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  • WLS - My Journey - Liquid Diet Day 9

    6/29/2016 9:16:13 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    Well another day closer and I passed my goal to be under 325 before surgery. Not sure that I will update my goal now until after surgery. For sure my next goal will be 300 which from my highest will be -90 pounds. After that of course 290 will be huge as that will be 100 pounds off from high. Re... Read more

  • Need to Simplify My Life Further

    6/29/2016 1:43:33 AM, by SBECKER526

    Dear Sparkpeople Friends, I am needing to spend more time at home with the cat and husband. I must cut back my technology time. It appears that I need more rest. I have been cutting back. I am doing fine. I feel blessed and face the future with gratitude. Bob has some tests ahead. I h... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey - Liquid Diet Day 8

    6/28/2016 9:15:58 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    Okay it is getting more difficult to drink the protein shakes. So I pulled out the Ninja Blender last night and blended one up. Was a lot easier to drink. Absolutely no powder pockets so that helped a lot. So I blended my shake this morning and packed the Ninja to bring to work. Need to mak... Read more

  • 6/28/2016 Tuesday

    6/28/2016 4:17:55 AM, by PURPLE0906

    This past weekend was pretty low keyed. Melissa was off Saturday, Sunday and Monday. John and I did go to the Farmers Market (flea market) Saturday morning. We walked around, went inside and ate at our favorite place, walked outside more. I did pick up a couple of things for Ebay but not much. Sunda... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey - Liquid Diet Day 7

    6/27/2016 10:05:25 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    Wow do I wish that the Protein shake pre-op diet was a sustainable way to lose weight. I have dropped nearly 14 pounds in the time I have been on this. But I know this is not a sustainable way to lose and keep the weight off. 7 days until surgery. Wow it is coming up fast. I am strugg... Read more

  • Re-Writing "Normal"

    6/26/2016 4:41:27 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    As I am gearing myself up for my ankle fusion surgery next week (next WEEK???!!) I am thinking that maybe I should come up with some goals or maybe some motivational statements that will keep me from losing motivation altogether. How about the old Virginia Slims ads: "You've come a long way baby!" ... Read more

  • Can't walk outside?

    6/25/2016 10:16:30 AM, by ROCKPORT9

    Our weather has been so hot and humid in South Texas that it is a challenge to get in a good walk, especially with my little dog. Then, this morning, the first day of Summer Challenge, thunder and heavy rain. 27 Instead of waiting for the weather to change, I did a 30 minute walk around my ... Read more

  • Am I ready?

    6/24/2016 4:26:07 PM, by ROCKPORT9

    Tomorrow is the start of the Summer 5% challenge. 40 I am preparing a lot more than I have in a long time, but I still have more to do. NUTRITION I had hoped to clean out my recipes and have a box of healthy recipes ready to go. I will do this during the first week. I also have new coo... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey - Liquid Diet Day 4

    6/24/2016 7:36:32 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    Today I head to see the PA for my pre-op check up and blood work. I am down a couple months re pounds hopefully this bodes well for the liver shrink. Went for a nice walk with a dear friend last night that had not seen me since November. She knows I have been working towards surgery but was su... Read more

  • 6/24/2015 Am I wrong?

    6/24/2016 6:44:11 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Yesterday John brought up that he forget to tell me that his brother in law asked to borrow my car. His son is getting married on Saturday and Mike feels his truck will not make the long drive. I told him to tell him no, I do not want to be responsible if anything happens. Mike can drink a lot, Nanc... Read more

  • 5 years later...

    6/23/2016 10:46:01 AM, by BOOTSIE40

    Lap-band my health is in shambles. Heavier than ever...rheumatoid & fibromyalgia is full blown...misery. Good days are few. Started anew today. 40 mins LEISURELY WALKING and light arm weights. Modified diet. Goals: more good days than bad, lose 10 lbs to start to lighten u... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey - Liquid Diet Day 3

    6/23/2016 9:54:22 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    Well the liquid diet seems to be a hit with the scale. Down 3 pounds from yesterday so making my goal of 330 by July 5th will be easy. Might even get to 325 woohoo. Picked up a Ninja blender/food processor yesterday so tonight I will make myself a blended protein shake. I chose this type as ... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey - Liquid Diet Day 2

    6/22/2016 11:31:40 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    It is day 2 of the liquid diet. I am glad that I went with 3 flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla & Orange Cream. This morning I had a scoop of vanilla & chocolate to have a 1/2 & 1/2 shake. Currently I am enjoying a scoop of vanilla & orange cream. There is a nice orange flavor / smell that co... Read more

  • Wednesday 6/22/2016

    6/22/2016 11:11:36 AM, by PURPLE0906

    I called the Doctor's office on Monday, just to find out he is out for the week. I kind of felt bad because I let John (assistant at Doctor's office) know exactly how I felt. I let him know that I gave the Doctor the papers (6 pages which I filled out 4) to the Doctor on May 10th. I also let him kno... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey Part 6

    6/21/2016 3:35:50 PM, by NDHUNTRESS

    So today I begin the liquid diet for 2 weeks. I chose to do the 4 protein shakes instead of the 3 and a frozen entree. I am sick of frozen meals and trying to get the processed food out of my life. I can have some veggies so that will help. I chose to get chocolate, vanilla & orange cream fo... Read more

  • Grateful for so many things

    6/19/2016 10:55:09 PM, by SBECKER526

    My heart is so full of gratitude. I value the relationships I have. I feel the love flowing. Bob and I are aware that his body is changing. He faces challenges. We are so calm about this. He is listening to all his doctors and even me. All three stanzas of the Serenity prayer come into bei... Read more

  • My Affair With Gym

    6/19/2016 7:21:04 PM, by HIKERGIRL4LIFE

    I used to date Gym a lot. After I was diagnosed with RA, I quit seeing Gym due to the fact that I haven't felt good for a while. My hubby always supported me seeing Gym and did not mind sharing his time with me with Gym. Gym made me feel good about myself. Gym gave me confidence, strength, hel... Read more

  • Friday 6/17/2016

    6/17/2016 7:22:14 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Thank you to everyone for their prayers, hugs, and love. I am doing better than I was. Wednesday was a little rough. I had a phone interview with the 3rd party for SS for my functions (what I can do, can't do etc.). It took 45 mins. and was so glad when it was finished. The past couple of days and... Read more

  • June 16'16

    6/16/2016 5:58:11 PM, by NYKIMMIE

    I got up at 5 my usual,was at the pool by 5;45,did 12 laps in 25 minutes ish,was good,felt good.Cleaned house, n did laundry. It was a nice day out.... Read more

  • I Am A Mermaid Again!

    6/16/2016 8:31:39 AM, by BETHUMZ

    The pool is open and I got a new bathing suit, IN A SMALLER SIZE!!! It felt glorious to throw myself back into the water and start exercising again with vigor! 237 With my RA and terrible knees I just can't accomplish what I want to on dry land. I think I was meant to be a sea mammal - even i... Read more

  • 6/15/2016 Hoping for a better day

    6/15/2016 3:56:25 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Yesterday was not a good day for me. I took my vitamins, medications. I decided to stay home and not go with John to Cowtown and try to get some things done at home. Not so, every time I bent down I got extremely dizzy, then the crying started. The anxiety and depression came back full force, most o... Read more

  • A Life of Convenience

    6/14/2016 10:50:14 AM, by HIKERGIRL4LIFE

    At my age, I am finding that life is moving fast. The days start to run together and it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. But, right at our fingertips, the world has made many conveniences to make our lives so much easier to live. Is it easier or is it just convenient? Look ar... Read more

  • Tuesday 6/14/2016

    6/14/2016 8:28:37 AM, by PURPLE0906

    We had Lilly here Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. She loves being here. Yesterday we watched Lilly and Grayson for a couple of hours. Lilly loves her brother but at times she is so jealous of him. I try to explain that he needs more attention because he cannot talk, walk and does not really und... Read more

  • Good Results

    6/13/2016 7:52:51 AM, by TONYAYARB

    Today was weigh in day. Last week I had my calorie range at 1300-1500 and had gained .6 lbs. I did some reasons corrected my calorie range to 1300-1350 and lost 4 lbs this week! I guess those 200 extra calories a day made a bigger difference than you would think. I'm interested to see how next week'... Read more

  • My Why's

    6/12/2016 9:39:30 PM, by HIKERGIRL4LIFE

    We all have our reason's for wanting to lose weight. It can be as simple as I want to look hot in a swimsuit or it could be for health reasons. I spent some time today pondering on why I want to lose the weight. This is a few things that came to mind... * To look good for my daughter's wedding ... Read more

  • No Feuding, Just Running, 2016

    6/12/2016 7:20:16 PM, by JERIBERI1

    What can you say about running 26.2 miles in 95 degree heat, over mountains, through feuding country? You can say it's brutal, it's hard, and it's just about the most fun you can have along the Kentucky/West Virginia border! This is the 3rd time I've run this race. The first time was 2012. I c... Read more

  • Summer 5% Challenge - Update

    6/12/2016 5:01:57 PM, by ROCKPORT9

    Summer Challenge starts in a few weeks. I will use this blog to record my commitments. 40 My commitment for fitness: Line dancing- 60 minutes, 2x week 355 Walking: 20 minutes each day (dog walking) 313 Other exercise: 20 minutes, 2x week 34 317 Steps: minimum 5,000 day, 1... Read more

  • Crazy Days

    6/12/2016 4:47:40 PM, by FONTELLAMARIE

    My heart goes out to those in Orlando who awoke to the most terrible day of their lives. I all too vividly know the grief of those who lost sons and brothers and fathers this day. Despite all of the daily opportunities for hatred and meanness, it takes a concerted effort to be an instrument of peac... Read more

  • My Mother-in-Law

    6/12/2016 10:25:45 AM, by BKWERM

    It's been a rough week. I've had an underlying current of anxiety with me every day. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and last Monday, she was placed on the critical list for getting into a nursing home due to starting wandering (she escaped from my sister-in-law's house 3 times). She also believes ... Read more

  • Beautiful Mind

    6/12/2016 7:53:00 AM, by TONYAYARB

    I've been back on the wagon about 3 weeks now and feel like I'm doing much better this time. I'm seeing the scale move in the right direction and I'm doing well with keeping my motivation up. Although sometimes when I'm calculating calories and deciding what to eat, I resemble the guy from the movie... Read more

  • RA Will Not Define Me

    6/11/2016 9:19:46 PM, by HIKERGIRL4LIFE

    Where to start? It has been 6 years ago since I lost 62 pounds with the help of Sparkpeople. I was nearing a very healthy weight and felt better than I have my whole life. Life happened. I started back to work after 18 years of being a stay at home mom and apparently didn't think taking care of myse... Read more

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    6/11/2016 11:41:57 AM, by MUTTSBARK

    This is my first entry in years. I used to be "little miss healthy." I could run like the wind, six miles was never an issue. Even with my past year's diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, I can sometimes run. Doc says it's good for me ... try to walk my baby dog daily ... shih tzus in profile pic are ... Read more

  • Friday 6/10 busy, hurting today

    6/11/2016 9:10:43 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Yesterday morning John and I went to the flea market. We walked all around outside, then went inside and stopped at our favorite place to eat. After we ate we walked around inside, then walked around outside and picked up a couple of things for ebay and Lilly. Melissa came over early with Gray... Read more

  • Time to follow my bliss

    6/10/2016 9:06:05 PM, by SBECKER526

    Joseph Campbell wrote about following your bliss. I am adjusting well to life at the Highlands. I have a solid exercise program with many options. I have activities that I enjoy and many people I care about at the Highlands and in my organizations. I do not always follow my bliss. I need to med... Read more

  • The Ride From Hell!

    6/10/2016 2:47:24 PM, by _LINDA

    As I type this, looking down and trying to keep my head upright, I am still nauseous :-((( It was worse than I remember. She said I had loose crystals in both ears, but by far the worse was in the left ear. She did the treatment and I was hanging on for dear life things were spinning so violently... Read more

  • Dizzy!!

    6/9/2016 9:15:37 PM, by _LINDA

    I have had a couple of incidents like this before. I would wake up, get out of bed and promptly feel like I am being thrown across the room. I was referred to an ENT specialist who just said Meniere's, prescribed some medication telling me it isn't always effective. Fortunately for me, a woman in... Read more

  • Hole In My Heart

    6/9/2016 2:01:56 PM, by BETHUMZ

    On Tuesday I said goodbye to my 14 year-old dog, Vic. He had liver cancer and then about a month ago had a stroke. I know he's now in a better place and with my other dog running free and without pain, but Dixie and I miss him terribly. It's been a very rough few days. :(... Read more

  • 6/7/2016

    6/8/2016 2:32:06 AM, by PURPLE0906

    John's Doctor Appointment follow up went well. The Doctor was very happy John was doing so well. He let John know he can have certain foods, but to remember everything in moderation. Of course, no fried foods, pre-made foods or fast foods. He answered our questions and John will follow up in 3 month... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey - Part 5

    6/7/2016 12:21:17 PM, by NDHUNTRESS

    I have a date. July 5th I will have RNY surgery. I am so happy to his journey is moving forward. Liquid diet begins June 21st.... Read more

  • WLS - My Journey Part 4

    6/7/2016 10:17:33 AM, by NDHUNTRESS

    Well I have been approved by the insurance company for my surgery. Now I am just waiting for them to get that approval over to the Surgeons office so I can start the next steps and have surgery. I called the Insurance Coordinator this morning to see if they had received the approval paperwor... Read more

  • 6/6/2016 Busy day

    6/6/2016 6:59:18 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Yesterday was basically a rainy, cloudy day. The storms rolled in around 5:30 pm. Melissa picked up Lilly around 2:30, so I did lay down and got a couple hrs sleep. I feel so bad cause Lilly never wants to leave here. Today John has a follow up Doctor's appointment at 9:30 am. . We have a lot o... Read more

  • To dream what is golden....

    6/6/2016 6:01:43 AM, by MIAMIRN

    I am a swimmer and I love to swim. I have been swimming most of my life. My favorite swims are the long hauls. I like to swim the mile. When I swim I imagine myself swimming to the "Gold" To victory! emoticon Some members like Triathlons and some Marathons. For me it's the mile. I think the last 10... Read more

  • This past weekend, this week

    6/2/2016 7:12:02 AM, by PURPLE0906

    First I want to wish my daughter a very Happy Birthday. Melissa turned 26 yesterday, can't believe how fast time flys. She is the best daughter in the world and has given me two beautiful grandchildren. Seems everything has been a blur since last Friday afternoon when I had to take John to ER. ... Read more