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  • Living here is way different than living in our own home!

    2/19/2018 7:53:09 PM, by CTUPTON

    110 apartments. So almost 150 residents. We eat meals mostly in a big dining room. Young waters and waitresses serve us. Four residents to a table. Tonight I sat with a woman most people don't like. I realized she zeros in on the negative aspect to each person's behavior. I focus on the p... Read more

  • the only way to fail is to give up

    2/19/2018 11:06:42 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    There’s always something to derail me; something that makes me stop actively trying to lose weight. Every single time it’s just a lame excuse. It’s taken me until now to see that. But now, I realize even more so how it’s all up to me. The only way I can fail, is if I give up. It’s scary and comfo... Read more

  • On making your weight loss dream a reality

    2/19/2018 3:05:49 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Those who join SparkPeople usually do so because they dream of obtaining a healthy weight. Often it has been years of unhealthy living that caused their problems and just like my case, the problems crept up so slowly. I didn’t recognize I was in an unhealthy state until a doctor pointed out to me ... Read more

  • Help me make 3rd Sundays special days of prayer for America

    2/18/2018 3:24:14 PM, by OLDEROWL

    There is too much evil in the news, but that is not the real America. We Americans need to change the focus on bad news to a focus on good news and I have a plan for that. PS there will always be evil on any given day but on the third Sunday of every month we should call out to all the news channels... Read more

  • Note to self -how to get my taxes done in a timely fashion

    2/18/2018 10:20:28 AM, by CTUPTON

    First find a flat place to work. I used to use a folding table. But since we moved the only one I moved with is in use for hubby's meals, etc. I think I can clear off a section of the kitchen counter facing the living room. 15 minutes Get out the stacking trays that organize the year's r... Read more

  • Thank you all for your wonderful support!

    2/18/2018 10:19:32 AM, by CTUPTON

    220 247 212 chris... Read more

  • Help me make 3rd Sundays A Special Day of Prayer for America

    2/18/2018 2:41:54 AM, by OLDEROWL

    There is too much evil in the news, but that is not the real America. We Americans need to change the focus on bad news to a focus on good news and I have a plan for that. PS there will always be evil on any given day but on the third Sunday of every month we should call out to all the news channel... Read more

  • Things were going OK, then...

    2/17/2018 11:52:14 AM, by CTUPTON

    Hubby now has a broken leg and an open bed sore. Getting help has been impossible! 234 His wheelchair needs a new cushion. It is almost 5 yrs old and the cushion is as hard as cement. Although our aides care for him diligently he finally has an open bedsore. I am sure it is from the cushion ha... Read more

  • Got appointment for 2nd opinion

    2/16/2018 1:05:25 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, found out why I didn't get the appointment for the 2nd opinion on the day we had dad's 2 appointments. The gal that was making the appointments was out with pink eye. I called up to my regular doctor's office and mentioned it. The receptionist transferred me over to the nurse PA (they're acros... Read more

  • reasons I’m proud during a particularly sucky week

    2/15/2018 7:18:52 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I have always been an emotional eater. Big emotions mean I either binge, or I restrict for a while and then binge. This week has been awful. There’s always tension in my office but I try to rise above yet there is one person consistently unprofessional. Then, I went into my managers office to touch... Read more

  • Down 30 lb since jan 1!

    2/14/2018 12:13:41 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I just weighed in ! Even with the cheating last week, I’m down 30 lb from Jan 1!!! :) Happy Valentine’s Day! ... Read more

  • Waiting to get in for 2nd opinion

    2/13/2018 11:39:54 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I am waiting to hear from the nurse PA for me to see her tomorrow while my dad and I are up there. My dad has 2 appointments tomorrow and I am hoping that the nurse PA (a woman) can squeeze me in to do an exam on my breast since I am not comfortable in having my regular doctor (a man) to do this sin... Read more

  • Memories

    2/12/2018 11:11:44 AM, by HOPE4TODAY2

    I have a confession to make, I was here many years ago under another name ( although age and memory loss my have contributed to this) I don't remember the name. I had to quit this site because life got to busy somehow. But I am back working this system and remembering how good I felt when I lost th... Read more

  • Back at it

    2/12/2018 8:36:22 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    Thank you all for your support on my previous blogs! I’m back in ketosis and feeling better. I had some terrible carb cravings after eating them again, but they’ve passed and I’m feeling normal again. I managed to clean my kitchen sink (which is huge since I’ve been avoiding it for we... Read more

  • what a backslide

    2/11/2018 8:29:41 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I started working with a nutritionist in early January-the first Monday after the new year. Since then, it’s been pretty easy. But this week, I struggled with intense cravings for junk food. What was easy to say no to was now the only thing on my mind. And I got mad that I couldn’t eat it. In an... Read more

  • The problem with thinking

    2/11/2018 10:19:22 AM, by HOPE4TODAY2

    Yay my first blog post, now what do I say and how can it inspire others? I woke up this morning saying I'm not going to think, I'm just going to do. While taking nothing away from Nikki and their "just do it" motto. I will give them kudo's because they have something here. For me if I think ... Read more

  • Feel it to heal it

    2/10/2018 8:20:08 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I will not shove down my emotions with food I will not hide behind a food hangover to avoid seeing friends and being out in public I will not make myself sick and self sabotage my health goals No matter what my circumstances are And if I do, I will forgive myself and move f... Read more

  • Bad week

    2/10/2018 2:25:19 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I had a bad last half of the week. My job was really stressing me out. I used to think I’d stay with this company for years, but now I’m to the point that, at my 1 year anniversary (If my team dynamic does not drastically improve, which I’m trying to help facilitate every day), I’m plann... Read more

  • A camera man was at our water aerobics class! Oh no!

    2/10/2018 4:13:34 AM, by CTUPTON

    272 237 I think he tricked us. 40 He set up the video camera but walked away. Then he did some lighting measurements and other things. After those activities he never did look into the video camera ! He just packed it up and left! I have a feeling it was running for awhile. I think the checki... Read more

  • 6 month Dermatologist visit.

    2/10/2018 4:02:31 AM, by CTUPTON

    Not a bad appointment. Second surgery on my lip is healed. That spot came back. Yuk! He froze a few spots on my face. Yuk. But he froze a wart under my chin which the old dermatologist would not touch. that guy said it would need surgery and insurance would not pay because it is cosmetic surger... Read more

  • To slow down our cat's eating!

    2/10/2018 3:40:41 AM, by CTUPTON

    Our cat, Cujo, wants food all the time (like me!). To slow down his eating, I got this thing. His paws are a little big for it. He can't use the round clear things at all. Darn. And he had to learn to put his paws in a certain way between the pegs and rows. I have not tried the ... Read more

  • It has been snowing for days and days!

    2/10/2018 3:15:48 AM, by CTUPTON

    But the snow is light and fluffy and not too much wind. And many days it gets warm and actually melts the snow so it mostly disappears! We are on the 2nd floor. We have a nice view of a grassy hill and a row of evergreen trees. Those trees look like a Christmas card right now! 446 but no ... Read more

  • Don't stop--I do like this song.

    2/9/2018 3:10:23 PM, by CTUPTON

    [Verse 1] Get up on the dance floor, everything is grooving Get up on the dance floor, got to see you moving Let the music shake you, let the rhythm take you Feel it in your body, sing la dee da dee [Chorus] Don't stop doing what you're doing baby Don't stop, keep moving, keep groov... Read more

  • weekend eating

    2/9/2018 7:01:30 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    It’s always been hardest for me to stay on track during the weekends. I could stay strict and on course during the week and then binge and restrict on weekends, consume a ton of alcohol, eat only a box of Mac and cheese all day or devour a bag of chicken nuggets and french fries in one sitting. We... Read more

  • Give yourself a pat on the back!

    2/7/2018 3:42:12 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Birthday

    2/7/2018 1:48:16 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I turned 38 on Monday. My Mom and I went to Monterey to celebrate. We had a blast. The weather was perfect. We hit every bookstore in town!!! It was so much fun. I came home, got sick and my exercise machine broke, waaaaa!!!!! So I'm back at work, but am not feeling 100 percent yet. I wasn't tr... Read more

  • do or do not, there is no try

    2/6/2018 6:15:15 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    Yoda said it best; do or do not, there is no try. I never thought I could give up dairy, but I did it. I never thought I could give up gluten, but I did it. I never thought I could give up soda, but I did it. I stopped saying, I’m trying to eat better and I actually ate better. I stopped saying ... Read more

  • Custom Heirloom Photo quilt - wish me luck

    2/6/2018 10:36:31 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I am trying to raise funds to help with the purchase/build of my own food truck for my gluten fre baking business. I've decided to employ some of my other skills to help with this. I am offering raffle tickets for a chance to win a custom made photo quilt. The winner chooses 6-12 photos the... Read more

  • you’re so vain

    2/5/2018 6:27:52 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I hate how vain I am. I hate how I focus so much on the imperfections with my skin, the dark circles under my eyes or my terrible eyebrows. I hate that I worry constantly about having bouncy hair, lips that aren’t chapped and nails that are perfectly manicured. I spend too much time focusing on ... Read more

  • perspective

    2/4/2018 9:50:50 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    There is a saying, “first world problems” that is said in jest because we are all (for the most part) very blessed and after hearing it said the other day really hit home. It reminded me I complain about the silliest things. I complain about a messy house, but we can afford our bills and the stuff... Read more

  • NSV blood sugar under control! Anxiety down!

    2/3/2018 4:12:03 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    The pharmacy called to ask if I wanted to script-sync my medications and I got to tell them I’m no longer taking any of the diabetes or anxiety meds 😎 My blood sugar is stable for the first time in years, And I feel better than I’ve ever felt Today I’m going for a hike and then maki... Read more

  • update ... may be TMI

    2/3/2018 10:34:52 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm slowly starting to feel better. I've been fighting a cold since I've been home in addition to this depression. But the past two days I'm starting to see how it might be possible to fight my way back to health. I've finally opened up and told a few people just how ugly and black it's bee... Read more

  • a little bit about me

    2/3/2018 9:08:38 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    Now that I’m back on SparkPeople, I get to re-connect with old friends and make a bunch of new ones. I figured I should share a bit of who I am and what’s going on in my life now: My name is Jessica I am 28 years old I am married to an amazing man I work full time as an operations specialist at ... Read more

  • don’t yuck my yum

    2/2/2018 8:05:49 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    We have a saying at work, “don’t yuck my yum” We all like different things because we are all such different people. Sometimes we get wrapped up in what works for us that we want to preach and tell others what they are doing wrong. Unless someone is doing something that is dangerous, do not say ... Read more

  • what you focus on

    2/1/2018 8:12:41 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I almost started this blog by saying “today was a tough day” but in all reality, that’s not true. This morning the scale jumped up a few lbs, I got to jump on a trampoline although the video of said jumping is quite horrifying, I totaled that I was able to raise $300+ for the American Heart Associ... Read more

  • No more metallic taste

    1/31/2018 10:59:03 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, no more metallic taste in my mouth. Saw my regular doctor on Monday and he thought it was some of my teeth that were broken. Well, he was wrong. It was anxiety. Sometime between seeing him and seeing my lung doctor that day, the metallic taste disappeared. I have been having a lot of anxiety h... Read more

  • my love for yoga

    1/31/2018 7:23:33 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    In 2014 at 25 years old I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I went from being an active hair stylist and Zumba instructor to practically bedridden and forced to find a desk job. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Bartonella. I finally had answers for my muscle pain, fatigue, brain fog, a... Read more

  • time will pass anyway

    1/30/2018 7:09:45 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    2 of our 3 vacations have been planned for this year 🎉 I am super excited! The first will be a trip to Arizona to see my family and the second is a trip to the Outer Banks with my husband to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and his birthday. After daydreaming about these trips, my brain immediatel... Read more

  • A really good day!!!!

    1/29/2018 10:06:21 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Today I ate keto, felt great all day at work, had green tea and lots of veggies, and had enough energy to hit the gym! I feel like I’m really transforming and my energy levels and emotions are steady and high. So glad I started this diet! Now I’m going to sleep 9 hours and have a rest day... Read more

  • update

    1/29/2018 1:08:24 PM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm finally getting over this cold. and my tattoo and piercings are healing nicely. i had my one forearm tattoo added to. Added rosary beads and roses. I love it. It's healing beautifully the middle piercing is the new one. Actually, they were done years ago, but they were cro... Read more

  • mentally strong

    1/29/2018 7:30:24 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    Some days I feel so overwhelmed by life and it brings me down. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who reminds me of my strength. I’ve been in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I’ve been harassed, stalked, bullied and attacked. I’ve struggled with multiple health issues, family... Read more

  • I’m not setting goals

    1/28/2018 2:06:21 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I don’t have any goals or mini-goals. This time, my focus is not on the number on my scale or fitting into a specific jean size but significantly improving my overall health. Yes, losing weight is an important key to my overall health but it’s not the only piece to the puzzle. This time I refuse to ... Read more

  • Down 20 lbs in 2018 so far!!!

    1/28/2018 12:33:23 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    GUYS! I’m under 400 lb and I can use my scale again :) 398.2, to be exact. I’VE LOST 20 LB IN 2018! Most of it in the last week on the ketogenic diet. I’m still eating at least 2000 cal per day, and am not starving myself or over-exercising. Going to keep it up and see how far I can... Read more

  • Been a long time

    1/28/2018 9:58:55 AM, by COLOGRAMMY

    Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. Lots has happened in the past years. Big problems with stomach, gall bladder surgery. I found a lump in my breast on 12-1-2016 and diagnosed with invasive, ductal carcinoma of the left breast. So, last year was a very rough year but I am a 1 ... Read more

  • the hardest thing for me to talk about

    1/27/2018 9:03:46 PM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I have always wanted to be a mom. My mother made my childhood so magical, and I have always pictured a life with a family. Lyme Disease threw a big ole wrench in my dreams. It’s a topic that’s very hard for me to talk about and almost always makes me cry. If I don’t treat for Lyme while pregnant... Read more

  • Rest day, keto diet day 4

    1/27/2018 3:11:13 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I’m on day 4 of the ketogenic diet (very low carb, high fat, moderate protein). So far it seems to be going really well! I feel good mentally and physically, the pain is much reduced (barely even any at all!), and I’m losing a lot of water weight. I’m trying to get as much low carb veggies and be... Read more

  • slow and steady wins the race

    1/26/2018 7:17:24 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    In my previous attempts to lose weight, I would always set unrealistic goals. I would practically set myself up for failure with my “game plan”. Slow and steady was not an option. Fast and furious was what I thought I had to do. Obviously, it never worked out really well. Working with a nutritioni... Read more

  • Day 25

    1/25/2018 8:30:55 AM, by MCLAYTON24

    I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm still chugging along. I've definitely been struggling. I've been dealing with chronic headaches and sometimes migraines. I've been working with my GP (General Physician) to try and find some relief. He gave me a med that is supposed to prevent them. He just upped ... Read more

  • confessions of a shopaholic

    1/25/2018 7:30:14 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I love to shop. I am very possibly addicted to shopping. I could spend hours online window shopping and saving pins to my fashion boards. Earrings, jewelry, accessories, crossbody bags, vests, flare jeans, boots...I am obsessed with it all! But this body is not fun to dress. I’m always trying to... Read more

  • My review of a book written by a friend.

    1/24/2018 3:36:29 PM, by CTUPTON

    My own review of this book. 20 I am delighted that I have gotten to know this author. She is now a dear friend. And I am awed by her depth of understanding of human emotions. chris THUS BOUND is a dense book filled with the ongoing up and down strong emotions of immigrant extended famili... Read more

  • 3rd writing assignment: topic who has influenced me

    1/24/2018 2:44:44 PM, by CTUPTON

    January 2018 3rd Writing assignment: Who influenced me? Without a doubt who influenced me were my students. All of them had to make their way in this crazy world with the disadvantage of being Deaf with a capital D, meaning born with a profound hearing loss in both ears. I taught Deaf with S... Read more

  • St. Anthony is great!

    1/24/2018 2:25:56 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am constantly--for many, many years trying to sort my stuff. UGH! I found at least 3 important things today! 458 I have started to pay someone to help me--mostly--sort this disorganized stuff. Once a week she comes for an hour. I try to have a task ready for her--but 2 weeks now I have... Read more

  • Finally got on the scale...

    1/23/2018 11:08:02 PM, by COUPONANGELTERI

    I have been avoiding the scale. I really was worried about what I was going to see on my first weigh in since i restarted this past week. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had not gained weight over the holidays. I am slowly making my way back into the program. I am tracking food at least o... Read more

  • Keto, the first 3 weeks

    1/23/2018 10:02:14 AM, by JPREKOPA32605

    It's been a long time since I've found something that actually works for me. I'd reached a point where I needed to lose weight or I knew I wouldn't be around to see my daughter in her adult life, or at least wouldn't be able to enjoy it. I was seriously contemplating weightloss surgery, and if my... Read more

  • Another successful day

    1/23/2018 8:42:07 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    (Pic is an underground sinkhole in Cancun, where I want to visit next year!) I met all of my goals yesterday! I woke up today feeling great because I ate well and exercised :) My lower back and hip are sore but they aren’t terrible.. I’ll take some anti inflammatories, stretch them lat... Read more

  • will it happen this time?

    1/23/2018 7:09:36 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    Laying in bed last night, I began to question myself and asked, will this time be the time I hit my goal? I know the answer is yes. I know the answer is yes because I know how hard it’s going to be, but it’s harder looking back over the past 12 months upset that I didn’t follow through. I know th... Read more

  • Water inside foods keep us full longer than drinking water!

    1/22/2018 4:08:17 PM, by CTUPTON

    from an SP article: 198 Just drinking a glass of water along with the meal does not provide the same degree of satiety. Research has shown that to reduce hunger and boost fullness, the water has to be in the food. Why? Because there are separate mechanisms in the brain to con... Read more

  • My Drinks for Cold Weather

    1/22/2018 10:41:04 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    Well the sun was shining most of the day yesterday, but it was still cold and a bit breezy. My phone said it was 17 degrees when I walked home from work at 8:30pm. All I wanted was a cup of tea and to curl up with a book till I fell asleep. I got today off, and seeing as I still wake up ea... Read more

  • I am not throwing away my shot!

    1/22/2018 7:18:22 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    I’m soooo happy, it’s been in the 40’s and 50’s for the last few days and all the ice and snow are almost gone :) I fell two more times early last week, which made my back really start hurting. It was a miserable week and I did some comfort eating. I had a massage on Saturday that seems ... Read more

  • my weight has always been an issue

    1/22/2018 7:16:28 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    I remember being very young, maybe only 5 or 6, and I was at a sleepover. The girls kept playing dress up and there were these beautiful princess dresses. I couldn’t fit. I remember feeling so left out. In Elementary School, I was the chubby girl. I was relentlessly teased. My sister proudly brags... Read more

  • it’s all mental

    1/21/2018 9:58:40 AM, by SHINEFROMWITHIN

    The hardest part of this journey for me is all mental. The truth is, I have all the control. I just have to take control of my mind. I control what I purchase at the grocery store. I control what I put in my mouth. I control what I get to eat every day. I control what I think. I control what I let... Read more