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  • Sunday is too awesome a day to be do close to Monday!

    8/30/2015 1:26:06 AM, by HOKIENCLT

    I love Sundays especially in the summer because I don't have to be at church until 10:45. I think I am in love. His name is my bed. I love to sleep in with him especially on a Sunday. I will still make it to church but I can stay with my favorite guy for five more minutes !... Read more

  • yep a rough day...

    8/29/2015 11:19:26 PM, by SA555Y

    Yep today my eating is bad. Simply because i am very tired just wont to sleep. That would be because i am having a fibro flarw. My eating routin went down the drain. I woke early for counceling apt. Then when i got home from there i went to bed slept till about 5pm. Its now 8:16pm an i am watching t... Read more

  • new start

    8/29/2015 10:07:45 PM, by BMGH85

    I been a member for alonv time but i lock myself out under bmg1435 its on my page. I got all the way down then vot married and gain n gain n gain. Got a divorce after 5yrs and gain all of it back. Lost all the way done to 312 then my mother had her 2nd and 3rd stroke in dec 2014 and as of last week ... Read more

  • buddys in mobile alabama

    8/29/2015 10:04:14 PM, by BMGH85

    Is there ny1 from Mobile al... Read more

  • Coasting Along

    8/29/2015 9:43:25 PM, by BMCC488

    I set out with the best of intentions regarding writing today, but basically only got my blog posted on wordpress, and it was not my best work. I couldn't focus as much today as I had yesterday. I felt tired and drained mentally/emotionally. So I tried to rest a bit here and there. Exercise today w... Read more

  • Day 109

    8/29/2015 9:32:22 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    This is important. I wasn't home most of the day. I was visiting family. So I couldn't put anything in my tracker. I am putting here and counting this day as my bad/cheat day. I do want to mention that this wasn't planned. I was asked on Thursday if I worked today or not. So that's how soon I... Read more

  • having faith

    8/29/2015 8:32:23 PM, by BMGH85

    My mother and i has been thru alot espec her. 3 strokes in 1yr till the 3rd stroke was a brian stemp stroke and cause her to be paralyzed on the left side. We have no help wth family anymore. They want to live there life. U knw what i have a life to live to but i put my kife on the back burner to t... Read more

  • having faith

    8/29/2015 8:26:40 PM, by BMGH85

    My mother and i has been thru alot espec her. 3 strokes in 1yr till the 3rd stroke was a brian stemp stroke and cause her to be paralyzed on the left side. We have no help wth family anymore. They want to live there life. U knw what i have a life to live to but i put my kife on the back burner to t... Read more

  • My Return

    8/29/2015 3:38:06 PM, by SNACKETTE67

    Hi Spark's People, I'm glad to be back. Uh... Read more

  • Gym Courtesy

    8/29/2015 1:25:54 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Now that is good incentive to your part. 334 Have a good day. 244... Read more

  • Something missing

    8/29/2015 1:24:57 PM, by BEYONDHOPE70

    I get it. I know what it takes to lose weight. And at some point I have done it all. I've planned ahead. I did the work. I've been motivated. Had the drive. Motivation galore. But eventually I stop. I stop everything. It all starts getting complicated. I've got a lifetime of bad habits to break and... Read more

  • Very Bad Night

    8/29/2015 12:48:00 PM, by DOROTHY58X

    Had a terrible toothache last night, didn't sleep well. Hope today is better. :-D... Read more

  • 21-Day Sweet-Tooth Challenge Journal

    8/29/2015 11:48:01 AM, by CLIZZYB

    Boredom, sadness, stress, aggravation, depression all cause me to turn to sweets.... Read more

  • 8/29 Sleep Journal

    8/29/2015 11:38:37 AM, by CLIZZYB

    1. What time did you wake up today? 9:33am 2. What time are you lying down to go to sleep? 3:40am 3. What, if any, was your bedtime routine? reading, computer 4. What were the last food(s) you consumed tonight? (Include type, amount, and time you ate.) blueberries about 3:15am ... Read more

  • Date Night

    8/29/2015 11:03:26 AM, by SILVASHAN

    Finally having a date night tonight. Very excited. I'll get to wear my new outfit (reward for 3 months of consistency on SPARK) and go to dinner and a movie. I've already pre-planned my meal/drink and made sure it doesn't cause me to go over on calories/fat/carb/protein/sodi
    um. Ready to go. ... Read more

  • Day 1.

    8/29/2015 10:49:00 AM, by TAYLERHOUSLEY

    I've started "Day 1" so many times before, but day 1 is going to be no more. I want to make it a daily priority to work out and eat healthy, for the long run!! I'm ready to be healthy!! ... Read more

  • Fun Fashion Show yesterday

    8/29/2015 10:15:55 AM, by MEXGAL1

    I had a wonderful time modeling yesterday at the Ladies of the Lake luncheon. The clothes I modeled were made by local Mexican women who learn skills so that they can make a living and improve their situations. I got to wear three great outfits. I ended up ordering the great crocheted... Read more

  • My body keeps trying to kill me

    8/29/2015 7:52:40 AM, by SHYETHYME

    I got a call about a week or so after my LEEP. I didn't mention it because I figured it was bad news seeing as when I left they basically said see you in January for the follow-up PAP. It was. They found a small amount of Cancer. The next step will be a hysterectomy. Fortunately they will leave my o... Read more

  • My Fitbit Steps for 29 Aug 15

    8/29/2015 5:54:42 AM, by HODGEVL66

    ... Read more

  • Played tennis today

    8/28/2015 11:38:55 PM, by AVRENIM1

    As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to learn how to play tennis. I remember a word connected to it called Wimbeldon I believe. I remember a player named Billie Jean King. I also remember a rival she had that was a small man that looked like Mike Myers from SNL. I used to watch tv in b... Read more

  • Day 108

    8/28/2015 10:49:33 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    Today was weight in day. I came in at 131 lbs. I woke up about 7:30 am. Food I had 0 cups of coffee. I had 4 cups of tea. I had 10 cups of water. I had fiber tablets. Breakfast: fruit & grain cereal bar Lunch: chicken sandwich with tomato, onions, lettuce,... Read more

  • More Improvement, More Normalcy

    8/28/2015 8:47:11 PM, by BMCC488

    One of the first things I did today was post on my non-SP blog. I am really enjoying this process. I got five likes, and at least 3 comments over the course of the day, plus at least one more follower of my blog. I'm excited! I'm a HIT! And I will continue because I enjoy this and it is giving me go... Read more

  • 8/28 Binge Journal

    8/28/2015 7:45:14 PM, by CLIZZYB

    My first binge free day!!!!! 244 521... Read more

  • 8/28 Sweet Tooth Journal

    8/28/2015 7:44:39 PM, by CLIZZYB

    Did pretty well overall today only had a serving of twix fun size. 30... Read more

  • Swollen Feet

    8/28/2015 6:33:41 PM, by DOROTHY58X

    It's been very humid and I've had very painful, swollen feet. Been resting but still trying to move around. Not happy today.... Read more

  • Workouts need recovery time

    8/28/2015 2:20:52 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    A good 7-hours of restful sleep is needed after a hardy workout. 102 Nite, nite. 334... Read more

  • Vacation

    8/28/2015 2:00:00 PM, by PICKIE98

    Beautiful weather on hte lake,, 76 degrees, more to come when I get home..... Read more

  • 8/28 Stress Journal

    8/28/2015 1:15:49 PM, by CLIZZYB

    Not high stress most of the week. Hope to walk out a little bit of stress today and maybe some meditation. 135... Read more

  • 8/28 Sleep Journal

    8/28/2015 1:14:17 PM, by CLIZZYB

    1. What time did you wake up today? 9:55am 2. What time are you lying down to go to sleep? 12:33am 3. What, if any, was your bedtime routine? reading 4. What were the last food(s) you consumed tonight? (Include type, amount, and time you ate.) pizza around 5pm 5. Did you exer... Read more

  • Fall is in the Air (and smoke!)

    8/28/2015 12:04:03 PM, by 56ROSE

    We have been under a hazardous air quality warning for almost 2 weeks now due to the smoke from multiple statewide (Idaho) fires. UGH! Luckily, I do not have to go outside too often. The air is improving, though, and my hubby and I have resumed our morning walks. We decided to buy a bigger air purif... Read more

  • Erika

    8/28/2015 11:30:01 AM, by SILVASHAN

    Sending good thoughts to everyone in Erika's path this week. We are up the coast in NC and I'm keeping an eye on it as it progresses, but it does seem that those in the south are getting hit pretty hard. Stay safe!... Read more

  • Another fashion show today

    8/28/2015 10:40:44 AM, by MEXGAL1

    I have been asked again to model. This time it's for a really good cause. I am modeling clothes that are made by local Mexican women and sold in a little boutique. The women who make the clothes are usually women who are in a bad situation and they are taught to sew and make clothes to earn money... Read more

  • Back after years!

    8/28/2015 10:29:48 AM, by NELSON74

    Back, walked 7 km. Outside a pub on the way! ... Read more

  • Still here :-)

    8/28/2015 9:42:10 AM, by SA555Y

    I havnt given up on Spark more importantly my self. Just have had it rough lately. My def health issues have been flaring plus my life has gotten busy. I go to drs 4 days a week. While it sounds bad in this case its good. I see a counceliour twice a week an i go to womens councling group twice a wee... Read more

  • it's friday

    8/28/2015 8:12:34 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! another month is winding down and a new one starts next week. i am looking forward to it. my daughter is ready to go back to school. she has done what she wanted to do over the summer. i am still figuring out at least one more trip either to the zoo or another place she wants to... Read more

  • What to do?

    8/28/2015 6:08:50 AM, by AVANLON3

    I don't know what to say. I feel the need to say something I have not been successful at looking weight.My doctors are pushing me to have weight loss surgery.I'm extremely fearful of having this done. They point out how dangerous it is that remain this heavy. I know they are right. I'm keenly aware.... Read more

  • Less Tired, Closer to Normal

    8/27/2015 11:21:11 PM, by BMCC488

    So today is the third night my parents have been at my grandparents' house. I'm not sure when my grandpa is coming home but he was transferred out of ICU yesterday morning and into a regular room so hopefully it will be soon. My grandpa has offered to pay my mom to come help them on a regular basis,... Read more

  • Time to organize

    8/27/2015 10:48:42 PM, by AVRENIM1

    Day two back on the spark. Did'nt do to bad did'nt do to good either. I don't know why we always over think things when we plan to do something. That's true in my case anyway. Enjoyed a beautiful and very long busy day. Getting three of my grands enrolled in school. I'll be able to focus a little m... Read more

  • Day 107

    8/27/2015 9:49:54 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I woke up about 7:30 am. Food I had 0 cups of coffee. I had 3 cups of tea. I had 10 cups of water. I had 1 fiber tablets. Breakfast: fruit & grain cereal bar Lunch: weight loss shake Dinner: steak with whole wheat pasta, onions, baby Bellas, grape tomatoes,... Read more

  • Football Season is hete

    8/27/2015 9:48:12 PM, by HOKIENCLT

    It's here! That glory me of year known as football season! Pro football is OK but here in the south college football is king. It won't be too long before I am in Lane Stadium watching our first game. Before the game is of course tailgating. I already have an awesome meal plans. Im going to make t... Read more

  • Getting Back In the Habit

    8/27/2015 9:06:03 PM, by GIR1ANACHRONI5M

    Things have been overwhelming lately. I've been horrible at tracking everyday and exercising. I started new classes last week and they've been difficult. I haven't been feeling well. My joints have been bothering me. I went to the hospital and got some blood work done. For the most part it came back... Read more

  • Reward System and Celebrations

    8/27/2015 5:29:16 PM, by LYNAND62

    I'm a celebrater! Lost 5 lbs? - Let's CELEBRATE!! Got a promotion? - Let's CELEBRATE!! Your cousin's nephew's sister-in-law is having a baby? - Let's CELEBRATE!! Unfortunately, most of my celebrations of the past have included food and lots of it! Eating out, baking a cake or having a family ba... Read more

  • Making New Friends

    8/27/2015 3:42:34 PM, by GRANDMAWESE

    I'm very fortunate that through "Silver Sneakers" a program that various fitness clubs provide their memberships free that I was able to join a center that not only provides exercise machines and classes geared to my age group but also social activities. What's marvelous is we, all through the cl... Read more

  • Injuries

    8/27/2015 2:47:24 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    HOW TRUE Of coarse you could be sitting doing nothing and get knocked out your chair in an earthquake, car crashing into your living room, a small plane careening into your house, etc. 334 But still, if you do get injured exercising, its a better war story to reflect upon. 244 ... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    8/27/2015 9:03:01 AM, by MOMMY445

    a sunny and nice summer day here today. my daughter and i will be going to the local park in a while. it is something we both enjoy doing. i got to use one of my new exercise dvds the other day and i really like it. i will definitely use it again. i will try a different one later on today. all of th... Read more

  • Scale hovering this week

    8/27/2015 8:39:42 AM, by SILVASHAN

    This week the scale is hovering. It goes a little bit up, a little bit down, a little bit up, a little bit down. I'm okay with that. I'm eating right and feeling good about staying on track. I have had to cut back on exercise a bit until my next doctors appt and I know that's the reason for the ... Read more

  • Thursday morning

    8/27/2015 6:35:28 AM, by PICKIE98

    I woke up two hours early, unable to sleep.. have everything packed except the cooler... I will be back Monday morning,, time to do laundry and unpack, get back to the real world.. I hope we get some fish! I will try to remember to get some pictures, especially of my Spark meet!!... Read more

  • thank God my page is here but where are my blogs I just wrote.

    8/27/2015 12:15:00 AM, by MACLOVIAITA

    Can I come back in Spark People? If yes what can I do to be able to be part of spark people. ... Read more

  • Day 106

    8/26/2015 10:39:05 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I woke up a little after 8 am. Food I had 0 cups of coffee. I had 6 cups of tea. I had 10 cups of water. I had 0 fiber tablets. Breakfast: fruit & grain cereal bar Lunch: chicken sandwich with tomato, onions, lettce, Swiss cheese, Ranch dressing, Cajun seasoning ... Read more

  • Here on SP after a long absence

    8/26/2015 10:27:04 PM, by AVRENIM1

    A lot has happened since I was last here. My daughter is doing great! I have full custody of my 13 year old grandson. Another one, a girl, also 13 is with me. Both are fine children providing me with a lot of love and support. My best friend, my sister, and my mother passed away on May 3rd of this... Read more

  • Regarding Today's Exercise...

    8/26/2015 10:13:59 PM, by ACIMPEGGY

    Understand, my dear friends, that that shopping, that housecleaning I logged today...before the leg and knee gave out, the same tasks would have taken MUCH less time. I will be very glad when this is over. Nine days yet. Hope everyone had a Happy Dog Day and Happy Women's Equality Day. ... Read more

  • Feeling Tired and Worn Down

    8/26/2015 9:20:45 PM, by BMCC488

    Well, I didn't go to the gym today either. I woke up feeling pretty good and more energy than yesterday but within an hour or two, I felt rundown and tired. So I laid down and took a nap. I don't know how long I slept for it though. I felt okay when I got up and contemplated taking a walk outside bu... Read more

  • I am from Southwest Virginia

    8/26/2015 8:43:03 PM, by HOKIENCLT

    Yet again, a tragic event has hit southwest Virginia. It seems no one knows where I am from unless there is a shooting. People in Northern Virginia thinks The Commonwealth ends with Front Royal but southwest Virginia is full of hard working, beautiful people. We are the Appalachian region of Vir... Read more

  • Happy National Dog Day!

    8/26/2015 6:26:27 PM, by BUGTRAIN

    Dixie...13 yrs old Cricket(Bug)...10 yrs old Chito...2 yrs old..caught at the crime scene.Guilty as charged 24 Sweetie rescue dog..3 yrs old.... Read more

  • Busy Wednesday

    8/26/2015 3:43:12 PM, by PICKIE98

    I am so relieved to be out of the workplace and home to pack for Oscoda! DD and I went to fill up my gas tank and our gas cans. I got my gas for $1.62/gal. Picked up my Rx's, had pharmacist enter me in computer for auto-refills .. No more calling them in!! They do have free delivery, but... Read more

  • The Story Behind The Book

    8/26/2015 3:18:03 PM, by LTJOHANSEN

    All of my adult life I’ve been a proponent of healthy eating. It’s a passion of mine. And one day, while in my early-forties, I decided to do something about it. I left my job as real estate manager for McDonald’s Corporation in Southern California and went back to school, earning a master’s... Read more

  • Weird Cravings...

    8/26/2015 3:03:22 PM, by BETHUMZ

    All afternoon I've been craving watermelon... big, fat, juicy, dribble-down-your-chin-when-yo
    u-bite-into-it watermelon. 491 4 This is pretty odd for me since I'm not a huge watermelon fan. I mean, I don't dislike it or anything but it makes me pee, so I usually try to avoid it. I'm ... Read more

  • Don't You Dare!

    8/26/2015 2:05:02 PM, by LYNAND62

    Note to self: Because, yeah...that's been me. Even recently I've done this! But no more! Instead of complaining I will choose one of these options: 1. Walk 2. Pray 3. Do some leg lifts 4. Post on SparkPeople 5. Read a motivational story 6. Write down three things I ... Read more

  • Therapy Session

    8/26/2015 1:06:56 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Hi Sparkers. Weight lifting is a great cure for dieting, anger management, depression, as well as an ego booster. 334 So 386 104 ... Read more

  • Enjoying being back at work

    8/26/2015 12:07:28 PM, by SILVASHAN

    The summer was a nice break from the daily grind, but I find that it often means a lot of catching up on projects, prepping for classes and running the kiddo to playdates/activities. Being back at work has proven to be a bit easier for food management. Things are pretty scheduled and predictable a... Read more

  • Planned splurges

    8/26/2015 10:55:15 AM, by MEXGAL1

    I find now that I am in maintenance I can plan a splurge and totally enjoy it. This is such a blessing knowing that I can have something I desire and not feel guilty or afraid that it will lead to a full out binge that I have a hard time recovering from. Our neighbor and friend, who's wife has... Read more

  • From Last Blog to Now

    8/26/2015 9:55:39 AM, by GRANDMAWESE

    How much time has gone by since I last wrote and how many changes. First a marriage that probably should have never been totally fell apart when hubby had a stroke and I was faced with the fact that I had to get out of the marriage. Divorce is tough but in this case I was the one who for my health... Read more

  • Busy Times

    8/26/2015 9:23:41 AM, by KRISSY82

    I work full time as a writing tutor/mentor in my college's Learning Center. In addition, I teach a class or two each semester. This semester I will be teaching one class, English Composition. I just found out that the class is wait listed! This is great news for the college as enrollment is going ... Read more

  • Cabbage soup

    8/26/2015 9:11:19 AM, by CJKAYA

    cool summer day and tons of veggies from garden. What else to do with them but to make cabbage soup. We all remember that diet. It is a good way to use and eat all those wonderful veggies that soon will be gone. Happy day to all!... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    8/26/2015 8:40:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    another cool summer day here today. the party for all of the kids who took part in the summer reading club is this daughter will definitely be there. she really enjoys reading and so do i. i keep in touch with her dad's side of the family as often as i can. they were a huge help when my... Read more

  • Steens Mountain Camping!

    8/25/2015 11:11:15 PM, by ALIHIKES

    We spent a long weekend exploring Steens Mountain and surrounding areas in Eastern Oregon. The air was quite smoky from the fires to the north and south; we later learned that the air was even worse in our home city in Central Oregon. The Canyon Creek fire exploded out of control – fire is over 15... Read more

  • This is not a diet!

    8/25/2015 10:47:35 PM, by HOKIENCLT

    From the beginning of this journey, I have refused to call this a diet. I see it as a lifestyle change. A diet ends. A change in my eating and fitness will not end. I have never been a planner and I now have to plan my meals and make time for fitness. I feel better, not as much pain. I feel a sens... Read more

  • Day 105

    8/25/2015 10:33:04 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I woke up around 7:30 am. Food I had 0 cups of coffee. I had 4 cups of tea. I had 10 cups of water. I had 2 fiber tablets. Breakfast: fruit & grain cereal bar Lunch: chicken sausage with onions, baby Bellas, Parmesan and Colby Jack cheeses, and Whole wheat pasta.... Read more

  • A Drive Awakened

    8/25/2015 10:28:44 PM, by BMCC488

    Last night, shortly after I went to bed, I was woken up by my mom telling me my grandpa (stepdad's father) had called and needed them to go to his house. I didn't see the message until I woke up this morning but around five she text me to let me know that he had had a heart attack. So he had stents ... Read more

  • Day 2 of Eating healthy and much needed cleaning

    8/25/2015 9:45:15 PM, by BUTTERFLYKIMMYC

    Well my house is starting to get some much needed cleaning, with the added bonus of getting to log it as exercise makes me so happy!!! Tomorrow I have another set of goals I want to accomplish in cleaning! But for now I'm finally getting to sit and rest after a very busy day!!... Read more

  • Possible lupus related blood clot

    8/25/2015 7:16:04 PM, by MISSA526

    well I went to the doctor and of course saw his intern insdtead of him. She deduced the despite npt having a red swollen leg the I had a blood clot. My Dr.. Dr Gosling came in never touched my leg and said sinve I have lupus anf I smoke It's probably a blood clot despite evodence to the contrairy. H... Read more

  • Keto is not a 4-letter word (well, it is, but not that kind)

    8/25/2015 3:42:06 PM, by YMR1221

    Today marks 3 weeks, 4 days on a ketogenic diet. After much research, I have come to believe that the ketogenic diet is the best option for me. Considered to be great for weight loss in obese patients without requiring much exercise, plus known as a mood regulator and good for depression, esp in o... Read more

  • Deadlifts

    8/25/2015 1:52:02 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    A great way to strength train. When done correctly deadlifts hit every muscle in your body. The most important one being "YOUR HEART" 386 Sparkers 104... Read more


    8/25/2015 1:48:47 PM, by PICKIE98

    SAULT STE.MARIE,MI The two longest locks in the world are part of this National Historic Site. The new Poe Lock is the largest lock on the St. Lawrence Seaway and the only lock that can handle the super freighters which are 1,000 feet long and 105 feet wide. A colorful history surrounds the ... Read more

  • New START!

    8/25/2015 1:34:57 PM, by GRUMP456

    Well, here we go again. I can't tell you which "new start" this is, cause I don't know how far or long I will go. I am tired of making a goal where I say in my mind, and with good intentions, that I will stay on it for a year. Now I think I am going to take it 21 days at a time. Lets see h... Read more

  • Making Fall Wreaths

    8/25/2015 12:03:29 PM, by PANDABEAR42

    Let me show you how to make fall wreaths out of corn stalk tops. Hubby gathers the tops from local farms as we don't grow corn even tho we are farmers. We farm tree seedlings and grow Christmas trees. This is how i dry the tops before i start to crimp them in the wreath ring. i ... Read more

  • No! Try not! Do or do not. There is no try!

    8/25/2015 11:13:34 AM, by LYNAND62

    Last night at martial arts class I kept saying, "I'll try!" But this morning I am not sure that trying is all that I want to accomplish! I want to DO!! I will do my best. It may not be perfect, it may look funny, but at least I'll be "doing" instead of sitting there and "not doing". I wo... Read more

  • Very Interesting article

    8/25/2015 11:01:22 AM, by MEXGAL1

    I rarely post things that are political but this article touched me this morning. My family came from humble backgrounds. My grandparents on my father's side were immigrants coming through Ellis Island. My grandfather died when my father and his brothers were young and the three boys went to... Read more

  • Day 100

    8/25/2015 9:20:01 AM, by SILVASHAN

    I have now been doing Spark (for the 2nd time) for 100 days. I started on May 18th at 220 and am now down to 205. I'm happy with the slow, but steady results. My goal is to keep logging in consistently every day and to encourage this I have made a list of monthly rewards for consistency. So, ins... Read more

  • Join me in the Fall 8 week 5% challenge!

    8/25/2015 8:10:32 AM, by BUGTRAIN

    Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Fall 5% Challenge! Team members will work towards losing 5% of their starting weight in 8 weeks by participating in team challenges that focus on exercise & healthy lifestyle habits. Let’s have fun, make n... Read more

  • Day 104

    8/24/2015 10:34:12 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I woke at about 20 minutes before 9 am. My tablet/alarm clock had died. I had thought it was plugged in, but it wasn't. Then for some reason my computer screen was zoomed in. I finally figured out it was a button my TV remote. So I got it fixed. I hope. Food I had 0 cups of coffee... Read more

  • Oral Surgery and the Blog

    8/24/2015 10:12:01 PM, by BMCC488

    Oral surgery went well... laughing gas is really an amazing thing. It's similar to how drinking makes me feel except without the bad after effects. It's hilarious and bizarre to think about the remnants of things I was thinking about while under the gas lol, like Mickey Mouse/Disney and teachers arg... Read more

  • Here I go again!!

    8/24/2015 9:45:41 PM, by BUTTERFLYKIMMYC

    Well since the grandkids are back in school it's time to focus on my weight loss again! So today I did good today on eating. Plus I made progress in getting my house cleaned today. So all in all pretty productive day!! Going to get it done this time! Health issues are requiring me to succeed this ti... Read more

  • Walking adventures with Polo

    8/24/2015 9:19:53 PM, by HOKIENCLT

    I have a cutie patootie dog named Polo. He is a strong boy being part Pitt bull or boxer. We are not sure which one. I truly think there is some bloodhound in him because he must, simply must sniff and pee on everything! This makes walking with him an adventure. I work early so I am walking him i... Read more

  • change is everything

    8/24/2015 6:15:12 PM, by DANCINONFIRE

    So Here I am again on my weightloss journey. This is amazing started moving more n eating less n better that is what I did before. Just glad I quit smoking and I'm not beating myself up anymore about my weight because I am changing today!!!... Read more

  • Day 554 - Emotional Rollercoaster

    8/24/2015 3:28:14 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Oh, goodness. I have so much to report and I don't know where to start. I will do my best to not turn this blog post into a book. I will start with Thursday evening. I have been wanting some pet rats for about a year and this past week I decided to finally bite the bullet and get them. The rats... Read more

  • on my way

    8/24/2015 2:41:17 PM, by WINNER4565

    i can't believe i lost 6 pounds in one week.i wanna cry... Read more

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

    8/24/2015 2:30:11 PM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Ever wonder what your BMI is? With an accuracy of 98-percent Fat Calipers are a great way to find out. They are much better than a scale to determine health as body weight fluctuates on a daily basis. That can be very discouraging; especially if you weigh yourself daily. 39 Anything b... Read more

  • Going to the Doctor to check out my knee tomorrow

    8/24/2015 1:42:11 PM, by MISSA526

    over the weekend my knee has swollen up greatly and the pain is so much worse. I can't extend my leg or bend my knee to far in. I'm on tramadol and it isn't making a dent, and I'm taking high dose prescription naproxsyn and that isn't helping either. i can't sleep at night but then I'm tired all day... Read more

  • it's monday

    8/24/2015 12:46:23 PM, by MOMMY445

    i heard back from a place where i applied for a job. so i promptly called them back. in the meantime, i am still looking for a job. i am keeping up with my online courses as well. my daughter says hi. all the birds say cheep,cheep! have a wonderful day,everyone!... Read more

  • Hiding in a Cave?

    8/24/2015 12:19:44 PM, by LYNAND62

    For months now I've been thinking about losing weight, thinking about taking walks more frequently, thinking about getting more fit and healthy...THINKING ABOUT but not DOING! I have essentially been burying my head in the sand or hiding in a cave when it comes to what I want to do and know I... Read more

  • Daughter

    8/24/2015 10:46:26 AM, by ECONLADY

    Yesterday I drove to help my daughter move. It turned out she needed less help than I expected. We ended up spending the day together and she stayed I my hotel room. It was great spending time with her. Today hubby shows up and we will finish moving her. I'm leaving my car here for my daughter ... Read more

  • Without power yesterday

    8/24/2015 10:21:57 AM, by MEXGAL1

    We woke up without power yesterday no internet. Around 6 am there was a big boom so another transformer blew. It's amazing how dependent we are on our creature comforts such as TV and internet. My DH and I sat and read our Kindles(good thing both were charged). It sure was peaceful ... Read more

  • Sending the Kiddo Off to 1st Grade

    8/24/2015 8:45:22 AM, by SILVASHAN

    My son started 1st grade today. New teacher, same school. He has severe multiple food allergies (tree nuts, corn, citrus fruits) and every time I drop him off my stomach drops. We've prepped with a plan for emergencies (from his specialist), safe treats for when parents bring in snacks he can't h... Read more

  • Monday morning

    8/24/2015 7:07:47 AM, by PICKIE98

    Off to work in the dark,, nice cool morning, slept with the windows open but used a blanket for the first time since May. Two more days after today, to work.. almost finished packing!... Read more

  • Wellness is a priority

    8/23/2015 11:11:46 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am making time for all facets of wellness. I exercise each day. I am sticking with my food program. I communicate and go out with friends. I am taking my meds. Spending time with my husband and cat are foremost. I feel blessed. Yes, I have stress of moving and building a new community. ... Read more

  • Lots of Stuff Going On

    8/23/2015 10:56:30 PM, by BMCC488

    Today has been an odd mix of events. This morning I still felt a bit run down so I didn't get my shower before church. Church itself the anxiety reared its ugly head like it usually does. This time I had that near panic attack of yesterday on my mind though so I struggled with it more. I really didn... Read more

  • Day 103

    8/23/2015 10:16:42 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I woke at 1 am. Food I had 2 cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of creamer and 2 packets of Splenda for each cup. I had 2.13 cups of tea. I had 10 cups of water. I had 0 fiber tablets. Breakfast: fruit & grain cereal bar, weight loss shake, Ramen bowl (not the best I kno... Read more

  • I feel like I've eaten too much but...

    8/23/2015 9:39:15 PM, by HOKIENCLT

    I feel like I've eaten too much but I recorded all my food and I'm well within my calorie range for today. I just feel very full. I drank 9 glasses of water. Maybe that's it. I made cauliflower pizza which uses the cauliflower "dough" recipe and I'm never sure how to count those calories. I counted ... Read more

  • One More TIME

    8/23/2015 6:35:29 PM, by SUZYB53

    Kind of interesting to look over these past blogs. Like everyone else here, lots of identity issues are tied up with food, exercise, and eating. I feel like I'm coming to terms with aging - which is connected to why I started on SPARK in the first place. I'm finally taking a less strenuous ... Read more