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  • I'm actually missing ... exercise?

    8/16/2015 8:26:58 PM, by LIBERTY_JOY

    Feels strange to write those words, and even stranger to be thinking it. And yet, it is true! I haven't done any "designated" exercise for the last two weeks since landing a night in ER and dealing with a bunch of health issues since then. Hopefully I'll be able to again very soon; but meanwhile I h... Read more

  • Home from dr. appt.

    8/10/2015 1:24:00 PM, by SMIDGON

    Hello All I got back from the dr appt. a bit ago! Ate lunch and here I am! The dr. wants me to have a chest ex ray a Mr I then till then it will be x for the neurologist appt.. he upped my meds, so we shall see. This x around the Dr's and nurses have gone all out to get me help! The... Read more

  • It was more than the blood pressure meds

    8/9/2015 4:30:53 AM, by LIBERTY_JOY

    Last Sunday I wrote about the issue with forgetting my BP meds and how my heart rate was up; and I was feeling a bit funny which I thought was as a result of forgetting. Things settled down a bit and I went to sleep ... only to wake up about two hours later with a major case of the chills. I was FRE... Read more

  • Blood pressure meds

    8/2/2015 8:46:08 AM, by LIBERTY_JOY

    I was walking this morning; and heading out for what I knew was going to be a very emotionally difficult and stressful walk (long story behind that). I'd been thinking it would go well; and lately I've been feeling a lot fitter but suddenly I felt really achy and slow and just somehow feeling ... Read more