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  • Saturday

    6/24/2016 11:20:34 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have avery blessed day and enjoy living having a very tough week hugs... Read more

  • Thursday

    6/23/2016 12:47:39 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Exhausted and tired... Read more

  • Change happens in steps

    6/20/2016 6:05:53 AM, by G.I.JANE

    Don't you wish we could just go ahead and have that "aha" moment where life flips upside down for 2 1/2 seconds and then we're done? Everything is perfect and right!? Ha! We wish! That's not how it happens. Unfortunately we've gotta deal with all the sh!t we had ignored and/or never dealt with al... Read more

  • How Defining Moderation Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

    6/18/2016 3:24:53 PM, by _RAMONA

    "Moderation is a process.... A rational adult knows better than to believe that every option under the sun needs to be at the table for life to be worth living. We maturely eschew certain things because we accept they aren't good for us.... Learn to accept that some things resist moderat... Read more

  • Team Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROA)

    6/13/2016 8:21:32 AM, by PETALIA

    "Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind." The Olympic Charter. "...While everyone may have a right to practice sport, not every athlete has a nation to call home. By creating the refugee Olympic team the International Olympic Commit... Read more

  • My Knees Feel Better!!

    6/13/2016 12:51:32 AM, by LJCANNON

    273 I started taking Osteo Bi Flex on May 17 because my knee pain was so bad. It did help to take some of the Pain off, but I was still taking a lot of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. The Pain really never left, and it was becoming Intolerable. 17 After doing some research and asking around about Turme... Read more

  • My 58-Year-Old Face.

    6/11/2016 3:18:45 PM, by THEMFOLK

    Myself, all cleaned up. A very talented photographer I know took this photo of me for the purposes of putting them on my business cards. Not bad for a 58-year-old beef grower, if I do say so myself. Now I'm working on the body to go with it. 41 ... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 21

    6/9/2016 11:48:42 PM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    I have successfully completed the sugar detox challenge! I slipped up three times (once today when my co-worker brought in homemade smore pie!) but overall I'm really proud of myself. Because I didn't slip up at least a 100 times. That's how much I love sugar that I resisted it at least 100 times... Read more

  • Ring of Roses

    6/8/2016 11:36:19 AM, by THEMFOLK

    A number of years ago I studied for an insurance license. I had contracted with a company who paid for my schooling with the understanding that I would be obligated to work for them for a period of time after I had obtained my license. I closely examined state laws, read actuarial tables until I tho... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 20

    6/7/2016 9:46:59 PM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    No significant cravings today. Which is good. I did notice that when I opened the freezer to put my lunch ice packs away and saw my various pints of ice cream, I didn't even have a moment of craving for them. Not even a little. And I thought, maybe this whole sugar detox thing is working! I rea... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 19

    6/7/2016 12:31:37 AM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    No cravings today, yay! Though I again had chocolate milk after my spin class so that probably helped. Other than that, very little added sugar except for my beloved peanut butter. It's just so good! Today's task was to exercise through cravings. I didn't have any so I technically didn't do tha... Read more

  • Another update, why not?

    6/6/2016 9:31:34 PM, by IAMBRE

    Reading older blogs and the lowest weight I've ever achieved on SP was 228 lbs on 5/31/11. I think back to that time and it was around the time that I was starting lose steam on the Eat to Live program and the weight started to come off slower. I was super frustrated, to say the obvious. http:/... Read more

  • Full Time Work at Home Equals Yay Healthy Eating!

    6/6/2016 7:57:02 PM, by IAMBRE

    As of last week I am now a full time telecommuter. That means I have no more excuses for having poor eating habits. I'm home all day now. I have access to the food in my refrigerator, access to my own kitchen to cook my food and planning, which I've always despised, should no longer be a problem. So... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 18

    6/5/2016 8:54:19 PM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    Today our task was to drink at least 64 ounces of fluid. I'm at 81 so far and haven't even had dinner yet! I did also do two intense workouts (50 minute spin class and 30 minutes of HIIT running on the treadmill) plus some strength training so that's probably why I drank so much water today. Thou... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 15,16, and 17

    6/4/2016 4:54:09 PM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    Yeah, I've missed the last couple of days on my journaling. But I am still mindful of sugar and haven't had any extra dessert goodies since my last breakdown. After lunch yesterday I felt some cravings but overall I was okay and avoided the dark chocolate caramels in my desk at work. I am s... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 13 and 14

    6/2/2016 1:42:17 AM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    Missed another day, shoot! But that may have been purposefully forgetful on the part of my subconscious because I caved and gave into my cravings! A co-worker brought in ice cream cake and I chose (I was going to write that I couldn't control myself but I definitely can, I've proven that for the l... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 12

    5/30/2016 7:41:34 PM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    Some minor cravings today but nothing too substantial. Though I had an urge to stop at get a cupcake today or some frozen yogurt. And after saying no, the idea of cutting dessert foods out completely popped into my brain and made me really bummed. I remembered reading about how you're not suppose... Read more

  • Memorial Day: A Time to Remember

    5/30/2016 11:26:56 AM, by 1DAY-ATA-TIME

    Memorial Day began as Decoration Day --- set aside for laying flowers and other mementos on the graves of loved ones who died while serving their country. We honor them for the great sacrifice they made to protect this nation. We embrace their families and friends with grateful, sympathetic hearts, ... Read more

  • Sugar Detox Challenge: Day 10 and 11

    5/29/2016 8:21:34 PM, by PRETTYATHEIST

    I missed journaling yesterday but I did have some cravings. I'm visiting my parents and my mom has these delicious dark chocolate covered graham crackers with sea salt from Trader Joe's that are so good. And I really wanted them multiple times during the day and it felt pretty intense! But I stay... Read more

  • Some pictures of recent weeks

    5/29/2016 6:32:56 PM, by MODDEDCOROLLA

    After weighing in at 207lbs in January of this year, and losing just over half of the weight I need to lose, I'm feeling a little more confident in the way I look. I currently weigh in at 181lbs, and I'm looking to get down to about 170lbs. Here's some pictures of me at 186 to 181lbs, taken in ... Read more

  • 194.4

    5/29/2016 12:35:49 PM, by GALROCKER

    So, I've lost a bit of weight. I'm down to 194.4. Although, I'm doing something probably not recommended. I'm trying to eat a bit of food and keep my protein intake correct. But, I've been taking spinach and putting it in the blender with a little peach snapple. So, it's a combo of juicing and small... Read more

  • Chasing goats

    5/26/2016 7:28:35 PM, by 1DAY-ATA-TIME

    I like to run. On average I log about 20 to 25 miles a week with an addition 3 to 5 miles per day walking. Running is therapy. It strengthens my body, clears my mind, keeps me out of trouble, and saves me money. Although, I must admit, it's probably breakeven if I calculate the cost of replacing r... Read more