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  • Family

    11/26/2015 9:04:09 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    4 244 429 Have a great day!... Read more

  • What was your favorite side dish this Thanksgiving?

    11/26/2015 9:02:50 AM, by AMCELROY4

    Mine was sweet potatoes! Healthy and yummy! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!... Read more

  • a mild day

    11/26/2015 8:32:30 AM, by MOMMY445

    i feel like the interview went well. i will know next week whether or not i got this job. i am still looking for other work in the meantime. my daughter says hi. all the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/26/2015 7:30:05 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Be thankful, love your family and friends, pray for those less fortunate, praise God. ... Read more

  • Different Holidays

    11/25/2015 11:35:34 PM, by SBECKER526

    We are beginning our holiday season with dinner in the restaurant we enjoy. The meal will be at 12:30 pm. 428 We consider that we are celebrating with our new family. I made reservations for Christmas Day. 460 I have new Jewish friends so we will enjoy a Jewish meal on December 10 for Han... Read more

  • Busy Day!!!

    11/25/2015 6:35:41 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    I'm sitting in my car writing this blog :-)! I've been so busy moving this body of mine while enjoying family on today! My day started w/10 minute cardio on bike, then off to the Dr. office for my check up. He was so please w/ my progress; everything from lbs loss to starting this blog. So far e... Read more

  • Here we go again!

    11/25/2015 1:51:22 PM, by PICKIE98

    remember how I talk about Linda's Law? Well, it was back again this morning. Right after I left for work, at sunrise, the same thing happened to the power lines that happened before.. lightning did not strike it, but tree branches fell on it, causing outage to we three homes again. Next door ne... Read more

  • thankful blog #3

    11/25/2015 1:47:35 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    Here is no. 3 of my gratitude and thankful blogs. I am thankful for clothes to wear. i am thankful for Bible translations that make it easier for me to read the Bible. I am thankful for my mom's support. I am thankful for my dog. I am thankful for all my doctors as well.... Read more

  • All set for Thanksgiving

    11/25/2015 12:09:46 PM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    All prepared for tomorrow. The final item is in the oven. Now to set the table. Today will be restful. I've even fit in 2 hours of training and swimming.... Read more

  • Oh Yea?

    11/25/2015 9:04:30 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    A wiser choice for those who lift without a partner. 104... Read more

  • Thankful blog #2

    11/24/2015 11:44:27 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    Here is my second blog about gratitude and thankfulness. I am grateful for music by artists that help me write when I am unable to write otherwise. I am grateful for my tens unit and the fact it is working for some pain issues now. I am grateful for my pain specialists that I see who take care of me... Read more

  • Canyon Hike

    11/24/2015 3:16:26 PM, by ALIHIKES

    My friend Hanne and I hiked Dry River Canyon in the Badlands on Sunday. Sunday was a beautiful warm day for winter in the high desert (unlike today, when we are having our first snow storm). Dry river canyon was carved by an ancient river during the ice age. The high cliff walls expose multipl... Read more

  • I've Noticed a Change

    11/24/2015 3:08:03 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    During my morning talk with my mother, we usually cover an array of topics, as we always do, and, of course, weight-loss was included in the conversation. I expressed the joy of STAYING THE COURSE this time around and strongly believe that I conquered a major obstacle that has been extremely challen... Read more

  • Guess who has a new garage door opener?

    11/24/2015 1:30:27 PM, by PICKIE98

    Good, busy day at work.. got home to find the new garage door opener installed. The last fried thing to be replaced. Now I just have to get with back neighbor to get them to pay for fence fixing. I hope that is the most excitement we have for a long time. I am still adjusting to the tiny meat dra... Read more

  • A success

    11/24/2015 10:46:45 AM, by JHUPP1

    I wanted to share I wanted to share, my little success. I have had no family support whatsoever. The last few days I have had to make hard decisions about my health and weight loss commitment. I currently reside with my mom and her husband and my brother. So on Saturday I had to go and buy her and m... Read more

  • A success

    11/24/2015 10:43:16 AM, by JHUPP1

    I wanted to share I wanted to share, my little success. I have had no family support whatsoever. The last few days I have had to make hard decisions about my health and weight loss commitment. I currently reside with my mom and her husband and my brother. So on Saturday I had to go and buy her and m... Read more

  • it snowed

    11/24/2015 9:20:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    last night, and a bit this morning, it snowed here, my daughter is bouncing up and down with joy. she enjoys playing and being in the snow. i have a job interview tomorrow morning and i may have another one later on this week. that one is still to be confirmed. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have... Read more

  • Strength Train

    11/24/2015 8:43:21 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    224 386 Gallon milk cartons filled with water works. If that's too heavy, lift them when they are empty. 334 244... Read more

  • Work Thanksgiving Buffet Lunch Today...

    11/24/2015 8:39:05 AM, by BETHUMZ

    What that means is everyone cooks something ridiculously fattening, brings it in and we put out a HUGE spread. I made a big salad with lots of colorful veggies that is healthy, has creamy looking dressing on it (fat-free Greek yogurt) but is really low-calorie. Other than my salad, some turkey ... Read more

  • Christmas craft fair

    11/24/2015 4:59:17 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Homemade ornaments ... Read more

  • Christmas craft fair

    11/24/2015 4:59:12 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Homemade ornaments ... Read more


    11/24/2015 12:24:52 AM, by JOANN25

    i am paying the price for bad choices during this past week. Extra stress is part of the reason; knee and back problems; daughter had a stroke plus they found a broken vertebrae in her back (things looking up as they moved her into rehab today); trying to take care of my 99 year mom in assisted li... Read more

  • Week 2 Day 1

    11/23/2015 10:08:44 PM, by JAYCEEBOYDGARCI

    Oh, man... That was painful. Glad I skipped yoga this morning. Jillian promises to deliver and she does! Again both workouts are very similar, but I've come to embrace that as a form of doing multiple sets. 30 Day Shred is awesome, certainly difficult on level two, but Ripped In 30 is DEFINITELY on... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/23/2015 7:52:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just found out that i have a job interview this coming wednesday morning. i may have two others this week as well. one may be done over the phone. my daughter says hi. all the birds say cheep,cheep. have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Guess who has a new refrigerator?

    11/23/2015 3:49:59 PM, by PICKIE98

    Finally, after three weeks of PBJ and canned stuff, the fridge got delivered this morning. The guys were just getting into their truck as I came home. Of course, there was a slightly SMALL thing that the store did not tell me. The ice maker will not be here for another week or two. They hoo... Read more

  • Weight 2 Go!!!

    11/23/2015 2:10:39 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    Since my last Dr. Appt. October 22nd, it's been a journey. My weigh in at the time, showed a 17lbs loss; however, as I have written in previous blogs, I hadn't dropped anymore. As a matter of fact, I gained 1.4lbs and continued the fluctuation throughout the month; but I am excited to post that I ... Read more

  • thankful blog

    11/23/2015 11:45:51 AM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    The Navy Ninja team captain wanted a positive thinking post on the team chat thread. I don't believe in positive thinking because that is of the world. However I do believe in gratitude and thankfulness. So I have chosen to take her positive thinking and be thankful for four things on the thread and... Read more

  • Born in 1940

    11/23/2015 11:21:35 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    386 334... Read more

  • How are your Thanksgiving plans going?

    11/23/2015 7:59:28 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Are you ready? Are you planning ahead? ... Read more

  • Four weeks Done

    11/23/2015 12:04:05 AM, by MSCHERYL10

    I start my fifth week tomorrow with mixed emotions. I am proud that I have kept up the workouts and have added walking to the fitness regimen, but at the same time I am discouraged, because the scale isn't moving fast. I have consistantly lost weight, but one lb a week aggravates me when I know I'm ... Read more

  • What's Emitting From You???

    11/22/2015 4:25:12 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    The other day, I was backing out of the garage and saw one of my neighbors; a brief and rather impact-ful time of sharing. Before we could even commence our conversation, she immediately said to me, "I feel all of your positive energy"! Of course, I said thank you and we proceeded to chat and ... Read more

  • Anyone for Acupuncture?

    11/22/2015 9:56:18 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    40... Read more

  • Have started my prep for Thanksgiving

    11/22/2015 7:41:08 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Sweet potatoes are in the freezer along with the stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and Apple pie. Don't be alarmed! I'm making fresh veggies, salad and low calorie appetizers. I do not want to sabotage my hard work but my family can still have their favorites. What they don't know is that t... Read more

  • Sunday morning

    11/22/2015 7:25:05 AM, by PICKIE98

    Lots of the awful white stuff on the ground and everywhere else outside. My BS is slightly higher than I want:123. We are so happy that the furnace was repaired before this big storm. God provides, even if the appliance store does not..;)... Read more

  • Feeling Great!

    11/22/2015 12:15:39 AM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    I don't usually post this early in the morning as it just turned midnight and I'm up! Actually, I'm just getting home after attending a Live Recording tonight; I had about 30 minutes remaining to complete my 150 minute exercise goal! Guess what, I got it in and I feel great; feeling accomplished! 25... Read more

  • Friday an Saturday...

    11/21/2015 7:55:22 PM, by SA555Y

    Ok i didnt text yesterday because i was drained. No i didnt bowl my shoulders hurt to bad i know my limits i knew if i tried i would regret it later. Lunch was intertaing at the buffetr. Emagine 13 adults that has some form mential challenge i didnt include me lol. But it was just a very interta... Read more

  • Hikes and Clothes!

    11/21/2015 6:17:14 PM, by ALIHIKES

    I am feeling more recovered from the foot surgery, and WOO HOO! I co-led a 7 mile hike yesterday! It was a beautiful clear cold day, and we hiked in the Badlands to an interesting lava formation called Flatiron Rock. 8 hikers joined us. I like leading hikes and meeting new people! And I also enjoyed... Read more

  • I'm Worth It!

    11/21/2015 2:58:07 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    While preparing to write my blog for the day, I said to my sister, "I have nothing to pen" and right at that moment, a commercial came. Well, the commercial was about eating chocolate, "I'm not a chocolate eating at all; however, the music got my attention: "Give it to me, I'm Worth It!" Ag... Read more

  • Snowy Saturday

    11/21/2015 2:51:07 PM, by PICKIE98

    We are expecting 2-6 inches of snow today. SO far, it is sticking and covered all of the bare trees. DD and I were up early this morning, just as the snow began. First stop to get some more bags of ice for the cooler, Home Depot for free faucet handles thanks to the free gift card from them. ... Read more

  • What health means to me

    11/21/2015 1:26:41 PM, by DISCIPLEAD33

    Health for me means being able to live my life fully each day, feeling good, not being too heavy, keeping my belly fat under control and being able to be active without pain. I am not healthy, in my eyes, if I have a belly pooch, weigh over 170 lbs and have a BMI of over 24.... Read more

  • Have you had your mammogram this year?

    11/21/2015 12:12:45 PM, by GWEN_EVRA

    I know, hard scary topic right? I want to share my experience with you and hopefully convince you to not be so afraid of it. I turned 41 in August and my Doctor said that it's time to have a mammogram, to get a base line, and that we'd go from there. So I scheduled my first mammogram. I buil... Read more

  • Deadlift

    11/21/2015 10:19:31 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    And you can do them with a 5-Lb dumbbell! 244... Read more

  • Preparing for a healthy feast

    11/21/2015 7:06:22 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Spending the weekend preparing broth, stuffing, cranberry sauce all with a mind to reducing fat and incorporating fresh fruits and veggies.... Read more

  • 11/20/15

    11/20/2015 10:10:23 PM, by WILLYRN

    Time flying... I had a good workout on my own today. I am definitely getting stronger, which feels good. Days like yesterday make it hard to feel encouraged, my knee didn't like Silver sneakers, and my shoulder was mad, still weak today. Got my new cross trainer shoes, very nice! Looking forward ... Read more

  • Day 6

    11/20/2015 6:41:02 PM, by NANAWANTS2BEFIT

    So far so good! I have done very well this week sticking to exercising before work. I have also been trying to eat healthier.will try to do more tracking next week. ... Read more

  • End of week one!

    11/20/2015 3:41:15 PM, by JAYCEEBOYDGARCI

    I definitely felt it today! Happy that its the weekend. I deserve my two days of rest before beginning week 2. I've already previewed it and I'm in for some work. Doing a little more of a challenging yoga routine this morning really amped up my work out. At one point my whole lower body was shaking... Read more

  • The Emotional Warehousing of Fat

    11/20/2015 3:24:16 PM, by BETHUMZ

    Wow, this is a fascinating article for me because I was/am/fight with emotional eating. http://www.elephantjournal.c
    arehousing-of-fat/ The author's teacher said, "Unresolved or undigested emotions store in our cell tissues as pain, fat, dullness or disconn... Read more

  • All is Well

    11/20/2015 3:10:56 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    Just a quick note to say, "All is Well"! Everything is not as favorable as I would like them to be but, I am affirming today that "I Am Well and All is Well"!!! Have an 345 an amazing weekend to all! #StayingTheCourse Jdd... Read more

  • Service

    11/20/2015 9:22:24 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    40 ... Read more

  • it's friday

    11/20/2015 9:17:05 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful,cool sunny day here today! woo hoo! my daughter has a day off school today. in a while, we are off to visit a few relatives. then we will just take it easy. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • Keep it in perspective!!

    11/20/2015 7:14:53 AM, by SNS1968

    I've been reminded of this lately.... Read more

  • Trying to get motivated

    11/20/2015 5:50:52 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    I have not been myself and I can't figure out why. ... Read more

  • Early Friday morning

    11/20/2015 5:37:40 AM, by PICKIE98

    Okay, over the whining about my appliance. DD went with me yesterday before my P.T. We made a library stop, credit union, Dad's house, then subway for dinner. That shortens up the list for today and tomorrow. I need to make four more stops today after work, plus meeting my dear friend for late ... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Treats

    11/19/2015 11:16:18 PM, by MACHOL

    My friend's daughter, Sarah Grace, has a website called Fresh, Fit, and Healthy. She had 45 healthy recipe offerings just for Thanksgiving. Here is her site for the recipes:
    -paleo-vegan-options/ ... Read more

  • Food what to eat...

    11/19/2015 9:27:15 PM, by SA555Y

    I wrote a blog about the pork we buy. An it was a worry then others tell me about the chicken recall. Then yesterdays news we hear about beef being giving so many antibiotics that buying eating it we become emmune an it creats super bugs that antibiotics just wont cure. Then tonight i heard about... Read more

  • Days 16-19 of my No-Nonsense November!!

    11/19/2015 9:19:39 PM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, So the past 3 days have been o.k., not 250 but o.k. On Tuesday I met all 13 of my goals 244 but then yesterday was just not good. Firstly I couldn't wake up to exercise because I was up late studying the night before and then I just felt overwhelmed again with my studying and un... Read more

  • Starting Out

    11/19/2015 8:50:44 PM, by BROSIO

    Hello everyone! I will try to keep this short because I don't like reading really long blogs! So Starting out I am going to try my best to really stick to this and do it right. I am really just tired of being overweight and out of shape. I want to start living healthier and get back on track wh... Read more

  • talk about awkward

    11/19/2015 8:36:24 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I take the test and yet the academic adviser never called me back at all. Today was the last day to register for courses for the spring semester at the tech college! I am pissed right now! I did what he asked and he doesn't call me back in time! Now here I am like a sitting duck. I know that didn't ... Read more

  • A New Road - Day 18

    11/19/2015 3:08:39 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I didn't track yesterday, but I did walk for 30 mins. ... Read more

  • Upset

    11/19/2015 12:51:48 PM, by PICKIE98

    I am extremely upset that my refrigerator is now not being delivered until Monday. The store called today and informed DD that it will not be here until then. They know the circumstances, they know how long it has been since the storm(Nov 6. ). I have never had a problem with this store in ... Read more

  • Live To and Stay Healthy

    11/19/2015 9:03:00 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    This grandma knows. .... Read more

  • it's thursday

    11/19/2015 8:21:37 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mild start to the day. then the temperature is going to drop throughout the day. by the time the day is done, it will be really cold outside. that is okay. by then, my daughter and i will be in for the night. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i will be heading outside later to enjoy some fresh air... Read more

  • In a funk

    11/19/2015 6:21:43 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Not motivated to swim or train. Help!... Read more

  • Mom and i talked and i'm doing better

    11/19/2015 4:41:58 AM, by MISSA526

    We talked and she realized that what I need is support not a police officer. All is well now. I'm working like crazy at physical therapy, there and at home 🙀oh my aching muscles! But my knee is doing so much better! 😃💖!! I just can't get over how out of shape I am. But I am very determine... Read more

  • We'd 11/18

    11/19/2015 12:03:11 AM, by MSCHERYL10

    Accomplished a new goal today, I ended with 20090 steps! I am very proud of myself. Two miles of that was walking the dog and I got my T25 lower focus in. I splurged at breakfast and got the simple and fit omelet with harvest grain pancakes at IHOP, it's clean and ooh so yummy. Stayed under my over... Read more

  • Overwhelmed...

    11/18/2015 11:13:36 PM, by SA555Y

    I have way overwhelmed going going going an then new med adjusting an of course my health. It dosnt help at nights i am freezeing i gotta try to save money to get me a blanket lol. I decided to not wright till i could be a bit more posative. Some good things has happened an some good thing might ... Read more

  • Oops!

    11/18/2015 8:19:41 PM, by MACHOL

    I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. I decided that I would take care of myself this time. To be honest, I'm not the greatest at self-care. Today, I still didn't feel well, but I decided to go to work anyway to do a training. I was the only one to show up to the training. I got through the t... Read more

  • Mid Week...

    11/18/2015 8:10:41 PM, by JAYCEEBOYDGARCI

    It's been good. I haven't worked out in the mornings because I've had the luxury of not having a schedule this week, so I'll run errands during the day or read (hehe) then workout in the evening. Once my roommate comes home, I'll go back to mornings. I want to learn to enjoy working out in the morni... Read more

  • Uh, I'm sitting right here!

    11/18/2015 5:59:19 PM, by HJACKSON688

    I went to see the cardiologist today. I had been having some issues and this was a follow-up visit. The doctor came in with a nurse and medical student. The doctor and student were reviewing my chart and he asked her questions. She gave her opinion on what the next step should be. He told her she ... Read more

  • Present!!!!

    11/18/2015 3:58:51 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    I'm not certain what to title this blog entry today as it's been more than just a day of reflections; perhaps a day of but also an acknowledgment, recognition/realization that for the first in my life, I FEEL PRESENT IN MY TODAY! Admittedly, a large portion of my life have been spent being pres... Read more

  • woo hoo!

    11/18/2015 3:46:05 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter made the volleyball team and they do indeed get to travel to other schools. she had volleyball practice yesterday and she is headed to another school with the team now. she will be there for a while. i am already on the lookout for presents for her for christmas. all the birds say cheep,... Read more

  • Looking Up

    11/18/2015 1:45:26 PM, by JEM2929

    Things are going well for me. I'm down almost 20 lbs. My partner is down about 20 lbs too! Together we've lost a toddler amount of weight and I'm so proud we've stayed on track. I've taken up knitting to keep my mind off not smoking. I haven't smoked in over 8 weeks now and I have so many cute lit... Read more

  • Wednesday afternoon

    11/18/2015 1:33:32 PM, by PICKIE98

    Therapy seems to help me, I was in traction for five minutes longer than the last time and it was stronger pull. Now my left knee is pure pain, like the right one was back when I started all of this with the doctor. I can barely walk on it, Dd and I were supposed to use today, (the only day I ... Read more

  • A New Road - Day 14, 15, 16, and 17

    11/18/2015 10:58:23 AM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I've done bad the last few days. I haven't posted to let you all know how things were going. So here's a quick recap. Day 14 - Sat Rest day. Didn't really track, but did good for the most part. Day 15 - Sun Worked, but did do my toning video. Didn't do so well on food wise, but did... Read more

  • another update health and otherwise

    11/18/2015 10:06:59 AM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I will first start off by saying I have gotten a Tens unit for pain management and it seems to help somewhat. I won't discount it until the month is up. If it don't work for the shoulder pain I still may keep it for other pain issues. Since it helps for my knees and back too. It is very easy to use.... Read more

  • Why?

    11/18/2015 9:05:03 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    4 ... Read more

  • Time for a laugh after the horrors of the past week

    11/18/2015 7:14:15 AM, by GOANNA2

    Just joking! A psychiatrist was conducting a group therapy session with four young mothers and their your children. You all have these obsessions, the psychiatrist stated. I am concerned that these individual obsessions are going to impact upon your children. To the first mother,... Read more

  • 11/17

    11/17/2015 11:59:41 PM, by MSCHERYL10

    Got my exercise and steps in for today, my calories were under 1000 which is not good for me, but time didn't allow for more. Tomorrow is a new day!... Read more

  • Tuesday, things looking up

    11/17/2015 1:57:03 PM, by PICKIE98

    Great day at work: had a one-on-one meeting with the General Manager and she is thoroughly pleased with my job, only wanted to hear my concerns/complaints. Instead of the alloted half hour meeting , we talked for over an hour.. When I got home, the garage door opener clerk called and faxed me ... Read more

  • Day 2 of my journey

    11/17/2015 12:30:58 PM, by CANDYCAHILL1970

    Well here is day 2 of my new journey to a better me. My day started off so far good, I ate my breakfast waited awhile then I took a short walk for 15 minutes I walked 0.693 miles. I know it should have been 30 minutes but I just couldn't do that just yet, so I waited for a couple of hours and I just... Read more

  • it is fall.

    11/17/2015 12:25:52 PM, by MARTINT011

    just starting to get used to fall. Now it is getting colder. The chance to breath in cooler air. The time to slow down. Not! Got to keep moving, and get lots of fresh air and eat fresh veggies, soups, leaner meats, venison, wild rice and some delicious turkey. Just got to stay within limits. ... Read more

  • a beautiful,cool fall day

    11/17/2015 10:42:10 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am enjoying a lovely day here today. my daughter sends hugs and says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i am still actively looking for steady work. i will not give up until i get something, no matter how long it takes me to do so. i am so thankful for all of the support i have from my family,f... Read more

  • Let the PAST, pass!!!

    11/17/2015 10:04:58 AM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    When I got up this morning and while I cannot change the past, I am good right now at this moment. There are times when we reflect over our lives and the choices we have made, many not so good but it didn't stop the "try it again" in us! I can remember a few months ago, I heard these word: "L... Read more

  • Limitations

    11/17/2015 9:21:55 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    386 104... Read more

  • November is not my friend

    11/17/2015 7:45:20 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    I don't know why I have such a difficult time staying on track this month. ... Read more

  • Mon night 11/16

    11/16/2015 11:09:18 PM, by MSCHERYL10

    Got my T25 and 2 mile walk in today, it is the beginning of week 4. Was supposed to work but got sent home due to low census, now what am I supposed to do for the rest of the night???... Read more

  • 0.8lbs

    11/16/2015 6:26:35 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    I weighed myself today and was so elated that the scale show a 0.8lbs weight loss. LISTEN, I called my sister, mom, friend and shared the news and while the loss is ONLY 0.8lbs, we all CELEBRATED as if it was 80lbs 224 !!! I am most happy because, for the first time, I didn't self sabotage ... Read more

  • 2 years have passed?!

    11/16/2015 5:09:49 PM, by PENSIEVEGAZER

    Hello all of my dear spark friends in the internet world. 2 years have flown by since my last blog post. I can't believe it's been that long! Here's the summary of what's happened: I started med school. I knew it would be hard, but never realized the mental stamina I would need! I'm in m... Read more

  • Week 1 - Jillian Michaels 30/30

    11/16/2015 3:53:55 PM, by JAYCEEBOYDGARCI

    First day down! Proud of myself :) I wasn't dying, but I certainly had to stop for a moment to catch my breath. I made sure to worry more about form, to prevent injury and receive a better workout from each exercise, than repetitions. Because I realize it is a little impractical to workout for an h... Read more

  • Not feeling it

    11/16/2015 2:39:52 PM, by B_MILLER75

    I've been off my game for a couple weeks now. No energy, not sleeping well, sore, and depressed. Just can't seem to stay focused. ... Read more

  • Monday afternoon

    11/16/2015 1:03:06 PM, by PICKIE98

    I had a good day at work today,, my left knee is now painful, so I am limping,, garage door opener guy is supposed to be here between 2-4 P.M... Every day is something. Tues and Thurs are my P.T. times in the late afternoon,, I will go regardless of a refrigerator delivery or not. Today I am g... Read more

  • Thankful

    11/16/2015 9:20:51 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Life is good to me. Had a wonderful concert yesterday of Russian Orthodox music. ... Read more

  • Oops

    11/16/2015 8:59:25 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    334... Read more

  • it's monday

    11/16/2015 8:10:55 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week is now underway. my daughter and i watched the santa claus parade on tv yesterday. it would have been way too hectic and crowded to go and see it in person. she says hi to everyone! all the birds say hi! have a great day,everyone!... Read more

  • Sightseeing with Friends

    11/16/2015 12:11:57 AM, by ALIHIKES

    A good friend from college visited me this week with her husband. I enjoyed showing them the sights in Central Oregon. We hiked in the desert on the Wildcat Canyon trail (above the Deshutes River). The photo below captures all three of us: her husband is the shadow! ... Read more

  • Savory

    11/15/2015 8:50:44 PM, by HOKIENCLT

    We have a store in Charlotte called Savory. It is a spice store. I have absolutely fallen in love with their Ground Saigon Cassia Cinnamon! !! It is so good in unsweetened applesauce. I just put it on my 4 cups of Aldi's organic popcorn...yummo! Spices and herbs add so much flavor and so little cal... Read more

  • Gym

    11/15/2015 7:25:09 PM, by KRISSY82

    I made it to the gym today. I told my boyfriend I wanted to go on Saturday night, building accountability. It worked! I walked for 23minutes, and I used fast intervals and inclines. My brain wants to run, but that part that makes people coordinated doesn't work well for me. I also did so... Read more

  • Days 13-15 of my No-Nonsense November!!

    11/15/2015 7:16:41 PM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, So on Friday I was once again able to meet all 10 of my daily goals!! 244 but then yesterday happened. Now if you've been reading my blogs recently you would have seen me mention how much I need to study and how my exams are fast approaching and how I need to get serious. When I ... Read more

  • It figures

    11/15/2015 6:39:56 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    198... Read more

  • Busy, Still Staying the Course

    11/15/2015 4:03:59 PM, by JACQUELINEJAX1

    It's been a minute since my last blog and hoping that everyone is doing their very best to stay the course. Finally home from traveling and resting my body more specifically my knees. I am feeling so much better and wanted to take a moment yes the check in. I have so much to say, so much to write a... Read more