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  • Getting back on track

    8/26/2016 3:17:59 PM, by OLYMUM

    ... Read more

  • Emotional eating still dragging me down

    8/25/2016 6:44:49 PM, by OLYMUM

    Emotional eating is still dragging me down. The silver lining on the storm cloud is that I am at least aware of the situation and the emotions. I am aware of my feeling and my actions so I am able to curtail some of it. However, it is still sucking me in. I need to find another outlet. Ugh.... Read more

  • Stress eating

    8/24/2016 10:04:04 PM, by OLYMUM

    The last two days have been so stressful. Last night I turned to junk food for comfort. Biophysically, I know why carbs, sugar, and fat are comforting. It is still frustrating that I am at a stage where I am turning to food for comfort. The comfort is so short lived. In the end, I still have my... Read more

  • It isn't your grain, it's migraine

    8/24/2016 6:45:18 PM, by CHEFTONITO

    Migraines are a fact of my life, and those who have never had to deal with then simply don't get it. Mine feel like someone is using a jackhammer right behind my eyeballs, making me hypersensitive to light and very sick to my stomach. And mine don't respond to any medication (other then making me ve... Read more

  • A Busy Week so Far

    8/24/2016 11:36:09 AM, by PANDABEAR42

    it has been a busy week and challenging. on Monday i broke down the twin bed i grew up in and finally moved it to the house i'm living in now. i was able to do this because i had give away 2 pieces to make room for the 2 pieces i will be moving over this week. i brought and cleaned up the bed fra... Read more

  • Weight Loss Struggles

    8/24/2016 11:35:05 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    Well here I am again I got over that plateau but find myself stuck again but looking at it as a positive way and not as a frustration Depression but rather that some of the fat turned to muscle. Ive been going to Spinning religiously 4x a week and maybe once or twice on the weekends. But im going to... Read more

  • I won't give in.

    8/23/2016 6:43:07 PM, by OLYMUM

    I won't give in. I won't give in. I won't give in. I won't give in. I won't give in. I won't give in. I won't give in. I won't give in.... Read more

  • Staying strong

    8/22/2016 11:07:17 PM, by OLYMUM

    I did not let Monday take me down!... Read more

  • Simple joys

    8/21/2016 3:20:05 PM, by CHEFTONITO

    Whole wheat sandwich thin with two tablespoons of peanut butter. Feel like a kid again..... Almost don't mind having to fix a leaky sink trap . . . . Almost.... Read more

  • Staying in control this weekend

    8/21/2016 12:46:42 PM, by OLYMUM

    I have maintained control this weekend. It feels so good. I plan to stay in control for the remainder of the day. I am excited to go into the week on a high rather than having to play catch up.... Read more

  • DAY 183

    8/20/2016 11:18:00 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Today is my 6 month sparkversary! Thanks SP for all the support!!... Read more


    8/20/2016 8:22:09 PM, by ICECUB



    8/20/2016 8:22:07 PM, by ICECUB


  • Reboot after getting diagnosed with the Big D

    8/20/2016 3:45:16 PM, by CHEFTONITO

    Diabetes. I knew I was at risk. I thought I'd adjusted my eating. But none of my doctors ever told me I was, in fact, prediabetic, although that diagnosis went into my chart nine years ago. None of them suggested I get into a class on the disease. None of them cared enough to help me head it off. Th... Read more

  • I am in control!

    8/20/2016 12:13:28 PM, by OLYMUM

    I refuse to let the weekend be my excuse to stop eating right. I will continue to eat right and stay on track.... Read more

  • DAY 182

    8/19/2016 11:34:21 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Had a good day. Boys are feeling a bit better, still quarantined but their appetites are coming back. Today is the last day of the 5% Challenge & my team, the Cloverleafs were all amazingly supportive. Tomorrow is the last weigh-in & I hope I made it. Thanks for a great 8 weeks! Drank all my wat... Read more

  • Weight loss humor

    8/19/2016 3:32:30 PM, by OLYMUM

    Humor keeps me going... Read more

  • HELP

    8/19/2016 2:21:52 PM, by ICECUB


  • Over Plateau!

    8/19/2016 2:10:10 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    ~ UPDATE ~ From the last post one of my friends suggested switching it up and all so I went to indoor cycling last nite and man did Rich the cycle instructor really did push us to our limits! I got in the studio a tad bit early so I set up and got on the bike and just started to warm up while lis... Read more

  • yesterday's project

    8/19/2016 10:32:58 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    I spent yesterday in the front yard... gardening is my favorite exercise and it really does work you out. Just ask my shoulders and back, my thighs and arm muscles... they are all screaming. lol So Yesterday I did a project I been wanting to do all summer. Yet, I didn't because it was just too... Read more

  • My new exercise plan

    8/18/2016 11:21:36 PM, by OLYMUM

    ... Read more

  • My new eating plan

    8/18/2016 11:10:47 PM, by OLYMUM

    ... Read more

  • DAY 181

    8/18/2016 10:52:02 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Found out today that my boys & I will be spending 6 weeks in sunny California on the beach in September & October. Bittersweet because DH will still be recovering from his surgery. Got all the pre-op done today at the hospital. Staff was nice & Dr. spent time with DH explaining in more depth the ... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plateau Frustration Again

    8/18/2016 10:18:03 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    So it seems like ive hit yet another weight loss plateau again grrrrrr I really do believe that once I try something new my body may decide to drop some weight then it just gets used to it and stops and decides that it will not drop anything or zippoo !!! Its been almost a week since I lost 1.6 poun... Read more

  • DAY 180

    8/17/2016 10:56:02 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Woke up to the Dr. telling me my younger son has strep throat along with Coxsackie(ugh). Then I had to bring my older son to the Dr. to check to see if he has strep. He's been running a fever & sore throat all day. Now he's also starting to get itchy. Then went to pharmacy to pick up antibiotics ... Read more

  • Goal oriented

    8/17/2016 3:59:34 PM, by OLYMUM

    Keeping my goals in mind... Read more

  • DAY 179

    8/16/2016 10:53:11 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Pretty rough day today. Brought my younger son to the Dr. & found out he has Coxsackie virus (hand ,foot, mouth disease). He's in the rash phase & it's not good. Highly contagious & quarantined for 7-10 days. Older son has had a fever & headache all day. Hopefully he didn't catch virus. Then wen... Read more

  • InDoor Cycling

    8/16/2016 2:38:25 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    It never really dawn on me that my knee doc wanted me to ride my bike for therapy and well spinning / Indoor Cycling is just like that so I got really excited about it and got a pair of cleats and clips on Sunday Aug 7th w some socks and all so that when Monday rolls around I was ready to roll and g... Read more

  • amazing morning

    8/16/2016 10:16:09 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    I am going to whisper it... what an amazing morning. I don't want to jinx it, so no shouting or even talking loud, not even normal. What an amazing morning. What a difference a night of good solid sleep makes. I got a little over 8 hours without waking up in the middle of the night. That is so rare ... Read more

  • Keeping myself motivated

    8/16/2016 9:57:19 AM, by OLYMUM

    Keeping myself motivated!... Read more

  • DAY 178

    8/15/2016 11:00:32 PM, by GOODLIL991

    I got a lot done today. Went to work on a last minute project & banged it out. Then went to the district office & presented plans for the year. Went very well. Came home & realized both boys caught a bug from camp. Need to bring younger son to Dr. to make sure he doesn't have strep throat. Never ... Read more

  • Losing inches, baby!

    8/15/2016 11:01:48 AM, by OLYMUM

    I try to only measure myself monthly.. However, the scale has been moving so slowly that I have felt discouraged. So, even though I am a week early I decided to measure myself. I am glad I did because it was so encouraging! Here are my results: Chest = lost half an inch Waist = lost one ... Read more

  • DAY 177

    8/14/2016 11:21:14 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Very hot again today 108°. Made a nice Sunday breakfast & dinner for the family. Did some chores & completed curriculum for the year. Getting ready for school. Enjoyed watching the Olympics. Drank all my water & stayed within my macros. Overall, a very good day.... Read more

  • Staying strong

    8/14/2016 2:56:26 PM, by OLYMUM

    I'm half way through the weekend. I just need to stay strong and keep pushing on!... Read more

  • I hit the 30 pound mark!

    8/14/2016 1:23:42 AM, by OLYMUM

    9 334 244 I finally hit the 30 pound mark. As of my weigh in this morning, I have lost 31 pounds. Woo hoo! I am so happy!... Read more

  • DAY 176

    8/13/2016 11:26:05 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Today was a nice day. Ran errands with the boys & way too hot to be outside. Spent the rest of the day with DH & kids. Pizza & movie night. Then watched the night sky. Great flashes of light, thought it was lightening at first, but turned out to be part of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Pretty cool. ... Read more

  • DAY 175

    8/12/2016 10:29:38 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Last day of camp today! My boys had the best time & can't wait to go back next year. So grateful for the clouds that covered the sun & the breeze on the shaded sidewalk, because the real feel today was 110. Did a lot of walking, almost 12,000 steps. Even with a bum knee I kept at it. Very sore. But... Read more

  • Cookies, Cupcakes and More

    8/12/2016 10:58:06 AM, by ROCHELLEHANSON

    I have a little side business. I love to bake and finally decided to do it as a little extra "play" money. Well, I go in spurts with it...This weekend is a BUSY one for it. I have 4 dozen cookies for one order, 2 dozen for another. 6 dozen cupcakes for one order, 1 dozen for another. A pa... Read more

  • Eye on the prize

    8/12/2016 10:31:28 AM, by OLYMUM

    I have friends in from out of town. They are coming over for a BBQ tonight. I suggested the BBQ rather than going out to a restaurant because then I could control the food/ menu. I'm serving fruit and veggies trays. Carne Asada, Pico de Gallo, limes, avocados, light sour cream, tortillas and ... Read more

  • Rough Week

    8/12/2016 9:36:38 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    It has been a rough week for me emotionally. Started on Sunday with lots of stressors, including the air conditioner dying on us and spending $6K on a new one. Work has been crazy this week and I was in charge of planning a picnic for my singing group last night. The company was great except for ... Read more

  • Seriously!

    8/12/2016 12:37:40 AM, by OLYMUM

    Seriously, this past week, if it had sugar, fat , or carbs, I was all over it! Especially if they were empty carbs. I was a horrible eater these past seven days or so. I'm talking pop tarts, crackers, donuts, and other crap. Nothing healthy. But, today I got back on track. I hit my goals... Read more

  • A little exercise humor, becasue we have to be able to laugh at ourselves!

    8/12/2016 12:27:20 AM, by OLYMUM

    ... Read more

  • DAY 174

    8/11/2016 10:12:38 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Today was a good day. Very hot in the city. Lots of walking today. Drank a lot of water. Kids had a lot of fun.... Read more

  • Weigh-in day humor

    8/11/2016 3:06:11 PM, by OLYMUM

    Weighing in today after a long slip... Read more

  • Thirsty Thursday

    8/11/2016 1:53:33 PM, by ROCHELLEHANSON

    Thirsty Thursday has new meaning since I'm not 20 years old anymore! Now it's a constant reminder to drink my water! Luckily I'm a water drinker. I have a 32 oz yeti stainless steel cup at my desk that I fill with ice every morning and fill with water about 6 times during the day. Then when I ge... Read more

  • DAY 173

    8/10/2016 9:47:20 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Had a good day. Spent the day in the city. Really tired. Need more sleep. Drank all my water & stayed within my macros.... Read more

  • my Ah-Ha moment

    8/10/2016 10:05:42 AM, by ROCHELLEHANSON

    I had a breakdown this last weekend. Too bad it was at a good friend's wedding. Now, it wasn't a typical meltdown type, no tears or yelling or craziness, it was a honest talk with my husband about my weight, how I'm feeling, how I felt inferior to every woman in that room, how I was uncomfortable ... Read more

  • DAY 172

    8/9/2016 11:04:44 PM, by GOODLIL991

    We had another great day. So glad my boys are enjoying camp. I'm also enjoying my time with new & old mommy friends. Did alot of walking. Drank all my water & stayed within my macros. My son sent me this pic today.... Read more

  • BACK

    8/9/2016 6:49:23 PM, by ICECUB


  • tid bit

    8/9/2016 5:30:31 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    I am working on the meal thing... and so far I am switching back and forth with 1 or two meal deals. My breakfast is consistent, I found something I like and I am sticking with it. Greek yogurt with a heaping teaspoon of ground flax and chia and lo-cal toast. It keeps me going till late morning w... Read more

  • Eye on the future

    8/9/2016 1:35:43 PM, by OLYMUM

    Tomorrow I leave for a women's retreat for four days. I do not know what the food situation will be. I do not know if I will be able to eat healthy or not. Additionally, I feel anxious about showing up to meet and be with ladies I do not know in my current state. I was hoping to be skinnie... Read more

  • It's a good day!

    8/9/2016 11:46:58 AM, by ROCHELLEHANSON

    Today is just one of those days that you feel good about yourself, you feel like the world is working with you, and that you can actually DO this! Yesterday I accomplished 90% of my to-do list and it was a LONG list! But then I ended up in so much pain from my CREST syndrome, I felt like my back w... Read more

  • Need motivating

    8/8/2016 11:10:54 PM, by OLYMUM

    I seriously can't seem to get myself back on track. I fell off the wagon last week and haven't been able to get back on. Ugh. I need a swift kick in the pants.... Read more

  • DAY 171

    8/8/2016 10:25:02 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Started my day at 4:45 am & spent the day in the city with my kids. Made it home @ 7 pm. Lots of walking & drank all my water. Stayed within my macros. Overall, a great day.... Read more

  • DAY 170

    8/7/2016 10:52:48 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Slept in & had 2 gluten free pancakes for breakfast. It's been years & they were so good. Went shopping for lunches for the kids camp this week. Kept it healthy. No cookies or chips. Fresh fruit, pickles & granola bars for snacks. Drank all my water. Had a good day.... Read more

  • Farmer's Market in Cedar City, UT

    8/7/2016 12:09:29 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    I am now in Utah. I lived here about 28 years ago, and it's rather nice to re-learn this small city. It's grown alot from when I lived here back in the 80's. I was flipping through a local free paper yesterday and saw an ad for the farmer's market that runs every Saturday. Now the best pe... Read more

  • DAY 169

    8/6/2016 11:53:23 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Had the best time last night at my high school reunion. Didn't eat but a few bites of salmon. Too busy catching up with everyone. Did have a few glasses of white wine. Had a massive headache this morning. It was worth it, had so much fun. Woke up very early & took kids to Home Depot for the kids... Read more

  • DAY 168

    8/5/2016 11:32:21 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Had a blast at my reunion! So glad I went. Tomorrow getting together again at our school!... Read more

  • I'm giving up

    8/5/2016 4:02:00 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    Ups and down and it's not working. Every time I turn around and do the food thing by myself I mess up. I lose two pounds only to gain 2 1/2 back. So I am giving up and only eat pre-made meals. That way I know I got the portions right and I know how much I get before I sit down and eat it. In the lon... Read more

  • DAY 167

    8/4/2016 11:21:17 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Did a lot of city walking today. Got a facial, mani-pedi & my teeth whitened. Ran a few last minute errands. Ran into old friends today. Very nice. Drank all my water & stayed within my macros. Overall a very busy day.... Read more

  • Fell off the wagon

    8/4/2016 11:02:11 PM, by OLYMUM

    I have my niece over for the week. Today, after making such good choices for breakfast and lunch I ate ice cream and donuts for dinner with her. I didn't just fall off the wagon, I fell off the wagon and rolled down the hill landing in a pile of thorns. Ugh. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll do bette... Read more

  • Back in the land of the living

    8/4/2016 8:33:05 AM, by MOONBOW155

    Hi all, I've not been on for a few days unfortunately I've been quite poorly. Tuesday is a complete blur, apparently it was like "talking to a zombie". I've lost 6lbs, not in a good way, & my body was like melting jelly yesterday :-/ hot & wobbly. Thank goodness for fans! I am completely exhausted... Read more

  • If you know a personal chef, send zim my way

    8/4/2016 12:42:02 AM, by OLYMUM

    Dinner is getting harder and harder to plan and prepare. Summers are hot and packed full of youth sports. We are home late. The last thing I want to do is cook. I am tired. I am out of ideas. Even my kids are out of ideas. I haven't found a recipe for "I don't know" or "I don't care" yet. I ... Read more

  • DAY 166

    8/3/2016 11:21:21 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Finally went clothes shopping this evening. Was procrastinating because the last time I went 6 months ago I was very discouraged. I found a dress that makes me very happy, surprisingly in the junior department! Decided to treat myself with new undergarments, stockings & 2 new pair of heels. I tri... Read more

  • DAY 165

    8/2/2016 10:56:06 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Thankful for great days!... Read more

  • Tempted to compare

    8/2/2016 4:51:19 PM, by OLYMUM

    I read other success stories on SP and it makes me feel like I may be on the slow road. It has taken me about four months to lose 25 pounds. I read about others losing five pounds a week. They are eating low carb. I am tempted to try the low carb life style to speed my weight loss. Any thoughts ... Read more

  • DAY 164

    8/1/2016 11:12:46 PM, by GOODLIL991

    I try to practice this every day. :)... Read more

  • One day, shopping will be fun again

    8/1/2016 7:25:56 PM, by OLYMUM

    I was feeling really good about my weight loss. I felt confident. I felt self-assured. I felt sassy. I did not feel like I lost 25 pounds, I felt like I lost 100. So, I went to the store to buy a new pair of work out pants. 9 While there, I found a couple cute maxi skirts that I was sure I c... Read more

  • Back after a wobble :-)

    8/1/2016 5:16:09 AM, by MOONBOW155

    Lost my get up & go, my positivity & my motivation. Gave myself the last week 'off'. Was still conscious of what I was eating however I didn't track anything. Feeling more positive now so have reset my weight & goals & am ready to start afresh :-)... Read more

  • DAY 163

    7/31/2016 10:56:08 PM, by GOODLIL991

    It was another hot & humid day followed thankfully by the rain. Had habanero sausage with sauerkraut & mustard without the bun. Did curb my hot dog craving. Also had a bunless organic cheeseburger. I did have 2 spoonfuls of Dutch potato salad. It had been so long. Oh well, will start again tomorro... Read more

  • can't and can't... and the difference

    7/31/2016 4:41:12 PM, by TXCURIOUS

    I define can't when it's something that's can't be done because you don't have it or it physically hurts you when doing what ever you can't... like I can't get down on the floor. Physically can not get down on the floor short of falling, which I do often as is. But the bending and lowering to the f... Read more

  • DAY 162

    7/30/2016 10:44:50 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Love the rabbit family that lives under my deck, but don't love the round patch hole they make in my front yard. Had a good day. Drank all my water & stayed within my macros.... Read more

  • back to basics

    7/30/2016 9:57:04 AM, by TXCURIOUS

    Isn't that the phrase we use when we start over and have to find a starting point... back to basics. Well for me it's back to paying attention to calorie counting and more accurately filing it. Also back to more vegetables and good for you foods. I been not paying attention the last few weeks and m... Read more

  • DAY 161

    7/29/2016 11:04:02 PM, by GOODLIL991

    I believe this to be true...... Read more

  • Fear of The Scale Surprised ME!

    7/29/2016 10:51:00 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    The Hay Fever is taming down somewhat starting to feel like myself again somewhat. This morning I was kinda skeptical about getting on the scale cause if the fear of gaining since ive come down with hay fever! So I got on the scale preparing myself for the worse but to my surprise I actually lost ... Read more

  • DAY 160

    7/28/2016 11:12:00 PM, by GOODLIL991

    Woke up at 4 am & on the road by 6:30. Spent a total of 6 hours in the car. Went to Philadelphia for my son's 6 week check up. All is good. He is cleared to ride roller coasters! Time to plan our yearly trip to Six Flags. Drank all my water & stayed within my macros. Overall a great day!... Read more

  • Tired of the stuggle

    7/28/2016 4:09:11 PM, by OLYMUM

    Every time I feel like I am on top of the struggle, my inner fat girl takes over. The scale is up three pounds. I can't blame anyone but myself. The last two days of eating have been horrific. I have tracked it all though, so at least there is that. Seriously though, when will this sweet tooth ... Read more

  • Hay Fever & Injury Update

    7/28/2016 1:47:03 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    My Hay Fever is getting better had the peak of it on Tuesday nite but still dealing with my temp going up and down faster more than normal. My ears are still closed afraid to blow my nose to clear out my nose but also to worsen my ear closures. My voice on the other had taken the toll for the worse ... Read more