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  • Keeping it Simple

    3/29/2015 8:13:54 PM, by IAM_HIS

    Does having all that stuff really bring you joy and happiness?... Read more

  • It's time to start over. Again.

    3/29/2015 5:51:39 PM, by CLAIREMZM

    How many times have I told myself that it's time to start over? If I looked back on my blogs I would see that I have said it several times. And I've done it--started over and got back on track for a while, then something happens--a visit from a friend or relative that calls for a dinner out, a parti... Read more

  • There I Go Again!

    3/22/2015 12:14:00 PM, by IAM_HIS

    Why I am I so emotional? Why do I feel so strongly? Why can't I be able to shake these feelings? I ask myself these questions many times. I am finding through writing a journal, all those emotions are helping me see me--the real me. As well as how to take healthier care of me. All those ... Read more

  • How did this happen?

    3/21/2015 8:20:47 PM, by IAM_HIS

    Have you ever wrote up feeling like all you can see is everything not going right, or not changing fast enough? Or perhaps you feel unloved and unappreciated? That when it's time for an 'ATTITUDE READJUSTMENT" These feelings did not happen over night, although you may think they did. No, yo... Read more


    3/20/2015 5:34:45 PM, by IAM_HIS

    Recently my doctor told me to get a hearing test done. Right after that I got a coupon from WalMart for a free hearing test. So I scheduled an appointment. I had the test done and was told I needed a hearing aid for both ears, the cost would be almost $7,000.00. When I heard this I burst into te... Read more

  • What do you think of FitBit?

    3/19/2015 2:58:01 PM, by CLAIREMZM

    I'm hoping someone will see this and comment. I have lost my Spark Activity Tracker! It must have fallen off my shoe last week and I can't find it anywhere. I could replace it with another Spark Activity Tracker, but I'm thinking about getting a FitBit. What is your experience with them?... Read more

  • You have it all!

    3/17/2015 10:14:44 AM, by IAM_HIS

    You and I were made with gifts and talents and beautiful things to share with this world. We are unique creations put in this place at this time for a reason. And when we compare ourselves to others, we miss out on what we were made for. This includes not liking our body or the way we look. Wh... Read more


    3/13/2015 9:57:53 AM, by SMIDGON

    1852 Uncle Sam first appeared in a political cartoon. To his dog, every man is Napolean; hence the constant popularity of dogs. -Aldous Huxley- To tell how old your dog might be; After the 2nd. year, add 4 human years for each dog year. After the 13th. year, add 2-1/2 h... Read more

  • Ramblings by Smidgon

    3/11/2015 8:08:28 AM, by SMIDGON

    1888---The Blizzard of 1888 struck the Northeast. Four hundred lives were lost, "There are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them". ---Lawrence Welk--- Once again, your mother was right. "Eat your prunes!" For constipation, diverticulitis, a... Read more


    3/10/2015 9:39:05 AM, by SMIDGON

    If you have to make a cake and you know you will be pressed for time, measure out the ingredients ahead of time, [up to three days]. Place the wet ingredients in a screw-top glass jar in the refrig.. Place the dry ingredients in an airtight container. To keep leftover layer cake from dryin... Read more


    3/9/2015 10:13:55 AM, by SMIDGON

    Before relying on last year's leftover seeds, test their germination rate. Place a few between damp paper towels, put them in a dark place, and keep them moist. Viable seeds will sprout in 5 to 10 days. Thunder in March means a fruitful year. 247... Read more