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3/10/2009 | 7:34 PM
Thinking Spring!
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9/21/2009 4:11:35 AM

Good morning all,

I am not sure where to place the following comment, But here goes. I want to congratulate Rich on being made a Team Leader.




8/16/2009 11:13:59 PM

I'm now 148 days Smoke-Free,
I wanted to quit, I CRAVED and DESIRED the Idea of Stopping, but lacked the
true will power to stop, I was a 3 pack a day smoker and would get the shakes when opening my last pack knowing I would have to get to the store ASAP as the thought of not having cigs's would flip me out.

I knew several people and 2 family members who stopped using Chantix, and so I made an appointment with my doctor, and had to BEG her to give me a perscription for it. Over the past years I had tried the patches, gum, etc, and they didn't work. But I knew if I could get the chantix I could quit. I was on "Fire" with the desire to quit, Finally she ok'ed giving me a prescription and I started the program and I used their Quit Program, for the first few weeks, and cause of my 3 pack a day habit, I continued smoking for the first full 3 weeks, and on the eve of April Fools day, I said this is it, these "Cancer Sticks" will no longer be a curse for me. March 31, was my last smoke. I'm still Smoke Free, and alto I think about cigs in a boreing moment, I don't have the Desire to smoke.

Its wonderful at how much better food tastes, and how much better my flowers smell!

But the most important thing I believe is you have to really WANT to quit to start with, I had said I want to quit in the past but didn't have a burning desire and passion to stop.
This time I did, and I believe that and the chantix are why it worked this time.

If anyone is interested I can offer other advice on what i did during thoes first few days and weeks,


8/1/2009 7:20:52 PM

VSALMON's SparkPage
I wanted to quit also but really didn't know how but I got laid off and started a job at a Smoke Free Hospital. I continued to smoke and then finally I realized how stupid it was to walk off at breaks and lunch just to smoke. I enjoy my time now and don't feel like a prisoner to smoking. I have had alot of times I wish I had a smoke but it passes.


7/19/2009 11:20:33 PM

MCCALI59's SparkPage
I have been wanting to quit smoking for a long time but I cant seen to get started. I really need some help to even get started. Is there anyone that can get me motivated?

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