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  • Hot Chocolate 15K Madness

    8/2/2015 5:52:51 PM, by BIJOUX7

    Call me crazy but I want to do the Hot Chocolate 15K this November. I was a serious runner in high school, college and beyond until rheumatoid arthritis changed my life forever. So a 15k is crazy right? I plan on running it, but know I have the option to walk it. Finishing is what matters. I'v... Read more

  • My world is full of helpers

    8/2/2015 12:08:00 AM, by SBECKER526

    I feel so blessed to have the support that I need. Friends who are witnessing my advanced directive for my doctors and new residence. Senior moving managers who clue me into my next step, advise me what to take, and help me get used to my new life. My housekeeper who makes me laugh! Snaggles... Read more

  • Lessons learned

    8/1/2015 3:24:13 PM, by TAISIAKAT

    Motivation is a significant driver for anyone who wants to do something. Problem is when your motivator isn't realistic or attainable, it can be extremely destructive if you're not paying attention to the "WHY". I didn't realize that my motivation to loose weight was really tied to something t... Read more

  • Saturday 8/1/2015

    8/1/2015 10:31:45 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Another hot day here, going into the 90's. I did get out early this morning and got the potted plants watered. Garden 8-1-2015 Potted Eggplant and lettuce Potted Tabasco and Jalapeño Peppers John is selling crabs, corn on the cob, oysters, etc. up the street today, so... Read more

  • Fixing up to sell

    7/31/2015 11:39:54 PM, by SBECKER526

    I had a list of 4 things that my realtor recommended to have fixed prior to putting the house up for sale. I contacted my friend who is a painter/handyman. Within 4 days he fixed everything for us. My husband is thrilled.... Read more

  • Off the beaten track

    7/31/2015 7:01:34 PM, by FABGRAMMA

    Well I have fallen off the grid again, really need to pull up my socks and get serious about my weight loss, I feel so bad about myself.A couple of ladies have started a new challenge on Facebook so hope to combine the 2 groups and get somewhere. I really did great when I first joined SP so need to ... Read more

  • happy birthday to me!

    7/31/2015 11:20:06 AM, by HAWTHER

    I got myself a great gift this year - a new low weight. I'm officially into the 280's now and going strong. I kind of hope my coworkers forget it's my birthday because I don't want to have to smile and eat cake. I'm saving my calories for wine and a nice dinner tonight! The really exciting pa... Read more

  • Life's Little Roadblocks

    7/30/2015 9:12:50 PM, by _LINDA

    I started out with some morning barefoot exercise at home, then went to the gym for a step class. Imagine my surprise when I was told my card had expired. Not only that, the person responsible for processing them was at least four weeks behind :-( The problem with these new cards is that they are... Read more

  • 100 Days of Weight Loss book Group starting August 1, 2015

    7/30/2015 12:14:56 PM, by ROCKPORT9

    I have written this blog twice. Both times when I put in a picture, all my writing was erased. So, I will just share that I have my 10 reasons for weight loss wriitten down, a diet and exercise plan. I have been unfocused since January 2015. Health issues, elective surgeries, birth of first gra... Read more

  • Podiatrist Visit & RCMP Musical Ride

    7/30/2015 12:11:07 AM, by _LINDA

    I got in on a cancellation with my podiatrist. She sympathized with what a struggle I have been having with my RA. She trimmed my toe nails very short, noting I had an infected ingrown nail on my left foot. I hadn't noticed it as the pain of my toes and bunionette on my right foot took more not... Read more

  • Going to be a long day

    7/29/2015 6:58:22 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Nothing like going to bed last night only to hear John yelling let it go Marlowe. I came out to see what was going on and Marlowe had a mouse in his mouth and would not let it go. Ozzy was next to him, Marlowe growling. I picked up Ivory who had to find out what was going on and put her in the bedro... Read more

  • Pets In The Park Photos!

    7/28/2015 2:02:44 PM, by _LINDA

    It was another great sunny, but hot day in Saskatoon for this annual event. Fortunately, they had lots of water dishes and cooling stations for the animals. This Newfie tried all the little pools before he found one more his size: It is rare to see a Puli dog, takes them five years be... Read more

  • Something original, like

    7/28/2015 11:50:01 AM, by HAWTHER

    "I've lost 50 pounds, but I just don't see it" I said. It is 100% true. I objectively know that I've lost a lot of inches. I know my clothes are too big and new clothes of a smaller size are fitting. I know my cardiovascular health is much better after months of working out. But, I have SO muc... Read more

  • Getting closer to deciding what to take

    7/25/2015 11:20:38 PM, by SBECKER526

    I have most of the boxes in the attic checked. I had a few surprises. I diagrammed my storaige area and then measured the size of my tote. I have a plan for my husband's dialysis supplies and what I want to store. I am analyzing the types of meals that I will make on my 10 days a month. Tha... Read more

  • The Beast Unmasked

    7/25/2015 9:02:57 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    So. When i was in the hospital on HUGE doses of steroids for a month....i actually lost a few pounds thanks to the portion controls in the hospital food. I was ALWAYS hungry there. So when I got home i went a little wild. Whole wheat bagels with tofutti "cream cheese:" are the current drug of ... Read more

  • Happy, Sad, Concerned

    7/23/2015 10:30:35 PM, by PURPLE0906

    Last Friday Melissa went to triage. She was having slurred speech and blurred vision. She was there for a while and was told she may have had a stroke or a migraine and that she would need to follow up with a Neurologist and was released. She just stayed home and tried to relax the rest of the weeke... Read more

  • Hot and humid and so is my mood!

    7/22/2015 12:17:41 PM, by JANNY316

    It is such a hot and humid week, and I am swollen and sore. And my mood is hot and humid too. I am just a bundle of emotions right now. It seems like my RA is really troubling me right now, I have been on antibiotics for a month over a sinus infection, and I can't seem to get enough energy to e... Read more

  • Finalist in Silver Sneaker Inspiration Award

    7/21/2015 11:32:13 PM, by SBECKER526

    My gym nominated me as a candidate for the Richard Swanson Award from Silver Sneakers. I made it to a finalist position. If you are willing, would you want to vote for me? HOW TO VOTE: Click on the link and select "VOTE" next to the finalist of your choice. P.S. You can vote once every 24 ... Read more

  • Seeking Balance!

    7/20/2015 10:48:45 PM, by SBECKER526

    I went out with some friends Sunday and Monday. I enjoyed their company and thoughts. We went for walks at the Rodale Institute and Gring's Mill. Whew! We had high humidity and temperatures. Tomorrow is golf night with my friends. Yeah!! I finished shopping for our apartment. It helped to ... Read more

  • Hike Photos

    7/20/2015 10:49:30 AM, by _LINDA

    Last week Mom wanted to take Daisy and I on a hike around Petterson's ravine and then back home, an almost four mile hike: The baby's breath (tumbleweeds) were really blooming this year, I guess they like dry conditions. Daisy waits for us slowpokes: The ravine was just filled with them:... Read more

  • Abandoned Baby Bird Photos

    7/19/2015 11:17:23 PM, by _LINDA

    As I went out to water my little garden patch, I noticed this quite large baby bird, but it still had down on it. It did not fly away, but sadly stayed by its dead sibling: Normally the crows are out back there screeching away. I wonder why they don't come rescue their remaining baby: ... Read more

  • Sunday - 7-19-2015

    7/19/2015 8:43:03 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Have not blogged in a while, have not been feeling too well. Seems stress, lack of sleep, taking penicillin is really getting to me. Yesterday, I basically lazed around and didn't do to much. Feeling a little better today. Next door neighbor is healing well after her fall. My younger sister ... Read more

  • Fixable---?

    7/19/2015 6:16:29 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    I just completed 24 days in the hospital. In the hospital ---on tons of IV steroids--my appetite was mammoth. I would eat a full plate of food---as much as I could get them to send me---and would be hungry before I took the last bite. I'm the only person I know who can be hungry WHILE EATING. ... Read more

  • Setbacks -- Regroup, figure it out, go on

    7/18/2015 12:29:38 PM, by JERIBERI1

    On May 16th I walked a half marathon with my friend. I normally run, but my friend is not a runner. Apparently, I am not built for walking. Around mile 6 my toes on my right foot stopped bending, and my foot was extremely painful. Long story short, I had a long, diagonal, displaced fracture of my 2n... Read more

  • Hot, Hot, Hot!

    7/17/2015 2:18:18 AM, by _LINDA

    Still very hot and humid here, way above average temperatures. Not helping the drought or high number of wildfires burning up north. We had storms but only one brought some rain, heavy, fast, but over too quickly to do much good. Knocking down my Mom's delphiniums which were almost in full bloo... Read more

  • Skinny Jeans-Oh My

    7/16/2015 8:34:00 AM, by BECWAL

    I've discovered the "world of jeans" is different on the other side. Not just a choice of stretchy pull-up or polyester. There now are names like "Boyfriend", "Low ride", "Skinny", "Jeggings", and there is still straight leg and boot cut that I remember. Now, I have always worn stretchy jeans ... Read more

  • Another Cough Update

    7/15/2015 6:28:11 PM, by BKWERM

    Today was my appointment with my GP. He took me seriously right off the bat since I was coughing before he even got into the room as I hadn’t taken any anti-coughing meds since 10 this morning (my appointment was at 3:40). I had typed up a summary of the cough which included the dates I’d ... Read more

  • 7 weeks to move

    7/15/2015 5:45:16 PM, by SBECKER526

    This is the main entrance of our residence. Our apartment overlooks the fountain and main drive. Yes, it is on 113 acres of land and adjacent to many walking trails. I have much to do to get ready. We are now gearing to move on September 9th. I have a few things to decide on taking and the... Read more

  • Da Struggle

    7/15/2015 4:02:22 PM, by DEUELLX

    It's real, it really is! I don't blog a lot...mainly because I always feel like I'm complaining but I just felt like writing. Times like these makes me feel so...BLAH. My husband and I have been going through a rough patch. It's just stressful and I want to eat and sleep and that is a... Read more

  • CAMO CREW Special OPs (week 8)

    7/14/2015 5:22:47 PM, by 4-1HEALTHYCYNDI

    As part of the challenge this week we were challenged to come up with whatever we needed to focus on this week to help us live healthy. I was just going to post it in the team thread and then thought I would like it in a place where I can find it more easily and update my friends with what's happen... Read more

  • 5 more weeks and my day is coming soon

    7/14/2015 3:38:22 PM, by BECWAL

    The grandkids keep me hopping and with a sick elderly mother it's a full time job. I love them but I have big plans for myself when the grandkids go home. I'm excited that I've made the decision to join the YMCA. I'm going to go in the next few weeks to fill out forms and give them a start date a... Read more

  • Vacation is Done (for now)

    7/13/2015 2:56:10 PM, by BKWERM

    Good afternoon. It's officially my last day of vacation (this time around). 39 So far today, I've made my clean eating protein packed banana bread and some Parmesan & Herbed Chicken Thighs. I was going to grill some zucchini, too but I guess I waited too long as it was moldy. I also ex... Read more

  • I Saw a Pedophile In My Grocery Store

    7/11/2015 8:21:16 AM, by _LINDA

    It was a shock to see him there in my neighborhood. I had known him. He had been a bridge player. A big, gentle giant he helped out volunteering for the club, making friends and traveling to bridge tournaments with them. He was well liked and respected, a pillar of the community, he had been a ... Read more

  • Starting Over

    7/10/2015 10:49:12 PM, by SEATTLE58ANEW

    Yes, I'm starting over. I changed my user name to Seattle58anew. So yes, I'm still here. I've gained most of my weight back. Am sick and frustrated about it, but like my motto says, " I Will Never Give Up!" I've ran into a few detours, but I'm finding my way around them every day. Each day is ... Read more

  • My interval timer

    7/10/2015 11:43:21 AM, by --MAY--

    Here it is: It is the easyist Timer I have used, though it did take me a few Min. To figure it out!! I do wish Spark could make it so the picture would not be sideways!! Does anyone know how to make it straight? I tried taking it verticle and horizontal, it does not matter they all show up V... Read more

  • Moving ahead

    7/8/2015 10:57:19 PM, by SBECKER526

    The interview was great. We saw the apartment again. Did some measurements. Worked on plans. Enjoyed dinner and social hour with residents. I am very happy and content. We meet with our realtor on Monday.... Read more

  • Berry Barn Photos

    7/8/2015 1:32:03 PM, by _LINDA

    I spent two hours and forty minutes this morning weeding, cleaning up dead leaves and flowers, detritus and trimming the bushes as well as the suckers on the maple tree. I addition, I weeded all along the building as there is a patch of gravel that totally gets weeded over next to the building. ... Read more

  • Linda Deserves A Standing Ovation

    7/8/2015 8:24:15 AM, by BECWAL

    243 345 243 250 My SP friend LINZEE just passed into Onederland and I'm pumped up about it. I want to catch up with her, and for the first time in my life I have to remind myself that I have to nourish myself. I have never in my life looked at food solely as a fuel source and nothing more... Read more

  • Wednesday 7-8-15

    7/8/2015 7:25:25 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Had last Thursday and Friday off. Melissa and Lilly were here Thursday, no company on Friday so was pretty quiet. Saturday Melissa and Lilly came and Lilly stayed the night since Melissa and Pat had to work. Saturday afternoon was pretty nice until I heard screaming. Yep, neighbor next door fell do... Read more

  • Cloud Monster !

    7/7/2015 10:15:30 PM, by --MAY--

    Look at the cool Pic I took driving back from CT. Took it somwhere in Maryland!!... Read more

  • Farm Photos

    7/5/2015 10:03:29 PM, by _LINDA

    I went up to my sister's farm June 26 for my nephew Maddy's Grade 12 Grad. My sister had the fire and food going. Sandy is now cooking everything over the fire, saves energy and doesn't heat up the house when its hot out! Mickey taking it easy: My oldest nephew Chase, who has his own f... Read more

  • Wildlife Photos (Mostly Birds)!

    7/4/2015 7:34:11 PM, by _LINDA

    I finally loaded photos from my new camera onto my desktop -my cord from the old camera worked! Mom and I were walking Daisy along the river and spotted this unusual sight: We have never seen a white goose hanging around with the Canada geese, but this one was. I tried to get closer, but th... Read more

  • Swimmers please post here!

    7/4/2015 4:31:22 PM, by MIAMIRN

    Hi, I am an avid swimmer and looking for swimmers to talk about swimming, do virtual swims with and to just see how many swimmers there are on SparkPeople. I know there are a lot of hidden swimmers. Please post here if you are a swimmer. I'd love to know you better! 41 252... Read more

  • Yep, it's that time again, lol

    7/4/2015 11:01:57 AM, by PURPLE0906

    With all the rain we have been having, the pickle bush cucumbers are growing like crazy. It's refrigerator pickle time again, lol Approx. 9 lbs of sliced pickle bush cucumbers Also managed to get the tomato's tied up, weeded, re-potted some rosemary, romaine lettuce, petunia's, marigol... Read more

  • Happy 4th of July

    7/4/2015 7:12:21 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July!! 652... Read more