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  • Spectacular Saturday

    2/28/2015 12:52:34 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Saturday, February 28, 2015 ... Read more

  • Day 1 of 455

    2/28/2015 11:52:45 AM, by RINGLETS888

    455 is the number of days until I'm projected to reach my goal weight. I'm working towards losing a total of 126 pounds, with 10 already gone. Those first 5 came off pretty easily, but I've had to work for the last 5 pounds I've lost. Then yesterday I went a-wall. I ate 2132 calories. Not even ... Read more

  • #100DaysOfWorkouts Days 20-30

    2/28/2015 11:27:23 AM, by LTTLREDCORVETTE

    Hi friends, I promise I haven't forgotten about my 100 days of workouts. I have still been diligently logging them into FitBit and taking the photos, I have just been slacking on the posting! Since we are on a train to New York without much else to do (and with free WiFi), I will try to get caught u... Read more

  • What a past couple of days?

    2/28/2015 11:19:20 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; My GS came into town with his dad - 6 months old. what a delightful baby. I had forgotten how exhausting a baby can be. I did not get a chance at all to go to the gym when he was here, but just carrying him all over was a strength training. He is 19 lbs. I was busy from 5 am unt... Read more

  • Beef Teriyaki

    2/28/2015 10:25:14 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Dinner tonight is...Take a peek! Ingredients~ 1 1/2 lb. sirloin or chuck beef sliced into 1/4 inch thick stir fry strips vegetable oil for frying. Teriyaki Sauce Ingredients~ 1 1/4 c water 3 Tbsp dark brown sugar 1/3 c soy sauce ... Read more

  • 2/28/15

    2/28/2015 10:15:12 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    even with the wing blowing away I was able to get out side for a great walk it is harder for me to walk now sense i lost my big dog the poor guy had a heart attack and I lost him so i have to work on training the puppy to walk with me and he is of course just a puppy have a great day make it a... Read more

  • Not today!

    2/28/2015 9:06:17 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    246 Last night was the best sleep I've had in over a week. I'm so grateful to be feeling better. Spending the day with the hubster! I'm so excited! He & I always have a blast together, even when we're just sitting around watching TV. I am so blessed!! Someone asked me yest... Read more

  • Last day in February

    2/28/2015 7:48:45 AM, by PILARITA1

    Happy for this month, I have achieved small goals, I get to button my pants again, my legs are more defined, I lost half an inch of my waist, so day to day, week to week, little by little I will get there, I know I can make because I am not alone, I have you all by my side :))))... Read more


    2/28/2015 7:24:41 AM, by MARYJOANNA

    Today I am sad because I had o put my best friend, Holly, a lovely Calico cat to sleep. She was 14 years old and suffered from renal failure. She got down to 5 and 1/2 lbs and was so anemic and just plain tired. She was not interested in eating and just given up, so we let her go. But it still h... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Saturday, February 28, 2015

    2/28/2015 7:17:15 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    February 28, 2015 CHALLENGES AHEAD There we will be many challenges ahead for us. We don’t know what the future holds. We can’t predict it, foresee it or control it. However, we can prepare for it. In order to be prepared for the challenges ahead, we can take this challenge today: get into God... Read more

  • It's All YOU Baby!

    2/28/2015 3:07:47 AM, by STEPH-KNEE

    I was thinking today about something that we all know, but it really had my wheels turning today for some reason. We already know that this is all on us. Regardless of how much support we have, weight loss buddies, weight watchers meetings, OA meetings, work out partners, fitness classes, Spark peop... Read more

  • Brisk walk tonight

    2/28/2015 12:57:03 AM, by KPETSCHE

    I've been walking indoors the past couple of days doing my Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds - 2 mile walk. It's been pretty cold outside (like 2 degrees cold!) - definitely not conducive to a fun walk, even if you are bundled up pretty good. I always enjoy the Leslie Sansone videos because she ... Read more

  • I saw my new doctor today!

    2/28/2015 12:57:02 AM, by IAMBIZI

    I saw my new Doctor today. Filled out a lot of forms and they took a thorough history. Went over my meds/vit/supplements. I liked her staff, very nice. Her office is 3 miles from my home, and she takes my insurance! I liked her alot. She spent about 30 minutes with me. She is young and energe... Read more

  • Fantastic Friday

    2/28/2015 12:55:47 AM, by KNEEMAKER

    Friday, February 27, 2015 ... Read more

  • TGIF

    2/28/2015 12:20:40 AM, by ILOVEMALI

    More taxes tomorrow. Lousy stinky week at work. Today is The Girl's 24th birthday. She is my heart's desire. I've "known" her since I was 19 and first envisioned and described her. The stuff in the first paragraph just doesn't matter. Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone. In the fin... Read more

  • Third Time Is the Charm: 100DWL, Day #58, Heart Hunger

    2/27/2015 11:44:04 PM, by BETRHO48

    Day 58 Heart hunger Spangle tells us that heart hunger will usually send us toward soft, smooth, or creamy foods as well as comfort foods or ones related to fond memories or happy times. She tells us that when we realize that we’re experiencing heart hunger, we should ask ourselves, “What’s ma... Read more

  • My little party will be just DH and I . WE CAN DO IT.

    2/27/2015 11:20:58 PM, by NORASPAT

    The family have the weekend tied up with their work. Work for DIL. Bowling for GD and then go to piano lessons with our son. Our son stays through the lesson then he and GD pick up mother at work. As soon as they go home at 4 pm our son has to drive to work some days he has a two hour drive at 4... Read more

  • Friday's Words to Ponder

    2/27/2015 11:06:33 PM, by JUDY1676

    ... Read more

  • Day 44 and a horrible day

    2/27/2015 10:24:58 PM, by SHAWFAN

    A short blog today. Did not have a good day today. The only thing good that happened was coming home and getting on the elliptical to relieve some of the stress. That's the only good thing. Oh, that and that it's Friday. I'm going to bed now. Just hoping that the weekend will be much better... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for February 27:

    2/27/2015 10:19:55 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration: The Bible is like a compass---it always points the believer in the right direction-(g.w) Lord, help me to follow Your direction. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105 Daily Scripture & Reflection: Is anyone among you suffering? Let hi... Read more

  • Crap

    2/27/2015 9:47:25 PM, by RINGLETS888

    So I ate like crap today and now I feel like crap. I have a knot in my tummy and I know it's just food karma. ... Read more

  • Yep, I went to the gym again

    2/27/2015 7:46:05 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    But I started the day with a 90 minute walk with the dog (despite the subzero temps he wanted to walk and walk), an hour on the bike, and a 45 minute WATP workout. And then I went to the gym. Wow, I worked hard at the gym. 6.8 miles in 66 minutes on the treadmill, 65 minutes on the elliptical, pl... Read more

  • Yep, I went to the gym again

    2/27/2015 7:46:02 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    But I started the day with a 90 minute walk with the dog (despite the subzero temps he wanted to walk and walk), an hour on the bike, and a 45 minute WATP workout. And then I went to the gym. Wow, I worked hard at the gym. 6.8 miles in 66 minutes on the treadmill, 65 minutes on the elliptical, pl... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/27/2015 7:44:27 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Got finished by 4:30 pm yesterday so that was not to bad. been to the hairdressers this morning as my hair was getting to long and driving me mad as when it gets long like that I cannot manage it.... Read more

  • Day 5 of the Journey...

    2/27/2015 6:44:39 PM, by RAVENSOUL1

    Blue skies today, how I've missed them! We had a "heat wave" of 10° ABOVE zero, heh. Fasting blood sugar this morning was 108! That's the lowest that it has been darn long I can't remember. No idea why, am just glad it was what it was! Yes, my blog will be just this borin... Read more

  • Day 113- Ready For The Weekend

    2/27/2015 4:50:04 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Day 58 of 2015: Weight: 187.6 Total Calories Burned This Week: 266+290+408+397=1,361 Total Calories Burned This Year: 16,736 Had another soccer game last night. We lost 9-3, but I had an amazing second half in goal with over 20 saves. They still scored on me 4 times, but my teammate... Read more

  • No Bake Cookies

    2/27/2015 3:39:36 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, it's cookie time! Take a peek! Ingredients~ 1/2 c graham cracker crumbs 18 oz. jar crunchy peanut butter 2 sticks butter, softened 1 lb. box powdered sugar 7 oz. can fine coconut 1/2 c finely chopped pecans Directions~ Mix all ingred... Read more

  • Skipped yesterday

    2/27/2015 1:12:21 PM, by ARNETTELEE

    It was a busy day time to blog. Anyway, I'm glad it's Friday! Happy sparking everyone!... Read more

  • mmmmmm.....

    2/27/2015 1:02:12 PM, by MOJO0607

    bwa ha ha!!!!!... Read more

  • Yesterday stared a new streak, HEART stickers, getting back to my goal!

    2/27/2015 12:58:09 PM, by SPARKLINGME176

    After breaking my 12 day STAR streak 40 , see last blog, I decided I needed to start again 244 ! I KNOW myself well enough to think I can just do EVERYTHING with out accountability. I wish I could, but I celebrate by eating 236 550 ! I can justify celebrating the sun 67 coming up! I'm not kiddin... Read more

  • he lived long, he prospered

    2/27/2015 12:36:18 PM, by MAGNOLIA416

    RIP Leonard Nimoy Here's a vintage interview with Nimoy by the broadcaster I work for, in which he gives a thoughtful perspective on violence:
    -spock-pinch.html... Read more

  • Gratitude

    2/27/2015 11:58:01 AM, by PROFRLJ2

    I am grateful for my health because many people my age have passed or have cancer. I need to be grateful every day and pray for those that are in pain.... Read more

  • feeling better week by week! A new beginning

    2/27/2015 11:48:17 AM, by FIREBUG32

    So its been a while. I've been muddling through and continuing even when I didn't feel like it. I've come to a turning point in my relationship with my body, mind and spirt. Let me first say, I have not lost any weight. Thats ok, because I am feeling better physically , and stronger and f... Read more

  • Dr. Gann's Diet of Hope

    2/27/2015 10:47:16 AM, by JEWELMAKER1

    My last blog was November 1st, 2014. Over the past year I have lost and gained the same 10lbs over and over. I stopped blogging because amid all the success stories, I became frustrated and defeated. Yes, I bumped up my exercise, yes, I tried all the suggestions members and Spark offered. NOTHING w... Read more

  • Update: Cooking More

    2/27/2015 10:23:26 AM, by APPLEPIEAPPLE

    My homemade Jerky. Made from thin sliced cooked beef marinated in soy sauce and brown sugar for 1 hour. Then placed on paper towels in my dehydrator for 8-15 hours. Healthier than the store bought. This week I have also made homemade chicken noodle soup and more homemade chicken pot pi... Read more

  • Friday ~ Report Day!

    2/27/2015 8:41:10 AM, by GABY1948

    Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions on yesterday's blog! You are all just 345 250 104 Today is report day officially so will do that first! I was yet again at 137.8 .2 above my low weight to date. I am excited about it because the fluctuations are not nearly as big now... Read more

  • 10 years from now.

    2/27/2015 8:33:37 AM, by HORSESHOEHONEY

    When I wake up ten years from now, who will I be? The goals that I'm working so hard to accomplish, have I reached them? What will an average day be like? Will it include the healthy habits I'm trying to set in place now, or will I be very much the same? If my future self could call my present self,... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Friday, February 27, 2015

    2/27/2015 8:03:43 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    February 27, 2015 WHEN THINGS ARE GOING RIGHT Many of us reach out to God only when things are going wrong. When we are struggling, suffering or hurting. However, we need God in the good times and bad. We need God every day. We need to sit alone with Him even when things are going right as wel... Read more

  • 2/27/15

    2/27/2015 6:46:03 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    I feel more Blessed every day I have great support on this site for that I am so very thankful I have good friends I have a job that pays enough to get by on Find things to be happy about it is a much better way to face the day have a blessed day... Read more

  • Make another one

    2/27/2015 6:28:25 AM, by KIN59VARA

    "Make another phone call, write another paragraph, walk another mile, read another book, paint another picture, sing another song, and work another hour. Yes you can do it, and when you keep doing it, you work your way to spectacular results." Ralph Marston Sometimes it feels as if there is so ... Read more

  • Bi-polar weather!

    2/27/2015 4:12:57 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    No wonder everyone is sick! Ugh!! So glad it's Friday. End of the month at work is kinda crazy. Blessings to you!! 247 390... Read more

  • Third Time Is the Charm: 100DWL, Day #57, Head Hunger “Insteads”

    2/26/2015 11:41:58 PM, by BETRHO48

    Day 57 Head hunger “insteads” Spangle instructs us to begin creating a resource list of things and ideas we can draw on instead of eating. She says that whenever we realize we’re facing a head hunger craving, we should stop to think about the real cause of our hunger and how we might address o... Read more

  • Smothered Chicken

    2/26/2015 11:40:45 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, How much do you like chicken? If you love chicken like I do, come check this out! Take a peek! Ingredients~ 2 1/2-3 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast, legs or thighs (or combination of two or more) 1 c all-purpose flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/8 tsp rubbed s... Read more

  • Overwhelmed by Challenges for the next 2-13 weeks, etc?

    2/26/2015 11:06:44 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Live the rest of your life with less stress and more joy. I mean don't stress yourself by trying to do too much, but by focusing each moment on what is important for that moment. Also, don't stress yourself by trying to make changes in the others around you but be yourself the change you like ... Read more

  • I am ready I have all the right numbers from Mum's Passport,

    2/26/2015 10:54:18 PM, by NORASPAT

    I found her purse where I left it in my keepsake drawer. I rarely go in there but I had to be sure that my mother was born in 1919 she would have been 96 on Saturday Her tickets were in her purse and she was flying to see us in July 1975 so this is the 40th year October 6th. I still hav... Read more

  • Second Place at Trivia Night

    2/26/2015 10:46:45 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Our team finally got upset at Trivia Night, but we still placed Second, so it wasn't too bad. I got a half order of pasta, which was plenty, and split some ice cream with my brother for dessert. I ate lightly the rest of the day so I could splurge a little on the comfort food of pasta. It was ano... Read more

  • Thursday's Words to Ponder

    2/26/2015 10:40:54 PM, by JUDY1676

    ... Read more

  • Terrific Thursday

    2/26/2015 10:18:08 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Thursday, February 26, 2015 ... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for February 26:

    2/26/2015 10:10:06 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration: It is very humbling to realize that often what burdens us the most would be very missed if it were taken away. Lord, I will take the time to appreciate my life. Daily Scripture & Reflection: I remember you in my prayers night and day. 2 Timothy 1:3 A Time to Think: O... Read more

  • Growth

    2/26/2015 9:24:21 PM, by MSROZZIE

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Today, I will be conscious of the growth that is already mine and continue to patiently work my SparkProgram! 9 104 252 244 ... Read more

  • Day 43 and almost the weekend

    2/26/2015 7:26:18 PM, by SHAWFAN

    I want to thank everyone for their kind suggestions on my blog yesterday. I'm still working out my issues at work. Seems that I have to be responsible for what's given to me, even though I've been getting a lot of phone calls and emails on top of it all to resolve other issues as well. So, the bo... Read more

  • My Daily Bible Verse 02/26/2015

    2/26/2015 5:37:07 PM, by PRINCESS1959

    Prov 22:4 New International Version Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life. King James Version "By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life."... Read more

  • Day 4...Sharing With My Best Friend.

    2/26/2015 4:20:55 PM, by RAVENSOUL1

    I think that at 51 years old I've finally figured out what really matters in my life. I know, I know, it's a cliché, but it's the little things that mean the most. Like a little bit ago, I was kinda down and dwelling on things. I'd had a light lunch, so I decided to grab an apple and sit at the... Read more

  • Get Off The Scale

    2/26/2015 4:17:08 PM, by EDWARDS1411

    “Get Off The Scale! You are beautiful. Your beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable. Day after day, countless people across the globe get on a scale in search of validation of beauty and social acceptance. Get off the scale! I have yet to see... Read more

  • Back to Curves!

    2/26/2015 4:15:33 PM, by KYCAROL

    I went back to Curves today. It felt so good. This was the first time in two weeks. I did the routine, but my stamina was a little low and I was tired when I finished, but I am back on track. My food intake is back and I'm tracking everything. Blackie has not come home, so guess he cro... Read more

  • Day 1182- Suggestions Wanted

    2/26/2015 3:08:03 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Day 57 of 2015: Weight: 186.2 Total Calories Burned This Week: 266+290+408= 964 Total Calories Burned This Year: 16,339 I need to learn to love my body. It's something I've always struggled with. After losing 90 pounds, I've become proud of what my body is capable of, but I still have ... Read more

  • Day One

    2/26/2015 1:49:18 PM, by CMCCLELLAN521

    I'm back. Again. And I know that I am not the only person here who has had multiple "day one" days. Technically, it's more like day 3 but, because it's my first day blogging, we make today Day One. In the past, when I tried to lose weight or get fit or whatever, it was almost always with a... Read more

  • Yah! Friday

    2/26/2015 1:16:43 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Today is going to be a long day looking at the lists but hopefully I will finish on time as I am suppose to finish at 5:00pm so here's hoping.... Read more

  • Love my Diamond Team!!

    2/26/2015 1:12:11 PM, by MOJO0607

    I am sure many of you are members of different teams on Spark People, and I am SURE the same can be said for many of the groups out there, but I just wanted to take a minute in between BL challenges to give a shout out to the individiuals that make up the Dazzling Diamond team--you all rock an... Read more

  • I made it 12 days on my little STAR streak! What I have learned!

    2/26/2015 12:37:41 PM, by SPARKLINGME176

    We all have the choice to do the best we can, right? My choice would have been to NEVER yoyo. But that is not the case. So I am doing the best I can 104 , everyday with what is going on in my body & spirit! 90 I have to change things up on a weekly basis. My long time girlfriend came to town.... Read more

  • Quick meals

    2/26/2015 11:48:04 AM, by MALF0YD

    Tuna sandwich, carrots and soup Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit Salad, bologna sandwich and fruit... Read more

  • And the winner is....

    2/26/2015 11:46:52 AM, by CASEYSAUER

    ME!!! I did another day of at least 30 minutes of cardio! Today I actually looked forward to it. I hope I can have that feeling often. I also want to get my next knitting project started. Tomorrow LOY (Ladies of Yoga) will be stopping by to do some knitting. The menu is NOT very healthy bu... Read more

  • 1 Good Thing Challenge: Day 14

    2/26/2015 11:30:53 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    2/26/2015: Today day is the last official day of my 1 good thing challenge. Tonight I am meeting a girlfriend for a glass of wine and to catch up. I'm looking forward to it. I don't leave my family to their own devices nearly often enough, lol. Today I had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal an... Read more

  • I have lost 30 pounds!

    2/26/2015 11:08:26 AM, by JANEMITCHELL12

    Never thought I would get here! I have actually lost 30 pounds. Despite the cold winter and I can't walk outside. I am now at my lowest in 20 years. Hurry up spring so I can break 200 pounds!... Read more

  • NEW Scale is AWESOME!

    2/26/2015 10:46:45 AM, by GABY1948

    Yes, with all my whining about my scale....some days I would weigh 5 consecutive times and get 5 totally DIFFERENT weights within 2 minutes time! We were gone all day yesterday from morning til nighttime and when I got home it was HERE! You guys, all know me....the original scaredy-cat....well, I ... Read more

  • PAWSE - 2/25/15

    2/26/2015 10:43:29 AM, by SHEENADEE

    Plan/Prepare - Act - Write - Set - Engage Continuing my weekly dinner planning, based on what I already have in the house so no shopping required... Wed - Roast beef sandwich, apple Thur - Homemade bean soup, baked sweet potato Fri - baked ziti and salad (at friend's) Sat - Homemad... Read more

  • Finding My true voice, day 57, lesson 17.

    2/26/2015 9:57:19 AM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    So I posted a decision I was considering, wanting feedback. And I got it. Two very loyal supporters shared their thoughts. Catlady, my main support shared her thoughts. the problem was, the two camps of supports disagreed. I had to listen to both sides, and decide what was best for me. AND IT W... Read more

  • Feeling Broken?

    2/26/2015 9:23:05 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Still on my journey to lose that last 50 pounds and revving up! It's starting to come off after a 2 freaking year plateau. I think I was spinning my wheels in the wrong direction. I plateaued after my first 100 pounds for a year and then had to change things up to lose over 100 more. To te... Read more

  • 10 pounds Down!

    2/26/2015 8:14:19 AM, by RINGLETS888

    I have finally lost double digit numbers!!!! So satisfying! 15 pounds until my first goal is met!!!... Read more

  • It's like magic!

    2/26/2015 7:24:03 AM, by HORSESHOEHONEY

    This past week I have started eating a grapefruit as part of my breakfast. Originally I did this because I'd had them a little while & didn't want them to go bad. However, in doing so, I have discovered that I haven't been as hungry or having cravings for all! At first I was a litt... Read more

  • Do it!

    2/26/2015 7:18:01 AM, by DFOLKARD

    ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Thursday, February 26, 2015

    2/26/2015 6:58:41 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    February 26, 2015 UNABLE TO SPEAK There are times when we are in certain situations and we don’t know what to say to others. We can’t find the right words so we remain silent. There are times when we can’t muster up the strength or courage to speak so we remain silent. There are times when we t... Read more

  • Ruffling a few feathers

    2/26/2015 6:54:29 AM, by KIN59VARA

    "If you’re not ruffling a few feathers, you’re probably not getting much done. If you’re not running into difficult problems, then you’re falling far short of your potential." Ralph Marston Need to remember this as I face the crazy day. I have added 5 new therapists at midterm meaning 11 midt... Read more

  • 2/26/15

    2/26/2015 6:40:47 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    it is a great day I will give my best in all I do have a blessed day... Read more

  • One Day at a Time.

    2/26/2015 5:50:19 AM, by GOANNA2

    One day at a time~ this is enough as the years go by, Reminisce the past~ Don't Dwell on it~ For it has gone~ no need to reason why, Don't be concerned about the future~ it is yet to come, Live for the present and your life can be so beautiful~ for it has just begun. ... Read more

  • No flying monkeys!!

    2/26/2015 5:44:44 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    246 Hopefully, I don't need to send them out today either. I am still not 100%, but I am feeling much better. It's snowing here, so my work is on a 2-hr delay. I tried to go back to sleep, but that didn't work out so well, so I'm going to get a jump-start on my steps for the... Read more

  • BFF Day At Disneyland!

    2/26/2015 3:03:08 AM, by STEPH-KNEE

    Okay, so it wasn't REALLY BFF day at Disneyland but it felt like it! I got buttons made that say "Best Friends" and one has Mickey and one Pluto and I was surprised how many people commented on how cute our buttons were. I didn't think anyone would notice but they did. We had such a great time.... Read more

  • Quiet, but good day

    2/25/2015 11:33:44 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am doing so much better at the gym. I am using the elliptical trainer for cardio. I expect to start cycling at home on Saturday. Next week I want to take a zumba class. If all goes well, I will return to the rowing machine in 2 weeks. I have 5 more days under the surgeon's restrictions. ... Read more

  • Energy

    2/25/2015 10:41:22 PM, by RINGLETS888

    I need that is...the end...... Read more

  • Wednesday's Words to Ponder

    2/25/2015 10:24:33 PM, by JUDY1676

    ... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for February 25:

    2/25/2015 10:22:16 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration: Spend a little time each day taking care of your own physical and emotional needs and the rest of your day will be more effective. Lord, help me to enrich and care for myself so that I am not depleted of energy and health and have something within that I can use to enrich others... Read more

  • Gym day once again

    2/25/2015 9:37:59 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It was fairly bitter when I left to walk to the gym this morning, but I remembered to wear layers, so it didn't hurt. Jeremy was almost half an hour late getting to the gym, but he stopped his treadmill portion of his workout early, because he was getting a blister, so we ended up finishing about t... Read more

  • Day 42

    2/25/2015 9:26:54 PM, by SHAWFAN

    And back to walking as much as possible. I got in about 45 minutes of walking today. It was a relatively nice day here in KC today. Tomorrow is going to be a different story. In fact, on the way home, the temps were dropping and it had started to rain. Yuck. By tomorrow morning, we're likely to... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday

    2/25/2015 7:58:16 PM, by KNEEMAKER

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 ... Read more

  • Squash Casserole

    2/25/2015 7:26:42 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, it has been a busy day but I am here! Take a peek! Ingredients~ 4 large yellow squash*, sliced 1/4 inch thick (about 8 cups) 1/2 c water 1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Cream of Chicken Soup or Cream of Mushroom Soup 1 c sour cream 1/4 c red onion, finely chopped 1... Read more

  • Day 1181- WE WON AGAIN!!

    2/25/2015 5:56:49 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Day 56 of 2015: Weight: 185.8 Total Calories Burned This Week: 266+290+408=964 Total Calories Burned This Year: 16,339 We're Going STREAKING!!!! (Any Old School fans out there?) No, I do not mean streaking naked. I mean my Tuesday night soccer team has won three games in a row. Th... Read more

  • Day 3...and counting! (I need creative titles!)

    2/25/2015 4:54:10 PM, by RAVENSOUL1

    Ok,'s appointment today. Had a bizillion tests done, scheduled for a bizillion more, got some icky news and just trying to absorb and deal right now. Exhausted, but hey, it got me outta the house for a few hours so that's something! lol... Read more

  • Had fun

    2/25/2015 4:10:01 PM, by ARNETTELEE

    Yesterday we had a line dancing session. It was quite fun although my "two left feet" sometimes went in the wrong direction. Oh well, I wasn't cut out to be a dancer. "Need more practice!" Happy sparking!... Read more

  • Emotional Eating

    2/25/2015 3:35:07 PM, by PROFRLJ2

    I had a job interview yesterday. Today I found out that I didn't get the job. I then ate corned beef hash, pineapple, rice pudding, and popcorn. Now I feel sick and depressed. I am trying to focus on non-food ways to deal with stress. I also gained back 5 of the 30 pounds that I lost. I see my dr Fr... Read more

  • Day 62 - Blessings!!

    2/25/2015 3:28:43 PM, by CINDYSUNFLOWER

    Wonderful Wednesday!!! Although I was diagnosed with pink eye yesterday afternoon, I will stop to count my blessings for they are many! 1. I got pink eye from my granddaughter who I always enjoy spending time with….so it was worth it! 2. I was able to see a doctor right away to get the... Read more

  • Third Time Is the Charm: 100DWL, Day #56, Head Hunger

    2/25/2015 2:36:42 PM, by BETRHO48

    Day 56 Head hunger 32 Spangle is right on when she tells us that head hunger usually tends to be connected to pressure-type emotions such as anger, frustration, or resentment. Then she says that whenever we crave a chewy or crunchy food, we should take inventory of what might be affecting us.... Read more

  • The "start" begins

    2/25/2015 1:40:22 PM, by CASEYSAUER

    Yesterday I did manage to watch what I ate and I also got a 30 minute workout done! Today, I got up early and went to the gym. I did some weights and some cardio. After the gym, I picked up my friend, Doris, and we heading off for breakfast. We have found this place that has a great specia... Read more

  • Reflection and Goal for Feb. 25

    2/25/2015 1:31:28 PM, by REBECCATKD

    What's Going Well? I feel really good today. Mostly, this is because I've been tracking food, eating GOOD food (meaning healthy), staying full, and avoiding the binges. I'm not stressed -- and I'm not feeling negative about my body. I've started drinking a bottle of water on the way to wor... Read more

  • Happiness Challenge

    2/25/2015 1:28:11 PM, by MARIANNMC

    The LTGL challenge this week for the 5% Winter Challenge is 10 minutes of intentional happiness a day. Sat - taking a walk with my little niece and nephew. That's a lot of happiness. Sun -- texting a friend during the Oscars: FUN. Mon -- a long walk on a cold but SUNNY day. Tues -- spen... Read more

  • Don't judge me...

    2/25/2015 12:47:55 PM, by MOJO0607

    The pursuit of perfection is a slippery slope. I know when I was in that mindset, I was easily irritated and annoyed because not only did I apply perfectionist standards to myself, but to all the other people around me. This pursuit would consume me emotionally and turned up the volume of my s... Read more

  • 1 Good Thing Challenge: Day 13

    2/25/2015 12:07:42 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    2/25/2015: Day 13 It has almost been 2 weeks since I started my 1 Good Thing Challenge. I've gone from feeling like I didn't do anything for myself to being able to list several things a day that are just for me, just for my health and well being. It feels really great! Tomorrow will be my l... Read more

  • Day 3

    2/25/2015 11:26:12 AM, by FITMOMMA4LIFE

    Have you stopped today to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life? I read somewhere that we are all born with a certain amount of happiness based on genetics. Some people are naturally optimistic where others are naturally pessimistic. I am sure we have all seen people in our lives ... Read more