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Is anyone doing no sugar and no carbs? I'm thinking about starting this on Monday. A friend of mine MAZZY0774 4 -POOKIE-
8/27/16 12:44 P
The hardest part of losing weight and being health FERGIEULFHEDNAR 5 FERGIEULFHEDNAR
8/27/16 12:44 P
I am confused about how many calories to consume when my activities increase them. I am trying to lo TREEW02 5 TORRIESJOURNEY
8/27/16 12:50 P
I am wondering how people come to their goal weigh SMYERS840 10 SSMITH762
8/27/16 12:51 P
A Grocery Store Item A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 58507 CINDHOLM
8/27/16 10:49 A
#HappyFriday !! Does anyone have any special weeke MELISSA3581 11 NOELNARVESON
8/26/16 10:41 A
#firstpost Barely downloaded this app. I weighed 1 ADRIANA_22 8 RINNIE57
8/26/16 3:22 P
What are some exercises I could do with my oldest BREMARSH91 7 AMALLOY6
8/25/16 11:53 A
Today is a new day! Don't be distressed about the BEAUTIFLYHEALTH 3 -POOKIE-
8/25/16 11:48 A
I really need tu stp eating so many popsicles But HJOHNSON08 3 DRBARNETT
8/25/16 11:20 A
Is it possible to gain 2 kgs in 10 days? I was 47 AISHASHAHEEN03 26 AISHASHAHEEN03
8/27/16 9:10 A
New goal is to be well out of the 150s by my first DIZZYBRITCHES 9 DRBARNETT
8/25/16 11:24 A
How many hours sleep do you all get a night ? LANAELAINE 64 QUEEN_CARLOTTA
8/25/16 11:35 A
Have a bad blister on my heal. Cant wear running s LADYPETERBILT 8 SPRITEPRINCESS
8/25/16 3:13 P
I need serious help. Two kids i know their Dad jus ANG3LWINGS1998 6 ANG3LWINGS1998
8/25/16 11:38 A
I have come to the conclusion I have to track my f JEANNINEW1 7 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
8/25/16 11:50 A
Does anyone have any tips on losing weight while b SUPERMOMOF3BOY 6 SUEVALADA
8/25/16 11:20 A
Day off to a bad start! Pounding headache & not g 06281947KJM 7 LANAELAINE
8/25/16 9:38 A
I got to 166 today! It's one of my magic numbers b MISHACHANGE 51 AWROTEN
8/25/16 12:11 P
weighed in on a pallet scale for those who don't k J75261 42 MEANBIRCH
8/25/16 12:07 P
Hey there. I'm having trouble with food. My body r TEMPSPOURMOI 11 HEATHERPOLU
8/25/16 9:40 A
Weighed in at 214.2lb today which puts me at an ov WNDRWMNJESS 41 FRANWILL1
8/23/16 10:23 P
Hi I'm new to this but not new to losing weight. T MRSGMT52 11 MRSGMT52
8/23/16 1:21 P
I am determined to drop 50+ lbs. Any tips to kill the hunger pangs that come with eating only 1/day? STARVINGMYSELF 39 MOMMABOH
8/23/16 7:51 P
Coffee ?? My boyfriend tells me it's bad when I'm ZEPPHENIA 59 SOFTBALLMONKEY
8/24/16 3:12 P
started this app 4 weeks ago and started potty tra 1PRISSYDL 23 KATHYP60
8/23/16 11:38 A
I know breastfeeding I require more calories but c 3MOMDRAGON 7 CLARADAY
8/23/16 12:22 P
A bit off track over summer. Weight has maintaine RONDABUCKMASTER 4 KENDILYNN
8/23/16 11:33 A
So everybody has a motivation thing well I have one I said since I went on it all ready I decided to JADENPASSINETTI 6 SISTERHUGS
8/23/16 6:04 A
Is it true that you have to burn more than you eat EMCRANOR 7 EMCRANOR
8/23/16 4:05 P
First day on the app and feeling good. Still tryin GAMING_MOM 8 GAMING_MOM
8/23/16 8:43 A
Today I could have went outside and run, it was su MAFIOO 8 -POOKIE-
8/23/16 3:08 A
What do you do to beat the soreness? SHANITAARITA 11 ANNDANDY
8/23/16 2:29 A
Day 1 couch to 1/2 k app. Awkwardly jogged with ph SBOYD1982 23 SBOYD1982
8/24/16 11:00 P
What time do u eat dinner? Just trying to see if I JLYNN559 95 CLALORIE
8/23/16 8:15 P
Off topic- I hope this app somehow weeds out the inappropriate commentary by users who are clearly n KERIASB403 29 SANJASJOURNEY
8/22/16 7:02 A
Excruciating headache for the third or fourth day STORMDANCER10 49 SANDYTMM
8/26/16 12:31 A
#firstpost I have to get serious! Less than 6 mon A31541 19 JULIENSMITH
8/20/16 9:34 A
It's a shame when you try to better yourself, a li BBENNETT1210 38 LTRINH9
8/19/16 2:46 P
My entire back yard is one big grassy hill. Instea WILDBLUMEN 18 CSTUART76
8/19/16 2:02 P
My sweater is too big. Yay! LR237787 16 7STIGGYMT
8/19/16 11:58 A
Ok, so how many of you actually eat breakfast, lik JENSCUDA16 33 CYCLE3815
8/19/16 12:22 P
This weather makes it hard to exercise so humid an ADOMITRZ 8 CLARADAY
8/19/16 12:10 P
So I am really proud of how I've been eating latel AMBERELAINE426 17 JANEA39
8/19/16 12:26 P
So i messed up and had a cheese burger and mozzare MAYLOVE90 14 WILLOWSMOM14
8/19/16 12:20 P
Has anyone else here tried Hello Fresh meals? My h MARSINGER4 6 SNAPDRAGON04
8/19/16 11:31 A
Forgot to weigh myself first thing this morning. I YISKAMIRYAM 4 YISKAMIRYAM
8/19/16 11:03 A
I read something the other day about how you can s SHAPEUPCHELLE 30 DEZSIMMONS
8/19/16 1:55 P
Lost 3 lbs this week. Just under 5 to go to be bac -POOKIE- 1 -POOKIE-
8/19/16 9:20 A
A couple setbacks this week, but that's ok. I'm thinking of getting a big purse and hiding my food s TISHA1120 9 TISHA1120
8/19/16 6:49 A
What are some light things I can eat for lunch? I BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 -POOKIE-
8/19/16 6:45 A
Hello, I joined on Monday and have lost 4 lbs so far. Its great seeing all the support and other peo KRISTY18MJ 28 OLIVIASKINNY18
8/19/16 2:00 P
Struggling to get started again. Good 75% of day t CATH005 11 CLALORIE
8/20/16 6:39 A
Tomorrow for dinner I was gonna try a zucchini boa KTERHUNE0509 10 RO2BENT
8/19/16 6:40 A
Got on the scale this morning n was pleasantly sur FR8TRAIN9 7 PUREAWESOMEMESS
8/19/16 11:24 A
Day 3. Yesterday I politely refused birthday cake LVBAKER 18 WILLFULGIRL1
8/19/16 11:39 A
BMI is now below 30- I'm no longer obese! Feels gr HYCHUB 73 KFSTAAB
8/19/16 10:27 P
How often should you be weighing yourself? I was MSTANDIFE 28 GEAUXN
8/20/16 9:51 A
My OTR truck driver husband will be home next week GRAMMYDEER52 13 PJE777
8/19/16 6:20 A
The early bird! 4:12 here and up and at em! New be PYROMANIA 15 DBAILEY518
8/19/16 7:32 A
What are people's thoughts on using butter? (In mo KCHAZZ 52 -POOKIE-
8/19/16 3:50 A
My boss is having pizza delivered for lunch for th LUHNA023 32 LANETTEPATE27
8/18/16 1:42 P
#lowcarb When logging my food for the day, how com GENA1974 16 SNAPDRAGON04
8/25/16 3:43 P
How do people publicly post what they eat each day WMASS413 4 CSTUART76
8/18/16 11:46 A
What are some exercises that you can do when your NEWMAMMA2016 5 RETIREDX2
8/18/16 10:53 A
Not weight-loss related, but has anyone else recen DIZZYBRITCHES 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/18/16 11:07 A
I don't own a scale. I weigh myself once a week or RUBYTUESDAY06 12 LADYREDCOMET
8/18/16 11:00 A
First phase of the journey was completed in July when my realistic goal was to get under 200 pounds ROBINCARR30 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/18/16 9:59 A
Yes yes yes!!! Out of the 230s for the first time APLANTZ 8 JENNIBOOTS
8/18/16 10:08 A
Calories... I have it set at 2000 but I seem to be BOOTYLICIOUS83 8 GOSTACIEGO
8/18/16 10:15 A
What do you eat for breakfast? #food KELLYXO 62 DRAPOSA-H
8/27/16 6:24 A
any good and healthy chicken recipes ? That kids w STACI1230 8 -POOKIE-
8/18/16 9:52 A
#walking, I have added walking a little each day. LBUCHANAN6 4 INAMINIT
8/18/16 10:12 A
Are there any tips from pregnant women on this pos AVIVADL 8 INAMINIT
8/18/16 10:09 A
Ideas I like: I54889 3 I54889
8/18/16 2:15 A

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