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  • May 6, 2016

    5/6/2016 6:03:45 PM, by RBCFBC

    I just picked Jake up from the animal clinic. Thank goodness he's the last pet that needed to be taken care of. He had his teeth cleaned and three pulled - not a happy kitty! It's great that they can now give them an antibiotic shot that will work for 2 weeks. I think his mouth is too sore to tr... Read more

  • Mother day and jokes

    5/6/2016 4:53:52 PM, by CANDOK1260

    blog about your mother and Mother's day: Do you have a favorite memory of your mother? my favorite memory are being made now mom and me have never been closer How you and your mother alike/not alike? I have my mom stubbornness, her loyalty, her work ethic, and her love of family. I am not a dancer ... Read more

  • The Lies on the Labels

    5/6/2016 3:48:31 PM, by SHAPAIBRON

    I would like to learn how to cook all of my meals with nothing but all natural ingredients. I thought shopping for these wouldn't be very hard, but It seems like foods are labeled "all natural" or "organic" or "healthy" at grocery/dept stores and it means very different things depending on who is d... Read more

  • DOGS

    5/6/2016 3:44:26 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    A good friend sent this to me today and I couldn't agree with it more.......... Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love. They depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your 26 is very bi... Read more

  • Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

    5/6/2016 12:21:11 PM, by DECAREAU84

    Yesterday I decided to only work at the office yesterday and today... to take a break from the retail world in the evenings and take some time to rejuvanate. I started the evening by visiting and sharing a few laughs with my grandparents. Then, I headed home and planted a few flowers that have been ... Read more

  • Down 80 Pounds Again

    5/6/2016 12:08:28 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    I've now lost over half the weight I regained at the beginning of the year (I had regained 21 pounds, I've now lost 12) and I just dipped back into the 160s this morning. I'm not sure if my weight will fluctuate back up for a bit so I'm not declaring anything too certain just yet, but anyway I'm pr... Read more

  • Adjusted resistance

    5/6/2016 11:23:31 AM, by JEN-JENG

    Yesterday I decided to do a little tune up/adjustment on my stationary bike. I took it apart (somewhat) and cleaned it really good, oiled the chain, and then adjusted the tension to make the pedaling more difficult. WHEW! was it MORE difficult!!! About halfway in to my 30 minute ride... Read more

  • I'm Back After A Long Tax Season! Haven't stopped Sparking though! :)

    5/6/2016 11:21:15 AM, by STRONGDANI

    Howdy Friends! It's been quite some time since I posted an update when it comes to blog posts. I apologize for that. I have however remembered to check in with my weigh ins and stuff like that so that was good. I have been super swamped with tax season from January to April. I am so glad that ... Read more

  • doing good this morning .everyone enjoy your friday "Friday YAYYY"

    5/6/2016 11:18:18 AM, by FRANWILL1

    386 ... Read more

  • Waiting to hear from the doctor about the results of sleep study with CPAP

    5/6/2016 10:45:06 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I called the doctor's office about an hour ago to see if they had the results of sleep study that I had 2 weeks ago last night with the CPAP. I am not going to wait for them to take forever like I did after the first one that I had without the CPAP. I waited over a month to hear the results of that... Read more

  • TGIF

    5/6/2016 10:40:43 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a great day... Read more

  • Starting on SparkPeople

    5/6/2016 10:38:38 AM, by CELTICCRONE1

    I am enduring a colonoscopy today-check in 11:30, procedure starts at 12:30, takes about an hour. No solid food all day yesterday and nothing til afternoon when I'm back home. This is not fun!... Read more

  • Fort Mcmurray

    5/6/2016 9:43:01 AM, by CARUSO92

    So yesterday I blew it is was depressed and kind of angry. I do not understand how people can be ignorant and say that 80000 people deserve to lose their homes in the wildfires. I have felt the impact this has on people as I watched Slave Lake burn up in wildfires 5 years ago. The people of Fort Mac... Read more

  • Rough Going - Lesson Learned?

    5/6/2016 9:37:04 AM, by JENIFRED124

    Yesterday was a bad, bad day. I was so stressed out about work that I took the afternoon off. Turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. Sun shining, birds singing, not too hot, not too cold. However, I BINGED and BINGED and BINGED. I didn't feel any guilt or remorse while doing it. But I am s... Read more

  • Have you missed me?

    5/6/2016 9:32:11 AM, by PCOH051610

    Hi, Talk about tooting my own horn! Of course, you've all missed me ( 211 ) because you have nothing better to do than wonder "where is Susan". LOL I'm here trying hard to fight off my seasonal depression that accompanies my annual lay off from work. I've had a week off thus far and haven... Read more

  • Running late

    5/6/2016 8:39:12 AM, by AHUNT2905

    I'm running behind today but I'm trying to still make the effort to do better my migraines ate really starting to mess up my weight loss goals. Anyone else have this problem?... Read more

  • I'm not FAT ... I'm FLUFFY!

    5/6/2016 8:17:32 AM, by DEW18504

    334 You are beautiful, just the way you are Kitty! 129 If you want to improve yourself and lose weight to be healthier and happier then I think that's just awesome, but ... 26 Jesus is going to love you whether you do or not because you are already so beautiful t... Read more

  • Class Reunion Incentive

    5/6/2016 8:12:13 AM, by 60SURVIVOR

    I'm going to be attending a high school Class Reunion on November 5, 2016. I went to a very small school, so this will be a multi-year reunion. If that's not incentive to lose weight, I don't know what is!... Read more

  • Ow!!! My legs!!!

    5/6/2016 7:20:02 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I just finished doing a 45 minute Pilates workout focusing on the lower body. I thought the reps would never end! My legs still hurt! I will still be feeling it for days! Never underestimate simple looking moves! If you do enough of them, you will start to ache and burn! I think I will just wal... Read more

  • Spark coach

    5/6/2016 7:03:46 AM, by MISSA526

    I'm feeling very optimistic because I lost the weight I had gained and am back below 170!!!... Read more

  • *MORE* rain, touchy/cranky family members.......

    5/6/2016 6:23:44 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......perfect recipe for a lousy wonder my eating fell off track - AGAIN........SMH....... 39... Read more

  • Feeling great

    5/6/2016 5:49:38 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Eating better, getting rid of bad carbs... Read more

  • Day 1 (2016/05/05) - 201.6

    5/6/2016 4:31:44 AM, by WHITEFIRE0827

    That's where I am now. To think I thought 140-160 was bad when I first started using this (which I had forgotten all about for almost 3 years). Looking back at the photos I had on here (which have since been deleted), I at least had some definition and shape. Well... a pear shape. much better t... Read more

  • One day at a time

    5/6/2016 3:49:07 AM, by NSMILLER09

    It's only been a few weeks since signing upon Sparkpeople, but it has helped me and opened my eyes up so much. Tracking my food has definitely helped me make better choices. I wish I liked more fruits and veggies, but I am trying. Tracking also helps me hold myself accountable, "do I really want ... Read more

  • Summer Strong •Day 22/56

    5/6/2016 3:39:04 AM, by LOSTNSPACE4NOW

    Summer Strong •Day 22/56: Chisel Balance (05/05/16) #stickaforkinmeiamdone ... Read more

  • Sweet Tooth Challenge

    5/6/2016 2:31:38 AM, by CARRYONDANCING

    I started the sweet too challenge last night after I scarfed down a donut in the afternoon that I had meant to avoid. Donuts at work are a regular thing since the donut shop down the street donates them. I can kind of, SORT of condone one a week, but having them every single time we get a bin in (an... Read more

  • Day 2

    5/6/2016 2:29:21 AM, by DISTURBEDENT1TY

    It's a bit weird this blogging thing, not really sure what to say but at least if I keep coming back and engaging it should help me be more focused on my goals. Today my goals are not to succumb to over eating and drink more water. Small steps but something is better than nothing right?... Read more

  • Day 10

    5/6/2016 1:49:29 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    I went over on phone. Comfort food put me over the edge. But I'm still feeling cruddy so I want to eat. I got 62 minutes of walking in today. Feeling positive about that. I drank 11 cups of water. Gotta keep pushing the fluids. Slept 5 hours. Need more rest.... Read more

  • Ugh

    5/6/2016 12:22:46 AM, by QPONDEALER

    My body isn't happy right now. I'm having unexplained tremors and shocking electric like feelings racing through me. Listening to my body and choosing to take some down time!... Read more

  • Dealing with busy days

    5/6/2016 12:18:33 AM, by SPORKLING

    Sooooo the last couple of days have been super busy for me work is generally busy as there's always a giant pile of work to do that never ends and I have a couple of hobbies that take up any spare time left over. Yesterday I really struggled in the evening to find something healthy to eat I... Read more

  • 5/5/16 - Bedtime

    5/5/2016 11:52:57 PM, by GORDON66

    While at the gym pedaling away on the recumbent bike, I was able to watch the Cubs and Nationals. The Cubs won!! 244 Our Hartford marketing rep took me to lunch today. I really like her, and we had a nice chat. We had birthday cake at the office today. It was angel food with strawberri... Read more

  • All Set

    5/5/2016 11:36:28 PM, by BMCC488

    In just a short 4 1/2 hours, I will be boarding the bus for the ride to the airport. Eek! As most of you know, I've been doing my packing and preparation little by little for about a week. So not much needed to be done today but I started panicking when I realized my "personal" carry-on item was too... Read more

  • Day 2 at the gym

    5/5/2016 11:21:32 PM, by ROXIELOVE22

    Went back to the gym again today and even ran for 2 minutes straight which isn't much but this is only the beginning. After, I returned to my comfort zone which right now is cycling (7 mins) just not as many calories. I am committed to exercising a minimum of ten minutes which hope to eventually be... Read more

  • Getting there--slowly but surely

    5/5/2016 11:19:57 PM, by NUTSABOUTMINIS

    Well, I'm not sure where to start. My name is Cindy. I'm in my 50s (ouch!) and I've been overweight for most of my life. I have been on more diets than I care to admit but this time is different. I joined Spark People in Oct 2013. I thought I was ready to lose weight but my Dad had recently passed a... Read more

  • Summer Strong •Day 23/56

    5/5/2016 11:11:27 PM, by LOSTNSPACE4NOW

    Summer Strong •Day 23/56: Max Hammer Strength (05/05/16) #teamhammer #mevsme ... Read more

  • Back on SP... So Now What?

    5/5/2016 11:10:59 PM, by AMBERWAS117KGS

    For most people, it would be setting up meal plans and jumping straight into goals. I jumped straight into SP last time.... but I had already started losing weight. I knew where I was going wrong and I knew how to fix it. It was easy and I had few limitations in my way. For me, this time, not s... Read more

  • Day 630 Listened to my foot all day.

    5/5/2016 11:03:28 PM, by CALAMITIE

    This foot looks good except for the swelling I can't seem to get down. So today was all about doing only what the good needed. When it felt sore from sitting at the computer chair or the sewing chair I went to sit in the recliner and put it up or laid on the couch to let it be raised. I also iced... Read more

  • Lazy day reading, but on track with food and exercise

    5/5/2016 11:00:32 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, please keep praying for those poor people displaced by the wildfire which has destroyed so much of Fort Mac. My goal is to have 2 days without sweets, and if I get to bed before I eat something I shouldn't (and it's midnite now), I will have met that... Read more

  • Day 35

    5/5/2016 10:09:35 PM, by CHRISTINA3023

    Well I have passed the 30 day mark. My eating habits are improving. I can honestly say I have worked out at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 days (if not more) a week. There have been times that I have just wanted to relax and I have not let myself do that. I put on my sneakers with no hesitati... Read more

  • The Struggle Is Real!

    5/5/2016 9:55:24 PM, by KMW987

    I don't know if it was the sickness, or the time change, or coming home to cold weather, but I've been having the HARDEST time getting back into the swing of things. You know it's pretty bad when you haven't had a decent night's sleep since you were IN Vegas! LOL! The good news is, aside from t... Read more

  • Slow Start

    5/5/2016 9:44:28 PM, by EJWHAT

    Hello. I joined Sparkpeople while in the middle of a home remodel. Honestly not the best time but a friend of mine had joined so I thought it would be okay to start and at least begin doing little things toward some better habits. Logging my food is something I've been needing to do for a long time ... Read more

  • Thursday - Using all the tools in my toolbox 05/05/2016

    5/5/2016 9:27:10 PM, by PLATINUM755

    "I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams."~Jonas Salk... Read more

  • Nola Comes Through Again

    5/5/2016 9:24:38 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    This morning I had an appointment to get my hair cut. My DIL goes to the same hair stylist and had her appointment right before mine. She took Nola with her (she is almost 4) and she colored and played games while her Mom was getting her hair cut and highlighted. When I arrived, Nola was VERY hap... Read more

  • Tonight it starts again.

    5/5/2016 9:05:11 PM, by PORTHOS75

    Ok, the horrible-ness that is tax season has ended, and I'm back to a normal 40 hours work week for the next 7 or 8 months. Additionally, my schedule is 7am-3:30pm instead of 11am-9pm so that should give me a lot more time to work gym time in. I just finished my pre-workout protein snack, ... Read more

  • My fitness

    5/5/2016 8:39:41 PM, by HALIELIZABETH

    It's hard to keep eating healthy when I'm hungry all the time. I make myself salads and sandwiches, and I try to stick to only low fat ingredients but there's so few calories, I'm starving an hour later.... Read more

  • Baby number one

    5/5/2016 8:22:28 PM, by SONGBYRD_RA

    Well I'm pregnant! I meant that to sound a lot more excited. I am 25 weeks and I lost 40 lbs right after I got pregnant. I didn't do anything and wasn't sick, the weight just left. I went from 330-288. I didn't stay at 288 long but I was there at one point. I weighed myself yesterday and it was 297.... Read more

  • Make it happen

    5/5/2016 8:18:56 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " The misfortunes hardest to bear are those that never happen. " James Russell Lowell Today I was spot on with my eating and exercise. I got an email from a job that I have an interest in , they are still interested in me and wanted to know if I was fluent in Spanish , speaking and writing, whi... Read more

  • And the Thirty Seventh Day

    5/5/2016 7:56:27 PM, by RSANTIAGO56

    Today I was very hungry again. The more I exercise, the hungrier I get. So I did some reading, and the answer is yes it does. Seems so unfair. A little whining there. Basically, exercising increases the hormone that makes you hungry. And overweight women are even hunger after exercise becau... Read more

  • Teen-age Calories VS Mom Calories

    5/5/2016 7:08:35 PM, by DEBF815

    I want my teen-aged daughter's metabolism. Clearly, we do not burn calories at the same level. When I pick up towels from the bathroom floor, it is pretty effortless, maybe a 2 calorie burn. Judging by her deep breath and forceful exhale, she must burn 200 calories. Unloading the dishwashe... Read more

  • What a relief!!!

    5/5/2016 7:06:22 PM, by PJM1968

    I was truly dreading today, it was the house I had to clean this morning, but yay I got it. As I said a few blogs back, the lady that was helping me decided house cleaning wasn't for her. So on my own I went, it took me almost the same time as it did when I had her helping me. I think since I knew ... Read more

  • Feeling OK but tired today

    5/5/2016 7:04:41 PM, by DOROTHY58X

    Not much to say. Tired and feeling weary. Will sleep good and hope tomorrow I'll be more "up."... Read more

  • Still moving

    5/5/2016 4:59:21 PM, by SIXLESTER69

    I've been taking it easy due to this cold. I still walked 4,889 steps at work though. I've also been pushing fluids.... Read more

  • Not a good day

    5/5/2016 4:56:43 PM, by CARALEW

    It's been a really bad day today, hope thst tomorrow will be a better day.... Read more

  • Smile For Today...Thurs.

    5/5/2016 3:28:01 PM, by MSGRANNYMAE

    Husband: You will never succeed, in making that dog obey you. Wife: Nonsense! it's only a matter of patience, remember I had a lot of trouble with you at first as well.. ... Read more

  • I have been, again, struggling....

    5/5/2016 12:23:42 PM, by MISSCATY

    For the past few weeks, I just have not been able to do it. Just...not. May 2 was going to be THE DAY. Instead, I am celebrating Cinco de Mayo by beginning to be careful and stay within food guidelines...and move more. 3, 018 steps by 11:18. That is more than I did all day last Sunday. ... Read more

  • Learning Is A Never Ending Process

    5/5/2016 11:51:38 AM, by DECAREAU84

    "Train yourself to find the blessing in everything." My first goal upon arriving at work each day is to start off with a motivational quote and/or scripture. It not only lifts my spirit, but gives me something positive to focus on throughout the day. The age old saying "You can't teach an old dog ne... Read more

  • april review may goals

    5/5/2016 11:48:32 AM, by CANDOK1260

    For my BSG I am to Blog about my progress the past month and my. goals for this month. My goal for. My goal For April were 1 finished with 400 fitness min. what I did 2 change my eating habit eat more healthy-need to do more of this 3 drink at least 6 cup of water a day what I didn't do every... Read more

  • Rough Going

    5/5/2016 10:21:46 AM, by JENIFRED124

    I'm down. I'm tired. I have no energy. Why? Because I'm not eating right and I'm not exercising enough. My motivation is lacking. I try very hard to keep my mood up, but the dreary days we've been having aren't helping much. I have a co-worker who stresses me out by creating a hostile work e... Read more

  • Weightloss has changed my life...some good...some bad...but all in all, I couldn't be happier.

    5/5/2016 10:21:00 AM, by JENS1974

    My weight and body issues have been a constant in my life since 3rd grade. I remember my Mom taking me to a nutritionist in 3rd grade to help with my eating and weight. What I didn't realize is that her attempt to help planted that little seed that let me know that something wasn't right about me ... Read more

  • Stepping Forward Into Change ...

    5/5/2016 10:10:22 AM, by DEW18504

    Change can be scary and it isn't always easy! 39 "There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction" - Winston Churchill My Story: I asked God to help me change and He is answering my prayers! On March 9th of this year I was 290 pounds. I was always in pa... Read more

  • thursday good day to ?

    5/5/2016 10:06:31 AM, by FRANWILL1

    I'm doing better and still going slow but not as slow. 41 386 ... Read more

  • Testing my limits...

    5/5/2016 9:41:49 AM, by SABRAMOWI

    Good things are happening in the long view of my Spark experience, but my recent travels pointed up some of the limitations of my incessant need to test my own limits. An important part of my health recovery journey has been the elimination of grains, sugar, and dairy. These past few days, however, ... Read more

  • Starting back at the gym

    5/5/2016 8:38:28 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Gained a pound. Pretty sure this is muscle.... Read more

  • Starting back at the gym

    5/5/2016 8:38:17 AM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Gained a pound. Pretty sure this is muscle.... Read more

  • it's thursday

    5/5/2016 8:27:19 AM, by MOMMY445

    i just found out this morning that my parents will be moving at the end of june, just after my daughter finishes school. now i just need to make the time to go through what i am storing there and i will be all set. my uncle has offered to help find a place to store the things i am keeping,once i am ... Read more

  • And it starts

    5/5/2016 7:31:08 AM, by TABBYMARIE74

    People are looking at me strangely, asking if I have lost a lot of weight. I grudgingly say yes (I wish they wouldn't mention it at all) and then they ask if I am ok. Yes, I am fine, I am not thinner because I am sick. Then, some of them tell me they hope I do not lose any more, I should be done. I... Read more

  • Knee Surgery Recovery

    5/5/2016 6:29:05 AM, by DISTURBEDENT1TY

    Had knee surgery 7 weeks ago and put on some weight due to not being able to do much. I've got about 37lbs to lose to be where I want to be and 4 months to get there. I want to start my 40s in a while me frame of mind and a new body. Do even though I'm still limited to what I can do I can walk so... Read more

  • a long blog about dealing with my mom who is not dealing with her life!

    5/5/2016 6:23:20 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Today my blog is about how I spent my day yesterday. I stopped by to visit my mom and see if she needed to send for anything from the store while I went to the walking track. She told me about how Life alert people had been calling and were able to talk her into buying a device to put in her hom... Read more

  • Summer Strong • Day 21/56

    5/5/2016 5:46:37 AM, by LOSTNSPACE4NOW

    Summer Strong •Day 21/56: ISO Strength Chisel (05/04/16) #strength #drained ... Read more

  • Spark coach

    5/5/2016 4:42:54 AM, by MISSA526

    Name one or more things you like about you about your body. I like my butt, it's always perky 😉. I like my hair it's always been there for me ❤. I like my sides it's the first place I lose weight 😃!... Read more

  • Busy Day Off

    5/5/2016 4:10:40 AM, by BMCC488

    Today was my day off and I had a psychiatrist appointment. After my regular doctor suggesting Cymbalta or some other antidepressant that is better for people with chronic pain, and I think Celexa is another one... I thought I could get on something better for me. I don't know what all the fuss was a... Read more

  • Good day!

    5/5/2016 2:10:33 AM, by DENISEKRE22

    Great day at work!... Read more

  • First Lymphedema Appointment Set

    5/5/2016 12:11:30 AM, by WAXXIEKAXXIE

    I received a call from the surgeons office this week. May 17 @ 11am is the day set for my first consultation and I have no idea what to expect. Trying to stay positive but my mind tells me he may want me to lose more weight before having such a surgery. With the Lymphedema removed my life will... Read more

  • Day 17" 5/5/16

    5/5/2016 12:08:04 AM, by SOSMOND

    So sore from sculpt class yesterday. I keep trying to tell myself its good for me, but ideally i would love to be able to sit down pain free!!! Being the biggest and least fit person there makes me feel bloody terrible about myself...thankfully the room is dark and noone can see the tears down my f... Read more

  • App Problems.... #techsupport

    5/4/2016 11:42:02 PM, by AUSNBREEZY1

    Hey SparkPeep #techsupport Why does my app give me a blank screen when posting a new blog or hitting reply on comments sometimes? Here's a screenshot. Just a blank window with no keyboard...... Read more

  • OK, Vacation over and time to get back to work here

    5/4/2016 11:16:08 PM, by SLIMLILA

    It's been a very busy time since I got back, but a few of things I have been doing have been good things.... going to a 6 week Healthy Weight Program at the library and also to a Chronic Disease Management Program at a medical centre. At the latter, we had to make an action plan. The difference be... Read more

  • 5/4/16

    5/4/2016 10:23:04 PM, by CRAZYNURSEMOM

    May the 4th be with you. I really wish someone, anyone, would notice I lost a couple pounds. I got excited because some off my jeans are a bit looser, and more comfortable. Some days I feel right on target, and other days it is like hitting a brick wall.... Read more

  • Bloom

    5/4/2016 10:20:30 PM, by GEE-KNEE

    I once pulled up a huge pile of overgrown morning glory and found this little agapanthus with a tiny little blooming flower on it. I remember looking at that flower and wondering how it bloomed in such adverse conditions. It probably never got sunlight and it was just completely covered.. and I de... Read more

  • Dealing with Grief

    5/4/2016 9:49:07 PM, by LIMDUR

    My cousin passed away a few hours ago. She had been battling cancer for the past year and then went into kidney failure last night. She was 32/33 years old. I am trying to wrap my head around this. I am also trying to keep my head on straight, but I don't know how well that is going to work. I don... Read more

  • 5-4-16

    5/4/2016 9:32:06 PM, by TINKYJJ

    Could've been worse. I went over but I ended up skipping lunch which led to a ravenous dinner. It's getting better. I have to find ways to balance what I eat. I've noticed a patten that I need to break. I go for fat and carbs because they are quick and easy and forget lean protein until dinner. I h... Read more

  • My trip to the gym

    5/4/2016 9:28:54 PM, by ROXIELOVE22

    Hey I finally got to join the gym and go for the first time in awhile today and I feel great. I did 20 minutes of cardio on the bike with a little bit of running but not much then made it through the strength circuit. I rewarded myself with a trip to the pool and relaxed in the hot tub which always ... Read more

  • /day 629 No more thinking I'll make it

    5/4/2016 9:13:51 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Running into to town with the treat for mom and dad and then needing to go to the store for them. Then I had to solve one of my own problems and no I just pulled the full garbage can to the street. And talked Max into coming back into the house. My foot feels like a balloon with too much a... Read more

  • Happy hump day!!!

    5/4/2016 9:04:21 PM, by PJM1968

    Trying to get a plan together just for next week, as far as food, etc. It's bad when nothing really appeals to my taste buds. And hating to cook is another obstacle lol. I can cook, I just don't like to. I don't like cleaning up afterwards, there's nothing really about it that I like. I have to be i... Read more

  • Let it rain

    5/4/2016 8:52:11 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain, " Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Another day of rain here. Gloomy , dark , damp and cold. A perfect time to internet shop. I found some good steals. A long raincoat with fleece on the inside , good for raining or snowing days and 30... Read more

  • bla

    5/4/2016 8:45:02 PM, by POKEME95

    been miserable with myself. i need to get it in my head and do it again. ive been trying to be better with eating and working out more. if the weather would ever stay nice i will start walking with the kids. deff need a kick in the butt to get moving again... Read more

  • Learning something new everyday

    5/4/2016 8:34:29 PM, by FAETHSILVERWOLF

    Well I have just found out how to do something that has been alluding me since I started Weight Watchers a few years ago and continued to allude me through my first try with Spark People. See I cook in bulk, and have lots of left overs. I had no idea how to figure out what the portions of my b... Read more

  • And the Thirty Sixth Day

    5/4/2016 7:41:11 PM, by RSANTIAGO56

    I have lost 9 lbs in 5 weeks. Not quite 2 lbs per week, but close enough to celebrate 9 In reviewing the past month, and the changes I have made so far, such as tracking everything and exercising every day, no soft drinks, and at least 8 glasses of water a day; I still have changes to make th... Read more

  • Goodbye, my beautiful friend.

    5/4/2016 7:36:05 PM, by MONTROSE28

    My wonderful friend Sandra finally left this world at 2am on Friday, April 30th after having had a wonderful day where she was fully alert and free of pain, while telling everyone of her friends and family members who came to say their goodbyes to her that they shouldn't have wasted their time beca... Read more

  • Measurements

    5/4/2016 7:19:09 PM, by WHYNOTSOON

    I went to the weight loss center today and I lost two pounds this week. In the last month I've lost an inch in my hips and half an inch in my abdomen. Looks like I'm not going to be traveling to Houston tomorrow. Even better I think since I don't have to worry about finding food on the road. ... Read more

  • I should be arrested ...

    5/4/2016 6:50:31 PM, by DEW18504

    I should be arrested for murder 40 Because I totally killed it today! 334 224 23,200 steps, 11 miles, 158 Exercise Minutes, and burned 3585 Calories while only consuming 890! (I filled up on low cal veggies all day and drank a lot of water) And, I'm Not... Read more

  • 5/4

    5/4/2016 6:19:08 PM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Today is my birthday and i am blessed to live another year. Even though the struggle has been real, i've managed to get through it all. I am currently struggling but i know i could do this! This month i am focusing more and getting my workouts in. So i am hoping i see progress on the scale. P.S. to... Read more

  • Re-Learning the Same Lesson

    5/4/2016 5:59:47 PM, by BEESHELL8

    A big challenge for me is taking care of myself. People say that all the time --"take care of yourself" but what does that mean? I remember this question coming up a lot when my dad was hospitalized almost 3 years ago. It was a roller coaster of medical events involving managing his heart failure wh... Read more

  • Wednesday - Be Strong! Stay Strong! 05/04/2016

    5/4/2016 5:15:40 PM, by PLATINUM755

    ... Read more

  • Big Goal Blog for May 2016

    5/4/2016 4:52:44 PM, by TALULAX-

    I am doing good this week! :) As I have highlighted in other blogs I have been trying to get goals together to get myself back on track and to also not overwhelm myself with tasks. May 1st I filled out my little calendar / task book. As much as I love my stuff going on spark I need a hard copy ... Read more

  • Not Throwing In the Towel

    5/4/2016 4:43:34 PM, by RAYMONDSGIRL80

    Despite the fact that I gained 2lbs on my last weigh in, I just finished my salad. I have been slipping more than I should but I still maintain my healthy choices. I can tell I have a little bit of pain coming back when I get out of bed in the morning but that will just push me to remember and to do... Read more

  • Getting my groove back

    5/4/2016 4:24:52 PM, by 1BOOMBALATTY

    Weight training, swimming and water aerobics; cutting carbs out!... Read more

  • Cranberry orange kick!

    5/4/2016 4:23:37 PM, by MSDIXIE9

    Added some new arm exercises with dumbbells this morning and I'm feeling a good way! 362 Will take my walk later this afternoon before dinner with lil man. 311 Technically it's a rest day for us but I just feel like moving! 331 Idk about the rest of y'all, but this girl loves any... Read more

  • Raining again..

    5/4/2016 4:20:11 PM, by CIEAIRA

    After a long day at work, I came home and did some house cleaning. Which I'm excited about. I usually come home and relax after work. It was so nice yesterday, and so rainy today. I can't wait to take my dog for a nice walk again soon.... Read more

  • Well, its sunny and warm!

    5/4/2016 4:14:19 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    So yes in a bit I am going for a walk out! Get those steps working for me lol! I've done a fair amount of housework today so that is some good activity and moving around. Yes, I am home but we are 95% packed up so the other 5% is basically ready to go when we load up next week. We have a plan of att... Read more

  • Anxiety, Hormones and Emotional Eating - Day 357

    5/4/2016 4:04:34 PM, by DANNY_LCF

    Monday was a high anxiety day. I had an appointment with my oncologist and I felt extremely nervous that day. After the good news and the calm-after-the-storm moment, I was home alone and I overate some no-sugar dark chocolate covered almonds we bought last weekend. I was going to eat j... Read more