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Prayers please! Hubby and I are both under the wea ALICEART2010 6 TIGERGRRRL
10/24/14 10:15 P
So, I'm new to this site. My thing is I'm finding SULLYNM 6 SULLYNM
10/24/14 10:05 P
Anyone else starting all over again, had lost over REDELAINE1990 18 REDELAINE1990
10/24/14 2:54 P
Things I keep with me now in my cross body bag: be TIGERGRRRL 9 TIGERGRRRL
10/24/14 12:42 P
January I wore a size 22/ I pulled on a SARAHMARKS1009 75 LALA01LALA
10/24/14 10:31 P
New here and need motivation to help me not get di JAXMOM6 7 TAMILYNJ
10/24/14 8:14 A
Is anyone losing weight just from eating and like MEGBABYS 23 PIONEERCHEER
10/23/14 3:10 A
Hi everyone just wondering what everyone is doing GREEN99EYEZ 7 GREEN99EYEZ
10/22/14 11:51 P
Hi anyone know what's good for getting cellulite f BRITISH67 3 BRITISH67
10/23/14 5:43 P
What a dinner! I really wanted a fat glass of red 3DOGS13 3 LBLUM0718
10/22/14 9:53 P
Finally noticing a slight change in the way my clo DAWNSHELL77 5 3TAJARS
10/22/14 8:47 P
Tell us about your non-scale victories?? EMMABE1 527 INCH_BY_INCH
10/23/14 9:34 A
Work lunch today was success. Went to pei Wei. Tho JOEYINTULSA 10 JOEYINTULSA
10/22/14 8:51 P
So I just arrived at the salon and sat down in fro FAT2FITFARMGIRL 14 BELLEINBLUE1978
10/23/14 8:04 A
Hi everyone Just wondering what kinds of goals you FITGRAINS 7 ALICEART2010
10/21/14 11:25 P
Made the mistake and baked a pumpkin dump cake las CAKEISEVIL 18 FROMFAT2CURVES
10/22/14 2:59 A
Hi all I was just wondering where do I add friends VICKI-G 4 SWALLIS7
10/21/14 11:25 P
I'm getting a bit discouraged. I've lost roughly 2 JENNIFERLMFLOYD 6 KISSAR26
10/21/14 11:38 P
How do you deal with anxiety without medicine? Som HEATHER9986 12 DANELLE34
10/20/14 11:11 P
Day one.. I am determined to stay on track ANG23MUNCHIES 14 ANG23MUNCHIES
10/21/14 11:02 A
Here I go ...again- I've lost weight this past yea MAMANAE36 3 PITTYMAMA1
10/20/14 12:11 P
Hi there. I'm new to chat but have been on SP sinc 3DOGS13 3 ALICEART2010
10/19/14 11:32 P
What was your wahoo moment today? JUNKDRAWER 15 ALICEART2010
10/19/14 11:28 P
So I just started spark people and really hoping i WENDYSEABOLT 15 JB122383
10/20/14 9:33 A
I just started sparkpeople today. I have been stug L_RUHLAND89 3 GLOWNUT
10/20/14 12:13 A
Weighed in yesterday and found out I've lost 10 lb MUGGLEPUFF 53 VIVIENDOPARAHOY
10/19/14 11:37 P
Had a cheat day...whopper and ice cream :( wasnt r SANDRABUSH24 2 ALICEART2010
10/19/14 11:14 P
I need a weight loss buddy. I have no friends and MRSTREASUREBEAR 8 HMBROWN1
10/20/14 4:15 P
Hi everyone just have to share no matter how you c NICOLEDRUDA 41 ANG23MUNCHIES
10/21/14 11:05 A
I've been broken legged since September 3 and I'm DEMONA 9 DEMONA
10/20/14 2:43 P
I put my scale away! I find that it depresses me t QUIRKY4WALKING 11 KISSAR26
10/19/14 1:54 P
My right foot is still giving me trouble. It's pai ALICEART2010 5 LUBDUB1122
10/19/14 2:45 P
I stay hungry!!! What foods are healthy and fillin NATTA27 11 GAINERW
10/18/14 9:44 A
Treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte from Starb TAMWIL2 4 ALICEART2010
10/17/14 11:51 A
I'm trying to get my weight loss journey back on t UKWILDCATFANRN 9 UKWILDCATFANRN
10/18/14 1:46 A
Just want to share an amazing bread for nutrition LISA_55 10 ALICEART2010
10/17/14 6:50 A
I finally made it yo 200 lbs this morning. Down 4 CBARCH 48 SURESURE22
10/18/14 10:29 A
I have gained 5 pounds in the past 25 days.I feel JENSVIDA55 3 MALENA27
10/15/14 2:07 P
Hey everybody, I am pretty new to sparkpeople. I c NICOLEHERRICK15 9 BOOSMOM2007
10/15/14 3:56 P
I had knee surgery in December and just recently h WILLS_MUM 7 TKDGIRLMS
10/15/14 9:54 P
Well, I gained 2 lb over the course of 1 1/2 wk. I MUGGLEPUFF 3 MUGGLEPUFF
10/15/14 1:56 P
Hi there, I'm a 22 year old college student who le KRISTYKARNAGE 9 MSBEKANATOR
10/15/14 3:52 P
Recently started back up. Looking to lose about 1 JENNERCORPSE22 17 JENNERCORPSE22
10/15/14 11:50 P
Hello, I am 27 with a 3 month old and 2 year old. TABBYCAT2210 32 KINGDMSONG
10/18/14 11:48 P
Hello! I love how everyone on this site is so enco WURTHM07 12 WURTHM07
10/15/14 4:14 P
Did my second ten minute walk. First time I've do EATTHEELEPHANT 15 BELLEINBLUE1978
10/14/14 11:20 P
Need fat fighter friends! !! Almost 30, over 100 MSTAP0824 17 READYTOLOSEIT13
10/17/14 12:42 A
Just finished a zumba class. Feeling very motivate WANIKAZACARI1 4 LUBDUB1122
10/14/14 10:51 P
Hey everybody!!! I've been on sparkpeople off and SEXY_MA 12 TKBLAZIERUHC
10/14/14 10:05 A
One of my weak areas is always being on the go for VAUGHN1609 6 CITYBLUESGIRL
10/14/14 12:30 A
Looking to loose 100lbs... anyone else in the same TNMOORE87 24 MAYFIELD0801
10/14/14 11:39 A
Hi! I'm new to spark people. I used to use myfitne RINDABUBUCAKES 85 DYNAMICFIT84
10/14/14 5:07 P
I have hypothyroidism and I want to try to lose th RACHELBALLEN 5 TNMOORE87
10/13/14 10:34 P
Tips to stop emotional eating anyone?? I know this JILLWILSON10 18 JILLWILSON10
10/14/14 7:35 P
My left foot is in a lot of pain. It has mysteriou ALICEART2010 9 TNMOORE87
10/13/14 10:37 P
Anyone out there with RA who is overweight and str MOOCKIE55 7 MOOCKIE55
10/14/14 7:42 A
I an attempting 2 make kale chips any advice would BTHOMPSON08 6 CAMILALW28
10/12/14 11:48 P
So I am eating very light and clean but I've alway SANDRABUSH24 21 RREBECCAMACC
10/10/14 7:20 P
Feeling really great right now! Went to the gym fo TRULYBLESSED116 6 MRSSIMPKINS1
10/10/14 12:03 A
I'm sure a lot of us eat salad. So what's your fav LUCKIESTME 17 NINAHAPPYHEART
10/10/14 6:01 A
I'm really motivated! I've lost 12 lb since I star ALICEART2010 11 MRSSIMPKINS1
10/9/14 11:55 P
Today is my 1st day. I have been feeling bad latel BETTYLINAT 19 GREENGATOR
10/24/14 6:32 A
To be honest this is going to be the hardest journ JANAE94 23 LOGSDON2009
10/11/14 7:48 A
3rd day of diet. I'm detoxing off of sugar, and I JAM314 13 JAM314
10/11/14 10:14 P
If we lose weight how do we know how to adjust our ALICEART2010 3 ALICEART2010
10/8/14 10:51 P
Two persons told me I look like I'm loosing weight STACEYANDDAZ 5 BMCC488
10/8/14 8:33 P
I had to put away my bike today. I live in an apar MUGGLEPUFF 23 GGRSPARK
10/9/14 6:34 P
I have started to want to exercise for the great f AVENJEE 16 CITYBLUESGIRL
10/7/14 11:41 P
What do you do if you're stuffed from drinking wat ALICEART2010 3 DHGC138
10/7/14 9:20 P
125 lbs down. Things I wish I had done along the w 24FITMOM 31 MSBEKANATOR
10/5/14 5:13 P
ran outside today and I beat my personal best! I r CHRISABOL7 7 BMCC488
10/5/14 12:42 P
Feeling a little low tonight. I lost track of my c ALICEART2010 10 MRSFANCYLADY
10/5/14 12:26 A
Is there anyone on here who is using Spark as a to JUMPINJAKO 4 JUMPINJAKO
10/6/14 10:10 A
Is there anyway to find users in my area? I would PICKLESTHEMOM92 3 ALICEART2010
10/2/14 8:43 P
Starting again fresh today you guys. I can't quit OATMEAL18 18 GOLDSHOCK
10/15/14 3:27 P