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  • 2/6/16

    2/6/2016 9:58:51 AM, by TONYAYARB

    This morning started very rough but eventually I started feeling better. Man I miss caffeine on those days. I was just able to walk a half mile on the treadmill so the day is looking up. I have met my step goal everyday this week so I want to make sure to get this 7th day goal in too.... Read more

  • Friday 2/5/16

    2/5/2016 6:33:59 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Well got through the colonoscopy. The place I went to was so packed at 7:30 am. I have to say everyone that worked there was extra nice. They were concerned about my heart beating fast and even asked if I had seen a heart Doctor. Lord I hope nothing is wrong there and I think it was because I was wo... Read more

  • 2/5/16

    2/5/2016 6:16:36 AM, by TONYAYARB

    Feeling motivated today. I am even going to try a little exercise today. I will have to start slow but at least it will be something. Going for 10 mins on the treadmill.... Read more

  • A step back

    2/4/2016 11:22:01 AM, by FABGRAMMA

    Well I was doing fairly well then had to make a trip to the city to see my sisters, lot's of running with one for some errands, doesn't drive and if she did has no car. Trip to Costco, her favorite place to go when I come because she does not have a membership.....a few stores she can't get to and a... Read more

  • Lunch date with friends. :)

    2/4/2016 10:47:20 AM, by BETHUMZ

    I had the most fantastic lunch date with some friends today. We had a blast. We went out for Mexican food. I didn't even have to feel too guilty because I didn't snack all day, I ordered off the lunch menu and I didn't eat everything on my plate. I was still stuffed when I left - probably because I ... Read more

  • 2/3/16

    2/3/2016 7:25:34 PM, by TONYAYARB

    Still trucking along, begrudgingly at time, but still tracking like I'm suppose to and not going over my calories. The food is fine and the calorie limit is good as well. I know it's just breaking my habits of overeating and emotional eating. They're tough nuts to crack as I'm sure you all know. I a... Read more

  • Did You Guys See This???

    2/3/2016 8:35:28 AM, by BETHUMZ

    I just discovered the new "Add Quick Entry" feature under the Add Food section (It's also on the phone app.) and I'm So Excited! NOW I HAVE A PLACE TO ADD FOOD THAT BERTHA, MY FOOD ZOMBIE, ATE! - Which can also be called "Random Grazing" - As estimated bulk calories. I wouldn't want to ha... Read more

  • 2/3/2016

    2/3/2016 8:07:59 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Lilly stayed with us from last Thursday night until last Sunday night. She had a ball playing in the snow, john reading to her, playing with sand, etc. Melissa was off Monday and wanted to spend time with her. I had an appointment yesterday with the Psychologist. We had a very good session and sh... Read more

  • 2/2/16

    2/2/2016 6:55:37 AM, by TONYAYARB

    Disappointing day on the scale. I gained a pound. I was very good about tracking and didn't cheat at all this week. I am really hoping it's fluid. It would be so easy just to give up but I am not giving in yet. I'm going to keep at it and hope next week is better.... Read more

  • And So It Begins... Peroneal Tendon Surgery

    2/1/2016 11:36:12 AM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    I returned to the foot surgeon today to hear what the verdict is on my foot. As I suspected, I will need surgery to fix it. What I didn't expect was the extent of the damage. I have a complete rupture of my peroneus longus and longitudinal tears in my peroneus brevis. Plus the extra bone... Read more

  • 2/1/16

    2/1/2016 7:58:54 AM, by TONYAYARB

    Feeling better today so I am trying to take advantage of that. I did sleep in a little this morning but not too bad. I am trying to be on point today since I weigh in the morning. Last week I had a gain so I am hoping for a better weigh day tomorrow.... Read more

  • Sunday Funday

    1/31/2016 6:25:41 AM, by TONYAYARB

    Moving around a little better, let's hope I am able to get more done today without overdoing it.... Read more

  • Hobble in my Wobble

    1/30/2016 6:23:44 AM, by TONYAYARB

    Well the last 2 days I have had to use my cane because of pain. I would really like to add in more exercise but haven't been able yet. Having RA is very frustrating. Before RA I would have dug in and pushed myself and now can't. It seems like any time I feel I am getting into a good rhythm with exer... Read more

  • Short blog 1/29/2016

    1/29/2016 12:28:19 PM, by PURPLE0906

    Yesterday Melissa had the day off and come over with the kids and laundry. Lilly stayed overnight and she is staying again tonight. Grayson and Lilly are such lovable kids. Yesterday I had an appointment with the Psychologist and she said my Doctors office did not have the form so that they can t... Read more

  • Guess I'm gonna need a new one!

    1/29/2016 11:59:03 AM, by BETHUMZ

    Last night I was shaking my hand at something and one of my rings went flying off of my hand! I just laughed. They've been getting pretty loose but that was pretty funny to me. I wear these inexpensive magnetic, hematite rings on each hand to help with my RA (Yes, they really do help me!). I bo... Read more

  • Appreciation for all those who helped during our 30 inch storm

    1/27/2016 11:21:47 PM, by SBECKER526

    All o f the people who touched my life during the storm gave of themselves. From the drivers who brought key personnel to our residence to keep us going with food and service. The maintenance and grounds people who had so much to do to clean walkways, roofs, drives, and even our cars. The young s... Read more

  • Frustrated but not giving up

    1/27/2016 1:46:28 PM, by JANNY316

    I have had to get a cortisone shot in my knee and it won't cure what is going on but may give me a couple of pain free months. Every time I get on a good workout schedule, my knee would swell and have pain for several days, and off my routine I would go. I hope to lose some lbs. before I have to g... Read more

  • I am feeling much better

    1/27/2016 11:43:32 AM, by BETHUMZ

    Would you believe a raging case of PMS may have been to blame??? That would have also explained the migraine headache I'd had the day before! I actually haven't had my period since October. My doctor told me I was headed for menopause after some bloodwork this year, so things have been rather incons... Read more

  • Tuesday 01/26/2016

    1/26/2016 6:19:34 PM, by NYKIMMIE

    I had the day off,got some 30 minute workouts in. My kayak was delivered today,i'm ready for summer. 237... Read more

  • Health Update

    1/26/2016 4:48:59 PM, by BKWERM

    Good afternoon. I had a meeting with Return to Work (RTW) Services at work last Wednesday that included my boss and my union rep. The rep from RTW services was concerned that I hadn't successfully returned to full duties when I came back on January 4 and wanted me to meet with my doctor to dis... Read more

  • Set back, switcheroo and motto chanting!

    1/26/2016 9:43:49 AM, by TONYAYARB

    I decided to move my weigh in day to Tuesdays. For me and my husband, Tuesdays are our "Fridays" since his off days are Wednesday and Thursday. If we ever go out to eat or anything it would be in those days. Hopefully this will work better for me. So I weighed today to get the switch started and it... Read more

  • My Journey with Yoga

    1/26/2016 9:37:09 AM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    Due to my RA and Psoriatic Arthritis, I am in pain every day of my life. I got hooked up with a plus size yoga master online at Body Positive Yoga She was able to demonstrate that no matter your size you can do yoga. I have gotten pain relief from doing her yoga practices a cou... Read more

  • 1/26/2016

    1/26/2016 8:46:53 AM, by PURPLE0906

    Last week was busy going to PT and Doctor's. Had a really good session with my Psychologist who believes that my family Doctor does not realize how much pain I am in. She said she is going to call him and talk to him and will let me know on 1/28 when I go back to her. Been calling the insurance comp... Read more

  • A New Year and soon a new Me

    1/25/2016 12:36:32 PM, by NDHUNTRESS

    As of 1/1/2016 my insurance company now covers WLS with pre-approval if I meet certain criteria. I re-started the process today with an updated consult with my surgeon. Tonight I will complete the Psyc online questionnaire. The next step after that is the Dietitian counseling sessions. New c... Read more

  • So I need to...

    1/25/2016 7:40:22 AM, by LINDAJOYWK

    I need to get serious. Eating while necessary can be an addiction. My mind understands this, but the addiction remains. I've been stuck inside with the winter blizzard-a huge bag of apples at the ready. And untouched. Time for an Ah-hah moment. Got to hit the reset button-again...guess you ar... Read more

  • Day #22 Disappointed but not Discouraged

    1/23/2016 3:04:17 PM, by DMREEVES2010

    I have been on SP for the umpteenth time and have always lost a bit of weight in the beginning but then I plateau and get discouraged and quit. This time, I have not lost any weight, 21 days in, and though I am disappointed I am not discouraged. I really have an amazing will power that I have no c... Read more

  • 2016 so far

    1/22/2016 7:03:36 PM, by 4-1HEALTHYCYNDI

    2016 is off to a rocky start. It is nearing the end of January and Iím still struggling to even come up with my goals for the year, month; week. I coasted through really didnít do much since I got home from vacation. It shows everywhere in my life. First I weigh more than I have in since 200... Read more

  • Leaving On A Jet Plane...

    1/22/2016 12:40:26 AM, by BLUBBERBLASTER5

    Tonight at 10:00pm we were suppose to pick Todd up at the airport. He was visiting his dad all week in South Carolina. There was bad weather in Chicago, so his plane was delayed in Charleston. They finally left 2 hours after their scheduled departure, so of course he missed his connecting flight in ... Read more

  • Rough Day

    1/21/2016 10:04:09 PM, by TONYAYARB

    Today was not a good diet day. I didn't eat well and went over my calorie limit. In the past I would say oh well and go off the diet for good because I just can't do it. But I fell today and plan on getting right back up tomorrow and back on track.... Read more

  • My Feet... The Bane of My Existence

    1/21/2016 11:06:45 AM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    Well, went to the foot surgeon on Monday for a consultation. I will be having an MRI to confirm what he's pretty sure of already. I have longitudinal tears in my peroneal tendons. ( Tendons on the outside of your feet that help them to turn in different directions) I also have that fun little extra ... Read more

  • I haven't opened the chocolate yet...

    1/21/2016 8:29:43 AM, by BETHUMZ

    I had a terrible fight with my father last night. It's my own fault - I'd had a glass of wine, I've been depressed, I'd just come from talking to my therapist and I let him get to me. I ended up screaming at him and in tears. This is not like me. I went to bed and let my cat purr me to sleep. T... Read more

  • Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili Recipe

    1/20/2016 10:20:54 PM, by JANISMKW

    I am posting this at the request of Alicia363, after I mentioned it in a comment on one of her blogs. This was given to me by my doctor at a medical weight loss center, and it is attributed to I made it and my DH and son and I all liked it. ============================
    ====... Read more

  • Thank you - Cortisone Injection question

    1/19/2016 3:17:45 PM, by PURPLE0906

    I want to thank everyone for the best wishes, hugs, thoughts and prayers. I went to the Spine Center this morning and really like the Doctor. I am so glad I brought the cd of the MRI of my neck. After she checked me she showed me and explained about my neck area. I do have arthritis and some disk de... Read more

  • 3 Out Of 4 Of Those Pounds Are GONE!

    1/19/2016 8:22:04 AM, by BETHUMZ

    I kicked them to the sidewalk! I got right back on track and it felt good. 521 Lots of veggies and salads and soup and fruit! I've been craving apples all week. 4 This Butt has been moving. 104 Here I am with my Dixie-girl chilling on the couch last night, feeling pretty good a... Read more

  • Enjoying life

    1/18/2016 9:09:20 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am enjoying meeting new people and to hear their stories. Each of us has challenges and special traits that are great to hear about. I have a new friend who is facing heart surgery. She inspires me with the calmness and faith she prepares for surgery.. My housekeeper has strong values. ... Read more

  • still focused

    1/17/2016 10:18:13 PM, by FABGRAMMA

    it's been a week, logging in and tracking food intake, keeping a good eye on protein and fats....have slipped a few times and had some desserts but not stressing over it. I have drank my water.....push myself to do my walk aerobic and keeping myself busy organizing room by room. It's been pretty co... Read more

  • Sunday 1/17/16

    1/17/2016 5:27:18 PM, by NYKIMMIE

    I hiked this morning,chilly but fun with friends. Cleaned some,and took a well deserved nap. 224... Read more

  • Bright Horizon

    1/16/2016 10:41:45 PM, by BLUBBERBLASTER5

    Since January 14th I have been giving 100% to my healthy lifestyle. I have a fitbit and I wasn't even coming close to my step goal, so I decided I had to hit it everyday. The past 3 days I blew past mine. I've been doing Walk Away The Pounds dvd's. I have also went back to tracking my food and drink... Read more

  • Native American Wisdom

    1/16/2016 9:09:06 PM, by _LINDA

    10 Tribal Teachings To Live By 1) The Earth is our Mother, care for her. 2) Honor your ancestors through your actions. 3) Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit. 4) All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect. 5) Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more. 6) Put... Read more

  • Getting back on the Exercise Bandwagon

    1/16/2016 6:01:08 PM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    I so excited to get started with a new yoga program. It's one for large people and for the first time, I'm getting to do yoga without killing myself. Big people can do yoga. You just have to find the right place. It is really helping my RA pain level. I've also started strength training aga... Read more

  • Progress in defining new life

    1/15/2016 9:55:03 PM, by SBECKER526

    My husband and I completed the new resident orientation and found the program to be worthwhile. We understand our new environment and the governance of it as well. I have a deep respect for the planners. My apartment is safe and comfortable. Our house has been on the market for 5 months. I ... Read more

  • The Miracle Morning -Don't Hit That Snooze!!

    1/15/2016 12:35:17 PM, by _LINDA

    Are you one of those people that set your alarm for the last possible minute for you to get ready and get to where you need to be, whether its work or school? Do you hit that snooze button for as long as you think you can get away with it? If so, you are wasting one of the most valuable time perio... Read more

  • I skipped 2015 and I'm not going back

    1/14/2016 10:54:51 AM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    2015 was the worst year of my life. I lost my mother to COPD after 6 months of intensive care, then my father-in-law and then my father, all in less than 3 months. With my mother so sick and I was back and forth on many 800 mile round trips my fitness goals took a back seat. I find myself now ... Read more

  • Infobesity And Other Things Holding You Back!

    1/14/2016 2:49:58 AM, by _LINDA

    Sitting is the new smoking is the latest health shocker. Doesn't matter if you work out an hour daily, if you are sitting for the rest of it your health risks are as much as a sedentary person. Didn't like hearing that one. No sir. The fact is we do a lot of sitting. Why? Screen time. TV. ... Read more

  • Finding the Best Mop, Part II

    1/12/2016 3:22:17 PM, by SEATTLE58ANEW

    I know that I promised to tell you when I found the perfect mop, so even though this one isn't perfect, it sure does the job better then all the others, so far! I found a Libman cloth mop. Even though it's kind of tough for my arthritic hands to wring it, their method of wringing it works the ... Read more

  • THIS is why I'm reluctant to share my journey...

    1/12/2016 2:57:15 PM, by BETHUMZ

    As I just posted this morning, I learned today that gained 4 pounds over Christmas. This was my very first actual gain since May. I don't weigh myself every week like some people. I only weigh myself when I go to my doctor's office - but I do stop in whenever I feel like it to weigh myself there. It... Read more

  • Bridge Demolition

    1/12/2016 8:35:14 AM, by _LINDA

    This video gives a great history of the bridge and several angles of the explosion:
    =QNTnfgeotTY My family lived only a few blocks from this bridge. When Mom and Dad built their home the area looked a lot different, the city has grown and expanded rapidly, th... Read more

  • Well Bummer...

    1/12/2016 8:21:36 AM, by BETHUMZ

    So, I gained 4 pounds... and I'm hoping 1 or 2 of them might be water weight. I can hope, right? I haven't stepped on the scale since before Christmas and yes, that was a rough week. I haven't been binging or anything, I don't even think I've been all that bad. I just think I need to tighten b... Read more

  • New start

    1/11/2016 11:57:14 PM, by FABGRAMMA

    Well I have really been trying to get back on track and I think I have finally found my mind set and enthusiasm ......I keep coming back to spark people as my fall back plan. This is the site I found when I first started to loose weight... I have not been on this site for a while, only because I mad... Read more

  • Need your help Free Yarn

    1/11/2016 5:41:05 PM, by PURPLE0906

    A while back I had mentioned I had a lot of yarn. I am trying to clean up again and have more yarn. I can't remember but someone said she makes things and donates them. I would like to send her what I have, but if you know someone that could use different color yarns, please let me know. Any help wo... Read more

  • The Secret Of Happiness

    1/10/2016 10:13:54 PM, by _LINDA

    Most people are in the pursuit of happiness. Money can make you happy, but after your base needs are met, it doesn't make you much happier. It was thought that the more money you have the more possessions you have so it will make you happier. But recent research shows this is not so (poor li... Read more

  • Feeling Anxious but Don't Know Why

    1/10/2016 4:23:37 PM, by BKWERM

    I've spent the past two days cleaning due to a woman from Home Depot who is coming on Monday to measure our front picture window for blinds. Not that the house is actually that "dirty". It's more cluttered than dirty but still it takes a while to do because I have to figure out where to put all th... Read more

  • Moving right along

    1/9/2016 5:08:16 PM, by TONYAYARB

    I am still feeling positive and doing well on my current journey. I think that is in part to taking advantage of more of the website and features than I have in the past.... Read more

  • I Cleaned Out 4 Purses...

    1/9/2016 2:40:19 PM, by BKWERM

    Essentially, what I ended up with was: - lots of loose mints/hard candy - 5 packs of gum - 2 combs - 6 pens - 5 glasses cleaning cloths - 3 tins of Excel mints - 2 containers of Tic Tacs - 3 tea bags - 4 packages of Splenda and 2 packages of Truvia - 9 lip glosses/chapst... Read more

  • Its A Girl!

    1/9/2016 12:49:44 AM, by _LINDA

    Olivia was born by Caesarean Section at 2 am January 8th, weighing 6 lbs 14 oz. She was named for Olivia Newton-John. I liked her music too, and think its a great classic name. Mother and baby are doing well. Mom did go back to the Medi-Clinic and they gave her a prescription, but she is n... Read more

  • Weigh day

    1/8/2016 7:17:02 PM, by TONYAYARB

    Today was first weigh in day (this go round lol) and I was down 3 pounds for the week! That is very exciting and motivating to me, especially since I haven't had a chance to get to the grocery store yet.... Read more

  • Week One Weigh In

    1/8/2016 6:54:54 PM, by BLUBBERBLASTER5

    I have tried this weight loss thing so many times that I've lost count. Every time I have tried to lose weight, I have measured and tracked everything. I think I get frustrated with it and I always give up. This time around I'm doing what my husband does and he is a rock star at the weight loss game... Read more