High Blood Pressure

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Connect with others like you.

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High Blood Pressure

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To help each other with High Blood Pressure
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Members:  1,044,074
Through proper Nutrition and Exercise we can live a healthy productive life. Be kind to your heart.
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Members:  24,722
This is a team for people following the Dash Diet for Hypertension to lower their blood pressure.
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Members:  1,381
Moms with high blood pressure trying to lose weight to decrease or eliminate medication.
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Members:  762
Supporting each other and taking responsibility and managing our cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. That may mean a change in our lifestyle habits through medication, exercise and diet.
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Dealing with the reality that you have HBP when you are not yet even 40 years old can make you feel helpless. Let's talk about the stigma, the health issues, and solutions.
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Members:  33
Support for challenges faced by people living with chronic pulmonary hypertension and Congestive heart failure.
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Members:  9