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High Cholesterol

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Connect with others like you.

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Team Members:  959,479

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Cholesterol Support A support group for those who wish to lower their cholesterol levels and maintain healthy numbers. Members: 958,149
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Managing Your Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure This group is for those with cholesterol and high blood pressure problems - come and share how you are managing these problems Members: 635
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Cholesterol: Let's get it down. to help one another to get the cholesterol down and keep it down Members: 401
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triglyceride busters For people with high triglycerides Members: 205
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GET TO THE HEART OF IT Supporting each other and taking responsibility and managing our cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. That may mean a change in our lifestyle habits through medication, exercise and diet. Members: 87
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Less of Me Our goal is to change our life styles and be an inspiration to those that we come in contact with. Members: 2
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