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Finished up with a very long walk. YAY! 7 days in a row. #moveit STILL_HERE 4 ECOAXUM
4/24/18 2:47 A
Got my climb on today during my son's lesson. Ok, it's the kids' area, but there's still a strength GRATTECIELLA 14 TCANNO
4/24/18 3:56 A
What a difference 10 Months & 80 Pounds make. I couldn't bring myself to document it then, but my he POGIRL17 129 MCFHARPIST
4/24/18 3:24 A
9 months and 70lbs difference!!! Only 50lbs more to go!! Keep Sparking people, it works!!! 😁😁😁 SLKIRK487 176 JOEYSGIRL71
4/24/18 4:26 A
4/18/18 6:55 P
This is my goal. It's only 5 pounds away. I will get there, then set a new goal. Just thought I shou JEWELZEE- 77 SOUTHTXXRNNR
4/19/18 7:16 A
Cabbage soup is a favorite from my childhood, my mom was the weight watchers queen before she got st ANGELAHOPE81 15 CATNIP22
4/18/18 5:11 P
42 yrs today and the first healthy birthday ever! I'm gonna make the best of this day thank you spa TMP0418 308 JAY61
4/18/18 8:14 P
Feliz Viernes!! Happy Friday! NOMASHOTCHEETOS 18 CLO333
4/13/18 2:58 P
Almost had myself convinced to allow myself rice noodles tonight for supper for a higher carb cyclin FITDIGGITY 28 _RAMONA
4/15/18 12:14 P
Eating a healthy lunch at work. JACQRV81 5 ANGGEL40
4/13/18 1:35 P
Lunch time 490 calorie πŸ˜‹ a little bit of this and lot a bit of yum TMP0418 17 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/14/18 10:58 P
The lowest ive seen my scale in a LONG time 😁 im loosing so slow, but steady im proud of myself. Ha PUGHMOMMYX3 87 CINDY247
4/13/18 7:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter MINAZ36 167 MILANBOO3
4/13/18 8:30 P
My Mom turns 96 today! JSTETSER 306 WOMANOFLOVE
4/8/18 12:04 P
I did my first 5K today!!!! Walking at a pace of just over 20 minutes a mile, with lots of encourage MERIWYLE 21 V72392
4/7/18 8:04 P
My first bunless burger. Small steps equal big rewards. TEXASDEW 18 BILLTHOMSON
4/7/18 8:50 P
4/8/18 11:18 A
#BeforeAndAfter Down 60 pounds!! I bought size 16 pants this weekend. Haven't been that size in 10+ CONCOOP74 52 UMUCGRAD
4/7/18 10:57 P
3 months, 21 lbs. So thrilled! THATGIRL254 81 MARIAN326
4/8/18 8:11 A
So today my first day of trying to lose weight. I just got married and I and so sad how big I am in KELLYREYNOLDS03 191 MARIAN326
4/8/18 8:10 A
Dinner for tonight, salad with calamari in marinara sauce. JROSADO1982 3 IJRYAN
4/5/18 6:46 P
The dinner plate. ELF41978 6 ELF41978
4/6/18 1:22 P
I've got a long way to go.... but I've come a long way already. BEVERLY1501 10 MDOWER1
4/5/18 7:51 P
So lost for words very flattered and excited 😊 I won this today from the place I get my produce. Th TMP0418 71 TMP0418
4/8/18 10:40 A
4/10/18 5:37 P
Well I turn 41 today! πŸŽ‚. Where does the time go? Hope everyone has a great day!! KENNYBARBIE12 290 JULZ09
4/6/18 11:56 P
I hit my first big goal. #BeforeAndAfter AJS747 158 NEWJANN2DAY
4/8/18 1:48 P
I have been in the hospital since Monday because I MELB1287 8 -POOKIE-
4/5/18 2:37 A
Yes I have a long ways to go, but hey! Progress is progress! ANGELICMOMMA 15 ANGGEL40
4/4/18 6:16 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 KATHYJO56
4/5/18 12:42 A
#BeforeAndAfter 50!!! Pounds down!!!!!! #30moretogo #nothyroidnoproblem #noexcuses MYPOFF85 22 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/16/18 8:05 A
I used to dread shopping for summer clothes, now I have a blast. 😁 100+ pounds down, only 15 more KENZIE8438 131 FIDDLISH
4/4/18 7:17 P
Look whose getting stronger on the Stair Master!!! 46 of those minutes was at level 6!!! #goaldigger MERCEDESMCCALL 17 MERCEDESMCCALL
4/4/18 10:12 P
I went on a ten day cruise and lost two pounds. Still plenty to go, but I am proud of that! SHINTEETAH 28 YJNANA
4/4/18 7:45 P
4/5/18 1:36 P
I don't know about anyone else but when I was 57 pounds heavier I never treated myself to anything b TMP0418 57 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/6/18 11:35 A
Lost 165 lbs since my heaviest 4 years ago. From a size 30 to a size 14. Still have a ways to go, b MANDA2091 288 PATSYGO
4/5/18 5:10 A
Feeling accomplished, I’m down to 200 pounds after more than 5 years of gaining and losing but never MANDALITTAANNA 54 CHLOE57910
4/13/18 2:42 P
Dinner today: Sauteed salmon with sweet potatoes and broccoli is one of my favorite meals. MRS_KAS 25 SRIVERS1
4/3/18 10:39 P
I prepared 4 Ziploc bags for smoothies. It's part of my meal prepping. FITWITHIN 32 EVIE4NOW
3/28/18 8:26 P
Already watching the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy. What a show! BONNIEMARGAY 4 CATHYSFITLIFE
3/28/18 11:29 A
#newbie Today is my first day here and I am looking for friends and motivation to get me back on tra HARRISONRENEE20 10 SLIMSHAPE18
4/4/18 3:35 P
Hello Spark Friends, this is my first day and I am looking forward to losing the weight that is hold ROXY566 7 ROSALIE28
3/27/18 9:00 P
Posted a photo F5-FURY 7 CHEIVOUS
3/28/18 10:24 A
Hello SparkFamily! It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted.. My husband and I are EXPECTING!! Oh bt SIMPLYKEN32 246 SIMPLYKEN32
3/28/18 3:23 P
Feeling pretty good. Stronger than I've ever been and for the first time in a long time, happy with SHANED2017 44 TMP0418
3/28/18 8:04 A
Posted a photo KILTORE 20 JUDY1676
3/24/18 9:09 P
Celebrating a half century on this planet today. Thankful for my Spark family...and that I can still B_RAZORSHARP 37 TMP0418
3/26/18 2:52 P
I am wearing a size large shirt and 16 pair of jeans, that are alittle baggy in the legs... I fit in MANDARI87 210 JACKSMK
4/14/18 12:07 P
Dinner mmmmm. Chicken turkey bacon w greens Tom on RKHATERA01 13 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/9/18 7:17 P
Lunch, 270 calories!! 45cal/slice bread. Turkey veggies sandwich with side of peppers. Yummy and fil JC2222 10 TMP0418
3/15/18 4:45 P
Found this pic of me summer of 2016. I know i have lost a bit but where u see #beforeandafter pics CRYSTALVT1983 203 TMASSI
3/18/18 10:05 A
This β€œbefore” photo is actually a β€œduring” photo! It was taken three months into my weight loss jou JBLESSER 255 SKYLAR_NIXON
3/16/18 11:36 P
2014 was my highest weight. It’s been a roller coaster since then. I still weigh about 185, but I’m OVERDUECHANGE 144 OVERDUECHANGE
3/15/18 9:43 A
I do not usually post anything about myself. I am down from 363.6+# (was too heavy to weigh at home JUDYO58 301 PATRICIAANN46
3/14/18 10:15 P
Please excuse my dirty mirror and my storage/exercise room but I’m 24 pounds down! LWALKERC12 31 CONCOOP74
3/12/18 7:00 P
A little concoction I threw together for lunch: boil pot of water, add 2 chicken bouillon cubes, hal EMILY1283 8 HOTPINKCAMARO49
3/12/18 5:03 P
It's my day 2 on SparkPeople. 100 lbs. to lose! :) LYNETTEKAT 46 CCULLEN623
3/12/18 7:11 P
Achieved 5k goal for the year SDCHETRAM1 22 CHRISTOPHER63
3/12/18 7:16 P
Well, I’m up a pound! I worked so hard last week! I upped my workouts from just walking to TurboJa TEXASHSMOMOF3 226 SUSIEMT
3/12/18 7:43 P
Proud moment!! My fiancΓ© ordered hisself and my grandfather Burger King πŸ” for lunch, I decided to g KIMBERLYASHLYN 36 DRINKALOTH2O
3/12/18 9:17 P
Say hello to one of my excuses for being fat and last addition to my little family my #2 # MISSCLASSOF2004 193 STAYSTRICK
3/12/18 9:35 P
Great salad at church! Carrot coins, spinach, lettuce, kale, nuts and dried fruit. I love when othe SABINA50 5 BILLTHOMSON
3/12/18 8:47 A
Ok so i just started this today i used this for lunch and it made me very full and its only 150 cal MRSKEENEY90 14 DJ4HEALTH
3/14/18 2:31 A
Having a Great Sunday! today is day 7 of week 5 for me, read alot of blogs last night and today and OLDSKOOL556 19 MUSTANGMOM6
3/11/18 8:05 P
Breakfast today. 275 calories 1 fried egg, sauted mushroomd and mixed greens with a Japanese purple GLL3335 7 ANGGEL40
3/11/18 1:05 P
As of today I am taking control of my life I am taking control over the food that has had power over MNSUEK1955 11 BANEWLAND
3/11/18 2:15 P
My go to workout...dancing MLBSLK 12 MEAGOP
3/11/18 1:16 P
First medal of the year! MUFFIY831 84 MIRAGE727
3/11/18 5:41 P
3/11/18 7:47 P
Meal prep complete....ready for another great week of training. I hope the same for all of you who a CRAIGWHITEHEAD4 26 SONDRAHARRIS
3/11/18 5:42 P
I know this is a weird post but Oh my gosh I bought new slacks and they are loose already. AND I had BEVERLY1501 116 AMPC30
3/11/18 10:45 P
Starting this beautiful Sunday on a healthy note! πŸ“πŸžπŸ³ SHOPGIRL422 16 MWHIGGINS
3/11/18 3:15 P
Omg I did it! One whole week. I feel massively proud of myself! I Lost 2lbs too!! Even if it was jus WAHMARISSA 114 CSROBERTSON621
3/11/18 3:55 P