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  • long term goals

    12/21/2014 6:52:43 PM, by GAL2202

    1.. Keep believing in the Lord. 2. Keep going to church. 3. Keep my weight down. 4. Keep walking 5. Maybe go back to college and get my degree.... Read more

  • Snow birds soothing to my soul.

    12/21/2014 6:27:19 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    ... Read more

  • Unsure

    12/21/2014 6:15:38 PM, by BEEKAHBUG

    So, I am not really sure what's going on. I should be on my cycle right now, I've spotted a few times, but the flow hasn't started. I've been spotting for about 4 days, but not every day. I'm still wondering if I'm pregnant. But, the pregnancy test was negative. But, I took pills that make me have a... Read more

  • Biggest Supporters

    12/21/2014 4:24:37 PM, by BETHELLENNASH

    I miss blessed to have a few great supporters. My three closest girlfriends and my husband have all been very supportive.... Read more

  • Today is a good day

    12/21/2014 3:58:12 PM, by SVBJONES062010

    I started the day NOT on the scale. That is actually a good thing for me. I have been way to obsessed with the scale again. A couple of weeks ago when I promised myself to stay off the scale I didn't do that and I got really depressed over that week. But today I have started off not being on the... Read more

  • 'Twas The War Before Christmas

    12/21/2014 3:46:51 PM, by COCK-ROBIN

    Every Christmas season for many years we've been told there is a "war on Christmas." It has caused many to rush into stores and scream at cashiers to say "Merry Christmas," or else! ... Read more

  • Get in the Game

    12/21/2014 3:24:27 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " If you want to play a game, go to where it's played and find a way to get in. Things happen when you get in the game." Chris Matthews How many times have you said I want to .... and that is as far as it went. Take a step that's all it takes. one step moves you closer to success. ... Read more

  • Holiday nutrition Elf-style

    12/21/2014 3:09:05 PM, by GORDON66

    “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” Buddy - Will Ferrell in "Elf" Leslie XXXOOOXXX... Read more

  • Winter Goals

    12/21/2014 2:46:03 PM, by BMCC488

    Since my semester goals helped me stay on track a great deal of the time... I have been thinking the past month to make winter weekly goals. These will be mostly the same but a little different. So here are the winter weekly goals for the next 12 weeks with Sat/Sun check-ins: *Walk 18-20 o... Read more

  • Vindication.

    12/21/2014 1:52:41 PM, by HEALTHYNCGAL

    A few years ago, I had two girlfriends, and we were all very close. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but we had a falling out and haven't seen or spoken to each other in years. To begin with, they were/are heavy drinkers. I've certainly had my moments with that. I've also been activly t... Read more

  • I need to cry today

    12/21/2014 1:06:06 PM, by LMMONTES

    Yesterday I celebrated my 60th birthday with my children and my grandchild and my husband. I told them I honored was to be their mother and grandmother. I also stated that today I have to say I feel better than I have felt in all m... Read more

  • it's sunday

    12/21/2014 12:07:24 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am mostly caught up in my online courses. i can still work on them in between christmas and new years. i may not be on spark as much this week as i usually am. i will try to be on at least a few times this week. all of the birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. my daughter is all set for chri... Read more

  • Update...

    12/21/2014 12:01:01 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    I have not felt well since eating part of a birthday cake (not even half a small slice) on Thursday night. Now I know for sure, that sugar is a bad trigger (worse than Diabetes threats, it makes me feel sick & sluggish). Today is better, so I need to get my rear in gear! Yesterday we had a hard d... Read more


    12/21/2014 10:28:00 AM, by GRANDMAFRANNY


  • Horrible night

    12/21/2014 10:14:28 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    I've just passed my worst night in years. I tossed so much, my bed is a torn-up disaster area this morning. When I actually could sleep I had dreams that were bizarre when they weren't flat-out nightmares. In one my computer at work started spitting out weird charges that had nothing to do with... Read more

  • Another week, another chance to get it right

    12/21/2014 10:12:26 AM, by KRISTA987

    The past week and a bit I've been a little off my game. Mostly due to illness, hubby being sick, work being crazy busy and getting ready for the holidays. I know it's not an excuse, but sometimes life gets in the way. I've still been putting in effort to make healthy choices and go to the gym, but ... Read more

  • My Story

    12/21/2014 10:09:54 AM, by AMBERSMANUEL

    Settle in... it's a long one! A couple people were curious what my story is. To explain, you have to understand - living in South Louisiana means lots of food - GOOD food. Spices and seasonings are used liberally, but always in balance to create the most delicious entrees, desserts and side di... Read more

  • How Do I Forgive and Move On?

    12/21/2014 9:31:15 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    As per your requests, How I forgive myself: Pretend you are talking to a child with the same problem you are having. What would you tell a child? Would you berate them for doing something so innate as eating something good tasting or filling their tummies? No? You would totally understand the p... Read more

  • Trying to move forward and Sparky has a new friend

    12/21/2014 9:20:16 AM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    So the wake and funeral were Thursday and Friday and we have all been surrounding my dad since then but my sister and the girls went home yesterday and it was so hard for everyone. My dad who jokes about how chaotic the three little girls are (he was working two jobs when we were three little girls ... Read more

  • LOUSY weekend so far.......

    12/21/2014 7:27:49 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    Got blindsided nastily on Friday - of course, now that it looked like the work issue had been resolved and appears to be in a good stable state, I CANNOT ENJOY THAT due to this other issue....... $#!#!#@% (to the NTH degree!) By the time I got home Frid... Read more

  • Sunday's Healthy Inspirational Quote of the Day 12/21/2014

    12/21/2014 6:06:23 AM, by PLATINUM755

    "Everyone has a success mechanism and a failure mechanism. The failure mechanism goes off by itself. The success mechanism only goes off with a goal. Every time we write down and talk about a goal we push the button to start the success mechanism."~Charles 'Tremendous' Jones... Read more

  • still worried

    12/21/2014 4:55:50 AM, by NASFKAB

    he is still in Critical Care in the Hospital so very worried really big strain on me... Read more

  • Gods Day

    12/21/2014 12:28:23 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Bw blessed enjoy your day prayers and hugx... Read more

  • Food log #1854

    12/20/2014 11:58:51 PM, by LINDIEINRED

    Breakfast: Egg sandwich Lunch: Salad Snack: Polly-O mozzarella cheese stick Dinner: Olive Garden: Pasta fagioli soup, Tour of Italy, 2 breadsticks... Read more

  • I don't know what's happening

    12/20/2014 11:58:00 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    My shoulder's giving me a lot of trouble, and I didn't injure it any way I can think of. I don't know if it's from leaning on it to push when I stand up, or what. But it's really irritating. I've become almost obsessed with sleep lately. On weekends right after breakfast I go to my easy chair a... Read more

  • 12/20/14 - Bedtime

    12/20/2014 11:42:54 PM, by GORDON66

    I have been dealing with an upper respiratory bug for about a week. Since I don't have a fever and my muscles aches are caused by too much gym, I have ruled out the flu. I don't have a lot of energy, but I'm getting better. Took a snooze with one of the cats. They're always read... Read more

  • Buck Up & Get Ready

    12/20/2014 11:23:37 PM, by GABBYSRECOVERY

    My 1st blog ever I have always said I am going to lose weight and get healthy but I never do I over smoke, exercise by getting up to go to the bathroom or do something to my advantage and dont have good lifestyle habits. That will change when I wake up tomm I will be a new person. This will not b... Read more

  • Dat 128 Gloomy yuck!

    12/20/2014 11:18:21 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Another cloudy day that was so bad I could barley not have lights on all day. Yuck. Just can't motivate when this is outside. Of course there was another discussion with my mother about Christmas. We play a game instead of buying presents for everyone. She called me twice to tell me she d... Read more

  • Today's Workout

    12/20/2014 11:17:28 PM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    Cathe Friedrich's FlexTrain!!! I love this workout! ... Read more

  • AMAZING!!!

    12/20/2014 10:41:27 PM, by SVBJONES062010

    Today our family went to Six Flags over Texas and for the first time (since I was 13) I was able to ride the Texas Giant. I went earlier this year on Mother's day and I was unable to ride the ride - but today, 25 lbs smaller I was able to ride my favorite ride from my childhood. It was absolutely ... Read more

  • Weekend

    12/20/2014 10:14:14 PM, by PAZUZURISES

    Time to catch up on movies ... Read more

  • Food as punishment

    12/20/2014 8:25:21 PM, by SDEECAL

    My goal is to get out twice a day for a walk. The other evening I missed my 2nd walk of the day and it was too late in the day to get off the couch. So I sat there and ate fudge cookies. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was actually using the food as a punishment for not having accomplished my fi... Read more

  • December 20, 2014 (Saturday)

    12/20/2014 8:00:23 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your comments. You are all so thoughtful, and I appreciate that you stop by for a visit. I did a little of the 'running around' today. I will do a little more tomorrow, and a little more on Tuesday, and then that's it! Actually, our family Christmas party... Read more

  • Where did I go????

    12/20/2014 7:44:47 PM, by SILLYGOOSE79

    Well the pain ended up being something that required surgery. I am about 4 weeks out (on Tuesday) & on day 2 without a boot. I was non weight bearing & then needed a boot. Well with the down in the dumps and loneliness and dependent feelings I lost control. I am praying for strength & g... Read more

  • More Saturday

    12/20/2014 7:20:50 PM, by YESICANYESIWILL

    My father-in-law and his wife were visiting today. His wife's son lives near here with his family, but they had other visitors, so fil and her stayed in a hotel instead. We had an early holiday meal at Karl Strauss Brewery right near the hotel. As an added surprise, my husband's nephew, who lives... Read more

  • Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    12/20/2014 7:15:59 PM, by GORDON66

    "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." Virginia Woolf Leslie XXXOOOXXX... Read more

  • Just NO!!!!!!!!

    12/20/2014 7:02:07 PM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    I don't want diabetes. Everyone in my family of origin had it. I refuse. I will NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT develop diabetes. I think I'm pre-diabetic again. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT... Read more

  • Weekly Semester Goals & Semester Overview

    12/20/2014 6:28:19 PM, by BMCC488

    Week 16 Semester Goals: Walk 18 miles= 18.95 miles this week Exercise a minimum of 450 min/wk= 452 minutes Continue to eat within range 5 days a week= only 3 days Lose 35 pounds total (ideal)= 1 gained, 26 total lost I barely met the miles and minutes, which is understandable with tw... Read more

  • Celebrating enjoying my new healthy habits and toys!

    12/20/2014 6:15:33 PM, by BETHELLENNASH

    I'm really excited and proud of myself. When I weighed myself on Thursday morning I was down to 209.6! That's 7 pounds lost this month and under 210--even with 2 holiday parties! I've been sticking within (and usually at the low end) my calorie, carbs, fat, protein, and fiber ranges most days. I've ... Read more

  • Surviving The Holidays alone.

    12/20/2014 6:01:17 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    ... Read more

  • Saturday's Healthy Inspirational Quote of the Day 12/20/2014

    12/20/2014 5:14:45 PM, by PLATINUM755

    "The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs."~Vance Havner... Read more

  • As I sit here.......

    12/20/2014 5:12:31 PM, by MRS_H717

    As I sit here at work (I work from home), I realize how little I do move around. I am tied to the computer for work 4 days a week ten hours a day. The only time I get out of this chair is when I need to go to the restroom. I usually only do that once while I am working. I know that isn't really ... Read more

  • 2 reasons to keep pushing!

    12/20/2014 4:59:32 PM, by MELYROD18

    Two of the many and very important reason why I keep pushing! I want to be a great role model for my two beautiful children. I want to teach them the importance of loving yourself. Not just their physical appearance but loving their bodies so much that they want to eat healthy and exercise in orde... Read more

  • Silly Saturday =)

    12/20/2014 4:09:41 PM, by GAYLE-G-63

    ... Read more

  • Ask away

    12/20/2014 4:00:31 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " If you don't know what it is , don't mess with it" Fats Waller Ever try to do something without following the instructions. They are there for a reason. Before you begin any exercise routine , ask your doctor first if it is safe for you . He might have better ideas as to what would be ... Read more

  • Day 20 of 111

    12/20/2014 3:49:24 PM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    For mood improved tremendously this morning during my run. After checking my weather app, it predicted a wintry mix. I figured they were just teasing me. But only a few minutes into my run it began to snow, at first just a few random flakes. But soon enough, it was really snowing. I ca... Read more

  • Karen's bod movements pro and con.

    12/20/2014 3:17:50 PM, by HARRYSMOM

    I still remember when I would walk 3 miles easily 6 days a week. quite briskly I might add. Now I am great at planning and realizing oh this moment it's quiet at work I could grab my poles and walk for a few munutes. Actually following thru is a bit of a problem. Maybe tonight I could change tha... Read more

  • Karen's bod movements pro and con.

    12/20/2014 3:17:37 PM, by HARRYSMOM

    I still remember when I would walk 3 miles easily 6 days a week. quite briskly I might add. Now I am great at planning and realizing oh this moment it's quiet at work I could grab my poles and walk for a few munutes. Actually following thru is a bit of a problem. Maybe tonight I could change tha... Read more

  • Help

    12/20/2014 2:57:34 PM, by TFRAZIER8

    So it's been a while since I've posted anything, mostly because I feel like a failure. I've not stuck to my plan and when I went to the doctor last week I found that I'm now almost 400 lbs. I don't even know where to begin to get back on track. I can't seem to get motivated to do anything. I have a ... Read more

  • Food for Thought

    12/20/2014 2:13:53 PM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    .1 pound = 350 calories .2 pound = 700 calories .3 pound = 1050 calories .4 pound = 1400 calories .5 pound = 1750 calories .6 pound = 2100 calories .7 pound = 2450 calories .8 pound = 2800 calories .9 pound = 3150 calories 1.0 pound = 3500 calories Yup, it's so easy to say,... Read more

  • A major fitness goal that I am working toward

    12/20/2014 1:54:01 PM, by GRATEFUL_DAWN

    A major fitness goal but I'm working toward at the moment is the start a spark streak of 10 minutes of exercise a day for a month. I have really struggled toward consistency all of my life so reaching this goal should really help keep me motivated. I find that if I set too large a goal that I just g... Read more

  • Swoosh

    12/20/2014 1:15:54 PM, by SWOOSHBELLE

    Once I get in the groove, establish my rhythm, I know fat will fly, muscles will build and I'll feel so much better. Plagued by depression, chronic pain (not due to weight), and personal matters, I am in a funk and cannot meld all components into a cohesive whole. I need to be unified, not nitpic... Read more

  • Up a pound and a half

    12/20/2014 12:41:15 PM, by CHERYLE51

    I had a feeling I would be up this week. I indulged in pizza and a few cookies. I finally made it back to zumba. That is a big triumph. Work has been ok. I got my review and it was considered unacceptable, so I was told by my union not to sign it. The union is going to file a grievance. It won't ... Read more

  • Christmas is coming ...

    12/20/2014 12:36:29 PM, by TOPUNDERDOG

    Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat, but I'm not thanks to sparkpeople. I have been using this web site for three months now and I have learned a lot. Even when my computer crashed and I couldn't get online for about three weeks I maintained my three pound loss by recording the food I... Read more

  • Under 10 Pounds To Go!

    12/20/2014 12:20:40 PM, by VICKIE_A

    I am still working on my magnesium intake via real food. ( Supplement pills do not work well with my absorption rate any more) Milk seems to be the answer and things made with milk that is fortified. ) One can make queso blanco cheese, whi... Read more

  • So Tired That I Forgot To Tell You.........

    12/20/2014 11:40:20 AM, by PATRICIAANN46

    We went to Elizabeth's Christmas Concert at St. Mary's School Thursday night. The students range from 4K to 8th Grade. They were about half way through the singing and the band playing and all had gone without a hitch. Then it was time for the 4K class to do their thing. Most of the students wer... Read more

  • it's saturday

    12/20/2014 9:52:12 AM, by MOMMY445

    i heard from my good friend who is overseas, this morning. now i'm off to an even better start to my day. it is always a pleasure to hear from him. i am really looking forward to when he comes back to the city just before new year's eve. my daughter got quite a few things from the breakfast with san... Read more

  • disorganized

    12/20/2014 8:22:41 AM, by DDTPH_HAYES

    I have always been disorganized. Everything in my life has always been out of order according to everyone else in my life. Most of the organizational methods people usually use don't make sense to me. If I put something out of sight it might as well not exist. Most of my organizing is visual to m... Read more

  • Woke up at 4 am but still slept a lot

    12/20/2014 7:28:53 AM, by MISSA526

    My antibiotics make me nauseous and sometimes puke. I tried to call my Dr on Friday but the office was closed all day for some unknown reason. So I'm just trying to get by till Monday when they open at 9 am. The good news is my bronchitis is getting better and I can talk easier. The bad news is I ha... Read more

  • Friday/Saturday

    12/20/2014 6:46:17 AM, by YESICANYESIWILL

    I had a nice long entry written and then lost it. Argh... Went to a Christmas party this morning. Got lots of goodies in the gift exchange. Went to get my Mom's Christmas gift; a pair of boots she fell in love with the other day when we were at Cole Haan. Came home and took my Mom and son t... Read more

  • worried

    12/20/2014 4:27:07 AM, by NASFKAB

    my son in law is in Hospital he has ver high blood pressure & they are trying to reduce it... Read more

  • worried

    12/20/2014 4:27:06 AM, by NASFKAB

    my son in law is in Hospital he has ver high blood pressure & they are trying to reduce it... Read more

  • Trying to keep motiviated

    12/20/2014 2:07:10 AM, by FRAYEA

    I am trying to keep motivated and wanting to keep going on this. I am having a rough time doing so. I dont eat on typical times. Its very random and its hard to just keep track. I am just starting out trying to focus on writing down what I do eat. then maybe take the steps of changing or adding some... Read more

  • Saturday

    12/20/2014 12:46:14 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your day be blessed sending prayers and light hug... Read more

  • 12/19/14 - Bedtime

    12/19/2014 11:59:31 PM, by GORDON66

    Although I wasn't in the mood, I'm glad that I went to the gym. It's been cloudy, but the temperature is pleasant. It's kind of nice. Only got one cat into the vet for rabies shots. I have no idea where EJ was hiding. I'll have to have a better plan for Monday. Sweet dreams everyon... Read more

  • Day 127

    12/19/2014 11:50:14 PM, by CALAMITIE

    This was one of those hard days. I did sleep last night but woke up with a sore neck and shoulders. So I took an Aleve and went on about getting things picked up. Several hours later I was still hurting so I took a pain pill. Only 1 but it made me tired. So I took a nap. When I woke up to the ... Read more

  • Food log #1853

    12/19/2014 11:44:10 PM, by LINDIEINRED

    Breakfast: Greek yogurt Snack: asian pear Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich Snack: Polly-O mozzarella cheese stick Dinner: Amy's vegetable lasagna... Read more

  • my favourite word..

    12/19/2014 11:41:35 PM, by EILEENOTTER

    Onward ... Read more

  • Surprise Party

    12/19/2014 11:22:55 PM, by NOMORESHMOO

    So last night, we went to a surprise party for a friend. How fun!!! A mutual friend threw her the party & it was a very nice gathering. I made sure we ate before going to verify we ate appropriately. With almost a year of cutting sugar and sodium way down and there being pizza, I was a bit afrai... Read more

  • It Is 10 PM And I Am Finally Writing My Blog

    12/19/2014 10:58:01 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    I left the house about 9:30 this morning. I stopped at a friend's home to drop off a Christmas present and then drove on to the Hospital for my yearly mammogram. When I was finished with that, my DH and I drove to a city about 40 miles away to have lunch with a couple we used to teach with and the... Read more

  • Week 10, Day 1

    12/19/2014 10:06:33 PM, by OBIONE686

    We are technically a quarter of the way through my 40 week fitness challenge. I don't think I've actually lost anything. I haven't weighed in in quite a while. I finished my final projects two weeks ago, and finished my finals last week. It's been a rough semester, and next semester is going to be e... Read more

  • Sick Again

    12/19/2014 9:23:54 PM, by BMCC488

    What is up with this? Third time since the beginning of September. I woke up and felt like I had a cottonball in my throat but otherwise felt pretty good, just tired and muscle fatigue/soreness. I also had a low fever but like I said, felt pretty good. I had a suspicion on Wednesday when the sorenes... Read more

  • Turning this bus around :0)

    12/19/2014 9:04:57 PM, by CONTROLEDFREAK

    Not sure if this is the best place to write this but since I've started at least 4 different journals in the last couple of years, I think this is the safest place to be able to refer back to things. Trying to forgive myself for eating too much fat Wednesday night when hubby and I went out to ... Read more

  • Day 19 of 111

    12/19/2014 9:03:29 PM, by FINDINGBOBBIE

    Did a little better today on my binging...a little. I broke down and bought a 12 pk of diet Dr Pepper, I know it's not the best option but it helped a lot with my sweet tooth, and I only drank one. I know I just need to make sure that I am eating more frequently so when I did finally eat I don't go ... Read more

  • Weekly Email & Blog Check-In: Holiday Support & Chicken Ornaments

    12/19/2014 8:24:45 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone! I hope you liked seeing the chicken ornaments that my wife made! As mentioned in the email, I will make a short blog post for the rest of this year for anyone who wants to stop by and say hello during the holidays. Here are some more photos including the ones I put in the ema... Read more

  • Feline Friday =^..^=

    12/19/2014 8:22:10 PM, by GAYLE-G-63

    ... Read more

  • December 19, 2014 (Friday)

    12/19/2014 6:52:13 PM, by WORKOUTWITHPAM

    TGIF! Not that the weekend is much different from any other days of the week, but still I look forward to each weekend. Nothing will go on around here, but I only have one class on each Saturday and Sunday. I will be starting a second class on Sunday in January. I do not have any Fitness Flo... Read more

  • I wish for everyone

    12/19/2014 5:52:51 PM, by ARMOMMI2

    My coach task for today was to accomplish one goal for the coming week. My goal is to reach as many people as I can to wish for everyone Peace,Joy and Love for this holiday season.... Read more


    12/19/2014 5:29:00 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    ... Read more

  • Great news!!

    12/19/2014 5:14:16 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    Today was my anual mammogram. You must be thinking, "So what?" Well, I'll tell you. A few years back I went for a routine mammogram. They found something. I had to wait, speak to the radiologist then schedule a sterotatic biopsy. I was terrified. Had the biopsy done at the local hos... Read more

  • Busting Excuses

    12/19/2014 4:31:18 PM, by SUPER_CIARA

    I am all ready for Christmas. Today I finished up my shopping and everything is as close to perfect as it's going to get. I got all the candy for Fritzy's Christmas stocking and all his presents are wrapped and hidden in the close... Read more

  • Friday's Healthy Inspirational Quote of the Day 12/19/2014

    12/19/2014 3:56:55 PM, by PLATINUM755

    "They can because they think they can."~Virgil, poet... Read more

  • Back again....

    12/19/2014 3:29:42 PM, by MRS_H717

    I know this probably sounds repetitive but I am going to try this again....I really need to do something. I am getting to the point that I can't move around and I do not want to live in a wheelchair. As it is now I can't go out of the house without using mine. I do get around the house without on... Read more

  • Not what I expected...

    12/19/2014 3:21:16 PM, by SVBJONES062010

    Well, I have been following my program since Thanksgiving with absolutely tremendous success. I quickly dropped twenty five pounds and was feeling amazing. Then, I started adding exercise into my routine. I kinda expected to keep the pounds dropping like flies, however that's not what happened. ... Read more

  • What happened to me.

    12/19/2014 3:03:14 PM, by BLCKKTTY

    What happened? Where did I go wrong? It all started two years ago I was running, running a lot. I was weight lifting, watching what I was eating, taking care of myself a good weight, not perfect but not that bad either. Then my body started to complain, aches and pains. I started to take days of... Read more

  • True Highest Weight

    12/19/2014 12:11:54 PM, by MIZZY~C

    Hello, everyone! I know it's been a LONG time since I've been on this site, but I needed to record my weight and do some updating. My true highest is 290 in 2014. I am down to 255 as of December 18, 2014. I just haven't had much of an appetite and that is a good thing. I still have a long way to go ... Read more

  • The jeans fit

    12/19/2014 11:18:21 AM, by LILBLKDRESS09

    Sometimes the smallest of things.. like jeans fitting just right and not too snug are the best feelings in the world... I am thankful for another day and the ability to work towards my goals. Happy Friday Everyone! Keep up the hard work.. ... Read more

  • Friday--A day I usually overeat--BUT NOT TODAY!

    12/19/2014 10:38:04 AM, by CHEENY

    Friday is here and I am so happy. For some reason this seemed like a really long work week. Now, Friday's have always been my "down" days. Even way back in college. After classes were over, I did NOTHING but relax the rest of the night. My Friday relaxing continued into my 30's, 40's, and... Read more

  • Variations on "Bark, the Hairy Angels Sing"

    12/19/2014 10:23:30 AM, by WHITECAT19

    Thank you to Wallahalla for posting the cartoon about "Bark, the Hairy Angels Sing," and to the person who created the cartoon! I just could not leave the song incomplete, so here is a full verse of it: "Bark," the hairy angels sing, "Give us each a turkey wing! We want ham and standing rib... Read more

  • it's friday

    12/19/2014 10:02:11 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter's last day of school for the year is today. mine will be in a few days. all of the birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep! i have not yet heard back from the company where i went for a job interview a few days ago. if i have not heard back by the end of today, i will look for other job... Read more

  • O.o

    12/19/2014 10:00:15 AM, by EILEENOTTER

    got up feeling awful and like a puffer fish/balloon....wayyy too much sodium yesterday....yea, i know this sounds like an excuse for a weight gain, but i know after tracking my food my sodium level was around 6000 yesterday...yep. too much! my bp is up this morning and i just want to sleep. thes... Read more

  • Never mind where you came from

    12/19/2014 9:32:49 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " When you see a snake never mind where he came from." William Gurney Benham When You see a snake or other dangerous creature , do you stand around and say Gee, I wonder where he came from? Or do you just run and hide and save yourself from serious harm. ? Well then why do you keep reliv... Read more

  • My Eating and Workout Plan

    12/19/2014 8:15:46 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    You know, this last week, I started strength training with weight machines for the first time in 20 years... OUCH in a good way. If you can't use your legs, arm b... Read more

  • Chicken Little Breakthroughs

    12/19/2014 7:44:55 AM, by MOMMY_RX

    I have a confession to make. I tend to be very much like Chicken Little. Every challenge we have faced in life I practically hyperventilated my way through them. I panic. I worry. I obsess and freak. I keep moving forward but it sc... Read more

  • disabled access

    12/19/2014 7:33:58 AM, by NASFKAB

    wanted to go to a special peformance of a group here but could not go because though they had elevator the auditorium was a flight down so had to return cant use stairs yet... Read more

  • Its Friday, be well my friends!

    12/19/2014 6:48:53 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    I'm listening to Etta James right now which is good because I erased my blog entry somehow lol. I give up, I'm going to type my entries in Word and cut and paste them over here from now on so I don't inadvertently erase some mind blowing words lol! Okay so I took a few days off from blogging ba... Read more

  • At long last - FRIDAY!

    12/19/2014 4:21:20 AM, by RASPBERRY56

    I'm really hoping that the work issues will resolve themselves - did a "working lunch" to get a fix in so I can get the output disseminated to the end it's a waiting period to see if this permanently fixes the issue.......sigh......... Thankfully, I don't need to pack a lunch ... Read more


    12/19/2014 4:13:39 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I woke up full of hurt,anger and hate,i have been praying over it and doing all that i know how to do and going to meetings and doctors but it is not getting any better and i am at a loss what to do at this point.I need to move into a new environment but have no money or family to help so i am havin... Read more

  • Holiday Season

    12/19/2014 1:19:18 AM, by JUSTMEOK66

    Whewwww!! Today was a "tough day" to stay on the wagon!! BUT..the tips I read on this Spark website helped me to "fit in my exercise" by divvying it up into three segments throughout my busy day. I had to "dodge food temptation bombs" all day!!! Especially during dinner at the "Olive Garden" where I... Read more

  • Update for my spark friends

    12/19/2014 1:05:44 AM, by ZMICHE

    Some of you know that I was recently in the hospital. It has taken me a little bit of time to be able to share this like I wanted to share it on here but I feel like if someone can benefit from it than it is worth it. I got admitted to the hospital on November 17th. I had gotten home from work ... Read more