/26/2015 7:36:02 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning everybody! its cold again--exercise bike and elliptical today. have a great Thursday!... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 2/25

    2/25/2015 10:11:57 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great dau/... Read more

  • wednesday

    2/25/2015 7:18:59 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! need to check the temp--it might be warm enough for me to go run at the park. otherwise its leslie in the living room. painting, waiting for a UPS shipment and waiting to see if Patrick stops by today. risotto for dinner--love my pressure cooker! have a great day, everyone!... Read more

  • That time of year

    2/24/2015 8:17:28 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    Went in for my yearly check up. According to the numbers from my blood work, everything is pretty much the same as last year. Need to work on the weight problem. I was told that people with A, B, or AB blood types have a harder time losing weight. I'm AB, and according to the book "Eat Right for... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 2/24

    2/24/2015 3:45:52 PM, by PDSLIM

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  • Been a While

    2/24/2015 11:59:03 AM, by CANMERA

    Wow it has been a very long time since I posted here. My last year has been with Physio 2 times in a week. I have a hard time thinking now as I have a tbi. My brains were smashed in the car accident and I hav efound recovery to be very hard. I can not tihnk like I used to. Nor can I live like i u... Read more

  • tuesday--the winter blues

    2/24/2015 6:34:19 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! still haven't made it up to see Phyllis yet. Patrick may be coming over today he is in a deep winter funk. I told him I have brownies in a box and a tub of frosting. he can eat half a pan of brownies all by himself and the better part of a tub of frosting. Patrick is thin and has... Read more

  • Friends ;-) 2/23

    2/23/2015 8:22:30 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • the cold is coming!

    2/23/2015 2:53:01 PM, by MEMEOF3777

    I love living in Alabama. Yes, I'm a bama fan. (Isn't everybody) lol. Anyway, they say we're gonna get icy weather over the next couple days, that.....I'm not a fan of. My hubby bought me a treadmill so as long as power stays on I'll walk. If necessary I'll go up stairs then down stairs. I've got my... Read more

  • Sleep Journal #1 - 23 Feb 2015

    2/23/2015 8:49:20 AM, by --ALYSSA--

    I used to sleep so well. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I would be out...and I would not wake up until the alarm woke me up. Now, it seems that I am up multiple times a night, and, I sleep-eat, especially when I'm stressed. Last night, I took a 5mg Melatonin and had a cup of sleepytime... Read more

  • monday

    2/23/2015 7:39:35 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning--well its grocery store today. I even cleaned the frig out yesterday while rob was wrestling with some plywood in the basement. we are going to build some new stuff in our office, and he started the process yesterday. hope everyone has a lovely Monday!... Read more

  • Feathers ;-) 2/22

    2/22/2015 9:15:45 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 2/21

    2/21/2015 10:15:35 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Feeling nervous!

    2/21/2015 10:12:17 AM, by MEMEOF3777

    From 2004 until 2014 I was having my thyroid tested by my oncologist (I had laryngeal cancer...almost 11 years since treatments) this year my regular doctor will begin checking my thyroid and everything else. I had lab's last week and I go back February 25 for results. Praying for all those numbers ... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 2/20

    2/20/2015 12:53:49 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • a breath of spring--daylily babies

    2/20/2015 7:34:35 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! I don't know what the temp. is here, but I think its safe to say that the inside of my freezer would be warmer. the roads are clear and there isn't any wind, so driving is safer that it has been the last few days. we were supposed to meet my little brother for dinner last night, but... Read more

  • Still Here

    2/19/2015 7:52:32 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    524 I'm still here, but have been slacking about getting on SparkPeople. I wish I could stay away from Facebook as easily as I do here. I was sick over the weekend, 15 and slept as much as I could 102 I've been kind of bummed 39 lately, since I'm not able to go to church or women... Read more

  • Brr Animals ;-) 2/19

    2/19/2015 9:44:20 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • thursday soda stream review

    2/19/2015 7:46:59 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning. very VERY cold morning. below zero air temps. i would like to tell you about my experience with soda stream. i bought one recently because i have been trying to find something that would help rob stop drinking pop. he has an ongoing issue with coke--he stops for awhile, but the... Read more

  • Brr Animals ;-) 2/18

    2/18/2015 8:41:36 AM, by PDSLIM

    More snow expected. Bah!! Think this really might be the Boston zoo. Have a great day.... Read more

  • wednesday--snow, minestrone, etc.

    2/18/2015 7:33:21 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning--another wave of lake effect coming our way. rob is in the office working--looks like he will be staying home today. i made crockpot minestrone yesterday and thought i would share the recipe--its so simple and i just adore it. into your crockpot--dump 2c vegetable broth about... Read more

  • Brr Animals ;-) 2/17

    2/17/2015 11:16:05 AM, by PDSLIM

    Bah! It snowed today. Have a great day. ... Read more

  • tuesday--dog breed search continues

    2/17/2015 6:59:52 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! yesterday was a good, but crazy COLD day. started the morning with NINETY minutes of leslie. didn't intend to go that long, but I finished the first workout and felt good so I just ran a second one. ended up being the leslie equivalent of 6.5 miles. so I did a 10K in my living roo... Read more

  • Brr Animals ;-) 2/16

    2/16/2015 9:44:52 AM, by PDSLIM

    It's so cold in NYC, there's ice on the INSIDE of my windows. BAH!!! Have a great day & stay warm.... Read more

  • monday--after the snowstorm

    2/16/2015 6:45:47 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! we are dug out now and the roads are clear. Saturday we had a real blizzard--not a lot of snow fell but the howling winds made visibility very low. stayed indoors the whole weekend and worked on projects. lots to get done today--despite the cold. have a good one, everybody!... Read more

  • Brr Animals ;-) 2/15

    2/15/2015 11:57:24 AM, by PDSLIM

    I'm not a winter person, but our furkids don't seem to mind it as much. Hope everyone is staying warm. Have a great day.... Read more

  • Cat Fonts

    2/14/2015 4:04:07 PM, by PDSLIM

    It's amazing the number of talented & creative folk. Thought this was too cute. Have a great day. 255 45 129 & Happy Valentine's Day... Read more

  • Anniversary

    2/13/2015 3:44:17 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    Seven years ago today I met the man of my dreams. We started chatting online on 12/1/2007 and then talking on the phone on 12/3. We met in person on 2/13/2008. I still remember that kiss in the parking lot where we met. 26 129 26 129 We have reservations for dinner tonight. ... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 2/13

    2/13/2015 9:55:39 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 2/12

    2/12/2015 5:41:34 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • wednesday

    2/11/2015 7:27:32 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! today is fabric shopping day. I am taking rosie shopping for quilt fabric, and nancy is riding along too. should be a fun day out. yesterday I got the third hummingbird painted on slate, and took dorijane to the vet for her chiropractic. she was quite sore again so he wants to se... Read more

  • Friends ;-) 2/11

    2/11/2015 7:26:10 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • tuesday big shoulder monday

    2/10/2015 7:10:13 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! hope it is a great Tuesday for you! yesterday was my day to be the shoulder to cry on. one of my best "things" is that I am a good listener. its funny--I can say this without feeling like I am bragging or feeling embarrassed about it. it's just the truth and it doesn't feel egotis... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 2/10

    2/10/2015 7:01:20 AM, by PDSLIM

    ... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 2/9

    2/9/2015 9:41:11 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • monday--a fun weekend

    2/9/2015 7:05:56 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! well--we made it to the dog show. the weather was amazing--sun and warm--it was 50 degrees in Indianapolis! the drive down was uneventful and quicker since the new bypass has opened. unfortunately we didn't manage to eat anything all day until we were on the way home, but it worked... Read more

  • Photo-A-Week: Week 5: SELF

    2/8/2015 5:18:46 PM, by DOILIEQUEEN

    I'm a week behind. This is from my Senior year 1984.... Read more

  • Feathers ;-) 2/8

    2/8/2015 11:51:05 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 2/7

    2/7/2015 1:04:29 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 2/6

    2/6/2015 10:50:55 AM, by PDSLIM

    Havew a great day.... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 2/5

    2/5/2015 10:31:17 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • thursday

    2/5/2015 7:20:38 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! yesterday was really a good day. I made it to the park--icy and snowy but WARM and with the yaktrax on I managed just fine. boy did that feel good! I have uploaded the "gateway to 8K" series on podrunner--figured I need to take it slow for awhile and ramp myself back up since I hav... Read more

  • Friends ;-) 2/4

    2/4/2015 3:23:02 PM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • wednesday--how old am i REALLY?

    2/4/2015 7:15:35 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! its quiet here right now--another snowstorm in heading in from the west, but this morning is warmish and I think I will be able to put on my yak trax and head to the park to run. YAY!! this morning I woke up thinking about my age. I know this seems sort of strange--and I don't wan... Read more

  • Feathers w video ;-) 2/3

    2/3/2015 3:01:02 PM, by PDSLIM

    This Parrot Does an Incredible Imitation (adult). T0000 funny!
    872002 Have a great day.... Read more

  • tuesday--after the big snow

    2/3/2015 6:54:31 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! we are under a lot of snow here--it started coming down late Saturday night and built in intensity all through sunday. some spots near us got almost 20 inches--think we are more like 15 or so. but roads are cleared, driveway is plowed and everything is fine. yesterday rob worked fr... Read more

  • A quote for my Best Friend

    2/2/2015 5:27:58 PM, by RUNNERSTEPHE

    A soulmate will never leave you. They will always be apart of your life until one day the chance is given for them to become your life. It is then you will become one. ― Faye Hall... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 2/2

    2/2/2015 10:34:00 AM, by PDSLIM

    Have a great day.... Read more

  • Failing as a Triathlete only to become an Ultrarunner, doing 50K

    2/1/2015 11:20:18 AM, by RUNNERSTEPHE

    I enjoyed running mostly, so I became more focused on that. I ran with all kinds of runners, usually the ones that were slower. A lot of ultrarunners. Eventually someone asked me to volunteer for Burning River 100. I contacted the race director, and he gave me the job of helping with registration, a... Read more

  • Animals & video ;-) 2/1

    2/1/2015 9:44:07 AM, by PDSLIM

    Cute video
    2002 Have a great day.... Read more