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I was really sick yesterday and the day before. I EANDRUK 26 FISHA30002
9/28/16 1:25 P
Not weight or food related but it got a bit too ni DAWN1830 12 LORIEGIRL213
9/28/16 12:59 P
What is your biggest nonscale victory? What is the SMFOSTER88 43 FISHA30002
9/28/16 8:56 P
Not moving much today. House chore day. Swept and ZOEYBRATZ 18 YISKAMIRYAM
9/28/16 12:32 P
Today's my day toward change w/100+ lbs to lose. I THISISME79 33 BEACHROSE1965
9/28/16 9:42 P
My clothes are starting to get too big, but I can' THEJACKIEDEAN12 25 E69707
9/28/16 12:30 P
Yahoo! My first weigh-in - I'm down three pounds. EDNAEDWIN 10 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/28/16 9:47 A
Okay, I admit...I'm getting "old" and just dont ge J74686 11 RENNERAV
9/28/16 10:03 A
Hi can anyone tell me what the points count for? T BLAZE2763 3 MARIEM325
9/28/16 9:43 A
A Grocery Store Item A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 59234 HOTPINKCAMARO49
9/28/16 11:32 P
Wonder if I'm the only one using the app to help GAIN weight... 103 even at 5'2 didn't seem right (n SHELLOVANI 14 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/28/16 8:38 A
To all you knew dieters out there I am new to this SLOVEBUG1959 12 LORIEGIRL213
9/27/16 1:27 P
After 6 weeks, I'm down by 11 pounds. It's a bit s COCOAGOAL 19 LORIEGIRL213
9/27/16 1:23 P
I have been gone for about a month had lost 25lbs P61541 8 ARTH3736
9/27/16 10:54 A
I've been using MapMyWalk and it's awesome! #first MONICAR0703 21 AMES09
9/29/16 12:41 A
My new favorite spliced food is cottage cheese wit DAWN1830 5 VIVI65
9/27/16 10:36 A
I'm afraid to weigh in...people are telling me I l BONETREEAUTHOR 31 EAGLETHREE1
9/27/16 7:01 A
Good morning! Food packed.. ready for a great day! BECKYRUNS 8 BECKYRUNS
9/27/16 7:21 A
U know it's sticking when u eat like crap but pick up again the next day. One day at a time #lifest ASHRAT88 11 DHARRY52180
9/27/16 7:35 A
Trying to make my own smoothie instead of using we DETERMINED209 8 SEBARTLETT
9/27/16 7:03 A
Nooooooo energy this morning. I tried to workout 50BY30YRO 10 THEBOOKWORM73
9/27/16 8:29 A
#Weightloss #motivation im down 7 pounds in 4 days TIGGOZZZ 159 QSHEPP
9/28/16 10:14 P
Is it harder to stay on track on the weekends or t JLYNN559 34 -POOKIE-
9/27/16 6:26 A
Going to go for a long walk on this crisp morning ELIPEE 6 S_MHANCOCK
9/27/16 7:53 A
I've been off and on with my weight loss since Feb THEJACKIEDEAN12 14 B74026
9/26/16 12:59 P
What's everyone's dinner plans for tonight? I'm lo FLABBERGAIL 30 KENDILYNN
9/27/16 12:31 A
Ok I made a deal with my husband that If I lost 20 MADILYNEVE 3 DANCINCAJUN1
9/26/16 11:26 A
Is there any way to track breastfeeding as a calor TAMARIESELER 6 B-LESS-ED
9/26/16 10:50 A
I'm having a hard time loosing weight.. where do I MEGAN1196 10 B-LESS-ED
9/26/16 10:57 A
How much water do you drink? SGENOVA2 52 CANDYKISSES81
9/26/16 12:45 P
Made some bad food choices this weekend and now I' CMURPHY121 17 GMBOMG
9/26/16 6:12 A
Today marks my first day. I have tried so many dif TIFFERNY07 19 TIFFERNY07
9/26/16 11:02 P
Water.... my goal is to stay away from the stuff t D73061 6 LTRINH9
9/26/16 5:40 A
I hope you have a positive, productive, on-plan as PAMBROWN62 11 BYGEM68
9/26/16 6:07 A
Weigh day:- 12 pounds lost. This is my 5th week. V49227 10 DWILK67
9/26/16 6:58 A
Well, I have been stalling. I am finally going to SWTKARINE77 24 ROBINRUFF
9/26/16 10:18 A
Having a hard time sticking to my calerie limits. REDROSE86 5 -POOKIE-
9/26/16 5:18 A
Hey im 5'5 262lbs and i wanna lose 131 long should i take to lose it and any suggestions a SHANNONAW0325 8 SNAPDRAGON04
9/26/16 10:25 A
I need help. Does anyone have trouble meeting calo THEBOOKWORM73 9 TUKARAMA
9/25/16 10:57 A
Change starts today #firstpost ASHLEY8288 14 TINYDANCER1029
9/25/16 6:20 A
I tried the honey balsamic chicken recipe from the REDROSE86 5 THEBOOKWORM73
9/25/16 5:48 A
Eating well right now I'm getting high sodium not much protein but I'm getting at least half any sug DYLETED 9 DYLETED
9/25/16 8:35 A
Back on track after a full week of sickness. Thank LYNZLOU55 15 RHIO3TRE
9/25/16 6:20 A
Hi all Is anyone here from North West London as Ed M58886 5 THEBOOKWORM73
9/25/16 5:38 A
Went for a walk during lunch today, now instead of only having around 4,000 steps for the day, I'm a FLAMINGO_CHICK 13 LTRINH9
9/25/16 6:43 A
Wahoo I've went from 198lbs to 176lbs starting Dec MTTRAVELS 19 STEADYLIGHT
9/25/16 8:18 A
Having a junk food attack. WILL get thru it. Long QIDRAGON 6 QIDRAGON
9/24/16 1:05 P
On my morning commute I got stopped by a woman who SMB1980 76 LUISISAWESOME
9/27/16 7:27 P
Ok so I am having trouble with will power mainly i AIMEEB50 15 -POOKIE-
9/24/16 12:49 P
So I decided to do the sparks for my daughter caus ALICIAWILDER123 58 LADYRED2580
9/24/16 2:47 P
Ending the day with walking a little over 12,000 s SPARKYOURLIGHT 19 INAMINIT
9/24/16 9:18 A
After turning 50 the pounds just started creeping on. Ready to make some changes in my life. On da GRUMPYOLGAL 15 DOLLYMELISSA
9/24/16 6:36 A
Needing some simple and easy ways to add protein t WENDYMOM80 14 CTEA88
9/24/16 7:06 A
Today is my Birthday!!!! And my gift to myself is MSFIGGY 71 NELSANNA
9/28/16 3:35 A
Today's my birthday!! Hopefully I don't over do it MOJOSWIFEY 29 MZFAITH
9/24/16 2:44 P
Does the Sparkpeople app have meal plans? If so, EDNAEDWIN 5 EDNAEDWIN
9/24/16 12:34 P
I am a size 14 and I weigh more than 230lbs, but w D64656 30 D64656
9/23/16 1:36 P
I made a "healthy" noodle-less lasagna tonight for JENNACAMPBELL92 27 LOISLEL
9/23/16 3:00 P
What's the deal with the spark points #help HARLEYSHADE 7 BUBBA365
9/23/16 12:42 P
I know alot of people on here are very against die BRITTANY12081 33 BRITTANY12081
9/23/16 12:41 P
Yesterday I hit 100lbs down! I still have such a long way to go, but all I did was use this app for XOAMANDADAWN 36 STEVANUS38
9/25/16 11:17 A
This might be a very not so smart question but, is HEATHSMITH 124 7STIGGYMT
9/23/16 1:11 P
Lost 5lbs at my weighin this morning. I have lost PAMALAMA1413 13 HEATHSMITH
9/23/16 6:27 A goes. J74686 11 DYANNE4293
9/23/16 7:06 A
-10 in 6 weeks. I'm actually doing this, this time! ALINK8 6 CTEA88
9/23/16 6:27 A
Happy Birthday to me! I weigh 163! Last birthday I TKNISLEY 128 ELP14586
9/23/16 8:54 A
I have lost my first 10 pounds! I'm so excited. Th LINDSAYRHM 16 CJCJCJ529
9/23/16 7:43 A
Missed my weigh in this morning, if I remember I w MELISSA3581 8 PAREEMATTOX
9/22/16 12:34 P
Day 1 of a long road. 150 pounds to lose. Gonna be hard #firstpost #getitdone JACDILNAN 20 JUDYFITBY40
9/22/16 1:33 P
Scheduled professional photos for my tot for 10/12 SNAPDRAGON04 7 FIBROMITE87
9/22/16 9:58 A
Name the first food item to come to mind when you FLAB2FITGAL 9 CJS1MOMMY
9/22/16 10:05 A
Toddler frustrations! EMKOSS88 5 GOLDSWORTHY72
9/24/16 10:51 A
Hi everyone:)I need some help two days in and I'm already ready to chew my arm trying the sli DAWNBARTHOLOMEW 11 DAWNBARTHOLOMEW
9/22/16 6:42 A
Feeling proud of myself - my goal was to lose 3 st CHUBS75 10 KELLYJO67
9/21/16 12:44 P
I will not get Dunkin I will not get Dunkin I will SHALICKE3 9 MAGGIEB1971
9/21/16 12:40 P

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