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Add a Video Blog to Your SparkPage

In addition to writing blogs, you can also upload a video blog entry! To do this, simply go to your blog page, just as you would for adding a text blog. There, click on the button that says "Add a Video Blog" (near the top right of the page, below the "Add a Blog Entry" button). Uploading a video blog involves 3 easy steps:

1. On the first page, enter your video blog title and description, check the box to agree to the video Terms and Conditions, and click the "Browse" button to choose the video file* from your computer to upload. (*Note that we support a wide variety of video formats, including: avi, dv, fl4, m4a, mov, mp4, mpeg, wav, wma, wmv, mp3, mpg, mts, qcelp, qt, mod, 3gp, 3gpp, amr-nb, and asf.) Then click the "Upload" button. It will take a few minutes to upload your video (more or less time based on your video's file size).

2. After uploading, you will come to a page to make your blog entry. We have pre-filled your title and description, but you can add more text here if you would like. You can also pick an optional category for your video.

3. After posting your blog entry, it will take a few minutes for us to process your video. You will see a message saying your video is processing. You can hit the refresh button on your browser every few minutes until you see your video. It typically takes around 10-15 minutes for your video to be ready to play.

Once your video is up, other members can view your video from your blog and make comments like they would any other blog!
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