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  • The new me!

    7/29/2015 9:31:28 AM, by JENS1974

    Wow, it's amazing the difference a few months can make. I'm just kind of rock'n and roll'n. Seems that I've kicked my emotional eating habits. I wont' say I am 100% over it, but I definitely have more control. I'm officially down 25lbs! My muscles are defined and toned. I still have work to d... Read more

  • Or...Not.

    7/29/2015 8:55:02 AM, by CALLIKIA

    *sigh* Guys. I don't know how much more I can take. I'm being 100% honest here. I am not trying to overreact, but the level of my frustration can no longer be measured. My husband called the insurance company Monday to get our group and member ID number so I could give it to my chiropractor... Read more

  • Being Brave

    7/29/2015 8:08:16 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I can't tell you how many opportunities I've passed up because I've beaten myself down before I've even had a chance to go for the brass ring. In the past, instead of losing weight, I resigned myself to failure almost every time. I could not believe in myself or be brave enough to face the obst... Read more

  • Recovering!

    7/29/2015 7:58:57 AM, by ADARKARA

    As you probably know, I completed not only my first 5K this weekend but it was also a mud run. You can find the full write up on my experience at my off-Spark blog: Sunday I was tired and achy. Monday I still hurt but I dove right back into my workout routine. Tues... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    7/29/2015 7:58:17 AM, by MOMMY445

    another warm and humid day here today. my daughter and i are keeping cool and well hydrated. got to meet a really nice lady the other night. even though i was not expecting to meet her, i am so glad i did. makes all the efforts i am putting in to better my life worth it. all the birds say hi. have a... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 9 (Long post - I need some opinions, please weigh in!)

    7/29/2015 7:25:54 AM, by JENNEGRON0

    Reflection/Question moment: I learned of a career opportunity that sounds like it matches everything I want in the next chapter of my life and career. I do need to do some more research and talk to individuals who are doing that job right now to make a more educated decision in the future. This wo... Read more

  • Cross Stitch

    7/29/2015 6:59:56 AM, by FRANKIEKNIGHT2

    I belong to the cross stitch team but there is not much activity on that team....I'm looking for a panda that has the color scheme in English....I would also like something OSU and Cupcakes...If you know of anyone who may have these patterns please have them message me... ... Read more

  • Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    7/29/2015 6:57:49 AM, by SLBROOKS3

    Have my interview in 2 hours. Not really looking forward to it but more like dreading it and can't wait until it is over. I will do my best. Going to do the Whole30 for mid August or so. I was inspired by Bobcatgirl76. I will probably come back later today and update this blog so chec... Read more

  • Concerned.......

    7/29/2015 6:49:39 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    I've come to become highly dependent on having good momentum continue.......and right now I suspect this is going to stop - AGAIN - and BIG TIME.........just have this feeling, and it's NOT good for the daily mood........... (vent mode on) These swings are WORSE tham PMS - WORSE than menop... Read more

  • Don't Give Up!

    7/29/2015 6:48:53 AM, by AUTHENTICALLYME

    This is not my first time on Spark People. I quit the first time. When I rejoined I made a promise to myself that the second time would be different because I would do the things I needed to even when I didn't feel like it or want to. The only person who can change me is me. 6... Read more

  • note to self...alcohol does not fit this lifestyle

    7/29/2015 6:47:56 AM, by SYDNEYM3

    So...I went out last night with friends...split a flat bread pizza and a beautiful salad...great choices! I was looking "cute"... Work outfit and hair survived the humid day...and, honestly, I am hoping to meet someone some day and there is a great place half a mile from my new house...sigh...such a... Read more

  • I am my own worst enemy

    7/29/2015 6:39:12 AM, by LOOZERLOZ

    I am desperate to get my life back on track. Had a lot of ups and downs in the past couple of years. I turned to food for comfort I really need to get on track. I struggle to walk long distances, I have a gorgeous dog who likes lots of walks but my partner takes him out most as I cant. I have a love... Read more

  • Weight loss journal

    7/29/2015 6:18:04 AM, by LEMONTULIP

    started a weight loss journal a couple of days ago. I wanted to write every time I felt like binging or having soda or I felt like I didn't want to workout. I need to get ahold of my emotions and there's no better than writing in a notebook I was going to leave the cover plain because I rea... Read more

  • 3 day trial?????

    7/29/2015 6:02:45 AM, by AUNTIELES53

    So a friend of mine is doing a 3 day trial for herbal life. You get 6 shakes then you eat 2 healthy snacks and 1 healthy meal you can pick and choose which meal you want to eat and which ones you want to drink the shakes for. She has had awesome weight loss with this so I think I am going to give it... Read more

  • Day 4

    7/29/2015 5:22:45 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Woke up exhausted again this morning, meaning that I am wanting to doze in bed rather than get up and do something active. I have always had difficulties with sleep and energy levels, so I think that this is something that I need to work on desperately. My goal in this is to follow a morning ro... Read more

  • Tired of Being Tired

    7/29/2015 2:30:05 AM, by CARRIELHOWARD

    Here I am, almost 29 years old, and weighing the most I've ever weighed in my entire life. I have so many reasons to be happy and to look forward to each day, but I can't seem to overlook this one thing. My body is holding me back. I feel trapped inside of it. This isn't who I am, and this isn't who... Read more

  • Tomorrow the scale arrives

    7/29/2015 1:09:50 AM, by ROMEO84047

    I weigh now about 168. I would like to get back to at least 152. I just threw out 2 scales. Well, I went on Amazon and ordered another one as I will need to weigh in. I feel more committed to staying away from daily weigh ins and concentrating on a healthier eating pattern. Good night Spark ♡... Read more

  • Well, Its all out there...

    7/29/2015 1:09:09 AM, by WAXXIEKAXXIE

    Initially, I did not want to add pictures to my profile because for the first time in my life, I shouted my current weight to the world. I just did not want to add a face to the number because no, I am not proud of it. Today I have decided to totally commit myself to this program and if someone... Read more

  • Day 347 Today turned out worse than yesterday.

    7/29/2015 12:47:17 AM, by CALAMITIE

    Early this morning my dad called wanting to know if I knew that the auction for the extra household goods was yesterday. Nope didn't know that. So after thinking a little while I got in my car and ran to town because there were 2 boxes of things that I had claimed as mine but hadn't picked up. U... Read more

  • Day 7, before bed

    7/28/2015 11:52:14 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    2240 cal today... Could be better. I think I'm coming down with a cold and that might contribute to the increased appetite I've felt today... Feed a cold, starve a fever and all that. Ah well. 70 oz of water, though. 85 oz if you count sparkley water... Does that count towards your water totals?? ... Read more

  • 7/28/15 - Bedtime

    7/28/2015 11:41:47 PM, by GORDON66

    Due to staff vacations, it was one of those days at work. Although I got a lot done, it wasn't what I had planned. I'm pleased I didn't have a melt down or pitch a fit. It's such a waste of energy. After today, I'm quite certain my boss is happy that I agreed to return to work on a part-time... Read more

  • Happy Hump Day

    7/28/2015 11:34:30 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed sending light love and joy hugs... Read more

  • July 28, 2015 (Tuesday)

    7/28/2015 11:34:18 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Just now getting online for the first time today, so I am going to have to do a quick blog. Thank you all for your comments on yesterday's blog. MRS_TOAD - The 'beauty fairy' has already visited you. You already ARE BEAUTIFUL both INSIDE and OUT! Now, if we could just catch up with that 'h... Read more

  • platform of "doom"

    7/28/2015 11:33:10 PM, by CHANGINGKATIE

    why do I have trouble being real with myself in a narrative?? uGGGHHHH! Since I obviously cant write a story about what happened at the gym today, here are the bullet points (in paragraph form) 1. We were in the studio today 2. First thing he had us do were walking lunges.... Read more

  • Reset

    7/28/2015 11:16:35 PM, by ROXIEPOO

    I joined Sparkpeople in 2012 and then dropped back into old habits. With a renewed more determined mind I am starting over and GOING FOR THE GUSTO!!!! I CAN DO THIS!!!... Read more

  • Positive and Productive Day

    7/28/2015 11:15:39 PM, by BMCC488

    This morning I felt okay but really just wanted to veg. Unfortunately the lawn needed to be mowed so I did that around nine thirty, and good thing too because it was HOT today. Even at that earlier hour I was sweating buckets lol. When I finished I was overheated and in desperate need of a shower. M... Read more

  • In the meantime

    7/28/2015 10:57:42 PM, by SARAHSTORY23

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about weight, women, and popular American culture. There's that group pushing for realistic body images in the media, the group pushing for embracing curves. There there's that group who accuses the curve-embracing group of promoting obesity. There's that group of s... Read more

  • I am perfectly fine in silence

    7/28/2015 10:35:46 PM, by JANN32

    I truly do enjoy working out. I am a introvert and prefer to do things alone. I feel guilty about this but I would rather workout alone. When I am with my friends or family I feel obligated to talk. I actually gotten to the point that I don't have much to say cause I am tired of being judge or feel ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    7/28/2015 10:32:19 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am finally taking it easy after a really long day. i got to spend some time with my daughter and her soccer team won the game by a score of 5-4! woo hoo! she will be playing a game on thursday. this is for one that was not played when it rained heavily a few weeks ago here. she is ready to go for ... Read more

  • Spoken dreams

    7/28/2015 10:23:17 PM, by LOYAL_HEART

    People always have trouble acting out their spoken morals. That's rather true isn't it? We all struggle with acting out our spoken beliefs, our spoken ideals, and most importantly our spoken dreams. It's this fantasy we all play from time to time. "I am going to lose weight." I am going to get anoth... Read more

  • Glass half full or half empty

    7/28/2015 9:42:18 PM, by ROXIEPOO

    Am I a glass half full or a glass half empty person? Well I believe I am both. I always like to think in a positive light when I'm talking to others and encouraging others. However, when I set goals for myself and try to change anything I become very negative. I am working very hard to change my fe... Read more

  • If the scale didn't exist

    7/28/2015 9:31:47 PM, by MGARRISON28

    How would I deem myself as healthy. I had to put a lot of thought into this as I used to be 261. There's a number again so trying to define myself with out a number is tough. I don't sweat nor am I out of breath when I walk the halls provide care for the residents. How about now that I am 220? If ... Read more

  • Just do something

    7/28/2015 9:18:55 PM, by VICTORIOUS_BEAR

    I was listening to a podcast this morning on the way to work (Death, Sex and Money) and an ex-NFL football player was being interviewed. This man was fascinating! He talked about coming from being a hot shot football player in HS to basically being the worst player on his team in college. He got thr... Read more

  • I Love Kaiser Permanente!

    7/28/2015 9:18:05 PM, by JANZDIET2014

    Went to the Dr. today about my peri-menopausal symptoms - had been feeling terrible the past few days. The doctor ordered a Pelvic Ultrasound and some blood work to see if I am anemic (iron deficient). We already knew that I have two (2) fibroids - the cause of my heavy flow, pain & discomfort.... Read more

  • Tuesday's Tickle =)

    7/28/2015 9:13:16 PM, by GAYLE-G-63

    ... Read more

  • thats all i know to do

    7/28/2015 8:39:39 PM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Another good walk this morning. Was up and down to the track beginning my walk at 7am. Still worked up a good sweat and felt really good. I am knocking on wood that the streak continues, that my foot holds up and that I can keep my head in the game. Have been watching the calorie intake well,... Read more

  • Bummer.

    7/28/2015 8:23:08 PM, by KRISTA987

    Hubby has to work the next 2 weekends. With great power comes great responsibility. They are adding a weekend night shift and need him to help get everything set up. He's taking every opportunity that's coming to him to work his way up the corporate ladder. The management is very impressed with his ... Read more

  • The world is malleable

    7/28/2015 8:20:36 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " The world is more malleable than you think and it's waiting for you to hammer it into shape." Bono Some of you may know that I have a frozen shoulder and there are not many exercises I can do , Or are there. ? So why should I limit myself? I am trying more and more exercise routines, I am f... Read more

  • Strange

    7/28/2015 8:17:12 PM, by DAMEGRISE

    At the moment, I'm at the strange point where I've burned more in exercise than I took in today. There hasn't been a big food choice at the apartment. I may give in and crunch up some snap peas before meeting the fella to go grocery shopping. Swimming always makes me feel good. I have been avoi... Read more

  • My feelings today

    7/28/2015 7:57:51 PM, by LAURAWHITNEY92

    I feel that exercise wise I have done a decent job but food wise I've !made too many bad choices today. I still need to work on both of course but one of them needs a little more attention than the other at the moment. I think I'll plan my meals ahead of time for tomorrow.... Read more

  • What???!!!

    7/28/2015 7:57:14 PM, by GLENDABUNNY

    About a week ago while I was feeling down, I didn't feel up to much of anything. It was a struggle to get out of bed, let alone fix something healthy to eat. When I finally forced myself to go to the kitchen, I chose an old habit, easy fix, frozen Chimichanga that I could zap in the microwave. ... Read more

  • a waste of time

    7/28/2015 7:53:20 PM, by BDPAL095


  • You've got to...

    7/28/2015 7:07:49 PM, by SASSAFRASS613

    ...Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive! It's 7pm and I'm not even at 2000 steps. Ottawa is dealing with a really bad heat wave right now, the kind that comes with city officials delivering warnings to stay indoors. Aside from a very short walk with the dog this morning (under the shade as much as pos... Read more

  • day one of newly updated Sparkpeople.

    7/28/2015 6:44:02 PM, by BOBASHEP

    So at 633pm my account updated. It seems to be very busy. I like getting new chances to earn more points but it is going to take me some time getting used to it. Don't you know it when you master one app they go and make it more complex.... Read more

  • At the starting gate.

    7/28/2015 6:43:08 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    Well here I am again. Back at the starting gate. I was doing good for awhile got down to 262 pounds. This didn't happen overnight, after all I started at 319 lbs. 4 years ago. I am a yoyo dieter. But then I started slipping. Had lots of excuses. But the sad story is I just got lazy and stopped tryin... Read more


    7/28/2015 6:39:43 PM, by GRANDMAFRANNY


  • house cleaning again

    7/28/2015 5:12:19 PM, by LORIFINK21

    I did a lot of cleaning yesterday and I'm trying to motivate myself to start again today. I'm purging my house of all the unneeded junk. I pulled out a laundry basket full of my clothes that were either too big or I didn't like how they fit. After I finish my room today I will start on the bathroom.... Read more

  • I have nobody

    7/28/2015 4:59:45 PM, by COLLEGEGURL47

    It's crazy how things can flip from being okay to 'everything is going wrong' in a second. My road trip plans started falling apart the second I spoke to my brothers who were not really interested in helping me with what I needed. But then, did I really expect them to be happy to help, or even ... Read more

  • Re-starting!!

    7/28/2015 4:41:12 PM, by KBS2344

    Hi SP friends!!! 382 I have been MIA for the last 3 months!! 198 I began my journey (this year anyway) at the beginning of the year.. I lost 13# in the first four months 224 Slowly but surely! I was being very active on SP and walking with the puppies almost daily. I even walked 96 miles in... Read more

  • Day 7, early evening

    7/28/2015 4:25:43 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Up to 1030 calories now... I had a little ice cream. But I was thinking of binging on more than that and I stopped myself! Yay for me. 30... Read more

  • Day 48 on optifast (end of week 7)

    7/28/2015 3:59:02 PM, by GINARAE2289

    I can't believe that it has been 48 days! For whatever reason putting it into weeks sounds somehow shorter. So that means as of tomorrow I will be on week 8 and the following week there will be only 4 weeks left until I'm done with the intensive phase! Yay! i have lost 25 pounds which is amazi... Read more

  • Asking for prayers again

    7/28/2015 3:57:54 PM, by MOCNVW23

    I blogged earlier this month that July has been a rough month after a week of better happenings, July is decided to leave the way it started. Sunday I got a call that my friends fiances dad was in a terrible accident. He was knocked out at the time of the accident and was bleeding from the ear. It w... Read more

  • Day 7, afternoon

    7/28/2015 3:27:12 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    560 cal for lunch, so I'm up to 850 calories. 32 oz of water, I'll drink more soon!!... Read more

  • Thanks

    7/28/2015 3:18:06 PM, by CHLOE12343

    Thanks for the comforting messages. They mean a lot to me and help me. I actually slept another 3 hour this morning!... Read more

  • White Bean, Tomato, and Green Bean Salad

    7/28/2015 3:11:13 PM, by GORDON66

    If you have a lot of green beans in your garden, this is the perfect recipe. Enjoy! Ingredients Dressing: 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon extravirgin olive oil 1/4 teaspoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ... Read more

  • Another step

    7/28/2015 3:04:43 PM, by DANIXKM

    Well after worrying yesterday my weight had stalled, I lost 2 lbs overnight. I think TOM really messed my body up and holds onto the weight a little longer than I expected. So in the past month I'm down 7lbs, inches, almost a dress size and I feel so much better already. 5 more workouts until ... Read more

  • Who Would It Be?????

    7/28/2015 2:12:41 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    If you could sit on a bench and chat for one hour with anyone from the Past or Present, WHO WOULD IT BE????? I would like to spend an hour with Abraham Lincoln. I would ask him WHY we haven't learned anything about what is best for America in all of the years that have passed. I would l... Read more

  • #JustKeepMoving

    7/28/2015 2:12:02 PM, by RUNPHIPHIRUN

    After my first sprint triathlon on Saturday, I didn't have the feeling of being a "beast" the way I normally do after running a half or even a really good 5K or 10 K time. I don't know if that because an hour and fifteen minutes isn't long enough or because I didn't experience the kind of pain I nor... Read more

  • Day 527 - A Wonderful Birthday

    7/28/2015 1:37:54 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I had a pretty wonderful birthday yesterday. Work was relatively stress free, Red Lobster was delicious, and my date and I saw Pixel at the theater. I highly recommend seeing it to anyone who enjoys 80s arcade games. I did have a small moment of panic yesterday morning. I accidentally left my l... Read more

  • I'm not new here.

    7/28/2015 12:59:34 PM, by ILUVCOWS2

    I've been a member since 2007, I have never posted a blog, although I do enjoy reading them. I have been in a terrible rut lately, can't seem to get back on track. I do exercise a lot, but I can't seem to control my food cravings. My son is getting married in 3 months and I am in the process of dres... Read more

  • I am better than I realize...

    7/28/2015 12:57:05 PM, by 2MUCHSUNSHINE

    Well, I've been thinking a lot lately about my goals. What is the reason I want to do this? Is it to be healthier, look better, or maybe just feel better about myself? I've come to the realization that it is all of these things...and more. I am so tired of not wanting to go anywhere or see anyon... Read more

  • depressed on day 5

    7/28/2015 12:23:25 PM, by MLBOYER22

    Today I find that I'm very depressed. I woke up depressed. My husband Is on 3rd shift right now (he works swing shift) and hasn't been much help around the house or with the kids. My 8 month old hasn't been sleeping well so neither have I and my 4 year old won't get off my hip. We are low on money... Read more

  • The little things matter

    7/28/2015 11:33:54 AM, by LILBLKDRESS09

    I am not where I want to be physically but I am closer today then I was yesterday! Happy Tuesday Everyone!... Read more

  • :(

    7/28/2015 10:34:28 AM, by LESSSER

    What started as a good day is now on its way to hit bottom. I'm trying to make the best of it and not effect me but it is hard when all your hard work week after week and year after year is not appreciated because your in the wrong department to get any recognition.... Read more

  • Day 7 weigh-in!

    7/28/2015 10:10:37 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I'm at 188.8, down 3.2 pounds from where I started! Yay! 104 279 334 Breakfast today will be 290 calories: fruit, luna bar, coffee, water. ... Read more

  • Too big clothes

    7/28/2015 9:44:09 AM, by CHRISTINA155

    giving them away to Goodwill.... Read more

  • Should be a Monday!

    7/28/2015 9:37:55 AM, by LESSSER

    Feels like a Monday, but instead of complaining I'm using it as a start of a new week and an new attitude.... Read more

  • I can do this!

    7/28/2015 8:33:05 AM, by CCORWIN1

    Ok, so I was diagnosed with Diabetes and I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. I have to see a nutritionist but I am waiting on her to call, so in the mean time I started to get really overwhelmed about what to eat and how much I could have and it gave me a migrain worrying about it. Then I rememb... Read more

  • Tuesday, July 28, 2015

    7/28/2015 8:05:54 AM, by SLBROOKS3

    I have an hour before I pick up my dad at his hotel. My kids are quietly watching a Netflix movie! We had a great day yesterday. We went to Skate Estate that has a huge water slide and the kids got to use it for an hour. They also went inside and skated for a little bit until they got bliste... Read more

  • Day 3

    7/28/2015 8:02:56 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    13:00 - just finished a 2301 step walk which took me half an hour. About to have a (healthy) lunch out with family. I may have underestimated the positive impact that starting a healthy regime would have on my depression. Not just the hormone boost, but also the boost because I feel like I'm do... Read more

  • Workouts

    7/28/2015 6:35:08 AM, by LIZZIE24601

    I do my best to give 100% in workouts, but sometimes I don't. Sometimes I give what I've got and it may not be 100%, but it's all I've got.... Read more

  • Workouts

    7/28/2015 6:35:04 AM, by LIZZIE24601

    I do my best to give 100% in workouts, but sometimes I don't. Sometimes I give what I've got and it may not be 100%, but it's all I've got.... Read more

  • A powerful day........

    7/28/2015 6:26:03 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    .......ending with the spotting of a *rainbow* while driving home from the end of a very, *very* long day...... 437 = 224 Nothing like an empowering, enlightening and informational day (with good momentun from the start) to keep the ol' "spirits" going (or what is left of them, anyhow)... Read more

  • domestic viloence

    7/28/2015 5:30:35 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    domestic violence After I left DV I was so relieved and so happy I wasn't killed. Now I almost wish he did kill me because the agony keeps getting worse. I mean like being suicidal and in terms that each day I discover another way in which DV has permanently impacted my life. Besides being impove... Read more

  • You need to burn 7000 cals not 3500 as originally thought...

    7/28/2015 4:45:20 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    to lose one pound according to this article. Not sure though, what do you think after reading this? By Victoria Butler ( It has been always thought that losing a pound of fat off your body required the burning of 3,500 calories. But the equation used to calculate that nu... Read more

  • Snap out of it, silly!

    7/28/2015 4:35:13 AM, by LITTLEIM

    I'm sure many of you have had a 'light-bulb' moment during your Spark-People journey. Well I just had one, right here sat at my kitchen table drinking my morning cup of tea: Having broken up with my husband earlier this year has dented my confidence hugely. I lived for 5 months with my lovely k... Read more

  • Still not sleeping

    7/28/2015 3:03:21 AM, by CHLOE12343

    I went to sleep at 10 and got up at 12:30 to pee. I was also sweating and thirsty. I have been up ever since. It iss now 2:05.... Read more

  • Drinking Water Is The Easy Part

    7/28/2015 2:50:36 AM, by WAXXIEKAXXIE

    Wow, I didn't realize that drinking water would be so easy. I have not had cravings for soda, however, I do have a sugar free juice every other day but its the water that has been so easy for me. I am loving my personal 32 ounce brita water bottle. I only have to change the filter once every t... Read more

  • Food is not Love

    7/28/2015 1:29:31 AM, by COLLEGEGURL47

    I've been thinking about that line ever since Karen said to Grace in Will & Grace 'Bacon is not love'. I spoke to a friend today. We've been friends for a few years. In that time she's gotten married and had two kids. She, like myself, has always struggled with her weight. She put on weight aft... Read more

  • No binging tonight

    7/28/2015 12:53:01 AM, by ROMEO84047

    Laying in bed . Loving my sweet cats,this is one of 4. I have not binge tonight and that's all there is,present moment. Love to all,Jess 2 hours later I wound up eating a granola bar and a handful of goldfish crackers. Insomnia kills me, lol. It could have been far worse, didn't touch ... Read more

  • Skip this post...I am not a good role model today.

    7/28/2015 12:35:24 AM, by BREANNA78

    I ate at 5 guys burgers and fries, drank a coke and later ate 2 sausage burritos at McDonald's. I suck. It is after midnight, so it is officially a new day. Fresh start? I vote yes!... Read more

  • July 27, 2015 (Monday)

    7/28/2015 12:12:55 AM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Thank you all so much for your comments of yesterday. MORTICIA you really are funny! So, you think because we have the 'rare beauty gene' might be why we are in such need of the 'housework fairy.' Well yeah, that makes sense to me! 204 The owners and sponsors of the race track are very go... Read more

  • Less Pain (right now)

    7/28/2015 12:11:11 AM, by SINGLEGAL3

    For years I have had tense shoulder muscles and bad headaches. For several years now, part of the way I combat that tension (and anxiety symptoms as well) is through massage. Well - today for the first time in at least 3 years, I went in for a massage and started with - "I actually feel pretty goo... Read more

  • Taking care of me

    7/27/2015 11:54:53 PM, by LAURAWHITNEY92

    If I had a extra hour a day I would find more time for exercise. I do a good bit of it now but should be doing more. I think if I got up a little earlier I could have another hour to do the exercises I want to do.... Read more

  • Boo!

    7/27/2015 11:25:13 PM, by GMEISSNE1

    So here we are again. 2 steps forward, 4 steps back. I am at my new heaviest. This is the first time I FEEL fat. I feel rundown and have no energy or willpower or morivation. It has been a rough year, and I have put on about 40lbs since my last birthday alone. I suffered/am suffering from a bout of... Read more

  • Day 346 My My My another crisis

    7/27/2015 11:10:32 PM, by CALAMITIE

    On my way to town to check on the parents and get my necessities my phone rang. My dad needs me mom's hearing aid crapped out. I told him I was on the way to town and would be there in a min. That was the end of a me day. She hates the hearing aid center down here and like the one that is 65 mil... Read more

  • 7/27/15 - Bedtime

    7/27/2015 10:44:48 PM, by GORDON66

    Although it's a tad bit long, I had a great hair day. Humidity does have its advantages. 211 I made White Bean, Tomato, Green Bean Salad. It includes feta cheese and a dressing with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Dill weed adds a nice flavor. As I walked home from the gy... Read more

  • Day 27- weigh In an Reflection

    7/27/2015 10:41:09 PM, by NOLE0105

    Pounds lost this week: 1 Total Pounds Lost: 5 I hate when I don't follow through with what I said I'd do. I hate it even more when I have to admit it, but here goes...I didn't do any exercise and my eating wasn't the greatest this week. I am still dealing with my depression and trying to fi... Read more

  • Life Lemon: 103 - When work gets in the way..

    7/27/2015 10:37:42 PM, by LIFESLEMONS86

    Often enough our careers take center stage in our day to day lives. We are consumed by it. That email you didn't send or document that didn't get signed/filed, lingers to torment us when we finally drag ourselves away from work and back home. Or for those of us unlucky enough to have a company lapto... Read more

  • A Bit Better

    7/27/2015 10:22:54 PM, by BMCC488

    Starting shortly after I blogged last night, the swelling in my face went down quite a bit as did the pain even more... I wouldn't say non-existent but just really manageable. This morning after taking an ibuprofen, the swelling went down almost all the way to nothing. I do feel it a little but it's... Read more

  • Sleepytimes

    7/27/2015 10:00:27 PM, by GIR1ANACHRONI5M

    So we raised enough money for our trip to Seattle. We'll be leaving August 4 for a week. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. I'm not as stressed as I was last week but I am tired. I've been sleeping at night but having some of the strangest dreams so I wake up not really feeling rested. I've al... Read more

  • Where do I go from here???

    7/27/2015 9:20:39 PM, by LEEMA32

    I've been having a tough time lately. Not only with my weight loss but financial struggles, housing, & family stress as well. Lately I've lost a little weight and then I'll gain it right back the next week. I'm hoping to change this though, I have finally started to eat healthier foods and I'm worki... Read more

  • Day 6, after dinner

    7/27/2015 9:20:09 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I had dinner and dessert, and I'm at 1700 calories. I'm also at 96 oz of water and am drinking a bit more. Getting in a fight with the fiance, though. 39... Read more

  • Insight to least mine

    7/27/2015 8:44:57 PM, by RANDERS33

    Today as I have sat here struggling with depression; I have heard God telling me "Rachel you can't keep punishing yourself for the loss of your friendship." Every day someone sends me a picture of my former friend and these friends seem to think "It will help." even though I have told them repeatedl... Read more

  • Praise

    7/27/2015 8:34:34 PM, by BUBBLESN2CKYW

    I received a lot of positive feedback from the PA at my doctor's office today. It felt great to hear that I am so healthy after gastric bypass!!... Read more

  • Whole30 - Day 8

    7/27/2015 8:28:15 PM, by JENNEGRON0

    Today was a good day. I researched some volunteer opportunities before going to work, put away some laundry, and prepped for a meeting I have tomorrow. I didn't end up going to the gym because I stayed at work much longer than I expected, but I'm okay with that. Sunday is usually my off/yoga day an... Read more

  • It can be done!!!

    7/27/2015 7:52:36 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1


  • Floating

    7/27/2015 7:49:34 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Still floating, waiting for things to develop. Dealing with government offices takes a LOT of patience. Of the first two batches of bread I baked, I have half of each to friends. Tomorrow I'm making spaghetti sauce with a mega-batch of meatballs to freeze for later. My knee-jerk first thought w... Read more

  • Blog

    7/27/2015 7:33:35 PM, by INSILVERSCRIPT

    Haven't felt like sitting still long enough to write a blog entry for a week or so. I'm still here, though :) Been doing pretty well with the whole "not over-eating" thing. I'm still sort of tracking my food. Sometimes I don't enter a meal or two, but that's fine. I'm not counting every calori... Read more

  • Nicole vs. IR

    7/27/2015 7:21:53 PM, by NICOLEJOURNEY

    i just joined spark people. I am 21 years old and I was recently diagnosed with insulin resistance. I have had trouble with my weight for as long as I can remember and I'm happy that I finally have answers. My goal is to lose between 50-70 pounds. I am working very hard to get there. But sometimes I... Read more