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Everyone is so pumped and ready to go for a monday😁 ate a really healthy breakfest, while scoring t MERISSA47 11 MERISSA47
8/14/17 11:11 A
10/1/17 5:23 P
Personal best on my pre-work walk this morning! Happy Tuesday everyone! AL-EE-SUN 9 DIALYSISCHIC1
8/1/17 9:19 A
Give a Goodie when post a ZERO game JERSEYFLOWER 3070 LALABETH27
11/27/17 3:34 P
I'm down 4.6 lbs since starting Spark People!!! That's incredible! I love it! JILLMANRIQUE 55 AL-EE-SUN
7/31/17 2:11 P
Starting again.... SCHROEMA 7 MOMIN09
11/20/17 2:46 P
Free Flex accessories AL-EE-SUN 5 AL-EE-SUN
7/25/17 3:19 P
Am I the only person who gains weight when I'm sick?! It's the worst. AL-EE-SUN 3 OVERDUECHANGE
7/12/17 12:00 P
Anyone want to be friends on TIMETOLOSEIT99 4246 JSTETSER
3/15/18 5:24 A
For the first time since my journey started, I actually lost weight over the weekend! I am so excite AL-EE-SUN 8 PREMAMEHROTRA
5/2/17 6:40 A
Busted a move yesterday!!! SUNGIRL822 25 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/28/17 12:29 P
Had a great Apt with my Dr and nutritionist !!! Plus had a huge joyful tear filled small breakdown. BECCAN45 249 HOOSIERMOM33
4/28/17 7:52 P
I've been trying to push below the 240 mark for over a week now and the scale just isn't budging. AL-EE-SUN 4 CHKCHNC
4/26/17 9:56 A
Down into the 230s this morning. YAY! Big progress. AL-EE-SUN 3 JKL219
4/13/17 9:19 A
It works, guys! ten pounds down and extremely excited for the next ten. AL-EE-SUN 5 BRENDA_77039
4/11/17 9:21 A
Name 1 Thing You Did to Reach a Goal Today! MINININJASUZUME 3540 IMREITE
3/23/18 9:28 P
3/18/18 12:55 P
I have been without a soda for a month! I'm starting week 5, and in a couple of days I will have of MCASKEY6 19 TIME4ME2017
4/10/17 2:30 P
Looking for anyone in Ocala or Gainesville. AL-EE-SUN 4 MYBULLDOGS
8/22/17 1:08 P
Good Monday Morning! AL-EE-SUN 2 JANNY316
4/18/17 9:29 A
Getting back into my morning walk routine, finally. AL-EE-SUN 4 TRACEE5
4/4/17 7:09 A
Can anyone tell me what happened to the ability it log weight through the android version of the spa TOMSTUMP 3 TOMSTUMP
4/1/17 7:58 A
Weigh-in this morning has me feeling serious about this weekend's exercise and meal choices. I will AL-EE-SUN 3 CRAZYCAT99
4/1/17 8:41 A
Walking the labracadabrador around the mall. BONNIEMARGAY 8 MBPP50
3/30/17 6:16 A
Exercising at work? ERACZEK 49 MOISELLEABRICUS
3/31/17 2:30 A
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 3795 IDREAMOFRUNNING
3/19/18 12:26 P
New to the Team? Introduce Yourself Here! ARB3MOM 881 ARISISHELLE
8/10/17 6:21 P
Just joined the group. AL-EE-SUN 8 DEEEBEE
3/3/17 11:02 P
3/23/18 12:41 P
Ideal Kick-Starter Breakfast Ideas? AL-EE-SUN 5 HOTTIEHELLION
1/5/13 11:52 A
New to the team! AL-EE-SUN 3 ACICEDA
1/4/13 11:13 A