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    7/24/2014 3:24:50 AM, by LYNMEINDERS

    My thursday is almost aver... it has been an awesome day with the 3 monthly regional Pastors day...was stoked that my hubby was able to attend.... Was out walking this morning by just after 8am and walked 6k in 57 mins.....stoked..... Saturday is a 7k walk....ysy... Rest day tomorrow..... Read more

  • So Close, Yet So Far Away!

    7/24/2014 3:07:16 AM, by STEPH-KNEE

    Since starting my "new plan" that I mentioned in my last blog, I have been weighing daily. I know I have talked many times about needing to break my daily weighing habit, because it typically makes me crazy! I let the scale affect... Read more

  • Volunteering

    7/23/2014 11:33:30 PM, by RENATA144

    Is good for your spirit... Read more

  • Another Long Day

    7/23/2014 11:11:50 PM, by BARBANNA

    I worked another 10 hours and this one seemed worse than yesterday for the amount of heavy duty lifting and major labor. The day was good but one of the pts I saw was mean. He is the former president of the local University, so I was greatly disappointed. He was being rude and arrogant. I cut hi... Read more

  • computers

    7/23/2014 9:50:41 PM, by MINNIE

    ... Read more

  • Day 65 of 100 - Quilting

    7/23/2014 9:48:43 PM, by SEWINGMAMACDS

    Another quilting day. I am trying to finish four of the Mahan memory quilts by the end of July. I will be seeing my aunts/uncles/cousins on Sat Aug 2. I want to be able to give the quilts to them. But I need to have them finished a couple of days before so my daughter can take professional photo... Read more

  • Experiment Day

    7/23/2014 8:49:15 PM, by VEG954

    Have lost just about all the weight I wanted to lose now. Have been quite strict with eating the past several months. The IBS has been under control with diet and taking Bentonite 2 times daily. Today I had 3 ounces of shredded chicken with calorie BBQ sauce, low carb vegetarian stew (haven... Read more

  • Mindful...But not get with it!

    7/23/2014 7:48:36 PM, by MEL_HONEYBEE

    The start of a journey: Reflecting on the past two days I have decided to attempt to eat foods I understood to be "Healthy" from my past expert experience in yo-yo dieting (Hmmm...what would Weight Watchers or Atkins say to do???). What I learned by tracking is I have a lot of work to Read more

  • Weight Loss Plus

    7/23/2014 7:37:25 PM, by MIKKIMIKP

    Feeling 100 times better than you did two weeks ago... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday

    7/23/2014 7:19:51 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014... Read more

  • Free Movie today.

    7/23/2014 7:15:40 PM, by TIME2BLOOM4ME

    I found this free movie called Feeding Obesity. I haven't watched it yet, but plan to.
    ovie.php ... Read more

  • Miscellaneous!

    7/23/2014 5:50:17 PM, by LIFENPROGRESS

    Never go backward. Attempt, and do it with all your might. Determination is power. ~ Charles Simmons ~ The following video is about a program (in France) to stop wasting produce. I LOVE it and hope that US food stores will follow suit! The Colo... Read more

  • I must confess... Vacationing leads to Cleansing!

    7/23/2014 5:36:38 PM, by GODIV4

    I went on a two-week vacation. Wohoo! I came back super excited about all that happened. I was ready for my normal life to begin again. I washed all my clothes and changed into some freshly dried shorts and a t-shirt.... THEY DIDNT FIT! Nothing really fit. Sure it closed and zipped b... Read more

  • Going Good

    7/23/2014 5:31:41 PM, by DAYYOU123

    ... Read more

  • Flirting with Food

    7/23/2014 3:55:35 PM, by SHERYLDS

    People have all kinds of reasons for pushing food at you... but with all the BAD news these days I came across a very funny NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC presentation about a photographer and a leopard seal. I think this one will... Read more

  • Where did you go?

    7/23/2014 3:26:16 PM, by SANDRA_E

    Where did you go? That was a question that I was asked yesterday. Naturally, I took it literally. They meant that I had lost weight and told me that I look awesome. I'm always glad to hear that. Then....comes the dreaded question...How much weight did you lose? I guess that I'm s... Read more

  • needing success in fitness and eating

    7/23/2014 2:53:20 PM, by TIFFA409

    Since I am waiting tables this summer I am getting tons of fitness minutes in and easily 5-10 miles a day. I am very happy with this. My problem is I have lost all of the healthy eating habits I had developed. Now that it isn't raining every day, I am going to plan lots of grilling meals. Chicke... Read more

  • Day 440

    7/23/2014 2:24:30 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling OK.... Read more

  • Life's Gems

    7/23/2014 1:22:42 PM, by TIME2BLOOM4ME

    I am really cheap, thrifty, or penny wise. When I shop, I look for bargains. My pennies are scares so I must make them go far. I love browsing for books on Books are like treasur... Read more

  • Like starting over. . . . :/

    7/23/2014 12:54:27 PM, by STELLACRESPIN

    Just got a new scale. . . it's like starting all over again. ... Read more

  • Destressing

    7/23/2014 12:35:59 PM, by JIMMIESMOMMIE

    Day 1- Today I took a stress test. I found out that I am vulnerable to stress. I am looking for different ways to release my stress. First, thing I decided to do it blog my feelings for the day. Today, I feel good about myself. I dedicated my 30 mins of exercise today, and I am preparing a hea... Read more

  • Beyond Frustrated

    7/23/2014 11:25:56 AM, by MIHA2191

    So I recently got back from Germany with my boyfriend and oh man, the change has been rough. I haven't been able to curve any of my cravings and have absolutely ZERO motivation to work out. I think I've been to the gym 2-3 times since I've been back. Which is not good. I ballooned back up to 189 too... Read more

  • My Salad Life #24

    7/23/2014 10:44:55 AM, by LITTLEIM

    I had a tropical fruit salad for breakfast this morning: chunks of mango, pineapple and raw coconut with a little lime juice for added zing. In spite of this refreshing salad I am feeling tired and a bit washed out this aftern... Read more

  • Stuck

    7/23/2014 10:43:18 AM, by LAMBEAULINK

    Feeling stuck...trying to find more inner motivation to log my food and exercise regularly but it isn't working. I know its time to focus on me and let the outside stuff go, its just really hard when so much is going on in my personal life. I let the old habits creep back in because they are comfo... Read more

  • It's Will's birthday!

    7/23/2014 10:27:09 AM, by LOVELESMILLS

    My baby turned thirty!... Read more

  • World's tallest American flagpole

    7/23/2014 10:12:49 AM, by SAMMIESMOM13
    ias/tejnwpitig This is very cool to see how it was done.... Read more

  • Beginner Help - The Power of 5

    7/23/2014 9:03:50 AM, by BERRYNINJA

    Quick Intro I don't know that I consider myself a beginner as, for the most part, I know what I need to do, I just haven't been doing it. However, I do think I'm starting at, pretty much, square one as I am very, very out of sha... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    7/23/2014 8:47:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm almost finished school until september. just two more days after today and i will be done. it won't be as hot here today. some relief from the humidity that has been around for quite a few days. my daughter is really enjoying day camp,soccer and the reading club at the local library. every week ... Read more

  • week 3 of july

    7/23/2014 8:41:38 AM, by MOODYKEYS

    well I walked over 350 acres of fairgrounds at the car show and I don't think I did that bad at eating while I was there the 3 days. if I don't lose some weight this week at weigh in I will really be discouraged. I don't know where I will venture from here. trying hard not to give up but all I am s... Read more

  • Day 3: The Chair & Reality

    7/23/2014 8:15:57 AM, by JOHNTJ1

    I do a lot of my work from my office. I spend time writing and filming webinars, Google+ Hangouts and things like that. But yesterday I ventured out to a seminar on radio marketing. A regional radio group is interested in doing some limited brand marketing with me and I was invited to an open house ... Read more

  • I Know What I Need To Do

    7/23/2014 8:09:12 AM, by EDLEAR

    I know what I need to do - majored in nutrition in college. I know how to do it - worked in the restaurant industry over forty years now, handling food. So why can't I do it? Generally I'm one of those happy types. Even keeled, mellow laid back happy. Very little stress in my life, positive outl... Read more

  • Another Try

    7/23/2014 7:56:24 AM, by URBANLOTUS

    I'm back on track for the umpteenth time, but you only lose when you completely give up, right? This month is looking good for weight loss. I just hope I can keep it up and make a good difference over the coming months. I plan to. I plan to. I have good foods in the kitchen and no trigger foods a... Read more

  • Hangman but for music terms--"Hangnote"

    7/23/2014 7:40:47 AM, by CTUPTON
    ang-note.php This is so much fun! chris... Read more

  • hemidemisemiquaver???????

    7/23/2014 7:37:28 AM, by CTUPTON

    Quotes: Their gaiety consisted of ruling staves and copying a borrowed duet filled with hemidemisemiquavers . -- Patrick O'Brian, Master and Commander , 1969 Anything could follow, a hemidemisemiquaver or a whole note; and the translator was charged with interpreting t... Read more

  • Camping at Gilson Pond

    7/23/2014 6:05:28 AM, by JSTETSER

    I found the most beautiful place to camp, and it is on my favorite mountain, Mt. Monadnock! We camped on Sunday and Monday nights. The campground was fairly empty. I loved the quiet! ... Read more

  • a few cals here and a few cals there make a 2400 cal total

    7/23/2014 4:01:14 AM, by BIKINGTOLEAN

    EXCUSE MY SLOPPY WRITING AND MY "SCREAMING" THIS IS BRAIN DUMP Yesterday i went "downtown" I had an exam so I went to college to take that exam then I stopped to have lunch... I was hungry and I didn't listen to the voice saying go ahead have that poor choice, the sandwiches, the ... Read more

  • I think I broke my scale

    7/23/2014 3:24:57 AM, by THEVOW2013

    at this point that may be a good thing...I am focusing on changing my body compostion and the two don't mix...I weight 170 lbs right now and wear a size SMALL to Medium 6 to an 8 pant or top I never imagined I could weigh this much and be so tiny my goal weight is 134 lbs Its all re... Read more

  • Yes I am, and you are too!

    7/23/2014 2:30:49 AM, by SEEINGCLEARLY53

    ... Read more

  • Moving forward

    7/23/2014 1:38:58 AM, by ERINBAKER2007

    I am doing it! I really am! I am losing the weight! It is coming off! I am working out and doing my darnedest to make healthy choices at every meal. I have goals to meet and one goal is to be in One-derland by the time summer ends! My family is getting healthier too! I make sure that even my ... Read more

  • Facing fears

    7/22/2014 11:54:19 PM, by ABBYANDYNME

    and trying something new! I faced a fear of not knowing exactly where I was going and if there were any dogs to be wary of. I ran the route and it is absolutely gorgeous! It is a strenuous run and off the beaten path and one that I will definitely do again SOON! ... Read more

  • Day 64 of 100 - Gym

    7/22/2014 10:21:50 PM, by SEWINGMAMACDS

    Most of my day was spent quilting in one way or another. This morning I worked on the 13 Missouri blocks. This afternoon I finished quilting the Mahan Pumpkin Farm #2 Quilt, made its binding and sewed it onto the quilt. Tonight I will be hand sewing the rest of the binding. I almost didn't... Read more

  • Busy, great day!

    7/22/2014 9:41:37 PM, by VEG954

    Awakened in a motivated state of mind. Swept and mopped the whole condo, straightened, then cleaned the kitchen and emptied the garbage. Worked for 4 hours, ate a late lunch and spent quality time with myself. Even had a short power nap before going to a meeting. Gearing down before bedtime.... Read more

  • HoneyMoon Phase

    7/22/2014 8:50:55 PM, by BARBANNA

    I am loving my new work location. I worked over 10 hours today and then drove 2 home so it's late and I am tired. I did get my workout done and plan to eat light and healthy. Have a cool hump day and be safe!... Read more

  • Superb

    7/22/2014 7:30:18 PM, by LUNADRAGON

    The last several days, I have consciously increasing my steps, and had a 6000, 7000, and two 5000 steps days. My interview went well, followed up by another with my boss. Good things coming up on the horizon, but not in the place to say for sure yet. The fleece is definitely being responded too... Read more

  • The Blame Game

    7/22/2014 7:06:41 PM, by LIFENPROGRESS

    I hate the term "overweight", because it implies that there's a weight standard I should be adhering to. ~ Camryn Manheim ~ Speaking to someone today, she asked if I'd lost weight. I happily told her yes and then told her how I was doing it. "Oh... but my weight is from being FORCED to eat ... Read more

  • Wearable Computing Gloves for learning Braille

    7/22/2014 6:47:06 PM, by CTUPTON

    The device evolved from a technology-enhanced glove that teaches beginners how to play piano melodies in 45 minutes, created a few years ago at Georgia Tech.
    e-teachin... Read more


    7/22/2014 6:45:23 PM, by LYNMEINDERS

    My hump day already.... Sun is shining today... Have done my training for today which was a 5k walki in a faster time than last saturday...nailed that...di 5k in 45mins.... Off now to get changed and get going...have made extra appointments for today...... Read more

  • Exploding "Pyrex" cookware--BEWARE!

    7/22/2014 6:38:39 PM, by CTUPTON
    08/exploding-pyrex-cookware/ This makes me mad. Companies changed the composition of "Pyrex" and now we can't count on it like we did years ago. chris... Read more

  • Day 439

    7/22/2014 5:52:11 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Gym Day. Really dragging today. Finally pushed myself into the gym at 4pm. Did 5 of 6 exercises before I petered out. Feeling OK.... Read more

  • Terrible Tuesday

    7/22/2014 5:07:22 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Tuesday, July 22, 2014. I was just told by my doctor that I cannot work out for two more weeks and after he takes stitches out.... Read more

  • Day 1...Taking the world by STORM!

    7/22/2014 2:58:32 PM, by DANCIN2ANEWME

    I have been struggling lately just to keep going. There have been so many things that have happened in the last few months that have just basically wrung me dry of motivation. It is pretty tough to push yourself when you just do... Read more

  • Best peppermint tea!

    7/22/2014 2:36:48 PM, by CTUPTON

    Carington Peppermint tea. My daughter introduced me to this. Very full bodied and smooth! I had to order it online. I could not find it in the stores. It used to be ld there. I don't know what happened! chris... Read more

  • GREAT News!

    7/22/2014 1:37:19 PM, by JSTETSER

    My son and his wife both passed their medical board exams. We just found out 5 minutes ago. Congrats Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad! ... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plus

    7/22/2014 12:41:58 PM, by MIKKIMIKP

    CRAVING my daily sweat session even when my class and my workout buddy both cancelled. I'm excited to see what I come up with on my own tonight... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plus

    7/22/2014 12:39:10 PM, by MIKKIMIKP

    Walking past a mirror and doing a double take cuz you reeeeeally enjoy what you see lol... Read more


    7/22/2014 11:45:09 AM, by TIME2BLOOM4ME

    PROGRESS is PROGRESS no matter how small. I finally feel as if I am back to making progress. It is slow and hard, but it's happening. Not only has the scale been moving, but finally I can report my health is ... Read more

  • My Salad Life #23

    7/22/2014 11:35:22 AM, by LITTLEIM

    I had lunch out with my Mum today so chose to have a slice of focaccia pizza with a '3 salad' bowl in a very nice vegetarian restaurant in town. My 3 salads were a potato salad with French style vinaigrette, a grated broccoli ... Read more

  • 2009...but I just started?

    7/22/2014 11:27:27 AM, by MEL_HONEYBEE

    I dropped life in 2009? I remember the day...or the incident...I gave up...grabbed a pillow...pulled the comforter over my head and clocked out. I lost it...lost myself...took a time out...what I thought was two years...was really almost five! Turns out time not only fly's when your having fun! I ... Read more

  • Possible diagnosis??

    7/22/2014 9:50:26 AM, by PENNYPEARLS

    My new neurologist has decided to start me on a trial of the medication Mestinon, which is a treatment drug for Myasthenia Gravis. He and my primary were both suspecting possible Myasthenia. The blood work for this has been negative, but he said sometimes you can have negative blood work, especial... Read more

  • Day 14. 1 Mile Run.

    7/22/2014 9:44:23 AM, by FANCYSIMAGES

    Did a 1-mile test as part of BLC wrap up yesterday. I have dropped my pace to 9:24! Not sure I could have gone much further, but I did it! 1. 10000+ steps per day 2. 8+ cups water per day 3. 2 freggies with each meal: 4. Regular ST W ... Read more

  • Going to the Doctor's

    7/22/2014 9:25:03 AM, by LOVELESMILLS

    Again...... Read more

  • Eagle family at Webster lake

    7/22/2014 9:19:41 AM, by ANDREWMOM

    Hubby's Aunt lives at Webster Lake in Mass and there is a huge Eagle's nest on the other side from where she lives. Here you can see the baby and the momma a little behind the baby. Really cool!!... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    7/22/2014 8:42:30 AM, by MOMMY445

    i made it through another day. my daughter is doing well and says hi! today there are two classes. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. i still have some errands to run today. that is okay with me. i will pace myself, as it is another very warm day here today. all of the birds say cheep,chee... Read more

  • Day 2: It Doesnt Get Easier Does It?

    7/22/2014 8:24:50 AM, by JOHNTJ1

    I often resent having to deny myself. Every time I start over here at Spark there is a small degree of personal resentment. Sometimes I feel like my choices are being removed from me and I often feel the pressure, the strain and I... Read more

  • 2nd week

    7/22/2014 7:25:09 AM, by NANCYTUNBERG64

    I am into my 2nd week of working with my exercise coach. Yesterday I did the intermittent fasting again and will do it again today. Last week I did not really feel hungry in the evening and it was not too bad. Yesterday, I ate lunch at 11:40 then did not eat again until 6 this morning. Last... Read more

  • Blog Comments and SparkPoints

    7/22/2014 7:08:54 AM, by BERRYNINJA

    Dear other Sparkers, I've been a SparkPoint hoarder, making pointless, spammy message board posts in threads that ask for smilies to describe your mood or the last fruit you ate. That, I have no problem with, as those threads were made purely for the purpose of letting people ear... Read more

  • Why can't we get dialysis supplies?

    7/21/2014 11:50:00 PM, by SBECKER526

    We have had several months of shortages of my husband's low calcium dialysis solutions. Once again our order is delayed. We know the company will eventually come through, but the stress is overwhelming. I don't understand why the supplies were not released on time.... Read more

  • Day 63 of 100 - Evaluation questions

    7/21/2014 10:46:11 PM, by SEWINGMAMACDS

    I spent most of the day working on 13 quilt blocks for another Mahan memory quilt. Made to Crave quote deals with weekly evaluation questions... "Did I overeat this week on any day? Did I move more and exercise regularly? Do I feel lighter than I did at this time last Wednesday? Did I e... Read more

  • Desire, Ease, and Excuses

    7/21/2014 10:24:09 PM, by JULIA_RUN2SMILE

    Last week I read a blog from Gretchen Rubin, "My New Book about Habit Formation, as Distilled in 21 Sentences." * and it lead me to reflect on habit formation... Here is what she has to say and my thoughts on the section "Desire, Ease and Excuses" ... "Abstaining: For some of us, moderation ... Read more

  • Turtle on the Road

    7/21/2014 10:23:30 PM, by EJB2801

    I had such a busy weekend. I took my son and brother out to Columbus OH so we could attend my nephew's wedding reception. I felt really good that we had been proactive enough with packing that I did not start the trip already tired. That's a rare happening, but we started getting everything toge... Read more

  • Housewifely day

    7/21/2014 10:16:47 PM, by FIFIFRIZZLE

    Really satisfied with my day so far, went to Zumba, bought some gloves (just developed Reynaud's and it's tough in winter) and some new pillows. Then home for the electrician to install a heated towel rail in the middle flat, while I ate a three egg white 1 yolk omelette, and prepped my veggies for ... Read more

  • Eating the Rainbow

    7/21/2014 10:14:00 PM, by BERRYNINJA

    No, not skittles For Week 3 of my Biggest Loser program at work, these are the following challenges - Do 600 reps of arm exercises = 200 reps each of shoulders, bis, tris (I need to confirm this one) - Climb 1600 stairs - ... Read more

  • Home Late

    7/21/2014 10:13:41 PM, by BARBANNA

    No time to discuss anything other than share that I had a great day. I worked long distance in a large medical center and enjoyed it. Hope everyone had a good one. Got my exercise for the day and ate within my range. WOO HOO!... Read more

  • Biggest Loser at Work

    7/21/2014 9:36:08 PM, by BERRYNINJA

    I'm back, it's been too long, but I'm not going to do a life update yet. I joined a Biggest Loser program at work. I have enough to lose that I'm not sure I needed the extra motivation, but it had weekly challenges that mad... Read more

  • Spread good vibes everywhere you go !!!

    7/21/2014 8:59:15 PM, by RENATA144

    Find something to be happy about & share how it makes you feel. Build upon those feelings until everyone is as happy as you are. ... Read more

  • Let's stay on track

    7/21/2014 8:57:59 PM, by ADEARMAN

    I've been working with a trainer and eating healthier. The trainer sends us workouts every week that I make every effort to complete. I have cut out sugar and fried foods. I have also cut down on sodas and sweet tea. I go to the gym and work out at least 4 to 5 days a week. I need to keep it u... Read more

  • Marvelous Monday

    7/21/2014 8:43:58 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Marvelous Monday, July 21, 2014.... even though I am not suppose to work out. I am contemplating getting back on my bike again today.... Read more

  • Filing Claim Ugh!

    7/21/2014 8:15:07 PM, by VEG954

    Today has been an unusual day. Had tons of paperwork to complete. Got half of it done and had to put it away . A moving company broke and lost lots of belongings. The company wanted me to settle the claim for $50.00. Not acceptable at all. One of the broken items was n antique Tiffa... Read more

  • Day 422: As BLC25 winds down...

    7/21/2014 8:01:45 PM, by PERFECTVELVET

    As usual, I absolutely loved my time in the BLC. The various challenges were fun and well thought-out. However, I didn't make much progress; in fact, I went backwards in some respects! The best thing about BLC25 was my team. I feel at home with the Amber Amazon Warriors, but this... Read more

  • My Garden

    7/21/2014 7:07:49 PM, by LIVINGSIMPLY355

    Hi all, This blog if for those who have asked me about my garden. I am finally getting around to putting some of the pictures together. I have been doing a lot of work around my yard this year and these pictures give a kind of pictorial story. Hope you enjoy them! Sue Read more

  • Unexpected NSV

    7/21/2014 6:32:21 PM, by LIFENPROGRESS

    My 3X jeans are so big... they are falling off of me. I was hoping to continue wearing them until time for the size 1X (I hate to waste money). Won't be happening. They are so baggy, it's not funny. Sending them off to my MIL this week. So... GO ME! Getting ready for those Size 1X jeans on... Read more


    7/21/2014 5:59:58 PM, by LYNMEINDERS

    At least we don't have snow this I do love the snow but only when I can stay Have a full afternoon so am taking the chance to chill this morning which is quite nice..... May finish the upstairs off and then get showered....haven't decided yet...however if I va... Read more

  • What I learned BLC25

    7/21/2014 4:47:58 PM, by FITMAMAOF1

    This round I've learned that what I put in my mouth really needs to be tracked closely. I can not just guess that I'm staying in my range, if I eat it, I need to track it. I have not made any progress towards my goal this round and I know that is why. One NSV I had was being able to keep up in my... Read more

  • Focuses and Happy Scale app

    7/21/2014 3:42:57 PM, by SLIM4LIFE09

    Love the Happy Scale app I downloaded on my iPad. While I lost 2.6 lbs last week, I gained it back over the weekend. However, this daily weigh-in app looks at the big picture and I find it extremely motivating. I can't explain it- I just love it. On another note- I picked up a Daily Log book at... Read more

  • Day 438

    7/21/2014 3:19:22 PM, by MAWEISBERG

    Rest Day. Feeling better.... Read more

  • BLC25 NSV....Le Tour!!

    7/21/2014 2:36:31 PM, by HILLRUNNER

    When it was announced last year that Le Tour de France would have it's Grand Depart from Yorkshire, England I was stoked!! That meant it would only be about 35 miles from where I live!! How could I NOT go???!!! Due to some logisti... Read more

  • Tea Sandwiches by TopsBear

    7/21/2014 2:22:58 PM, by IMAVISION

    Ideas/recipes too mouthwateringly delectable sounding not to share. Enjoy!
    al.asp?blog_id=5742829 ... Read more

  • Go to the Light! It will "lighten" you up!!!

    7/21/2014 1:19:20 PM, by SOPHINEZ

    We find "light" in our lives. Our faith, our family, the beauty in nature and of course "lightening up with an attitude of ...yes, I can"!! Thank you SparkPeople and Spark Friends for helping me "lighten up"!! ... Read more

  • Finally back in the pool.

    7/21/2014 12:47:14 PM, by REALLY_ROBIN

    After not much physical activity last week due to my knee being very cranky, I'm happy to report I got up and got in the pool this morning. The gal swimming next to me is a true swimmer, and in great shape. I do freestyle up and back and then grab the kick board and go up and I can breat... Read more

  • Feeling Down

    7/21/2014 11:50:33 AM, by SHONTS

    First let me just say that I am not doing this blog, because I want pity I really just need to vent! I am overweight and have been most of my life, but it is not because I lack willpower or that I am lazy! I have been diagnosed with depression as well as hypothyroidism. No one understands that havin... Read more

  • Keep Flying

    7/21/2014 11:44:57 AM, by SHERYLDS

    Holding on to the Past...whether it's a bad memory, old habits, old preferences... can be a huge waste of time and energy. Even false expectations can be draining. I tend to pour a lot of enthusiasm and effort into a NEW PROJE... Read more

  • My Salad Life #22

    7/21/2014 10:51:25 AM, by LITTLEIM

    I had an early salad lunch today because I was meeting my friend Karen at the blood donor centre during her lunch break. I call my salad 'Green Couscous salad' and it is 1 portion of couscous (60g dry weight) cooked and then with lemon juice, fresh coriander, avocado, raw courgette and some green pe... Read more

  • Days 377-379 on the Journey!!

    7/21/2014 10:50:26 AM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hello Sparkies, I am here to report good tidings of the weekend past!! Now if you read my blogs you'll know that I've been having a REALLY rough patch with my eating for about 3 weeks now but on Friday I decided I was putting my foot down and saying enough is ENOUGH!! That is exact... Read more

  • Day 13. Back on track

    7/21/2014 9:48:01 AM, by FANCYSIMAGES

    Went out for my 13.1 Trainer run again for the first time in 4 weeks. It was tough, but I felt AMAZING after it was done. I'm really looking forward to getting back on track with it - I forgot how accomplished I feel after doing those! 1. 10000+ steps per day Total: 22200 2. 8+ cups... Read more

  • Turning A Page......... Starting Over Day 1

    7/21/2014 9:47:06 AM, by JOHNTJ1

    There is a line in a song that goes something like "And every time you fall it's only making your chin strong." I should be able to lift a building with mine. I quit drinking soda, mostly Diet Cokes roughly two months ago. In that time I have gained 16 pounds, which meant I went from being rea... Read more

  • ALS Is...

    7/21/2014 9:33:12 AM, by LOVELESMILLS

    the worst thing that ever happened to me...... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    7/21/2014 8:48:30 AM, by MOMMY445

    i have so much to do today. i have one week left of school and that is it until september. i have to start an online course this afternoon. i have a meeting i need to attend just behind that. inbetween there, i have several errands to run. this will be a very busy week for me. every day, i have some... Read more

  • I miss "Health in the News" at parkpeople!

    7/21/2014 8:44:34 AM, by CTUPTON

    A link to why ealth in the Nws is not at Sparkpeople anymore. It is a shame. I miss it.
    rd=3&imparent=33840381 HEALTH IN THE NEWS WEBSITE chris... Read more

  • 214 Days Until We Get Married

    7/21/2014 8:39:00 AM, by ILOVELIFE2012

    214 Days until we get married, can't wait...... I downloaded this app on my Android device called "Final Countdown". I told my fiancÚ we need to really focus and move more and eat healthier. Slow and steady wins the race.....going to revisit my goals again tonight.... ... Read more

  • I'm Alright ...Ok

    7/21/2014 8:25:07 AM, by SOOKIE

    Last week posted a blog, the responses were encouraging reminding me that I am not in control and that God has a handle on my situation and my special needs child. As I listened to this song on the way in to work, it reminded me of a prayer I would pray "God I thank You for things being as well as ... Read more