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What Spark Level are you on? RITAROSE 11600 TRYINGTOLOSE64
10/22/17 8:35 P
Are you choosing to be happy today? JAROL7 5341 SHAZMOLA
10/22/17 9:51 P
change a word 102633 34013 TRYINGTOLOSE64
10/22/17 8:41 P
Did you take your Vitamin(s) today? TEA_LADY 61103 SHAZMOLA
10/22/17 9:53 P
Did You Take A Vitamin D JOEH71 9748 BLONDWUNN
10/22/17 6:28 P
10/22/17 9:40 P
Are you walking with God today? MJRVIC2000 24533 TRYINGTOLOSE64
10/22/17 8:37 P
Posted a photo DAUGIE73 6 REEDSKI
10/22/17 5:46 P
Tip: It helps to have a workout buddy to check your form. πŸ•πŸ˜Ž It also helps when it is 75 in Octob NONANATOR 6 BECCA4529
10/22/17 8:47 P
I have not been tracking my food, had an absolutely ball. The results, I've gained 4.5 pounds. I a 1975WEDDING 9 BECCA4529
10/22/17 8:43 P
Food for thought... and non-fattening, Lol BLUECAFE 7 ZRIE014
10/22/17 5:32 P
Posted a goal PM1909 10 REEDSKI
10/22/17 5:50 P
Well the last few days I have been on vacation and have not done well following my healthy eating pl RIGOROUSLOGIK1 22 BECCA4529
10/22/17 8:31 P
Omg!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!! Today marks a record for me. I lost a 100lbs!!!!! Time to Celebrate!!!! πŸ… MIZ-FENTON 254 I-AM-TITANIUM
10/23/17 12:33 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 25 COMEBACKKID12
10/21/17 11:24 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 4 ZRIE014
10/21/17 2:45 P
I am NOT eating them, I am just smelling them. ALLYLIZZY 15 SMSUZIEQ36
10/21/17 4:12 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 8 ZRIE014
10/21/17 2:34 P
Bedroom goals. ALLYLIZZY 15 ZRIE014
10/21/17 2:32 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 8 JUDY1676
10/21/17 4:05 P
Happy Birthday to me. NO party, NO cake, nothing special at all. RD03875 309 LOPEYP
10/22/17 6:23 P
I just love this time of year and my home town is just beautiful, with all its colors and all the fa KSTEVERSON 9 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:37 P
Believe in yourself even when others don't. Only y KYUILLE 6 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:49 P
Happy Friday! Get a healthy start to your weekend! GOODFELINE 13 ZRIE014
10/20/17 7:07 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 10 JUDY1676
10/20/17 9:34 P
Posted a photo HIPPICHICK1 7 -POOKIE-
10/21/17 3:12 A
A friend just said to me how good I look after losing weight, and to tell her what I did :) MEXYULIZEA 22 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:41 P
Decided to drink my Caramel Protein Shake in style! SHANMAC4 32 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:40 P
I posted this a couple days ago. Scenes from my hometown. These pictures help calm me. REEDSKI 115 I-AM-TITANIUM
10/21/17 4:00 A
Did you say a pray for some one today SPUNKY521 3135 SHAZMOLA
10/22/17 9:50 P
Thank you Lord. The smart choices are getting easier. You all just don’t know what struggles I hav RAYBALDWIN2014 12 ALALADY
10/19/17 5:47 P
Working on getting in my water and staying on food plan as I would like another loss on Tuesday MARILYNS69 13 ZRIE014
10/19/17 3:50 P
Now I know why some people are so reluctant to retire. I did just that about a month ago and now r MISS_STELLA1 6 ZRIE014
10/19/17 4:13 P
This is the hill I hate! When I first started walking I'd stop at least 5 times. Now I can walk it a DJJSTONE 32 ALALADY
10/19/17 5:33 P
A rainbow zebra that I colored online. It was fun. It took a lot of patience. If you ever have any f ALLYLIZZY 10 ALALADY
10/19/17 5:56 P
"A friend is like a seatbelt, you may not always need them, but they will be there just in cas SPARKFRAN514 10 ILOVEROSES
10/21/17 3:24 A
I think last year's sweater is too big! πŸ˜„ LUANNE613 56 ALALADY
10/19/17 5:46 P
Just getting started. Goal is 50 lbs off. I can use all the encouragement I can get. In the midst of KARENKNEWHOUSE 15 WLHOPE
10/19/17 9:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter so amazed to have seen a change in my body finally after so long. Yes it took me a y MIZZ_DANNI87 120 VIRGINIAGIRL
10/20/17 1:51 P
Posted a photo JENLOUSAN 196 ALALADY
10/19/17 5:25 P
My lunch today. I don't know about just egg whites by themselves. EARTH-ANGEL3 7 EARTH-ANGEL3
10/19/17 2:56 P
I am down 44lbs!!!!!!!! NIKKIE430 299 GABIRUSZCZAK
10/18/17 11:50 P
I may never eat pasta again... CAPECORALGIRL 12 LGSCARRIE
10/19/17 5:46 A
Posted a photo SLVRMANE 11 SPARKLYEYES71
10/19/17 8:11 A
I have lost 8lbs in the past month and am on the track to losing much more. Today I am spoiling myse MIKCITTY 6 TBRYAN-LU
10/18/17 6:36 P
159!!! This is the smallest I have been in about 5 years!! My goal of 130 is getting so close!! JDBUSTILLOSJB 110 VAMPIRESBITING
10/18/17 11:41 P
The picture on the left is from the end of last April, the middle is at 20 lbs lost, and the right i PDLSTMPR1 153 MINILOVER1
10/19/17 5:39 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 20093 SHAZMOLA
10/22/17 9:51 P
My busy morning breakfast on the go. Not eating the doughnuts at work. SADIEMYERS 37 IAN2409
10/20/17 10:02 P
My Daily struggle with Bi-polar SIMPLY_JAE 13 ORTATK
10/19/17 8:57 A
Happy Tuesday! ALLYLIZZY 7 ZRIE014
10/17/17 8:32 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 10 ZRIE014
10/17/17 8:23 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 16 JUDY1676
10/17/17 9:01 P
Me with my sisters on Saturday! The kids thought we were the real Sanderson Sisters!!! It was fun BRASHONG 108 BRASHONG
10/18/17 2:58 P
39.7 lbs down, 114.4 to go LINZHORN 81 FITWITHIN
10/18/17 7:56 A
This girl just ran a full mile in 13.51 minutes! ASHLEYAMOORE 175 ZRIE014
10/17/17 7:17 P
Light lunch...spinach salad with mozzarella and pork loin from last night's dinner...yummy and simpl CELTIC79KITTEN 20 ZRIE014
10/16/17 3:38 P
This is the look I got when I heated up some chicken last night DEEMIE 41 SMOKESMOKE
10/21/17 7:56 P
If you believe, truly believe to your core, that you can do this, you can. You absolutely can. Don’ 1CRAZYDOG 10 CANNINGNANNY
10/17/17 7:50 A
Good morning DIANEPAG 26 ZRIE014
10/16/17 4:03 P
#NSV I'm really happy to be wearing this sweatshirt which used to be too tight for me - yay! #feel RAWCOOKIE 111 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/17/17 10:21 P
ONE-DERLAND...I have Arrived!! Can't stop me now! πŸŽ‰ POGIRL17 303 POGIRL17
10/16/17 9:21 P
Make your workout the greatest workout you've ever done! πŸ˜€ SWEETSUNSHIN7 2 ALICIA214
10/15/17 3:22 P
Side to side Sunday!!!! 63lbs gone for good!! SW:240 CW:177.2 GW:165 and fit!! KERENSA9697 36 SMAT527
10/15/17 11:00 P
10/15/17 5:58 P
Fall and Halloween is in the air. Keep Sparking πŸ’« MBLANKFORD 22 I-AM-TITANIUM
10/16/17 2:48 A
Even as I work hard towards healthy changes it is important to celebrate my body as I am along the w IMSHINY 68 EVILCECIL
10/16/17 6:59 A
A bounty of fruits and veggies! GRATTECIELLA 22 WHYTEBROWN
10/16/17 8:18 P
10/16/17 12:16 A
I'm so ready for the next two days off from work!! FEELINGSTRONGER 4 ZRIE014
10/14/17 1:30 A
10/14/17 7:36 P
Posted a photo TEAGIRL49 16 FUNNYFACE101002
10/14/17 10:19 P
Love my heavy weights and my running...but really loving my Friday evening rest! :) MSKIZ69 12 ENGELKUH89
10/14/17 8:40 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 19 ZRIE014
10/14/17 2:10 A
My view almost every morning KEELY128 20 PATRICIAFS
10/14/17 4:32 A