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  • Spoiler...Charity and Loving Others

    2/20/2018 11:36:21 AM, by JLAMING263

    "In today’s world of so much suffering because of different circumstances, sending a text message with a funny emoji or posting a nice picture with the words “I love you” is good and valuable. But what many of us need to do is leave our mobile devices behind and, with our hands and feet, help others... Read more

  • Tuesday Morning Check-In

    2/20/2018 10:40:44 AM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Tuesday morning, everyone! Here are a couple of goals I'll share this morning and check back with you later: 1) Do at least 45 minutes exercise (this will be a busier day with a couple of work calls) 2) Complete a work project (a 2-page description about SparkAmerica/SparkEarth that... Read more

  • Honesty, Perfection, Running and a New Book!

    2/19/2018 2:06:23 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    I feel like it's been forever since I've blogged! So lots to catch up on! First of all - honesty. Take a glance at the bottom of this blog, of the 19 days of February I only have 18 days without alcohol. As I went in to February hoping to abstain from alcohol for the full month, I had planned i... Read more

  • Monday Morning Check-In -- and Evening Summary

    2/19/2018 11:31:58 AM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Monday morning, everyone! And happy President's Day to those in the US. This is a holiday for the SparkPeople team and my kids are off school this week for Winter Break. I didn't have this growing up in Ohio, but it seems like most California schools have this -- partly due to ski seaso... Read more

  • Spoiler...Charity and Loving Others

    2/19/2018 11:31:40 AM, by JLAMING263

    "When we have charity, we are willing to serve and help others when it is inconvenient and with no thought of recognition or reciprocation. We don’t wait to be assigned to help, because it becomes our very nature. As we choose to be kind, caring, generous, patient, accepting, forgiving, inclusive, a... Read more

  • Spoiler...Loving Others

    2/18/2018 11:23:30 AM, by JLAMING263

    "What good does it do to save the world if we neglect the needs of those closest to us and those whom we love the most? How much value is there in fixing the world if the people around us are falling apart and we don’t notice? Heavenly Father may have placed those who need us closest to us, knowing ... Read more

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

    2/17/2018 10:08:54 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Here is my SparkGuy email that will go out tonight! ** Hi Everyone I hope you had a great week! This week I will share a technique I use on a regular basis to handle life when I feel overwhelmed. At the bottom of the email, I'll also share my favorite Olympics moment so far. ... Read more

  • Spoiler...Love Others

    2/17/2018 11:43:25 AM, by JLAMING263

    Spencer W. Kimball: “We must remember that those mortals we meet in parking lots, offices, elevators, and elsewhere are that portion of mankind God has given us to love and to serve. It will do us little good to speak of the general brotherhood of mankind if we cannot regard those who are all around... Read more

  • Spoiler...Loving Others

    2/16/2018 9:34:21 AM, by JLAMING263

    "This is our high and holy calling—to be agents of Jesus Christ, to love as He loved, to serve as He served." —Dieter F. Uchtdorf... Read more

  • Spoiler...Loving Others

    2/15/2018 11:38:25 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Many in this world are afraid and angry with one another. While we understand these feelings, we need to be civil in our discourse and respectful in our interactions. This is especially true when we disagree. The Savior taught us to love even our enemies." —Quentin L. Cook... Read more

  • Spoiler...Valentines Day...Loving Others

    2/14/2018 8:46:05 AM, by JLAMING263

    "The human race is one family, and we are all, therefore, brothers and sisters. As siblings, we must see that our Heavenly Father loves His children equally, as any good earthly father would. Courtesy, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness are all elements of proper conduct among family members. Ima... Read more

  • 2 Books, 3 Miles!

    2/13/2018 1:30:00 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Well, I'm already done with my second book! I finished it over the weekend. I was surprised I could get through almost 400 pages that fast but reading on the Kindle was an experience I really enjoyed more than I thought I would. I didn't think I would enjoy reading on a screen but the way it is lit ... Read more

  • Spoiler...Service

    2/13/2018 9:39:26 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Faithfully caring for the poor and needy is a reflection of spiritual maturity." —Dean M. Davies... Read more

  • Spoiler...Easter

    2/12/2018 10:55:26 AM, by JLAMING263

    This month marks the beginning of an important religious tradition for many Christian sects around the world. It is called Lent and is meant to be a preparation for Easter.
    +Daily&utm_campaign=e91455Read more

  • I can do this even with set backs!

    2/11/2018 1:29:21 PM, by LMTM3400

    I weighed my self today and the last two Sundays that I weighed my self I lost. First Sunday I lost 4 pounds second Sunday I lost 3 pounds. Today I found last weeks 3 pounds. I started thinking about what went wrong. Well first of all I realized I slacked on my water consumption. so I might hav... Read more

  • Spoiler...Service

    2/11/2018 1:01:42 PM, by JLAMING263

    "In the Lord’s service the path is not always easy. It often requires sacrifices, and we will likely experience adversity. But in serving Him, we discover that His hand is truly over us." —Robert D. Hales... Read more

  • Inspirational story about failure leading to success

    2/10/2018 9:12:56 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Here is my SparkGuy email that will go out tonight -- what a great story! ** Hi Everyone Last week my email was titled "Don't Ever Give Up."
    idual.asp?blog_id=6459254 I wrote that on Saturday. Then on Sunday tens of mi... Read more

  • Spoiler...Family

    2/10/2018 10:01:07 AM, by JLAMING263

    David B. Haight I would say to all of you, I hope you could develop a strong feeling in your own families—and with you personally—about not wanting to become a weak link in the chain of your family and of your ancestors. I encourage you also to be a strong link for your posterity.... Read more

  • To run?

    2/9/2018 1:42:37 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Two years ago in March I ran my first half marathon. For those of you who don't know the story, I was at a wedding the November before and after a few cocktails my best friend (who ran in high school) brought up the prospect of running the Mini Heart Half Marathon. Her father (who is a long time dis... Read more

  • Spoiler...Family

    2/9/2018 9:22:49 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Marriage and family are not conventions of men until only death do us part. They are intended to be made eternal." —Lawrence E. Corbridge... Read more

  • Spoiler...Agency

    2/8/2018 10:30:47 AM, by JLAMING263

    "We need to tighten our grip on the rod that leads us back to Him. Now is the “day of choosing” for all of us." —Robert D. Hales... Read more

  • My Machine

    2/8/2018 10:24:00 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Day 8 of no alcohol. Last week at my weigh in I was down 3.5 lbs after gaining about .2-.5 lbs a weeks for 3 weeks. This week...I gained back 3 of the lbs. Not at all what I expected when cutting alcohol out of my life. It's sometimes hard to remind ourselves that we are not a number on a scale... Read more

  • Spoiler...Agency

    2/7/2018 9:53:29 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Contrary to the world’s secular teaching, the scriptures teach us that we do have agency, and our righteous exercise of agency always makes a difference in the opportunities we have and our ability to act upon them and progress eternally." —Robert D. Hales... Read more

  • From a tiny spark...may burst a mighty flame (this is a fun one!)

    2/6/2018 6:49:28 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi All I'm testing the video player from a site we might use to create videos. Check out my test video using one of my favorite quotes. This needs work, but I thought I'd share it in progress. The person in here is a literal sparkperson :). This video is only 25 seconds long. (function... Read more

  • Spoiler...Discipleship

    2/6/2018 10:18:15 AM, by JLAMING263

    "The kind of life you live, your disposition, your very nature, will be determined by your thoughts, of which your acts are but the outward expression. Thought is the seed of action. Character springs from the depths of the soul. You tell me what you think about when you do not have to think, and I’... Read more

  • Fabulous February!

    2/5/2018 1:43:54 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Five days in to February and I'm going strong! I'm feeling fabulous and making great progress! Saturday I finished my first book of the year! The Golem and the Jinni is a book I would recommend to others. It wasn't a book I just couldn't put down and at times it was a *tad* slow, but it w... Read more

  • Spoiler...Discipleship

    2/5/2018 9:51:38 AM, by JLAMING263

    "As we invest time in learning about the Savior and His atoning sacrifice, we are drawn to participate in another key element to accessing His power: we choose to have faith in Him and follow Him. True disciples of Jesus Christ are willing to stand out, speak up, and be different from the people of ... Read more

  • Spoiler...Love

    2/4/2018 8:08:12 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Love is expressed in many recognizable ways: a smile, a wave, a kind comment, a compliment. Other expressions may be more subtle, such as showing interest in another’s activities, teaching a principle with kindness and patience, visiting one who is ill or homebound. These words and actions and many... Read more

  • Weekly SparkGuy Email: Don't Ever Give Up

    2/3/2018 8:44:59 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Below is my weekly email going out tonight! Also, there's still time to post your fitness minutes to the Philadelphia fans vs. New England fans showdown. So far Philadelphia is way out in the lead with a 49,000 to 33,000 lead.
    sparkcompetition-about.asp **... Read more

  • Spoiler...Faith in Jesus Christ

    2/3/2018 10:35:54 AM, by JLAMING263

    "It takes faith to believe that the resurrected Lord is watching over the daily details of His kingdom. It takes faith to believe that He calls imperfect people into positions of trust. It takes faith to believe that He knows the people He calls perfectly, both their capacities and their potential, ... Read more

  • Spoiler...The Light of Christ

    2/2/2018 10:19:30 AM, by JLAMING263

    Dieter F. Uchtdorf Light allows us to discern between truth and error, between the vital and the trivial. When we are in the light, we can make righteous choices based on true principles. When we are in the light, we have “a perfect brightness of hope”2 because we can see our mortal trials from an... Read more

  • Spoiler...Jesus Christ

    2/1/2018 9:38:13 AM, by JLAMING263

    Stephen W. Owen I testify that the Savior Jesus Christ worked out a perfect Atonement and gave us the gift of repentance—our path back to a perfect brightness of hope and a winning life.... Read more

  • January Results!

    1/31/2018 12:50:12 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    It's January 31st and the first month of 2018 is about to be over! Are you still hard at work on your yearly goals? According to statistics if you're still going strong you are one of only 58% of people who make resolutions and are still sticking with them after a month! I'm feeling really good... Read more

  • Spoiler...Religious Freedom

    1/31/2018 8:25:06 AM, by JLAMING263

    Dallin H. Oaks As defenders of the faith, believers can and must seek laws that will preserve religious freedom.... Read more

  • JANURARY 2018

    1/30/2018 2:58:20 PM, by LMTM3400

    I was checking out things here on Spark and I seen a post from an Edwards1411 I think that's the name, but any how, this person was celebrating 10 years of spark. I got to thinking I signed up for Spark January 7, 2007 but didn't really do anything till January 27, 2007. I have been a member for 11... Read more

  • Coming Soon - February!

    1/29/2018 4:27:16 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Coming soon to my life and yours - February! And as January comes to a close I've been thinking about what I might do for my resolution for February. Not hitting snooze in January has been 100% successful thus far. I'd like to keep that success up in February! I'd also like to give myself an extra p... Read more

  • Big Game Fan Showdown: Philadelphia Fans vs. New England Fans

    1/29/2018 2:24:40 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone Our software engineer who built the SparkChallenges (Kevin or KC) decided to make a fun addition to the feature he calls SparkCompetitions. This means we're able to have 2 teams compete with each other within a SparkChallenge. Hooray for more friendly competition as a motivator :)... Read more

  • Spoiler...Graditude

    1/29/2018 9:55:18 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Mercies and blessings come in different forms—sometimes as hard things. Yet the Lord said, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.” All things means just that: good things, difficult things—not just some things. He has commanded us to be grateful because He knows being grateful will make ... Read more

  • Spoiler...Love of God

    1/28/2018 8:01:41 AM, by JLAMING263

    "You are in His hands. Very good hands. Loving hands. Caring hands. And nothing anyone ever says about you can change that. Their words are meaningless compared to what God has said about you. You are His precious child." —Dieter F. Uchtdorf... Read more

  • Weekly SparkGuy Email: Fun story about motivation

    1/27/2018 9:38:11 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Here is my weekly sparkguy email going out tonight: ** Hi SparkFriends First, do you use Quora (the Q&A site)? If so, would you mind following me at Quora and upvoting my answers if you think they are worthy of being upvoted? I have started answering questions there sometime and the mor... Read more

  • Spoiler...Temptations

    1/27/2018 8:36:11 AM, by JLAMING263

    Spencer W. Kimball Make certain decisions only once. … We can push some things away from us once and have done with them … without having to brood and redecide a hundred times what it is we will do and what we will not do.... Read more

  • Spoiler...Love of God

    1/26/2018 8:23:57 PM, by JLAMING263

    "You are in His hands. Very good hands. Loving hands. Caring hands. And nothing anyone ever says about you can change that. Their words are meaningless compared to what God has said about you. You are His precious child." —Dieter F. Uchtdorf... Read more

  • Spoiler...Family

    1/25/2018 9:10:57 AM, by JLAMING263

    Ezra Taft Benson God intended the family to be eternal. With all my soul, I testify to the truth of that declaration. May He bless us to strengthen our homes and the lives of each family member so that in due time we can report to our Heavenly Father in His celestial home that we are all there.... Read more

  • Thoughts and ideas about SparkChallenges?

    1/24/2018 8:47:57 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi SparkFriends! In my last blog, I shared more about SparkChallenges:
    idual.asp?blog_id=6454442 If you have tried this new feature, let me know any thoughts and ideas you might have for this feature. We have a bunch of ideas... Read more

  • New Year, New You - I'm with you!

    1/24/2018 1:30:26 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Each year our Facebook feeds get inundated with pledges of more workouts, vegan diets, training for marathons, new gym memberships, check in's at health food stores. In the first few weeks of the year people announce their New Years Resolutions, their goals, their commitment to "New Year, New You!" ... Read more

  • Spoiler...Eternal Prospective

    1/24/2018 10:36:28 AM, by JLAMING263

    "In our day-to-day actions, it is often the small and simple things that will have a long-lasting impact. What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. We can build up, or we can tear down." —Per G. Malm... Read more

  • I ran!

    1/23/2018 12:48:55 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    For all those who were wondering after yesterday's blog - vacation is officially booked! While we did end up paying more than we would have Friday, we didn't pay as much as we would have Saturday. Isn't that crazy? We used our miles from Capitol One and booked the hotel through I like d... Read more

  • Spoiler...Plan of Salvation

    1/23/2018 10:11:10 AM, by JLAMING263

    Neill F. Marriot As we ask Father in Heaven to make us builders of His kingdom, His power will flow into us and we will know how to nurture, ultimately becoming like our heavenly parents.... Read more

  • Happy Monday!

    1/22/2018 1:13:52 PM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Happy Monday all! I'd love to say it was a great weekend, but I can't exactly say that. I had a decent time but have had some under lying stress that basically had me nearing a breakdown this weekend. The long and the short of it is that I'm a consultant and the company I work though pays me when th... Read more

  • Spoiler...Meekness

    1/22/2018 8:44:40 AM, by JLAMING263

    "Meekness is vital for us to become more Christlike. Without it we won’t be able to develop other important virtues. Being meek does not mean weakness, but it does mean behaving with goodness and kindness, showing strength, serenity, healthy self-worth, and self-control." —Ulisses Soares... Read more

  • Time Sensitive: Join my 7-day SparkChallenges by Monday!

    1/22/2018 12:30:42 AM, by SPARKGUY

    Here is my weekly email that will go out Sunday night if anyone would like to join one of my SparkChallenges! ** Hi SparkFriends This past week we launched the new SparkChallenges feature! As a reminder, SparkChallenges are simple health, fitness, and goal-setting challenges you can... Read more