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Private Journal Entries

Blogging is a key to success for many SparkPeople members. But if you're not ready to go "public" with a blog, you can create private journal entries visible just to you.

To find your private journal, go to . There you can add appointments, birthdays and anniversaries and set up email reminders so you won't forget these important events! But you can also add private journal entries that are only viewable to you.

To add a journal entry, go to your Planner page. On the bottom right, you'll see a section that allows you to "Add" and "View" your journal entries.

1. Click "Add Journal Entry."

2. Write your journal entry and be sure to give it a title at the top.

3. Click "Save" to finish your journal entry.

You can journal about your goals, your plans of action, your progress-- anything that helps you. You can also use the journal entries on this private page to save notes or other information that you want to reference later.
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