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  • Thought and Prayer for Thursday, January 29, 2015

    1/29/2015 6:39:05 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    January 29, 2015 PROMISES God gives us so many promises in the Bible. If we focused on only one a day or week, it would take many years to read them all. Have we ever thought about looking at Godís promises to help us with our goals for our lives? God has a plan for us and we can rest in His wo... Read more

  • Thursday

    1/29/2015 12:15:02 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be kind and gentle to yourself send loving thoughts into the universe hugx... Read more

  • Wednesday

    1/28/2015 9:51:39 PM, by TERRI289

    Busy busy...Zumba Gold class liked the two new songs-yay! my hamstring feels a bit better. College class was ok. Errands went well, dinner was good, and I am still awake at 9:45-yay!! Dh's kidney stone procedure is tomorrow. Prayer please..... Good night! ... Read more

  • Will Probably Put Shatzi Down Before Too Long --- He's On 'Last Chance'

    1/28/2015 8:12:21 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... Read more

  • Made it

    1/28/2015 4:55:28 PM, by B0BBIE

    Today was my first day back to work since my surgery, it went pretty well. Thankfully the prednisone has eased my hives considerably. My ankle is doing pretty good too. I was a bit uncomfortable from the surgery but nothing to complain about. I knew I had been gone for a bit of time, my work p... Read more

  • Here I Go...Again?

    1/28/2015 3:53:41 PM, by KBM697

    I have made gains in weight loss and then, of course, I have just made gains(in weight), I have been reading past entries to try and motivate myself. After 6 years on Spark people I have lost a lot of weight, but then life happened....and I gained more than I weighed before! Now I am 51 and I just ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    1/28/2015 1:42:47 PM, by ALICEART2010

    Hello Everyone! I am feeling a little better! I got out of bed around 10:40 and did some Sparking and then started to do the dishes. I am not completely finished but I am 80% done. Last night I had a horrible sore throat but when I woke up it wasn't near as bad as it was in the night. I am sti... Read more


    1/28/2015 1:12:43 PM, by WILDXANGELS



    1/28/2015 12:49:24 PM, by JTREMBATH


  • Woman in area with NO snow pooh-pooh's seriousness of E. coast storm. CRAZY huh?!

    1/28/2015 12:26:26 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    A woman who lives in an area with NO snow, & where the temps are nice, is ridiculing the seriousness being given to the East coast storm system. Has she ' lost touch with reality'?! Lives were at stake. But, I guess since hers is not at risk she can lob ridiculous statements. ... Read more

  • Down 5 Pounds!!

    1/28/2015 12:22:00 PM, by AMANDAUNBIDDEN

    I am a happy camper this morning because when I hopped on the scale it said . . 168, people! My weight one week ago was 173.8. That's a loss of 5.8 lbs in one week. And I've been eating plenty of healthy food including whole g... Read more

  • A Little Humor to Brighten Your Day

    1/28/2015 12:08:07 PM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    Q: Which is the longest word in the dictionary? A: "Smiles", because there is a mile between each "s"! Have a wonderful day, keep smiling! ... Read more

  • Challenge to improve your self confidence ending 2/21/28

    1/28/2015 11:43:06 AM, by OLDEROWL

    I posted this challenge in the Message Boards SparkPeople Challenges. I also posted it under the Forum "Self-Esteem, Self-Action Challenges" of my team "Building Self-Esteem, Self-Action Group. See
    ViewTh... Read more


    1/28/2015 11:10:57 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    "Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over" When you feel strongly about something and you know You Can... this is what needs to happen--- Persistence and Starting Over. Some people see these actions as weakness and would rather you look for the easy way... Read more

  • Things I Forget, Things I Remember

    1/28/2015 9:55:03 AM, by APPY-LAURIE

    photo credit; A Beach Cottage Good Morning! I used this beautiful bouquet of Frangipani flowers on my blog today, to help all of us stuck in the gray winter to remember. Remember, there is beauty and warmth somewhere else an... Read more

  • Day 24/90: Digging Deep and Pushing Hard!

    1/28/2015 9:43:42 AM, by ANGEL_AMBER

    Day 24 for already! Cannot believe it. I am so motivated. I am actually disappointed that next week is a choice workout week due to my holidays. Thinking perhaps I will be doing some Insanity Max and P90X3 as my 'choice' workouts. hahaha This morning's workouts were killer! I mean it was two... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    1/28/2015 8:44:29 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm making great progress in both of my online courses this week. the job is going well. my daughter is enjoying school these days. the job,school and being with my daughter take up most of my time these days. that is fine with me. i still keep in touch regularly with my good friend, the one who hel... Read more

  • Superbowl workout

    1/28/2015 7:34:21 AM, by NGCHILD

    I came across this today and thought with all the Superbowl watchers, this might be a good thing to remember.
    _while_you_watch ... Read more

  • visiting dying sister

    1/28/2015 7:33:04 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Oh. my what day with my dying sister. She is really in bad shape. She has stage 4 thyroid cancer. Yesterday, she would talk for hours about our terrible child hood. It was terrible bringing back memories that we had experienced. My mother abused her mental for years. I had left home around ... Read more

  • Why? Why? Why?

    1/28/2015 7:14:40 AM, by GOANNA2

    I got halfway through typing my blog and it disappeared - Why? EMAILS come with all sorts of messages but it's always nice when they make the recipient laugh. Why? Why? Why? was originally an email but don't be surprised if you are treated to a belly laugh as you read Why? Why? Why? ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    1/28/2015 6:12:12 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    January 28, 2015 SLOW AND STEADY Consistency pays off when athletes win a race or a game. Dedication and hard work pays off when someone gets promoted or recognized on their job. Continuous improvement helps us to not necessarily see progress every day but we will see results over a period of t... Read more

  • Mind over heart

    1/28/2015 6:10:42 AM, by VIDYARP

    I have been observing that since the beginning of this year, i am not focusing so much on food. I am not obsessing over it. And even if my heart is set on over-eating, my mind comes to the rescue and i hear that strong voice at the back of my head "Do you really want to eat this?" I am liking this :... Read more

  • Happy hump Day

    1/28/2015 12:35:19 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and enjoy your day hug... Read more

  • The snow day that wasn't..

    1/27/2015 11:17:13 PM, by TERRI289

    Not complaining but I feel a bit embarrassed...our 10-15 inches of snow became 2-4..ugh. By then all the schools and local colleges were closed. I did appreciate the day...finished my book, did some cleaning, practiced songs for my class, and worried for my friends in RI and Maine and Nova Scot... Read more

  • A Full House Pays Tribute To A Bright Star

    1/27/2015 10:37:51 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I had been dreading the funeral we attended this afternoon, for the most part because the young man who was killed was the 15 year old son of a friend. To further throw a wrench into our day, hubby's van broke down right before my hair appointment. I had to take a detour to help him get his vehicl... Read more

  • Just sayin' ... so confussed

    1/27/2015 8:37:22 PM, by MTN_KITTEN

    Walk slower but longer ... walk faster but less time. Geeze!!!! Today was my annual check up and all labs came back "normal". Doc suggested that I switch to a synthetic hypothyroidism med Ö like she has before ... but I am staying with Armour alternating with 120 and 90 every other day. It work... Read more

  • Cast off!!

    1/27/2015 5:57:49 PM, by B0BBIE

    Well it's been a long haul but it's official - NO MORE CAST - however he told me to be careful and don't be twisting it again or I could be in for a lot more than a cast. Careful it is! plus I will work on strengthening my ankle. Hives - back on prednisone until the hives are under control agai... Read more

  • Yesterday was the perfect food day

    1/27/2015 4:54:34 PM, by MJJB19

    Lately it has been very difficult to have a perfect "I stuck to my Paleo plan" day but yesterday I nailed it. The key? Planning! Oh, and a little bit of willpower. The day started with eggs and a packed lunch. A few strawberries after my soup was enough to get over the after-lunch dessert craving ... Read more

  • Oh the changes.... time to get back on track.

    1/27/2015 3:47:51 PM, by COUGIEX

    So a lot has happened since the last time I blogged on here - we bought a different house than the one I first fell in love with and don't regret it for a minute. Similar, yes, but in an even better neighborhood. Also we have had our first child - a wonderful now healthy and happy daughter who is n... Read more

  • It Promises To Be A Sad Day

    1/27/2015 3:02:04 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Today started off with a bang. I had a reaction to my allergy shot and last night my arm got super red, swollen and very sore. Great! This morning I met hubby for breakfast: 3 egg whites, two pieces of whole wheat toast and a banana plus hot tea. Then I went to the ENT/Allergist and waved to the... Read more

  • Mindful Eating/Meditation

    1/27/2015 12:58:59 PM, by JUDIL62

    I found this on Facebook today: This meditation by Jamie Zimmerman, M.D., will help you learn to handle food cravings with awareness and intention. Youíll use the acronym STOP to help you through moments of fear and weakness. ďSĒ stands for simply that: stop. ďTĒ stands for ďtake three deep bre... Read more

  • Tuesday

    1/27/2015 12:56:59 PM, by ALICEART2010

    Hello Sparkers, I got out of bed to have some tangelos and a hot cup of tea before heading back. I still have a sore throat. The phone has rang a couple of times and I am ignoring it. I think it's my neighbor. I will call her back when I am feeling better. I pray this goes away soon otherwise I... Read more


    1/27/2015 12:43:12 PM, by JTREMBATH

    when we got to work yesterday I noticed a whole pile of white dust on the floor but took not much notice until I went into my room to turn my radio on to find every thing out there was coated in white dust, evidently with the construction work that is going on the fire men were here for the long wee... Read more

  • About the initial fee for Independent folks came through for me!

    1/27/2015 10:26:02 AM, by CTUPTON

    I knew you would help me make a good decision --or help me think of doing more research. I really want to move from CT to near Buffalo because my whole family is there. I considered moving near NYC where my husband's family is. But that area is very, very expensive... Read more

  • Day 23/90: My Arms are Spent!

    1/27/2015 9:10:37 AM, by ANGEL_AMBER

    I have to begin by telling you a somewhat funny story that happened last night. So as I was letting my van warm up before heading home from work last night the hubby called to say the guys were bugging him to come out and he was thinking of going. Well all of a sudden we disconnected. I thought I ... Read more

  • Day 23/90: My Arms are Spent!

    1/27/2015 9:09:49 AM, by ANGEL_AMBER

    I have to begin by telling you a somewhat funny story that happened last night. So as I was letting my van warm up before heading home from work last night the hubby called to say the guys were bugging him to come out and he was thinking of going. Well all of a sudden we disconnected. I thought I ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    1/27/2015 8:58:19 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm still in training for my new job. that is fine with me. i am happy to have a job. my daughter is doing well and says hi. all the birds say cheep,cheep. i am keeping up the best that i can with the schedule i have now. i manage to get in some exercise every day and i am doing pretty well with my ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Tuesday, January 27, 2015

    1/27/2015 6:09:08 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    January 27, 2015 HOW DO THEY DO IT? When we see others who are focused on God and doing His will, we wonder how they always seem to be happy and caring. We wonder how they always are so giving and loving. It is possible they do have their down times but we just donít see it. It is possible they... Read more

  • Anticipating a major storm...but starting to wonder...

    1/26/2015 10:53:56 PM, by TERRI289

    Today was a tired day...Still feeling effects of a busy weekend.. Best part of day was having the college closed for tomorrow. Worst part, having the snow totals downgraded. Unlike public schools, we don't have to make the day up which is a relief.. Maybe dh gets to stay home with me????T... Read more

  • Progress w Exercise / Still Keeping New Sleep Hours / A Woman Isnít Safe In A World Full of Men

    1/26/2015 6:35:19 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... Read more

  • Contacted Another Abuse Survivor

    1/26/2015 6:33:10 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... Read more

  • Monday

    1/26/2015 4:06:59 PM, by B0BBIE

    Yesterday I messaged my office manager to tell her I am not quite up to par yet and that I need a couple more days or I could work half days, whatever worked for her. She told me to stay home, rest and heal, no need to take risks and having complications. I was actually surprised but quite happy, I ... Read more

  • Extra Flexy Hips

    1/26/2015 3:12:37 PM, by TINASWEEP

    I'm researching hypermobility of the joints, for the hips in particular. During a massage I expected to deal with a knot in my back from August. Instead it was my hip and leg that were even more sore and messed up. A possible theory is that the hips and pelvis move around too much, so the core and r... Read more

  • More Meditation in the Park, Positive Affirmations, NSV (PICS)

    1/26/2015 3:06:49 PM, by MJ-SHE-BEAST

    I am not going to screw up and forget to post a blog again this week for the Involvement challenge on the San Antonio team. We are continuing Meditation in the Park on Sundays. We had a nice group of folks this week which included a couple of spark friends. UNSTOPPABLEJEN, one of the SA team ... Read more

  • NutriBullet died and aerobic painting

    1/26/2015 3:05:44 PM, by BECKYF3506

    It figures--just when we're getting ready to get back into regular Blasting, our NutriBullet died. It'll be awhile before we can afford a new one. In the meantime, no smoothies for us. :( I've been priming some doors and woodwork this afternoon, and let me tell you, at my size--it's an aerobic ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    1/26/2015 12:39:34 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Finally got my orchid plant repotted it took a long time got sun burnt a bit but not bad but what I do have is a pile of aches and pains from constantly bending over, hoping it will go away after a few days as it really hurts to lift my leg to change when I got to work.... Read more

  • Monday

    1/26/2015 11:54:24 AM, by ALICEART2010

    Hello Friends, Thanks for the well wishes. I am still sick but I am recovering. This cold should be gone soon. I had an apple, oj and oats for lunch and I am going to lie back down. Have a super week. ... Read more

  • I borrowed this from my Spark Friend Shawn ... love it!

    1/26/2015 11:31:23 AM, by NGCHILD

    ... Read more

  • Coming Back

    1/26/2015 11:18:40 AM, by LILPAT3

    It has been a little over a year since I have really blogged about life, exercise, etc. In that time I have buried my dads' dog, as well as my mother and father-in-law. It has been one heck of a roller coaster ride and I am starting to get my life back together. Read more

  • Brighter Than the Sun!

    1/26/2015 10:28:19 AM, by APPY-LAURIE

    photo credit; This morning I find myself sitting at my desk. Bouncing to the tune of a fun song on my stability ball, feeling just a little more upbeat (alot more upbeat) than usual. Especially for a Monday mornin... Read more

  • it's monday

    1/26/2015 9:20:46 AM, by MOMMY445

    a new week is well underway. my daughter says hi and sends hugs. all of the birds are doing well and say hi. another week of work starts for me today. still more to learn. so i will be undergoing more training this week. that is fine with me. i want to know how to do what is needed to be done from m... Read more

  • Day 22/90: Week Four Already!!!

    1/26/2015 9:18:25 AM, by ANGEL_AMBER

    I had a really nice weekend. despite the upset on Friday of gaining weight this week instead of losing, I decided not to let it get to me. Saturday my son had a great time at his wee wiggles class. I think he ran for the entire 45 minutes. It was hilarious! But then he had a great afternoon... Read more

  • First Steps

    1/26/2015 8:30:36 AM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    Is today the day you are making the first step? It's Monday again, a great day to start or get back on track. We all started somewhere and we all falter along the way. But it is never too late to move forward with whatever you need to do. Whether if be your weight loss journey, eating bette... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Monday, January 26, 2015

    1/26/2015 6:10:56 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    January 26, 2015 UPS AND DOWNS Everyday brings new opportunities for us. We wonít always see them. We wonít always want to act on them. We wonít always feel like reaching out and making a difference. We all have times when we are down about something. We all have times where we feel rejected, b... Read more

  • oa works

    1/26/2015 4:28:48 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    There are always two voices in my head. The voice of my HP (who I call God) and the voice of my disease. The first voice is loving, caring, supportive and brings me freedom, healing and recovery. The second voice brings me misery, doubt, self-hatred, fear and bondage to food. The problem is that the... Read more

  • Stress

    1/25/2015 10:31:20 PM, by COOKSNBAKES

    I acknowledge that I need to work on my stress for this year. So I am starting by keeping a journal. Today was stressful only when the weather made it difficult to decide to go bowling or not. I did; and I made it home safely. How I bowled is another matter. I hope to not get so stressed out ab... Read more

  • A good Sunday(the calm before the storm)

    1/25/2015 9:32:24 PM, by TERRI289

    It was a nice up early, did a yoga workout, went regular food shopping, and had a nice breakfast at our favorite diner. We did a little antiquing(didn't buy anything but had fun looking). In the afternoon we walked the puppy at the park and he did really well..listened and was very we... Read more

  • Monday

    1/25/2015 9:12:17 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Today is a Stat day for us as it is the Auckland Anniversary I have been repotting my orchid plant the roots were so bound I had a hard time getting the bulbs separated and got sun burnt to.... Read more

  • Sunday

    1/25/2015 3:22:04 PM, by ALICEART2010

    Hello Sparkers! I was out of town yesterday so I didn't get to blog but I am back today. I am feeling down and out with a cold so I am about to go take a nap. I am not going to exercise feeling this way, I am just going to rest until I feel better. I hope you enjoy your day. Happy Sun... Read more

  • being a woman

    1/25/2015 2:32:01 PM, by FINDINGCOURAGE

    I don't know about other women out there, but sometimes I'm so sick and tired of dealing with all female crap. Especially PMS and the mood swings that come with it and GOSSIP. What is with women and gossip? UGH! I think I'm having one of those days where I'm just fed up with everything! Hate to say... Read more

  • being a woman

    1/25/2015 2:32:01 PM, by FINDINGCOURAGE

    I don't know about other women out there, but sometimes I'm so sick and tired of dealing with all female crap. Especially PMS and the mood swings that come with it and GOSSIP. What is with women and gossip? UGH! I think I'm having one of those days where I'm just fed up with everything! Hate to say... Read more

  • Still at plateau # 2.....but I deserved it this time!

    1/25/2015 11:49:00 AM, by STILLTRYING17

    Went out on Sat. night..ate 3 fresh made pork tacos...and hrs later, after walking a total of 3 hrs, had a J&B w/water. Isnīt scotch on our diet?? :)... Read more

  • Easy Like Sunday Morning

    1/25/2015 11:42:14 AM, by APPY-LAURIE

    Good Sunday Morning to you, This morning awoke as a miserable, cold, windy day. Not what I had in my plans. I dreamt yesterday of finally taking a day for myself. I wanted to get some horseback riding done and then take Mr. ... Read more

  • The initial fee cost of an Independent Living Community scares me!

    1/25/2015 11:10:46 AM, by CTUPTON

    I have actually put a little money down to save our spot in the waiting list. I am worried about the initial fee. Some people have told me I am getting robbed with this initial fee and then pay rent too. $120,000 ! If we stay 8 years, they keep all that money. If we leave before 8 years, we ... Read more

  • My sister is following Jorge Cruz-- very low sugar eating plan.

    1/25/2015 9:27:05 AM, by CTUPTON

    I have been using Fuhrman's Eat to Live and Eat for Health. I whittled it down to eat mostly veggies and use meat as a condiment. I have not been thinking much about sugar. But I guess if I don't buy the stuff in a box, I won't be getting sugar unless I add it myself. Oops! I have been using honey. ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Sunday, January 25, 2015

    1/25/2015 8:24:15 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    January 25, 2015 TALENTS AND SKILLS We donít have to be eloquent or use big words to fulfil Godís plan for our lives. He created us all different and we should never compare ourselves to others. We should never let naysayers bring us down. We should never let Satan destroy our minds with the th... Read more

  • Can't wait

    1/25/2015 1:48:17 AM, by NYCALIGIRL

    So I'm starting off the new year to a great start being sicker than here I am sick as a dog about 3 weeks now. First the flu which was the worst ever and then when i thought I was better a bacterial infection in my chest which caused the dr. to put me on bed rest for another 6 days. Afte... Read more

  • Church Hymns

    1/25/2015 12:59:10 AM, by SUNSHINE65

    A minister decided to do something a little different one Sunday morning. He said "Today, in church, I am going to say a single word and you are going to help me preach. Whatever single word I say, I want you to sing whatever hymn that comes to your mind." The pastor shouted out "CROSS." Im... Read more

  • 40 miles DONE! 966 more miles to go...

    1/24/2015 11:22:03 PM, by LUCYLU22

    My view on my walk this evening when I achieved my 40 mile mark for January! I am thrilled that I am keeping my commitment to myself to get these miles in for my team! Today we reached our 100+ miles marker for our team! Just ... Read more

  • Zumbathon time (pictures)

    1/24/2015 11:18:26 PM, by TERRI289

    Amy and me at the end of the Zumbathon Me and Janet at the beginning ... Read more

  • too much

    1/24/2015 9:26:03 PM, by B0BBIE

    Too much activity Too much food Stitches Too uncomfortable And that's my day Hoping everyone had an amazing day! ... Read more

  • Sunday

    1/24/2015 8:20:55 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Today is my 2000 Spark streak, It is very hot out side I have been out there repotting my Christmas lillies as they were well and truly root bound.... Read more

  • Burying the hatchet

    1/24/2015 5:49:07 PM, by OLDEROWL

    To many people say they forgive you for some error you made yet tend to avoid your company or whenever they see you make some comment about the error even when you don't do anything to remind them of your error. I try to ignore it and pretend that its not about me although I know that it is. Beats... Read more

  • Weekend Binge eating

    1/24/2015 4:03:24 PM, by FINDINGCOURAGE

    After a long stressful week, I've finally given in to what my body wants. A weekend of junk food binge eating. It's like if I don't have junk food I get all moody and cranky. Need to find a way to either tone it down or eliminate it all together with out going crazy. Read more

  • When Going Back is Going Forward

    1/24/2015 2:40:35 PM, by MYSTERY4EVER

    Going back has a negative connotation to it. For me, now it means going back to what worked when I joined SparkPeople. One of the things that worked was adding a blog entry every day. I am going to try that again. Yes, it was rewarding when people read and commented. The real value was in adjus... Read more

  • Sore Back

    1/24/2015 12:29:46 PM, by MITECU

    My back hurts, I guess from strength training. I do it slowly and I work a different set of muscles 3 days a week. I do stretch afterwards. I also do cardio 5 days a week. So I'm resting on the weekends, but I still track my food. So far, I lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks of tracking. I weigh in on Monday ... Read more

  • Breakfast With Our Friend

    1/24/2015 12:00:06 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    We took our friend out for breakfast this morning. We cried with him over the loss of his beloved son. We offered him a place to go when his grief was so overwhelming at home that he just had to get away for an hour. We made him laugh at our antics as we interacted with our server at breakfast. ... Read more

  • Doing yard work today

    1/24/2015 10:43:50 AM, by NJJ-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning; there is a break in the weather so DH and I are going out and getting the yard done or as much as possible this weekend. This will be my PA today. DH woke up and weighed on scale and was upset. He went to WW today so he will get back on the swing of things. He says he gained lots... Read more

  • A Little Inspiration

    1/24/2015 9:35:50 AM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    Good morning! Today is a new day! Work toward your goals and don't forget that even if it is slow, you are moving forward. Every choice you make can take you closer. We are all here for you! ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Saturday, January 24, 2015

    1/24/2015 7:56:32 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    January 24, 2015 WHAT PATH TO TAKE When people are not being real, it is so obvious. When others pretend to know something they donít know or pretend to be someone who they really arenít, it is easy to recognize. When others try to be like someone else, they arenít being who they really are. W... Read more

  • TGIF

    1/23/2015 10:44:46 PM, by TERRI289

    Happy Friday!!! From Zumba to early lunch to work to soup with friends, it was a pleasant day. Happy weekend all!!! ... Read more

  • I need to help my daughter handle anxiety

    1/23/2015 8:50:17 PM, by CTUPTON

    I right now can only communicate with my daughter by pone. She is extremely anxious and I want to support her. She often dissolves into tears. She is 32 and having major life problems. During the last phone call I explained how our expectations fuel our anxiety. When our expectations are high and we... Read more

  • Time flies (week 45 and 46)

    1/23/2015 8:03:28 PM, by RED456838

    The past 2 weeks have passed by in a flash. So quickly, I didn't even realize that I hadn't blogged last week - shame on me! My days at work have been packed with meetings and we're dealing with a deadline. We are just 20 days away from the launch - very exciting! I am not letting the press... Read more

  • Saturday

    1/23/2015 8:02:12 PM, by JTREMBATH

    A bit late today as I had to go out this morning, we have a holiday on Monday so another nice long weekend.... Read more

  • Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Day 3

    1/23/2015 7:33:50 PM, by AMANDAUNBIDDEN

    So it's coming to the end of day three on the 24 day challenge, and I am still feeling great! I think this is exactly what I needed to get me back on track. I also forgot to give everyone my before pics, weight, and measurements. I hate sharing these because they highlight some of the weight I... Read more

  • LDN Should Be On It's Way!

    1/23/2015 4:46:32 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... Read more

  • It sure is easy to get out of the habit of...

    1/23/2015 4:30:05 PM, by CTUPTON

    It sure is easy to get out of the habit of...doing things on our team. I hate to say it but I am having difficulty fully getting back to sparkpeople . I had many things I did and I loved all of them. It was not a chore at all! But being away due to surgery, I am realizing I need to get bac... Read more

  • January Gym-vasion

    1/23/2015 3:56:43 PM, by SCULLY722

    I may or may not have mentioned in past blog posts (I think I have) that I belong to Planet Fitness. My Planet Fitness is a pretty large gym. I would have to say that there are probably 100 treadmills ALONE in the gym. For the most part I have no problems getting onto any machine that I want....U... Read more

  • walking

    1/23/2015 11:11:08 AM, by B0BBIE

    I went by myself with Lilo today, for a walk. I asked her nicely not to pull me and she was super good. We went slow but we did it. I was reading online. This surgery in the U.K., women are in hospital for 3-5 days and off work 6... Read more

  • Happy Friday!

    1/23/2015 11:11:01 AM, by ALICEART2010

    How are you? I have a training session today! I am excited about that! I am happy that my clothes are fitting looser but the scale reports I am back to 234/235. My ticker weight of 229.5 was a brief moment that happened on New Years day. Oh well. Such are the patterns of weight loss. I had a y... Read more

  • New Chiropractor

    1/23/2015 10:01:00 AM, by APPY-LAURIE

    Art credit Renzo Bri Today being Friday and me feeling a little washed out, I am just going to write about my recent change to a new chiroproactor. Background: I was not raised using the services of a Chiropractor. My par... Read more

  • A quote for January 8--even though it is now Jan 23.

    1/23/2015 9:56:42 AM, by CTUPTON

    I was born on January 8, 1942, exactly three hundred years after the death of Galileo. I estimate, however, that about two hundred thousand other babies were also born that day. I don't know whether any of them was later interested in astronomy. Stephen Hawking ... Read more

  • This is stupid, but it's actually PROGRESS

    1/23/2015 9:30:51 AM, by BECKYF3506

    I went out to start the car this morning so it could heat up and clear the windshield before I left. There was an uneven ridge of snow right outside the car door, and when I went to get out of the car, I lost my footing on the ridge and fell onto both knees. I thought, uh oh, how on earth ... Read more

  • A Little Humor to Brighten Your Day

    1/23/2015 9:24:33 AM, by WOLFSPIRITMOM

    Offering Help A patient at the dental office where I work stopped by my desk to pay her bill. She began rummaging through her purse, as so many patients do when they have a check to write. "Do you need a pen?" I asked, offering her mine. "Yes, thank you," she replied. She took it, put it i... Read more

  • Day 19/90: How Can I Fix This?

    1/23/2015 9:16:54 AM, by ANGEL_AMBER

    Wow! Thank you everyone for the nice comments on my previous blog. I truly love hearing about all your goals and value your feedback. Today my workouts were great! Day 19 for Insanity Max: Today's workout was Friday Fight Round 1 Read more

  • it's friday

    1/23/2015 9:15:58 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! another week of work will be completed today. i am happy to have a job. my daughter says hi! all the birds say hi,too! haven't made plans yet for the weekend. i will just go with the flow. i like to take it easy after i work a full week. have a terrific day,everyone and... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Friday, January 23, 2015

    1/23/2015 6:12:12 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    January 23, 2015 SUFFERING Godís plan for us isnít always what we think it should be. Most of us want to live a healthy, prosperous and full life. Most of us want to have a problem-free and loving family. Most of us want to work with people who are kind and caring. However, that is not always G... Read more

  • Remapping my way

    1/23/2015 2:23:57 AM, by KGWINDER

    I can't exercise like I use to, but I'm ready to try again. Just do what I can. I did 12 minutes of purposeful movement today. Just gentle range of movement for my ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders and elbows. I tracked my food. It a start. My last doctor visit (2nd in a year), I co... Read more

  • The good, the better, and the ugly

    1/22/2015 11:51:38 PM, by TERRI289

    This described the three classes today. 8 am class was good and cooperative. 11 am class worked hard. 1 pm class half good, half ugly(bad attitudes, breaking rules that were just explained). Feel like it will be beast mode this season. Sold tickets at a game tonight. Fell asleep at was... Read more

  • Doctor's Appt. Went Good - Later Rage at Chuck

    1/22/2015 10:09:55 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... Read more