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  • DAY 126

    6/24/2016 11:01:07 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Well I finally accomplished all my goals today! 1. Woke up @ 5 am 2. Did 82 minutes of fitness 3. Stayed within my macros & calorie range 4. Got my fiber, (had a salad) 5. Walked 10,000 steps 6. Drank 128 oz. of water. That's a gallon people! First time I ever did that!! I'm feeling pretty go... Read more

  • Mad cat after his bath!

    6/24/2016 7:10:16 PM, by CTUPTON

    Bob is ignoring DD, his owner, and me, too. Bob went to DH because we just gave him a bath and he is mad at us. DH was reading the paper! Now the newspaper is wet, too. chris... Read more

  • Hubby's wheelchair is driving me crazy! Lots of aggravating noises, etc.

    6/24/2016 6:50:12 PM, by CTUPTON

    His only movement is riding around the house. Back and forth. Back and forth. There is not much room or variety: at the table then at his computer desk then at the TV to flip channels, then to the bedroom and back. Sometimes outside. He continually makes the chair recline and sit up straight --... Read more

  • DAY 125

    6/23/2016 11:33:03 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Had a really nice day with my boys. They're at an age when it's still cool to hang out with me & they hug me all the time & say "I Love You" at least 10 times a day. I'm cherishing these moments as another school year comes to an end. We're having a lazy summer with no camp & no schedules. A fir... Read more

  • Food tracker is now working. The "fix" using the iphone tracker for a few days.

    6/23/2016 9:14:30 AM, by CTUPTON

    Maybe using the iphone tracker for a few days jump started the computer SP Nutrition Tracker. Now I have a new way to enter foods. I am not a constant user of my iphone. Maybe this will push me in that direction. thanks for your support. chris... Read more

  • Perfect! Home water exercising!

    6/23/2016 7:55:59 AM, by CTUPTON

    What do you think? chris... Read more

  • DAY 124

    6/22/2016 10:31:59 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Today was the 1st day that I felt back on track in about a month. I just couldn't get my exercise coordinated with my eating. I must say I do a whole lot better when there is no temptations in the house. By that I mean any dessert or pizza. Cryptonite. Today was a weigh in for me. I gained. I'm... Read more

  • DAY 123

    6/21/2016 11:17:47 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Day 2 of Taebo & I actually sweat today. Forgot how motivating Billy can be. Can really feel the transfer of energy. It feels pretty good. After my workout I was wiped. I took a personal day & just relaxed. DH took the kids to dinner. I enjoyed my stressfree day. Went a little over my macros. Dra... Read more

  • DAY 122

    6/20/2016 10:44:13 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Last night I stayed up late reading a SP blog. This person's blog was really inspiring to me. Her journey was honest, funny & relatable. She has lost almost 100 lbs by exercising 5 days a week, making healthier food choices & portion control. No magic, just hard work & commitment. So today I du... Read more

  • This week's check in

    6/20/2016 10:40:06 AM, by MREE777

    As of this morning: Down 18lbs 3" in chest 4.5" in waist 4" in hips What I've realized this week: I need to increase water. I need to cut back salt. Fruit isn't going to hurt me or my diet goals. Sugar alcohols are to be avoided. Stevia and splenda are acceptable. ... Read more

  • Darn, my food tracker isn't working!

    6/20/2016 8:03:33 AM, by CTUPTON

    It might have not worked for months, but I was not using it. Now I want to make a new start and I need it. 39 I sent a message to tech people. We'll see what happens. The activity tracker isn't working either. Hmm... chris... Read more

  • DAY 121

    6/19/2016 9:05:55 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day!Finally finished watching the series Banshee on Cinemax. I thought it was a great show. Sad to see it end. Did some organizing around the house. Had a nice dinner with the family. Went over my macros. Drank all my water.... Read more

  • Thank you for all the many Birthday goodies and wonderful wishes!

    6/19/2016 3:16:11 PM, by CTUPTON

    I tried to respond to everyone, but I had to give up. There were too many of you. Love you all for enriching my life! chris... Read more

  • DAY 120

    6/18/2016 11:52:19 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Wishing all the fathers a Happy Father's Day! I am lucky to have as my heroes my father & my wonderful husband. Both strong examples for my 2 boys. Cleaned my house & stayed with my older son who is still recovering from surgery while DH & younger son went to a party at the neighbor's house. Binge... Read more

  • DAY 119

    6/17/2016 10:18:57 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Stayed up late binge watching a TV series. Haven't been on my computer at all. Still losing weight. Back on track. Had a great day. Stayed within macros & calorie range. Drank all my water.... Read more

  • Yesterday and today's planks

    6/17/2016 9:51:14 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, my planks are getting better. I am still a little shaky but that will get better as time goes by. Here's my planks from yesterday and today. 6-16-16 Plank #1: 15.37 seconds Plank #2: 15.50 seconds Plank #3: 15.56 seconds 6-17-16 Plank #1: 15.97 seconds Plank #2: 20.13... Read more

  • The green tea cup exercise

    6/17/2016 7:25:29 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Try this exercise out. Andy Shaw in his book "Using a Bug Free Mind" describes the result of imprinting your mind with the general image of a green, tea or coffee cup two times daily. Continue your life as you ordinary would during the rest of your day. If you do this faithfully, then you will wi... Read more

  • Happy Birthday to me!

    6/17/2016 12:14:32 PM, by CTUPTON

    My pool friends sang to me this morning. What fun! chris... Read more

  • DAY 118

    6/16/2016 11:55:22 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Today was a good day. Spent the day with my family & had good bonding moments. Even had some ice cream. Homemade dairy free. I'm sure not like the real thing, but good enough for me. The scale keeps moving down. Stayed within my macros. Drank all my water. Happy day!... Read more

  • Don't dispair, you have the power

    6/16/2016 9:43:51 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I haven't walked your journey, but I am sure you are a worthy and powerful person. God, or the universe, or however you define it made you human and as a member of the human race you have incredible power. If you lack confidence, it's not your fault that your mind is not trained to use your po... Read more

  • DAY 117 - DAY 41 P90 (SWEAT & ABS A)

    6/15/2016 11:36:35 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Woke up early. Had a weigh in today. Not bad only gained 2.5 lbs for the week & a half I wasn't tracking. And I really went off. I find I cannot have my favorite sweets in the house. I'm just not that strong. But they're almost gone. Hopefully by tomorrow they'll be eaten, but not by me. I exerci... Read more

  • My 2nd and 3rd Planks

    6/15/2016 9:27:13 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I got my 2nd and 3rd planks in for the day and starting to feel my stomach muscles. These 2 were a little longer than the first. My 2nd plank was 10.41 seconds long and I done that when we got home from my dad's chiropractor appointment and the 3rd plank was15.31 seconds long and did that one ... Read more

  • My first plank

    6/15/2016 1:05:32 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I did 1 plank this morning. I lasted 10.37 seconds. I'm not sure if that is good or bad for the first time though. I was starting to shake I was hoping to last until 15 seconds but I can work towards that. I am going to try it again this afternoon and before I go to bed. I am going to do it 3... Read more

  • Need to restart program

    6/15/2016 1:02:39 PM, by WILBRAGURL

    HELP! I have posted on My Chats four times, but have not had any help. I have not been well, and so have not been able to work out as usual, and have thus gained MORE weight. Now back on track, getting good p.t., but need to start Spark over. Can someone please help?... Read more

  • You mean I can make money writing about my struggle to declutter!

    6/15/2016 12:49:31 PM, by CTUPTON

    "Encounters with a professional declutterer, a Lacanian shrink, and Clutterers Anonymous—not to mention England’s most excessive hoarder—as well as explorations of the bewildering universe of new therapies and brain science, help Yourgrau navigate uncharted territory: clearing shelves, boxes, ... Read more

  • Bison Season

    6/15/2016 4:29:46 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    This guy decided to block traffic, which was ok because there was a whole herd ahead in the fog, walking in the road. While I was stopped in traffic, I was able to watch more bison on the hill next to the road. I was coming home from Cody, WY; where I found this artsy bison. There... Read more

  • DAY 116 - DAY 40 P90 (SCULPT A)

    6/14/2016 10:24:22 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Slowly getting myself back into my routine. My to-do list is a mile long & I have 2 weeks to accomplish it before we get back to work. But first I have to get my spark on. Past 2 days I've reached my goals. Now waiting for the energy to kick in. Goal for tomorrow is to not turn the TV on. The new... Read more

  • Belly exercises

    6/14/2016 9:42:16 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I know that I already posted a blog earlier but need help from all. Its my belly area. My legs and arms are getting smaller with walking and toning in those areas. But my belly isn't getting there as fast as the other two areas and I want to get that area smaller and slimmer. Here's what I want to d... Read more

  • Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel?

    6/14/2016 4:17:59 PM, by CTUPTON

    For a video
    er-Wheel-Standing-Desk/... Read more

  • Time management

    6/14/2016 1:08:00 PM, by CTUPTON

    vs ... Read more

  • Tip: for each day have 24 sheets in your date book...

    6/14/2016 12:59:39 PM, by CTUPTON

    Each sheet is divided into 1 minute intervals. The One Minute Maniac book. Enjoy! chris... Read more

  • Books: One Minute Manager vs One Minute Maniac

    6/14/2016 12:44:43 PM, by CTUPTON

    The One Minute Maniac is hilarious. The purpose is to waste no time at all by delegating everything and other tricks! chris... Read more

  • How to dress quickly...and not waste time

    6/14/2016 12:37:12 PM, by CTUPTON

    Sew the outfit together ahead of time. Slip it on all at once and button and zip up. DONE! from the Minute Maniac book... Read more

  • Lost 2 pounds and feeling wonderful

    6/14/2016 9:23:53 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, slowly the 12 pounds that I gained is coming off. I lost a pound between Sunday and yesterday. Well, between yesterday and today, I've lost 2 pounds. I ate somewhat healthy yesterday (my sodium intake was in the 200s yesterday) and I took the dog for 3 walks yesterday and did a workout DVD (Wa... Read more

  • DAY 115 - DAY 39 P90 (SWEAT & ABS A)

    6/13/2016 11:47:25 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Slept a little later than I wanted to, but I exercised as soon as I got up. Took measurements for the 1st time in this journey. Looking for non scale victories. Felt tired today. Restarted my LCHF today. Drank 10+ glasses of water & stayed within my macros.... Read more

  • Wait it out or call the doc

    6/13/2016 2:57:04 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    On Memorial Day I banged up my leg twice to where I have a bruise in the two spots. The smaller one is gone but the larger one is still there. Its lightened up to where it is almost healed but not quite yet. Should I wait it out or call the doc? I've never had a bruise last this long. I might wait w... Read more

  • How do I accept cookies from sparkpeople?

    6/13/2016 10:10:30 AM, by CTUPTON

    I did something and now have to log in to SP every time I change a page! I asked the techs. They said to accept cookies. I did that but SP still is not accepting cookies. chris... Read more

  • Time saving tip 1

    6/13/2016 10:05:27 AM, by CTUPTON

    When angry and counting to 10... use binary 0, 1, 10 DONE! from book "One Minute Maniac" chris... Read more

  • DAY 114

    6/12/2016 9:41:28 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Sadly woke up to the news of the senseless shootings in Orlando. Prayers for all the families. Allergies got the best of me today. Drank all my water & stayed within my macros.... Read more

  • June 2016 - I'm Back!

    6/12/2016 12:35:03 PM, by CHRISSYWINS

    I'm back again! I managed to get down to 165 lbs (15lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight with my first) before getting pregnant with baby #2, and only gained 15 lbs throughout the pregnancy. Unfortunately I am still up 10 lbs and I'm 7 months postpartum. It's way hard to lose any weight while breastfeed... Read more

  • DAY 113

    6/11/2016 10:57:53 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Got up early & spent the morning running errands. Brought my younger son with me & we spent some much needed quality time together. Had a great day together. Older son is improving day by day. His shoulder is feeling better & he's standing taller. Not leaning or favoring his right side where he h... Read more

  • Don't Give Up ~ Don't Give In ~ DO Give It All You've Got ~ (consistency - persistance)

    6/11/2016 10:25:30 PM, by ANDEEWI

    Not quite 8 months ago I began a 2-Year Journey to specific goals. But first - for those who have read much of my past, particularly the recent past, blogs; let me just say I'm still floundering a bit but I am adjusting and coming to a better place in accepting the sudden and unexpected changes... Read more

  • DAY 112

    6/10/2016 10:55:32 PM, by GOODLIL991

    This past week has been the 1st time since February that I haven't fully committed to SP & it shows. I haven't reached any of my goals. I'm slowly getting back into it, but old bad habits have crept back into my routine. This time has made me realize that I feel alot better when I follow my heal... Read more

  • one month in...

    6/10/2016 11:36:55 AM, by MREE777

    So, I dropped 14lbs in the first 15 days. Since then I've been up and down the same two pounds over and over. I read postings in a forum for people who've done low carb and stalled out. Everyone one of them recommended increasing carbs in the form of fruits and veggies, and cutting out all sugar ... Read more

  • DAY 111

    6/9/2016 11:04:52 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Woke up with a big hug from my son. He was in great spirits this morning. Then we were surprised to learn he was being discharged from the hospital today! Yesterday they took out his chest tube & he felt a lot better. He even walked for 20 minutes soon after. He was a little apprehensive about le... Read more

  • Good news about me and my dog

    6/9/2016 4:24:38 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I went to see my lung doctor yesterday. I was at 190 pounds yesterday (gained the 2 pounds that I lost the day before) and the scale at his office showed 196 pounds. He was happy about a few things. My asthma is going down to where its almost gone. I've been suffering from asthma since November 1978... Read more

  • DAY 110

    6/8/2016 11:12:47 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Today was a better day...... Read more

  • the knees....

    6/8/2016 10:57:08 AM, by MUSOLF6

    preparing to have finally my knee replacement surgery on June 29th. The pain is almost unbearable and walking is getting more difficult. But I spend most of my afternoons in the pool or Hot tub exercising my legs. I know I will have pain after the surgery, but it will eventually go away. Trying to b... Read more

  • DAY 109

    6/7/2016 10:16:04 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Today was a rough day. Watching someone you love in pain is not easy. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!... Read more

  • 7 pounds down, 5 more to go

    6/7/2016 11:35:53 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I've lost another 2 pounds bringing my weight down to 188 pounds since last week. I had a 12 pounds weight gain last month and last week I got 5 of those off. Yesterday I was at 190 pounds and today I'm at 188 pounds. I did a Walk Away The Pounds 5 miles DVD, walked home from the restaurant wh... Read more

  • DAY 108

    6/6/2016 11:05:46 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Got up @5:45. My son went to xrays @ 6:30 & into OR @7:30. We got to see him @ 3:30. His surgery was a success! He went from a 60°curve on his spine to 25° & as he grows should get even better. He had a fusionless surgery in which they installed 8 screws into his vertebrae & a tether. They went... Read more

  • 1 month in Yellowstone

    6/6/2016 3:22:00 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    Wow, hard to believe that I have been here a whole month. I like finding waterfalls around the park. I love seeing the bison roaming around everywhere except in the road. This is "Dragon's Mouth" in the mud volcano area. It's about 10 miles from my dorm. This area stinks worse the... Read more

  • DAY 107

    6/5/2016 11:05:27 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Woke up @ 6 am. Finished packing & out the door by 8. Made it to Philadelphia in 2.5 hours. We got very lucky & got a private room. They had a welcome basket with toiletries & a special sports blanket. Great reception. Spent about 3 hours in the game room. Played ping pong, foosball, air hockey,... Read more

  • DAY 106 - DAY 38 P90 (SCULPT A)

    6/4/2016 11:47:25 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Started my day a 5 am & have been on the go all day. Ran errands early. Hit Home Depot for the Build & Grow. Kids made a cell phone holder. Very cute. Then hit Costco @ 9:30. Wow, so many people lined up. I had no idea! I try to avoid crowds as much as I can & I picked the wrong day to it! Never... Read more

  • Two days of less fatigue! Hurray!

    6/4/2016 2:35:29 PM, by CTUPTON

    If this would last, I could actually keep up with most of my work. It is a huge "if" however. I am yesterday and today "digging out" from the unfinished tasks from the last 3 weeks. Each day I was doing a little, but things pile up. Like when I come home from any errands, I just don't g... Read more


    6/3/2016 11:42:12 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Started my day @ 5 am. Of course when I have to get up early, I can't shut my mind off & barely sleep. Got my exercise in, now it's really part of my routine. Had an early appointment for my yearly mammogram & all is well. Yay! Then 2 hours later went for my annual. Finally got in to see my favor... Read more

  • I asked my 2 supermarkets to stock the ice cream.

    6/3/2016 11:44:27 AM, by CTUPTON chocolate Reddi Whip-- hmmm... this sounds good, Too! Thanks! chris... Read more

  • corrected sugestion box link

    6/3/2016 11:41:45 AM, by CTUPTON
    help_suggestion_box.asp... Read more

  • DAY 104 - DAY 36 P90 (SCULPT A)

    6/2/2016 11:29:52 PM, by GOODLIL991

    I feel better when I get a full 8 hours of sleep. A lot more energy when I wake up. Since changing to a new scale there is a 2.5 lb difference.(in the wrong direction!) I didn't realize it yesterday. Just have to get used to it. Got a lot done today. Decluttered & deep cleaned ODS (older dear son)... Read more

  • Link to SP sugestion box.

    6/2/2016 4:16:39 PM, by CTUPTON
    help_sugge Every once in awhile I do have a suggestion in mind. I just wanted to have this handy. For one thing I miss the SP map. I could look at the map and see who was near my own location. chris... Read more

  • 5 down, 7 to go

    6/2/2016 8:09:13 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I was at 183 pounds about this time last month and then by the end of the month, I weighed 195 pounds. But out of the 12 pounds that I gained, I have lost 5 of those pounds. Plus I started my TOM yesterday. Some of you ladies know that you usually gain weight. I did but I lost the weight. I haven't ... Read more

  • DAY 103 - DAY 35 P90 (SWEAT & ABS A)

    6/1/2016 10:54:45 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Started my day late. First day of the BLC. I weighed in using my Fitbit Aria Scale. Took me half an hour to sync it. Realized finally, the Bluetooth wasn't on. Very nice. It synced to the Fitbit app & SP. So like everyone says, I don't have to manually enter them in the apps anymore. I adjusted my ... Read more

  • DAY 102 - DAY 34 P90 (SCULPT A)

    5/31/2016 11:51:20 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Woke up @ 6:30, drank lemon water & exercised. Was not into it at all. My hip was really hurting. Went about my day & around noonish, I felt achy from head to toe. I couldn't get to my bed fast enough & I passed out for a few hours. Got out of bed, but still achy. DH took the boys out for Taco T... Read more

  • DAY 101 - MEMORIAL DAY - DAY 33 - P90 (SWEAT & ABS A)

    5/30/2016 10:22:19 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Woke up at 7:30, drank lemon water & exercised. Made breakfast & decided to make my ToDo list for the week. Lots to do before we leave for our "family vacation" to Philadelphia on Sunday. Not so much a vacation but a life changing event for my ODS who is 12. Next Monday he will be having fusionles... Read more

  • DAY 100! DAY 32 P90 (SCULPT A)

    5/29/2016 11:35:16 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Wow! I can't believe that I have been on SP for 100 days & had the gumption to blog every day. That's pretty good for a self proclaimed introvert like me. This is the only social media that I do. I can be the real me, warts & all. Thank you to all that have been so supportive. I still have a ways... Read more

  • Halotop ice cream--have you tried it?

    5/29/2016 10:39:59 PM, by CTUPTON My sister just told me about this. I have not tried it yet. chris... Read more

  • DAY 99 - MAY 28 2016 (162.5 lb)(-15) DAY 31-P90 (SWEAT & ABS A)

    5/28/2016 11:13:44 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Unbelievable! Woke up with my alarm & started my day with lemon water. Starting to really like it. I pretty much have detoxed from sugar & don't crave it at all. Especially when there is cake in the house. It used to be my cryptonite! But no more I am laser focused. I took my lemon water & said my ... Read more


    5/27/2016 11:25:07 PM, by GOODLIL991

    The weekend has officially begun! Slept through my alarm. Spent the whole day in the kitchen prepping food for the grill. Made a batch of brown rice & baked a healthy cake. Is that an oxymoron? No temptations for me. Let the kids lick the extra batter. It reminded me when I was a kid that was the... Read more

  • DD and Chris Walking in Pennwood State Forest, CT

    5/27/2016 5:05:50 PM, by CTUPTON

    Darn, I had sunglasses on. I forgot. It is one of my pet peeves when people get photos taken with sunglasses on. I broke my own rule! chris... Read more

  • DAY 97 - DAY 29 P90 (SWEAT & ABS A)

    5/26/2016 10:56:31 PM, by GOODLIL991

    HAPPY RED NOSE DAY! Woke up at 8. (The reason why I tell the time is because before SP I used to sleep in alot!) No energy even when I slept 8+hours. After adjusting my meds I try to get between 7-8 hours. Drank my lemon water. It tastes really good. Being a former sugar addict, who would of thou... Read more

  • What is faith?

    5/26/2016 9:25:33 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Finlandia Light Swis only 57 calories a slice

    5/26/2016 6:16:38 PM, by CTUPTON

    I always love this cheese. But when I ate it I thought I was "cheating" and eating way too much. It could start off a binge from the idea, "Oh I blew it, I will eat other things, too." Now that I know it within my calorie range, I can stop at 3 slices! Maybe with a piece of fruit. chris... Read more

  • Lady Gaga's "meat dress" in comparison to the veggie dress in my other blog

    5/26/2016 11:05:14 AM, by CTUPTON

    it is real meat! OMG! chris Thank you, CHERRIET. I had not seen this before. I will take the veggie dress over this any day! chris... Read more

  • Charting my fatigue & huge thank yous to my sparkfriends who have motivated me for the past 8 yea

    5/26/2016 10:55:43 AM, by CTUPTON

    A few years ago, GRAMMACATHY taught me a system for monitoring my fatigue. 304 She also taught me about pacing. 58 If I am very fatigued I could just do something for 10 min. , rest, repeat. Hopefully by good healthy habits about clean eating and daily exercise and using certain supplements ... Read more