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  • Today's Inspiration

    11/25/2015 12:45:13 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " No good comes from hurrying." - Yiddish Proverb... Read more

  • Thankful blog #2

    11/24/2015 11:44:27 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    Here is my second blog about gratitude and thankfulness. I am grateful for music by artists that help me write when I am unable to write otherwise. I am grateful for my tens unit and the fact it is working for some pain issues now. I am grateful for my pain specialists that I see who take care of me... Read more

  • Happy Hump day

    11/24/2015 11:06:45 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and enjoy your day Viva La France hugs... Read more

  • Getting ready

    11/24/2015 10:56:39 PM, by PASTORJEFF2

    2 turkeys cooked, 1 spiral ham cooked, pumpkin pie ready. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and salad on hand. 2 days till Thanksgiving and I'm almost ready. I have everything that I need for the family gathering. Also ready mentally, I know what and how much of it I plan to eat. I have set my g... Read more

  • A busy day - Day 2 P90X2 done

    11/24/2015 10:27:10 PM, by SUKOTO

    What a crazy day! It was really busy at work so I was relieved to be off at my normal time. The roads were nasty due to the heavy snowfall so I left ahead of rush hour traffic. On my ride home I was contacted to do some side-work. I didn't get home until 6:30 but I needed to get my exercise in so I ... Read more

  • Down 24 lbs since surgery - 22 days ago!

    11/24/2015 7:25:27 PM, by DPK1210

    And I must say that I'm enjoying this journey, and nothing about it has been very difficult. I have only gotten sick and thrown up once, which was yesterday, because I ate a little too much string cheese, a little too fast. I threw it up - about a quarter of a stick, and it wasn't a big deal at al... Read more

  • Alcohol

    11/24/2015 12:07:49 PM, by LDFRANCO

    Today is the first day of no more alcohol. We have been drinking wine with every dinner most days and we just dumped the last 2 bottles down the sink. Better health means dumping the wine is not a waste of money but an investment in our future. If we drink too much and having it in the house is like... Read more

  • Day 6

    11/24/2015 10:43:25 AM, by WINTERRAIN

    I have come to the conclusion I need several back up plans. I just happened to notice this morning the showers will be unavailable tomorrow til Sunday at the Y I go I may just have to suck it up and go to the mean Y 246 I will check out their class schedules and if all in all I'll just go... Read more

  • Day 1 - P90X2 - Core

    11/24/2015 9:47:01 AM, by SUKOTO

    Yesterday was the first day of P90X2 and I have to say I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't as intense as Insanity but I still worked up a good sweat 1/2 way through and Tony wasn't as annoying as he was in P90X. My chest was still sore from the strength training that I did the day before so I couldn... Read more

  • it snowed

    11/24/2015 9:20:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    last night, and a bit this morning, it snowed here, my daughter is bouncing up and down with joy. she enjoys playing and being in the snow. i have a job interview tomorrow morning and i may have another one later on this week. that one is still to be confirmed. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have... Read more

  • Making progress on my health goals and a bucket list check off

    11/24/2015 8:09:31 AM, by FLORIDASUN

    408 As our holiday season approaches I've been very mindful lately of our many, many blessings as Americans. The chaos and the upheaval in the world around us saddens me deeply. As we move toward a new year I'm realizing the sand in my hour glass of time is fuller at the bottom than what is left t... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/23/2015 7:52:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just found out that i have a job interview this coming wednesday morning. i may have two others this week as well. one may be done over the phone. my daughter says hi. all the birds say cheep,cheep. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • thankful blog

    11/23/2015 11:45:51 AM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    The Navy Ninja team captain wanted a positive thinking post on the team chat thread. I don't believe in positive thinking because that is of the world. However I do believe in gratitude and thankfulness. So I have chosen to take her positive thinking and be thankful for four things on the thread and... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/23/2015 11:05:00 AM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • Day 5

    11/23/2015 10:24:24 AM, by WINTERRAIN

    Well I wish I could say I got up super early and got to my class on time....but that is not the case. I did get up early, although I didn't get out the door early enough to be at the Y before 530. As I approached another Y on my way to the other one, I thought for a moment about going to that one ... Read more

  • Who do you want to be like?

    11/23/2015 7:47:13 AM, by PASTORJEFF2

    Maybe like me you have heard a pastor or teacher of Gods word say we need to be more like Jesus and have wondered in what way? Well I think He gives us the answer; "Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man". Luke 2:52 This statement is a summary of eighteen years in J... Read more

  • Prayers Please

    11/23/2015 7:21:04 AM, by ANDREA5KIDS

    I do believe that circumstances affect our goals in life. That being said- I am stressed the heck out with all of the death in my family and now with my cousin being in the hospital with CHF. Our family knew this was inevitable but it does not change the heartache it causes. It's one of those things... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/23/2015 1:36:22 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold." - Maurice Seetter... Read more

  • FREE Thanksgiving Feast Cookbook

    11/22/2015 11:01:23 PM, by _RAMONA
    sgiving_Feast_optimized.pdf ...I've downloaded it myself and have been drooling over the recipes so I decided to share!ENJOY! (even if you don't ascribe to 'paleo' these r... Read more

  • Day 4

    11/22/2015 10:19:25 PM, by WINTERRAIN

    Yesterday was alright, I didn't eat anything after my dinner with my girls. Although I didn't get much in the way of exercise I spent some quality time with my kiddos and that is all that matters sometimes. Today was grocery shopping day, and I reminded myself to say no in the store. It wor... Read more

  • Live your life

    11/22/2015 8:15:28 PM, by ANDREA5KIDS

    ... Read more

  • Ideas for Christmas stocking Stuffers?

    11/22/2015 8:10:52 PM, by ELISADENK

    Any ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers for DH? Seems I go through this problem every season. And, speaking of Christmas, check this out:
    575264... Read more

  • Switching up the routine

    11/22/2015 7:04:55 PM, by SUKOTO

    As you have read in my previous blogs, I've been doing Insanity. I'm at week 3 now but I think it's time for a switch up. It's not that I'm bored...I'm just looking to do more strength training. So for that reason I'm going to be starting P90X2 tomorrow. I don't like that the videos are all a little... Read more

  • Trusting God

    11/22/2015 4:57:25 PM, by PASTORJEFF2

    This morning I preached a message on 1 Thess. 5:18. In all things give thanks. Sometimes that is hard to do. Less than 3 hours after the message I would find myself in a situation of wondering what do I give thanks for in this situation? My granddaughter cut her leg open about 8 inches long and deep... Read more

  • Exercise

    11/22/2015 11:27:43 AM, by PRAYINGHANDS35

    What would picking up pecans count as for exercise. ... Read more

  • I won a new ecig tank!!

    11/22/2015 11:21:34 AM, by SUKOTO

    Sometimes I enter my name in online giveaways, especially if they are done by trusted giveawayers. Well, a few weeks ago I posted a comment on a Youtube video by a guy whose videos I watch regularly and he was giving away a new ecig tank. I've entered a few of his giveaways but nothing ever came of ... Read more

  • I have a confession... (Reprise)

    11/22/2015 9:49:07 AM, by _RAMONA

    This blog is from 2009... 18 months into my journey here at SaprkPeople. (Some of you are familiar with my 'BEFORE Pictures & Continuing PROGRESS' pictures blog... if you aren't you might want to take a peek before you read further...)
    ublic_jour... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/22/2015 1:59:05 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " The good old days were never that good, believe me. The good new days are today, and better days are coming tomorrow. Our greatest songs are still unsung." - Hubert Humphrey... Read more

  • Day 3

    11/21/2015 8:29:01 PM, by WINTERRAIN

    Yesterday went well, stayed within my range and didn't go all crazy for our movie night. Today my oldest had testing, which meant 6.5hrs of me sitting. I couldn't leave my spot because there was nowhere to walk and if I moved, I would've lost my spot. Therfore I got hardly any steps in. We we... Read more

  • Day 12 - Pure Cardio catch up

    11/21/2015 6:28:32 PM, by SUKOTO

    I have just been so tired and down today. This is not like me...I am usually alert and active and motivated but I am just the opposite today. I think I have it figured out though. I think it is the lack of carbs that is causing my mental fatigue. I don't think I've been eating enough lately which ha... Read more

  • Finding the power you need

    11/21/2015 1:48:39 PM, by PASTORJEFF2

    Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might Ephesians 6:10 Paul Is reminding us of exactly where all true and lasting strength comes from. He is saying to you, "Turn your eyes away from your problems and place them on the Almighty." Perhaps you do not have the strength to tackle the huge ch... Read more

  • In the Eye of the Beholder

    11/21/2015 1:49:15 AM, by _RAMONA

    Fat-shaming. I must admit, I have never experienced fat-shaming from a stranger. (though it could be argued that my mother remains a stranger). I've ever been present when any incident of fat-shaming has occurred... and I am appalled that it occurs at all. I look at th... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/21/2015 1:21:10 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." - William James... Read more

  • Motivate Yourself...

    11/20/2015 9:40:48 PM, by _RAMONA

    ...with 15 Ways That Actually Work!
    mpaign=feed_http--greatistcom- I LOVED this article! It comes at motivation from a slightly different angle... an angle that has kept me motivated for th... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/20/2015 12:00:22 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " At all times and under all circumstances, we have the power to transform the quality of our lives." - Werner Erhard... Read more

  • Day 2

    11/20/2015 10:13:00 AM, by WINTERRAIN

    Alright so first off I'm impressed I got back on here and blogged today, only because I find it difficult to actually sit down and get a blog in at times 2 Yesterday went well, I'm quite impressed on how I feel today. I know that eating right and exercising is wonderful, I just forget someti... Read more

  • it's friday

    11/20/2015 9:17:05 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful,cool sunny day here today! woo hoo! my daughter has a day off school today. in a while, we are off to visit a few relatives. then we will just take it easy. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • Have you heard?

    11/20/2015 7:07:06 AM, by PASTORJEFF2

    “Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not. Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:33-35‬ ‭ It's not enough to just hear about Jes... Read more

  • True

    11/20/2015 6:52:07 AM, by ANDREA5KIDS

    Just keep on going. You've got this!... Read more

  • Day 10 - Plyo Cardio Circuit

    11/19/2015 9:26:22 PM, by SUKOTO

    Today was another busy day. I was saying to my manager how much busier it is now and I jokingly said, I hope it calms down soon...he said, "This is the normal now". Uhhh...ok. Anyway, today was Day 10 of Insanity and I was thinking all day, "Oh it's only Cardio Recovery, so I can just take it ... Read more

  • talk about awkward

    11/19/2015 8:36:24 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I take the test and yet the academic adviser never called me back at all. Today was the last day to register for courses for the spring semester at the tech college! I am pissed right now! I did what he asked and he doesn't call me back in time! Now here I am like a sitting duck. I know that didn't ... Read more

  • What's your goal for thanksgiving

    11/19/2015 4:47:28 PM, by PASTORJEFF2

    How will you do this year? In the past I would consume 4000 plus calories the Sunday before thanksgiving at church and the same again on thanksgiving. This year I'm planning to stay under 2500 on each of those days. I will be comfortable and able to do a workout, not over full and miserable. How abo... Read more

  • Just a random rant

    11/19/2015 2:51:30 PM, by TAPPANGA

    Who are these people who have two or three hours a day to work out?! I can barely squeeze in 30 minutes or an hour most of the time. Then I read about people who work out two hours a day three days a week. I'm convinced there are more hours in their days than in mine. ETA: I feel I need to c... Read more

  • A lesson from frustration.

    11/19/2015 2:42:52 PM, by FITJEN48

    Uncomfortable seasons of life indicate big change is on the way. It's not a time to crumble, or even wait for comfort to return, its time to pay attention! Here's an example of a day we all may face in the midst of those chaotic seasons in life. It's the story of yesterday for me. And i let i... Read more

  • Day 1

    11/19/2015 10:24:52 AM, by WINTERRAIN

    I have decided I will blog daily...for one week. This is hard for me because I find so little time in my evenings to get on Spark and blog. I will try for a week and see how that goes, and if I can do it for just one week I may just continue on. Clearly this is not my first blog, however I ju... Read more

  • it's thursday

    11/19/2015 8:21:37 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mild start to the day. then the temperature is going to drop throughout the day. by the time the day is done, it will be really cold outside. that is okay. by then, my daughter and i will be in for the night. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i will be heading outside later to enjoy some fresh air... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/19/2015 2:08:31 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " The only certainty is that nothing is certain." - Pliny the Elder... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/19/2015 12:42:13 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Don't Limit Your Challenges... Challenge Your Limits." - Anonymous... Read more

  • Day 9 - Pure Cardio Done!

    11/18/2015 10:12:27 PM, by SUKOTO

    Just a quick one today. It was another crazy day at work.I was up and about all day going back and forth between my office and others...busy busy. I got home a touch later but I still got in my Insanity workout. It was actually a touch easier today compared to the first time I did Pure Cardi... Read more

  • Health Update Re: My Foot

    11/18/2015 6:39:17 PM, by VISUALLYRICS

    213 Hi Friends, .....:::Lol! I am here at our local library ....writing my health update in a blog...feels funny not being at home writing it. However, our PC is being cleaned and polished. 334 I am grateful to have access to a library. My podiatrist had wrapped my foot in a compres... Read more

  • woo hoo!

    11/18/2015 3:46:05 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter made the volleyball team and they do indeed get to travel to other schools. she had volleyball practice yesterday and she is headed to another school with the team now. she will be there for a while. i am already on the lookout for presents for her for christmas. all the birds say cheep,... Read more

  • Bad News for Cardio Junkies

    11/18/2015 3:31:29 PM, by _RAMONA

    525 A Case Against Cardio, Part 27
    #axzz3rQaIKrdR "What's better for altering body composition - resistance training alone, endurance training alone, or endurance training with resistance training? ...... Read more

  • 11-18 Day 7 - Making Progress!!

    11/18/2015 11:24:46 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Okay, so I've been bad about checking in EVERY day! Maybe once a week or so? I haven't weighed myself and won't until tomorrow. But... 1. I've been drinking more water. With medication the doctor has me on, I've spent more time in the restroom than I have at my desk, at least it feel... Read more

  • another update health and otherwise

    11/18/2015 10:06:59 AM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I will first start off by saying I have gotten a Tens unit for pain management and it seems to help somewhat. I won't discount it until the month is up. If it don't work for the shoulder pain I still may keep it for other pain issues. Since it helps for my knees and back too. It is very easy to use.... Read more

  • Frightening fridge, inspired by a fellow sparker.

    11/18/2015 8:05:38 AM, by FITJEN48

    Inspired by another spark blog, I bravely faced my fridge yesterday. We've all done it. Bought some ingredient we planned to use as we put together a fabulous healthy recipe. And then, we default back to the routine. The lonely ingredient sits in the back of the fridge, creating a life of its own. S... Read more

  • Push Yourself

    11/18/2015 7:17:42 AM, by ANDREA5KIDS

    ... Read more

  • Day 8 Insanity - Done!

    11/17/2015 8:41:31 PM, by SUKOTO

    Yesterday was brutal. My legs were so sore from the run the previous day...I could barely walk up stairs! It was a good kind of sore though. It wasn't joint or bone sore, it was muscle sore. Needless to say, I took a break yesterday and was very sedentary. I kept my nutrition low to compensate for t... Read more

  • it is fall.

    11/17/2015 12:25:52 PM, by MARTINT011

    just starting to get used to fall. Now it is getting colder. The chance to breath in cooler air. The time to slow down. Not! Got to keep moving, and get lots of fresh air and eat fresh veggies, soups, leaner meats, venison, wild rice and some delicious turkey. Just got to stay within limits. ... Read more

  • a beautiful,cool fall day

    11/17/2015 10:42:10 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am enjoying a lovely day here today. my daughter sends hugs and says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i am still actively looking for steady work. i will not give up until i get something, no matter how long it takes me to do so. i am so thankful for all of the support i have from my family,f... Read more

  • My 3 minutes of fame...and a WAKE UP call!

    11/17/2015 7:59:35 AM, by FLORIDASUN

    334 Hello my darling sparklers! Was it Andy Warhol that said we all strive for our 15 minutes of fame? Well I got my 5 minutes last week when I was interviewed for a popular local television station. AND...what a wake up call. They say the television camera puts 10 to 15 pounds on yo... Read more

  • Serving others

    11/17/2015 7:45:52 AM, by PASTORJEFF2

    If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another's feet. John 13:14 What a shocking scene this is! Even the disciples, who had watched Jesus touch lepers and heal cripples and eat with sinners, were unprepared for this parting command and example. Pet... Read more

  • Don't give up

    11/17/2015 6:29:12 AM, by ANDREA5KIDS

    ... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/17/2015 1:46:09 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Congratulate yourself whenever you have done your best, regardless of the outcome." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Dollars and Pounds Follow Up!

    11/16/2015 6:10:49 PM, by FITJEN48

    I found something or someone rather that I am so thrilled about I can't stand it. Oh my goodness!!!! For years, I have so been about the mental part of weight loss/health gain. I knew it was the biggest deal for me. And I found a kindred spirit. Many of you have probably come across her befor... Read more

  • baby steps

    11/16/2015 1:43:02 PM, by JEKASA104

    I visited my family this weekend, and I know i was over my calorie goals. I didn't do perfect on my tracking goals but I did much better on my tracking goals, tracking most things and i did really well on drinking my water! I snuck in some fitness on Sunday. AND i think most helpful of all, I create... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/16/2015 8:10:55 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week is now underway. my daughter and i watched the santa claus parade on tv yesterday. it would have been way too hectic and crowded to go and see it in person. she says hi to everyone! all the birds say hi! have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • How do you start your day?

    11/16/2015 7:18:18 AM, by PASTORJEFF2

    What's the first thing you do in the morning? Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 Life can often seem very complicated. Career decisions, family dynamics, academic ambitions, every area and issue of life has its ow... Read more

  • My blog

    11/16/2015 7:01:48 AM, by ANDREA5KIDS

    My Great Aunt on my dads side of the family passed away at the grand age of 93. Beautiful and most angelic and spiritual woman I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. After digesting the news of her passing I find out my cousins wife on my moms side was murdered. Emotionally it shook me to my core.... Read more

  • Dollars and Pounds. Different currency, same issues.

    11/15/2015 5:50:08 PM, by FITJEN48

    One of my favorite blogs in the whole wide blogosphere is I get no money for saying that, it's just the truth. Common sense is the language behind the blog, but as well know, common sense ain't common. I was reading an article about the advantages and disadvantages of payin... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/15/2015 4:41:51 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " It is the common, everyday blessings of our common everyday lives for which we should be particularly grateful. They are the things that fill our lives with comfort and our hearts with gladness - just the pure air to breathe and the strength to breathe it ; just warmth and shelter and home... Read more

  • Day 6 - Went for a 5k run!

    11/15/2015 3:35:45 PM, by SUKOTO

    Today was supposed to be my rest day but since I took a rest day on Friday, which was also my cheat day, I decided to get something in. It is a beautiful, balmy 8C today so I decided to go for a run. I think it was the 3rd run I've done all year...yikes! Anyway, I invited my oldest son to join me on... Read more

  • it's sunday

    11/15/2015 9:44:24 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day without much planned. have not yet decided on what i want to do today. i am taking it easy and so is my is a sunny day here today. later on, my daughter and i will go to the local park and have fun. all the birds say hi. have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • (RECIPE) Best Homemade Paleo Mayo

    11/15/2015 2:31:29 AM, by _RAMONA

    BEST Paleo Mayonnaise There are lots of different versions, but many just don't work out that well... I am super picky about mayonnaise. This version of mine is just creamy and thick enough, and it has a smokey tang that works well with everything... and it has a light neutral taste o... Read more

  • Getting back on track

    11/14/2015 7:08:12 PM, by MADSKYE

    I've been making an effort, at least. I'm not running, and I'm not in the gym, but I am walking. I have a new iphone that tracks my steps, and that is a lot of fun. I walked 7 miles last Sunday. Almost 5 yesterday. I've been cooking pretty healthy. Today was my grandma's 98th birthday-we had a celeb... Read more

  • How to treat others

    11/14/2015 11:31:16 AM, by PASTORJEFF2

    The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy James 3:17 When we become embittered or angry with another person, even a spouse or a fellow church member, we can justify a great v... Read more

  • Still awesome

    11/14/2015 5:34:09 AM, by ANGELDELINKWENT

    I burn calories by existing... I'm going to try and add strength training in next Saturday *crosses fingers* but for now I'm working on logging my food. I hope I can stick with it. Wish me luck!... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/14/2015 1:59:30 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " You can create miracles in your own life, and in the lives of those around you - because you are a miracle, and you are connected to the source of all miracles." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Cheat Meal Part 2

    11/13/2015 8:52:05 PM, by SUKOTO

    Today was my cheat meal and I think I did well. I had originally planned on having subway for lunch and a nice steak sandwich for dinner but it didn't go exactly as planned. I was convinced to make today a cheat meal day, not an entire cheat day but I went out for lunch seriously contemplating getti... Read more

  • I didn't know..

    11/13/2015 7:56:27 PM, by ANGELDELINKWENT

    You got points for blogging. Need motivation? Me too. Getting up at all sometimes sounds like a horrible chore. I do go upstairs and make myself a big meal to go with my morning vitamins though. I'm starting to log!!!... Read more

  • it's friday

    11/13/2015 2:18:11 PM, by MOMMY445

    a very cool and windy day here today. i made sure that my daughter was dressed warmly enough for school. the assembly at her school was short and sweet. now another week is coming to a close. i got to see an advance screening of the movie meet the coopers and i really enjoyed it. i enter draws to wi... Read more

  • 250 lbs

    11/13/2015 1:50:42 PM, by NOTMISSINGOUT

    That is my highest recorded weight. That is what I weighed in as yesterday. I used sparkpeople to lose weight before. I went from 241 to 170. I was so proud. I was so active! I loved eating right and lifting weights. However, a pregnancy while studying for the bar exam, the loss of my father in... Read more

  • another health update

    11/13/2015 11:20:12 AM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    well first off I don't have M.S. The MRI didn't show anything serious and it came back normal. My numbness went away on its own. My foot just goes numb. I have tendinitis in my bicep however causing me pain and I am in therapy along with getting a Tens machine soon. Hopefully soon that will help me ... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/13/2015 9:42:06 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " To give thanks for rainbows and butterflies - our symbols of renewal and rebirth. To offer daily Thanksgiving - for ourselves, our family, our friends, our community, for the whole world." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Today is my (Ch)Meat day!

    11/13/2015 9:25:59 AM, by SUKOTO

    So I did a bit of research last night and found out that a cheat meal/day is actually beneficial when attempting to lose weight. As it turns out, the body is smart enough to adapt to healthy eating and actually reduces fat burning when you diet and eat properly for an extended period of time. So for... Read more

  • Giving thanks

    11/13/2015 6:53:51 AM, by PASTORJEFF2

    Gratitude By [Jesus] therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name. Hebrews 13:15 First thing that jumped off the page at me this morning was this; it is a "sacrifice of praise." Yes even when things are not going our... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/13/2015 12:17:59 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Vision stands on the shoulders of what is actual to get a better view of what is possible." - Mary Anne Radmacher... Read more

  • 11-12 My Journey Day 1 - Evening

    11/12/2015 11:40:33 PM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Picked up my medication from the pharmacy at lunch. I start taking it tomorrow morning. My doctor and pharmacist are both going to be monitoring closely since this Phentermine can have some nasty side effects. I've heard that some people have no problems with it but my pharmacist said to watch th... Read more

  • So far..

    11/12/2015 11:31:32 PM, by ANGELDELINKWENT

    After today I logged everything and landed in my goal area. More tommarrow...... Read more

  • Day 4- Pure Cardio

    11/12/2015 10:48:04 PM, by SUKOTO

    Today was Day 4 of Insanity - Pure Cardio. It was a bugger! I was doing so well up until the level 2 drills and then I died. One think I've noticed is my strength is definitely improving as is my endurance. It's only been a short time but I can feel a difference. I am still not pushing myself like c... Read more

  • Disheartened But Not Defeated

    11/12/2015 10:47:47 PM, by VISUALLYRICS

    Good health is such a gift! My prayer is to do all I can to be healthy....and I know it is truly the daily consistent healthy habits that pay off in the long run. Honestly, I have been a bit disheartened about my fluctuating health with "stuck scales", foot issues & our ever changing... Read more

  • Please stop saying this. There's gotta be a better way.

    11/12/2015 6:41:34 PM, by FITJEN48

    Why I never really blog that much about weight loss is beyond me. Well, maybe not. It's probably because after years of fighting and fitting, screaming and kicking, I adopted that stupid deal that I get sooo sick of hearing, "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle." What about people saying that makes me... Read more

  • 11-12 My Journey - Day 1 (Morning)

    11/12/2015 12:23:45 PM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Starting my journey today. Went to the doctor this morning about the weight issue. She has me on a medication that acts like an appetite suppressant (not sure what, since I turned in my prescription to my pharmacist to pick up on my lunch hour) that she said the main side effects are heart-related... Read more

  • Run again?

    11/12/2015 11:28:54 AM, by PASTORJEFF2

    It's been 5 years since the last time I did any running. To be exact, it was the 2010 Chicago marathon. After that I have had knee surgery, back surgery, and 2 hernia repairs. I gained 150 pounds over those years and the doctors told me I wouldn't run again. In May I decided they were wrong and bega... Read more

  • it's thursday

    11/12/2015 10:23:43 AM, by MOMMY445

    a cool and rainy day here today. that is alright with me and my daughter. she already has a list written up for what she would like to have for christmas this year. as for me, i am still job searching actively and working on my courses. i take it day to day and try to not let any non replies back fo... Read more

  • Hmmm

    11/12/2015 7:00:04 AM, by ANGELDELINKWENT

    I haven't blogged on sparkpeople in awhile. I might start blogging here again. Insomnia is a current -deal with everynight- problem. Just getting over a sprained ankle ( from falling down stairs) hope to get in the habit of tracking. Any tips?... Read more

  • Calorie deficit

    11/11/2015 8:01:04 PM, by SUKOTO

    Now that I've switched to a mostly vegetarian diet, I'm finding it hard to get enough calories in my day. I guess that isn't such a bad thing as I should be able to lose weight with the deficit. I can eat a ton of veggies, fruit, grains and after I record it in the tracker I find that I've barely co... Read more

  • Permission to thrive: granted.

    11/11/2015 6:46:00 PM, by FITJEN48

    Sometimes, we come across a message, a song, a book or something that just hits home. I love when it comes at the perfect moment, bringing with it that dose of encouragement the soul need so badly. Lemme splain. Now, this post comes with the following warning; tread lightly. I share the followi... Read more

  • (RECIPE) Since Canadian Thanksgiving has long since passed...

    11/11/2015 5:50:11 PM, by _RAMONA

    ...I'm making THIS for Christmas (to go ALONG-SIDE the turducken*, LOL)! Meet the Vegducken, the Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dish That Rivals Turducken
    tarian-thanksgiving-dish-article RECIPE: Read more

  • Consignment Gallery is doing great..attempt at some pics..hope they work!

    11/11/2015 3:39:20 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    213 Howdy Sparkies: I've had some VERY busy days lately. We have some beautiful items that have come into the consignment gallery...and then...BOOM..they are sold! While I really like this SOLD part of the's getting harder and harder getting really cool stuff into the shoppe... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    11/11/2015 2:35:31 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    Lest we forget. Today, we must pay tribute to all those people, who went out to war, to defend their countries.... Read more