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  • Why did it take 5 years to lose 15 pounds?

    2/28/2015 2:26:20 PM, by MERLE641

    My goal for weight loss was very modest, 15 pounds. I almost feel bad saying that when so many have much greater challenges. I am so encouraging to others, telling them they can do it, setting mini goals and taking it one day at a time. I myself, never took that advice completely because I am an emo... Read more

  • Houston Rodeo 10K/5K

    2/28/2015 2:20:15 PM, by 1DAY-ATA-TIME

    Over 13000 runners participated in this event in downtown Houston. Eight thousand ran in the 10K and 5000 in the 5k. By Houston standards, it was a a bit chilly. Additionally, it was damp and a little windy. Nevertheless, once I started running and found my pace I was comfortable. Finished 24th... Read more

  • Huge Rambling & Update: Operation Hydration

    2/28/2015 2:16:32 PM, by TALULAX-

    Last night before we settled into bed I let the dogs out one last time thinking if I did I could sleep in a bit. I was looking forward to a solid night’s sleep! This morning I didn’t get woke up by the dogs- oh no no no- it was the dayum cats! GRRRRSS! All crawling over us and meowing. There is just... Read more

  • Oh no! How did the flu get me?

    2/28/2015 1:40:49 PM, by CTUPTON

    SP has many articles about the flu--prevention ans treatment--oh and why it is different from a cold. And if it a "stomach, intestine" thing it is a different virus. I did not know the flu was primarily respiratory. So if you want to know more, do a search on SP for flu. Please do ... Read more

  • Emotionally better

    2/28/2015 1:35:16 PM, by CSCLAUSER1

    Hubby is home and that always makes me happy. Unfortunately he brought home some kind of stomach bug. Don't have to worry about eating anything I shouldn't. But this is just part of life. Ups and downs. But my life has had many, many wonderful ups. So holding onto that thought and enjoying m... Read more

  • Useless wasteland --answer!

    2/28/2015 1:15:23 PM, by CTUPTON

    The Grand Canyon Well Ives sure missed that boat! chris... Read more

  • SP recipes---healthy swaps for things we love but should not eat often

    2/28/2015 1:13:31 PM, by CTUPTON
    utrition_articles.asp?id=1984... Read more

  • Here we go...

    2/28/2015 1:08:56 PM, by SARAHRUNS124

    Before beginning this, my first blog post, I downed a turkey melt, some Cheetos, rice krispie treats, and a smoothie from Sheetz. Not the typical lunch for someone trying to lose weight. Yet here I am on a weight loss site looking for help an encouragement. What's wrong with me, you ask? I am y... Read more

  • Is It Really Possible To Not Get Restful Sleep Even After 8 hours?

    2/28/2015 12:27:51 PM, by SLIMKAT6

    Just wondering if anyone else has not been getting restful sleep after an 8 hour night? 234 I had bad dreams which was one thing that didn't help, but worries on top of the that doesn't help me either. My brain feels like it hurts. 46... Read more

  • Kinda Sorta Maybe? Or Authentically Honoring You!

    2/28/2015 11:05:11 AM, by CHERYL_ANNE

    In the beginning you decide and take that brave step forward... With a little bit of practice you realize that... And then it finally clicks that in order to continue you ... Where are you on your journey? What has your experience been like so far? 67... Read more

  • Weight Watchers Update - 28 Feb 2015

    2/28/2015 10:58:07 AM, by DUBLINROSE

    Weekly weigh in time. It was an up and down week so I was nervous but it went well: Weight loss this week: - 1lb Total loss to date: -9lbs Current Weight: 12stone 8lbs (176lbs) Total percentage weight loss to date: - 4.86% BMI: 32.5 (obese) I'm really happy with my 1lb. I... Read more

  • Nice time at the chili festival

    2/28/2015 10:49:37 AM, by MEXGAL1

    Had a really nice time at the Chili Festival yesterday. We had to go to support our friend, Greg, and vote for his margarita. Haven't heard yet if he won or not. hope so. It was fun, healthy competition and my DH enjoyed tasting all 8 entries. Then we went shopping in all the booths that hav... Read more

  • Which day is this?

    2/28/2015 10:49:36 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    Yesterday the love of my adolescent life passed away. Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. I'm sure Heaven is a much more logical place! Yesterday was also month-end at work, and it was brutal, Not helped at all by the fact that I'd slept very poorly the previous two nights running. Also, I had ... Read more

  • visit

    2/28/2015 10:30:12 AM, by NASFKAB

    visited a friend's daughter today it was her mother's 15 death anniersary cooked some fish, cauliflower & lentils & took that for her she fed her other guests too everyone liked it one asked how I made it so sccess... Read more

  • day one, number 455 :-)

    2/28/2015 9:24:14 AM, by ICANACCOMPLISH

    Here we go again. Can I keep carrying for more than half a day this time?... Read more

  • Fell off but I am back on and being positive

    2/28/2015 9:19:04 AM, by MELIS6579

    Ok so I have messed up,I have hit a hard spot in my life and I am dealing with a lot fo other stuff but I am ready to concentrate on ME. I have recognized that so I am going to start fresh..I AM NOT GIVING UP...Just going to start fresh. I am still going to do the same plan of low fat,carbs,calories... Read more

  • Last day in February

    2/28/2015 7:48:45 AM, by PILARITA1

    Happy for this month, I have achieved small goals, I get to button my pants again, my legs are more defined, I lost half an inch of my waist, so day to day, week to week, little by little I will get there, I know I can make because I am not alone, I have you all by my side :))))... Read more

  • Off to a good start

    2/28/2015 7:35:42 AM, by TWINELS

    I did an excellent job keeping my food log and lost a few pounds this week most of which I am sure was water that I had been retaining. I had gained about 6 or so pounds over the winter and this is the first real weight gain I have had in 5 yrs since my wls. I didn't want to keep up that trend and I... Read more

  • Mixed bag of a weekend so far........

    2/28/2015 7:27:29 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Up and at 'em nice and early - have a lot to do, so getting things out of the way is key! Family member (for now) is stating that the annoying health issue is apparently starting to "turn the corner", so to speak - this is HUGE, since the constant crabbing about it was starting to stress me out... Read more

  • Feb 28: Mmmm, Finally, Ice-Cream!

    2/28/2015 4:54:56 AM, by FATHINSN

    I was sick for ages (well, actually, about two or three weeks, hehe) and one of things I had to skip was ice-cream. Cold and cough don't mix with ice-cream *crying a river. So, today, I feeeeeeeeeel so good, after a nice night nice sleep and no more lasting headache from previous day and most i... Read more

  • Saturday's Healthy Inspirational Quote of the Day 02/28/2015

    2/28/2015 4:44:45 AM, by PLATINUM755

    "If you want to change your body, you first have to change your mind."~unknown... Read more

  • Baby Day........

    2/28/2015 12:43:09 AM, by BEC1021

    Well today I spent all day in the hospital with my sister, in labor and delivery. Still no baby. Did horrible on my food consumption, did not get in nearly enough calories, and did alot of walking. Hopefully the baby comes tomorrow. ... Read more

  • Friday February 26, 2015

    2/28/2015 12:42:42 AM, by TANGELLO200

    kathy came over all day crochet tunisian and i was teaching her... she is doing great.. soo fun to hang out with her i feel normal... tunisian square for elizabeth i am thankful for yarn i am thankful for my hubby i am thankful for the awesome pizza dinner that hit the spot... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/28/2015 12:12:23 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Thank you ro ,y dear friends for all your love and comments and the joy you give me on a daily basis i love you and cherish our friendship light love joy and happiness to you hug... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/28/2015 12:12:22 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Thank you ro ,y dear friends for all your love and comments and the joy you give me on a daily basis i love you and cherish our friendship light love joy and happiness to you hug... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/28/2015 12:12:22 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Thank you ro ,y dear friends for all your love and comments and the joy you give me on a daily basis i love you and cherish our friendship light love joy and happiness to you hug... Read more

  • Day 197 Decisions Good or Bad

    2/28/2015 12:01:14 AM, by CALAMITIE

    Yes it is very sad when 10 degrees is warm tomorrow we are looking at 24. That is almost a heat wave. So often here in MN we get heavy wet snow in March. Last year it even snowed in April. I love going to get my hair washed and set every week. It is something I started doing about a year... Read more

  • 2/27/15 - Bedtime

    2/27/2015 11:57:49 PM, by GORDON66

    During my session, Trainer Nick played Simon and Garfunkel from his IPod. Bless his 26-year-old heart!! Completed a 60-second plank with my feet on a BOSU. The neighbor from hell dumped his snow in the street. When the plow came through, it ended up on my driveway. I didn't have a fit. ... Read more

  • Friday's Healthy Inspirational Quote of the Day 02/27/2015

    2/27/2015 11:36:26 PM, by PLATINUM755

    "Exercise: Cheaper than therapy."~SP... Read more

  • Wiped Out

    2/27/2015 11:24:27 PM, by BMCC488

    My brother tried to get the oldest checked out by the doctor yesterday morning while the youngest had an appointment, but they wouldn't see him. This is the way it's been for the whole time they've been here. The stupid doctor didn't even have the youngest's name right, and talked about a medication... Read more

  • Still hurts

    2/27/2015 10:57:08 PM, by KARENGROSS

    Keeping busy has helped Back to working all the time. Just what I wanted to escape.... Read more

  • Does Not Compute.....

    2/27/2015 10:55:57 PM, by LAVENDARFIRE87

    Hello my beautiful sparklers! TGIF am I right?? My SO and I went out today, and as always we hit the food court at the mall and without even thinking I ordered my usual snacks/food....and as I was eating...or well..rather stuffing my face I realized I ordered this stuff out of habit! There's on... Read more

  • Does Not Compute.....

    2/27/2015 10:54:44 PM, by LAVENDARFIRE87

    Hello my beautiful sparklers! TGIF am I right?? My SO and I went out today, and as always we hit the food court at the mall and without even thinking I ordered my usual snacks/food....and as I was eating...or well..rather stuffing my face I realized I ordered this stuff out of habit! There's on... Read more

  • Feb. 27, 2015 - Fffff.

    2/27/2015 10:45:35 PM, by SOFTERSONG

    Today was my day off. And it was definitely an off-day. I didn't get to the gym, but instead spent about 3 hours cleaning up my wreck of a room, which was mostly just suffocating in laundry. I'm super bad at staying organized, and I don't do my laundry regularly enough. So it tends to pile up ... Read more

  • Mild freak out

    2/27/2015 10:13:34 PM, by TIFFANIEFAITH

    *** Warning *** People who are somewhat normal will likely think I'm being ditsy and overreacting. 24 So I'm at work and I get an email from Lisa, the office administrator for the western area VP. She is really nice so I wasn't too worried ... Let me go back a few weeks. ... Read more

  • Potato chips and eye exams.

    2/27/2015 9:50:21 PM, by CHRIS3874

    Well if the title doesn't get them coming I guess I had better hang up my keyboard! I decided to give up something this year for Lent. This being potato chips and (Hawkins mostly) cheezies ( I don't think you can get these outside of Canada but they are hard and tasty and made with real cheddar ch... Read more

  • Day Two - Untitled

    2/27/2015 9:45:33 PM, by LLBLCKRAINCLOUD

    People tell me I don't need to blog every day, but I do. When I stop blogging, that means I stop be conscious of what I'm trying to do here. By writing about my day, good or bad, it gives me something to look at and account for. Today, I decided I'm not going to track my food calories. I know, ... Read more

  • Stressful Day, But Still Met My Nutrition Goals

    2/27/2015 9:29:22 PM, by LILLYROSEGRAM

    Today was a stressful day. Nothing too extreme, but stressful nonetheless. Several times when I was feeling more than a little frustration with the situation, I thought how I couldn't wait until it was dinner time and I could refocus on the weekend. Of course, my thoughts included how I might as wel... Read more

  • Thinking about trying again (again).

    2/27/2015 9:28:59 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    I think I may actually go to the gym tomorrow. I've been feeling so terribly depressed about my gains, and about my humongous weight in general, but I felt positive and optimistic this afternoon and evening for some reason. I know in my heart that my body won't look better if I keep doing what I'm d... Read more

  • Friday

    2/27/2015 9:28:55 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Aiyyyy..... they called me in early today, called at 5 to 11, even though I was scheduled for 12 anyway. I did make it for 11:30, and then worked till 8:45. Peak Season. I did my fastest return tonite, the last one, the EASY one, finally... it only took about 20 min. to do!!! WooHoo... But I... Read more

  • Day 9 of the 'Q'

    2/27/2015 7:54:51 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    Much better day today. The snow melted enough the DH could take the boys to daycare and I had the morning to myself as he ran some errands. I cleaned like a fiend. It's like my life has been on pause every since Thing 2 was born. Boxes and toys and papers and trash and dishes (I don't think I'll sha... Read more

  • A prayer before meeting the scales

    2/27/2015 6:59:28 PM, by YULSUNNY

    This morning, I prayed for some results on the scale. I hadn't stepped on it for two weeks and the last time I had it was inching at 79 kgs. I prayed that this hard work I'd been putting it might see some numerical results, even though I could feel the results in my clothes and my mood! Isn't i... Read more

  • Feline Friday =^..^=

    2/27/2015 6:57:37 PM, by GAYLE-G-63

    ... Read more

  • Day 50 and 51- hanging with my friend

    2/27/2015 6:52:44 PM, by AHMOSEAKI

    at my friends house. was under on my calories yesterday and over tonight oops. i'll be back to normal eating scheduled tomorrow. having a good time thou. doing some painting now. played video games and went shopping. i enjoy time with my friends. worried about future things but not going to let it g... Read more

  • I'm Back!

    2/27/2015 6:13:42 PM, by KUYATEH

    HELP! I need surgery and my Dr will not do it until I lose a lot of weight. I am in the process of trying to get the stomach reduction surgery. I have no idea what else to do. :-/ I have cut out a lot of things that I use to eat. Fruits and vegetables are number one with me now. The ONLY meats I w... Read more

  • To Get The Job Done.........

    2/27/2015 5:42:57 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    If you want to guarantee that the job will get done and get done right, give it to a woman. Bette Midler 224... Read more

  • I Did It!

    2/27/2015 5:27:39 PM, by PURPLEGIRL22

    I decided that after hitting a plateau with my weight that I would amp the exercise and watch the calories. So, I attended three 30 minute classes at Planet Fitness. I did the 30 minute circuit, PF 360 circuit, and a circuit of shoulders. And I stuck with it. I even did arm step ups, which are my en... Read more

  • February 27, 2015 (Friday)

    2/27/2015 4:59:13 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    We did NOT get the bad weather that was predicted, although it has been extremely COLD. So, I only had to miss one class this week, which was GREAT considering I had to miss quite a few last week. The bad news is Aunt Juanita (my 93 year old only living Aunt) had a stroke earlier this week. S... Read more

  • another rough day

    2/27/2015 4:07:00 PM, by CSCLAUSER1

    Got mire bad news in the mail today. It's been such a frustrating week. Dealing with a lot of pain this week and mental stress. Hate weeks like this. Just want to crawl into a hole and pull the dirt over me. Trying hard to stay on track but boy I could go for a row of chips ahoy. ... Read more

  • Days of My Cancer - 2

    2/27/2015 3:19:57 PM, by ONEGREATCAT

    Hello everyone, The doctor's office called today and scheduled my pre-op for March 5th, at which time they "may or may not" also include additional lab work, chest x-ray, and EKG. If they don't do those 3 things I'll be surprised! I've been reading a lot of information the doctor gave me ... Read more

  • today

    2/27/2015 2:45:11 PM, by HDLIMM

    Today is been quite a day all ready. Have my 3 & 4 yr olds here and they haven't been getting a lot of sleep and it shows in their behaviors. Wow, I forgot what they could really act like. Into everything. I can only do so much. Will be glad when moms get here.... Read more

  • 02/27/2015 - My New Apartment!

    2/27/2015 1:55:13 PM, by JANZDIET2014

    My New Apartment - just signed the lease & got my keys today! THANKS GOD!!! feeling blessed 43 ... Read more

  • Teaching Yourself About Food (aka Nutritional Literacy)

    2/27/2015 12:50:48 PM, by CHERYL_ANNE

    Questions are a good thing! I don't know about you but I was raised by my Mom and Grandparents to ask questions. There was a lot of "How come" and "Why" in our house. Or as my Gramma liked to say, "You won't know why unless you ask." Bonus if you read it in a Russian accent (the W sounds like a V) a... Read more

  • Pre ITC challenge - write a letter to yourself

    2/27/2015 12:44:13 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    For the upcoming challenge, we were asked to write a Pre ITC challenge, so here it is: Dear Self, It has been a while since you have been truly committed and honest with yourself. With mom dying in mid-December and the cold, snowy winter, it has been an uphill battle for the last several m... Read more

  • Day 37 - Friday Feast

    2/27/2015 12:16:04 PM, by KBS2344

    I've been struggling the past 12 hours!! Around 9 PM last night my boyfriend decided he was still hungry and was going to order a pizza. I caved and ate two slices 198 Trying not to think about it and just move on.. I was soooo sick this morning from it!! 39 Today is Friday Feast at school - ever... Read more

  • TGIF!!!

    2/27/2015 12:12:29 PM, by DEANN1013

    Woohooo! Counting down the hours until the weekend officially starts for me. Wild and crazy times will be had. On Saturday morning I'll work out and then prepare some meals for next week. And later that day is my book club meeting, which I'm excited for even though I hated the book a LOT. The wild t... Read more

  • Gratitude

    2/27/2015 11:58:01 AM, by PROFRLJ2

    I am grateful for my health because many people my age have passed or have cancer. I need to be grateful every day and pray for those that are in pain.... Read more

  • It's In The Details

    2/27/2015 11:01:45 AM, by REDDMARIE7

    It's Friday:) Weekends don't excite me like they used to lol. I still look forward to them, though! I was putting in my 'food' and finished up yesterdays tracker,,,and began to see the discrepancies...because it's in the details. Suddenly...a 100 calorie apple ..? No. I thought I knew all the calor... Read more

  • Had a wonderful birthday

    2/27/2015 10:40:46 AM, by MEXGAL1

    Had a great time with dear friends for my birthday dinner. The food was awesome and even our picky friend Lee thought the food to be great. I kept celebrating yesterday when I got my facial as a gift as well as another lunch out with dear lady friend....but of course today I am a bit slow due... Read more

  • Kicking unhappiness in the tail

    2/27/2015 10:23:00 AM, by GORDON66

    You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted." Ruth E. Renkl Since I have no idea who Ruth E. Renkl is, I came across this quote, because I did a Google search for optimistic quotes. This particular collection of words produces a rather profound and true st... Read more

  • Feb 27: A Whole Day of Headache & Dizziness

    2/27/2015 10:15:26 AM, by FATHINSN

    Hmm, maybe a combo of sleep deprived and cafe food made my head hurt. If I slept late on previous night, I will take nap during lunchtime. I think since last week's Wednesday night that I'm starting to have terrible sleep. It was a night full of strong sound and light of fireworks. And apparently Ch... Read more

  • Yikes!

    2/27/2015 9:59:46 AM, by EATTHEELEPHANT

    Yikes! I went on vacation, planned on staying on maintenance (instead of weight loss) for a while and blew it. I've gained four pounds! Ok, so apparently my 'eyeballing' portion sizes does not work. So, back on weight loss and back to weighing and measuring. I know I can do this, I just need to... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/27/2015 9:59:26 AM, by MOMMY445

    my allergies are really acting up this morning. i will just go out once in the afternoon to run a few errands. it got cold very fast yesterday outside. today is superhero day at my daughter's school. she has a cool outfit ready to wear. she was up early this morning, as she wanted to put on her supe... Read more

  • Looking for Guest Posters on My Blog

    2/27/2015 9:39:18 AM, by CASSI9879

    Do you struggle with body image? Are you using diet and exercise to restrict yourself? Welcome to BODYpeace! This is a discovery journey of becoming FAT - Focused, Aware, and Transformed. If you've already started on your BODYpeace journey I'm looking for YOU! I have a series coming up on th... Read more

  • 2/27/15

    2/27/2015 8:21:12 AM, by KNUCHI

    Good Morning! I decided that Friday would be a much better weigh in day. I guess I don't really havea good reason for this, but I'm happy because I'm finally seeing all the lady bizz weight come off. I'm back to where I was 2 weeks ago when I started all this nonsense. Hopefully, I'll keep... Read more

  • daughter called

    2/27/2015 7:53:14 AM, by NASFKAB

    daughter called to know how I am & gave a long lecture on making a good life for myself inviting friends etc... Read more

  • A little early - Feb Goal Check in

    2/27/2015 7:27:32 AM, by NIMIRRA137

    The month isn't quite over yet but I'm not sure if I'll get online much this weekend so I thought I'd check in on my February goals now while I have time. 1. I'm going to keep my January goal of Gym twice a week after work and once on weekends but hopefully I can sprinkle in a 3rd day during t... Read more

  • Learning to get use to starting over

    2/27/2015 6:55:04 AM, by JAIYUNNA

    I am becoming to realize everyday is a new renewed to do something different. Something that you didnt do yesterday. I realized we are not all perfect we are going always be working on something that we need to improve. We need to use to it. I am working on building me back up. Its amazing how we ca... Read more

  • Roller coaster ride day 4

    2/27/2015 6:29:47 AM, by CAROLSTRONG

    Had a great morning yesterday. Right until I got to work. I tried to stand strong and not let it get to me. Then the Dark Monster of depression won the battle. I brought wonton soup for lunch. But I manage a department store. I bought poptarts and ate 4 for dessert. Then after that I ate 2Clark bar... Read more

  • Still going

    2/27/2015 6:04:27 AM, by YULSUNNY

    Hi everyone, Its good to be back, though I haven't really been far. I have been reading Sparkpeople on my phone, but it won't let me sign in and stay signed in for it so I haven't been blogging or leaving comments. I've decided it's high time to get into gear and while I'm worried, I am a... Read more

  • If you don't bet you can't win

    2/27/2015 5:18:44 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet you can't win." Lazarus Long Some people believe that the game of life is rigged . That there is a lot predetermined for us. Some people believe that the world is out to get them . That sad and hard times are ahead . S... Read more

  • Friday......

    2/27/2015 4:33:10 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......and about time, too! 224 At long last, the battered vehicle has returned home....... Have a full social calendar (it's been a while since this phenomena has occurred) - and some events have food involved, so I gotta take care....... Last bit of a "financial squeeze" from... Read more

  • Happy Thursday! Be sunny and happy~

    2/27/2015 12:46:49 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    Today was busy and I was tired since I slept very funky last night, I was waking up a little much. I had errands today at the bank, Target, having lunch with my Mom and grocery shopping! It was round 70F and sunny. I did fine for being sleep deprived and didn't go carb happy. I did ST today but I ha... Read more

  • And the update is ...

    2/27/2015 12:36:43 AM, by SKELLEY3440

    I'm happy to say that the school has been VERY willing and able to help. My daughter came home today with a GIANT smile on her face and she hasn't had that since school started this year. I spoke with the principal yesterday and was very concerned because even though he planned on addressing the iss... Read more

  • Feb 26

    2/27/2015 12:29:17 AM, by CHRYS00

    Survived another week of kids. You know I once said "When my sister has kids, I hope they act like she did growing up, drive her insane and treat her terrible like she did me!" Well, unfortunately I got my wish with her oldest. Unfortunate cause I have to babysit her. UGH! Talk about coming back to ... Read more

  • TGIF

    2/27/2015 12:03:08 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed and send loving thoughts to your friends and family always be positive what you send out comes back 10 fold hugx... Read more

  • Working for a living!

    2/26/2015 11:25:27 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Clocked out of work at 10:07pm.... wow... good bad and indifferent... Starting to feel comfy with a few things.... Shoveled the ice out of my driveway to get out this am, but didnt' get to walk my 2 mi. I did find a burrito in the freezer, makes a great, quick easy to carry and eat lunch.... Read more

  • 2/26/15 - Bedtime

    2/26/2015 11:12:32 PM, by GORDON66

    Completed a set of 60-pound dead lifts. A neighbor helped me clear the snow from the front of my driveway. Although I spent an hour dealing with the snow this morning, I still managed to get to work on time and was even the first person in the office. Sweet dreams everyone!!! Les... Read more

  • Day 196

    2/26/2015 10:59:53 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Of course I had to shovel a bit today just to get to my car. But the snow was light and fluffy so I just drove out of my parking space. The snow plow had made a nice little trip around my car. Needless to say the therapist was not happy about my little bit of shoveling. I got a simple litt... Read more

  • Such a long week

    2/26/2015 10:35:47 PM, by TIFFANIEFAITH

    When I read the responses to my last blog I was thrilled. All of you truly made my day ... my week with your kind comments and encouragement on my photography. This week has been very mediocre as far as eating goes. I haven't binged or just eaten badly, but I have been busier than expected an... Read more

  • My 9 Month Numbers

    2/26/2015 10:22:37 PM, by BMCC488

    For the past month: BMI: was 39.1 and is now 37.8 (dropped 1.3 points) Weight: was 242 and now 234.2 (lost 7.8 pounds) Sleep: got mostly the same amount but more 7-8 hours Water: drank anywhere from 8-15 cups a day, usually 10+ Mileage for 1200 miles in 2015 goal: 134.3 miles so far *... Read more

  • Help! I'm desperate

    2/26/2015 10:01:22 PM, by TONYASUEST

    I can't seem to stay on top of this. I like to eat! I've been doing the spark smart swap diet, but I can't do it 7 days a week. Life happens. we are not all together (my family) for a meal every night, and I don't like to cook just for myself. My daughter and husband both try everything that I ma... Read more

  • Thursday's Thought =)

    2/26/2015 9:53:15 PM, by GAYLE-G-63

    ... Read more

  • Day One - It Begins

    2/26/2015 9:04:10 PM, by LLBLCKRAINCLOUD

    I'm going to struggle with writing in here everyday, I can tell. Today went well enough for the most part. I got in a few exercises, resisted my food cravings and stuck to my, mostly, healthy foods. There are places I can probably make improvements, and I don't think my food tracker is completely ac... Read more

  • Affirmations and Regarding Friends

    2/26/2015 9:03:04 PM, by ADARKARA

    Yesterday's Affirmations - I have people in my life that love me and are there for me; they are always with me in spirit. - If I cannot solve a problem on my own, I am resourceful enough to search out the answers. - I embrace our differences because that is what makes us all special. These dif... Read more

  • Day 8 of the 'Q'

    2/26/2015 8:36:35 PM, by HOLLYPOTTER

    Not sure if it's the last two weeks of snow days, but today I have been tired as all get out. I even made it for my dark o'clock workout and felt like I worked harder than I ever had. I met my calorie goal today, kept up with my log. I have just felt like hibernating until the snow is gone! So ... Read more

  • Sorry

    2/26/2015 8:03:19 PM, by ECONLADY

    I posted a blog about a problem and then deleted it. Just too personal, but I needed to get it out. In a nutshell, tomorrow I am taking my car to my daughter in college. It is a loan. Her need is bigger than mine. It's been hard because I don't do well with change, and my hubby doesn't agree wi... Read more

  • Feb. 26, 2015 - Throwback Thursday

    2/26/2015 7:39:00 PM, by SOFTERSONG

    Hey guys! Today was alright! I actually worked the earlier shift at the library today, so I wound up getting out around 3pm. That gave me plenty of time to eat a late lunch and then go work out before dinner! I wound up with salad and some grilled chicken strips, loaded with tomatoes ... Read more

  • Darn cold weather

    2/26/2015 7:03:49 PM, by HDLIMM

    Due to the cold I have to miss my grandkids drum club performance 1/2 time of the Skyforce game. (Basketball). I can't hardly breathe when the door is opened, let alone going out into the cold. With wind chill around -20 o-30 below 0. My COPD is to bad for it.... Read more

  • Better Than Entering Sweepstakes!

    2/26/2015 7:01:06 PM, by LILLYROSEGRAM

    Amazed at the number of new SparkPeople members who join each day. It makes me wonder how everyone learned about this amazing resource. When I found the website, I wasn't looking for a tool to help me reach my healthy eating and weight loss goals. I had the goals; actually, I have had the goal... Read more

  • Some Great Hints.......

    2/26/2015 6:26:09 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Nine foods that get rid of an upset stomach are: Bananas, Ginger, Plain Yogurt, Papaya, Apple Sauce, Oatmeal, White Rice, Chamomile Tea, and Chicken Broth. 265 470 469... Read more

  • Keeping in touch

    2/26/2015 6:18:29 PM, by LINDAM.1

    the Oregon flag is the only one with two sides so to get a true flag is not the hand held. LINDAM.1 Friend gave me apricots for my oatmeal and spinach. Free is always a good price 247 213... Read more

  • 100%

    2/26/2015 5:59:54 PM, by BEC1021

    Oh yeah. Today I have got in 54 min cardio and my strength training. I'm filling great. I'm giving it my all 100%... Read more

  • From the mouths of babies.

    2/26/2015 5:56:17 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    More tomorrow.... Read more

  • SparkPeople Resources

    2/26/2015 5:33:26 PM, by JUST.SOME.GIRL

    I have been a member of SparkPeople for years! However, I never used all of the available resources that the site has before. How silly of me! I can't expect results without putting in all of the work that I possibly can. So today, I changed that! I did a couple of the workout videos on the sit... Read more

  • Almost there!

    2/26/2015 5:01:08 PM, by GFMOMMY

    I lost another 2.5 lbs! I am almost to my first goal! I am really excited about that! I haven't been 250 in over 10 years! I am excited to get a new wardrobe. ^_^ So glad I started Wii Fit again. I am have been doing 15 mins on the wii and I think I will add 15 mins to work out in our "fitness" ro... Read more

  • The Gym

    2/26/2015 4:39:07 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    Me and my aunt joined the Gym Jan 9th and we still haven't been. We both got that chest bug at the same time which lasted just over 2 weeks. On top of that we got all this snow. We plan to go tomorrow and Sunday, if the weather is okay. I would like to try to go at least 3x a week. Here is ... Read more

  • Back to Curves!

    2/26/2015 4:15:33 PM, by KYCAROL

    I went back to Curves today. It felt so good. This was the first time in two weeks. I did the routine, but my stamina was a little low and I was tired when I finished, but I am back on track. My food intake is back and I'm tracking everything. Blackie has not come home, so guess he cro... Read more

  • Who wants to chew the same thing twice?

    2/26/2015 3:11:04 PM, by GORDON66

    "Don't waste your time looking back on what you've lost. Move on, for life is not meant to be traveled backwards." "If only" has too often been my mantra. If only I had different parents, found a teaching job, know what I know now, etc. Good gracious! I've had more than my share of pity par... Read more

  • Thursday February 26, 2015

    2/26/2015 2:48:38 PM, by TANGELLO200

    10 1/2 hrs slept 12-10:30 feeling a bit sad and sleepy believe it or not... check in sparkpeople logged food.. played words with friends still in bed with cynthia..head is itchy all over... dry skin. work on peach phone purse. wait for randa got out of work too late to do anything.. tried to send h... Read more