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Left work early. Stomach feels icky. Taking a me day. ADARKARA 8 IAN2409
7/26/17 11:22 P
My name is Eddie. Went to the doctor for the first time in 9 years. I'm 35, 350lbz. My blood sugar a EDDIECR 302 _LINDA
7/24/17 11:42 P
Enjoying some tv and some cashew milk ice cream! #deliciousdailymoment ADARKARA 10 LIVEDAILY
7/25/17 3:18 P
Question for women who run with a CHEST STRAP heart rate monitor: how do you prevent the strap from ADARKARA 4 BOGUSANNIE
7/25/17 10:20 P
Oh my goodness I am SUPER psyched about this new EPIC mascara. ADARKARA 9 BJK1961
7/22/17 11:33 P
7/22/17 11:43 A
At Renaissance Faire this weekend. So much fun! IAN2409 10 LIVEDAILY
7/17/17 4:45 P
Walking around Longwood Gardens today! ADARKARA 9 LIVEDAILY
7/17/17 4:46 P
I love my clavicles. ❤ ADARKARA 7 HOLLYM48
7/16/17 10:28 A
Something tells me this challah doesn't want to go into the oven! Shabbat Shalom! GRATTECIELLA 18 GRATTECIELLA
7/16/17 3:02 P
7/14/17 5:02 P
Need some help. Typically I eat a salad and yogurt ADYTHIA 7 ADYTHIA
7/17/17 11:43 A
The full dinner: cold borscht over chopped egg, ra GRATTECIELLA 17 CFRY53
7/14/17 1:05 P
There is so much "stuff" life throws at you. Take care of YOU and be ready for it! GSEATON 3 VIRGINIAGIRL
7/12/17 10:16 A
I look terrible :( Not so much my body but my face and eyes. I need more sleep, less stress IAN2409 11 1CRAZYDOG
7/12/17 1:09 P
Posted a photo SPARKPEOPLE 12 MBPP50
7/12/17 7:52 A
Had leftover Mushroom Risotto for lunch today. #deliciousdailymoment ADARKARA 9 ISABELLE84
7/11/17 9:31 A
5 miles before work! ADARKARA 14 REGILIEH
7/8/17 5:43 P
VENT: YOU want to lose weight NOT loose weight. My blouse is loose. This is the appropriate use of t CURLYLADEE 4 BOGUSANNIE
7/7/17 8:11 P
Woo hoo Rowdy Rebels took first in the Summer 5% Challenge! ! ADARKARA 11 LIVEDAILY
7/7/17 4:06 P
Reality check time! Stopped at whole foods to get coffee. Thought about a muffin...holy guacamole 80 ZORO22 5 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/7/17 12:25 P
I ate 5116 calories yesterday. I have no clue why, I knew what I was doing and I just didn't stop m ADYTHIA 13 AUNTRENEE
7/6/17 8:45 A
Well it's cutting off my face but after losing 100+ lbs I can rock a bikini ADARKARA 258 SASHASMOM1122
7/13/17 7:54 P
Happy 4th! Red, white and blue!! ADARKARA 7 REGILIEH
7/4/17 9:45 P
Well, looks like I'm going to a neurologist. Restless Legs are Carpal Tunnel are not improving. Bu BJK1961 8 LENGZI
7/5/17 4:23 A
Had a great hike on the Rose River Loop in Shenandoah with my cousin! ADARKARA 15 LADYFROMTHEWOOD
6/28/17 8:28 A
Channeling Mad Men today. Have a happy hump day! ADARKARA 7 BJK1961
6/22/17 10:04 P
Enjoyed my birthday more than I thought I would! Yay! ELIZINJAPAN 6 CHRISTINEBWD
6/25/17 11:04 P
Bike riding to school this morning getting our morning workout done with my kid's... M36766 7 ADARKARA
6/20/17 12:32 P
How many calories u guys eat in a day? Comment please! LOLICAAA 13 SMCMAHON8
6/20/17 1:26 P
Broke my personal distance record this morning! I ran 5.25 miles of that. 😁 ADARKARA 16 LIVEDAILY
6/17/17 10:26 P
Tomorrow I start a new house/pet sitting engagement for the weekend. One large dog (who can, and wi BJK1961 19 CBASS30
6/18/17 5:40 P
We've all got to tell ourselves the truth about how far we've come and what it has taken to make it IAMSUNNYHOWARD 11 GODS-PRINCESS
6/17/17 10:22 A
Had a good day yesterday and hopefully today today is too! Got my eating under control yesterday for ADARKARA 9 BJK1961
6/16/17 8:03 P
Everytime I am gone from SP they change the start page format and it takes me awhile to get used to CURLYLADEE 3 ADARKARA
6/15/17 12:08 P
I tried running intervals. 1min of running and 2min walking. I couldn't even run for 30sec before i DALEKINABOWTIE 11 KPARISE2
6/14/17 9:02 P
This is what I usually do with my finished puzzles. BJK1961 21 LADYFROMTHEWOOD
6/13/17 6:50 A
I now know two things around which I cannot be tru BJK1961 16 LADYFROMTHEWOOD
6/9/17 8:16 A
POLAR analyzes my running. It receives data through syncing - HR monitor stride sensor and the watch ISNESS 2 ADARKARA
6/7/17 8:21 P
I am sort of frustrated. I don't believe this program is too accurate when calculating calories burn T18363 5 T18363
6/6/17 7:18 P
Tip: on rainy days, wear bright makeup. It will cheer you up despite the gray weather! ADARKARA 11 KMW987
6/11/17 8:59 A
6/7/17 2:57 P
Down 65lbs total, added 13lbs when i picked up my dog KENK667 21 ZORO22
6/6/17 2:07 P
6/19/17 2:03 P
Despite my HRM acting up I had a great run! ADARKARA 9 BJK1961
6/4/17 9:34 P
Getting back on track slowly, but surely. MISTY_MOUNTAINS 3 CATRICEJ
6/2/17 4:29 P
Got this dress for $7.50! ADARKARA 21 DRBARNETT
6/21/17 1:33 P
Scale is a great way to come back to earth if you start to feel good about yourself for a minute IAN2409 7 LIVEDAILY
5/31/17 10:27 P
Back to work today. Already missing the ocean and my best friends. ADARKARA 14 BLUECAFE
6/1/17 2:24 P
Well that weekend went way too fast IAN2409 7 LIVEDAILY
5/30/17 4:40 P
Girls weekend! ADARKARA 7 REGILIEH
5/29/17 6:06 P
Bikini time!! ADARKARA 12 CHERYLA2012
5/29/17 9:28 A
7/23/17 12:15 A
Attacked by a giant cockroach this morning! At my dinette! Bastard came out of no where. I flung BJK1961 19 LADYSUISEI
5/28/17 5:23 P
It's my birthday today, so I am going to indulge in some tasty Italian and cake. However, I'm still KBEGEY 271 WANNABZEN
5/26/17 10:54 P
Ready for my four day weekend!! ADARKARA 12 ISNESS
6/3/17 4:55 P
Canteloupe snack with the pup! BONNIEMCC488 9 BECCABOO127
7/10/17 7:25 P
After a really tough weekend I finally feel good enough to smile. ADARKARA 15 ISNESS
6/3/17 4:56 P
New suit! IAN2409 7 NDCAROL
5/23/17 1:02 P
Enjoying my birthday breakfast and coffee on my balcony before it gets too hot. ADARKARA 192 ISNESS
6/3/17 5:03 P
Have the blues, but am reading instead of eating. 🤓📚 LADYFROMTHEWOOD 5 BETTYWEST824
5/18/17 9:20 P
My birthday is Friday and my coworkers got me a delicious fruit tart! ADARKARA 34 ISNESS
5/26/17 4:24 P
Really proud of myself this morning! I ran a full 5k without stopping and my heart rate never went i ADARKARA 15 ISNESS
5/26/17 4:25 P
Been meditating in the morning to control my anxiety and I think it's helping! ADARKARA 4 MEXGAL1
5/7/17 8:55 P
After 2 days of awful anxiety I feel great: except for allergies giving me a runny nose. Took the ph ADARKARA 5 BJK1961
5/5/17 6:21 P
#feedback #techsup pport #coach Really just want to share some ideas that would make my SparkPeople s BJK1961 3 MRSFANCYLADY
5/4/17 4:20 P
My breakfast buddy waiting for the strawberry tops! 2 homemade Pumpkin Bran & Flax Muffins, 1 cup st ADARKARA 16 WARRIORGIRL121
5/8/17 9:03 A
It's THE PERFECT DAY here, so I dressed up pretty, tried a new look with my makeup (I LOVE this lip ADARKARA 13 WARRIORGIRL121
5/8/17 9:05 A
Brought it HOME! Congratulations to ROWDY REBELS. Touch down in South Africa. BJK1961 5 ADARKARA
4/26/17 10:22 A
As I learn more and more about Spark, the more I discover the healthy way to eat. No more processed DRINKALOTH2O 8 JUSTINEVB1961
4/22/17 10:30 A
Any of you feel guilty if you dont excersize? BOYMOM93 5 JUDY1260
4/20/17 9:21 P
Ok still learning here! I want to ask again, hopefully get some answers! The app tells us to up our MELJAC88 7 MELJAC88
4/20/17 9:34 P
I'm going to say something possibly controversial: if you regularly track "house cleaning" as exerci ADARKARA 11 IAN2409
4/22/17 12:02 A
Grateful I can bring my dog Bingley to work with me. ADARKARA 9 WARRIORGIRL121
5/8/17 9:02 A
Hello lovely SP team! Happy Easter to all. I am working on planning and prepping my weekly meals; WADLEY2013 5 MBLACKWEL9
4/16/17 4:36 P