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  • DAY 195

    10/9/2015 10:47:42 PM, by CREATE4CHRIST

    2... Read more

  • Ghandi

    10/9/2015 10:38:23 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace. 459... Read more

  • Hot Diggity Dog!

    10/9/2015 10:14:03 PM, by WINACHST

    Oh My! My dog was limping badly and I took her to the vet. It is Soft tissue damage and they gave her an anti-inflammatory pill, so I went to the grocery store to buy some hot dogs to hide the pill in. $6.49 for a package of hotdogs! It has been a long time since I bought hot dogs. The majority wer... Read more

  • Day 46 of Whole30--obviously going longer than 30 days. :-)

    10/9/2015 9:20:33 PM, by NORTHWOODSMOM8

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and that I'm still going on my Whole30 [second round]. I had a pretty rough weekend last weekend and felt deprived for the first time since starting. We went to our friend's 60th surprise birthday party. There was LOADS of delicious looking food. I ... Read more

  • Go Chicago Cubs

    10/9/2015 8:31:45 PM, by MOORE2015

    Go Chicago Cubs.... KEEP SPARKING! 60 300... Read more

  • CVD and Obesity

    10/9/2015 7:04:20 PM, by QUERIDAANA

    Obesity is a gateway disease to CVD and diabetes. reducing BMI and waist circumference can mitigate the damage, but as the onset of these diseases occurs over decades, some damage will be carried forward by poor diet and exercise, even among our youth. Second hand smoke increases the risk of CVD by ... Read more

  • Scenes Of Fall

    10/9/2015 5:15:14 PM, by GOLFGMA

    I love seeing Fall show up on our golf course each year. Just wanted to share a few from this morning. ... Read more

  • The "Perfect" Diet

    10/9/2015 5:00:29 PM, by SEWINGMAMACDS

    As I said in my previous blog I have been reading The Metabolic Effect by Jade Teta plus listening to a lot of his talks. Below is a partial quote from his Facebook posting today... "The healthiest lifestyle for you is the one you can actually do over the long run that also improves your blood... Read more

  • Beck Trek prep works

    10/9/2015 3:07:39 PM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    Wow. Last night we went for dinner at a fabulous Italian Restaurant. Before I went I had an egg to knock my appetite on the head. I had done some Beck Prep so was ready to change my behaviours. It was awesome food. The chef has been given 5 stars from our local reviewer. I had a whole fish and a ... Read more

  • Day 877

    10/9/2015 1:34:26 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Fall already- getting back on track

    10/9/2015 1:13:29 PM, by ROOTIHAUSMAN

    Wow! It has been a long time since I have blogged. Fall break was very well needed and it coming to a close. I go back to work on Monday. It was great to be able to travel with my husband and have nine days away together on the east coast. We got to visit with family and some very good friends! We d... Read more

  • And Today, I Stuff My Face

    10/9/2015 12:56:39 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    If I'm going to restrict my food choices, drown myself in flavorless water and spend every free minute trying to "get my steps in" I want to see some freakin' results. And when I see those results I want those results to stick around when above said choices continue. Do not show me a 2lb loss just... Read more

  • Beck--Chapter 11

    10/9/2015 11:52:49 AM, by BOROFITGIRL

    Another awesome information packed piece of work from Beck!! The 2 questions that she asks when she meets dieters gave me a great deal to think about. Question 1--What would you like to weigh? After reading the chapter, I realized that the number that I had in mind was unrealistic. It was my... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 10/9

    10/9/2015 11:09:35 AM, by PDSLIM

    Hugging your dog may have more benefits than you think.
    eustf4aw Gave a great day. ... Read more

  • it's friday

    10/9/2015 9:24:09 AM, by MOMMY445

    a nice day here today. my daughter has the day off school today. both of us just plan on taking it easy. on thanksgiving, this coming monday here, my daughter and i are joining her grandparents, my sister and her husband for lunch out for my mom. my mom's birthday is this coming monday. so it is a d... Read more

  • Very upset

    10/9/2015 9:15:48 AM, by TATHY49

    my ubs port for my spark fitness tracker is not working , I have been walking 6,000 steps per day and more some days , and it has never record my steps like it should have .... I spend all that money and time and efford byuing the stupid gizmo and I religiously wear it everyday as soon as I wake u... Read more

  • Healthy indulgences

    10/9/2015 7:36:22 AM, by ANNETJE

    This is probably a wide-spread phenomenon - but sometimes I'm jealous of my other half. I'm a lucky woman in that I get to live with a lovely man with an attractive body - tall, long legs, a triangular upper-body: small waist and broad shoulders. A naturally slim and athletic look. He probably... Read more

  • eating beans

    10/9/2015 5:33:34 AM, by JSTETSER

    Beans, beans the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot! Tooting is my problem. I take Gas-X and other OTCs, but I still tootl I feel like the little skunk, but feel like the skunk has an advantage. He only toots around his enemies. ... Read more

  • Hold your breath

    10/9/2015 4:16:00 AM, by RUBYREDIVY1

    I've managed to get down quite a bit on the scale now. It's at exactly this point that I start becoming complacent and it comes back. Not this time. I'm determined to see 66kg by at least the end of this month. Cravings are under control. Portions are under control. Mindless snacking is out. ... Read more

  • Strict Counting Loses the weight

    10/9/2015 2:14:12 AM, by RUBYREDIVY1

    I know now and probably knew it before anyway that being 100% accurate and strict with counting every single morsel loses the weight better than anything. I just started just dance again and loving the change from stationary bike. Just realised how much quicker the heart rate goes up while doing a... Read more

  • Day 8 of my October of Opportunity!!

    10/9/2015 12:17:00 AM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, I had a 250 day today!! It wasn't necessarily 250 where my daily goals were concerned because I didn't meet them all but I think that any day that I can sit down to write my blog and feel satisfied with what I accomplished is a 250 day. Well the day started with me doing m... Read more

  • Friday Eve.....A good day

    10/8/2015 10:30:50 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Hello everyone, A quick blog as I need to hit the hay. Haven't been sleeping well again. 24 Didn't get a walk in this morning as I still am trying to get everything ready for the upcoming audits I will be doing November 11, 12 and 13th. Suffice it to say, I have to work off the Read more

  • Ego and Spirit

    10/8/2015 8:55:50 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace. 459... Read more

  • DAY 194

    10/8/2015 6:09:32 PM, by CREATE4CHRIST

    Wii comined exercises - 63 minutes... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 10/8

    10/8/2015 5:13:49 PM, by PDSLIM

    healing power of cat purring
    s-infographic more on cats & your health Here are a few brilliant ways cats are secretly helping their owners live healthier lives. Cats. Most folks agree that cats are pretty ama... Read more

  • Day 876

    10/8/2015 2:46:51 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Did 5 of 7 exercises. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Beck 42 practice, practice...Celebratory eating occasion tonight

    10/8/2015 2:36:03 PM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    On day 42 Beck says practice practice practice. Beck says we have the skills we need; dieting will get easier and easier, and the thinking will become automatic. When I hit a rough spot, I will return to Beck. And recognize that rough patches are temporary and it is worth pushing through, and contin... Read more

  • it's thursday

    10/8/2015 11:59:20 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. my daughter is feeling much better and is back at school today. all the birds say hi. i am heading out shortly for a much needed long walk. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Interesting article about Japanese diet

    10/8/2015 11:42:00 AM, by DOLPHIN225
    -japan-t48251... Read more

  • Please prayers for brother in law--prostate cancer diagnosis.

    10/8/2015 10:18:05 AM, by CTUPTON

    thank you, all! chris You don't even have to comment--just say a prayer---thanks! His name is Bill. chris... Read more

  • Confronting myself

    10/8/2015 8:28:11 AM, by CRAZYMELINDA

    I'll admit it...I've been sort of following a healthy eating and exercise plan just halfheartedly. I have numerous reasons I should be motivated, but my mind just hasn't quite reached the appropriate point yet. Still, logging in to SP daily and participating pushes me on. A few days ago I had a s... Read more

  • Grateful

    10/8/2015 8:00:28 AM, by ALICIOUSPINK_86

    I am grateful for my wife, for providing me with the opportunity to be home with our daughter.... Read more


    10/8/2015 5:24:32 AM, by MARYJOANNA

    One day the devil challenged the Lord to a baseball game. Smiling, the Lord proclaimed, "You don't have a chance. I have Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and all the greatest players up here." "Yes," snickered the devil, but I have all the umpires."... Read more

  • Attitude of Gratitude, not Fatitude

    10/8/2015 4:50:42 AM, by JSTETSER

    It's time to change my focus. Rather than obsessing my food intake I will be thankful for who God made me, and treat myself as God's temple. Fatitude is not my attitude Every day I work at making small and smart changes to my lifestyle. The plan is to keep type 2 diabetes in control and my... Read more

  • Days 6-7 of my October of Opportunity!!!

    10/8/2015 12:11:19 AM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, The last 2 days have been okay. On both days I met 7/8 of my daily goals with watching too much t.v. being my downfall 39 . I also went over my calorie range today because I did some stress eating while studying for my mid-term but I did say in my goals that I could have 1 day a w... Read more

  • Less pain and healing

    10/7/2015 9:58:24 PM, by SBECKER526

    I have less pain. I declared it time to put exercise back into my appointment schedule. I find I can take care of Bob and the cat. Since I go downstairs (one floor) and get a walk along hallways as as my warm up, I can get to class in under 5 minutes. I take Qi Gong and zumba on Saturday. I t... Read more

  • Beck Day 8--make time and energy for dieting. I will be on this day for a few days!!!

    10/7/2015 8:56:03 PM, by CTUPTON

    ___I read my ARC cards at least once today. NO PROBLEMO! I even remember all 5 due to the pneumonic! "cCRIED" ___I read other Response cards as needed. NO PROBLEMO! ___I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite. __Every time __Most of the time. __Some of the ti... Read more

  • Eye for Eye

    10/7/2015 8:47:30 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace. 459... Read more

  • Choose To Be Happy

    10/7/2015 8:30:27 PM, by GOLFGMA

    The way to be happy is to make others happy. Helping others is the secret of all success___ in business, in the arts and in the home. We do not know how cheap the seeds of happiness are or we would scatter them more often. Be Happy! 224 ... Read more

  • Benefits of healthy lifestyles

    10/7/2015 7:18:47 PM, by LDFRANCO

    My healthy lifestyle benefits my whole family. When I choose healthy choices, my family notices and tries to do the same.... Read more

  • Beck Day 7: Changing your environment

    10/7/2015 7:00:02 PM, by CTUPTON

    +___I read my ARC cards at least once today. +___I read other Response cards as needed. ___I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite. __Every time __Most of the time. + __Some of the time. ___I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful dieting behaviors _... Read more

  • Last Two Months

    10/7/2015 6:37:29 PM, by SEWINGMAMACDS

    It has been over two months since I last blogged. These last two months have been highly stressful and emotional. Not good for adrenal fatigue. In August, my DIL miscarried and we almost lost her too. I had their 4 girls for a week and then a couple of days each week after that until she was... Read more

  • DAY 193

    10/7/2015 5:36:12 PM, by CREATE4CHRIST

    WII BIKE TRAIL - 34 MINUTES... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 10/7

    10/7/2015 4:37:22 PM, by PDSLIM

    These Animals Think They're People
    mailid=17670&memberid=872002 Have a great day.... Read more

  • SP diabetes menu plan--does anyone use this. I have used it now for about 3 days.

    10/7/2015 3:56:55 PM, by CTUPTON

    Today's lunch was cooked cauliflower with a cheese sauce (cheddar, low fat sour cream, soy milk, Mrs Dash)over it. With a fruit and 2 pieces of Italian bread. Oh I precooked the canned beans and put it all together to microwave for a couple of minutes to melt the cheese. I had whole grain bread... Read more

  • Sweet Potato Pie

    10/7/2015 3:34:10 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, My internet has been totally messed up and I think they have finally got it fixed! (I hope)! So without further ado, take a peek! Ingredients~ 4 ounces butter, softened 2 cups cooked and mashed sweet potatoes 2 cups granulated sugar 1 small can (5 ounces, ... Read more

  • Owning the Oopsies

    10/7/2015 3:06:45 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Today I chose an oopsie. I went to lunch with the intention of getting a gigantic burrito with rice and beans and chicken and guac and sour cream. Yep, I ordered it, I ate it all and then I bought a peanut butter cookie to top it all off. It was good. I do kinda wish I hadn't done it or that... Read more

  • Day 875

    10/7/2015 2:31:41 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Beck Trek 41, nearly done

    10/7/2015 1:47:24 PM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    Beck day 41 Today we write the to do list that will carry us through to our goal weight and help us to stay there for life. There are daily, weekly, and as needed tasks. My task list is long! I look forward to having incorporated some of the new behaviors so they are more automatic, then I can rev... Read more

  • A Letter To My Younger Self

    10/7/2015 10:43:36 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Dear young Beth, I know you think you are ugly and a monster rather than a girl. Well, you aren’t. Dear girl, you have listened to others far too long. From the babysitter who calls you “Monster child,” to the kids at school, and even your own family, everyone else tells you who you are. ... Read more

  • Beck Diet Solution Day ????

    10/7/2015 10:00:54 AM, by WINACHST

    I have no idea what day I ought to be on but I do know I am not going to get through these exercises by the 22nd. I am stuck on the to do list and plan your meals the night before. I just cannot get with it. The closest I have come is when I get up I think about what I am going to do for the first c... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    10/7/2015 9:09:18 AM, by MOMMY445

    a lovely day here today. my daughter has a slight cold and is taking it easy this week. she was off school yesterday and decided she wanted to go back to school this morning. all the birds say hi. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Why am I not motivated

    10/7/2015 8:25:22 AM, by NANCYJH64

    I was doing so well. Had lost more than 100 lbs and have gained back 25 of that over the last year. Spark people helped me then and I thought I could do it on my own. Time to be realistic and get back on track. I do not understand my lack of motivation though. I will have to ponder that........ Read more

  • I finished school! Time to put the rest of my life back together again.

    10/7/2015 7:46:15 AM, by KMKUCK

    I finished my last few semesters. I have studied more hours a day than I have slept. I spent the summer in an externship Mon-Fri during the day, and worked Friday-Sunday night shift. (yes you did read that correctly) I start my new job on Monday and I am excited. It is time to put the rest of ... Read more

  • Following my dreams

    10/7/2015 5:23:50 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every day we have a choice on where our heart and mind will go. Will we put God first, and follow our dreams, or put worry first and follow our problems. Today I choose to fill my day with faith and love. I will follow my dreams. "Don't let yesterday use up too much of today."~Will Rogers.... Read more

  • Not just water weight

    10/7/2015 3:33:13 AM, by RUBYREDIVY1

    I've been told that the first week of low carb is just water weight being lost. Not true. I went on low carb for just 1 week to shake things up and really start to appreciate the freedom of choice I have with calorie counting and eating balanced meals so I can kick my sugar cravings and wean mysel... Read more

  • woman and weights

    10/6/2015 10:18:08 PM, by COACHSANDRAAULT

    Many women believe that the only way to lose weight is to do cardiovascular (aerobic exercise). So they jog or take aerobics classes five times a week. Eventually, though, they notice that while their bodies are a little smaller, there are still a lot of flabby and jiggly bits. Sound familiar? Aerob... Read more

  • Trying to stay healthy...

    10/6/2015 10:08:22 PM, by SHAWFAN

    Hello everyone, It's only Tuesday night and already it feels like it should be Friday. Oh how I hate being so busy at work. Wish everything would slow down, just a little bit. The only good thing is that the days are going by so fast. That's the bad thing too. There just isn't enough time in ... Read more

  • Power of Love

    10/6/2015 8:08:34 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace. 459... Read more

  • DAY 192

    10/6/2015 7:41:08 PM, by CREATE4CHRIST

    Wii combined exercixses - 62 minutes... Read more

  • Platar Fascitis page I need to check out

    10/6/2015 7:34:07 PM, by DOLPHIN225
    ascitis.htm... Read more

  • Day 874

    10/6/2015 6:13:17 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Did 6 of 7 exercises. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Checking in

    10/6/2015 5:03:09 PM, by LDFRANCO

    I am not feeling good about past choices but I am feeling motivated to learn how to gain the willpower to resist junk food that is given to me.... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 10/6

    10/6/2015 4:42:45 PM, by PDSLIM

    Every Child Should Grow Up With a Dog
    2002 Have a great day.... Read more

  • Beck Day 40 Enrich our lives

    10/6/2015 2:01:04 PM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    Beck day 40 Enrich my life Beck sets us a ten minute exercise to list goals I would like to accomplish before or after I lose weight. I find myself resisting this, not because I restrict my activities due to my attitude towards my weight. I don't hold myself back because of my weight. I do what I ... Read more

  • The bite and spit method

    10/6/2015 10:39:05 AM, by ILIKEIRISES

    This is a mental processing blog, one I wanted to log for my own records. So this week I decided to really zone in on my need for sugar and am surprised at how unconsciously I will grab a sweet and bite into it before realizing what I am doing, then run to the trash can to spit it out. ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    10/6/2015 9:35:54 AM, by MOMMY445

    a cloudy start to the day here today. my daughter says hi to all of mommy's friends. all of the birds say hi. not too much planned for the day. taking it easy today. have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Starting to Write My Book Again

    10/6/2015 8:19:35 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Well, after my great computer crash of 2015, my writing took a nosedive. I lost everything and it was not recoverable. I had to start over and it's going to take awhile. I will probably self publish on Amazon someday. I decided the title of the book should be "Life is Happening Now, Not 10 Poun... Read more

  • I Can Walk But.....

    10/6/2015 7:48:51 AM, by GOLFGMA

    Today I am seeing the doctor who will do a knee replacement for me in December. I have known about the visit since July when I went for a problem with extreme pain in my right knee. The reason for this decision is because there is no other way to fix the knee because of broken cartilage on on... Read more

  • 10 Signs You are Getting Healthier Even if the Scale Doesn’t Move

    10/6/2015 6:22:07 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Sometimes the scale doesn’t budge and you wonder if you are getting any healthier on your fitness plan. Well, here are 10 signs that you are! You feel like taking on something new. That’s a great sign that you are getting healthier. It shows a heightened energy level and more active mentali... Read more

  • Yes, you can!

    10/6/2015 5:31:46 AM, by JSTETSER

    It is only when you believe that you can accomplish your goals, with God's help, that you will accomplish them!... Read more

  • 6 things...

    10/6/2015 5:10:49 AM, by ANNETJE

    THE TWO BIG LESSON FROM WEEK 1: 1) It's much easier than you think. Small adjustments and healthy level mindfulness towards eating makes an incredible amount of difference. 2) You have to do it YOUR OWN way. Find healthy the foods you like (and explore to keep expanding your range), a way of ... Read more

  • Feeling triumphant

    10/6/2015 4:35:30 AM, by RUBYREDIVY1

    I think I've got it. It's really going good. Very happy with being good. Will keep it up.... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 10/5

    10/5/2015 11:44:07 PM, by PDSLIM

    Cat's view of the world
    mailid=12979&memberid=872002 Have a great day.... Read more

  • Days 3-5 of my October of Opportunity!!

    10/5/2015 10:15:49 PM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, So on Saturday I didn't do as well with my goals, yesterday was okay and today was much better. Yesterday was my DH's birthday and so we celebrated on Saturday because we're usually pretty busy with church on Sundays,. We went out for lunch, dinner and ice cream after that which m... Read more

  • Temptations.

    10/5/2015 9:30:47 PM, by ALICIOUSPINK_86

    I did not pass up on any this weekend. I definitely indulged and feel terrible and sluggish for it.... Read more

  • Teach the Children

    10/5/2015 9:02:07 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for the lost loved ones in Rosewood, Oregon. Pray for Peace. 459... Read more

  • Health

    10/5/2015 8:49:45 PM, by LDFRANCO

    To me, health means being able to run and play with my kids. It means fitting into my skinny jeans again. It means having normal blood pressure and not worrying about diabetes. It means lessening my chances of my eyes getting worse. I keep falling off the band wagon. I forget that I have my sp... Read more

  • Finished a 5K on 10/3/15

    10/5/2015 4:42:34 PM, by RUFFIT

    We entered another 5K road race on October 3rd. Of course the weather was miserable and the Governor declared a state of emergency. My hubby walked down to the boat-house and back. He said it is not nice out there with North-North/East winds, rain falling not to mention the 44 degrees!!! Well, I... Read more

  • DAY 191

    10/5/2015 3:49:07 PM, by CREATE4CHRIST

    Wii bike trail - 34 minutes... Read more

  • Does anyone else do this.......

    10/5/2015 3:14:52 PM, by MRSHONEYCOMB

    I wake up everyday with a plan.....I have all these things that I need / want to do and my mind really wants to do it but, when it come time I waste hours battling myself over it? Example: I was up before 6 am this morning....on my to-do-list was -Mow the front yard -Organize some business ... Read more

  • Day 873

    10/5/2015 2:50:44 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling good.... Read more

  • Slow down to know yourself

    10/5/2015 2:15:53 PM, by NDCAROL

    521 Since retirement I've been able - and willing - to slow down and pay attention to what I do with my body and what it is telling me. I also pay more attention to what I put in my mouth and why. Miracles! I'm taking part in a Challenge in one of my Teams. For a couple of weeks I logged ... Read more

  • Beck--Day 39

    10/5/2015 1:40:34 PM, by BOROFITGIRL

    Today's topic of keeping up with exercise was as usual another goodie!! Years ago I felt exactly like the dieter Claire. Over time I changed my tune about exercise like Claire did. It wasn't over night and thankfully it wasn't due to a back injury. Now I actually find that I miss exercise when I... Read more

  • Def Leppard Concert

    10/5/2015 12:23:39 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    I'll have to admit that the Def Leppard concert was one of the funnest things I've done in a long time. There is some amount of nostalgia involved when as an adult you finally get to see a band in concert that was a middle school/high school favorite. Lots of memories and a little sadness fo... Read more

  • The Adventures of Wanda Smitty: Chapter 65 - There's No Place Like Home!

    10/5/2015 12:13:02 PM, by LAURENSQUEST

    Who disguised as an accountant for a great Midwestern distributor continues to maintain great health, a lean body and a decluttered home! Wanda felt the lure of Paradise Bay, the serene lap of the ocean, the gentle breeze, the warming sun, enjoying the starfish play and the crab explore on the ... Read more

  • My RUN AWAY foods

    10/5/2015 11:13:30 AM, by CTUPTON

    I can eat tons of these and not feel full: cookies muffins chips milk chocolate entrées like spaghetti, lasagna, most casseroles donuts bagels cereals can be a problem but I know (within reason) they are good for me chris 424 chris... Read more

  • Re-writing response cards -pneumonic so I can remember the list.

    10/5/2015 10:46:36 AM, by CTUPTON

    cCRIED clothes, confidence, respect, intelligence, energy, doctor The sentences are written in a previous blog about the Beck program. The list is typed on 3X5 cards taped to a few places in the house. chris 424... Read more

  • A featured blog I enjoyed.

    10/5/2015 9:54:45 AM, by CTUPTON

    HONEYLEA Sept. 28th (or 29th) I loved this blog. chris... Read more

  • Beck Day 6--make plans to get a diet coach

    10/5/2015 9:35:14 AM, by CTUPTON

    It is only morning but I am resolute today. I WILL eat at the table! I WILL eat slowly and savor every bite! Nothing can stop me! 521 +___I read my ARC cards at least once today. +___I read other Response cards as needed. ___I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every ... Read more

  • Thank you Indy~ for your blog about foods to RUN AWAY from--like in Monty Python and the bunny

    10/5/2015 9:16:15 AM, by CTUPTON

    "On my journey to healthy living, I have learned to group food into three categories: "good for you," "occasional treat," and "RUN AWAY." You Monty Python Fans got that, right? In case you’re not familiar, in the movie "Monty Python and The Holy Grail," a group of knights face a ... Read more

  • I have a "featured blog!" How exciting--about rewarding yourself!

    10/5/2015 9:10:59 AM, by CTUPTON

    Can I gloat? I am just doin' what I love to do--share and chat with sparkfriends! chris... Read more

  • Beck Day 39 exercise

    10/5/2015 9:10:09 AM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    Beck says we should apply the  techniques we have learned to motivate ourselves to exercise as well. For example read ARC, give myself credit for exercise. Beck says lots of people hate exercise, but I don't. I like how exercise makes me feel. I like to swim and do water exercise and I like Zumb... Read more

  • a cloudy cool day

    10/5/2015 9:02:28 AM, by MOMMY445

    a cloudy day here today,with some rain this morning and some this afternoon. that is okay with me and with my daughter. she say hi to all of mommy's friends. all of the birds say hi. back to looking for work and working on my online courses today. have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Important to check in.

    10/5/2015 7:54:11 AM, by LORNALARSON1

    Feeling anxious but have my food planned out for the day, so at least that helps. More later. So today was chaos. Papers everywhere. Scrambling around. I can't live in this kind of anxiety. It's just too much. So, tomorrow I am meeting with my financial advisor. I will tell her honestly ... Read more

  • Fall Foliage and hiking

    10/5/2015 5:23:28 AM, by JSTETSER

    Fall foliage hiking is beautiful and peaceful. Yesterday I enjoyed a 2 hour hike through Fox Forest. It was a time for my husband to readjust to having sight in one eye completely, and one eye partially. It was not an easy hike, but it was an important one. Better days are coming! ... Read more


    10/5/2015 5:23:17 AM, by MARYJOANNA

    "When someone tells you something defies description, you can be sure he's going to have a go at it anyway." ___Clyde Aster... Read more

  • Maths towards mainting - 154 days

    10/5/2015 5:02:49 AM, by ANNETJE

    So... this might not be for everyone, but I like goals and timelines and breaking things down into steps and milestones. Making things concrete and measurable helps me stay on track and keep hold of the bigger picture. This morning I decided to apply some simple maths to my journey from where ... Read more

  • Sunday night already :(

    10/4/2015 10:02:52 PM, by SHAWFAN

    This weekend wasn't a great weekend activity wise. Or more today wasn't. Did a lot of walking yesterday with shopping and things and an elliptical workout in the morning. Other than that, not much of anything else, other than playing with the kids and kittens. Looking forward to a better wee... Read more

  • Forgive

    10/4/2015 8:32:31 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace. 459... Read more