Non-traditional Families

Are you part of a non-traditional family? Connect with others like you!

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Non-traditional Families

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When families "blend", changes in family structure require adjustment, and there are sometimes challenges. Find support here with us!
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Members:  1,127
If you love the diverse world we live in and mix all that you love into a unique you, then this is the team for you. We all smile in the same language.
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Members:  448
A group for lesbians to support each other in all aspects of parenthood and our journey toward better health.
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Members:  153
We all want whats best for our families. Sometimes the struggles just need support from someone who understands. It's also great to be able to share all the good things with others.
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Members:  122
For those who are interested in, starting the process, or who have adopted a child internationally.
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Members:  89
We are a team for instant first time Moms; Stepmothers who do not have our own biological children. Come here for support, encouragement, help, venting and bragging space, and fulfilling challenges.
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Members:  22
A group of unschooling parents and families that want to learn to live and eat healthier!
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Members:  11
This team is for those who see their pets as family! Here, we do not get funny looks for putting our pets in car seats or throwing them birthday parties! Become healthy for and with your family.
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Members:  6