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My goal for this day is to __________ __________ FINDYOURFIT 833 CONSISTENTFAITH
1/18/18 11:45 A
11/3/17 9:43 A
What is your purpose in life? FINDYOURFIT 49 PATTYKLAVER
12/5/17 11:32 A
New Lesson: Limit Sugar (Watch "That Sugar Film") SPARKGUY 34 GRANNYGOOSE1536
1/6/18 2:27 A
Hope everyone in the US is enjoying the holiday weekend and has a happy and safe 4th of July! ANGELN325 4 ANGELN325
7/4/17 1:39 P
Also happy 150th to anyone from Canada! ANGELN325 4 ANGELN325
7/3/17 4:45 A
Just in case I don't get on tomorrow, I want to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day! ANGELN325 4 ANGELN325
6/18/17 6:14 A
I'm seriously considering quitting caffeine, but I want the least painful way. If I go cold turkey, SUMMERFODRIE 13 GGRSPARK
6/22/17 6:55 P
Really enjoyed watching Pirates of the Caribbean with my daughter last night and the movies we rente ANGELN325 5 ANGELN325
6/17/17 9:28 A
Love being able to spend some much needed time recharging my batteries and spending time with my dau ANGELN325 4 HARROWJET
6/13/17 11:45 A I go again. Lol. Hopefully I can stay on track here. C59688 3 C48214
6/12/17 4:21 P
7 hours last night JUDY1676 5 GABY1948
6/12/17 8:45 P
#mobilechat This last week I went to an event, having been 'the fattest person in the room' for year LRJUSTUS1 16 ANGELN325
6/11/17 1:10 P
Posted a photo HARROWJET 4 ANGELN325
6/11/17 1:10 P
No makeup but Snapchat made me feel pretty.... happy Saturday. BEFITSPIRITED 14 JOHNWBROCKSR777
6/11/17 1:17 P
The weekend is here. Time to get myself back on track! ANGELN325 4 ANGELN325
6/4/17 9:12 A
Proud of myself. I did jack taps, one arm rows, squats, strengthened my knee leg lifts in my chair, ANGELN325 3 PICKIE98
5/21/17 12:56 P
What a grueling week. So tired! ANGELN325 4 ANGELN325
5/21/17 7:55 A
I have been aiming to walk at least 5-10 miles a day every day... I had someone tell me that I would PHOENIXRISING87 9 ANGELN325
5/7/17 1:52 P
Posted a photo HARROWJET 6 ANGELN325
5/6/17 9:03 P
Hello Saturday! ANGELN325 2 PICKIE98
5/7/17 1:39 P
Been doing good this week with doing a little exercise each day, catching up on laundry and dishes, ANGELN325 5 ANGELN325
4/29/17 12:02 P
I know people say that it's okay to be sore after exercising. However, when I exercise to that point ANGELN325 7 ANGELN325
4/24/17 4:40 A
I have lots of friends that are like this. I am definitely the opposite HAVING_HOPE 5 LADYSUISEI
4/24/17 3:27 A
Had a great walk at the Vietnam Memorial!! DB6864 6 ANGELN325
4/23/17 3:55 P
Worked outside--pulling weeds, putting down the weed preventer, planting some flower seeds--now it n DIANNEMT 3 ANGELN325
4/23/17 3:54 P
Well a little update. I have lost 15 pounds of water weight since Thursday. 229 to 214. I am determi NLOHRMAN 4 RAINYN2004
4/23/17 4:20 P
I have poked around at utilizing SparkPeople to shape up off and on (mostly off) for years now but n CLVRSCRNNAME 4 RAINYN2004
4/23/17 4:20 P
My weight is slowly trying to come back I went from 172 the beginning of April and now I'm back at 1 BLDANCY 8 BARBEDWIREKITTY
4/23/17 5:27 P
Yum!! Made my breakfast for the next couple days. It is egg substitute​, red/yellow peppers, turkey DOLLIPS 23 LAAMONICA
4/23/17 5:30 P
Morning exercise! Did exercise bike at a high level and rowing machine. Only 10 minutes, but gets SPARKGUY 22 ANGELN325
4/20/17 9:19 A
#mobilechat No problem ever has been solved with whining. LRJUSTUS1 4 ANGELN325
4/20/17 9:17 A
I think I am finally finding my purpose for now with my Avon! I am going to set up a booth at a vend DAWNDMOORE40 4 ANGELN325
4/20/17 9:17 A
Everyone should read this member blog to see the power of community support along with a great messa SPARKGUY 27 ANGELN325
4/17/17 2:00 P
Time for me to make popcorn (real kind on the stove) for movie night. Have a great night everyone! SPARKGUY 24 DAWNDMOORE40
4/18/17 3:34 A
#Mobilechat Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter. Had a fantastic day @ Church & then to a friend' LRJUSTUS1 9 ANGELN325
4/17/17 12:26 P
Good Morning, hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend. For some I'm sure the battle persist TUBLADY 2 ANGELN325
4/17/17 12:25 P
Who is ready to burn off some extra calories starting tomorrow? I'll admit to having a bit too much SPARKGUY 57 WOMANOFLOVE
4/18/17 3:37 P
Have a great day everybody! I plan on it! :D ANGELN325 2 ACRAZYCRAFTER
4/17/17 11:36 A
Easter bunny came and we had a great breakfast. Our Easter eggs turned out so pretty. Have lots to d ANGELN325 3 ANGELN325
4/17/17 8:08 A
Have a wonderful Easter Sunday. TUBLADY 3 JAMER123
4/16/17 11:47 P
Happy Easter everyone! The Lord has risen! He is with us! DAWNDMOORE40 4 REGILIEH
4/17/17 3:05 A
He proposed in Waikiki and of course I said yes 💞 BEFITSPIRITED 33 REGILIEH
4/17/17 3:03 A
Happy Easter everybody!!! ANGELN325 3 MBLANKFORD
4/15/17 10:33 P
Customer Service training was very motivating to me and the importance of taking care of my body to ANGELN325 4 ANGELN325
4/10/17 5:44 A
Weigh in day! Lost 2 lbs!!! 😍 my goal was 1 lb/we ENCHANTEDCHIP 9 ENCHANTEDCHIP
4/9/17 2:36 P
Lost 4 pounds. Lost 50 pounds on This year I've lost 17 pounds. I have another 8 po AUNTRENEE 5 PICKIE98
4/9/17 3:11 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 106 CHUBBYNOMORE3
4/9/17 4:57 P
Yesterday was a bad day. Did not exercise or eat well. Back on track today already did 1 mile walk a NANALOVESALL7 5 ANGELN325
4/9/17 10:02 A
Yummy colourful stir fry with chicken. 20 pounds lost so far 60 more to go. I am determined to do it ANNAMARIA6 68 GREYTDOLPHIN
4/9/17 12:56 P
Today I start my weight loss journey, I'm hoping I'll be successful this time. Current weight 286, THEVALSHARESS 14 THEVALSHARESS
4/9/17 10:54 A
2.4 lbs lost this week TCSHERROD 9 RYCGIRL
4/9/17 10:13 A
My life LAM200514 16 SHESMITH75
4/9/17 10:12 A
I am feeling discouraged today. I have lost 14 pounds so far so I tried on some of my favorite cloth KETIMM01 9 SKANTRA
4/9/17 11:46 A
Feeling determined to lose this weight. I am at 203. I have a ways to go until my goal of 160 SLIVERBULLET 39 GLORIA116
4/9/17 11:35 A
I'm starting over today. I need this to happen. Looking for a few good people to help me stay on tra RADIANCE136 8 ANGELN325
4/9/17 9:56 A
Wish me luck! I have something BIG happening soon that I really, really, REALLY want to come through HAPPYCAVEGIRL 9 RYCGIRL
4/9/17 10:15 A
4/9/17 9:52 A
Starting to notice a bit of a diffrence to my body N57585 10 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/9/17 1:08 P
"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." --Lolly Daskal #motivation ROCKLAND2010 7 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/9/17 1:09 P
Good Morning!! ☀️ ☕️ #todayistheday #youarepowerful #youmatter #youareextraordinary #youhaveapurpos SARASMILING 15 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/15/17 6:54 A
Well, I got my new computer with Windows 10 !!! So different than Windows 7 !!! Yikes ! CANNINGNANNY 10 DEE107
4/9/17 6:06 P
Will start tracking the foods I eat. TAMMYAGREENE 6 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/9/17 1:03 P
Good morning beautiful peoples!! I hope all of you have a wonderful day! ELLALCK 6 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/9/17 10:01 A
Trying to eat more protein today. Doing good so far. However is the fat supposed to be so high all I TABBIE28 8 ANGELN325
4/4/17 4:56 A
Im trying to change my overall activity level cant figure it out MISSJAKE 10 ANGELN325
4/3/17 4:17 A
I'm so tired today. I played some music, exercised, and all I want to do is nap. LOL ANGELN325 4 ANGELN325
4/3/17 4:14 A
Pre-tracking my food at the beginning of the day helps me stay on track. LIZSPRINGSTEEN 4 AGRAV618
4/2/17 4:02 P
Becoming another year older has shown me I really need to get back on track. Injuries have had me sc ANGELN325 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
3/27/17 10:01 A
.4 lbs away from my first weight goal. Ready to crush this week! BEEANDHAM 3 ANGELN325
3/27/17 5:50 A
We have a German student staying with us for two weeks and it has been a great time so far! We have DAWNDMOORE40 5 NDCAROL
3/27/17 12:49 P
Super proud of 8+ months soda free! Not to mention 16 days binge and greasy fast food free! STEPH-KNEE 20 ANGELN325
3/21/17 5:16 A
Woohoo -- great sleep last night! I hope everyone has a fun day reaching one goal at a time in all SPARKGUY 9 LOULOU1709
3/15/17 12:58 P
I Started my week off with a challenging workout with cardio, core and some strength exercises. Wha JADIEGIRL1974 4 DAWNIEHEATHER78
3/12/17 3:43 P
Hate the new community feed. I want to follow the people I know and have easy access to my team and KALANTHA 5 MEADSBAY
3/12/17 8:59 A