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  • Spark Coach Affirmation

    12/3/2016 12:05:04 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    "Picture the amount of weight you've lost so far in a way that you can really visualize it. Maybe you've lost a set of 20-pound dumbbells, a few cans of soup, or the weight of your dog! Feel the heaviness of that weight and be proud of how far you've come!" That is today's Spark Coach visualiza... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 12/2/16

    12/3/2016 3:56:48 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because are my barometers. 2. gut instinct, because it can split-second, life-changing experiences. 3. experience, because it can provide for simple solutions to what could result in complex situations. 4. the movement of time, because some things are better past. 5. pandora, b... Read more

  • I am grateful for, 12/1/16

    12/2/2016 3:43:04 AM, by CETANISTAWI

    1. my babies, because they make my heart smile daily. 2. the angels that have been placed in my life, because they show up in the nick of time. 3. putting one foot in front of the other, because it's the only way to get through it. 4. our additions, because they compliment well. 5. having th... Read more

  • Today's Workout

    12/1/2016 8:32:22 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    I woke up at 3:20 this morning to get my 4-mile run in before body pump class. I made it out of my plush, warm bed (known affectionately as "the marshmallow,") and got the heat going in the car. I could have easily fallen asleep in the warm cocoon of my car, but I dragged myself out through the arct... Read more

  • Dining Out with Best Friend

    11/29/2016 8:45:47 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    I saw my best friend for lunch yesterday. I haven't seen her in a month! I planned to have French onion soup and the seared ahi tuna (appetizer, not meal). When I saw my food, I thought I'd probably be hungry still after eating, but I wasn't! I was pleasantly surprised (shocked, really). I was ... Read more

  • End of Fall 5% Challenge

    11/18/2016 11:52:04 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    This was week 8 of the Fall Challenge. Started off great, but got busy and behind on exercise and blogging 2nd half of week. I hope we do more blogging in next challenge as it does bring me in closer contact with the Challenge Team and teammates. ... Read more

  • Change

    11/18/2016 5:31:27 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I got my lab results back today. No Cushing's and my hormone levels are just fine. So, either I'm asexual or we do not know what is wrong with me. I feel no desire, so it is not like I feel like I am missing out. My husband's girlfriend, Evie, lives with us, so it is not like he is by his lonesome. ... Read more

  • Stress

    11/17/2016 5:22:43 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    Work stress. Financial stress. If you could ditch only one, which would you choose? I have a client who has stressed me out since I took her on. I have worked 14+ hour days. I have worked with last minute schedules, delayed schedules, no schedules. I have been on call 24/7. I realize I was (obv... Read more

  • My Happy List

    11/16/2016 8:25:02 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    It’s funny. I woke up so early this morning that I got my training done, I’m showered, I’ve had my post-workout snack…and my family is still asleep. Granted they went out to dinner last night while I was in bed. So there’s a trade-off here. But how awesome is it that I’d rather wake up at 3:30 in th... Read more

  • Zero Waste

    11/15/2016 11:20:02 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    I have been interested in minimalism for a few years now, but have struggled with it. I have a lot of sentimental stuff, a lot of “but I spent so much money on that” stuff, a lot of “maybe I will need it later” stuff, etc. But I do not actually like having a lot of stuff – it causes me stress. So, I... Read more

  • Does Pulling my Garbage Can 1/3 of a mile count as Strength Training?

    11/14/2016 11:50:42 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    I live on a rural road (called a "natural beauty road" in Michigan, aka dirt road). We share a long driveway to the road along with 5 or 6 neighbors. So I drag my garbage can and recycling can 1/3 of a mile behind me to get to the main road where the garbage truck picks up. Today while doing my w... Read more

  • Triathlon Training

    11/14/2016 8:19:33 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    I started triathlon training today. Last week I was ‘resting’ after my 10K and I felt lost at sea. I also completely forgot to reward myself for finishing my 10K and putting in all that hard work! Three months of training and I forgot to celebrate! This is my training plan for the rest of the y... Read more

  • Week 8 of 5% Challenge

    11/13/2016 10:25:14 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    I'm doing a strict low carb diet this last week along with trying for at least 60 minutes of exercise per day this week to finish off the Fall Challenge. I'm not satisfied with my weight loss this challenge so I'm trying to refocus for this last week. Got my Atkins shakes stocked up. Hope to lose a... Read more

  • Anorexia

    11/13/2016 8:07:35 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    Anorexia is complicated. It is complicated enough knowing you need to eat, but being unable to. It is further complicated when you genuinely need to lose weight. Already my body is paying for the hell I put it through this week. Digestive problems, cramping from lack of potassium, restlessness, co... Read more

  • 50 minutes a day

    11/12/2016 2:57:52 PM, by PEPPERMINT125

    Traditionally 30 minutes of exercise is recommended per day, but today I read a blog that says to lose weight, the American College of Sports Medicine now recommends 50 minutes per day. 30 minutes may maintain weight or result in small loss, but is not likely to cause much weight loss. Here is... Read more

  • Update on My Last Blog: I Am Going to Murder My Husband Edition

    11/5/2016 7:48:30 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    My husband had a CT scan of his heart (doctor’s orders, considering his age). Three arteries are clear, one artery has a 500 score. He has gotten a referral for a cardiologist and will need a procedure. I have warned him that if he brings cookies, cake, etc. into the house again, I am tossing it, no... Read more