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  • I'm back

    4/19/2018 4:48:20 PM, by SCOOBYMARE59

    I haven't written in ages. Stopped going to weight watchers and then slowly weight came creeping back. Stopped exercising.... just stopped. So I decided I am going to give premium a try. I figured since i am paying for the service I will use it more so then not. So DAY 1, I already want... Read more

  • Thursday starting to move toward the weekend

    4/19/2018 4:41:59 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Today was one challenge after another. From the moment we got off the kids off the bus, one started whining about how HE DIDN'T WANT to be in my class and how HE ISN'T LIKE THOSE kids. I don't want him in my class as he doesn't fit but there is no other place for him that will work because of the ot... Read more

  • Day 1798

    4/19/2018 2:51:02 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Did 6 of 6 exercises. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Thursday, April 19, 2018

    4/19/2018 2:37:48 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I serve to others by living happily." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Switching Things Up

    4/19/2018 1:53:26 PM, by ZUZUPETALS10

    I saw a doctor yesterday and we agreed to try out a low dose of anti depressants. Winter is coming to an end but I suspect I can still use some help. I am to take the med with food, first thing in the morning, as it can keep me up at night if I take it too late in the day. My sleep is the part of... Read more


    4/19/2018 1:09:50 PM, by ANHELIC

    SPIRITUAL GIFTING So in Christ we, who are many, from one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. Romans 12:5-6 It is the same task for us as it was for Paul--to ... Read more

  • A good problem??

    4/19/2018 12:46:31 PM, by FATGECKO

    So I'm down 28 lbs so far, which is amazing! I'm lower than I've been since...? I can't remember. To celebrate the 20 lb mark, I got a new haircut. It's shorter and way easier to deal with when I'm out walking in windy Colorado. As an unexpected bonus for this milestone, I was even able to wear a ho... Read more

  • Awesome article on today's (4-19-18) Spark page!!!

    4/19/2018 12:35:48 PM, by MARBEALL

    What an awesome article today! "Improve Mental Toughness Before Trying to Lose Weight" Here's the URL. You may need to cut and past it in your browser.
    .asp?id=2355 This article showed up just when I needed it given that: A) ... Read more

  • *Sigh* Spring is a Tease

    4/19/2018 11:47:39 AM, by CROCHET2002

    Apparently, Spring is a big tease. Today it's 38 degrees (F) and rainy. On a positive note, my grass is nice and green and thick! Week 2 Day 4 --- Flow I don't do as well in a "flow" day as I do in individual poses on the other days. "Flow" attempts to combine learned poses with breath and... Read more

  • Gain From My Father

    4/19/2018 11:42:31 AM, by JULMATT

    Today when I came home from PT on my knee I was in a rush mode, because my dad has an appointment at 1. I decided that we would eat leftover mixture from the recipe I cooked a couple of days ago. It was the perfect leftover for tacos. Dad eats the soft shells and I eat the hard ones. I asked him... Read more

  • 65 pounds!

    4/19/2018 9:48:17 AM, by SPIEGY

    I feel like it took forever to go from 60 pounds lost to 65 pounds lost, but I kept at it! Party in the hooouuussse!! 236 236 236... Read more

  • Day 102: Exercise of the Day - 18.04.19

    4/19/2018 9:31:25 AM, by DOLLFACEDX

    Do you have twenty minutes in your day to dedicate to your fitness and wellbeing? If so, join me in sculpting your body from head to toe with this 20min strength video. All you need is your body, a pair of dumbbells and a mat, for comfort. 20-Minute Total Body Strengthen... Read more

  • National Garlic Day

    4/19/2018 9:30:19 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Always April 19 th National Garlic Day promotes the many uses of Garlic. And, there certainly are many uses. It's a vegetable. It's a herb. It is used in recipes around the world. Garlic has been used medicinally for thousands of years. And, Garlic is believed to wa... Read more

  • over 40 lbs now

    4/19/2018 9:03:46 AM, by MAGMOM23

    Today I have released over 40 lbs from my body. When I think back to my life a year ago, it is so much better today. Last April I was limping around with an inflamed achilles tendon in my right foot. I went to the orthopedic doctor May 1st and got a boot to wear for 8 weeks. that started to calm... Read more

  • Exercise advice for today

    4/19/2018 8:50:47 AM, by DIGER718

    ... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/19/2018 7:54:28 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    211 Remarkable hero's 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Jumping for Joy With a Spring in your Step!

    4/19/2018 5:06:50 AM, by JSTETSER

    Have you ever hiked Mt Monadnock or any other New Hampshire mountain) in late April? It can be an adventure! This year, there’s still plenty of snow, ice and lots of mud. Yes, this is Mud Season on Monadnock! Sneakers are not a good idea. The view from the summit makes the trip worthwhile! Wh... Read more

  • 4/19/18

    4/19/2018 12:10:48 AM, by RHOOK20047

    Had my first ACTS team meeting tonight for the retreat I am directing. Although, I have led other meetings like this, I was so nervous. That is until I took a moment to say a silent prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me this evening. After that I felt at peace and the meeting went well. I k... Read more

  • Hump day !

    4/18/2018 10:59:36 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Been a sleepy 2 days. Not much else accomplished. Worked too hard on the paper disposal ;-P Begun: 4/1/2018 238.2 1st goal: 5 lb 4/3/2018 231.8 (mani-pedi) 2nd goal: 5 lb ( ?) wt 230.2 (will do my hair thing the next 5 pounds) My SP challenges: SparkCoach: do... Read more

  • I did not cheat like this...

    4/18/2018 9:48:05 PM, by DIGER718

    ... Read more

  • Challenges of challenges...

    4/18/2018 8:26:28 PM, by CAMOGIE3

    Life has a habit of happening. Come Monday, I’ll restart the two challenges I joined (one food, one walking). Dad’s got surgery Friday morning and it should go well...but he is 84. Boss gave me Monday off, so that’s good. I’ll just do the best I can. Food choices today were not so good. I’m ... Read more

  • It Matters

    4/18/2018 4:09:30 PM, by ZUZUPETALS10

    Doing my healthy lifestyle initiatives today like it matters. Sticking with my task until it sticks to me. ... Read more

  • Tuesday and Wednesday put together

    4/18/2018 4:02:51 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Had a really good day today at school. Yesterday was a bit rough and I was dealing with a lot of people dealing with the shock of a number of friends whose husbands all died this week. Four of the aides all lost their husbands in different ways but all a sudden shock. One shot himself and she came h... Read more


    4/18/2018 3:30:04 PM, by ANHELIC

    A DYING OR DYNAMIC CHURCH? On that day, a great persecution broke out against the church at Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. Acts 8:1 God will bless any movement, any churc... Read more

  • Day 1797

    4/18/2018 2:44:58 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • !? Is Spring Finally Here ?!

    4/18/2018 1:26:42 PM, by CROCHET2002

    Week 2 Day 3 of the 3 week Yoga Retreat and today I can honestly say I was sweating! The temperature outside is 60 degrees (F) and I'm sure that contributed. I also noticed that I had more cramping in the muscles of my legs than in previous days. Dehydrated? Maybe. The soreness is wearing off so the... Read more

  • Dr. Hyman: How to Feed Your Gut

    4/18/2018 10:59:22 AM, by CTUPTON
    w-to-feed-your-gut/ I have read parts of this information in hundreds of places. This article put it all together for me! chris... Read more

  • Day 101: My Daily Exercise - 18.04.18

    4/18/2018 9:44:34 AM, by DOLLFACEDX

    Right now, one of my main Spark Teams in 'on a break' and another team has opened their doors so that we might continue to experience challenge and support. 304 304 304 While visiting with this team, I've continue to post my Daily Exercise as this is key to my own wellness Read more

  • Tired...

    4/18/2018 9:18:14 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    And confused...... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/18/2018 8:20:33 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    40 Oh my! 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Recipe Update

    4/18/2018 8:18:40 AM, by JULMATT

    My new and unnamed recipe turned out to be a great meal. Calories was kind higher than it thought, but it was a very filling meal, so you didn’t need but one serving. To top off the new meal I added a salad to go along with it to get in more veggies. The main course had some veggies in it as well... Read more

  • International Jugglers Day and World Juggler's Day

    4/18/2018 7:53:09 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : International Juggler's Day - always April 18th World Juggler's Day - Saturday Closest to June 17th International Jugglers Day and World Juggler's Day celebrates the skill of juggling, and those talented people who can juggle many balls and objects at a ti... Read more

  • Vacation plans

    4/18/2018 4:59:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    Maybe these aren't the most exciting plans for others, but I'm really happy to get out of town. I have lots of daily, weekly and monthly commitments, and it just feels nice to get a break from it all. Next week is April vacation, and I'm going to New Jersey with my husband. We will spend about... Read more

  • What ya thunk 4/18/18

    4/18/2018 12:12:21 AM, by JVANAM

    Lose your temper and you lose a friend; lie and you lose yourself. - HOPI PROVERB ~ 4/18/18... Read more

  • Tueday

    4/17/2018 11:46:35 PM, by VIOLETPETTELS

    As usually really busy day. Its almost midnight but i promised myself to do all the steps on my weight loss jorney. Hope everyone had a good day. Talk to you tomorrow... Read more

  • 04/17/18

    4/17/2018 10:37:44 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, Dolly is a bit better. She is walking better so I am feeling a bit better. Mikey is so cute how he is so nice to her. I got the tractor out and got started with the grass cutting. It was so windy that my allergies started bothering me bad. Outside of that, went to choir practice this even... Read more

  • What ya thunk 4/17/18

    4/17/2018 9:39:50 PM, by JVANAM

    Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. - CHIEF TECUMSEH ~ 4/17/18... Read more

  • Tulips will bloom some day this spring

    4/17/2018 7:01:35 PM, by DIGER718

    ... Read more

  • Day 3 of a New Me?

    4/17/2018 6:02:05 PM, by SOSIREGIME

    Yesterday I ate a brownie, and I have no memory of it. This is not eating mindfully, which I'm convinced is key to my doing better at weight loss. I eat emotionally, and many times, that emotion is boredom. It happens at work, cf. brownie incident. Yesterday, I also screwed up a little eati... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Tuesday, April 17, 2018

    4/17/2018 5:38:10 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I say YES to the longings of my own heart." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Am I An Emotional Eater?

    4/17/2018 3:18:23 PM, by ZUZUPETALS10

    I did some reflective journal writing about my observations around emotional eating. I didn’t think I was an “emotional eater” but I’m reconsidering what I originally imagined an emotional eater to be and that it may include myself. Maybe I am trying to meet needs with getting “enough” food to c... Read more

  • Day 1796

    4/17/2018 3:08:53 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Did 6 of 6 exercises. Feeling good.... Read more

  • "ACES" list

    4/17/2018 3:04:59 PM, by CTUPTON

    The 10 ACEs the researchers measured: — Physical, sexual and verbal abuse. — Physical and emotional neglect. — A family member who is: •depressed or diagnosed with other mental illness; •addicted to alcohol or another substance; •in prison. — Witnessing a mother being abuse... Read more

  • 1 hr movie worth watching--online more to follow...

    4/17/2018 2:54:18 PM, by CTUPTON
    e/ ACES: ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES 39 A major movement is happening about how "ACES" in early childhood cause bodily and mental changes leading to adult problems. There is now scientific proof changes in the body happen due to stress in chi... Read more

  • ?? Insomnia and Exercise ??

    4/17/2018 12:14:47 PM, by CROCHET2002

    I have been awake since 8:30 am on Monday, April 16th. At the time of this post - that's 27ish hours straight. Sometimes I just can not get to sleep and last night was one of those nights. Fitness experts are always talking up the importance of a good night's rest and how important it is for resting... Read more


    4/17/2018 11:40:14 AM, by ANHELIC

    COMFORTED TO BE A COMFORTER So that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves received from God 2 Corinthians 1:4 Paul says we experience God comforting us in our suffering, not only to benefit ourselves but so that the com... Read more

  • Ice...

    4/17/2018 9:49:12 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    And now everything is turned to ice...... Read more

  • Pet Owners Independence Day

    4/17/2018 9:00:19 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Always April 17 Pet Owners Independence Day is indeed a time to celebrate. First of all, if you have a pet, that is reason in itself to celebrate. For, it is truly great to own a pet. But, what is the meaning behind this day? You could make a lot of guess... Read more

  • New Recipe

    4/17/2018 8:25:15 AM, by JULMATT

    I have been wanting to try this idea for a dish that has been in my head for months. Yesterday while I was bored and trying to avoid eating I sat down and wrote out the recipe for the food idea. Today, I’m going to cook it. I hope it isn’t too high in calories. Thankfully, Sparkspeople has a reci... Read more

  • Here comes the Sun!

    4/17/2018 5:02:54 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday was just another snowy spring day! I'm looking out my office window at a sleety, snowy day when what I really want is to see sunshine and dirt. This is when I normally plant my garden. I have seedlings that need to be planted in the ground, but they will have to wait! Why? Because ... Read more

  • Diabetes the truth!

    4/17/2018 2:35:34 AM, by 1965KAREN

    I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001. I was told that I had a small window of time to work on getting my weight down to turn things around. I didn't. I didn't listen, I didn't care about the new diagnosis. What ever, I wasn't giving up my soda! Then came the time, I had to start insulin. I was tol... Read more

  • Not Enough Calories?

    4/17/2018 1:53:31 AM, by WHITNEYGAMER

    Low carb since Feb. Only a handful of cheat days. And I'm only down a few pounds. And I was like, "What gives?" I know its working because I haven't been on my stomach meds since the last part of February and I've haven't had a single upset stomach. So I figured maybe I'm eating too much. I p... Read more

  • How far I've come in the past 60 days

    4/17/2018 1:14:24 AM, by LADYCHAZ1

    I am happy to say that I've been able to get my readings into a normal range and have held them there for the last 30-45 days. 244 My new NP lowered the dosage on my medication and I'm hoping that when I have all of the lab work done next month, including another A1C test, she will take me comple... Read more

  • Monday moving forward

    4/16/2018 9:48:23 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Had a fantastic workout today. I did weights, walking, yoga, and stairs! Put in more than two hours and felt good afterwards. I am exhausted and ready for bed. Be blessed and a blessing to those around you!... Read more

  • 4/16/18

    4/16/2018 9:42:02 PM, by RHOOK20047

    I am tired. Taking care of Dolly has been a job. She is walking a little better today, but still isn't putting much weight on her hind left leg. And Mikey is like a mother hen with her. He doesn't leave her side by a few steps. He knows something is wrong with her. And fortunately, he has been ... Read more

  • What ya thunk 4/16/18

    4/16/2018 8:44:42 PM, by JVANAM

    You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts. —COCHISE (HARDWOOD), CHIRACAHUA APACHE ~ 4/16/18... Read more

  • Day 2 check in

    4/16/2018 8:43:36 PM, by CAMOGIE3

    Okay. I walked today, but not all at once. I hope that still counts? I got my 5# weight out from the back of the car and did curls while sitting in traffic, alternating arms. I’ve cleaned out the fridge (DH’s food’s one one side). Kinda followed the food plan for the day. I stayed within r... Read more

  • Day 1794-5

    4/16/2018 6:42:53 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Days. Feeling OK.... Read more

  • more....

    4/16/2018 5:19:30 PM, by CTUPTON

    If a bunch of cats jump on top of each other, is it still called a dog pile? If a baby's leg pops out at 11:59PM but his head doesn't come out until 12:01, which day was he born on? Do Jewish vampires still avoid crosses? If a mime is arrested, do they tell him he has a right to talk? In t... Read more


    4/16/2018 4:06:15 PM, by ANHELIC

    COMFORT IN SUFFERING Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 We can rejoice in our sufferings because it bu... Read more

  • Points to ponder

    4/16/2018 3:04:45 PM, by CTUPTON

    Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? Why are there no 'B' batteries? If a jogger runs at the speed of sound, can he still hear his iPod? If man evolved from monkeys, how come we still have monkeys? How do you handcuff a one-armed man? When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being... Read more

  • Pick a size, any size!

    4/16/2018 1:50:31 PM, by SPIEGY

    I went shopping for new work pants (is "slacks" an old fashioned word?) this weekend and realized that right now I am fitting into 3 different sizes. I was wearing a pair of size 12 capris on Saturday while shopping, bought one slightly tight-fitting pair of 12 pants, another pair of very slightly l... Read more

  • The Hell It Won't!

    4/16/2018 1:30:23 PM, by CROCHET2002

    Week 2 Day 1 Felt the stirrings of allergy season over the weekend and kept it at bay ... until I got up this morning with a head full of ... well, you know what. I moped around for the better part of an hour feeling restless and uneasy. Not because of my head but because I was NOT doing m... Read more

  • Awesomeness

    4/16/2018 12:47:29 PM, by DIGER718

    ... Read more

  • Self Care Ramble

    4/16/2018 10:56:15 AM, by JULMATT

    I hear it from my therapist all the time. Take time for yourself. If you do not take care of yourself then you can not help anyone else. Both of which is true and I know it, but it is the hardest thing in the world to do. I know I can do it. I have done it in the past, but the past is the past. W... Read more

  • Baby Steps

    4/16/2018 10:39:49 AM, by ZUZUPETALS10

    I enjoy a new beginning. I like the freshness of a new week and a new day. I got the laundry done earlier so I’m free to go to the gym today. I made a commitment to start going on a regular basis and I’m now on week three of consistently going to the gym. I don’t do a strenuous workout (yet). ... Read more

  • Morning pep talk!

    4/16/2018 10:31:42 AM, by SOSIREGIME

    My lunch and dinner are packed. Food is tracked. It's going to be an awesome day! 521 More later . . .... Read more

  • Crappy Weather...

    4/16/2018 10:17:34 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Weather has been awful the past 3 days. Now it's raining, slush all over the place, it's icy and fog...... Read more

  • Save the Elephant Day / World Elephant Day

    4/16/2018 8:44:18 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Always April 16th Elephants are the largest mammal to roam the earth today. Their numbers are dwindling, and their very survival is at risk. That makes Save the Elephant Day an extremely important day. Also called World Elephant Day, this very special day was creat... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/16/2018 8:41:08 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    224 243 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Progress

    4/16/2018 7:45:42 AM, by MINIVIL

    I’m back. I need community and accountability. I’ve aged some, made great changes, backtracked, started over. It gets demoralizing to see how far I’ve come only to retreat. I do get the sense that this time is different, though. I have all the tools. I have the support network. I know what wo... Read more

  • Its about exercise

    4/16/2018 7:12:05 AM, by VIOLETPETTELS

    So today is my regular class. Starts with a 10 minute run on the treadmill then strength training. Its regular, constant, reliable...but today it feels like mount everest. But thats ok. Like Everest this is scaleable. So off i go to the gym.... Read more

  • I'll be ready for the next time!

    4/16/2018 4:57:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    Well, I did it again. While eating out with my Mom and hubby, I fell off the healthy eating wagon by a creme brulee. It was a delicious fall, and I have no one to blame but myself. My blood sugar went up from 118 to 154. I suppose that it could have been much worse. I don't know why it i... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Monday, April 16, 2018

    4/16/2018 4:13:51 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I say that Today is a Perfect Day." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • A little whine... some anxiety...

    4/16/2018 3:16:13 AM, by LESLIELENORE

    So, yes, a second blog today... just feeling stressed and wanting to whine... I had a serious hypoglycemic event last night. Woke up around 1:30 (not too unusual), feeling nauseous, shaky, clammy... just “off” (unusual)... but I recognized the symptoms, so I checked my blood glucose right away... u... Read more

  • Storms? And good customer service...

    4/16/2018 1:56:52 AM, by LESLIELENORE

    The ice storm was pretty much a non-event where I live... it warmed up fast, and everything melted and was just soggy by about 7am, which is when I got home from walking the Cooper-dog. We did have some power issues during the night ( I know because I was up a good portion of the night dealing with... Read more

  • Friends

    4/16/2018 1:19:28 AM, by IDICEM

    ... Read more

  • 4/15/18

    4/15/2018 10:08:45 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had a long night and day. Dolly, our 11 year Black Lab, hurt herself yesterday somehow. She has arthritis in her right rear hip and walks a little slower and sometimes with a limp, but last night she wasn't able to walk at all. So we took her to the all-night vet, and they did a xray and found no... Read more

  • Mid. Month challenges....

    4/15/2018 10:03:09 PM, by CAMOGIE3

    I have trouble with food and inertia. I apparently do not have a healthy relationship with food. This is not a new observation. I’m finally at a point where I want to do something about it. I’m an emotional eater and with all the stress of the past couple years, I’ve reach the point where nothing... Read more

  • Live spring flowers

    4/15/2018 9:52:43 PM, by DIGER718

    Although still cold glad spring bulbs hubby planted have bloomed. ... Read more

  • Enjoying the journey more this time

    4/15/2018 9:49:11 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    I'm trying not to get ahead of myself this time. I'm doing well so far; well truthfully, I'm only about 10 days in. But the process seems better this time. I have stopped craving fast food. I actually had one small McDonald's hamburger last week. I had an appointment that day and didn't get ti... Read more

  • Usually, I Would Have Given Up

    4/15/2018 9:10:45 PM, by CROCHET2002

    Okay, late today but it wasn't because I didn't want to do it. I actually looked forward to the yoga routine today - it was late because I had other things to do this morning and afternoon (Small Group meeting, Church, and Mom's Group). I was a bit shocked when I finally did get into the progra... Read more

  • 4 Good Things This Week

    4/15/2018 8:57:35 PM, by RICKI157

    I came back to Sparkspeople after being gone over a year. I reconnected with some Awesome Sparkfriends. I have been tracking my nutrition every day and staying in my range. I have tracked my exercise every day this week.... Read more

  • What ya thunk 4/15/18

    4/15/2018 7:58:37 PM, by JVANAM

    I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself. - LONE MAN (ISNA-LA-WICA), TETON SIOUX ~ 4/15/18... Read more

  • My Annual Blog Post

    4/15/2018 4:15:25 PM, by SOSIREGIME

    So, here I am again with my annual blog post about how I've gained weight, am dissatisfied with myself, am less fit, etc. Blah, blah, blah. I bore myself, and you too! Looking back, it's sad and funny how this happens about once a year. But seriously. . . I have a goal in mind to lose 1 to ... Read more

  • Sunday WAKE up call

    4/15/2018 3:55:14 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Knowing where I stand now is the first step in making the necessary changes to improve and more importantly, to maintain my health. I have been delighted that I have been steadily losing weight, exercising, etc. I have been focusing for the past month on walking and being active rather than st... Read more

  • 60 Days

    4/15/2018 3:16:18 PM, by ZUZUPETALS10

    It’s been 60 days since I first figured out how to post a blog here at Sparks People. I’m grateful for this record of my thoughts and experiences this past two months and the new friends I’ve made here. In all honesty I haven’t changed the scale (yet) but I do feel more empowered and forward facin... Read more


    4/15/2018 1:41:47 PM, by ANHELIC

    MEASURE OF SUCCESS I do not think I am in the least inferior to those super-apostles. I may indeed be untrained as a speaker, but I do have knowledge. 2 Corinthians 11:5-6 Jesus was discredited for associating sinners and tax colle... Read more

  • Breakfast

    4/15/2018 11:27:17 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    For as long as I remember I have always looked at breakfast as a "sweet" meal. Why? Well as a child it was a Friday thing to grocery shop with my parents and sister. We would always get to choose our favorite cereal. Well who wouldn't choose a sugary yummy cereal??? As a child my parents were both w... Read more

  • Cruciferous veggies bad for thyroid but...

    4/15/2018 10:10:02 AM, by CTUPTON

    Fuhrman says if cooked, then no problem. Also he recommends a pinch of kelp daily or iodine in a supplement. So iodine is sufficient for the thyroid to work properly. I am glad I can continue eating cruciferous veggies. Oh boy--I even had Brussels sprouts yesterday! Kelp--I don't t... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    4/15/2018 7:27:57 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    211 Good boy. 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Changes

    4/15/2018 6:14:59 AM, by JSTETSER

    Recently I got honest with myself and recognized that I have nerve pain (neuropathy) in my feet. This is perhaps because of Type II Diabetes. It's time for me to make some changes. So far, here's my plan: 1. Buy new shoes. I bought new sneakers yesterday, and next month, I'll buy new... Read more

  • Flash: fetishising food focus fallacies

    4/15/2018 4:56:22 AM, by DASH__LOM

    Ah, the joys of alliteration. Seriously, and briefly, though: it's not enough, I've found, just to focus on the calories and fat % and glasses of water. Or even on the exercise (may that be my problem...). It's about putting _EATING_ in perspective. I've lain awake nights, having put all of a ... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Sunday, April 15, 2018

    4/15/2018 3:33:49 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I say NO to the demands of the world. I say YES to the longings of my own heart." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Rubber Eraser Day

    4/15/2018 1:16:15 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Observed: Always on April 15th Make no mistake... Rubber Eraser Day celebrates the invention of erasers. We all make mistakes. This day is designated to recognize and appreciate the value of that little plug (as manufacturers call them) ,that sits atop our pencils. When we make ... Read more

  • Be careful

    4/15/2018 12:11:35 AM, by IDICEM

    ... Read more

  • 4/14/18

    4/14/2018 7:54:24 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Busy Saturday. Got up early for a SVdP training session. I ended up giving the training after all since the lady who was assigned to do it had to take her husband to the hospital last night and she was up all night. I didn't mind too much as it rained all day, however I would have rather not gott... Read more

  • Hypothyroid problem -hoping this book helps me

    4/14/2018 7:21:30 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • What ya thunk 4/14/18

    4/14/2018 7:16:11 PM, by JVANAM

    The greatest strength is gentleness. - Iroquois 4/14/18... Read more

  • Springy Saturday sunshine and warmer weather

    4/14/2018 5:36:25 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Started my day out at local health fair. Got my blood work done, then walked around to the other booths, weighed in and got a nice printout that showed I have been making progress and even lost some more weight. Went and had my BP checked and was sure it was a bad reading when the woman said 160/130... Read more