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Do you suffer from arthritis? Connect with others like you.

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This one's for everyone challenged by arthritis - let's discuss our pitfalls and successes!
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Members:  238,406
To meet online others who suffer with this and to interact with them on how to deal with this problem.
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Members:  53,904
All the literature tells us to keep our joints moving, but sometimes it's hard to start, or hard to keep going. This group is here to help one another.
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Members:  3,090
This group is for those with RAD (RA), their friends and family members. This condition and its treatments can challenge us as we try to exercise and eat right, but it will not defeat us!
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Members:  1,278
This group focuses on the daily pain of arthritis and challenge of weight loss. Through special support and encouragement , we can get through this together!
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Members:  612
We are here to support anyone with lower back osteoarthritis or degenerative changes to this area.....JOIN US!
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Members:  311
A great team for help, support and information for people who have had or are facing any type of joint surgery (knee, hip back)
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Members:  271
For people with knee osteoarthritis, our journey is a virtual cross country trip of your choice, via a stationary bike, while losing weight, getting in great shape and building up those knee muscles!
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Members:  195
Share our experiences & treatment for gout. Learn how nutrition, supplements, & exercise can lessen or prevent episodes.
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Members:  116
Our goal is to make AS a household name & we're a team that will help each other in anyway possible. "We will not dwell in negativity but move into positive living". Erin
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Members:  114
For people who has OsteoArthritis in Hips or knees (Mild or Severe) who would like to know what kind of exercise that suits you. and any other questions?
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Members:  110
This is for those who have Psoriatic Arthritis and the family members. This is a painful condition that has no cure.
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Members:  76
Live a fuller life and ease the inflammation in your body through diet, exercise and positive habits.
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Members:  51
Welcome anyone who is diagnosed with Behçet's Syndrome or arthritis, or who knows someone that has it! It’s tough to keep a healthy lifestyle while managing these problems. We're here to support!
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Members:  7
For people who are under 40 and have cronic RA.
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Members:  3
Arthritis isn't just for old people. This team is for parents of children suffering from JIA/JRA, adults diagnosed with JIA/JRA, caregivers and medical professionals.
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Members:  1
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