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  • ????

    8/20/2017 11:00:14 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Spent a lot of time outside, soaking up the vit D. have a good night peace out... Read more

  • statins anyone?

    8/20/2017 5:10:38 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    I have an observation about husband and I dont know if its just all in my head cuz, I always felt the statin was prescribed too soon and was not worth the side effects. I know i am biased. His personality is changing and not for the better. I blame the statin. Temper is short and he says demean... Read more

  • Gods day

    8/19/2017 11:51:41 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Being with my daughter gave me so much joy she is awesome and it encouraged me to be happier be blessed hugs... Read more

  • ????

    8/19/2017 10:38:38 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Happy birthday to N! 2 beers cake and ice cream not sure what the point of tracking might be other than accumulation of points. It was a great day visiting with family and friends peace out... Read more

  • 2 weeks

    8/19/2017 8:55:09 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    I'm starting to get the lay of the land at work, and I'm shadowing other developers on my team. I'm still in disbelief that I got this job (so grateful!). My car is great and I love it! I made a rule that I will not eat food in it and I've been doing well with that. That brings me to my final chal... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/19/2017 12:01:17 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    So tired I finished cleaning out my brothers house and tomorrow a bit of cleaning so Im tired so tired wishing all a blessed day goodnight... Read more

  • 1768

    8/18/2017 9:07:58 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    N's 1st haircut today, it went really well . I got him a treat after and I didnt help him finish it. That was hard, but I knew i didnt want to fess up here, so thanks for the accountability factor. Then off to grocery to get last minute party items. Nervous about having people ov... Read more

  • tilt

    8/17/2017 9:55:45 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Good: started with nice healthy breakfast and lunch Bad: tempted by delicious ginger molasses cookie dd brought home from farmer's market. Ugly : i couldnt stop with just one bite. Then the pie jumped out of Its case and tricked me. I have a sugar addiction problem, its worse than a... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/16/2017 11:10:43 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Denmark is amazing minimum wage is #25. hour everyone was so nice and happy Germany was great I would really like to go for three months but trying to catch up on sleep so have a very blessed day... Read more

  • tilt

    8/16/2017 10:33:09 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Today is proof positive: i need to track throughout the day. when i tally up at the end, it's too late.😒 It appears that i fell asleep before blogging yesterday. Finally made and ate the blackberry pie today. Weighed in at 203, 3 down from vacation blowout . Goal for next ... Read more

  • HappyDay

    8/16/2017 7:32:46 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Still have jet lag can't sleep late fighting that but my time was so awedsome I really did not want to come back have a very blessed day... Read more

  • Tuesday

    8/15/2017 12:10:13 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Loved Denmark it was so clean and loved Germany not as clean but so cool hope everyone has a blessed day... Read more

  • 1510

    8/14/2017 10:05:32 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Grocery shopping done. Finally ordered a new couch. purchased new curtains for DD's room. Went for a great walk in town. Tracked and I am way under but tomorrow is weigh in and I stopped eating at dinner. So. Peace out.... Read more

  • ?????

    8/13/2017 10:09:34 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    I dont think i went over today, but then again i didn't track. Trying to avoid the screen today, see you tomorrow. peace out.... Read more

  • New week

    8/13/2017 9:15:30 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Just got home from Germany and Denmark did not want to come home it was great sending blessings to all... Read more

  • 8/12/17 - Giving it another go.

    8/12/2017 3:18:03 PM, by TACOMALO

    Was like I didn't even try. Well, maybe because I didn't. I am going to start adding a cheat meal - it's a necessary add I need to have in my life to counter the social requirement to eat and drink. It also requires that I start standing up for myself. I can't do this quietly. I have to s... Read more

  • ????

    8/11/2017 10:44:07 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    So tracking is incomplete, for today. Laundry was piling up and then I got sucked down somw other interwebz rabbit hole. I am sure i went over, ice cream an pie and a lot of cheese while making dinner. we got the berries, but no pie yet.... Read more

  • 1879

    8/10/2017 10:04:06 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Dh fixed my fitbit so thats back online. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Dear LO, you dont turn two for another week, could you please wait to terrible until then? Thanx, Mom.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We have company, one of Dh's buddies. Storytime hihi.πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜¬πŸ˜’πŸ˜³πŸ˜•πŸ˜„οΏ½
    οΏ½πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ I di... Read more

  • 2039

    8/9/2017 8:52:06 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Today was pretty good, still had LO in my face from the moment he woke the till bath time. DH has tsken over bath duties. thankfully i was already wearing all my gear from walk in the park earlier, so i was able to walk/run for 20 minutes, yay. I couldve run earlier when LO was in his str... Read more

  • 1960

    8/8/2017 9:47:58 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Morning went a lot easier, we had play group so we got out the door early. I was ravenous after lunch. looking at nutrients; need to up the protein. I was thinking about how i need to fill my mind and my day with positive goals. It's a mindset I have a hard time with. I always tend to focu... Read more

  • First few days

    8/8/2017 6:31:03 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    ...have gone well! I did so much walking yesterday that I couldn't even go to the gym. I was quite tired, but now I'm situated in my new office and going through the onboarding process. I can't believe I got this job. I am incredibly grateful and lucky and proud of myself. Last night I went ... Read more

  • 1754

    8/7/2017 10:35:35 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Started eating at 10:30 The carrots out in the garden tricked me . stopped eating at 6:30. Was hungry when i wasnt distracted. wanted to take LO & DH on hike foraging for blueberries but DH got busy. Settled for blackberries down the road. Brought some home. Am hungry now, but... Read more

  • ????

    8/6/2017 10:19:53 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Went to the masons lodge breakfast buffet today and didnt go back for seconds. After a man outside gave me a cd that reminded me, i really want to get gramps violin restrung and learn how to play. LO and I the went to playground So scared to step on scale on Tuesday, i can feel how the ... Read more

  • ????

    8/5/2017 10:56:13 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Home now, unpacked tired bittersweet . goal for tomorrow meal plan. list out possible august adventures finish knitting sleeve 1. ... Read more

  • 8/5/17. Day 1. Getting back into it.

    8/5/2017 8:09:51 PM, by TACOMALO

    Total Weight: 271 pounds BF %: 39% Lean Body Mass: 165.31 pounds Fat Body Mass: 105.69 pounds Target Body Weight: 190 pounds Target BF%: 12% Calorie Consumption Sedentary: 1800 to 2034 calories Lightly Active: 2050 to 2350 calories Maximum Heart Rate: 178 beats ... Read more

  • ????

    8/4/2017 10:10:49 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Dh spent the night at the lake but went home after breakfast, he is "not good at lounging" We go home tomorrow recap of highlights swimming visit to local farm giant heartbreak hill am walk with stroller two walks around town wearing LO more swimming some knitting. My c... Read more

  • Graduated!

    8/4/2017 9:43:19 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Today I finished my boot camp and earned my certificate of software development :) Monday I begin my new job at Chase! For my next feat, I plan to lose 50 lb between now and 2018. I'll be posting a lot more often now, promise! ... Read more

  • August 2, MMXVII

    8/4/2017 12:01:45 AM, by PETALIA

    ... Read more

  • ????

    8/3/2017 9:13:03 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Today is better, no drama! Still no tracking , will start again on sunday. have seen some sparkers have success with intermittent fasting thinking of giving it a try.... Read more

  • "I Don't Know" Part 3

    8/3/2017 8:27:00 PM, by _RAMONA

    According to the Divine Miss O.... So, here I am stuck writing an essay when I could be out doing fun summer stuff, because Mom and Dad don’t like that I say, β€œI don’t know” a lot of the time when they ask me questions… usually when I’m in trouble. They want to know what... Read more

  • "I Don't Know" Part 2

    8/3/2017 7:47:03 PM, by _RAMONA

    So, life almost never goes quite the way we plan, and we had to mover our deadline... so all essays were due this morning. Here's Dad's Contribution! My current life circumstance is that my daughter, The Divine Miss O, is having difficulty communicating with my wife a... Read more

  • ????

    8/2/2017 9:14:10 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Day started out ok, went for a really long challenging walk, then spent some quality lake time with cousins. after lunch things started to unravel perhaps i should've said no to freshly ground french press coffee for i have been on edge and perhaps a bit snapish I love my family even ... Read more

  • ????

    8/1/2017 9:53:26 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Didnt track today, internet has been uncooperative. Food today was on par with past few days, not teriffic. was talking to cousin today about how we dont bring theses foods into our homes, but they have become just tradition, it's lake food. I'm looking at you cheese puffs.... Read more

  • 2076

    7/31/2017 10:20:40 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Ugh, woke and realized, I didnt cover dh's coffee needs when grocery shopping, had to take LO out to the grocery early cuz he was awake and looking for his cousins, but eveyone in the lake cottage are still asleep. Bought some vacation type crap, bagels, fruity pebbles, muffins for dh. ... Read more

  • "I don't know."

    7/31/2017 1:31:30 AM, by _RAMONA

    The love of my life (The Divine Miss O), with the love of her life... her French Horn... she plays with the local youth orchestra... the youngest by several years. I am SO in love with my Divine Miss O at this stage of the game (she turned 13 July 1st). While last summer was a bit o... Read more

  • 2200

    7/30/2017 9:19:14 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    E very day feels like it's a party lately. Please mind, stop making excuses to eat crap. I ate orange cheese puffs for cripes sake. A new low.... Read more

  • 2145

    7/29/2017 10:32:46 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Lindt balls are not as good as they used to be, they used to offer limited flavors that were excellent ,now there are many flavors but they are gross, too sweet like cheap fudge, not worth the splurge. I ate 3 today, wanting each one to be better than the one before. there is a giant bag on the c... Read more

  • 2106

    7/28/2017 9:39:58 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Rough day with LO. Errands and lots of tyding with no support or reprieve. Deadlines all the loose ends, woulda coulda shouldas. Tracked at the end of day. What a mess, but at least it was accounted for, so when i look back I can see, the crazy stress eating. Probably should have dropped some o... Read more

  • 1614

    7/27/2017 10:10:25 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    "diet" recipes gross me out. Looking at you egg taco ad.... Read more

  • Day 4 - have my starting weight!

    7/27/2017 8:26:11 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    A few days ago my scale wouldn't even weigh me (it's only supposed to go to 400 lb, so I assumed I was 405-410). Welllllll, I had a few great days (went to the gym twice, eating has been in my calorie range), and today it deigned to give me a weight: 402.2! No idea how much I lost in these 4 days b... Read more

  • 1587

    7/26/2017 8:52:29 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    So amazing how many calories eliminated by drinking my coffee black. Its not that bad, i had been consuming so many liquid cookies lately. It's a small wonder I havent gained 20lbs. Today was a struggle LO was up way too early , and was testing my limits I measured myself yes... Read more

  • 2044

    7/25/2017 10:17:46 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Squats wall presses chest pulls done thanks to 4 hour body cheat sheet i printed in march. I feel good that I did something. Will be tricky, I don't think I am ready to pull off the walk jog on a work day, so I will have to strap LO to my back for quick jaunt or pack him in the car and take... Read more

  • 1810

    7/24/2017 9:30:20 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Thank you to all that blog about early morning exercise, i set out my clothing last night and was able to walk/jog for over two miles, before LO woke up! It was overcast/drizzly, which is perfect, no worry of over heating. I set my tomtom for intervals 2 on 1:30 off. This was too much for ... Read more

  • ????

    7/23/2017 9:47:19 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Still off wagon on things here. LO is forgetting about potty training fail quite nicely. Meal--planned last night; hit the store today. Need to get back on track, literally.... Read more

  • How things have changed!

    7/23/2017 2:46:46 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    Sorry I've been gone so long! 1. Mental Health- the Lamictal has been wonderful for me. I feel so much better on it and will continue to take it. 2. The boot camp - is going really well. We are about to start week 11, and our graduation date is Aug 4. Right now we are working on final projects, s... Read more

  • ????

    7/22/2017 9:57:49 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    No tracking. beautiful weather wise, but dh was included in todays adventures with Lo so it was a challenge to keep both my boys from having a meltdown. I think dh realized he was being a tad difficult or maybe he just wanted me to clean the car, but he entertained Lo while i did just tha... Read more

  • Momentum?

    7/22/2017 7:24:38 PM, by _RAMONA

    Okay... I just have to put this some place, and since this is the only place I can speak freely about my experience, this is where it's going. I've had a TERRIBLE week. I am exhausted. Why? I'm not sleeping. Why? Because I apparently now live in "the hood" and no one told me! How do I... Read more

  • Any Experience?

    7/22/2017 3:32:12 PM, by _RAMONA

    I love, love, LOVE this dress: ...and THIS (I have no dressy pants... this is so cut for my body) Does anyone have any experience ordering from Rotita? I order from Cleo on-line all the time (and from other places for other purposes... Read more