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Celebrity & Athlete Fans

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Celebrity & Athlete Fans

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Fans of TV Dr. Oz Show share thoughts on episodes and encourage each other in healthy lifestyle goals. We're fans of Dr. Mike Roizen too! FOR ANY medical advice, see a professional.
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Members:  3,977
This group is for everyone who's a fan of Oprah's, from her long-running talk show to her magazine, or if you just admire the person she is.
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Members:  518
This is a place for anyone who loves to watch Ellen. We can chat about the show and share our life lists.
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Members:  400
For everyone who loves everything tim burton!!!!!
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Members:  189
This is the Spark America Team for people who are fans of Richard Simmons. Let's accumulate the fitness minutes and be the leader for Spark America in the Celebrity and Athlete Fans!
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Members:  168
Hello to all Dupont 24 Jeff Gordon fans. Please join our team. Feel free to come by and say Hi to other 24 fans and chat about racing. Please, no negative comments.
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Members:  119
For women who love sports and the men who love women who love sports!!! Mingle and motivate and talk sports!
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Members:  108
Do you love good music to workout to. Do you like to put your moves on the dance floor. Do you admire Madonna's body and/or workout routine?
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Members:  30
We have a page on most social media so why not the social media side of SparkPeople? This group is for fans of Team Starkid. if you don't know, educate yourself!
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Members:  27
Must LOVE Criss Angel Sarantakos to join
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Members:  15
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