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  • A Recipe / Ranting on Gluten / Solutions!

    2/6/2016 1:55:59 PM, by PALEOISGOOD

    Well last night's salsa chicken was a hit. You can find it on the spark recipes site. So much flavor and so easy to make! We even had it for breakfast and we still have more. The recipe had a slight bit of dairy (dairy is not paleo) but I'm ok with that. I included the link at the bottom o... Read more

  • Fighting sinuses and walking

    2/6/2016 10:46:48 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, my dog thought that I should go for a walk this morning. Just before 9am, she got what she wanted. The cool air wasn't too bad but the sun was a pain walking into it. I didn't have my sunglasses on me so it was a pain. It kind of helped me breathing and hopefully I can get my antibiotic today ... Read more

  • Day 132

    2/6/2016 12:59:39 AM, by ANDEEWI

    It's late. I'm exhausted. I'm sore. And I am trying to decide what to write as a prelude to my gratitude posting, when... I overhear one girl asking the other about the milk she bought on her way home from work's not in the refrigerator! Hmmm.... probably just forgot to ... Read more

  • Hate being sick

    2/5/2016 10:41:28 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I'm sick. I've been fighting my sinuses since yesterday. I called the doctor's office this morning to get an antibiotic for them and they hadn't sent them to the pharmacy at Target by the time we left Target about 3pm. So I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to get the antibiotic. They want t... Read more

  • Day 9 - Need more protein, fiber and calcium

    2/5/2016 9:08:50 PM, by FIREANDSURF

    Today was a good day! Got my sad out yesterday and Im feeling a lot better since being sick. Today I actually felt human! lol! Went to my career planning classes and am starting to get a picture of where Id like to go. Went for a good walk and found beautiful patches of miner's lettuce, chickweed an... Read more

  • TGIF and more healthy recipes

    2/5/2016 11:05:24 AM, by PALEOISGOOD

    TGIF, Thank Goodness It's Friday Although I Love Each Day! The Paleo Ground Beef Tacos last night were a hit! My husband had his with a flour tortilla, me I just had the seasoned ground beef and some guacamole. Quite delicious! I'm trying to get rid of the oranges we have around so th... Read more

  • Improving!

    2/5/2016 12:20:57 AM, by ANDEEWI

    So far, so good - muscles are definitely sore, a few more than others, but so far my drug-free methods for managing pain and promoting healing are doing good! :) Makes me wish for the end of wintry weather, but we are supposed to get MORE snow tonight and tomorrow - so no end in sight for now. ... Read more

  • Day 8 - Mental and physical health

    2/4/2016 6:21:56 PM, by FIREANDSURF

    So we are all here trying to improve our physical health. But what about mental health? I feel it is just as, if not even more important than the physical side. I dont actually know anyone on here in person, so for me its a lot easier to blog freely about my issues. I must say I quite enjoy it and a... Read more

  • Compare trying to get healthy to using a GPS!!! What a wonderful blog-enjoy!

    2/4/2016 3:40:41 PM, by CTUPTON
    ?blog_id=6085587 and this blog has another link within it! So basing your weight loss journey on the scale can be as misleading as using a GPS! 198... Read more

  • A belated Groundhog Day funny.

    2/4/2016 11:29:05 AM, by CTUPTON

    chris... Read more

  • Day 7 - 1 week! Woo hoo!

    2/3/2016 11:21:27 PM, by FIREANDSURF

    Hurray! Made it one week so far! :D Still not feeling great but so starting to get better. A few things I've noticed this week. 1. Spark people are super awesome and positive! I love it! I check the chats and blogs often just to get a kick of motivation going. Plus every time I log on it insp... Read more

  • After the storm

    2/3/2016 9:54:17 PM, by ANDEEWI

    Whoa! Winter Storm Kayla finally stopped with the snow around noon today! I didn't measure, and I haven't checked stats with anyone but outside my place we definitely got over a foot of new snow, probably closer to 18-20 inches! Before the parking lot got plowed I was working on getting my van clean... Read more

  • Broke down and wore my belt

    2/3/2016 10:27:13 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I got a belt on Black Friday in the men's department at Target and finally having to wear it. I'm wearing my 18W jeans and they are really baggy on me. So it was either wear the belt or keep on pulling my jeans up. Even my men size medium sweat pants are baggy on me. I got those the same day that I ... Read more

  • I can relate to this!

    2/3/2016 9:13:12 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Winter Storm Kayla!

    2/2/2016 9:59:19 PM, by ANDEEWI

    All sorts of "plans" - stuff we usually do on Tuesdays, we didn't. We began getting watches and warnings of impending storm back on Saturday. It came today! The day was on target - early forecast put it for 6AM, then 9AM... actually began closer to 10:30AM in my town. Made for some kind of da... Read more

  • a butterfly

    2/2/2016 7:45:47 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I had an amazing workout at the gym. And then on the drive home out of nowhere, I started to cry. I wish I could find the right words to explain, but I felt lighter. It was almost as if, something had been wrapping me and I was able to break free from it. My mind immediately thought of a butte... Read more

  • 2/2/2016

    2/2/2016 7:03:31 PM, by WILBRAGURL

    Went to gym/pool yesterday, but there were no parking spaces. Went today, late (so I could only work out 1 hr. In pool)... Overate calories and fats today, but only because I was unprepared. The first step towards success is being able to recognize and identify the bumps in the road, and to learn... Read more

  • Day 6 - tough start!

    2/2/2016 3:32:20 PM, by FIREANDSURF

    Well this is what happens when I start something new! Usually if I start a new job, move to a new place or start something new for some reason I tend to get sick. Boooo! Not sure if its the extra stress or exposures to new germs or what. Apperently I can now add starting a new healthy routine to tha... Read more

  • New Month, New Goals, BE HAPPY!

    2/2/2016 12:05:00 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Month 2 of 2016 already! Did you meet your goals for January? Have you set your goals for February? This month I will be working on finding a tighter focus on a few things I'm steadily improving on: 1. Consistently T-Tapping 2. Continuing Gratitude posting 3. Increasing percentag... Read more

  • No real change with or without meds

    2/1/2016 10:47:57 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I cannot tell the difference if I'm on meds or not. I haven't called the gastro doctor to tell him that yet. I am thinking of doing that in the morning and to see if they have the results of the blood test that I had the day of the appointment. I am kind of curious. I can't eat much. No matter ... Read more

  • AARP free course! The Big KNOW! About self-help becoming more happy.

    2/1/2016 12:24:07 PM, by CTUPTON

    I did not hold much hope that I'd benefit from this online free course. I tried it and I love it. It is NOT someone preaching at you! It is very, very well structured. ANd it is free! It can take 3 weeks to do or do it quicker if you want. You do have to be a member of AARP--a... Read more

  • 2/1/2016

    2/1/2016 11:53:08 AM, by WILBRAGURL

    This is the heaviest I have been in the last 29 years (since I was pregnant with my son). I binged last week, and did not exercise at all. Last week, my foot caught on a nail sticking up from the floor, and ripped a nice one, right on the ball of my foot. Yesterday, I spent the entire day leg rai... Read more

  • its a new month!

    2/1/2016 8:39:29 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I love the beauty of a new day and a new month. As I look back on January, I am beyond proud of myself. I'm going into February with an energy I cannot even describe. Let me tell you the feeling is so powerful and positive, its almost overwhelming. For so long I had to keep telling myself that... Read more

  • End of January!?!

    2/1/2016 12:53:37 AM, by ANDEEWI

    WOW!!! Where did the month go? So time for a little recap or something. I've lost and regained and relost and regained - etc - the same 4 pounds this month. ugh (not giving up tho) I've been able to do at least 15 minutes of T-Tapping 2 days a week all month long; so I've improved there. De... Read more

  • whoa there brain, slow down

    1/31/2016 3:44:49 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I have to lose X lbs by blank date. If I don't go to the gym today, I will never lose weight. I can't eat Y because then I will always be fat. I had a bad day at the gym, I am such a failure. I cant run a mile in 10 minutes, I hate myself. I cant fit into a size 8 anymore, I hate my body. ... Read more

  • Looking back - moving forward

    1/31/2016 12:50:09 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Wrapping my day up with the last few 'episodes' (movies) of "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" airing on the Hallmark Movie Channel tonight. I love these movies! The last 3 are very connected to one another in some of the storylines. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic. They dig into the past so... Read more

  • dreams do come true

    1/30/2016 7:32:30 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I have been dreaming of being back in the gym. For those unfamiliar with my story, a few years ago I was a Zumba Instructor with 3+ classes a week. But just last year I was practically bedridden from the pain of my Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Hypothyroidism and a hormonal imbalance. To go from being... Read more

  • Day 3 - Mean little BMI

    1/30/2016 3:17:53 PM, by FIREANDSURF

    Had a great start to the day! Woke up early, went for a walk and have stayed within my calories (so far). Then I checked out some of the reports, just to see. What really bothered me is the BMI scale. According to it Im super obese. Ok, I know Im over weight but not as much as it shows! The weight i... Read more

  • Still feel blah

    1/30/2016 12:28:05 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I still feel like blah. I wish that I heard from gastro doctor on the blood test. I had the test a week ago Thursday and no word from him or his nurse. I was going to call yesterday to tell him about the medicine but forgot all about it. He prescribed a medicine for GI spasms and IBS. No good. I fin... Read more

  • Sick Day with a Little One

    1/30/2016 12:35:16 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Looooooong day! Poor little guy came to us feeling ill. Nothing today was typical for him. Such a sad sight. Mommy said he'd thrown up before getting to us. He didn't want breakfast, or lunch, or any snacks. He didn't drink much. Slept a lot, in spurts. Mostly he just wanted to rest ... Read more

  • gym gym and more gym

    1/29/2016 8:00:59 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I love the weekends when I don't have to work! Tonight I got to go to hot yoga. Tomorrow morning I am trying out a 'boot camp' class and Sunday is a gym date with my man. I might even take a barre class with a friend Sunday afternoon. I love the feeling I get from being at the gym. I love sore muscl... Read more

  • Help for caregivers--2 links-unfinished blog....

    1/29/2016 6:11:29 PM, by CTUPTON
    regiver I will add more info later, chris... Read more

  • OH! Scrap this day! (or not)

    1/29/2016 12:34:13 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Morning didn't go as planned. Afternoon did not go as planned. Evening did not go as planned. Let's scrap the whole day - I got absolutely nothing done that I'd planned to do! Then again... Let's not scrap it! There were so many good things that happened! The smiles and laughter of 2 l... Read more

  • 1/28/2016

    1/28/2016 7:49:30 PM, by WILBRAGURL

    This has been a very stressful, binge - eating week. It just seemed that everything that COULD go wrong...DID. But I am not giving up...start anew on Monday, with clean eating and daily exercise. Weeks like this used to depress more. I am not pleased with myself about how I abused my bo... Read more

  • prep your game up

    1/28/2016 6:47:35 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I have found out the key to a successful day and that is taking the time the day before, or a few days before to get stuff done. Saturdays I plan out the meals for the next week and grocery shop. Sundays are my meal prep days. I spend a few hours in the kitchen making chicken, sauces, doing ve... Read more

  • Smiling with Gratitude!

    1/28/2016 12:14:33 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Sitting here watching "Letters to Juliet" as we wind down the evening. It's been a good day for this time of year. I tracked my food, did my T-Tapping, made a few phone calls long overdue, got in my meditation time, and even my Bible reading. So tonight as I contemplate what I'm grateful for... Read more

  • wants

    1/27/2016 7:25:51 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    Sometimes I need to remember what I truly want. I don't want to struggle with my weight anymore. I NEVER want to feel like I did when I was sick. Sometimes I don't want to eat healthy and sometimes I don't want to go to the gym. But if I don't eat healthy and don't go to the gym, then I will struggl... Read more

  • Bad, Sad, but still grateful for some things

    1/26/2016 11:17:24 PM, by ANDEEWI

    Today was a sad day. We got news of the loss of the dad of one of my kid's friends. He's my age...give or take a few years. More than that, he was there for me when my only son was in a near-fatal car accident. He was a rock - when everything else around me was anything but stable. He's the type t... Read more

  • I am here for you

    1/26/2016 7:25:21 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I am the type of person who will be there for anyone who needs me. I will cheer you on, pick you up and support you. But what a lot of people don't realize, is that my blog is me, talking to myself. Its a virtual pep talk I type to myself and capture in a blog. Maybe it will relate to a friend and a... Read more

  • What hand cream do you like best for winter hands?

    1/26/2016 12:59:39 PM, by CTUPTON

    This was just recommended to me. What is your favorite kind??? chris... Read more

  • I keep putting off making a new profile photo....

    1/26/2016 9:00:44 AM, by CTUPTON

    I keep wanting to take a new profile photo of John and me. I never think we look good enough.... I guess. We both have lost weight. And my hair is certainly not short anymore--it goes down to the middle of my back! And hubby's health aide's husband shaves John and shaves his head, too! Oh my... Read more

  • Grateful about weather

    1/25/2016 11:55:11 PM, by ANDEEWI

    Weatherman calls for a "wintry mix" today. Advising caution when traveling after noon. Doctor appointment in the city at 1pm. Great! A 45-mile drive (one-way) in some sort of "wintry mix" which could be freezing rain, sleet, ice, and so on. We can't postpone - it's too important. So we... Read more

  • my mind changed

    1/25/2016 8:28:17 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    it just hit me today; I am so tired of hearing peoples excuses. I am tired of hearing people complain. But that is so rude of me because I've been there and I know what that feels like. And yet, I have hit this point in my journey when I realize you either do, or you do not. You either make smart ch... Read more

  • Lean Habit 2, Mastering the hunger pain (satiety clue)

    1/25/2016 7:15:51 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Doug Lisle created a video called “Losing weight without losing your sanity”
    6bTuQ. eating is controlled by the part of the brain called the hypothalamus which responds to stretch receptors and nutrient receptors in the digestive system. Law of satiety: Animals ... Read more

  • Company Dinner part 2

    1/25/2016 5:48:04 PM, by MREE777

    Thanks for all the comments! No one actually liked the cookies. Not sweet enough. I thought they were okay, nice and moist and peanutty, but oh welll.... Rest of dinner, I fixed a big green salad, made my own ranch dressing, cooked whole grain noodles and made beef stroganoff. (I got the r... Read more

  • DD's cat, Bob at Christmas 2015

    1/25/2016 3:05:51 PM, by CTUPTON

    Bob is a Manx. Manx cats have no tail. He is "Mr. Cool" and a bit standoffish. As opposed to Cujo, our own cat. Cujo runs to everyone and shows off by rolling over a few times. Both cats are about 7 years old. And we each got them when they were babies. Bob joined us about 5 months ago. ... Read more

  • Aftermath - digging out

    1/25/2016 12:38:17 AM, by ANDEEWI

    While millions dig out from all the snow dropped by winter storm Jonas, I am digging out of a negative spiral... almost more like a vortex that is trying to suck me down... and I'm feeling it's almost winning... But I won't give up in this fight! This one is going to take everything in my arsena... Read more

  • Guess how many people *** joined SP*** January 3-9? (in just 1 week)

    1/24/2016 12:20:48 PM, by CTUPTON

    a. over 10,000 b. over 20,000 c. over 30,000 d. over 40,000 e. over 50,000 47,248... Read more

  • Company Dinner

    1/24/2016 11:36:33 AM, by MREE777

    Do you remember those days when you or a family member would cook a big meal and have friends/relatives over and everyone ate and was happy? It sometimes seems that the more we know the more complicated things become. My roommate and I are having my brother and sister in law over for dinne... Read more

  • End of 17 weeks

    1/23/2016 11:26:24 PM, by ANDEEWI

    Today ends 17 weeks of me "rewiring" my brain to be happier. It's worked. I am happier now than I usually was 17 weeks ago. But, like weight loss at times, I seem to have hit a plateau. (Is that even possible?) Winter has definitely set in - so we see a lot less sun these days. And "things... Read more

  • 3 for 3

    1/23/2016 4:01:25 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    So I have made a FUN decision to make 3 changes for 3 weeks. This is usually the time that resolutions fall apart as the first month is almost over. February is almost here and its pointless to keep trying. Its too cold outside to have motivation. I don't have a lot of time for this. I am bore... Read more

  • Cats

    1/23/2016 11:04:38 AM, by CTUPTON

    You won't believe the next one! chris ... Read more

  • Never give up

    1/23/2016 1:52:34 AM, by BIGGESTLOSER_V

    Don't give up I was struggling really bad Because I Have a chronic back pain & I got so depressed that I didn't leave my house . But I just toke it one day at a time & now I'm so happy that I never gave up My Depression is doing so much better now. I'm in pain 24hrs a day But I just make mysel... Read more

  • Weather is Frightful East of the Mississippi

    1/23/2016 12:34:28 AM, by ANDEEWI

    So Friday has been an interesting day! Another truck came close to running me out of my lane - totally different circumstances than the other day - but, good grief --- I'm ready to stay off the roads a while! (while wondering how these guys get their license to drive!) Everyone around me today h... Read more

  • 1/22/2016

    1/22/2016 7:43:05 PM, by WILBRAGURL

    Surgery a success...amount of food ingested was not, but I tracked it. Birthday cake overload and McDonald's on the road...oh well, tomorrow is another day.... Read more

  • SP article: Rewarding yourself

    1/22/2016 1:04:05 PM, by CTUPTON

    224 208 "I did good!" (Sorry about the grammar.) Of course this is not a new idea. It just might make the healthy choice behaviors, especially those times when it gets harder, more fun instead of a drag. 211 SPARKPEOPLE ARTICLE REWARD ROSTER CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITES AND USE THEM L... Read more

  • Political Correctness is frustrating!

    1/22/2016 12:04:12 PM, by CTUPTON

    Just zoom your screen to 200 or so to read this... My "zoom" is on bottom right of my screen. or go to
    cal_correctness4590.htm ... Read more

  • I wonder why....

    1/22/2016 12:01:23 PM, by CTUPTON

    When you want to make sure to save an important paper and make sure it does not get folded, you put it in something called .........a folder. 24 ... Read more

  • My appointment with the gastro doctor

    1/22/2016 9:02:35 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, my appointment went okay. He told me that I don't have acid reflux. He read the report from my GI and upper bowel test that I had back in October and he said that there is no where in the report that says that I don't have acid reflux. But he thinks that there is a gallstone that might of esca... Read more

  • Thursday...

    1/22/2016 12:58:25 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Today was at least better than yesterday. Something happened today that led to me helping out a mom that reminded me of me 20 years ago. It made me think how some things really don't change. It also made me think how it is us that must change if we don't want the circumstance we have right then... Read more

  • 1/21/2016

    1/21/2016 9:36:28 AM, by WILBRAGURL

    Sitting in the waiting room at DHMC, while my father has eye surgery. He will be a robust 91 tomorrow!... Read more

  • Wild & Crazy but Still Grateful

    1/21/2016 12:25:47 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Insane, crazy, wild, don't want a repeat, kind of day for me! Involves... Running out of road Snowbanks Big trucks hauling long trailers - without proper training Local police Garage doors jamming with the car inside Kid's parents coming early for pick up - by surprise This mama n... Read more

  • Sorry about this situation.

    1/20/2016 11:10:30 AM, by CTUPTON

    Thank you all for your comments. I have no problem letting go of this. Love you all-- Sorry if I hurt anyone. chris... Read more

  • 1/20/16

    1/20/2016 6:39:00 AM, by WILBRAGURL

    1. 2 down, but I have lost and regained this SO many times! A 5 lb. loss will be something to crow about! Stay tuned.....=... Read more

  • Gratitude!

    1/20/2016 1:00:10 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Being grateful, being thankful, gratitude - what's it mean? why do it? feel it? be it? Did you know when you look up any of those nouns in the dictionary you will get a definition using the other two words? True! Most definitions also add some form of a word related to appreciation. So to... Read more

  • 1/19/16

    1/19/2016 6:35:16 PM, by WILBRAGURL

    Doing the carb intake down to a reasonable level, but fats are still overlimit. There are some habits that Jell-o is just not a decent substitute for.... Read more

  • Low Carb Bread

    1/19/2016 2:00:14 PM, by MREE777

    I got this recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods, so it is not original to me. But, it is so easy to make and such a delicious and hearty bread that I thought I'd share the recipe. Preheat the oven to 300* Spray a bread pan with cooking spray and set aside In a bowl s... Read more

  • About "messing with people."

    1/19/2016 12:14:55 PM, by CTUPTON

    I really, really did not know anyone did this on purpose. I look back in my life and just "caught on." I think back on a few people that did this regularly. I could have been having lots more fun if I had caught on then! Live and learn!!! chris... Read more

  • And lastly, #16-20 ways to "mess with" people you don't like--or--do like!

    1/19/2016 7:12:56 AM, by CTUPTON

    (Note: many people wrote these! The "I" is NOT me. #20 I wish I knew that one when I was still working . Retired now. chris) 16. I place random things on the table when my friend is over knowing that he's gonna pick them up and play with them. Then I think to myself "Yes, dance monkey, da... Read more

  • #11-15 Ways to "mess with" people you don't like.

    1/19/2016 7:03:19 AM, by CTUPTON

    No, the "I" is NOT me. I have not tried these --yet--but I will try something soon. 18 chris 11. When someone is talking to you, stop them mid sentence and say "Have you been crying?" 12. I look over people's shoulders when they're unlocking their phone so I can see their four-digit c... Read more

  • Good Day!

    1/19/2016 1:12:54 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Another day done - and lots of little tasks accomplished! Still making my way through the T-Tapping book - "Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes" But I did slip in a few basic moves today, so I'm happy! Will be working on improving that as I read more of the book. Eating stayed within plan. Next... Read more

  • #6-19 Ways to "mess with" people.

    1/18/2016 6:18:02 PM, by CTUPTON

    #10 is definitely my favorite. Note: "I" is NOT me. 211 6. When meeting people for the first time I say, "Nice seeing you again!" Sometimes they'll go along with it so they don't appear rude for not remembering me. Other times they respond, "Yeah nice seei- wait, what?"... Read more

  • Movie: JOY -is this a good movie?

    1/18/2016 6:10:46 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am thinking of going to a movie. A friend say Joy but She did not have time to tell me if it was good. 272 chris... Read more

  • Water time!!!

    1/18/2016 3:32:24 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I drank my 8 cups of water this morning, it was a struggle, I admit it, but I did it. I love water, but I forget to drink it. Then I get dehydrated and it is even harder to desire it, because then I am craving juice of some other silly drink. So, I'm going for 16 cups/day of good clean water. my bod... Read more

  • First 5 of 20 ways to subtley "mess with" people you don't like:

    1/18/2016 1:21:21 PM, by CTUPTON

    First 5 of 20 Ways To Subtly Mess With People That Everyone Should Try. Note: "I" is NOT me. Chris 1. Holding the door open for a stranger 198 while they are an awkwardly far distance away. 2. When you're talking to someone, instead of looking at their face, look at their e... Read more

  • 1/18/16

    1/18/2016 10:18:41 AM, by WILBRAGURL

    Back on track...headed to therapy pool. Tulach Ard!... Read more

  • try something new

    1/18/2016 8:35:40 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    Part of my 2016 resolution is to try something new each week. I've noticed I become too comfortable in routine and my "usual" that I rarely would venture into trying something new. But the experiences that I open myself up to by trying new things allows me to grow. Whether small, or large it all cou... Read more

  • Sunday, Super Late ;-)

    1/18/2016 1:15:06 AM, by ANDEEWI

    I JUST realized how late it was! 246 I've been busy the last few hours totally cleaning my desk! ALL. OF. IT. every. drawer. every. shelf. every. little. space!!! It looks so much better now! 224 So I'm just going to get to the gratitude posting now. Day 113 (starting my 17t... Read more

  • Unstoppable Motivation

    1/17/2016 9:44:02 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Listen to the podcast at
    nstoppable-weightloss/play. Continue with the tapping from the prologue, See
    ?board=4806x20380x63417223 and also tap... Read more

  • Ups and downs

    1/17/2016 9:23:48 AM, by PRINCESSKIANE

    This week had lots of ups and downs , some days where good some where bad , but now it's officially 1 week pop free!! Yay ... Read more

  • Saturday Night Repeat

    1/16/2016 11:45:52 PM, by ANDEEWI

    Weather is pulling a repeat of last Saturday / Sunday! Once again we have warnings out for windchills getting down to 30 below zero again - one forecast is saying it could be as much as 40 below!!! BRRR 425 I like living where you can really experience all four seasons - I do. But I can c... Read more

  • The importance of tracking

    1/16/2016 1:06:52 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I've been tracking religiously this last month and did not do it yesterday. I felt as though everything was off. I was able to loose 4 lbs this month by tracking and exercising regularly. Last night, after not tracking for a day, I actually had some night eating, which is regular for me when I don't... Read more

  • Parkinson's help --a special glove to steady the hand! Wow!

    1/16/2016 10:20:18 AM, by CTUPTON
    or-parkinsons-patients/ GyroGlove’s design is simple. It uses a miniature, dynamically adjustable gyroscope, which sits on the back of the hand, within a plastic casing attached to the glove’s material. When the device is switc... Read more

  • Down another pound

    1/16/2016 9:03:00 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I've lost another pound. I'm back to 200 pounds. I've lost 40 pounds since being on SparkPeople. This is the only weight loss program that has helped me keep the weight off the longest. I haven't been this light for a long time. I think since the 1990s sometime when I was in junior high. I wa... Read more

  • Coffee & T-Tapping

    1/16/2016 12:58:47 AM, by ANDEEWI

    For those following... we did all finally get a coffee from Caribou Coffee! One at a time over the course of the last 24 hours, but we got it... and even more coupons for free coffees! Still not clear on why the 5AM opening yesterday went so badly, exactly; but as one of my girls put it, they seem... Read more

  • Stopping overeating....

    1/15/2016 7:45:14 PM, by CTUPTON

    Maybe this will work..... chris Hopefully 7... Read more

  • A lovely salmon dinner!

    1/15/2016 7:28:44 PM, by CTUPTON

    Not tonight but I will have this very soon. chris 4... Read more

  • Gained the 2 pounds and now lost it

    1/15/2016 12:33:09 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I gained the 2 pounds that I had lost but now they're back off now. I'm glad that they're back off. I was at 203 pounds and now I'm back to 201 pounds. The reason why that I'm glad that the pounds that are off is because that means that I'm 2 pounds away from being under 200 pounds and into Onederla... Read more

  • Turnaround on disappointment

    1/15/2016 1:12:27 AM, by ANDEEWI

    Today really got off to a rough start! We live in a small town. It doesn't take much to get some excitement going around here. LOL A new store is coming to town - connected to an old store - sort of. Several months back a LONG TIME, FAMILY RUN grocery store sold out to a larger but still mo... Read more

  • Day 17

    1/14/2016 7:15:22 PM, by WILBRAGURL

    Bad day...little exercise, just stretching, but I tracked everything I ate. Oh well...... Read more

  • Today's (behavioral) goal: eat more fat and less carbs

    1/14/2016 2:50:03 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am hoping by eating more fat in the early part of the day, I can cut my cravings that come just about everyday late afternoon and evenings. "Low carb" is the idea. A few eating plans are suggesting this approach. Atkins is not the only one. It seems our society got to eating tons of thi... Read more

  • this time last year

    1/14/2016 8:35:18 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    this time last year, I thought my life was over. I was stuck in a sick body, plagued by fatigue and anxiety. it took a whole year to get where I am. A WHOLE YEAR. I have never been a very patient person, but this disease has caused me to take the step back and enjoy each step in my journey. ... Read more

  • Basics

    1/14/2016 12:58:13 AM, by ANDEEWI

    I've overdone it again - had to push through the cold to get some things done and it's left me in pain from head to toe and totally exhausted. :( Chronic ailments can be so aggravating at times! For the last 2 or 3 hours I've tried thinking about what I'm grateful for today... and nothing ... Read more

  • Why not try......

    1/13/2016 5:50:12 PM, by CTUPTON

    chris... Read more

  • Here are your ideas for making soups! I cna't thank you enough!

    1/13/2016 10:04:34 AM, by CTUPTON

    My favorite is my Vegan Vegetable Soup, made with vegetable stock and all vegetables. My second favorite is a variation on a Kentucky Burgoo. (Sorry, never heard of this! chris) My third favorite is a Rhode Island/Virginia style clam chowder (no milk or tomatoes in this!). Last week... Read more

  • People waiting longer between meals and people who eat breakfast later and dinner earlier lose more

    1/13/2016 8:14:49 AM, by CTUPTON

    "What we found is that the group who had eaten breakfast later and dinner earlier had, on average, lost more body fat and seen bigger falls in blood sugar levels and cholesterol than the control group." The way I eat 4 4 4 --very often!-- is not conducive to losing weight 15 even if the same... Read more

  • Is it me? or is it others?

    1/13/2016 12:32:01 AM, by ANDEEWI

    A part of me is asking if this is like those times when you buy a new (to you) car and suddenly begin seeing that same make, model & color driving all over town! Like your new car is one of some huge set of multiples you never knew about. Gratitude! Again - it's popped up in so many ways tod... Read more

  • Day 16

    1/12/2016 11:56:55 AM, by WILBRAGURL

    Back on track today...still no new, working thermostat, but temps are down, both outside and in.... Read more

  • Cinnamon EO?

    1/12/2016 12:22:37 AM, by ANDEEWI

    So, Day 107! We're still below freezing here! I have to get out in it - but it's getting to me too. Someone said they rub some diluted cinnamon essential oil on their feet before heading out in this type of cold and it helps them stay warmer. I've never heard of that - but have no reason not ... Read more

  • Day 15

    1/11/2016 5:39:27 PM, by WILBRAGURL

    Miserably disappointed myself today with way too much stress - induced mindless eating. Exercised well today, though, and I DID track all my transgressions. As Scarlett said, "after all, tomorrow is another day"... Read more