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  • what will it take this time?

    11/11/2014 4:27:02 PM, by PUNKYPOWER21

    Here I am again...groundhogs day. I'm writing this entry as I wait for my oncology follow up appointment. I hit a new high with my weight. I've gained about 14 pounds in the last six months. I have no one to blame but myself. I couldn't work out during cancer treatment last year because of extr... Read more

  • Weight Loss and Thyroid

    11/8/2014 2:18:09 PM, by SAMSHABEBY

    Ciao Everyone, Weight loss has been a real struggle for me for a long time. I know that the weight was slow to go on, and it is without a lie, VERY slow to hardly moving off me. It is a real battle, but every day I am fighting it. I stay on track, I record everything, and try to exercise as muc... Read more


    11/6/2014 5:45:06 PM, by SAMSHABEBY

    Ciao All My Beautiful People, I wanted to make this blog post to help others out there that suffer with Arthritis or Cronic Pain. It is an awful thing when your body is in constant pain and there seems like nothing that you can do about it only suffer. I have been diagnosed with hav... Read more