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Parents of Special Need Children

Are you the parent of a special-needs child? Connect with others like you.

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Parents of Special Need Children

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We support & encourage through struggles of lifestyle change issues & having a loved one with these neurological disorders and other issues. Whatever the stress or challenge, we can do this together!
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Members:  1,021
This is a support group for parents with ADHD children who can give and receive advice and/or support to those with questions
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Members:  461
This group is for parents, family, and caregivers of children with special needs. We are here to support each other in our goals to get healthy so we can be the best caregivers we can be.
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Members:  311
I just thought I would start a team specifically for parents who have children with any type of Autism Spectrum Disorders to meet and support eachother.
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Members:  203
This team is for parents of children and teens who have autism/pdd.
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Members:  195
This is a team for parents of kids with neuro-chemical disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Tourette's, etc. We can't help our kids if we don't take care of ourselves!
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Members:  134
This is a group for parents that need encouragement for their weight loss goals and encouragement/support with their experiences raising special needs children.
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Members:  106
A place for parents/careproviders of children with special needs and medical conditions to find support from people in similiar situations.
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Members:  81
A group for parents and families of children with Down Syndrome. Let's learn from each other - here we can discuss our findings, celebrate and share our blessings and hardships!
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Members:  79
A Gluten Free and/or Casein (dairy protein) Free diet can be effective in eliminating unknown health problems, and to treat ADD and Autism-spectrum disorders.
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Members:  71
Do you have a child with Epilepsy? We are a supportive team that understands the challenges of losing weight and caring for a child with Epilepsy. Come join us and share your story!!
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Members:  63
This teams gathers to support one another, and to share research, therapy ideas, and parenting tips knowing that our common bond is the mental illness of our children.
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Members:  9
A place for parents of children with developmental apraxia of speech to get support and share ideas
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Members:  3
This team is focused on moms, dads, and grandparents who have children, or grandchildren with autism. We will have discussions, challenges, and have fun as well.
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