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  • The Reboot is Working

    2/9/2016 10:55:28 PM, by BMCC488

    Today has been really exhausting. I had some tummy-type troubles today and it was a really uncomfortable morning and early afternoon. Things finally calmed down around 3ish and that's when the day really started for me as far as drinking enough water and getting my exercise in. Between feeling crudd... Read more

  • New to Sparks

    2/9/2016 10:18:02 PM, by MGBLUE

    I've only been using this app for a couple of weeks. I am very happy at how well this app is working for me - it's so much easier to track my food, etc. I couldn't stay with food journalling for very long in the past but this is great! My doctor will be very happy and so far I'm down 10 pounds! Yay!... Read more

  • Grocery Shopping

    2/9/2016 4:25:58 PM, by ANDYSTHERESA

    My least favorite job is grocery shopping. Today we were walking down the isles, and all I could see were the thing I use to buy. I wanted them. All of them. I'm relieved, I'm home, and I didn't buy anything that was to unhealthy. I'm a snacker, but I'm getting good at portion control. I bought so... Read more

  • One more day

    2/9/2016 4:17:34 PM, by GRANDMAJOAZ

    I'm still working on changing my eating habits. I've put down the food that I eat every day, while most days I I've stayed within my calories I've still eaten some things I shouldn't. I drink my water, but I haven't done my exercises everyday, as some days I'm in to much pain or just have no ene... Read more

  • Sodium HOW can I reduce it?

    2/9/2016 3:19:48 PM, by HAN130155

    Someone out there must know how can I reduce sodium/salt. In my diet and still eat bread and use stock cubes and the like. I find that they are all FULL of sodium... Read more

  • Today!

    2/9/2016 3:16:09 PM, by LCDDUB

    Still feeling less than 100% so trying to mix rest with doing some things to move forward...Carpe Diem 386... Read more


    2/9/2016 1:23:56 PM, by HEALTHYFIT2016

    I'm a habitual complainer. I get it from my mother... or so I'm told. It's true. Everything can be made out to be a chore and everything is harder than it has to be. I'm a lot better about this than I used to be, most days... but some days I find myself constantly complaining about one thing or ... Read more

  • Blizzard day!

    2/9/2016 1:09:42 PM, by PICKIE98

    It has been snowing since last night, roads are blocked, slippery and the nutcases are loose in their vehicles! It is that very fine snow and the wind is drifting it in places. It is so fine that I thought it was fog this morning when Iooked out on the deck! I am always very careful looking for... Read more

  • Days 7-9 of a Focused February and The start of Plan "B"!!

    2/9/2016 12:55:54 PM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, So after making it to day 15 yesterday of my 30 day stay within my calorie range challenge yesterday I totally dropped the ball. 39 I didn't plan my meals for the day and then I didn't track until the end of the day so I thought I had more calories than I actually had and after f... Read more

  • Hotel gym

    2/9/2016 12:43:41 PM, by FUNNYFACE101002

    For the first time ever I used the hotel gym. It was so hard. I was so worried but I did it I rode the bike 30 minutes. It was just fine. ... Read more

  • Yoga today

    2/9/2016 11:51:55 AM, by MLIEN913

    Today is not a good day physically. My back has flared and movement is horribly painful. But I will not give in! If I don't at least do yoga I might never move again. This is my time and I'm not going to waste it.... Read more

  • Thank you for reminding me

    2/9/2016 11:12:25 AM, by A_NEW_CHAPTER

    46 I'm so frustrated (if you couldn't tell from yesterday's post) It always seems to be something. . But I guess that's life -- this 'balance' thing I keep hearing about (ie your life is supposed to be 'in balance') -- I guess I was taking that too literally -- it's a goal, but I don't thin... Read more

  • Shock is gone

    2/9/2016 10:36:29 AM, by KNIGHTSBEAUTY

    So now the initial shock had with off, I'm in tears. I secretly had hoped to see a small weight loss today because I really have been trying. I know it will be OK and in fact most of the problem is water retention today. I cannot get discouraged, I cannot give up but for this moment I am doubting m... Read more

  • Ugh!!!

    2/9/2016 10:23:33 AM, by KNIGHTSBEAUTY

    So I am at the drs and I swear their scale hates me! I weighed 413 today but a month ago I was 392. I know I've been fluctuating between 390 and 400 but there is no reason I gained 13 lbs. Granted I've only been back at the dieting and exercising for a week but still. Ugh I am going to just have to ... Read more

  • Week 3 Summary- Plateauing already??

    2/9/2016 9:15:26 AM, by HRHTRACEY

    The first two weeks of making diet/exercise changes brought about a 4lb weight loss (2 each week) and 5 inches. The third week? .8 lbs and only 1.5 inches. Small progress is good progress, I know, but.. why so little all of a sudden? I've increased my cardio and added in some strength and stretching... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/9/2016 8:37:27 AM, by MOMMY445

    another nice day here today. it snowed a bit last night here and that is fine with me and my daughter. i have a few errands to run today. having some errands to run gets me out of the house for a while and keeps me active. i will be bringing a few snacks with me,such as an apple. this way, if the er... Read more

  • Back from vacation

    2/9/2016 8:19:53 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    I am thrilled to report that I lost weight on vacation. I ate healthy, swam at least an hour a day.... Read more

  • Do You Coddle Yourself?

    2/9/2016 8:10:40 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    386 Spark on! 104... Read more

  • I'll admit it...

    2/9/2016 6:43:55 AM, by LIZZIE138

    I had it all planned out. This past Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday, was going to be my free cheat day. I had visions of spinach dip & pumpernickel bread & ooey, gooey cake slices as big as my hand dancing in my head! Rumchata was going to be my adult beverage of choice for the evening. I was going to thr... Read more

  • Spark coach

    2/9/2016 6:12:36 AM, by MISSA526

    My relationship with food is pretty good I'd give it a 7. I have my slip ups but for the most part I eat pretty well, except when I'm really tired.😫 lol then all bets are off.... Read more

  • Just for laughs.

    2/9/2016 2:14:55 AM, by GOANNA2

    Joe's wife bought a new line of expensive cosmetics guaranteed to make her look years younger. After a lengthy time sitting before the mirror applying the 'miracle' products, she asked, "Darling, honestly, what age would you say I am?" Looking at her carefully, Joe said, "Judging from ... Read more

  • 9 February 2016

    2/9/2016 1:33:13 AM, by SAWYERDECAIRE

    I am beginning to think that the 6 pounds I loss in the first three weeks of dieting was just water weight from all the potato chips that we'd been eating previously. I've lost nothing in the last two or three weeks. Even sticking as close as possible as to 1200 calories is not working, I've only ... Read more

  • Baby steps

    2/9/2016 12:37:58 AM, by NYTEGEEK

    It is slow going but I'm down 4 lbs from where I started. I'm still getting into my exercise routine and adjusting my diet. I'm trying to find the right balance and still make progress.... Read more

  • A letter to me

    2/9/2016 12:10:05 AM, by JOANN25

    Dear Jo Ann: You have been working a very long time toward reaching your goal weight of 120. Stop looking for excuses not to exercise; not to eat healthy; not to do the many things that will make you healthy and reaching your goal quickly I know that last Thursday you hurt your back trying ... Read more

  • Hitting Reboot

    2/8/2016 11:49:55 PM, by BMCC488

    I'm overwhelmed by all the support and encouragement I received on my blog from yesterday. Thank you all who took the time to leave a comment! Today has been much better. Not unnaturally so. It's not been perfect, but it's been good. Today was 30 degrees and tomorrow I believe we are supposed t... Read more

  • All about Valentines Day

    2/8/2016 9:44:20 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    If you could do anything you wanted for Valentine's Day, what would you like to do? I would love be sitting on a balcony off of a nice hotel room sipping on a Glenlivet with my sweetheart of 45 almost 46 years. Where would you celebrate it? Scotland What would you do?... Read more

  • I need a normal life! Not going to happen. :)

    2/8/2016 8:38:37 PM, by 1KKATT

    *sigh*. So, Saturday I had an animal welfare supper to help out with. I am part of a group that raises money to do trap/neuter/release (tnr) and also brings a vet to the Island twice a year to get cats spayed/neutered. There is a huge stray and feral cat problem on the Island and we are helping t... Read more

  • Spark coach

    2/8/2016 8:16:52 PM, by MISSA526

    The best part of my day was getting in to see my rhuemotologist tomorrow at 9:30 am. My entire right leg from hip to foot is swelled up and and in incredible pain. I'm have a tremendous difficulty walking and I just want it to be over!!... Read more

  • Hard Work

    2/8/2016 7:48:51 PM, by ANDYSTHERESA

    It's not easy to diet and get more exercise. The picture is my incentive. ... Read more

  • still exercising

    2/8/2016 7:10:28 PM, by SBECKER526

    I really enjoy exercising. I try to walk 3 miles each day. I am cycling 30 minutes on days I don't get to classes. I do one tai chi class , one QiGong class, one Aqua Class, one Zumba, and one yoga class per week. I hope to work in one pilates class.... Read more

  • I win the "Dork of the Day Award" today!!

    2/8/2016 3:11:19 PM, by PICKIE98

    SO my neck is feeling somewhat better, the knees are somewhat better, so what did I do on my way to run errands today? I slammed my R index finger in my car door. I mean the whole finger, underneath the door and I really slammed that door! I opened the door, proceeded to tell DD what I did and I ... Read more

  • Today!

    2/8/2016 2:48:14 PM, by LCDDUB

    Not feeling 100% but going to do the best I can today...Carpe Diem 386... Read more

  • Still losing

    2/8/2016 2:21:04 PM, by FUNNYFACE101002

    I'm excited. I just met one of my goals!!! Now to the next one. Number two is to lose 50 pounds. Three is to lose another 50 pounds. I know I can but that's a long ways away. Life is good. ... Read more

  • Going beyond my comfort zone

    2/8/2016 12:37:21 PM, by MLIEN913

    Last week I began doing more workouts that are beyond my comfort zone. Naturally I don't see any results yet but if I keep at it I'll gain more confidence. I did gain a a little since beginning but that's normal for me. For some reason when I do abs and weight training I gain fluid weight. It usu... Read more

  • I've really messed up

    2/8/2016 11:51:33 AM, by A_NEW_CHAPTER

    Messed up my ankle...the one I broke last summer. I've been taking it easy for several months since I got the cast off. Over the past week I've started "walking with Leslie" again and gradually got up to the full mile workout, just walking, not doing all the other movements. And now my ... Read more

  • Fate

    2/8/2016 8:29:26 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    198 334 ... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/8/2016 8:21:04 AM, by MOMMY445

    another week is now underway. a weekend to basically relax for me. i have a lot to get done this week. i have one job interview this week for sure. another important appointment tomorrow morning for a different matter, school related. then i will have yet another job interview this week for a comple... Read more

  • W/c 8/2/16 just for me

    2/8/2016 5:41:49 AM, by HAN130155

    Monday Breakfast,paper run,birthday stuff finally away. Is that bedroom floor I see. Sorted program box on tv, sorted bank stuff, ordered DVDs to complete set, compared car insurance online. Put away washing, put away weekend clothes. Search sofa in my sitting room!!!! And it's just 1030. ... Read more

  • I'm Struggling

    2/7/2016 11:44:32 PM, by BMCC488

    Confession time... although if you follow my blogs, then this isn't really anything new, except me trying to sum up how I feel. I'M STRUGGLING, big time. I am struggling like I did in December. Mainly mentally/emotionally, but the physical issues I have had for the past few weeks definitely tie... Read more

  • The day is done.....

    2/7/2016 11:25:33 PM, by KBAGIGI

    The day is done - so move on and look towards tomorrow - you don't know what's ahead - you only know what's behind - don't dwell on the past - learn from the past and take those lessons forward with you.... Read more

  • Keep on keeping on

    2/7/2016 9:00:57 PM, by FUNNYFACE101002

    Well another day of staying on task. I've been doing good tracking my food and exercising. I keep trying to pull as many people as I can into this new life style. I need to do this forever!!!!... Read more

  • Hiking on a Clear February Day!

    2/7/2016 8:39:27 PM, by ALIHIKES

    I enjoyed hiking two trails recently on clear cool February days! The first trail was a shorter slower paced hike above the Deschutes River, with a friend that is trying to get back into hiking after straining her back. She is spending a lot of time caring for her husband who has become disabled (he... Read more

  • Super Bowl L or 50 for those who don't know Roman numerals

    2/7/2016 5:53:32 PM, by MLIEN913

    The big game day is here and I feel like crap. I have the migraine of life, I've been dizzy, I fell in the tub hurting my back and I had a strange "turn" earlier today. While cleaning I stood up and not only had that fsint/far away feeling but my left hand was twitching wildly. Because of all th ... Read more

  • 7 February 2016

    2/7/2016 4:54:08 PM, by SAWYERDECAIRE

    What a day to have to do a 10 cardio challenge, when you feel like a cold or flu is coming. I wish that if it was coming it would just get here and get it over, instead of a day here and a day there. Feeling like crap, today. Well at least I managed 5 minutes of stair climbing. It's better than ... Read more

  • Sunday

    2/7/2016 4:10:41 PM, by PICKIE98

    I slept nine hours last night to catch up on the little sleep I got the night before . I was only awake an hour and fell asleep in the chair, very sleepy. I have to believe it is the new medicine for my knees. I can only take it once a day and decided to take it every morning to keep me pain-f... Read more

  • Today!

    2/7/2016 3:00:29 PM, by LCDDUB

    Hope everyone is having a great Super Bowl Sunday...Carpe Diem 386... Read more

  • Day 3 of Juice Plus - What is Going On???

    2/7/2016 11:19:30 AM, by AMBERSMANUEL

    I started Juice Plus because I've had some health problems in the last several months. My doctors want me to have surgery sometime this year to remove my gallbladder. It's not an immediate concern at this point since it's not in danger of bursting and I have no gall stones but gallbladder dysfunctio... Read more

  • Too Busy to TRAIN for Health?

    2/7/2016 8:45:44 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Your heart will love you for it. Don't tick it off - keep it ticking. 306 381 104... Read more

  • Where's your sacred space?

    2/7/2016 7:12:20 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    Take time for yourself just to unwind, be quiet, read, whatever it is that gives you peacefulness. My sacred space is in my garden, which has snow in it right now so I can't wait until Spring. Until then my sacred space is finding reading and finding uplifting peaceful images such as this on... Read more

  • Winter Carnival

    2/6/2016 10:21:15 PM, by 56ROSE

    So, tomorrow we're headed to McCall for the Winter Carnival. We'll ride the city bus downtown and then view the ice sculptures before checking into our timeshare for the night. I'm excited since our last visit was in July of last year. It will be good to get away for awhile. 433 444 425... Read more

  • In a Bit of a Rough Patch, but Pushing Forward

    2/6/2016 9:33:54 PM, by BMCC488

    Yesterday my niece came over and I felt okay for the first few hours, besides a head/neck ache I couldn't manage to get rid of. Towards the end though I was starting to feel overstimulated and edgy. I took them out despite it being chilly and let the boys play. Of course they decided to misbehave qu... Read more

  • 6 February

    2/6/2016 9:25:45 PM, by SAWYERDECAIRE

    Didn't get any exercises in today but did finished the painting in bedroom. Moved the bedroom furniture from one room to another. Was up and down the stairs at least half dozen times. But no exercise. Did not bad on nutrition goals, I think. If I could plan a day ahead maybe I'd do better b... Read more

  • Busy day today.

    2/6/2016 9:13:21 PM, by MLIEN913

    Today was crazy busy running errands. I made a point of taking lots walks from one end of tge nall to the other on 1 level and back again on another level. I even walked from one end of an outdoor mall to another even though my hip was in pain. My only real problem was that I didn't drink enough w... Read more

  • Days 4-6 of a Focused February!!

    2/6/2016 8:50:19 PM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, So it's been 3 days since my last blog which means that I didn't keep up with my accountability goal of blogging at least every 2 days. 39 Both Thursday and yesterday I didn't make the best of choices either where food was concerned. I managed to keep my stay within my calorie ra... Read more

  • The War against Carbs!

    2/6/2016 8:28:29 PM, by AGM1963

    1st it was the carbs. I am now in a Carb War. I yell my Carb Mantra, I am Stronger, Meaner and Better than you !! But they are crafty and hiding everywhere, stuck in every nook and cranny! Ok, so I do not have a carb war cry. ( at least on the outside) but It is true they are hiding everywhe... Read more

  • 2 months into spark

    2/6/2016 5:16:56 PM, by HEUIJUNGYOO

    I am frustrated because I have been focusing only on the scales. I have learned a lot and learning a lot about changing lifestyle, which helps. I have incorporated exercise. It has helped me with my chronic pain and fatigue. I don't eat perfectly well balanced meal, but I try. Need to have more fru... Read more

  • Saturday afternoon

    2/6/2016 2:35:09 PM, by PICKIE98

    It is very cold today and we got another accumulation of snow yesterday. I am guesstimating about a couple inches, but it was so windy, it blew right off the roads. There is a lot of black ice on the roads. We went to the fruit market and back home, no other stops to make today and I got the lau... Read more

  • Today!

    2/6/2016 2:02:36 PM, by LCDDUB

    Feeling like "what I put into today, I'll get out". So I need to put out best I can...Carpe Diem 386... Read more

  • Spark coach

    2/6/2016 11:57:55 AM, by MISSA526

    The best part of my day today so far has been sleeping in, which rarely happens. I'm usually up by 4 am lol.... Read more

  • Back on track

    2/6/2016 11:06:55 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    I as sit here I just wonder what happened to this last week. How did I not stay on track? I did not track consistently.... I did not eat well... No exercise.... I can't sleep enough... Ugh.. Well today is a new day and I will work towards getting back on track... Read more

  • Good back on that bike

    2/6/2016 10:54:35 AM, by FUNNYFACE101002

    After being gone all week my fear was I wouldn't be able to ride the bike as far as I have been. I did it though. It was rough. I have to keep my goals low so I can make it. It feels good. Now for some food. Hope you all are keeping your goals in range so you can meet them then set another one. It... Read more

  • A Great Life

    2/6/2016 9:54:31 AM, by ANDYSTHERESA

    Be happy, no matter what. Don't wait until you're thinner, healthier, richer.... Be happy and all those thing will come with time.... Read more

  • Golf Prayer

    2/6/2016 8:32:00 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    224... Read more

  • Joke of the Week

    2/6/2016 8:18:08 AM, by GOANNA2

    A man was complaining to a friend about the state of his life. "I had it all," the man told his mate." "I had money, a beautiful house and a flash car. I even had the love of a beautiful woman, then Pow!!! Overnight it was all gone and I never knew what hit me." "What happened?" aske... Read more

  • Building your arsenal of exercise equipment.

    2/6/2016 5:29:40 AM, by JULMATT

    I saw a personal trainer earlier in the week. It would have been a nice addition to my new lifestyle, but it was not an option after I learned the price. Kind of bothered me at first, because I liked what they showed me. Even during that one-hour time slot I learned a major aspect about myself. I... Read more

  • Better Late than Never?

    2/5/2016 6:45:07 PM, by IAMREEDA

    Do you know how easy it is to find an excuse to not take care of yourself? Yeah, I bet you do. I think I had a eureka moment when we decided to dump cable and get Hulu last month. After deciding to watch a few back seasons of The Biggest Loser, it dawned on my that my family is like many others. The... Read more

  • Today!

    2/5/2016 6:31:27 PM, by LCDDUB

    Looking forward to a "Super" week-end. Only sadness, end of football for now...Carpe Diem 386... Read more

  • Today

    2/5/2016 5:52:21 PM, by BASEBALLWIFE15

    I am grateful for my new husband because he is a true gentleman.... Read more

  • Quote of the day

    2/5/2016 5:45:50 PM, by CHANGEMYWAYS35

    "Success is not a race, be patient"...unknown... Read more

  • Hapoy Friday

    2/5/2016 5:01:00 PM, by MLIEN913

    One week down and 3 to go. I may not hsve hit my goal weight for today but at least it held steady. That just means to work harder and eat smarter over the next few weks do I can hit the next goal.... Read more

  • Way Too Much!!!

    2/5/2016 4:54:26 PM, by AGM1963

    I never know rather to say the good news or bad first? Maybe back and forth? I have went over my exercise/fitness minutes by almost 2x than I thought I would!! 1 hour 2x per week PT, cleaning, and grocery shopping burn a lot more calories than I remember. I walked, pushing a loaded cart fo... Read more

  • Cold Friday

    2/5/2016 4:04:53 PM, by PICKIE98

    IT is 24 degrees and snowing with light, fluffy flakes here. I went to PT and Ryan used the "cannon" on my legs again.It seems to be loosening my muscles up quite a bit, I was almost pain-free at work today. I came home and showered, changed my clothing and off I went to Aldi and Kroger. I got... Read more

  • Feeling accomplished

    2/5/2016 12:01:09 PM, by MARIANNEKS

    I really got tired of my walking routines, so I purchased Jessica Smiths 6 week challenge. So different -every day the routine is different. I have managed to finish the first 3 days. The routines are scheduled to vary for 6 weeks. My goal is to finish it! I am worried about an upcoming vacation... Read more

  • More Than Enough

    2/5/2016 11:49:50 AM, by ANDYSTHERESA

    Always remember you are you. You are perfect the way you are. You are more than enough. Whatever stage you are in your weight loss journey makes you better than you were the day before. Weight loss is about health and being here to enjoy a longer, amazing life. We need to be positive and love our... Read more

  • The support I got from everyone on Sparkmoble chat has made my day!

    2/5/2016 11:11:31 AM, by MISSA526

    I really and truly do love Sparkpeople. Last night I had a horrible conversation with my friend. I only told half the story on chat. He told me I can,t lose 10 pounds let alone 50-60 (my ultimate goal. Then he said, it's nothing against you, I couldn't do it either. we're just too old. I'm only 34!!... Read more

  • one thing after another it seems

    2/5/2016 11:04:52 AM, by DADSBUTTERFLY

    Had another surgery on my sinuses on 1/12/16. Had a PICC line put in for IV antibiotics at home. Took those for 18 days, worked for 2 days, then had a severe reaction, with hives over my entire body. I didn't realized the reaction could wait until I was completely done with the medication. In the h... Read more

  • had a major setback, finally starting to move forward

    2/5/2016 9:33:26 AM, by FLUFFYGAMER

    Awhile back i had laid out a plan to loose weight and stay motivated. Then I fell down a flight of stairs, crushing my motivation and bruising my back. It took awhile to finally breath without pain, but by the time that happened i had pretty much given up. Now that I've had time to put my head... Read more

  • Train For Health

    2/5/2016 8:48:22 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    244... Read more

  • Had a few days lapse

    2/5/2016 8:23:05 AM, by MGALLEGOS6

    Still stayed within my calorie allotment. Work has been crazy the last few days but I am eating better and feeling better.... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/5/2016 8:00:04 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! time to unwind and relax for me and my daughter. all of the birds say hi. i will be trying an exercise dvd later on in the afternoon,as i have just a half day at work today. it is one that i got from the library. it is to do with the sweatin' to the oldies videos that we... Read more

  • Don't settle for feeling less than happy.

    2/5/2016 7:55:47 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    You should feel good about life, your relationships, and most of all you. If you don't ...make some changes. The difference between happy and sad is sometimes just one thought away. A choice can change your moment, change your day and sometimes change your life. Make that choice. ... Read more

  • The Aftermath

    2/4/2016 10:59:01 PM, by BMCC488

    As some of you might have seen in my status updates, yesterday's dentist appointment did not go as planned. The dentist replaced the temporary filling but he had also planned to do a filling on another tooth. He got into that tooth and discovered that it was just too bad and needed a root canal. Sin... Read more

  • Keeping it real

    2/4/2016 8:56:42 PM, by KNIGHTSBEAUTY

    Today was overall good but frustrating. For starters, I went in for my pre op at the hospital today for a procedure I am having done tomorrow. The person that puts me to sleep was really not trying to be rude but sure kept looking at my belly then asking me if I was sure I had no heart problems. I r... Read more

  • Today I cooked!

    2/4/2016 7:32:44 PM, by DOROTHY58X

    Today I made Jambalaya with shrimp. Yum yum yum.... Read more

  • Today!

    2/4/2016 3:20:44 PM, by LCDDUB

    Working to put together a good day...Carpe Diem 386... Read more

  • Thursday afternoon

    2/4/2016 1:42:24 PM, by PICKIE98

    Back to the pain today, but I am now headed out the door to therapy. I will have to see what the work day is like tomorrow after Ryan rolls that cannon across my legs again. It is snowing here again, yesterday was fog. The snow is sticking which indicates ground freeze, but DD is still usin... Read more

  • Healthy Heart

    2/4/2016 1:32:01 PM, by ANDYSTHERESA

    Having a good and warm heart is important, but having a healthy heart is very important. I'm working at it daily, thanks to "SparkPeople."... Read more

  • Recovering but feeling guilty

    2/4/2016 1:13:39 PM, by JRUHE61

    Recovering from neck surgery I was told not to lift anything heavier than a cup coffee cup no sleeping no vacuuming no cooking no cleaning just watching TV knitting and drinking coffee I assume. Kind of hard to get all your points in when you're recovering. The good news is I do think I'm recovering... Read more

  • Day five

    2/4/2016 1:05:36 PM, by JBRUTON0926

    Its day five and I can feel myself getting burnt out. I pushed my self to much when I started did to much to soon. Going to start taking it slower and get a better handle on eating right.... Read more

  • Today is a good day

    2/4/2016 12:55:36 PM, by MLIEN913

    I've had a few slip ups this week; binge eating fruit and popcorn mostly. Part of the problem is emotions while part is due to blinding migraines. I've been on meds for it for a year now but they are back, mostly at night. I have an appointment to see my doctor in a month to see if we need to adju... Read more

  • UGH not happy can't see Dr. Araujo for one treatment til March

    2/4/2016 12:47:17 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    If you see my title you know something is up! Well I got a phone call this morning that my appointment had to be rescheduled since Dr. Araujo was get this triple booked! I wanted to scream no at the top of my lungs! This is just not funny in my opinion! Now I have to wait until March 9th for some tr... Read more

  • Struggling with calories

    2/4/2016 11:58:21 AM, by HRHTRACEY

    I'm on my third week of eating healthier, and I have to say... I'm really struggling. My biggest downfall in terms of eating has always been eating too LITTLE. Even though I know that slows down your metabolism and can contribute to weight gain, I just never seemed able to reach my calorie goals (un... Read more

  • Lunch date with friends. :)

    2/4/2016 10:47:20 AM, by BETHUMZ

    I had the most fantastic lunch date with some friends today. We had a blast. We went out for Mexican food. I didn't even have to feel too guilty because I didn't snack all day, I ordered off the lunch menu and I didn't eat everything on my plate. I was still stuffed when I left - probably because I ... Read more

  • what a beautiful day

    2/4/2016 9:11:36 AM, by MOMMY445

    it looks like this job will just go for this week. that is fine with me. i have an interview set up for next week for a full time job. my daughter says hi and sends hugs to all of mommy's friends. all the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Sissy Mittens

    2/4/2016 8:41:04 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Just grab the damn bar I lift it. 104 244 ... Read more

  • One Month Done

    2/3/2016 11:04:13 PM, by FRAN0426

    We have now been in the south Texas Rio Grand Valley for just over a month. We are liking it here, lots to see since we have never been to this area before. So driving to other towns and checking some things out here. Taking time tho as we are here until the end of April. Exercise is going well,... Read more

  • Day 3 of a Focused February!!

    2/3/2016 6:19:28 PM, by WHYTEBROWN

    Hey Sparkies, So today was another green dot day and another 10/10 where my goals are concerned!! 334 Not only that but today is also day 10 of My 30 day Stay Within My Calorie Range Challenge!! 244 I'm 1/3 of the way there!! Today also I weighed in for the BLC Challenge which I'm a p... Read more

  • I don't feel well today

    2/3/2016 4:48:14 PM, by KNIGHTSBEAUTY

    Even though I made healthier food choices today, I am slacking on activity today. I feel off and I am not sure why. I am suspecting that this may be caused by a medication I was taking for 5 days. It was a hormone pill and now since I've finished the dose I am feeling moody and I have no energy. I... Read more

  • Laughter is the best medicine

    2/3/2016 3:40:15 PM, by AGM1963

    I just got back from the doctors where he said I was a candidate for back surgery, a "lumbar laminectomy for spinal stenosis". He's already planning on bilateral knee replacements later this year, I have decided, with my PC/nutritionist I would have a gastric sleeve so I can lose weight and have ... Read more

  • Feeling a Bit Nervous for the Dentist

    2/3/2016 3:00:44 PM, by BMCC488

    Yesterday I woke up feeling blah, not miserable but not good either. I typed and posted a blog to WP and felt a little better once I had that taken care of. I even had enough energy and motivation to do a two mile Leslie Sansone workout which felt great. The rest of the day was kind of boring. ... Read more