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  • Still missing my kitties

    9/2/2014 7:56:00 PM, by MEXGAL1

    Since my DH has been gone I really notice how much I miss my kitties. they were such awesome company. I am not going to get any new kitties as it makes it easier to travel and not have to worry about them. This is the first time in my life though that I have been without kitties. So to hel... Read more

  • RYBO Day 3!

    9/2/2014 6:49:21 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Well, I successfully completed another day of slowly becoming a runner. I wasn't originally planning to go to the gym, but then I know, why not? So I went this morning and hope I won't regret it during my 6-8:45 class tonight! I didn't have as much pain from the knee down as I did... Read more

  • The journey begins.

    9/2/2014 6:48:50 PM, by TFRAZIER8

    I've decided to walk for 30 mins 3 times a week and go to the gym for strength training 3 times a week. I'm also hoping that doing all the working out will help me quit smoking as I've been trying to quit for years. I'm praying that I can stick with this routine and improve my quality of life. I'd l... Read more

  • Tuesday.. School starts!!!!!

    9/2/2014 3:48:22 PM, by PICKIE98

    The little darlings are back in school, hopefully learning what they will need to stay alive and well in this world. Fresh faces anxious to see their friends after a summer of enjoying anything unrelated to learning!! I look forward to the rest of the day: no rain today!... Read more

  • Being sick in the Summer is NOT fun!

    9/2/2014 3:18:51 PM, by MISSA526

    I was doing fine till around 3 pm Saturday then I got hit with the lovely head and chest cold that Shawn gave me. I slept on and off Sunday and basically all day Monday. With the kuous and cold wipes me out. Today hasn't been much better. I was going to go back home at lunch but I was too tired. Now... Read more

  • Overall....

    9/2/2014 2:32:54 PM, by LJACOB126

    I know I am doing pretty well overall, BUT.... today was not a red letter day for great choices. I do payroll for a living. I had to work yesterday (Labor Day) to ensure 45000+ employees get paid. We ordered lunch from a chinese delivery place, and that was great. I got steamed veggies and shrim... Read more

  • Happier Tuesday!

    9/2/2014 12:42:26 PM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Today is a better day. I got some good, albeit broken, sleep last night and this morning. My hip feels better, without pain medication. I'm thinking of going to the gym and just trying the elliptical again. Haven't heard from my sister, which can be a blessing at times. I'm feeling somewhat les... Read more

  • New Day

    9/2/2014 10:41:50 AM, by PORTIAWILLIS

    Well had a very busy weekend with friends and family but my tracking went out the window. I would like to say I was busy but the truth is I really did not want to know how much I was eating or drinking. Starting a new group challenge Thursday. Very excited to have the support.... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    9/2/2014 10:23:38 AM, by MOMMY445

    i just started school today and so did my daughter. i got to see who her teacher will be this year at school. now i'm doing some online course work, then i have some errands to run after lunch. all of the birds say hi. i had a great weekend away. i feel refreshed and ready to go. a new month has sta... Read more

  • Paleo

    9/2/2014 9:33:02 AM, by PAPAGAINA

    I am going mostly paleo since I can't stand the gluten free breads that are out there. I like the brown rice wraps I can find. I really enjoy hummus, avocado with tuns of veggies on my wrap. I have protein from the hummus, my leafy greens from romaine to kale, zuchini slices, tomato slices, peas... Read more

  • Head in the sand

    9/2/2014 8:50:07 AM, by DIBANANA

    I've made excuses and put my head in the sand for too long. Today I will do what I did when I first found SP. I will drink my water, be more active, track my food. ... Read more

  • Ahggggg no scales today

    9/2/2014 8:09:59 AM, by SUNSHINE-GIRL

    Help, it is like a drug. I lay in bed this morning thinking about getting up and my first thought was 'I wonder how much I weigh'. I stuck rigidly to the diet yesterday, did 10 mins of yoga stretches, walked slowly around the shops for 20 minutes and had a 30 minute swim. Good day all round. Hav... Read more

  • The First Lapse In My Routine

    9/2/2014 2:32:28 AM, by ZOEDUNE

    Rather than post something to document my progress, I'm writing this to document me falling behind. I was working on a pretty awesome post this morning as my journal routine when I got a passive-aggressive message from sparkpeople about using bad language. That kind of knocked me back for a bi... Read more

  • September 1st Meals

    9/1/2014 11:58:02 PM, by COLOR-BLUE

    BREAKFAST Corn Chex Cereal, 1 cup (1 serving) ⊗ 120 26 1 2 Banana - Dole, 107 gram(s) ⊗ 93 25 0 1 Simple Truth - Organic Fat Free Milk, 2 fl oz, 4 oz ⊗ 40 6 0 4 Breakfast TOTALS: 253 57 1 7 ... Read more

  • Big Day! Wow!

    9/1/2014 11:08:04 PM, by GLORIAMAJDI

    I don't know where to begin! This has been a pretty awesome day for me! First off, today is our wedding anniversary. My husband just rocks my world. Yes, he has his idiosyncrasies, but guess what, so do I, and we both think that we balance each other out quite nicely. We've been together for al... Read more

  • Steady on

    9/1/2014 11:07:17 PM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    I keep telling myself I didn't get this out of shape in just a few weeks and it will take at least that long to get back into shape. I just need to stay the course!... Read more

  • Just nattering you do.

    9/1/2014 10:23:03 PM, by MRSBENNETT2

    Been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday morning, I spent several hours with my eldest daughter, who is expecting a baby in early Dec. Baby Gavin allowed me to feel him kicking, which was quite spectacular. :) My daughter is soo excited to be on this journey. Can't help but get carried alo... Read more


    9/1/2014 9:00:05 PM, by BETZYGIRL

    This weekend my DH and I and our 3 sons went to my SIL & her husband's surprise 40th anniversary party. The day started out as a surprise for the family. My SIL's husband was admitted to the hospital the night before with chest pain. However, all tests came back negative and the dr. decided he is... Read more

  • A Day That Flows

    9/1/2014 8:50:46 PM, by BMCC488

    Today was a pretty good day. Last night I was able to stay up and enjoy time to myself after everyone else went to bed. I had a headache that definitely had migraine potential but took strong pain medicine as soon as it started coming on and thankfully that helped immensely. It got even better after... Read more

  • 90 Day Personal Challenge Start Over -- Day2

    9/1/2014 7:50:32 PM, by MEG3450

    Okay, day 2 is way after it should be. I am going to continue from where I was on 8/18. I will count the 90 days from today, though. I have also joined the 5% challenge (5% of body weight lost). I will be doing it every month. In 12 months, I will be at my goal weight. At first that seemed daunti... Read more

  • Me now

    9/1/2014 7:45:01 PM, by DOLLBABE56

    This is me now. Well, actually in June on Father's Day. I have joined a wellness center and attend an adaptive yoga class once a week. 2 - 3 times a week my husband and I go and use the machines. Still not losing anything. So... Read more

  • Motivation Questions

    9/1/2014 7:05:03 PM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Back again! Got to go shopping for clothes today. Some things were smaller by a large margin, and some things were the same. Still, it feels nice to treat myself once in a while. With all the changes in my weight and with what I'm going through emotionally, it seemed appropriate. I have a family we... Read more

  • Five Lakes Hike!

    9/1/2014 6:09:09 PM, by ALIHIKES

    My friends Beth and Bruce visited from Portland this weekend, with their very cute dog Teddy. We had a lot of fun, including a night of playing music with my friend Linda, and lots of walks with Teddy. On Sunday, Bruce, Teddy and I hiked to Sisters Mirror Lake (Beth can no longer hike; she ne... Read more

  • Caregiving - A willing labor

    9/1/2014 4:54:15 PM, by SBECKER526

    Through my husband's and my health problems I am learning so much more. Yesterday's emergency room visit for my husband gave me more insight into knee injuries and protocols for care. He has the awkward immobilizer. He was a sight to behold wavering on crutches and attempting to get to the bedroo... Read more

  • Labor day

    9/1/2014 3:49:05 PM, by PICKIE98

    tried to eat within limits this morning.. There is a huge thunderstorm right now so that will put the kie-bosh to grilling out for today. Smothered burgers today with rice.. instead of grilling, I will use fit and active mushroom soup and onions and mushrooms, simmering on stove top and serve on a... Read more

  • non-scales challenge

    9/1/2014 12:38:41 PM, by SUNSHINE-GIRL

    I have been weighed this morning and I have asked my DH to hide the scales until Sunday night. Fed up of jumping on and off every morning. I am diabetic so I do have to know how much I weigh to control my insulin but honestly, not down to the daily fluctuations of .2 or .3 of a kilo. I even weigh... Read more

  • Happy Labor Day and first day of September!

    9/1/2014 10:57:53 AM, by MEXGAL1

    So where has the year gone? I can't believe it is September all ready. Wow. Living in Mexico you don't really even know it's Labor day as it isn't celebrated here. But I am going to take the day off anyway (just joking as you all know I am retired). I miss the cook outs and such and days of... Read more


    9/1/2014 10:40:38 AM, by CEIL46

    My trip to Seattle was more stressful than expected. I spent a lot of time seeing lawyers, and checking for facilities for my 94 year old father. We had to remove him from sister's care, she is in no condition to care for him. T,e transition will be very difficult, but it has to be done. T... Read more

  • So I weighed myself today....

    9/1/2014 9:58:44 AM, by LJACOB126

    I am down to 260.6. VERY EXCITED!!! I have also lost more than 10 inches from my total body... I am so encouraged, and I am feeling so much better by going to the gym. Definately a push to keep going in the right direction...... Read more

  • Gained

    9/1/2014 8:12:23 AM, by JANEMITCHELL12

    Didn't write down my food, didn't exercise, got stressed and gained 6 pounds. Starting again. As says: You are not behind Don't try to catfch up Jump in where you are. Starting over. Again ... Read more

  • Last Day of Aug 14 Meals

    8/31/2014 11:37:43 PM, by COLOR-BLUE

    BREAKFAST Grapes, 206 grams ⊗ 80 21 0 1 Cantaloupe, 164 grams ⊗ 57 14 0 1 Honeydew Melon, 111 grams ⊗ 40 10 0 1 Banana - Dole, 111 gram(s) ⊗ 97 26 0 1 Pineapple, fresh, 161 grams ⊗ 79 20 1 1 Breakfast TOTALS: 353 90 2 4 Read more

  • Time To Step It Up!

    8/31/2014 10:46:20 PM, by ZOEDUNE

    I'm glad this blog is here for this entry. I'm not very sure I'll be able to keep up, but I'll try to post these as often as I can because, starting today I'm going for my weight loss/business success goal(s) . I'm already pretty... Read more

  • 3 Month Progress Pics

    8/31/2014 10:20:52 PM, by BMCC488

    Front through the months. Side through the months. Before and 3 months only. ... Read more

  • Anticipating the start of the C25K tomorrow morning!!

    8/31/2014 9:56:55 PM, by SZTIME2SHINE

    Hi so I have been jog/walking for a week now , but I know I do better with structure and a plan cause that is just how I work lol. So I decided to get back on SparkPeople again and look for a plan with structure to get me from not running to running in a short amount of time. I have been exercising ... Read more


    8/31/2014 9:20:21 PM, by MNNSAIDE

    Hello friends of Irene! I just got of the phone with our good friend Irene. She sounds great! We talked for about 20 minutes She is still using the walker but only with someone by her side. Tuesday - someone will be going to her appt. to make sure she has everything she needs to ret... Read more


    8/31/2014 8:26:34 PM, by LEANINGONJESUS

    Hi All, I have been on a crazy pity party for the last year and half. Still trying to deal with the death of my Mom and Dad. Making lots of bad choices. I just got back from a trip with my husband and really feel like I have healed from my loss. I think I am ready to lose the weight I gained d... Read more

  • Ramblings of Sunday 8/31/2014

    8/31/2014 4:04:45 PM, by SARCASTICALLYME

    They say that seeing is believing. Many People have commented that I look like I have lost lots of weight and the scale confirms it yet some how I haven't really no... Read more

  • 90 cents/gal off my gas!

    8/31/2014 3:01:05 PM, by PICKIE98

    I was all comfy doing this and that in the house, happy in the fact that I did not have to open the door since the humidity is again, 92%. Sudden jolt of clarity: We have to use the Kroger loyalty fuel rewards today or lose it. I earned 90 cents off a gallon for this month and knew we had to go ou... Read more

  • Sitting with banana, coconut oil and coconut milk on hair

    8/31/2014 1:28:18 PM, by MEXGAL1

    Yep, when DH is away I try new things. I read on line that the combination of those three ingredients is excellent for your since my hair is really dry I decided to give it a try. So I sit here smelling like a yummy treat. It said to let it sit on your hair for like 20 minutes. I decid... Read more

  • Odds and Ends

    8/31/2014 12:59:32 PM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! We are making it low-key this Labor Day. Resting, I think, is one reason for the holiday in the first place. The tooth whitening is still going on. Saw the dental assistant, who took one look and said (just as I said it), "We're not... Read more

  • First Week of School Over

    8/31/2014 12:01:30 AM, by BMCC488

    Well, kind of over since tomorrow night is the final due date for the week but I'm going to evaluate each school week on Saturdays. Besides, I have all my assignments turned in tonight, even if I didn't finish all the reading so I'm done for the school week anyway. Weekly goals: Walk 18 miles... Read more

  • Meals for 30 Aug 14

    8/30/2014 11:46:56 PM, by COLOR-BLUE

    BREAKFAST Banana - Dole, 103 gram(s) ⊗ 90 24 0 1 General Mills - Cheerios Protein - Cinnamon Almond, 1 cup ⊗ 176 32 4 6 Simple Truth - Organic Fat Free Milk, 2 fl oz, 4 oz ⊗ 40 6 0 4 Breakfast TOTALS: 306 62 4 10 Read more

  • Update

    8/30/2014 10:17:30 PM, by 56ROSE

    Butters was found this evening 2 blocks South of our home. He is worn out and dirty but seems ok. Thanks so much for the kind words of support.... Read more

  • News

    8/30/2014 6:29:31 PM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Well, I'm there. Actually, lower. I weighed in at 190.8 this morning. I am overweight, and I will never be obese again. Hallelujah!... Read more

  • Again did the doggie walk when not feeling like it

    8/30/2014 1:41:52 PM, by MEXGAL1

    So glad it is over. I plan to take the rest of the day off and do very little. I will of course prepare meals and do a little laundry but not even going to leave the house. I might even catch a movie or two. I am pleased to report that the meat and veggie diet I did yesterday must have taken... Read more

  • Stormy Saturday

    8/30/2014 1:41:46 PM, by PICKIE98

    I took a half tramadol last night, so slept fitfully but pain-free for a few hours.. Then in the chair later. Up to grocery shop and home to run dishwasher, start laundry, fold laundry, toss junk mail and start to organize bills. DD got a free AARP membership from Walgreen for me when she got t... Read more

  • Sad couple of Days

    8/30/2014 12:26:27 PM, by 56ROSE

    My beloved cat Butters has gone missing. He is 14 years old and has been part of our family for 11 years. I really don't think he could survive for very long outside so I am very worried. He has the typical signs of aging including arthritis, loss of hearing, and digestive upsets. I miss him! ... Read more

  • Weigh In is good!

    8/30/2014 10:22:21 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    I know I won't lose a pound every day - I didn't this past week, but it was nice to see the scale come in at 309 this morning. :-)... Read more

  • Oh Me Oh My

    8/30/2014 5:35:04 AM, by ZOEDUNE

    I recently wrote about weighing myself. I had my clothes on when I did and so I tried it again today afyer my shower. What a disappoinment when I saw that the correct reading was 225. Time to knock this thing down, right after these two pb&j sandwiches with cereal.... Read more

  • Options

    8/29/2014 11:52:32 PM, by BMCC488

    This morning I went for a 2.4 mile walk. I wanted to walk further but decided to come home and get ready to go. We managed to leave with just the oldest with no incident. It would just be too chaotic to bring both while trying to talk to other adults and ask the questions we needed to, unless absolu... Read more

  • First week of new Reboot down

    8/29/2014 11:50:12 PM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    Well, it's been one week since I looked at the blood test results and saw pre-diabetes and decided no - I'm not going to do that. I've lost six pounds, got a little stronger in my legs, and have learned a whole lot more about myself. I'm stronger than I thought. Here's to the next week, another s... Read more

  • Trying to Eat Healthy for Today 29 Aug 14

    8/29/2014 11:04:59 PM, by COLOR-BLUE

    BREAKFAST Watermelon, 252 grams ⊗ 81 18 1 2 Strawberries, fresh, 131 grams ⊗ 39 9 1 1 Honeydew Melon, 100 grams ⊗ 36 9 0 1 Grapes, 131 grams ⊗ 51 13 0 0 Cantaloupe, 113 grams ⊗ 40 9 0 1 Breakfast TOTALS: 246 59 2 4 Read more

  • calorie Creep

    8/29/2014 10:46:44 PM, by DREMA101

    I am slowly gaining weight, I need to rein in the creeping. My goal is to conquer my sweet tooth and make better choices to lose 20 lbs... Read more

  • Great Weather and Golf

    8/29/2014 9:02:01 PM, by SBECKER526

    I got to play Willow Hollow Golf Course today and to see the staff. Bob and Bill were friendly and helpful. I signed up for my Thursday morning league for a 8:30 am tee time. I finally did get a par on hole 9. I used my 7 hybrid and landed perfectly near the pin. WooHoo. I also had pars on... Read more

  • Tip one to a departed friend!

    8/29/2014 5:50:14 PM, by PICKIE98

    One of the people I work with begged me to go out and toast our dear departed friend, Gil. Gil worked with us and I knew him before he started working with me. HE was this older Mexican man who when he was 65, acted 35. Very handsome, married to # 2 and very devoted to his family, loved a great j... Read more

  • Just look at me now lol

    8/29/2014 4:09:33 PM, by SZTIME2SHINE

    This is a video that shows just how much weight I have lost to date!! I am very proud of myself so check this thing out and give me a spark cheers if you like it!!... Read more

  • Happy Labor Day weekend

    8/29/2014 3:41:40 PM, by ANGELN325

    I wanted to wish everyone in the US a great holiday weekend. This Labor Day will have significant meaning to me for several reasons: 1. I used to go up north Labor Day weekend and spend time with my Uncle George, but he is no longer with us. So it will be sad for that reason. 2. I'm w... Read more

  • Don't know where my mojo is today.

    8/29/2014 2:51:08 PM, by MEXGAL1

    Just one of those days. I really didn't feel like walking the doggies their 4 miles but pushed myself out the door. Of course I felt better afterwards. I then had to get dressed and go to FIL's and leave money to pay the PT. So accomplished that. FIL seemed well today and sitting up in chair. ... Read more

  • I Need a Change of Attitude

    8/29/2014 1:55:35 PM, by RENIESSPARKIN

    Instead of focusing on all my woes, I'm going to enjoy the blessing I have and God's gifts. So what if the water line broke in our building? We have plenty of bottled water to use for necessities. The pioneers didn't have piped in water. ... Read more

  • My Summer in a nutshell

    8/29/2014 12:29:47 PM, by SZTIME2SHINE

    This is just a few of the things I have been up to this summer so here it is check it out!!... Read more

  • it's friday!

    8/29/2014 11:25:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! my daughter is getting some clothes for school today. my good friend wants to get her some clothes for school,too. so i said okay. i know that my daughter does not refuse clothes, no matter where they came from or who got them for her. she is a budding fashionista these ... Read more

  • TGIF!!!

    8/29/2014 8:14:01 AM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Just checking in. Ate within my range, but on the high end, last night. No change on the scale, which I think is a mercy. My left foot is hurting again today. I don't want to walk on it hardly. It seems like it gets a little better throughout the day, to a point. If I overdo it, it'll scream. So, ... Read more

  • Being Kind to Ourselves 8/29/14

    8/29/2014 8:02:47 AM, by LIVELAUFLUV

    The topic of the week at our Weight Watchers meeting is being kind to ourselves. Are we kind or are we really hard on ourselves? I'm working on this one. Instead of being mad at myself for eating something or eating too much of something, I need to remember what I would tell a friend, write it do... Read more

  • Resurrection Of The Scale

    8/29/2014 12:28:45 AM, by ZOEDUNE

    I finally got some new batteries for my digital scale and wasted no time in putting to the stress test. Now, the reading could be wrong cause I didn't repeat the process to make sure but, it shows I'm currently at 217. If that's the right reading, I'm impressed that I've maintained that weight... Read more

  • Crazy Chaotic Life

    8/28/2014 11:34:17 PM, by BMCC488

    Once again while half asleep, I reset my alarm. I did need the sleep but I need to focus more on getting up early to exercise because exercising while the boys are awake isn't working out. At first they did well, but now they act crazy the whole time. Since there are two of them, this is part of the... Read more

  • Hello!

    8/28/2014 11:32:56 PM, by COLOR-BLUE

    Today has been a day of resting and playing catch up here on line. I'll give you the info on yesterday's VA trip, tomorrow! Blessings to all! - Nancy Jean - GA... Read more

  • RYBO Day 2!

    8/28/2014 11:04:49 PM, by MARIESEIZE

    Well, I successfully talked myself into continuing my walk-run program today. I'm glad I did. My concern was that the ankle soreness I mentioned seemed to have morphed into a tight Achilles, but I survived. I think the foam roller will help my calves/shins tomorrow. The muscle on the outside of my s... Read more

  • Thankful it's Friday!

    8/28/2014 10:41:15 PM, by MRSBENNETT2

    Off to the gym this morning. Was more interested in socialising, sort of pootled through the workout. Then as I was leaving, the FitBlast (weights to music) class was starting and it wasn't full so I joined in that one. Only thing I couldn't do was hold the weight bar behind my head and shoulders... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/28/2014 5:18:33 PM, by PICKIE98

    I was in so much pain when I arrived home from work today that I immediately showered and had DD apply Minagin to my entire back. I usually don't start my job until 6 lately, but today i did start at five a.m., then worked past one p.m... This body is getting too old for this job at this... Read more

  • Hi Again!

    8/28/2014 4:43:31 PM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    How are you guys doing? I have part of the week off so I'm doing ok. I've been trying to just focus on school. I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone!... Read more

  • go to advanced pain management on the 19th of Sept.

    8/28/2014 4:19:00 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    On the 19th of Sept. I see a pain specialist for my foot at 3:00 I have to be there. This will end my 6 month battle with plantar fasciitis. I will finally have relieft after waiting for something to be done.... Read more

  • Yesterday

    8/28/2014 3:09:33 PM, by PORTIAWILLIS

    Yesterday was a crazy day. Had a headache all day. Think might have been from my blood sugar being low. Was also hungry all day. I ate but not nearly as much as normal. Did get in 25 minutes of walking but skipped the ball exercises d/t headache. Staying on track is really hard when you feel so bad.... Read more

  • it's thursday

    8/28/2014 12:46:44 PM, by MOMMY445

    a day of errands and relaxation. my daughter is pretty much all set for school now. all of the birds say hi. i will be meeting up with my good friend later on today. have a terrific day,everyone and a fabulous weekend!... Read more

  • modifying me

    8/28/2014 12:18:40 PM, by 1REDJEWEL

    Started a Jillian work out again. Have to modify a bit for my foot. It's all good. Back to eating out of the Forks Over Knives and China Study cookbooks again..feels good.... Read more

  • FIL is on his way to getting stronger

    8/28/2014 10:51:34 AM, by MEXGAL1

    So yesterday I made up some "motivational" signs to hang in FIL's room. When the PT doctor was ther... Read more

  • In the Beginning.....

    8/28/2014 9:42:01 AM, by MMMORRIS1791

    I turned 40 this year and my doctor’s warnings became reality… levels crossed into Diabetes. This should have been no surprise but I had fallen off the wagon for several years and while I had not continued to gain weight I had not improved. I climbed back in the saddle, brushed off the many ti... Read more

  • Holding Steady today

    8/28/2014 8:06:25 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    Feeling a tad better, moving a smidgen faster. It all adds up. Loving my fitbit.... Read more

  • Have a great day!

    8/28/2014 7:07:50 AM, by JOANN25

    Hi everyone. Let's have the best day ever, eat healthy, and exercise. We're workiing toward a common goal so let's do it!... Read more

  • 90 Day Personal Challenge Start Over -- Day 1

    8/28/2014 6:08:08 AM, by MEG3450

    I tried this over a year ago. Here I am again. I weigh more, am in poorer health, and way, way out of shape. I am going to do the 90 day challenge again. I am staring today, 8/18/2014. I will succeed this time. I have already done 5 minutes of workout (goal is 10, but not necessarily in one workout... Read more

  • About me losing weight

    8/28/2014 1:15:00 AM, by JOHNSRSGIRL

    i have lost 29 lbs since i have started using Spark people. I am so happy that i have gone from 300 lbs to 272 lbs. This site has taught me how to keep track of my food and fitness and also helped me to realize when i am full.... Read more

  • Just Plain Exhausted

    8/27/2014 11:33:59 PM, by BMCC488

    The day started with weigh in, a 2.6 pound loss from last week putting me at 34.2 pounds total so far I added the new class to my week's homework checklist and wrote down the questions for one of the smaller assignments so I could work on it later if I needed to. Thankfully I only ha... Read more

  • Appreciating some down time

    8/27/2014 11:24:30 PM, by SBECKER526

    I really enjoyed today. I only had a personal training booked today. I spent time at home in the morning with my husband. I got to call a friend yesterday. I hemmed two pairs of slacks for me. I played with the cat. I got to catch up. Bob was stir crazy from being at home for over a week.... Read more

  • I'm So Sorry!

    8/27/2014 9:56:07 PM, by COLOR-BLUE

    I'm so sorry, everyone, but there is nothing tracked, nor an inspirational message given to me, today. In fact, I'm just getting up, for the second time today. I left the house this AM at 7:30 to be taken to the VA, and I was so tired by the time we, the other lady and I who had appointments, that... Read more

  • Routine Back

    8/27/2014 8:34:01 PM, by FRAN0426

    We have been home now from vacation since late afternoon last Friday. I am proud to say that I am back to the Y swimming pool two days in a row and plan to go again tomorrow The pools at the time share were just to cold, could not make myself get back in after the first day. My problem now is st... Read more

  • Nailed it.

    8/27/2014 6:32:41 PM, by CHERIERIE

    Mostly. The good: I cooked a good breakfast at home and packed a healthy lunch and snacks. The bad: There is no microwave in my building so I couldn't heat up my soup for lunch. The solution: I made do with my snacks and I will try using a thermos to heat my soup at home and ke... Read more

  • OMG

    8/27/2014 6:16:11 PM, by PROJECTCHRISSIE

    OMG OMG OMG, saids it all. Wednesday is my weigh in day, and yesterday I weighed in at 97.9kg (215.38Ibs for those going by pounds), thinking there must be some mistake I weighed again this morning, 97.9kg. I AM UNDER 100KG. And my fat percentage is 47.1%, that is the lowest I have been for a whi... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/27/2014 3:48:24 PM, by PICKIE98

    It seems like onloy yesterday we were on teh beach, absorbing lots of Vitamin D. BEen five days... time to go back up north.. I am really, seriously considering taking two separate vacations next summer.. one in June or July and the week-long one in August. If I can swing it financially, I w... Read more

  • Happy Wednesday!

    8/27/2014 1:50:09 PM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Happy Wednesday everyone! I almost canceled my training session for today. I woke up this morning and could barely walk on my left foot. It's a fibro thing. If it's not one thing, it's another; and seldom is there anything injured really. I said a little prayer, and decided to go for it anyway.... Read more

  • a nice day

    8/27/2014 11:58:51 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to enjoy and to take it easy. it is not as hot here today,which is a relief. went for a really long walk yesterday and i felt good afterwards. all birds are okay and say hello,hello. my daughter will be getting some more clothes today for school. i will see what i can do. i know what she likes... Read more

  • Again Many thanks Sparks buddies for your comments.

    8/27/2014 10:58:46 AM, by MEXGAL1

    I just love this site. I know I have said this before but I feel I must say it again. I do go to the effort to blog just about every day as it helps me put things into prospective and also get much needed advice and suggestions. I took what many of you said and had an extra magnesium pill and at... Read more

  • A spark of hope?

    8/27/2014 8:02:38 AM, by TRYN2SURVIVE

    This morning when I staggered out of bed, I actually had just a hint of spring in my step. It's enough to boost my mood and give me a spark of hope that this reboot will be the one!... Read more

  • b. Summer moves on

    8/27/2014 3:42:50 AM, by SOMMERKLEID

    and so do I, my first week on here and the weigh in this morning shows -2 kg. I am looking to lose at least 30 kg which is 66 lbs. As I started out, I cut out all sugar together with white rice, white bread and most white pasta out from my diet. I am following the plate method and 3 meals a... Read more


    8/26/2014 11:39:33 PM, by CHERIERIE

    Ok - that may be a little more melodramatic than I really feel, but it is a reminder and a warning to myself. Tomorrow I go back to school and begin a new semester of teaching a new batch of students to communicate in Spanish. Today, I was so caught up in last minute preparations,... Read more

  • New Start

    8/26/2014 11:18:32 PM, by KATHCART

    I'll be 55 in a few days, and I'm so tired of messing around with my health. I keep saying I'll change things and don't. I keep thinking "Tomorrow" or "Next week" I'll eat better, exercise more, whatever. Today I was thinking about how tired I am of being heavy and feeling unhealthy. I'm making a ch... Read more

  • 30/30 day challenge

    8/26/2014 10:52:06 PM, by PORTIAWILLIS

    Today I started a 30day challenge to study the bible for 30 minutes for the next 30 days. As I listened to the first video Joyce Meyer was talking about the necessity to be disciplined, to see success with any area of our lives. She recommends that we study some area that we are challenged with rig... Read more

  • Whirlwind of a Day

    8/26/2014 10:12:47 PM, by BMCC488

    All this morning it was thundering and pouring down rain. I got up at eight thirty in hopes that I could use my brother's room for a short exercise session at ten thirty when he was supposed to take my mom to a doctor's appointment and come back so someone could install a new side mirror on the car.... Read more

  • Reaching my goals

    8/26/2014 9:29:25 PM, by JOANN25

    I am still working hard at reaching goals. It's really hard but I am giving it my best shot trying to do more each day. My steps tracked over 4,000 today which is over my goal so I have to go back and change from 3000 to 4500. I can see progress in reaching the 6000 steps per day. I am back in s... Read more

  • Finally relief!

    8/26/2014 7:43:58 PM, by PHOENIXREBIRTH

    I seen the podiatrist and he listened and referred me to a pain management place in Green Bay for a partial release of the plantar fascia ligament. He explained why a full release won't work and made me feel like someone he genuinely cared for. What a difference between Scharer and DeNamur.... Read more

  • Trying to eat in my range!

    8/26/2014 7:37:38 PM, by SVAN13MARTINS

    Tonight, for dinner, I am eating 3/4 of a Cosco hot dog. They are huge, I know. But the idea of not eating the whole thing bothers me. It's just that I had something else planned for dinner and DH decided hotdogs would be great. I've eaten the rest of my 1400 calories for the day. There is nothing m... Read more

  • One-derland!

    8/26/2014 4:58:53 PM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    So I have all sorts of exciting news including that this past Saturday I FINALLY REACHED ONE-DERLAND! I'm 199.2! Also, I got my first 2 college classes done and got my grades. I got an A in Intro to Online Learning and in my really tough Psychology class I got a B. I was just praying for a C l... Read more