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1/17/18 11:47 P
Today is my birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband got me these headphones as a gift. I listen to music while exerc FILMINGLIFE 160 TASHA147
11/9/17 5:20 A
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR 7 GRACIE6121
11/7/17 12:45 P
11/7/17 1:01 P
Walked The Blackpool Illuminations tonight, bringing my total mileage for the day to over 10 miles w -POOKIE- 20 MAYIE53
11/4/17 10:20 A
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 7 CAROOR
10/27/17 12:35 P
Hard work ๐Ÿ˜“ now to try and keep it going FOXPLAY54 52 JENISADOLL
10/28/17 10:25 P
Guess who's down 4 more pounds ?...Since Oct.1st , slow loss is still progress....I can almost touch STARFISH1961 28 1CRAZYDOG
10/27/17 4:49 P
Still awake after two hours of photographing the stars. Maybe I'll make it out for sunrise... INITFORLIFE3 159 RKHATERA01
1/7/18 7:49 P
Today is my 43rd Birthday! I went to a Dietician today. And tomorrow seeing a behaivioral therapist OCEANDREAMIN 300 FITWITHIN
10/26/17 12:18 A
Sorry I have been MIA for a while Things got crazy around here. Grand kids games, appointments and c MISSLOIS 4 ZRIE014
10/25/17 7:50 P
Can you believe these are masks, which one you think I should go as, actually I'm not going as anyth GPALMER29 23 CANDYLIND
10/26/17 9:56 A
Drinking some peppermint tea , tryna heal my body any advice on good teas to drink ?? Lemme know SLOWPEACE17 16 ZRIE014
10/25/17 7:32 P
I weighed in early this week because today is my birthday. My birthday goal was to lose 100lbs - I s GOODFELINE 307 ZRIE014
10/25/17 7:19 P
Dinner out with colleagues tonight - thought I was ordering a "healthier" fare compared to the fries B_RAZORSHARP 67 CGARR442
10/24/17 9:44 P
I may be ugly to the world, but I just have to remind myself that I am beautiful in God's image. AMYMBUNCH 124 GIANTOCR1
10/24/17 9:41 A
I just got engaged this past weekend and I am defi SAMMY_WALTON 7 SS_ELEMENT
10/23/17 5:17 P
My birthday today I have been with Sparkpeople for 10 years 9 months and 23 days. I have lost 121 p 2BFREE2LIVE 93 MARYJOANNA
10/24/17 5:20 A
I started this weight loss journey at a weight of 265lbs. I am now down to 177lbs, my goal is 160lbs PLUMMER51C7 56 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
10/23/17 9:15 A
I have had too many interruptions this past week and got off track. Now time to move forward and fin HISNEWCREATION 5 NOCALORIES
10/21/17 8:18 P
People who suffer from chronic pain are champions. We fight our pain โ€” our own bodies โ€” every day, b J_HENNINGTON 8 ABUELAMEMA52
10/23/17 8:17 A
Decided to cut 10 minutes off of my workout, to see how things went. It definitely helps, so Iโ€™ll be W2GFIT 10 W2GFIT
10/22/17 1:06 P
Tough week.... I gained two pounds. But I a.m. back taking things and watching what I eat. SBLACKWELL93 3 ANNIESADVENTURE
10/21/17 5:41 P
Itโ€™s my Birthday today! 34 years old. Iโ€™m planning on enjoying it and taking a day off from watching KAR1983 36 ANNIESADVENTURE
10/21/17 5:40 P
So need motivation TWEAVER0715 3 ANNIESADVENTURE
10/21/17 5:31 P
I am back to Spark after 5 years. I got a part time job that I love. But I have not been taking care SANDYCRANE 23 BESSHAILE
10/23/17 8:06 A
Does anyone on here have Hashimotos Disease? While I am feeling better with treatment, exercise and TFUNKHOUS 3 MTN_KITTEN
10/21/17 7:36 P
Happy birthday to me. PAULWATKINS 11 SILVAS7
10/22/17 2:02 P
Happy Birthday to me. NO party, NO cake, nothing special at all. RD03875 309 LOPEYP
10/22/17 6:23 P
Ugh! I thought I made a healthy choice at the food court yesterday, then I go to track my calories a LALOAFY 7 LALOAFY
10/19/17 10:37 A
#mobilechat Oh! I just realized what today is the 2 year mark of my weight loss start. If LRJUSTUS1 32 CANDYLIND
10/20/17 11:02 A
Goodmorning my friends, well I didn't hit my goal of 3lbs. Lost 2lbs, that's a blessing and I'm than JUSTSTICKWITHIT 71 CINDY247
10/17/17 7:46 P
MY BIRTHDAY LEADS TO YOU Just posted this blog. Thank you friends. YOU are the one that keeps me SKYDRAKE 11 ANNIESADVENTURE
10/9/17 6:42 P
It's adios 300's....was 298 yesterday morning!!! Hard to believe that I've lost 122 pounds in less t CHERYL4846 18 ANNIESADVENTURE
10/9/17 6:40 P
This amazing beast of an Aga Rangemaster Professional arrives at my home TOMORROW.... after not havi -POOKIE- 18 GRANDMABEAST63
10/22/17 7:05 A
Whatever works... BOOHOOBEAR 23 JADIEGIRL1974
10/10/17 7:18 P
Can everyone see our food journals or are they private? If so how can settings be changed? THELMAJO6430 5 THELMAJO6430
10/9/17 6:32 P
Today is my 40th birthday thanks for God Grace and Mercy. I donโ€™t want to just count the years I wan DC_CONNECT 8 AUDREYGNSC
10/9/17 8:03 P
I came across this image online and it shocked me. Look how much fat is around the organs and there' IMSHINY 36 SILVAS7
10/15/17 4:02 P
Bedtime ... Nighty Night!!! BOOHOOBEAR 20 BOOHOOBEAR
9/13/17 10:23 A
9/4/17 8:27 P
Camp Accountability ANGORA4 1310 ANGORA4
8/31/17 4:56 A
I'm on a road trip right now and I'm having a hard time staying in my calorie range. I packed a lot MYTIMEOK 7 SMITIM
8/28/17 4:34 A
Daily Check-in ANGORA4 5288 ANGORA4
1/20/18 1:12 P
Coping with demetia ANGORA4 3 ANGORA4
8/31/17 5:34 A
All in a night's work. Spent the evening cooking and baking so that I have food ready for coming hom PSYCHMASTER 21 METALMOMMA25
8/21/17 12:57 P
Down another pound today. That makes 18 all together since I started in May. Alittle slower than s BETTERBUNS 6 ABUELAMEMA52
8/19/17 4:40 A
I'm pretty sure my type 2 diabetes and thyroid is the culprit to my big belly does anyone have any s WINDYMORITZ22 17 JTHEALTHY1
8/16/17 7:16 P
I'm leaving tomorrow for a 10 day Alaskan cruise. I'm not going to be tracking my food but hopefully KJACKSN1 8 KJACKSN1
8/6/17 1:02 A
I am a terrible snacker! I always open the fridge to find something quick and easy to eat. So I hope 21SPONGEBOB21 106 ORTATK
8/3/17 7:57 A
Day 1.....its going to be it this time. I will achieve my goals for myself and family...i hope. JESS14331 251 CHUBBYGIRL45
8/3/17 1:31 P
Eggroll without the roll๐Ÿฝ P53283 3 RKAYBOOHER
8/2/17 12:49 P
Good morning to All I'm back and praying to stay on track. My goal is to lose 60 pounds by January w DEBBTAY 151 DEBBTAY
1/15/18 1:03 P
Does this cat make my butt look big? ๐Ÿ˜‚ PLAINJANEDOE 19 CUEVASJOEL2380
1/14/18 6:00 P
Hubby and I had to lol. I wanted to see just how much weight I lost by measuring it in dog food!!!! DIANEPAG 89 _LINDA
7/30/17 8:10 P
Down to 66lbs lost. Just four more pounds until I'm just overweight. Getting my head back in the gam AROMERO77 119 FISHGUT3
7/30/17 3:47 P
What a difference a yr makes!! DIANEPAG 206 _LINDA
7/30/17 8:07 P
Good morning....this week has been tough, first I have been preparing for a Justin Bieber concert si THEJACKIEDEAN12 287 ROLLTIDE8586
7/29/17 1:27 A
HELP where do I find out if someone commented back to comments I made on posts? I'll see a notificat START331GOAL231 9 START331GOAL231
7/31/17 3:29 A
7/2/17 5:30 A
I had a coworker who I don't constantly see every day (I work in a grocery store deli while he works EMMAHILE 10 JTHEALTHY1
7/1/17 9:16 P
Seared fish, egg, mango, cherry tomatoes NIKKISTALL 10 ADRIENALINE
7/2/17 3:15 P
Time for a cup of Earl Grey๐Ÿ˜Š MARIEB441 13 PINKPIXY22
7/1/17 11:25 P
On my wall.....I fill it in each time I reach a target ๐ŸŽฏ. TIGERLADY77 139 ADRIENALINE
7/2/17 3:12 P
Happy Birthday to me! Peonies are in bloom. Day is perfect! HELEN_BRU 307 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/21/17 12:42 P
I met the homeless man last night. He didn't need food, but he did accept the use of the shower. H BJK1961 22 CBASS30
6/18/17 5:43 P
99 lbs down wow this is truly amazing. I was hopin THEJACKIEDEAN12 217 EDTRACY26
6/28/17 12:59 P
Here is to a new beginning with so much passion and inspiration! INSPIRED5681 20 TWEDEE777
5/30/17 9:18 A
Im new. And just wanted some tips for meals i could eat! Any ideas? I am 233 pounds and wanna get to KATIEHOWARD61 10 CLSYLADY
5/25/17 4:49 A
Dinner was AMAZING! Found a new recipe I love and only 10carbs per serving ๐Ÿ˜€ AMYANN2005 23 ANNIESADVENTURE
5/10/17 11:49 P
Im super upset after having 3 weeks clean of no binge eating , today i broke my diet with junk food GXNXSIIS 5 AKBRANDICE
5/10/17 2:43 A
Getting ready for my college graduation Saturday! -11.7 pounds! TXMUM2THREEBOYS 16 MARINEMAMA
5/10/17 4:25 A
Looking forward to my 45th Wedding Anniversary Friday. Love that man! PJPEGG 21 FOXBAY99
5/11/17 12:32 A
Hi! I am new to the community and have finally decided to get back on track with my healthy lifesty OFFBROADWAY538 43 GMAM48
5/7/17 12:46 P
Good Sunday Morning! I am attempting to make what I eat look attractive. I am hoping this helps. My DEBBIE3965 114 SZIMME50
5/7/17 2:36 P