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  • Day 4

    2/23/2018 9:00:19 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    Today was a light day. No bridges. I still have to do my cardio later today. I may try and fit in a short at your desk strength training today if I have time. I find it helps when I get stressed to do something other than work. Day 4 Butt Lifts 8 Fire Hydrant 8 Plank 20s Pushups 5 ... Read more

  • Day 3 of revised 30 day workout

    2/22/2018 8:28:00 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    So far I'm better able to do the workout. I'm working on getting my cardio in. I haven't been the best about it, but I have at least been doing better about my number of steps per day.... Read more

  • Time to try something different

    2/20/2018 3:03:11 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    Well I lost 26 pounds but it seems when I do good I end up getting off track. The vacations don't help, even though I didn't gain weight I didn't lose any either. I am trying a new way to eat (it's not a diet because I want to make it part of my routine from here on out) I already eat out very rarel... Read more

  • Having trouble, but have a plan

    2/19/2018 8:30:56 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    This week I still went down some but not much. Valentine's day was a hit to diet and the 30 day challenge I've been doing has played havoc with my knees. I took a couple days off for them to recuperate a little. For now, I'm going to focus more on the cardio and ease up on some of the strength tr... Read more

  • Lunch

    2/17/2018 1:18:12 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Yum!... Read more

  • Late dinner

    2/16/2018 11:21:58 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Salad with spinach, chicken, cheese and a tablespoon of ranch. It's been so long!... Read more

  • Lunch

    2/16/2018 3:26:11 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Ordered 🍕. ( Large. Though only ate 4 slices gave the other pieces to my brother and dad)... Read more

  • So I did a thing..

    2/16/2018 11:49:27 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Was feeling stressed yesterday super emotional crying etc etc so did this..... Read more

  • Sore

    2/16/2018 11:48:34 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    I am having a lot of pain in my left calf and leg ( not the one with the fracture) I think I may have walked too far yesterday.... Read more

  • Day 15 of 30

    2/15/2018 10:25:46 PM, by FANNISHMOM

    Even if I can't make the full time on one of my challenge exercises in one go, I can always split it up. Today was a 70 second plank. I went down after 45 seconds so I did a separate 25 second plank to make sure that I still did 70 seconds worth.... Read more

  • 5k

    2/15/2018 4:09:54 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Did WATP 5k went from just over 5,200 steps to now just past 9,600 ugh so close to 10,000!!!... Read more

  • Commercial making me cry

    2/15/2018 2:43:14 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So the adopt a pet at PetSmart commercial came on Then the pedigree commercial with the guy who has an artificial leg adopts that dog and I'm in tears again. What is wrong with me??? How am I going to get past this?? My whole life is turned upside down. I need another dog. I feel alone even though I... Read more

  • Walking.

    2/15/2018 2:38:19 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Yesterday walked Sadie twice. Just now took her for a long walk. 30 min and over 5,000 steps! She LOVES to walk far.... Read more

  • Past few days

    2/15/2018 2:32:41 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So past few days I have been doing good. It's like it's not that I don't miss him but I've accepted it. I knew it was going to happen soon. He was old. But now I am feeling super super anxious, lonely, worried, stressed about the future. Will I ever be able to get another dog? Since I live with my ... Read more

  • Day 13 of 30

    2/13/2018 12:54:07 PM, by FANNISHMOM

    Day 13 Pushups 15 Squat 80 Plank 65s Wall Sit 2m30s Russian 16 And, by some miracle, I actually managed the full 65 seconds of plank.... Read more

  • Day 12

    2/12/2018 9:17:50 PM, by FANNISHMOM

    Finally managed a 60 second plank -- just barely, but I did it.... Read more

  • Workout

    2/12/2018 3:55:22 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Did Jessica Smith 12 minute fat burning power walk workout and 15 min at home cardio blast!! Also did a 15 min stretch. Feels good to be sweaty.... Read more

  • Post vacation

    2/12/2018 3:24:58 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    So I was on a cruise for a week. Tried to stay on track eating a lot of fruits and trying not to over do it. No internet so I didn't track my calories but I weighed myself this morning and weigh the same as I did when I left. That's a win in my book!!... Read more

  • Dying

    2/11/2018 8:06:52 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    I am dying.. at least that's how I feel. I can't breathe. I've been crying all day. I was fine. He was put down I was ok I cried a little then I accepted it. Then today all of a sudden I just lost it and I can't stop crying. I look at Sadie I cuddle her I feed her, take her for a walk , give her a t... Read more

  • Day 10 of 30

    2/10/2018 10:05:49 PM, by FANNISHMOM

    Didn't manage to do a cardio workout tonight, but did my 30 day challenge. Didn't quite make my plank challenge. I was supposed to do 60 seconds and only made 50, but I figure 50 is still good and I just keep at it. It is still better than I could do before. Did manage a 2 minute, 10 second wall... Read more

  • Active day

    2/10/2018 9:08:20 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So I took Sadie for a walk walked 20 min instead of 15, had to stop 3 times bc my back and legs were hurting. Tried something today.. while watching TV, every couple hours I marched in place, did knee lifts, kicks, heel digs, arms circles, light jogging and got up to over 6,000 steps!!... Read more

  • Sad

    2/9/2018 2:50:45 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    I am not read to blog it yet but my dad took my older beagle to be put down. I was crying for a while. He wasn't feeling himself we all thought he was just sick. He was 12. Now all I have is Sadie who's 8. My goal is to to get an apartment so I can have her and eventually get more dogs. My mom won't... Read more

  • Two days

    2/9/2018 2:45:32 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Did watp 5k yesterday and now just did watp burn body fat 3 miles, my life wee body killed me but amazing workout. Probably shouldn't have done it two days in a row but felt good. And I know I've gotten heavier, I can feel it. My yoga pants are getting a bit snug. Soon as I'm cleared back to work (... Read more

  • Day 9 on the 30 day challenge

    2/9/2018 11:05:48 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    I didn't think I was going to make it through a 50 second plank. I did, but barely. I'm sore, but this is worth it. I've lost 1.5" from my waist and .5 from my hips so far. Pushups 12 Squat 60 Plank 50 seconds Wall Sit 2 minutes Russian Twists 12 320 ... Read more

  • Candy

    2/7/2018 7:35:28 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So also bought this today too. Been craving it for weeks. THIS is all that's left. It's 10oz. This is why I don't buy stuff like this... Read more

  • Outside travels

    2/7/2018 11:27:22 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Had to go get my leg looked at as I was having calf pain the last time I saw my Orthopedic Surgeon . No blood clots or anything. It was very very relaxing. So I went to the store and bought one of these delicious amazing fresh made turkey subs. Haven't had one in ages.... Read more

  • 30 Day Challenge

    2/7/2018 10:48:32 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    So I'm working a 30 day challenge and since it isn't one that is easy to put into the exercise tracking, I'm just going to post here with each day completed. Today was day 7 for me so I did: Pushups 10 Squats 50 Plank 45 second Wall Sit 1minute 50 seconds Russian Twists 12 I do th... Read more

  • And again

    2/6/2018 7:49:54 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Wasn't hungry. Spaghetti nite though so. I'm so stuffed. Ugh. I NEED to start eating better, healthier.. My meals literally consist of turkey burgers, pop, pizza( frozen) chicken in a can with Alfredo noodles, tuna casserole, spaghetti and meatballs in a can. Ugh I want and NEED to get back to ... Read more

  • Food is comfort

    2/6/2018 4:59:20 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Wasn't hungry. Never ate lunch. Bored so....... Read more

  • Accidental Enablers

    2/6/2018 11:55:07 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    I told the other ladies in my office what I was trying to do before I started. They know I have a goal of 60 lbs by the end of August. Then I went to the staff meeting today and was immediately offered cookies. I politely refused and reminded the person offering that I was working on losing weigh... Read more

  • Work pants..

    2/6/2018 9:20:01 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So tried on my work pants this morning.. oy. Only tried on one pair ( have 2) . They were snug.... Read more

  • Last nites dinner

    2/6/2018 9:18:38 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So I ordered out last night. I don't do it as much as when I was working, maybe once a week now. Also had loaded fries but only ate a little and gave the rest to my sister.... Read more

  • Breakfast

    2/6/2018 9:08:28 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Turkey burgers! Ran out of cheese so eating them plain.. actually taste pretty good without. I could eat these 24/7. Definitely my favorite meal.... Read more

  • Against Dr. Orders

    2/5/2018 5:51:28 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So I did watp 3 miles. He said not to workout for another 4-5 weeks but I cannot take it anymore. It's been 6 weeks. It feels SO good to move my body, to know I'm being active, getting my workout in. The longer I don't workout the less I'm gonna want to when I get the ok. It wasn't as high intensity... Read more

  • Downhill skiing

    2/5/2018 3:41:09 PM, by MYRMEN

    I have never thought, one day, I would do downhill skiing. Pushed by my 9 years-old lovely son, I am so glad I did it! He has no idea how much he makes me push my limits! Now I feel like I can do everything I set my mind to! ... Read more

  • I have missed you

    2/5/2018 3:40:23 PM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    This is what I had for lunch yesterday and now today. It's been so long since I've had it. Used to eat it several times a week. It's so good. It's tuna cheesy casserole.... Read more

  • Goals and Plan

    2/5/2018 8:46:16 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    The big goal for the moment is 60 pounds by the end of August. That gives me a small goal 8-10 pounds per month. I'm currently doing a number of exercise 30 day challenges as well as planning on 5-6 Bootcamp Hub workouts a week. I just started on Thursday and I'm doing well so far. I did 2 Afric... Read more

  • Getting back into the game

    2/1/2018 9:25:17 AM, by FANNISHMOM

    Today is the first day back. I got the all clear from my doc who is going to be putting me back on meds for my PCOS which should also help with the weight. Yeah! I have already done Coach Nichols' 12 minute seated core workout and done day one of my Plank, Russian Twist and Squat 30 day challenge... Read more

  • Blues

    1/27/2018 10:22:07 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    I don't know if it's that I've been home so long or what but I'm in my own head ALOT and I feel anxious, down, depressed.... Read more

  • Eating..

    1/27/2018 10:14:26 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    Today already I have consumed over 3,000 calories.. turkey burgers, oatmeal, and now rice. Oy vey. I'm literally NOT hungry and just eating and eating because I'm bored. THIS is one reason a HUGE reason why I NEED to get back to work.... Read more

  • Yuck

    1/27/2018 5:53:07 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    I bought a few boxes of instant oatmeal a few weeks ago and figured it'd be good and I'd be getting fiber ( ha! NOT good) It's disgusting. Just yuck. I love the oatmeal at work.. it's rolled oats I add a banana some raisens and brown sugar and I'm good to go. THIS is just disgusting. And I ate i... Read more

  • Update

    1/27/2018 1:04:19 AM, by BOOTYLICIOUS83

    So had my orthopedic appointment yesterday I am out of work for another month.. I honestly thought I'd be happy about it. But I'm the opposite... Read more