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Do you suffer from diabetes? Connect with others like you.

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SparkPeople's Official 8-Week Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge will help you take control of your diabetes and get real results! Get weekly challenges and a simple exercise program that's been proven to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. By tracking your progress and completing the challenge you'll receive a special SparkTrophy to display on your SparkPage. Join anytime to start the challenge!
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Members:  329,934
We are Managing Our Diabetes! And we will get it under control with good healthy eating and exercising, and the support of our Spark Friends! Come Join Us in your Quest to Become Healthy!
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Members:  66,563
Jump Start Your Weight Loss. Increase Your Energy & Suppress Your Appetite by Choosing Healthy Carbs!
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Members:  2,759
For anyone struggling with weight issues due to insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOS, and hypoglycemia. Diet Health Benefits also help reduce HBP, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, & Liver Enzymes.
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Members:  2,100
For those that have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and are working at getting it under control!
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Members:  1,418
A place for new diabetics (others welcome!) to learn to navigate through the ins and outs of diabetes, and what you can do to improve your health, lower your blood sugar levels and meds.
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Members:  1,106
This team is for anyone who is 45 and over who has Type2 Diabetes who wants to lose weight and control your sugar. Join a challenge, weigh ins and give support to each other.
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Members:  863
This is a group for diabetes in any form: Type 2, Type 1, Gestational, pre-, IR, PCOS or anybody who wants to ask questions or just talk about diabetes. EVERYBODY is welcome!
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Members:  838
We will be here to support you during the challenges of trying to lose while dealing with insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetics, PCOSers, prediabetics are all welcome!
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Members:  745
Dealing with Type 1 and trying to lose weight! As Type 1's we deal with special issues while trying to lose weight without risk to our diabetes health.
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Members:  741
This is a friendly place for diabetics to join together offering support, encouragement, friendship, and motivation. All are welcome and appreciated!!
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Members:  547
This is a team for diabetics who want to share advice, encouragement, scripture, etc. It is a safe haven for both those succeeding and those barely hanging on.
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Members:  497
A team for those who have Insulin Resistance and/or Metabolic Syndrome and need to lose weight. Support, Information (nutrition,supplements,fitness), If we don't have it we will help you find it!
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Members:  494
People with diabetes who want to get their bodies under control
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Members:  485
This team is for those of us who are diabetics over the age of 50 and have 50 plus pounds to lose. Being overweight and over 50 presents more challenges to the diabetic.
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Members:  406
Following Barry Sears' Zone Diet? Want to learn more about it? Do you have diabetes, insulin resistance or PCOS? The Zone diet could help. Come join us! Those on 40-30-30/GI diets welcome too!
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Members:  402
Natalie E. Markis, MSN, RN challenges you to become apart of the team and share your progress in your diabetes self-management.
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Members:  387
We are here to support one another. Neuropathy can strike anyone, not just diabetics. Our goal is to share our personal experiences with Neuropathy in order to be of service to others.
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Members:  356
We are Christian Team who are diabetic, prediabetic, or caregivers. Please join us in our daily walk to fight this disease.
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Members:  299
Welcome to Christian Diabetics. Here you'll find comfort and support for diabetes.
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Members:  244
For women who are battling diabetes but are not letting it win the fight.
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Members:  219
The place for the complicated diabetic and their loved ones, caregivers, etc. Has diabetes affected your eyes, legs, arms, hands, thyroid, heart.... Let's meet, greet & take back our health!
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Members:  184
This team is for people who are choosing to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet while dealing with diabetes or other related issues such as pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome.
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Members:  182
This team is designed specifically for people with Diabetes who walk/jog/run to stay fit.
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Members:  140
If you are a diabetic or someone who knows a diabetic who wears an insulin pump, then this is the place for you! We are here to help each other!
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Members:  138
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