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  • Day 25 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

    10/26/2016 2:39:14 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    Day 25: If Your Could Meet/Have One Fictional Character Fall In Love With You, Who Would It Be? (Explain.)  Gerry Kennedy from "p.s. i love you". Even death couldn't stop his love for Holly. To be loved that much...I can't even imagine... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    10/26/2016 1:47:20 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Create the legacy of a better world. Leave this world a better place than you found it. " - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Happy hump day

    10/25/2016 11:09:03 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Send out a beautiful word to some one you know and tell them they are a blessing enjoy your day hugs... Read more

  • Tuesday-no luck with the dog

    10/25/2016 10:49:14 PM, by TERRI289

    Today I stopped to visit our potential dog at the SPCA. And I found out that she was adopted. 39 So what is it to get approved for the adoption and you are waiting on them to cat test her and have their vet check her hips. So did the people who adopted not care that she might have a major health iss... Read more

  • Day Off...

    10/25/2016 10:31:40 PM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Need to have more of these...... Read more

  • Getting things sorted out

    10/25/2016 9:29:10 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    There are so many details with insurance, registration, title, maintenance, etc with cars. I am splitting the cost of getting the new/used car on the road with my brother, but he is taking care of seeing to all the details. I just have to remind him to make the appointments, etc. We are getting t... Read more

  • I fell

    10/25/2016 8:37:19 PM, by HAPPYGIRL1033

    After my last blog entry, I had a bad moment. I had bought empanadas at my local Colombian bakery and when I came home and opened the bag, realized they were not meat empanadas but guava and cream cheese. I fell hard. I ate them like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind when she finds that ... Read more

  • are vionic shoes worth the price ?

    10/25/2016 8:29:13 PM, by CTUPTON

    I need new shoes. I wore sneakers for many years. But my legs have been painful the past few months. chris... Read more

  • 2 days late, but...

    10/25/2016 8:22:44 PM, by BLESSOME

    It was my goal to post on Sundays, but this past weekend kind of got away from me. With a birthday party/family game day, a pumpkin carving get together & work, I was bushed and behind with everything, LOL. It's really kind of interesting... I have 3 sisters. 3 of the 4 of us are living the l... Read more

  • Birthday Celebration on plan!

    10/25/2016 8:08:36 PM, by MAGMOM23

    Sunday was my birthday and I celebrated 2 dinners out over the weekend. I am happy to report I stayed within my calorie count and carefully picked my entree. I had lobster tail and oysters Rockefeller with steamed asparagus. It would of been perfect except my lobster was undercooked and had to be... Read more

  • Small improvements

    10/25/2016 7:48:59 PM, by 40NOW2007

    I have been seeing some improvements in my health lately. The arthritis doesn't seem to be as bad. I am more clearer headed and organized. I have less anxiety and depression. ... Read more

  • Loyalty

    10/25/2016 3:10:36 PM, by SONIA_THORNTON

    Loyalty has an expiration date. - Steve Harvey #realtalk... Read more

  • Day 1264

    10/25/2016 2:32:07 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Did 5 of 6 exercises. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Day 24 of 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 181)

    10/25/2016 2:10:45 PM, by SIXLESTER69

    Day 24: Write About Your Day.  I love waking up with P. Working nights we don't get to sleep with each other much. It's nice to wake up snuggled in his warm arms. P did his exercises for PT. We loaded up the car to do laundry. And that has been my day so far. Really miss having my own washer and ... Read more

  • Grateful to be 'living and enjoying life'!

    10/25/2016 11:57:38 AM, by JANZDIET2014

    So much has been happening in my life lately and I am extremely grateful to be in a better place, 'Just For Today'!... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    10/25/2016 9:21:05 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    213 I called an old school friend and asked what was he doing. He replied that he is working on "Aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminum & steel under a constrained environment". 30 I was impressed...... I inquired further and learned that he was "washing dishes with hot water .......u... Read more

  • C25K Day 1

    10/25/2016 9:14:19 AM, by LISHYYM17

    I took my dog out this morning and started using the app C25K (Couch to 5K) in hopes to get started at running. I got over 3,000 steps in before 7am with 30 minutes of walking and jogging intervals. It's actually easier getting up and getting moving in the morning before both kids are up in order to... Read more

  • It's my birthday!

    10/25/2016 8:46:08 AM, by DSBRIDE

    Today is my birthday. I'm 66 and don't mind saying that one bit. Looking back over the year, I can honestly say that this year was a whole lot better than last year was. I don't have a weight loss to show for the year but I'm still able to get around pretty good and after all I've been through th... Read more

  • Sabotage

    10/25/2016 7:00:07 AM, by SHILON

    I have a coworker that is trying to sabotage my goals. She doesn't drive so she wants me to pick her up every morning for work. But mornings are my gym time. If I don't go in mornings I don't get my workouts. I had no problems getting her while I recovered from surgery and wasn't allowed to go to gy... Read more

  • Day 24 - 100 Days of Gratitude

    10/25/2016 6:49:41 AM, by JAZZEJR

    It's early morning; I'm still kind of groggy. I have to soon start the 2 1/2 hour drive to meet my friend for the burial service. I am very grateful that, even with the cool temps, no rain is forecast for today. I love a nice, sunny day for a long drive. I'll have my jazz playing and my foot in t... Read more

  • I Tried the Instant Pot. Here's What I Think About It, 8 Months Later

    10/25/2016 6:36:00 AM, by XANADUREALM

    Cambria polled readers to find out their favorite slow cooker. Instead of a traditional slow cooker, many of you raved about the Instant Pot, but I'd never even heard of it. Can one appliance really do the job of seven? Instant Pot is a multi-cooker that does the job of a slow cooker, electric ... Read more

  • World Pasta Day

    10/25/2016 6:11:54 AM, by ADKISTLER

    World Pasta Day Date When Celebrated : Always October 25th World Pasta Day is today. It should come as no surprise to discover that this special day promotes the consumption of pasta around the world. It seeks to increase awareness of the benefits of pasta. Each year on Wo... Read more

  • Kindergarten Wisdom

    10/25/2016 5:17:48 AM, by JSTETSER

    Kindergarten political wisdom we can all understand! Today I talked with a young boy as he got off the bus. He was upset about a conversation that he had with a few other students on the ride to school They want Trump to be president! he said. How can they want Trump? The Kindergartener con... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    10/25/2016 1:40:54 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Believe in yourself, in your vision for your future, and in your ability to take a small step each day toward achieving your vision." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    10/25/2016 1:40:44 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Believe in yourself, in your vision for your future, and in your ability to take a small step each day toward achieving your vision." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Good Monday..Zumba, tutoring, eye injection(blech) and more Zumba

    10/24/2016 11:19:12 PM, by TERRI289

    I taught two classes today..had a great time although the second class tweaked my back a bit. Hello ice pack. Every seven weeks I get an eye injection for my retina issue. I am starting to dislike it so of course, my vision is much improved today. Guess it is working. So today was a mix of... Read more

  • octobers progress

    10/24/2016 10:34:21 PM, by RKOTTEK

    My progress(or lack of) 17 September 164 kg following day on Sunday 166.6kg 24 September 165.1kg(1.1 kg(2.4 pounds) higher than Saturday, 27th 170.5kg 01 October 165.3 kg 08 October 172 kg 15 October 170.5 kg 17 October 174.5 kg 22 October 168 kg Cheers Richard Target for next Satu... Read more

  • Broken Streak

    10/24/2016 8:38:15 PM, by IDICEM

    I really cared about only one streak. Most others were impossible for me to keep going on a daily basis for a long period of time, but I could always make certain I signed in and spun that wheel. I looked forward to getting that streak to two years, about a month from now. Until Saturday. Last ... Read more

  • PT, car stuff, etc... just a day

    10/24/2016 7:08:54 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    This getting up before the sun rises stuff is kind of depressing, and kind of motivating at the same time... at least for me it is. I do best with natural light, but getting started early helps me stay on track all day long, especially on days when I don't have much scheduled. If I get moving earl... Read more

  • Pathology Results

    10/24/2016 3:46:24 PM, by AMYROSEC

    My pathology results came in and the mass is a sebaceous cyst after all. I am very relieved I have now dodged the possibility of having cancer twice within weeks of each other. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. Through all of this health crap that has reared its ugly head starting ... Read more

  • Hood River Fruit Loop

    10/24/2016 2:44:23 PM, by CHEFTONITO

    No, it isn't the cereal. Hood River County, Oregon is home to a large number of orchards and farms (and wineries). So the county created the Fruit Loop, a driving tour that passes 25 or so of these farms and orchards. We drive it annually, and by a large amount of fruit (Asian pears for a fraction o... Read more

  • Day 1263

    10/24/2016 1:00:16 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Day 23 - 100 Days of Gratitude

    10/24/2016 10:13:31 AM, by JAZZEJR

    I am grateful that my buying-spree is over. QVC caught me in its web, bound me up and hypnotized me yesterday during it's Christmas (imagine) extravaganza sale with 6 monthly pays. I resisted the gorgeous $400+ Christmas tree with the Bethlehem lights, but I fell under the spell of the lowest-I'v... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    10/24/2016 8:21:58 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    386 Sparkers... Read more

  • National Bologna Day

    10/24/2016 6:22:55 AM, by ADKISTLER

    National Bologna Day Date When Celebrated : Always October 24 National Bologna Day is a full of baloney! Properly spelled Bologna, it is sometimes spelled "Baloney". It is pronounced like the latter spelling. Bologna is a sausage. It's commonly used as a luncheon meat. Mom and k... Read more

  • An Autumn Hike

    10/24/2016 5:30:24 AM, by JSTETSER

    No need to drive an hour away, Well walk in the woods on this windy day. Up the dirt road and around the hill, Cool air on my face gives me a chill! Little leaves dancing as they fall to the ground, Swirling and swaying, twirling around. This is exciting for my husband and I ... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    10/24/2016 3:15:37 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " My joy is the golden sunset giving thanks for another day. Gratitude itself is a source of joy." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Day 23 of 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 180)

    10/24/2016 1:26:23 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    Day 23: Write About One Of Your Guilty Pleasures. (It doesn't have to be sexual - don't worry, mine won't be!)  Glee. That cheesy show about a high school glee club. The acting isn't all that good but I love the singing. Which is weird because I have always hated musicals. Seriously? Who stops eve... Read more

  • Up Late Again...

    10/24/2016 12:24:55 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Sigh...... Read more

  • My one art class about painting clouds

    10/23/2016 11:06:53 PM, by CTUPTON

    I did a search "art techniques resist clouds." I just looked at the "images." Many images were like the thing we did in class. "Resist" was the art technique we were learning. The teacher had us just doodle first. We really did not know what the class would be about. then she... Read more

  • So far life is good in our new independent living apartment.

    10/23/2016 10:45:20 PM, by CTUPTON

    Hubby's brain seems to have improved. Wow this is an unexpected perk. John is doing very well here. His thinking has obviously improved. There are friendly people around to help him. He has been wheeling around alone and people help him use the free coffee station , etc. He can use the elevator alon... Read more

  • A wonderful tea party bridal shower

    10/23/2016 10:37:21 PM, by TERRI289

    I attended a lovely tea party bridal shower for my friend Darlene's daughter Krysta. They are lovely people that I met through working at the college. Darlene and Laura Krysta and her friends Darlene and Krysta Laura and me We had an awesome time..good food, good conversation, games tha... Read more

  • Starting over - kinda gross (sorry)

    10/23/2016 9:31:19 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    The last few weeks have been tough. Since my surgery a month ago, I've been really struggling. I have felt awful and have had zero energy to do anything. I saw my surgeon again this past Friday for my second follow up. He told me that I'm doing well. Apparently, I have a ton of fluid built up ... Read more

  • Busy Weekend...

    10/23/2016 8:51:26 PM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Weekend is gone, Monday tomorrow...... Read more

  • enjoy

    10/23/2016 8:17:12 PM, by CTUPTON
    ble.html ... Read more

  • Day 50- Compliant... end of challenge

    10/23/2016 6:49:24 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    So, the challenge was to eat ENOUGH calories, as I was skimping on calories through the heat of the Summer. With the advent of cooler weather I have started swinging the other direction though. I think I have a handle on it now. For a few days I was really noshing on empty calories, buying junk a... Read more

  • One Step @ A Time - 10/23/16 - 100 Days

    10/23/2016 4:44:14 PM, by JERZGURL_NAN

    Well, it says I've been pursuing a healthier lifestyle for 100 days today. Yes, it's been one step at a time - one pound at a time. I've stepped beyond the sleeping in...the chocolate...the snacks and munchies....sugar...desserts..
    ..sodas and even french fries (except for the few... Read more

  • October 22

    10/23/2016 4:12:23 PM, by SKITTY56

    Somehow I just erased everything I just wrote. Anyway, starting over -again, job wise, divorced, weight gain, depression anxiety blah blah. Weight goal-2 pounds a week, 1 will be ok, but as I weigh upwards of 220 2 is doable. Exercise goal-I upped my step count goal today to 7000, not up to 1... Read more

  • Inches off, Weight fluctuating

    10/23/2016 3:03:07 PM, by LISHYYM17

    I was kinda down on myself because my weight has been kind of staying the same for the most part. It has been fluctuating between 282 and 280. My pants have been feeling loose though so I decided to take m measurements and I lost 6 inches!!!! 4 from my waist (WOW), 1 from my thigh, and one from my a... Read more

  • Day 22 - 100 Days of Gratitude

    10/23/2016 3:01:39 PM, by JAZZEJR

    I am so grateful for Oprah's Super Soul Sunday on OWN. There have been so many guests who have shared their life's experiences and the wisdom gained from them. It has opened me up to new ways of viewing and experiencing life that make it more meaningful and purposeful for me.... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    10/23/2016 2:08:23 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " If a task is important, do it now. If it is not truly important, forget about it forever, relax and do something that truly is important. Caution : The most important things in life are seldom the most obvious." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Day 1262

    10/23/2016 11:54:46 AM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Mother-in-Law Day

    10/23/2016 9:12:45 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Mother-in-Law Day Date When Celebrated : Fourth Sunday in October If you missed Mother's Day in May, then here's another chance to honor your beloved Mother-In-Law. The source of many jokes, a mother-in-law doesn't usually get the praise and appreciation she deserves. Source/Ori... Read more

  • Just Got Back From The Vet

    10/23/2016 7:50:27 AM, by AMYROSEC

    I had slept on and off for an hour as Shadow kept waking me up. He started shaking and then put his legs out and went stiff. That lasted what felt like a long time but was actually 30 seconds to a minute that had gone by. It is 5:40am we left for the Emergency Vet at 3:30am. His blood work was... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    10/23/2016 7:49:49 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    A doctor on TV said that in order to have inner peace in our lives during this political campaign, we should always finish things that we start. Since we all could use more calm in our lives, I looked around my house to find things I'd started & hadn't finished. I finished a bottle of Merlot... Read more

  • Drinking a Dash of Vinegar: 9 Shrub Recipes for the Summer

    10/23/2016 6:18:31 AM, by XANADUREALM

    My DH's chiropractor recommends drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning! "Drinking vinegar is back in vogue and it's not just because its distinct zing can curl your mustache. Mixing a tinge of vinegar into your drink or cocktail can add some complexity and savory overtones... Read more

  • Dear Doctor

    10/23/2016 6:16:27 AM, by JSTETSER

    Dear Doctor Perez, Thank you for the tough talk that you gave me a few months ago. You have motivated me to make the needed changes in my diet. I had not taken all of the necessary steps to stay off of the medicine for controlling Type II Diabetes. You did not mince words and you gave me a sim... Read more

  • Day 21 & 22 of 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 179)

    10/23/2016 4:47:03 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    Day 21: Write About Your Most Embarrassing Moments.  I remember once when my youngest was a year old, I was at a party when the leg on the chair I was sitting in broke and I landed on my rump. Everyone laughed at me and I hid and cried. After the birth of my 4th child I had been unable to lose the... Read more

  • Rain, wind,the animal shelter and football

    10/22/2016 11:36:02 PM, by TERRI289

    It was a good day for the most part even with the wild rain and wind. After chores, Steve got home in time for us to check out the Shelter and visit with some of the animals. The puppy that I was interested in turned out to have been adopted. My friend met the couple who adopted her. She commented t... Read more

  • Day 49- Compliant... staying occupied

    10/22/2016 11:11:31 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Started the day early... for no good reason. I just woke up before the alarm, and decided to get up and do my yoga and get going. Eh. It was fine. Had coffee with mom and dad. Dad and I went to the chiropractor together. Our chiropractor has walk-in hours three days a week, and Saturday mornin... Read more

  • Still Waiting On The Pathology Results

    10/22/2016 11:03:17 PM, by AMYROSEC

    My pathology results did not come within the 2-3 day window, I have learned just from others including my own from the past the longer it takes the odds are that the results are not good. I am trying to not worry about this I have been off oxygen since Monday afternoon, today I have mot been f... Read more

  • Can I Do This...Again?

    10/22/2016 9:32:23 PM, by UPPITYANN

    Mid October and I am still lolling around not doing anything to work on weight loss. The problem is that things are not too bad. I do a modicum of exercise two-three times at the Y and my meals are still high in veggies. So I am keeping off most of the weight which I lost last year. But th... Read more

  • Still Undertall (The "secret sauce" will get you to goal!)

    10/22/2016 9:06:29 PM, by DEEA2Z

    Have you ever wondered why some athletes attain a higher level of success than others? Chances are that the champions we all admire as we watch their performance use Mental Rehearsals as part of their training process. What is a Mental Rehearsal? The Soviets started using the technique back... Read more

  • Video : Making Bear Poop Cookies

    10/22/2016 5:30:37 PM, by CTUPTON
    =2492782... Read more

  • Motivation

    10/22/2016 4:01:22 PM, by SONIA_THORNTON

    #youcandoit #try #giveityourbest... Read more

  • Day 1261

    10/22/2016 3:38:44 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Did full workout for the 1st time in 2 weeks. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Day 21 - 100 Days of Gratitude

    10/22/2016 2:03:05 PM, by JAZZEJR

    I am grateful for my love of travel and exploration. I love to dream about it, plan it, save for it, and actually visit as many places both new and old as I can. I fit in as many trips as I can each year. I think I just love to GO. A friend and I are going to a city just 2 1/2 hour's drive away... Read more

  • To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

    10/22/2016 11:50:26 AM, by MSPOOH404

    If only... 39 Insomnia is for the birds! No, I take that back...even the birds will sleep at night...but me? 46 When it's really bad, I get about 4 hours, sometimes less. On those days, my time at work gets really interesting. I deal with numbers...and with little sleep... *SIGH... Read more

  • No Good

    10/22/2016 11:48:47 AM, by BADCALORIES

    Instead of loosing wt I have steadily added wt back on. Need drive to stick to it. Restarting AGAIN... Read more

  • Saturday's strengthening thoughts

    10/22/2016 9:59:32 AM, by NANCYPAT1

    It seems as though every day brings new challenges and at the same time strengthens me. This week was eventful and fun. Wednesday we had a pep rally at school and they had a bunch of activities in the gym that had students and teachers competing in crazy competitions. I knew I was not going to be... Read more

  • Make a Difference Day

    10/22/2016 9:32:38 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Make a Difference Day Date When Celebrated : The fourth Saturday in October Initiated in 1990, this is a national day devoted to helping others by doing volunteer work in the community. The activity can be almost anything. On this day, millions of Americans participate in community i... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    10/22/2016 8:16:09 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    40 386 Sparkers... Read more

  • Finding Forms of Motivation

    10/22/2016 7:45:31 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I need some new motivation for a certain student. I know that it will have to be as different as I can come up with. Sometimes I am surprised at what will motivate a young man. Many years ago, my son Matty fell off his bike often. Every time he fell, he would land on his knees and l... Read more

  • Tips for families dealing with aphasia

    10/22/2016 6:30:10 AM, by CTUPTON

    Nearly daily, I am thankful my husband's stroke did not take his ability to speak. But I know many people deal with this problem . Maybe this article will help. chris strokeconnection.strokeassoc
    t-Types-of-Aphasia-After-Stroke... Read more

  • Today's Affirmation

    10/22/2016 2:42:42 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I am a Unique Expression of the Universal Fabric of Creation. I celebrate both my uniqueness and my connection with all that is." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Off To Bed...

    10/22/2016 12:39:00 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    I go...... Read more

  • A Little Update: Bronchitis! (Streaming suggestions needed...I'm board already!)

    10/21/2016 11:43:43 PM, by DISNEYLIFE

    Last week rocked! It was a week off from work and everyday I managed to do some little something to add progress to this little venture. Well, THEN on Thursday... even though I went to my NEW water aerobics class... I decided that I had been ignoring (as I often do) the simple fact that I was getti... Read more

  • Friday....Zumba 2x and a tune up!

    10/21/2016 10:09:21 PM, by TERRI289

    Took one class, taught one class and had lunch with two of the ladies in my second class! Then on the way home my check engine light came on! Fortunately I live close to my mechanic. I stopped to ask how long I could drive with the light on. They decided that the car needed a tune up so they di... Read more

  • Non-scale victory or not?

    10/21/2016 8:42:42 PM, by BONNIJEAN

    Recently several people have asked if I have lost weight. Well, yes, but not very much. In fact, it has been several months since I have seen them and I had gained in the interim. I think I'm almost exactly where I was the last time I saw them. I have been exercising and have lost maybe 4... Read more

  • Day 48- Compliant... Another gray day

    10/21/2016 6:22:41 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It rained all day again today. And again the dog did not want to walk. But today I forced the issue a little, and dragged him out to at least relieve himself a few times. It can't be healthy for him to hold it like that! I had PT this morning. They had me try toe lifts at the end of my sess... Read more

  • Dreaming Out Loud

    10/21/2016 4:13:16 PM, by JANZDIET2014

    Dreaming Out Loud How would it feel to touch a cloud? To hold it in my hands and dream out loud I am a princess, I am a queen, I can achieve all of my dreams How would it feel to touch a cloud? It's okay to imagine... all dreams are allowed... Read more

  • Day 1260

    10/21/2016 3:29:01 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • The Orionid Meteor Shower

    10/21/2016 3:05:09 PM, by JANZDIET2014

    The Orionid meteor shower, usually shortened to the Orionids, is the most prolific meteor shower associated with Halley's Comet. The Orionids are so-called because the point they appear to come from, called the radiant, lies in the constellation Orion, but they can be seen over a large area of... Read more

  • I figured out why my cravings are intense...being female can suck sometimes

    10/21/2016 11:48:16 AM, by LISHYYM17

    It's the beginning of my cycle, and that explains a lot. I have such intense cravings for chocolate and sugar in general. It surprised me, and since I haven't had one since before I got pregnant, it's intense. Hopefully eating my healthy Reese's oatmeal will help curb the cravings!... Read more

  • Wellness Program & Weight Loss

    10/21/2016 10:29:42 AM, by MSPOOH404

    I shared in an old blog entry about the Wellness Program at my job. They started it as a means to motivate employees to live healthier lives. (I believe the rising insurance costs probably had something to do with it...but I can't say as I blame them.) So, in the beginning, the Program had fe... Read more

  • So Sleepy...

    10/21/2016 9:52:50 AM, by PEACHY_GIRL

    Want to head back to bed...... Read more

  • Need More Will Power

    10/21/2016 9:15:49 AM, by JULMATT

    I did great Monday, Tuesday, and so-so on Wednesday, but yesterday I ruined all my hard work. Mom decided she was too hungry for the meal I planned, and wanted pizza. Of course, I gave in and took her to buy it for supper. Of course, I overate. How do I gain more will power to say no? I shou... Read more

  • On The Lighter Side

    10/21/2016 8:36:19 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    I ate salad for dinner. 224 Mostly croutons, tomatoes, mushrooms and a little bit of broccoli. 244 Really just one big round crouton covered with tomato sauce and cheese. 334 FINE, it was a pizza. I ate a pizza. 24 386 Sparkers ... Read more

  • Day 20 - 100 Days of Gratitude

    10/21/2016 8:07:38 AM, by JAZZEJR

    I am grateful that I have found peace in retirement. I was afraid to do it. The unknown--what would I do, where would I live, would I be happy, would I feel trapped and not be able to travel if I took on part-time work? Turns out there was nothing to fear but fear itself. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) ... Read more

  • National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

    10/21/2016 6:39:51 AM, by ADKISTLER

    National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day Date When Celebrated : Always October 21st National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day celebrates a delicious Fall dessert. In October, pumpkins are literally glowing. So, why not put two of your favorites together.....pumpkins and cheesecake!? They make a great d... Read more

  • Starting Each Day Right

    10/21/2016 5:20:38 AM, by JSTETSER

    In order to make the most of my days , I start each one with the following: The Bible-I set my intention to live in peace and love. A prayer for helping strength. A song that lifts my heart and head. Exercise to motivate my body to move. A healthy breakfast. How do you start your d... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    10/21/2016 2:08:56 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " The beauty does not live out there ; the beauty's in my eyes." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Day 20 of 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 177)

    10/21/2016 1:27:17 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    Day 20: What Are Your Hobbies? Why Do You Like Them?  Crocheting. It relaxes me and it is cool to watch a ball of yarn become a scarf or blanket. Reading. I've traveled thousands of miles and lived many many lives in many different era's, all without leaving the comfort of home.... Read more

  • TGIF

    10/20/2016 11:12:42 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a great and blessed day hugs... Read more

  • Thursday...PT, work and the Hair Salon

    10/20/2016 8:55:30 PM, by TERRI289

    It was a full and interesting day! Physical Therapy was good and I am improving bit by bit .Pain is preferable to numbness any day. The college class was cooperative. and then it was off to the hair salon. I got a nice trim and a refreshing of color. Now a quiet evening researching and doi... Read more

  • Day 47- Compliant... fussy dog

    10/20/2016 7:59:53 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It was a rainy day, pretty much all day today. I attempted to take Cooper out for a walk at 8:30am, and again at 10am... but both times we got to the outside door of our apartment building and he stuck his nose and touched one paw to the wet sidewalk and made a fast retreat back into the building. ... Read more

  • Day 19 - 100 Days of Gratitude

    10/20/2016 6:51:10 PM, by JAZZEJR

    I am grateful for the gentleman friend in my life. We don't live in the same city, so we really enjoy our time together. I'm an easy-going person--most of the time, and so is he--most of the time. Still it never ceases to amaze me how generally differently men and women see and interpret things in ... Read more

  • Day 1259

    10/20/2016 4:05:27 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Got a late start. Did 5 sets on the first 3, did 2 on final 2. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Today's Inspiration

    10/20/2016 3:07:18 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Do not blame the thistle that you see no beauty." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • My birthday gift

    10/20/2016 2:29:18 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    My birthday is coming up and I just need to change everything . The rest of October will be full of getting yard and house work done. Too much stuff has gone on this year that has kept me from getting things done and focusing on my health and fitness. On my birthday I am going to the gym. Af... Read more