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  • Taking a Sparkpeople break to deal with family problems.

    7/31/2015 9:30:43 AM, by CTUPTON

    Prayers for hubby's health, daughter's problems (age 33) and my ability to hang in there. Thank you all for support you provided in the past and now. "All will be well." chris... Read more

  • I know I've had a good workout when...

    7/28/2015 7:21:38 AM, by ABBYANDYNME

    my clothes have to be thrown in the laundry room because they stink too badly to leave in the hamper in the bedroom!... Read more

  • Zucchini Pizza

    7/25/2015 7:50:19 PM, by CTUPTON

    Zucchini Pizzas....Low carb! Ingredients: Zucchini Olive Oil... weird-- I cut and pasted into MS Word but 3 times I cannot put the rest of the recipe into this blog! 24 ... Read more

  • Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Not Heard???

    7/25/2015 11:35:06 AM, by PATTYR81

    I've just come to realize that I've been feeling this way for a LONG time! 234 It seems like my kids (almost ALL of the time), DH and at work (some times) totally discount what I say. Kids (14, 21, 26) will ignore my requests to do stuff and outright disobey my directives (think request... Read more

  • Nighttime snacking

    7/24/2015 10:15:04 PM, by MREE777

    my nemesis.... Did fairly well with my eating during the day, but then I got off of work a little early. My roommate wanted to go to chick fil a. Okay, I know exactly how many carbs are in the 6 piece chicken nuggets. What should have happened: get off of work, go for a walk, get c... Read more

  • Zen and the art of pool time

    7/24/2015 7:35:48 PM, by SOULFISH80

    It's been swimming, water aerobics and various strokes of treading water for me every day, often multiple times a day. Yesterday we didn't go out because there was a fire nearby the night before and the air quality was still pretty terrible. I am praying that tonight things are back to normal, and I... Read more

  • Tonight's Dinner

    7/23/2015 11:11:53 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    Sorry for the blurry picture. I went out with a group of co-workers again. Tonight I had a dinner salad with salmon on top. Some of my coworkers had a burgers or Reuben sandwiches & onion rings. We will be super busy soon from the Sturgis Rally, so probably won't be able to get out f... Read more

  • Hubby's last day in the hospital then to rehab but... he phones me hysterically!

    7/23/2015 6:44:44 AM, by CTUPTON

    Yesterday when I saw him and last night when he phoned me--he was very, very fearful. The hospital people are not seeing this side of him. With them is absolutely fine. This is a new experience for me. I don't know what to think. The last 2 months he has been in and out of the ER... Read more

  • Thank you all for the ideas for a device for (handicapped ) hubby to have music available!

    7/22/2015 10:46:31 AM, by CTUPTON

    IPOD shuffle or the "nano" thing sound better than a phone. I don't have a phone for him. thank you everyone! 220 304 220 304 220 304... Read more

  • Botanic Gardens Visit

    7/22/2015 1:19:54 AM, by FANCYQTR

    I spent an enjoyable day at the Denver Botanic Gardens today. An adventure getting down there since they didn't have any parking places. I took the buses going down and didn't know where to get the second bus. Finally found a lady who knew where the stop was and talked with her for a while. Reac... Read more

  • I need a device hubby can use for music.

    7/21/2015 6:29:14 AM, by CTUPTON

    I see people all the time with a small device for music--with earphones. At the health club people wear them on their arm. Hubby has use of only one hand and arm (stroke in 2006). What would be the very easiest device for him to use? I guess I or someone would have to load songs... Read more

  • Lymph drainage treatments and leg wrapping--it is working

    7/21/2015 6:09:45 AM, by CTUPTON

    Lymph drainage treatments and leg wrapping is working. It is not fun and it takes time but my leg swelling is down and best of all my leg pain is down! 224 I have been going twice a week--Monday and Thursday to get the special massage and have my left leg wrapped. The left leg has been more... Read more

  • 21 Day Fix- will it fix my health rut?

    7/20/2015 9:55:17 PM, by CHOCOHOLIC2276

    Well I've been up and down this weight loss merry go round and have been stuck here on the high end for what feels like years (might actually be years....) It seems like little health issues cause me to lose motivation and fall back on unhealthy habits. What' seems to work lately is starvation or ge... Read more

  • A New Week

    7/19/2015 12:10:02 PM, by FITMAMA_

    So this past week wasn't great. Ok... so it wasn't that good either. I had to work 3 overnights in a row which totally screws me up. I have limited nursing coverage for my daughter, so I had to sleep while she had care. Unfotunately that means I didn't have time for a workout. Eating wasn't te... Read more

  • Morning adventures: Pterodactyls on my left, Cervidae on my right.

    7/19/2015 9:12:47 AM, by ODAT1117

    So I went for a bike ride this morning instead of a walk. About a mile from home, a big momma deer (Cervidae) turned around from where she was - heading to the left on the left side of the road - and crossed the road right in front of me heading into the field on the right. Silly deer changing... Read more

  • If you want more info about stretching muscles by alternating contraction and relaxations.

    7/19/2015 7:40:46 AM, by CTUPTON
    e-improving-rom/... Read more

  • This helped the most to stretch my front thigh muscle. PNF stretching at the chiropractor.

    7/19/2015 7:31:41 AM, by CTUPTON

    I cannot bend my right knee after recuperation from shoulder surgery. The chiropractor said the quad muscle had shortened. He did the following technique. And now the knee bends 90 degrees-but alas not more. I am still working on it. Other physical therapists have done this technique on my sh... Read more

  • Lunch

    7/19/2015 5:27:23 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    This was my lunch on Friday, in the employee dining room. The chicken had a bit of a "kick" to it, but it was still pretty good.. I also had a small dessert bowl of vanilla ice cream with diced pineapple on top of it. ... Read more

  • Dealing with stress

    7/18/2015 8:27:34 PM, by OLDEROWL

    The one choice to remember when you are stressed is to be happy no matter what your circumstances. Practice being grateful. Even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances, spend at least 15 seconds of every hour to be grateful for those things that have brought you happiness in the past an... Read more

  • Funny bird pictures....

    7/18/2015 1:09:07 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Have a chuckle....

    7/18/2015 12:16:09 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • What a difference 2lbs can make!

    7/18/2015 9:44:33 AM, by MREE777

    I confess; I ate way over my carbs yesterday. I fully expected to have gained weight today. Instead, I was down 2lbs! That was so encouraging to me that I ended up doing stretches, 50 crunches, and a light arm workout. (I've been slacking off on doing any exercise since I developed the tendinit... Read more

  • SP article: Talk Yourself into Reaching your Goals

    7/18/2015 7:33:22 AM, by CTUPTON
    otivation_articles.asp?id=838 1. Don't say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to someone else. 224 It’s pretty amazing how we think it’s appropriate to treat ourselves in ways that we wouldn’t dream of treating a friend, or even a stranger... Read more

  • my first " meal: Pulled Chicken Sliders with coleslaw

    7/17/2015 9:56:51 PM, by CTUPTON

    Delicious but very messy to eat! Cute little brioche buns that hold almost nothing in! Cutting and toasting the cut sides made them very tasty I have to admit. And using coleslaw instead of something like tomatoes on a sandwich was delicious. I would never have thought of that! Pulled chicken w... Read more

  • sad

    7/17/2015 2:40:01 PM, by KBANDY2

    Well I have been a member for almost 5 years now. I haven't been consistent. I have gone from a 28 to a 18 but I've been stuck for a few years now. I need to find that modivation and continue and reach my gaols. It's just so hard to find the time and the strength through the day. I'm a nanny and th... Read more

  • someone else's description of HelloFresh meals......

    7/17/2015 11:36:21 AM, by CTUPTON
    t-free-box-coupon/... Read more

  • $40 off your first HelloFresh order and I get $20 off my order for the week!

    7/17/2015 11:19:39 AM, by CTUPTON

    Go to Use this code to get the deal: E78Q3Q They set you up with 3 dinners, but you can reject one and pick a different one. My order is for 2 people/ e different dinners. Cold packs are in the box when it arrives at your door. You prepare the meal from those in... Read more

  • Is this me talking back to the higher ups at hubby's ER????

    7/17/2015 9:30:49 AM, by CTUPTON

    They kept hubby in the hospital to do tests! 244 At first they were sending him directly to rehab--and not finding out what is wrong with him! 198 A great visiting nurse told me what to say to them so they would keep him. It worked! 58 I never "talked back" to doctors before--well you never get ... Read more

  • TV interview and the article about our local heroes

    7/17/2015 8:42:40 AM, by ODAT1117

    Yeah, so it's just local cable TV but it was kind of fun and the most important part is that we got some GOOD news out there in the media. The article is pretty dramatized but the video from the interview is not bad, and you get to see our happy old dog there. I'm really grateful for that. So, ... Read more

  • Not Just for Skinny Girls!

    7/16/2015 11:14:17 PM, by SOHLT4ME

    I nearly cried in Pilates class yesterday. I went to my first class last week, and it was challenging but okay. It's a beginner class, and the instructor, a tiny petite little thing who probably never had an extra ounce on her body, took it nice and slow, explaining the movements, and I could ... Read more

  • More fun...topic chopping vegetables

    7/16/2015 9:01:17 PM, by CTUPTON

    I got my first box of meals today. I have not made any of the 3 meals yet. chris... Read more

  • Beginning again

    7/16/2015 8:39:40 PM, by MCUNNINGHAM12

    I keep trying new things and they work but I can't stick to them. So.... I'm going to try this the old fashioned way and count calories. I can eat almost what I want but be mindful and track. It makes me think about what I eat before I eat it. So here is to another beginning. ... Read more

  • Beginning again

    7/16/2015 8:36:07 PM, by MCUNNINGHAM12

    I keep trying new things and they work but I can't stick to them. So.... I'm going to try this the old fashioned way and count calories. I can eat almost what I want but be mindful and track. It makes me think about what I eat before I eat it. So here is to another beginning. ... Read more

  • Dump closed on Thursdays!! Huh?

    7/16/2015 12:27:04 PM, by CTUPTON

    I drove a van full of trash and recyclables to the dump. Big gate across the entrance! Why did I have to pick a Thursday to do this. I will be visiting hubby in the hospital. Van will be parked by an attendant. How will I explain this! chris Pe--ew!... Read more

  • Filling summer salad

    7/16/2015 7:21:29 AM, by CTUPTON

    From Jenny Sugar, POPSUGAR Fitness Summer Salad This salad is all about the veggies, more like a salsa-meets-salad without a traditional dressing. But if you prefer your salad dressed, whip up this lime vinaigrette [2]. It also tastes better after marinating in the lime juice for ... Read more

  • Plant based diet

    7/16/2015 6:03:44 AM, by TARAFALLOWS

    Next Steps:- Commit to shopping every few days and buying fresh ingredients each day. Take a multivitamin, magnesium, calcium and iron supplement whilst on plan. Read up on pros and cons Develop nutrition and healthy weight loss plans for the future i.e. Breakfast = Juice veg! and ... Read more

  • goal setting

    7/14/2015 8:42:28 AM, by MREE777

    there's a good article on SP about goal setting this morning. I admire those who can set a long term goal and work their way to it. I'm not one of them. For me the goals have to be very short term in order to motivate me. Unfortunately, I'm someone who is easily distracted and easily dis... Read more

  • Atkins website

    7/13/2015 11:30:13 AM, by MREE777

    So, I'm trying to plan what to cook for the week. The Atkins website has this really cool option where you can add recipes to a weekly meal planner and it will tell you exactly what ingredients you need to buy and how many carbs are in each serving. GREAT! Just what I need! Except that one o... Read more

  • Sunday - Run Up

    7/12/2015 5:21:01 PM, by TARAFALLOWS

    Juicer arrived - Very nice machine, quite large but easy to clean and juices well. Tried out the juicer on my family: Cucumber 1/4, Watermelon - 3 x slices and Apples x 2 - It was delicious! Today I have increased my fruit/salad intake. Nectarine, Banana, Orange, Tomatoes, Carrots,... Read more

  • The Fight to get Stronger

    7/12/2015 12:01:20 PM, by FITMAMA_

    My body started rebelling again about 3 years ago. It was like a reminder to me that just because I became healthy and was feeling good, that doesn’t mean it would last that way. You see I have Lupus and other multiple autoimmune diseases and they can rule your life. You may say that they don... Read more

  • low carb

    7/12/2015 8:33:18 AM, by MREE777

    About 8 weeks ago I started the Atkins diet. I followed what I knew of the diet and made adjustments as I went. I noticed the other day that the way I grocery shop has changed. This is a great thing. Then I went on vacation. I had decided beforehand that I would allow myself to eat the ... Read more

  • Recipes

    7/11/2015 5:17:21 PM, by TARAFALLOWS

    LIVER DETOXIFIER 6-7 Kale leaves 1 whole cucumber 4-5 celery stalks 2 small-medium green apples 1/2 lemon 1/2 inch ginger root HUG in a JUG Ingredients including pulp - Blender •1 cup baby spinach •1/2 cup cucumber •1 stalk celery, cut into chunks •1/2 medi... Read more

  • Juice Recipes

    7/11/2015 5:16:18 PM, by TARAFALLOWS

    LIVER DETOXIFER 6-7 Kale leaves 1 whole cucumber 4-5 celery stalks 2 small-medium green apples 1/2 lemon 1/2 inch ginger root... Read more

  • Creating a life filled with supportive friends

    7/11/2015 1:53:36 PM, by OLDEROWL

    The most healthy relationships are those where respect and support is freely given and received. If you continually fid yourself in a pattern of relationships where you feel let down and not supported, perhaps you could look at the one common denominator of that pattern over which you have control... Read more

  • Local heroes and the day our dog almost died

    7/11/2015 8:38:45 AM, by ODAT1117

    It was Monday, June 29, 2015, when it happened. Our dog is a rescued Red Lab. We think he's about 10 1/2 and we adopted him when he was 2. He had been running wild for an extended period of time as evidenced by a big abscess on his side, protruding ribs, worn-to-the-nub toe nails, and even the la... Read more

  • the journey

    7/11/2015 8:20:42 AM, by MREE777

    I decided before I went on vacation that I was going to re-evaluate my diet and determine the next steps when I got home. I have been eating low carb and I will continue to do this. It's the most effective way I've found to lose the weight and have been able to maintain a low carb diet for 7... Read more

  • Noooo

    7/10/2015 12:13:45 PM, by SOULFISH80

    It never fails, when I write a blog, and lose it, I am peeved. Which is me, right now. My goals right now are to follow the SP suggested guidlines as closely as possible. I know that I will not be able to scale the highest mountain tomorrow, or ever......but that's OK. Mom is bringing over ... Read more

  • New medicine is helping

    7/10/2015 10:34:34 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, the new medicines are helping. Since Monday, I've lost 4 pounds. It has helped my legs a lot but not much. At least they're not as bloated as they were a week ago. I'm just glad that I'm not taking as much as my dad. Dad takes 60mgs of the water pill in the morning and in the afternoon and 4 o... Read more

  • vacation

    7/9/2015 7:36:04 PM, by MREE777

    ate my way through the week...back to work tomorrow! Here are a few pix San Antonio River Walk San Antonio Museum of Art Farrah and Yasmin ... Read more

  • Taking some new medicines

    7/8/2015 3:28:40 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I'm taking some new medicines but not for the headaches or shortness of breath. My legs have been bloated since my dad took me to the emergency room back in March and the doctor didn't do anything about it until I mentioned it when I got the results of the PFT. He wanted me to decrease my sodium int... Read more

  • Fi sighed 'her Heart His Home' book 5

    7/7/2015 8:42:07 PM, by KARENGROSS

    Ready for the next book... Read more

  • Try searching images for "burqini."

    7/7/2015 7:46:36 PM, by CTUPTON

    Wow! I never would have imagined anything like this existed. It was on my FB page from a friend. chris... Read more

  • I changed the goals on my start page. Re: recently just too much to do that I can't control.

    7/6/2015 10:28:06 PM, by CTUPTON

    550 91 237 216 I had great goals on my start page. They were great for controlling my weight. Like focusing on vegetables, water, exercise, etc. They were worded as "smart goals" 58 with reasonable expectations and a very clear way to tell if I met the goal. But since hubby went into... Read more

  • motivation

    7/6/2015 5:25:36 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • How To Adjust Car Mirrors

    7/6/2015 5:21:58 PM, by IMAVISION

    202 433 202 433 202 433 202 433 202 433 Eliminate the blind spot! 104 God bless you with safe travel when you are behind the steering wheel or riding along as a passenger! 202 433 202 433 202 433 202 433 202 433
    ror-ad... Read more

  • Out For An Adventure To Prove Something To Myself....

    7/6/2015 10:29:30 AM, by STRONGNFIERCE

    I'm the kind of girl who bites off more than she can chew. I'm the kind of girl who goes big or goes home. I'm the kind of girl who is on the wagon or off the wagon. I'm the kind of girl who when she was off the wagon she was off. I'm the kind of girl who felt like a failure when I was off... Read more

  • One more from Alice Walker....

    7/5/2015 10:18:34 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • From the book: Color Purple

    7/5/2015 10:13:42 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Time to eat all those delicious fresh, local veggies !

    7/5/2015 9:33:57 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Something to give you a "warm fuzzy"

    7/5/2015 9:32:29 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Two July 4th Gifts for You!

    7/4/2015 2:06:19 PM, by IMAVISION

    195 232 283 195 232 283 195 232 283 195 232 Happy July 4th, 2015! 232 283 God bless America! 283 195 God bless you & all those you love! 195 232 283 195 232 283 195 232 283 195 232 A short (3 minutes) & beautifully put clip - well worth the time ... Read more

  • Make a Salad Meal

    7/3/2015 1:42:58 AM, by IMAVISION

    550 551 550 551 550 551 550 551 550 551 \o/ \o/ Praising & thanking our Creator, my Heavenly Father, for His most wonderful provision of fresh vegetables & fruits to make into all sorts of healthy food choices. \o/ \o/ 550 551 550 551 550 551 550 551 550 551 ... Read more


    7/3/2015 12:33:30 AM, by STESSOUTCHICK

    why is it so hot? I need a pool in my living room... Read more

  • Results of 3rd test

    7/2/2015 9:42:49 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I got the results of the PFT test today. The test showed something abnormal but I'm not sure what though. I have to see a lung doctor on August 19th t see what's going on. Dad had me in the emergency room this past Saturday. I was having trouble breathing. They said that I had pleurisy but my ... Read more


    7/2/2015 2:24:24 PM, by STESSOUTCHICK

    people as I look around, I find that everything in my life needs to be put together. But I feel overwhelmed and overcome with lots of depression. my fur babies are still thoughing their litter on the bathroom floor still dont have my own businss and my car wont go from point a to... Read more

  • Kickboxing class Kicks BUTT!

    7/2/2015 12:39:38 PM, by SUNSHINEYRAIN

    I have been trying to move more and build muscle but on my own I am never quite sure if I am doing enough or doing the excerpts right, so I saw this Titalboxing place- you know the place right next to the great pizza place my kids love-I looked it up and called to book a free "shot". The bonus, my k... Read more

  • Ignore the naysayers!

    7/2/2015 7:31:34 AM, by CTUPTON

    "So she wants to fly. And she thinks she has a butterfly inside. And that business about focusing and goals! Ha! Ha! Ha!"... Read more

  • un plug now!

    7/1/2015 12:11:22 PM, by STESSOUTCHICK

    Ok so I just got the internet fixed, Still plaaying the litter maid! GRRRRRRRRR! Really?!!! and now, AND NOW THE DAME CAR IS ACTING UP!!!!!! My dad said that I need to save my money!!! really!!!! what does that mean? can the blasted the be fixed or not? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The pes... Read more